ubottuAthanasius called the ops in #ubuntu (isanta x-chat exploit)00:57
ikoniahey an01:03
ikoniahey Athanasius01:03
Jordan_UI asked them to come here, since I can't find anything about this xchat exploit from quick googling.01:03
AthanasiusHi, I've been asked to join and explain why I called !_ops earlier - isantawhatshisface was using an exploit for GTK-for-windows, which primarily affect x-chat for windows and possibly pidgin, in that those clients are unable to display non-BMP unicode characters01:04
AthanasiusSuch that affected clients will crash when they attempt to render it01:04
Jordan_UAthanasius: Do you have a link detailing this exploit?01:05
Athanasiusthe specific character used is one I have seen VERY routinely used in deliberate exploit attempts; ascii byte sequence is 243 160 129 15901:05
Athanasiuslemme check01:05
Athanasiusthis might be it01:07
AthanasiusLjL and marienz know a good amount about it, I think01:08
Athanasius(btw, for those who didn't notice, I used to lurk on IRC as AfterDeath, rather than Athanasius)01:09
Jordan_UAthanasius: Thanks.01:10
AthanasiusYep. Can/should I leave now?01:10
FlannelAthanasius: Sure thing, thanks.01:12
Athanasiusk, baaaaaaaaaiiii :)01:12
AnastasiusCan someone tell me why I was just banned from #ubuntu?01:16
Jordan_UAnastasius: I removed you from #Ubuntu because you were offtopic, were asked to stop, and instead continued and gave an attitude.01:17
AnastasiusJordan_U: Oh. What does that mean?01:17
pangolinMeans we don't appreciate the trolling01:18
AnastasiusWho was trolling?01:18
Jordan_UAnastasius: That means that #ubuntu has guidelines, which you refused to follow. You can read the full guidelines here: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines Those are the conditions of use for #ubuntu.01:19
AnastasiusJordan_U: What if I disagree with the guidelines, as set forth in that document that was clearly crafted by an ambulance chasing lawyer?01:19
pangolinAnastasius: then you can email the ircc01:20
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.01:20
AnastasiusOh, please.01:21
AnastasiusWhen Ubuntu finally swirls down the toilet as it follows the plan of Great Leader, what do you plan to do to maintain some illusion of power?01:22
pangolinwe'll burn that bridge when we cro...01:22
skmpy_can I be op in #ubuntu plz01:24
ikoniaskmpy_: troll elsewhere or get banned01:24
skmpy_are those really mutually exlusive?01:24
ikoniaphix: not sure why are you are trying to be a problem, you know how to behave in #ubuntu yet you are trying to do the exact reverse,01:45
ikoniaany reason for this behaviour today ?01:46
phixikonia: just trying to help01:46
ikonianot really01:46
ikoniainfact phix you appear in our logs way too often for this sort of nonsense, I'd request you stay out of ubuntu for a while01:47
ikoniait's clear you have trouble using the channel01:47
phixhold n, on phone atm01:47
ikoniaphix: leave the channel and come back when you are free then01:47
phixok you were saying?01:49
ikoniaI'm done, nothing more to say01:49
phixI didnt get any of it, apparantly I had to leave this channel01:49
ikoniasure, I'll summerise01:49
phixThat would be neat01:49
ikoniayou are constantly a problem in #ubuntu and have had many warnings/short term bans, it's clear you can't interact in the channel within it's guidelines, so you are not welcome in the channel at this time - you can now have a longer break from the channel01:50
phixikonia: I havnt been banned for at east 6 months or so, I was only offering help01:51
ikoniaphix: you know the rules, you've had them explained to you many many times before, so, lets make it another 6 months01:52
phixApparantly offering help is against guildlines01:52
phixI Know01:52
phixI thought helping was allowed01:52
ikoniaphix: calling people "mofos" isn't01:52
phixor should I help in offtopic?01:52
ikoniano, there is no support in #ubuntu-offtopic01:52
phixikonia: I was relating to the person that needed help, they were upset that people were being dicks to them01:53
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ikoniapeople where not being "dicks" to them01:53
ikoniaeither way, you once again can't interact, so you're banned again,01:53
ikoniaphix: see you in 6 months (assuming you want to use the channel at that time)01:53
phixjust trying to reach them on their level, offer them support01:53
ikoniaphix: bye01:53
phixikonia: I see01:54
phixYou are being quite short with me01:54
ikoniayes, as I don't want to do the normal hours of discussion with you01:54
ikoniayou've had your warnings/short bans/longer bans, you still can't fall in line, so discussion over01:55
phixnormal? I havnt spoken to you in like 6 or 8 months01:55
ikoniaand when do speak, you cause a problem.01:55
ikoniaphix: see you in 6 months01:55
phixI have had no warnings, you just banned me01:55
phixI was offering assistance01:55
ikoniaphix: you've had many warnings of how to behave, discussion over. Please leave the channel now01:55
phixI appologise for offering my help in support of #ubuntu01:56
phixI havnt finished yet01:56
ikoniayou have, bye01:56
phixHOld on01:56
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phixI seem to have issues getting into #ubuntu-offtopic02:17
ikoniaphix: banned from there too02:17
phixFor what may I ask/02:18
phixWas I being rude in there too?02:18
ikoniaI'll check for you, hang on02:18
ikoniais it saying you are banned ?02:19
phixCannot join to channel #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned)02:19
ikoniaahhh found it02:19
ikoniayes, it was your typical behaviour02:20
phixah, how long ago was that?02:20
ikoniaMay 200102:20
phixThat was a while ago02:20
phixEnough time passed you reckon?02:20
ikoniaseeing as you've just shown you can't behave in #ubuntu02:20
ikoniaand you've had many warnings in the past,02:21
phixIn the past, a yr ago, in whch time I havnt reoffended02:21
ikoniayou just did02:21
ikoniaand you've had many warnings in the past, not just noe02:21
phixexcluding my outburst of offering help today that is02:21
phixcorrect, a yr ago02:21
ikoniacorrect, because you've been banned02:21
ikonia9 months ago - not a year ago02:21
phixok maths fail02:22
ikoniathat's fine,02:22
ikoniait's not a massive issue,02:22
ikoniasee you in 6 months02:22
phixyeah not as bad as offering hel, that is outragious02:22
ikoniaok, bye02:23
phixspelling fail too02:23
phixok so can you drop the ban in ubuntu-offtopic?02:23
ikoniano, I've just said that02:23
ikoniayou'll do better if you start listening to what's being said to you02:23
ikoniasee you in 6 months, no need for any more discussion02:23
phixyes you said a bunch of stuff that may be related to #ubuntu but not #ubuntu-offtopic02:23
ikoniaok, I'll be clear, you've banned in both.02:24
phixthere is02:24
phixok why am I being banned in offtopic for?02:24
ikoniasee you in 6 months, that's not going to change02:24
ikoniaphix: because I don't believe you can behave in line with the ubuntu guidelines02:24
phixdo you mind if I ask another op?02:24
ikoniaif there is another one free at this time, sure02:24
phixI reckon I can02:24
phixunban me and give it a ago02:24
pangolinphix: the ban in -offtopic was because you had just been kicked in #ubuntu for swearing, joined offtopic and swore.02:25
ikoniaphix: I'll give it 10 minutes for another op to show up / active in here,02:25
phixpangolin: yes that was 9months ago, you want to drop that ban now?02:25
pangolinseeing how you just got banned in #ubuntu. I don't see any chance of the offtopic ban being lifted.02:25
pangolinphix: no. ikonia's decision stands.02:25
ikoniaphix: there you go, another op has concured.02:25
phixpangolin: I was banned in #Ubuntu because ikonia doesn't like me02:25
phixthnx ikonia02:26
phixYou too pangolin02:26
pangolinikonia: is many things but not vengeful02:26
ikoniaphix: your request for another operator to pass opion has been completed. Please leave the channel and see you in 6 months02:26
phixI am glad we sorted that mess out02:26
ikoniaphix: bye02:26
phixsee you later02:26
phix/part BRB02:26
pangolinstaff exploit attempt ^02:27
pangolinthat is an xchat exploit02:27
ikoniawhat is ?02:27
pangolinall the little squares02:27
ikoniahe said "brb" - "be right back"02:27
pangolinI'll post a ss02:29
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ubottuhydrox24 called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:02
ubottu_Marcus called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:02
ubottuCanadian1296 called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:02
FlannelSometimes I hate people.05:03
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:12
ubottupangolin called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (this is intentional)05:16
Ben64someone keeps asking about Ubuntu for gay people05:45
ubottuurfr332gO called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:46
pangolinremoved them05:47
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from gaflana)06:17
Ben64i'm back, because he's back06:20
Ben64tried to direct him to offtopic, but he keeps pestering me in particular06:21
Ben64<Gaflana> Ben64, have dinner together? ...06:21
Coreybazhang: Finally.08:13
bazhangCorey, if he comes back I will ban.08:14
Coreybazhang: Give it a minute. :-)08:14
bazhangcapcook, can we help you?08:22
Suppa_SpicWhy I was kicked from ubuntu08:22
bazhangSuppa_Spic, just a moment08:23
capcookno, just teading08:23
Suppa_Spiccapcook: ?08:23
bazhangcapcook, if you do not have an issue, please exit the channel, thanks08:24
capcookok. a minute. turn off my router08:24
Suppa_Spicanybody here?08:25
bazhangSuppa_Spic, yes08:25
Suppa_SpicWhy I was kicked from ubuntu08:25
bazhangSuppa_Spic, you were asked to stop with the discussion of windows games and move it to #winehq after checking the appdb08:25
CoreyWe're not really big on asking the same thing repeatedly. :-)08:26
bazhangSuppa_Spic, I asked you several times to do that, and you continued. that is why08:26
Suppa_Spicwhat's wrong about that?08:26
Suppa_SpicSo I can't ask questions about games compatibility with Ubento?08:26
CoreySuppa_Spic: Not the same question over and over and over, no.08:27
bazhangSuppa_Spic, ubuntu is not the place to discuss individual windows games support, #winehq is08:27
Suppa_SpicCorey: it was not the same question iirc08:27
bazhangat any rate Suppa_Spic it was just a remove, and not a ban.08:27
CoreySuppa_Spic: Was there anything else?08:27
Suppa_Spicok thank guys, you're all really helpful08:28
bazhangSuppa_Spic, could you please change the last part of your nick to something more suitable08:28
Suppa_Spicbazhang: ummmmh I've been using this nick for years, what's wrong about it?08:28
bazhangSuppa_Spic, some users have complained about the 'Spic' part as being offensive08:29
CoreyIt's more offensive than we generally prefer to see in the #ubuntu- namespace.08:29
Suppa_Spicummmh ok08:29
pangolinchange the nick means, change the nick.08:32
Suppa_Spicummmh ok08:32
Suppa_Spicit is possible to change my nick in one channel only?08:32
Suppa_SpicI want to keep my nick in the other channels I join08:33
elkyyou can connect a second time with a less racist nick for ubuntu channels08:33
Suppa_Spicummmh it's not racist08:33
elkyspic is actually very racist08:34
CoreySure it is. "Spic is an ethnic slur used in the United States for a person of Hispanic background. "08:34
Suppa_SpicI am Mexican and is not racist08:34
CoreySuppa_Spic: It's a term we don't accept here.  Please change it or /part.08:34
Suppa_Spicummmh ok08:34
pangolindoesn't help if he is still in #ubuntu using the nick08:35
Coreypangolin: Another slap will get him sorted.  I've been shadowing him for half an hour now.08:36
CoreyAnd boom goes the dynamite.08:37
bazhang<dRounse> where is the linux family? obvi ubuntu is racist against other flavors08:43
bazhangso #ubuntu should support all others or it's "racist" ?08:44
bazhangfor context: he was asked not to recommend MINT in #ubuntu08:44
pangolinwhere did he say that?08:44
bazhanga couple lines before the crazy white southerners line08:45
popey_hmm, did my connection bounce a lot or something? Was I booted from #ubuntu?10:21
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bazhang* popey_ (~alan@popey.com) has left #ubuntu10:22
popeythat was a minute or two back so i could /nick popey10:23
popeyoh i see a lot of ping timeouts last night10:23
bazhangnot booted that I can see10:24
Myrttipopey: massive ping timeout, floodbots recognised it as mass join, set the channel protected, banforwarded you to #ubuntu-unregged, we cleared it...10:29
oCeannat0.staffs.ac.uk  <rootkit> ubuntu is kinda bloated12:00
bazhang<Lint> hoijui, that's gtk for you12:20
bazhangin response to a bug report12:20
bazhang@mark #ubuntu LINT more of the same mocking commentary12:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:34
bazhangby druif I guess he means mrchrisdruif12:50
bazhangie monsterripper12:50
oCeanI guess so. The link is failing for me anyway12:51
ikoniaoCean: staffs unit again13:14
ikoniaoops, stayed oped13:14
oCeanikonia: yes, and same behaviour as before, complaining in #freenode about being unfairly banned etc13:16
ikoniaoCean: do you believe it to be the same user ?13:17
oCeanikonia: well, can't say for certain, but the complaining in #freenode is the same, about "abusive ops" and all13:19
ikoniado you have a log of the comments from #freenode ?13:22
* LjL wonders what exactly it is about emulators that makes it any different from asking what's a recommended email client or something else13:47
bazhangfollowed by stfu13:47
LjLi love people who just make up rules13:51
LjLlike the fellow earlier who wanted a pastebin for one line of output13:51
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ikoniait works15:17
mneptokerr ... PASS!15:17
Silverlionmneptok i know15:17
ikoniaI note rly has not come back after he actually started getting help15:40
ikoniaI suspect he just wanted to rant15:40
bazhangdot files?15:40
ikoniadot files ?15:40
bazhangthat was his initial complaint15:40
ikoniaooh really15:41
ikoniait changed to "boot up is poor" then to "hard disk seeks are slow"15:41
ikoniaI suspect just rants15:41
bazhangand he abused two helpers in the process iceroot and monkeydust15:41
mneptokhe's baaaaaaaack15:49
Silverlionmneptok who?15:49
Silverlioncan someone enlighten me? who is back?15:51
bazhanguser with the nick of 'rly'15:51
Silverlionwhich chan?15:51
Silverlionok, joined this chan willing to help15:52
ikoniatried to explain to rly that he neeeds to change how he speaks to people, refused to as they are all idiots, now ranting that I know nothing and can't help and he knows all systems inside out, change him to +b and ignoring his rants in pm to let him rant himself out16:04
bazhangrly, hi16:10
rlyHi, please ban ikonia for not even responding to information which he/she asked and thus trolling.16:10
rlyIf you care to ask a question and ignore the answer, you are -- by definition -- a troll.16:11
Silverlionrly rly16:11
bazhangrly, this is to discuss your ban16:11
bazhangSilverlion, please dont16:11
Silverlionbazhang copy that16:11
* Silverlion stands down16:11
rlyMy ban was the result of implicitly making stupid people feel stupid.16:11
rlyI think that just sums it up, doesn't it?16:12
bazhangrly, well there are guidelines for the channel as well as a code of conduct16:12
rlyThe guide lines also say to never speak badly of Ubuntu, even when it is craptastic?16:12
rlyThe guide lines were of course created by a fascist movement, you.16:12
bazhangrly, it's a tech support channel, not a rant channel16:13
rlyOk, here we go. I just love to talk to people who continue to defend their lack of technical skills is a reason to ban me.16:34
bazhangrly, hello16:34
bazhangrly, lets move this forward please16:34
rlyI think you can only ask 'where is the start button' in #ubuntu.16:34
bazhangrly, please have a look at the guidelines and the code of conduct for ubuntu channels16:36
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:36
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct16:36
rlyThe code of conduct, I am sure, does not rule out idiots playing admin.16:37
bazhangrly, you're not helping16:37
rlybazhang: I have nothing against you, at this moment.16:37
rlybazhang: it is just that ikonia is a moron.16:37
rlyCan't really help it.16:37
bazhanglets be civil and move this forward please16:37
bazhangname-calling won't do that16:38
rlyIf he actually wanted to help, he would have done something with me taking the time to find the performance data.16:38
rlyNow, he didn't and as such it is just a time wasting piece of cockroach.16:38
bazhangrly, much as I want to help, if you persist with such, there's no way to augh16:38
ikoniayou warned him multiple times to stop with the name calling, he continues, no point progressing if he can't stop such basic tasks16:39
Silverlionrly. good day16:46
ikoniahe was kicked from the channel16:46
Silverlionwhich chan he is now?16:47
ikoniano channels16:47
ikoniahe's also just logged off, so I suspect he'll try to join #ubuntu with a different nick/no cloak16:47
ikoniaI suggest keeping an eye open16:48
ikoniabazhang: what was that about ?16:55
ikoniaI'm not going to push to find out based on your !ot16:56
bazhanghe's just constantly mocking ikonia16:56
oCeanLint has MANY ot warnings16:56
ikoniatedious now16:56
bazhangjust making sure that he gets a mark16:56
bazhangdoing the ! or @comment here achieves that16:56
Silverlionbazhang what this about ! or @ comment?16:57
bazhangSilverlion, if a user receives four !warnings, then the bot will record it16:58
Silverlionbazhang thx for info ;)16:58
* Silverlion goes to born some linux mint ;)16:58
bazhangSilverlion, similarly if we @comment #channel user /behavior they get a mark in the ban tracker16:58
Silverlionomg i need a lot to learn :(16:59
Silverlioni am good at talking but remembering intel that is my lack16:59
Myrttiikonia: oneiric, not pangolin17:03
Myrttier, precise17:03
ikoniaoops, the other guy confused me, thanks17:03
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ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)21:58
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)21:58
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)21:58
ikoniayeah yeah21:59
Silverlionikonia: what is that call?22:00
ikoniasomeone did an exploit in #ubuntu22:00
ikonia(to try to get peoples clients to drop)22:00
ikoniaFlannel: for 15 years of experience this guy sure is sloppy22:01
ubottuThere are people around who think it is funny to abuse certain bugs that cause unintended behavior. When bitten by these, #ubuntu remove users so they are no longer targets. To fix it have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixDCCExploit and more about a recent bug at http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-1132-1/22:01
Silverliongreat ^^ i am not allowed in this chan22:02
FlannelYou're not allowed in which channel?22:03
Picione monment22:03
AlanBellnot the most exciting of channels :)22:04
FlannelSilverlion: The bots use that channel as a scratchpad to call ops with various things22:04
FlannelIt just happens to be a channel that the floodbots and ubottu are both in22:04
SilverlionFlannel: so where was this user who did the exploid?22:04
Flannelsince ops calls are routed here, we get info without the floodbots having to be in this channel22:04
FlannelSilverlion: in #ubuntu22:04
Silverliononly trying to learn22:05
Silverlionanother question: how can an op see from the messages of the bots what happens?22:12
ikoniamatch up what the bots are telling you to what's going on in the channel22:12
Silverlionok, how am i going to identify a user who exploids?22:13
ikoniathat requires time/experience22:14
ikoniamaybe a little research on irc exploits to get a high level idea22:14
ikoniaeg: you saw the guy in this example do a dcc sent to the channel22:14
FlannelThey say "D C C send start key logger garbage"  with a few of the spaces removed, and garbage being some garbage characters22:14
Flannelthat actually is two (three?) exploits wrapped into one.22:14
Flannelbut recently (past year or two) that's been the most common22:15
ikoniaSilverlion: it will just click as you see it more and more22:15
ikoniaFlannel: I've not seen it in an age until yesterday22:15
Flannelikonia: Well, the xchat ones have been common recently, but this is the classic, if you will :)22:15
ikoniayeah, it's picked up recently, after not seeing it for a long time22:16
elkyit's probably been posted to reddit by a skiddie or something22:24
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (Kaan_M_32)22:36
Silverlionok sorry for my stupid questions. but why was there another op-call in #u`?22:52
Silverlioncouldn't find a reason22:52
ikoniathe guy was spamming22:52
ikoniaas you can see the call shows the name Kaan_M_3222:52
ikonia22:36 < Kaan_M_32> IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY COME TO http://www.borabux.com/?ct=mirc22:52
Silverlionikonia: thx for enlightment ;)22:53

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