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tumbleweedScottK: given LP's auto-confirming everywhere, it probably makes more sense to use Triaged instaed of Confirmed (that's what I've been doing)11:31
wgranttumbleweed: FWIW it's not everywhere -- only places that have explicitly asked for it, which is Ubuntu.11:44
AmpelbeinCan a member of the release team look at bug 905610 please if they have the time?11:45
tumbleweedwgrant: right, but it affects most ubuntu process bug workflowss, which were using Confirmed in the past11:45
tumbleweedAmpelbein: I was just looking at that11:46
tumbleweedit seems reasonable, but will obviously have had less testing than if it was coming from Debian11:46
AmpelbeinYes, that's true. I can give it a week's test in my daily work but that would put the inclusion date further behind.11:48
tumbleweedyeah, probably makes more sense to ask the applicant to subscribe to mc's bugs11:48
Ampelbeintumbleweed: Can you add a comment as member of the release team?11:50
tumbleweedAmpelbein: I will. Reviewing diffs...11:50
tumbleweedAmpelbein: there12:11
Ampelbeintumbleweed: thanks!12:13
tumbleweedre bug 936200. I don't know what the usual policy for these kinds of things is.13:43
cjwatsonDaviey: could you deal with bug 935763, please?13:44
ScottKtumbleweed: OK.14:10
ScottKwgrant: It doesn't help us much with process bugs.14:10
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tumbleweedexcuse the noise, I was sweeping out cobwebs from amongst our FFe bugs. Done now.15:02
Davieycjwatson: looking17:23
Davieycjwatson: "checksum-directory ." doesn't refresh enteries for filenames that already exist.17:30
DavieyI didn't know this.17:30
DavieyFix Released17:37
mdeslaurCould someone please grant me a freeze exception for LP: #936478, please?19:32
mdeslaurtumbleweed: thanks!19:42
wgrantScottK: Sure, I hate it. But Ubuntu asked for it :)22:50

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