snailmōrena koutou18:27
Atamirasuch a nice day here today...so far19:30
ibeardsleekcj: I didn't feel it at all20:19
kcjIt wasn't a large one.20:19
ojwbfairly deep too20:23
locodir-userHello, having been a Ubuntu fan for years I recently bought a second hand Toshiba ac100 because the research I did suggested that I can install Ubuntu on it. Having tried for several hours - without success - I feel my knowledge is falling short. Can anybody here in NZ lend a hand?22:32
mwhudsoni know people who have installed ubuntu on ac100s22:34
mwhudsonhaven't done it myself though22:34
lifelesslocodir-user: what happens ?22:35
locodir-userIt seems I can't get the proper path to nvflash to load the bootimage22:36
locodir-userThought that by now I would know a little about Ubuntu, but have been proven wrong.22:36
lifelesshave you followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/TEGRA/AC100#Installing_Ubuntu_11.10_on_the_AC100 ?22:36
locodir-userThat's the one22:37
locodir-userso, was hoping maybe someone could assist me with this...22:37
lifelesssure, we can try22:39
lifelessthe first step is probably to describe in more detail what happens22:39
locodir-userI have tried to follow each of the steps as documented on the ubuntu site but keep running into fault messages22:40
locodir-userand that is where my knowledge falls short...22:40
locodir-userI do not know how to address the faults22:40
locodir-userhope that explains my dillemma :)22:41
chiltsI think you'd have to post at what stage you are getting the faults and what the faults say22:41
chiltsotherwise it's pretty hard to figure it out22:42
locodir-userI know...22:42
chiltsalso, have you googled the error message and seenw hat that turns up?22:42
locodir-userI take it you are in NZ and is it maybe an idea that come and visit?22:43
locodir-userThat way you can see for yourself.22:43
ojwbNZ is still quite a large area22:44
locodir-userI know but I'm central in Taupo22:44
ojwba mere 5 hours drive away from me then22:44
locodir-userand seeing this has taken me hours already I can make it a road trip haha22:44
ojwbyou could tell us what the error you get is22:45
locodir-userwill run terminal again... just a sec22:45
locodir-userI've started the ac100 in recovery mode22:46
locodir-userI have copied the bootimage onto  this onto a miniusb and inserted this into the ac10022:48
locodir-userOn my host computer, open a terminal and run:22:50
locodir-userNext I give the command: nvflash --bl /usr/lib/nvflash/fastboot.bin --download 6 /path/to/ubuntu-11.10-preinstalled-desktop-armel+ac100.bootimg (which is the miniusb on which I've copied the file and for which I can not find the path).22:51
snailhave you changed /path/to/ to something else ?22:52
locodir-userI don't know the path22:52
locodir-userI have tried using the miniusb on the host but it won't accept the path when I try this.22:53
snailDid you follow the instreuctions in the "Files to download" section of the wiki page previously? doens't that involve downloading a file of that name?22:55
locodir-useryes I did22:55
locodir-userwhen I tried to download 'wget http://share.grandou.net/debian/nvflash/nvflash_20110628-2_all.deb' I get a '403' error22:57
locodir-useranyway, did manage to get nvflash running.22:59
ojwbif you got 403 then it hasn't downloaded it23:00
ojwbthat means "forbidden" - likely a permission setting is wrong on the file on the webserver23:00
locodir-userI know and that is where my problems started :)23:01
locodir-userI did manage to get nvflash working (I think) but my lack of knowledge in Linux commands prevents me from 'fixing' the things that need to be fixed.23:03
ojwbi know nothing about nvflash i'm afraid23:03
locodir-userwell... I guess I need to go back to some of the youtube clips to try to figger this out. Thanks for your help! :)23:05
snaillooks like http://share.grandou.net/debian/nvflash/ and pick the most recent23:15

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