CerinSpamapS: that's a fair question. I'm really not sure. It's mostly little stuff, like when an update is available, I like being able to click through the packages, to read their descriptions and docs. I don't know of an easy way to do that from the command line.00:00
SpankyAnybody using Zentyal?  (10.04 Ubuntu is the base...)00:04
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SpamapSCerin: apt-cache show packagename00:12
CerinSpamapS: ?00:13
CerinSpamapS: that's a lot to type in for 30+ packages that need to be installed00:13
Cerinin this case, pointing and clicking does save a lot of time00:14
SpamapSCerin: for i in p1 p2 p3 p4 ; do apt-cache show $i ; done   ;-)00:14
CerinWhat's the old cliche? When all you have is a hammer, all the world looks like a nail? :)00:15
JanCCerin: aptitude will let you read descriptions etc. from an ncurses UI00:17
SpamapSCerin: pointing and clicking saves time learning.. but ultimately, the CLI will be more efficient if you take the time to learn it.00:17
CerinSpamapS: I agree.00:19
JanCCerin: also, you can run X applications on your server, but display them on your desktop PC  ;)00:21
CerinJanC: Unfortunately, I can't get Xorg to start on my server. Does that require a local X server, or can the server use the remove X server?00:22
JanCCerin: only the computer on which X apps are displayed need an X server00:22
CerinJanC: Interesting, thanks.00:23
JanCthat's how a "terminal server" works00:23
JanCat least on linux/X00:23
SpamapSCerin: ssh -X yourserver00:24
SpamapSCerin: any X programs on the remove server will display on your local machine00:24
JanCbut in any case, try to learn how to do without that00:24
* SpamapS is having lag problems doh00:24
* SpamapS goes back to his weekend00:25
JanCit's strange; even on Windows I used to use a lot of commandline tools  ;)00:26
CerinSpamapS: cool, thanks00:28
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kklimondahmm, any idea how could I create a "private network" for VMs? i.e. network that has no connection to outside (neither NAT nor bridged)04:28
kklimondaah, I can just create a new network04:32
ChmEarlkklimonda, is libvirt installed?04:38
kklimondaChmEarl: yes04:38
kklimondaI just thought too hard about it04:38
ChmEarlkklimonda, use default.xml as a template04:38
samba35if i have to configure trunk on linux ,what change i have to make in eth1 ? VLAN=yes and04:40
kklimondaI can actually use virt-manager -- network creation works with libvirt from debian04:40
kklimonda(well, libvirt from debian on debian)04:40
myk_robinsonevening, all04:46
myk_robinsonAny of you using Ubuntu Server in a business settings? Curious to see what applications people are using it for04:46
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Danny_JorisHi, I downloaded the musicbrainz VM and following the instructions here: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/MusicBrainz_Server/Setup04:58
Danny_JorisI'm trying to get the IP address of my vm04:58
Danny_Jorisif I check with ifconfig, this is what I get for eth0 inet6 addr: fe80::a00:27ff:fe88:b42a/6404:59
Danny_JorisNot really an address I can use04:59
kklimondaDanny_Joris: then you don't have ipv4 address configured for some reason05:09
Danny_Joriskklimonda: yeah, i see that eth0 is set to auto and dhcp05:27
Danny_Jorisnetwork restart didn't help05:27
axisyshow do I enable ethernet over usb ?06:34
axisys# lsmod | grep usb06:35
axisysusbnet                 26212  1 cdc_ether06:35
axisysusbhid                 47198  006:35
axisyshid                    95463  1 usbhid06:35
axisys[403358.980300] usb 2-5: new high speed USB device number 17 using ehci_hcd06:35
axisys[406343.382470] Loading kernel module for a network device with CAP_SYS_MODULE (deprecated).  Use CAP_NET_ADMIN and alias netdev-usbnet instead06:35
axisys[406915.986903] usbcore: registered new interface driver cdc_ether06:35
axisysstill not showing in ifconfig -a06:35
uvirtbot`New bug: #934704 in php5 (main) "php5 apache cannot use $_post read data" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93470409:37
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CerinI just installed Ubuntu Server 11.10, and I'm noticing boot up is taking forever, and was stuck for 10 minutes at "Stopping read required files in advance". Now it seems stuck at "Stopping anachronistic cron". Does anyone know why these would be taking so long?12:33
TheInfinityhi ... one question. ubuntu server, apache + fastcgi + php + suexec. i want apache to create files with chmod 660 / 770. how to do this?12:56
RoyKanyone tha knows if php fpm is available somehow for lucid?12:59
RoyKTheInfinity: create modes can be set in the php call12:59
RoyKTheInfinity: btw, mod_php might be easier/better than fastcgi with apache13:00
TheInfinityRoyK: i prefer suexec security. :) ... fastcgi setup works excellent and really fast (just switched it, was a nice performance boost here) - but i like to have a rights management so then even with suexec not everything is writable for apache13:01
TheInfinityRoyK: and i dont want to patch every software a client installs. so i need something which is set server-wide13:02
uvirtbot`New bug: #936216 in apache2 (main) "Apache doesn't start if /var/log/apache2 is missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93621614:01
uvirtbot`New bug: #936266 in postfix (main) "tls_append_default_CA and *_tls_CApath don't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93626615:06
sbarakoshello there, my ubuntu server was recently hacked and aparently the guy that hacked it blocked all of the ports using iptables prolly, and now i cant access my HD using putty ssh connection, says connection refused on the port that i was previously using to access my server, could anyone help me with that?15:37
qman___if it's not accepting connections, you need to get local access and fix it15:38
qman___you can check if it has any ports open with nmap15:38
qman___but honestly, with an attack of that scale, backup and format15:38
ikoniasbarakos: you need to get someone local to access the machine15:39
ikoniasbarakos: take it off the network, re-install the OS, move any data you feel you need, but check for compromises in the data you move15:39
ikoniasbarakos: change all passwords and any private keys you have on your machine if you feel they are compromised15:39
sbarakoswell my machine is hosted by a company, so i guess their techs should do it, well in my CP i can use :rescue-mode to boot from, and when i boot it there i am able to login through ssh15:41
ikoniasbarakos: you can't login in rescue mode15:42
ikoniasbarakos: it won't boot onto the network15:42
ikoniasbarakos: I'd advise you not to boot it onto the network if it's been compromised15:42
ikoniasbarakos: the people who broke into it, could have all kinds of nasty stuff just waiting for it to be re-connected to the network15:42
sbarakosno thats the thing, i loged through my vnc viewer before, and they still had the vnc viewer connection and same pass and my server connected to the network, with an open txt saying Itslovelol remember us15:43
sbarakoswe like tamper around15:44
ikoniaI would not trust it at all15:44
sbarakosbut then when i closed my vnc i didnt even thought that they would close my ports, and went for a hard reboot, and as u know the vnc viewer needs to be started again once rebooted15:44
ikoniasbarakos: I wouldn't trust it at all, it's up to you what you do15:45
sbarakoswell since i cant even connect through ssh, it means that ill have to reinstall my OS15:46
sbarakosthing is that i have some data in there which i propably need15:46
sbarakoslike my databases15:46
ikoniadeal with it when you visit the site15:46
qman___backup your data and reprovision the server15:46
qman___also, running VNC with standard password security is a Very Bad Idea (tm)15:47
qman___it's transmitted in cleartext, limited to 8 characters, and is easy to crack15:48
ikoniahence the server being compromised15:49
qman___if you need VNC, you should secure it by not allowing direct connections from the internet, and using SSH tunneling or openVPN to get to it15:49
ikoniafirewall it to specific ip ranges15:50
sbarakosyes that would be the best idea15:51
sbarakoswell its my first server and i am still in the learning process15:51
sbarakosi guess everyone made mistakes and started off somewhere15:51
sbarakosqman___: how can i backup my data and reprovision the server? without having access to it through ssh?15:57
qman___you may need your provider to do it for you15:57
qman___you haven't said what kind of hosting you have15:57
qman___colo? dedicated? vps?15:58
qman___managed or unmanaged?15:58
sbarakosfrom ovh15:58
sbarakosi think its unmanaged dedicated15:58
qman___ok, looks like you need to use their rescue system15:59
qman___I don't know exactly how theirs works, but usually it's just a web interface into local access, sort of like an IP KVM16:00
sbarakosye they have a kvm16:00
sbarakosi can actually netboot as rescue-pro or vkvm16:01
qman___if possible you don't want to boot your compromised operating system16:03
qman___just get access to the data so you can back it up16:03
sbarakosye but how can i get access to the data, since i logged through ssh for example in rescue-pro boot but it seems like its totally different interface16:03
qman___probably mount your / to /mnt16:04
qman___like mount /dev/sda1 /mnt16:04
yakstercan ne one help with a command for the following : recursively mv files containing extension avi, to a new directory?16:19
yaksterbase directory is /downloads/complete/TV to new directory /downloads/complete/2416:20
michael_tngood day all :-)16:40
michael_tnany orchestra/juju folks around?16:49
qman___!anyone | michael_tn16:50
ubottumichael_tn: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:50
michael_tnfair enough16:51
qman___I personally don't know anything about that subject, but you'll get a lot better response stating your actual problem or question16:51
michael_tni'm working thru the orchestra/juju openstack guide (second time through it) and my build gets stuck when i begin to provision openstack services into the cluster.16:52
___MAXHi, i try to ssh my ubuntu 1010 server but the connection is refused on port22, i remove apparmor but no luck16:52
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 1010 in drivel "out-of-date" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101016:52
ikonia___MAX: you are either firewalled or sshd is not running on the server16:53
ikonia___MAX: please don't cross-post your questions in #ubuntu and here16:53
___MAXhi, ikonia always control , thanks i try the sshd16:54
michael_tnmy juju clients pxeboot, install then fail to build/reboot correctly16:54
sbarakosqman___: i used the mount /dev/sd1 /mnt and did the same for sd216:55
qman___sbarakos, cat /proc/partitions or fdisk -l to see if it's there16:55
qman___also, sd1 and sd2 are not valid devices16:56
qman___but I'm guessing that's just at typo16:56
sbarakosyes my fault sorry16:56
sbarakos 8        0 1953514584 sda16:57
sbarakos   8        1   10485760 sda116:57
sbarakos   8        2 1942498304 sda216:57
sbarakos   8        3     525920 sda316:57
qman___looks like sda2 is the one with your data16:58
sbarakoshow can i backup em?16:58
sbarakosi got an ftp for backup16:58
qman___have to mount it and access the data16:58
qman___are you at a root prompt? #16:59
sbarakosi am logged through ssh in rescue as root16:59
qman___ok, type 'mount'16:59
qman___if neither of those two is already mounted somewhere, mount /dev/sda2 /mnt, then all your files should be in /mnt16:59
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sbarakoscopy  /dev/sda1 on /mnt type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)17:01
sbarakoscopy  /dev/sda2 on /mnt type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)17:01
qman___ah, umount /dev/sda117:02
qman___both mounted at the same spot can lead to problems17:02
qman___now run 'mount' to verify17:03
qman___and if only sda2 is mounted there, cd to /mnt and your root filesystem should be there17:03
sbarakosi can see only sda117:03
sbarakoscopy /dev/sda1 on /mnt type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)17:04
qman___ok, go ahead and umount both of them17:04
qman___just umount /mnt a couple times17:04
qman___then retry mount /dev/sda2 /mnt17:04
qman___I'm guessing that's where your data is because it's the largest by far17:04
qman___but your data could be on sda117:04
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sbarakosye it depends :s17:06
sbarakoscant i mount both of them?17:06
qman___yes, but you need to mount in different locations17:06
qman___you could create /mnt/sda1 and /mnt/sda2, and mount to those locations respectively17:06
sbarakoshmm mount point doesnt exist17:07
qman___you have to mkdir them17:07
sbarakosok i did17:09
sbarakosin cd17:09
sbarakosi mean under ~17:09
sbarakosits not important on where ill create em right?17:09
qman___they can be anywhere, but that's what you have to specify as the mount point17:10
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sbarakoscopy /dev/sda1 on /mnt/sda1 type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)17:12
sbarakoscopy /dev/sda2 on /mnt/sda2 type ext4 (rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=1,data=ordered)17:12
sbarakosis that right?17:17
qman___that's fine17:20
sbarakosnow how should i proceed?17:20
qman___cd in there and find your files17:21
qman___if they're there, back them up with your preferred method17:21
qman___probably tar them up and ftp17:21
sbarakoswhats the command to tar them and then upload em to the ftp?17:21
qman___well, 'ftp' is the ftp command17:22
sbarakosbut also dont forget i am in rescue so, would i be able to upload em?17:22
qman___find out if you're online17:22
qman___try to ping google or something17:23
sbarakosit does17:23
sbarakoscommand for tar is tar name.tar.bz2 folder ?17:25
qman___you should read the tar manual to find out exactly what you want, but a simple gzip compressed tarball would go like this: tar czf /mnt/sda2/backup.tar.gz /mnt/sda2/path/to/my/files17:25
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g0tchahey guys, ive been running ubuntu server as a virtual machine for a while, now i want to add a secondary network card. i added it in vmware so it has 2 network cards, but how can i enable the new added card on ubuntu server?18:40
guntbertg0tcha: check with ifconfig or        ip link   if it is recognized by the kernel, then edit your /etc/network/interfaces appropriately18:44
sbarakoswhat is the best command to transfer files from my computer to my server through ssh?18:45
Patrickdknormally scp or rsync18:46
Patrickdkscp would be copy though ssh :)18:46
Patrickdkrsync is nice nice :)18:46
Patrickdkjust nice :)18:46
sbarakosso if i want to transfer from my c folder the rar named whatever.rar18:46
sbarakosid do scp c:/whatever.rar18:46
sbarakosin the terminal?18:46
hallynstgraber: my uptodate precise laptop keeps losing dns.  Though network is fine.  resolv.conf is unchanged.  i have to disconnect/reconnect wireless from n-m applet, then it's back18:46
Patrickdkdunno, this isn't windows :)18:47
Patrickdkthere is no c folder/drive/...18:47
guntbertsbarakos: scp source destination   - are you on windows?18:47
sbarakosbut my server aint18:48
Patrickdkyou probably should just use filezilla18:48
Patrickdkit supports scp18:48
stgraberhallyn: hmm, is dnsmasq crashing or just not answering?18:48
sbarakosi am trying to do ftp ftp://myip:2118:48
sbarakosit says unknown host..18:48
sbarakoswhile if i run it from any other machine in a web browser18:49
sbarakosit will popup asking username and pwd18:49
sbarakosso noone?18:50
guntbertsbarakos: Patrickdk told you already18:52
sbarakoswell i tried the scp18:52
sbarakosand it doesnt work18:52
Patrickdkit does, on unix18:53
Patrickdkyou didn't specify windows18:53
sbarakosi am also trying to connect to my ftp but it says unknown host18:53
sbarakoscant i just connect to my ftp?18:53
guntbertsbarakos: use filezilla19:00
sbarakosi have filezilla server19:01
sbarakosbut i cant connect to it through the putty terminal19:01
guntbertsbarakos: you use filezilla as a client on your windows machine :)19:02
wondermanhey, to use 'rotatelogs' in apache, i should use whatever location rotatelogs is in? ubuntu this is /sbin/rotatelogs?19:35
wondermanreading apache docs, they gives 3-4 different locations around different manuals19:36
wondermanalso, cronjobs, i am running this    >     0=* */16 * * * curl --silent "http://domain.com/file.php"19:38
wondermanbut its not working, must i run this as root cronjob?19:38
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uvirtbot`New bug: #936503 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql 5.0.1-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saída de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93650320:31
CerinHow do you set Grub to automatically use the Xen kernel in Ubuntu? I tried setting GRUB_DEFAULT=saved, running update-grub, and then selecting the Xen kernel manually, but rebooting causes Grub to select the last non-Xen kernel.20:34
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lifelesswonderman: hi; not sure on the rotatelogs (ubuntu should rotate automatically), but for cronjobs that won't care about being root or not20:38
wondermanhmm, lifeless they are not running though, i waited 2 days and nothing..20:45
lifelesshow do you know it is not running ?20:47
wondermanbecause the php file is not executing20:47
MatBoyguys what is a good alternative, opensource and free, with gui for puppet ?20:47
wondermani just did 'crontab -e'  lifeless, and added that line20:50
wondermannothing else i should do? i also restarted the cron server after it didnt work the first day20:50
MatBoymhh there are really no good clutser configfile management tools21:09
michael_tnMatBoy: i'm experimenting with orchestra/juju at the momet21:12
michael_tnbut struggling :)21:12
michael_tnwould like to use them to stand up openstack on this old HPC cluster21:13
Psi-JackI'm trying to resolve a MAJOR bug in Ubuntu 11.10's grub setup to where SOMETIMES (not always), the boot up default timeout doesn't appear, so it's sitting at the boot up doing nothing.21:14
qman___stuck lshift key?21:16
qman___more importantly, reproduceable on different hardware?21:17
MatBoymichael_tn: mhh.. i have looked into that a long time ago... how does it work ?21:18
michael_tnMatBoy: so far the orchestra build goes fine21:18
michael_tni'm having problems getting juju to deply services succesfully21:18
MatBoymichael_tn: I think you can simply build something like it with a bunch of PHP scripts21:19
Psi-Jackqman___: They're virtual machines.21:20
michael_tnMatBoy: perhaps, but i'd like to see this work, have a few days invested it it and i think i'm close21:21
wondermanqman___: thanks for the other day21:21
MatBoymichael_tn: on 12 it's mainstream ? I hope this will be free and opensource in the future21:21
wondermangreat help :)21:21
michael_tnits mainstream in oneiric as well21:22
MatBoymichael_tn: I have a 11.10 machine :D21:22
Psi-Jackqman___: Example, I just upgraded all my debian 6 hypervisor servers which run Proxmox VE 2.0rc1 (now, was beta2), And I run fw1, fw2, lvs1, lvs2 VM's in HA setup accross 4 physical servers. When I finished rebooting each physical server, one by one doing the host OS upgrade, I noticed fw1 and fw2 were stuck on the grub screen without a timeout.21:22
michael_tnwhat i'm following: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/10/ubuntu-cloud-deployment-with-orchestra-and-juju/21:22
Psi-JackAll of my VM's run under kvm, which shutdown does a simple acpi signal to the OS to shut down.21:23
qman___I wouldn't know where to begin with that one21:25
Psi-Jackit's ACTING as if there's some setup involved with grub to not do a countdown if there was a failed boot, or a few boots occured in a short amount of time.21:26
Psi-JackWhich if that's true, why the hell is it doing so, especially from an ubuntu-server installation? ;)21:26
Psi-JackI can see that being useful-ish, on a desktop platform, but never a server.21:26
MatBoymichael_tn: ok, but what about juju ?21:27
MatBoymichael_tn: will orchestra not be a landscape paid version ?21:27
michael_tnMatBoy: donno, as of now juju is in mainstream as well21:28
* michael_tn is bootstrapping juju server at the moment21:28
Psi-Jackhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11467684  this also shows other people are getting the same issue.21:28
Psi-JackSpecifically with this: when I shutdown my server with "sudo shutdown -h now" command, it doesn't autostart on next boot21:29
MatBoymichael_tn: what is the difference between orchestra and juju ?21:29
michael_tnMatBoy: all a bit difficult for me, not really an ubuntu person, but at least its interesting :-)21:29
MatBoymichael_tn: I eat, poe and ... ubuntu ;)21:29
Psi-JackWhere does Ubuntu keep it's shutdown scripts, outside of /etc/init and /etc/init.d?21:30
michael_tnorchestra manages the hardware infrastructures (dns/tftp/etc)21:30
michael_tnjuju provides services (nova, http, etc)21:30
michael_tnat least that is how i perceive it21:31
MatBoymichael_tn: ok, both webbased ? I mean GUI21:32
MatBoymichael_tn: but you also can use juju seperate ?21:32
michael_tni would think so, if you provision your servers correctly21:33
MatBoymichael_tn: yes busy with setting up a new cluster I want to manage such way21:34
wondermanPsi-Jack: if i setup a cronjob, say  >  1=0 0 * * * curl --silent --compressed "http://domain.com/file.php". i used 'crontab -e' to add it, then i restarted cron  'sudo /etc/init.d/cron restart'  anything else i need to do? because its not working :(21:34
MatBoymost things I dev my own... bt running out of time21:34
michael_tnsame here21:34
michael_tnand i am most familiar with centos based HPC clusters, not ubuntu openstack :-)21:34
Psi-Jackwonderman: That forum posting says it's effected by "shutdown -h now" and "shutdown -P now", -h will cause grub to NOT have a timeout, while -P will cause it to have a timeout.21:35
wondermanwrong name? :P21:35
Psi-JackProbably. :)21:35
wondermansorry, i directed the question at you, because you are active atm and probably can help21:36
MatBoymichael_tn: OK... installing it :)21:36
Psi-JackI'm investigating other issues. :p21:36
MatBoymichael_tn: i don't like the redhat way anymore since years21:36
wondermanive waited 2 days, to test this lol, because i cant see another way of finding out if it works21:36
wondermanobviously i could make the cron shorter, doh!21:36
wondermandont need to be root to run curl do i?, the command works from shell21:37
yaksterne one her know how to un-delete complete folders on a usb drive?21:39
rbasakPsi-Jack: that sounds serious but I can't reproduce it. I just tried both "sudo reboot" and "shutdown -h now" five times in succession. grub (2) menu times out and boots each time. Although I am using a -virtual kernel. Do you have steps to reproduce?21:40
MatBoyrbasak: use photorec21:40
MatBoyyakster: ^^21:41
yaksterthere not photos21:41
MatBoyyakster: rtfm21:41
* MatBoy slams his head21:41
MatBoyyakster: use google!21:41
yaksterwell thanks….21:41
yaksterI would have Never thought of that….. I was looking for suggestions….. but never mind….21:42
MatBoymichael_tn: I think the provisioning might be nice :)21:42
Psi-Jackrbasak: I'm trying to find ways to cause it to trigger now, actually.21:42
MatBoyyakster: google on photorec21:42
MatBoydamn, how difficult can it be21:42
michael_tnMatBoy: yes, the orchestra part is nice21:42
MyrttiMatBoy: that's not really helpful, if you have nothing else to say than "use google" or rtfm...21:42
michael_tneven more so if you hardware can deal with wake-on-lan21:43
MatBoyMyrtti: I have gave him photorec... we are not some sort of... take my hand and do it for me channel21:43
MatBoymichael_tn: yes... with vmware it is for sure :D21:43
michael_tnnod nod21:44
MatBoymichael_tn: mhh... nagios ? ouch.... no!21:44
* MatBoy is slamming his too heavy loaded ESXi box :D21:44
MatBoynagios is not what I have loved in years21:45
MatBoymichael_tn: what is the url or port it runs on ?21:46
MatBoymichael_tn: zabbix ;)21:47
MatBoywhich I didn't like also :D21:47
MatBoyit's all too much of "it"21:47
Psi-JackI can't seem to manually trigger it.21:48
MatBoyah... cobbler_web21:48
michael_tni'm out of here, later all21:49
MatBoymichael_tn: just a sec21:49
MatBoymichael_tn: can you add existing servers ?21:50
michael_tnorchestra tftp boots/clean installs everything21:51
MatBoymichael_tn: where is juju located ?21:51
michael_tnjuju is not installed yet21:51
MatBoyI have installed it ;)21:51
MatBoynow go to bed... you have to work early in Holland ;)21:52
Psi-JackI'm gonna install a non-production VM with 11.10, and see if I can somehow reproduce the issue with grub not auto-booting.21:53
rbasakPsi-Jack: thanks for investigating. If you find a way to reproduce it, please can you file a bug and let me know the bug number so that I can test?21:56
Psi-Jackrbasak: Absolutely.21:56
Psi-Jackrbasak: It's a major issue that SHOULD be fixed before 12.04 LTS is out for sure. I installed 11.10 for my firewall and LVS directors because I intended to upgrade to 12.04 when it becomes available.21:57
||arifaXI am on Ubuntu server 10.04, I have enabled the partner repository but still not sun-java6-jdk. Any ideas?22:23
infideli need help setting up a Dell PE265022:52
LeChacalinfiedl: what part of setting up22:54
infideltrying to figure out EMS. DRAC. BMC22:55
infidelfor remote monitoring22:55
infideldo i  have to initially access via serial?22:56
infidelis there a way to install the firmware through ubuntu?22:57
LeChacalsorry i am not going to be a whole lot of help I have no experience with dells remote access systems22:58
infidelthanks for listening22:59
pmatulis_should just work23:09
diploinfidel, not installed ubuntu on a dell for a long time but have you looked here ?23:09
infidelyeah, seems like there are just for the newer servers23:10
infidelbut thanks23:10
diploas pmatulis_  last time i installed / set up a 2950 it all just worked from memory23:10
diplo26 is a bit older though23:10
infidelit seems the only way to do it is on the older versions of RHEL and SUSE23:11
binaryhateverytime i power up or reboot, grub does not automatically boot into the first option...i have to hit enter23:14
diploDone an upgrade recently binaryhat ?23:23
diploSeen a couple of posts and all recommend sudo update-grub23:24
binaryhati have #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0  thats y23:24

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