homebrewciderHI there, I have setup a mythtv box with a frontend/bakend in one box role, and I keep getting the "could not connect to the master backend server" error. All the solutions I've read seem to relate to having a remote backend. Can't seem to fix this, can anyone help please?00:39
patdk-lapit doesn't matter00:50
patdk-lapmake sure backend server is running00:50
patdk-lapand that the correct ip for it is in the database00:50
homebrewcidercorrect ip? it has listed now00:54
homebrewciderthink I have it now01:04
solarshey, can anyone tell me, or give me an up to date reference, how to install the lcd stuff for my antec fusion remote? I read that I have to install vdr-plugin-imon, but it isn't found in the package list..19:13
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