Azelphurhttp://i.imgur.com/WVWxZ.png :D00:42
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* MartijnVdS soldered a serial console onto a router08:06
MartijnVdS(and I'm now poking it usuing the Arduino USB<->serial board, aka FTDI Breakout)08:07
MartijnVdS.. aaaand debricked \o/08:10
MooDoomorning all09:04
MartijnVdSmorning MooDoo09:18
MooDoohow are you?09:21
MartijnVdSfine, just fixed an old WRT54GS router by soldering a serial port to it :)09:33
MartijnVdS+ poking at its serial console09:34
MooDooMartijnVdS: good fun for a sunday09:44
MartijnVdSyeah, apparently this is one of the most hackable routers09:44
AlanBellmorning all09:48
MartijnVdS\o AlanBell09:48
MooDoohi AlanBell09:50
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popeythats better10:23
MooDoomorning popey10:24
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:49
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:51
* brobostigon notices vlc 2.0 in updates.10:53
MooDoo*shock* ;)10:57
brobostigonlast version i noticed, was 1.1.*, so a pretty big version jump.10:58
MooDoooo yeah10:59
ubuntuuk-planet[Gareth France] Tottenham Court Road  18th February 2012 - http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=9312:07
bigcalm[lappy]Hi peeps :)12:09
bigcalm[lappy]This is at least 20 quid cheaper than other sellers, do I trust this and buy? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Battery-Dell-Studio-1535-1536-1537-1555-1557-1558-PP33L-PP39L-7200mAh-9-Cell-/280754646502#vi-content12:09
popeyi have bought from them, trustworthy12:10
bigcalm[lappy]And that's 6600mAh. My link is for 7200mAh12:15
bigcalm[lappy]It's a little confusing12:16
* bigcalm[lappy] plunges the take12:21
SuperEngineeryum... bacon & egg sandwich for [late] brekkie - with just the right amonts of toomy sauce & mustard mixed12:28
* SuperEngineer noms12:28
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* bigcalm[lappy] scoffs his superbly prepared pot noodle12:43
SuperEngineermmmm... that's better -belly now silenced, so - hi y'all o/12:43
RubyGood Afternoon UK!13:00
RubyIt's been awhile since I've listened to the podcast but I've got to say I like it a lot.13:00
RubyThe tutorial on ardour was great too.13:00
AlanBellhi Ruby13:00
RubyI'm a big ubuntu fan. :)13:01
RubyI hope I can get even better in the future. Ubuntu UK community is really good.13:01
MooDooyes it is :D13:01
RubyI've started my own podcast using Ubuntu thanks to all the helpful people.13:02
RubySo, what's new?13:04
AlanBell12.04 is new \o/13:05
Rubylol Great!13:05
MooDoothat's not released yet :p13:05
RubyI hope the search feature is fixed13:05
Pendulumfeature freeze was this past week, that's new :)13:07
PendulumRuby: do you have any idea what your hook is going to be about why people should listen to your podcast rather than or along with the others that are out there?13:09
directhexooh, make it 50% ubuntu 50% something else13:11
directhexlike... cooking! or rock climbing tips!13:11
Rubyhaha great idea13:14
directhexi get all my cooking advice from pc hardware forums.13:14
RubyI think it's hard to do a podcast just on Ubuntu13:17
RubyI've got a podcast to help people learn English.13:17
Rubyhelp Russians to be specific.13:17
RubyPendulum, do you listen to the Ubuntu UK podcast?13:18
mattiI need help.13:18
Rubywhat's the problem matti?13:18
mattiWith English :)13:18
Rubywhat's the problem?13:19
RubyI guess you aren't from the UK then eh?13:19
mattiI mean, I do live here13:19
Rubyoh ok13:19
Rubywhere are you from?13:19
mattiRuby: From a country in central Europe that English people blame for everything nowadays :) </sarcasm>13:21
mattiRuby: I guess, I am OK with the language.13:21
MooDoomatti: what scotland?13:21
RubyI'm sure you're great!13:21
MooDoo;) lol13:21
mattiMooDoo: HAHHAHA13:21
RubyLOL HAHAH13:21
mattiMooDoo: +113:21
mattiMooDoo: Made my day ;]13:22
RubyYou are from Greece maybe? That's not exactly central but hey lol13:22
mattiRuby: No, form Poland.13:22
Rubyah ok.13:22
RubyI live in Russia now.13:22
mattiRuby: :)13:22
* matti is learning Japanese right now.13:22
mattiA lot of fun.13:22
RubyYeah, sounds like it. Learning it because of the girls, right? :)13:22
MooDooich ne san she etc yadda yadda yadda13:22
Pendulummatti: my brother moved to Poland (from Scotland) in September :)13:23
mattiPendulum: Did he? Impressive.13:23
mattiPendulum: Whereabouts13:23
* penguin42 tries to imagine Polish spoken in a deep scottish accent13:23
PendulumWarsaw. His UK visa was up and he couldn't find a job that would help him get a new one and his girlfriend is Polish so that's where they went.13:24
RubyPolish girls are cute for sure.13:24
PendulumHe's now teaching English there as it's much easier to get a visa or work permit in Poland than the UK13:24
RubyI can't stand girls from back home (BIG and UGLY) :) lol13:24
Pendulum(I'm American)13:24
brobostigonafternoonings matti :)13:25
mattiMooDoo: ichi, ni, san, yon (shi is an equivalent, but used in different ways).13:25
MooDoomatti: i know :) i can count to 10 :p13:25
Rubyprevyet ribyata. Who said westerners don't speak foreign languages, see?13:25
PendulumAmericans don't particularly have the prejudice against Poles so it wasn't a huge deal for him. That said, I think it was a definite sign of love that _she_ was willing to move back to Poland for him ;-)13:26
mattiMooDoo: 11 is simple. jyuuichi.13:26
MooDoomatti: you only need up to 10 in karate ;) lol13:26
mattiMooDoo: 20 - nijyuu.13:26
mattiMooDoo: LOL13:26
mattiMooDoo: Haha13:26
mattiMooDoo: Actually, there are special shouts and phrases that Dojo can have in Japanese ;]13:27
mattiMooDoo: As your sensei about it ;]13:27
* AlanBell just found an Ubuntu 6.06 CD13:27
mattiAlanBell: Wooo...13:27
MooDoomatti: i was the sensei about 8 years ago ;) lol13:27
PendulumAlanBell: retro :P13:27
mattiMooDoo: Oh ;p13:27
penguin42AlanBell: Do the chickens like it?13:27
mattiHi brobostigon13:27
MooDoomatti: it's a hard language but i'd love to learn it, just so i can watch anime properly lol13:28
mattiPendulum: Really? Need for visa for English?13:28
mattiMooDoo: Kanji tends to be a pain.13:28
Pendulummatti: if you're an American who wants to stay more than 6 months, yes.13:28
mattiMooDoo: I can read Kana without a problem.13:28
mattiPendulum: An.13:28
mattiI've missed: "I'm American"13:29
mattiPendulum: I do think, that American girls are nice. Very friendly. And some of them have cute accents.13:29
RubyNo Pendulum American girls are fat and ugly13:29
Pendulumtbh, with what the US requires Poles to do to get into the US, I'm surprised that Poland doesn't require the same for Americans.13:29
Rubythey look like men, dress like men, and want to work the same jobs as men.13:29
directhexgenerally they do13:30
directhexmost companies have reciprocal arrangements for abusive immigration policies13:30
PendulumRuby: I'm not sure I'm the person you want to say that to.13:30
RubyWhen I talk to American girls I feel like I'm talking to men.13:30
RubyNot all girls* Pendulum.13:30
RubyI'm American too btw.13:30
MooDooRuby: i'm sorry ;) lol13:30
PendulumWhy should girls talk any different from guys.13:30
mattiPendulum: No idea ;]13:30
RubyFeminism has destroyed women.13:30
mattiPendulum: I have B1/B2 business visa for 10 years ;d13:31
RubyNo difference between men and women and thus....13:31
PendulumRuby: I'm female.13:31
RubyI don't mean the way they talk but act, dress, etc. :)13:31
mattiPendulum: I am in love BTW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpuHSA_C43s13:31
RubyPendulum. Not all women. I'm sure you're lovely!!!13:31
mattiPendulum: And she has cute accent ;]13:31
mattiBut, I only melt on the inside when an English girl has cute posh English accent.13:32
mattiSo sexy... ;]13:32
PendulumRuby: you can't have it either way. Either American girls are horrid or we're a mix of horrid and good, just like guys.13:32
Pendulumbah, can't have it both ways13:32
mattiGo Europe ;p13:33
Pendulumanyway, I'm going to go away before I say or do something that I will regret later.13:33
RubyPendulum. Come to Russia. I'll take you on a tour13:33
mattiMooDoo: Start lessons ;]13:33
mattiRuby: Moscow is nice :)13:34
RubyYeah. Nice and cold.13:34
RubySlavic women are great!13:34
RubyGod save the queen and slavic women. haha13:34
AlanBellcan we dispense with the gender discussions please13:34
RubyBack to my podcast.13:35
AlanBelllets talk about ubuntu or something :)13:35
RubyI believe Alan did that tutorial on ardour thank you very much13:35
MooDooRuby: you never told us the url?13:35
RubyI am an English teacher in need of help13:35
RubyOver here in Russia, they make students learn very strict grammar rules which I often think native speakers don't really carefully follow. I'm conducting an experiment and would be very happy if someone could take part in it. I'm looking for native British speakers. I've already asked a bunch of Americans.13:35
AlanBellRuby: that would be popey13:35
Rubyoh ok13:35
RubyIf he has a paypal account, I'd send him 15 dollars.13:35
mattiAlanBell: I imagine that talking about Ubuntu whole day is rather tad boring.13:36
mattiAlanBell: And "community" is about people.13:36
mattiAlanBell: Other than that I do see your point.13:36
RubyI love Ubuntu and can almost talk about it all day. As long as unity doesn't come up13:36
AlanBellindeed, but we don't need to throw around great big generalisations that are bound to make someone uncomfortable13:37
RubyIf you want to look at generalizations and stereotypes which can be true. Check out my podcast13:37
RubyGo to youtube and type Rad Radio Western vs Russian women.13:37
AlanBellso where is your podcast?13:37
AlanBellyou have a podcast on that??13:38
Rubyi was like you guys until I came to Russia13:38
RubyI love America and I love the UK13:38
Rubybut I needed work and moved.13:38
lubotu3Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:38
AlanBellseen that channel too?13:38
RubyI need help13:38
mattiOh nice .ru channel ;]13:38
RubyЯ не здесь ради русского13:39
RubyI'm not here for Russian.13:39
RubyI'm here because there is no linguist UK IRC channel and so I thought to ask people who share some common interests with me and might help out.13:40
AlanBellgood stuff, there is also #ubuntu-uk-podcast which is the channel of the podcast13:40
* SuperEngineer checks AlanBell 's grammar bending ;)13:43
RubyOk, well if anyone could help I'd be appreciative.13:43
AlanBellflexible grammer betters language13:44
RubyTell that to Russians that love correctness.13:44
Safiyyahsorry guys I updated my system this morning, and now flash doesn't work. googled workarounds and nothing is working13:44
Rubywhat exactly is your flash problem?13:45
Safiyyahhas anyone else got the same issue, or solved it. I even tried the latest flash 1113:45
RubyYes, I've had a similar problem before.13:45
RubyAre you 64bit or 32?13:45
SafiyyahRuby once installed, you tube works partially, everything else with flash complains that there is no flash installed.. 32 bit13:45
Rubywhat version of ubuntu13:45
RubyI've had a problem with flash before on firefox. Let me see if I can find the site that helped me.13:46
Safiyyahit's not even working on chrome!13:46
RubyYes, not surprising.13:47
RubyI believe what had happened to me is that somehow a free linux opensource version of flash was installed.13:47
Rubylet me see if I can find that site.13:47
RubyWhat version of Ubuntu do you have?13:48
Safiyyahinterestic to note that despite the s/w centre saying it's installed the files are not in /user/lib or /lib13:52
Safiyyahit's like a fake installation!13:52
Safiyyahokay is there a way to undo the last system update?13:52
RubyI don't remember what exactly I did. I remember that for some reason there was a plugin installed in firefox for a free version of flash (NOT ADOBE). I removed that and made sure that gnash and swfdec-mozilla was uninstalled.13:53
RubyI'm not sure how to help you but I don't have any problems with flash right now.13:54
RubyWell this channel has fallen silent. I guess no one is going to help me either. :)13:54
Safiyyahokay, I will be back on this later13:56
Safiyyahgotta get to the opticians13:56
SafiyyahI have already spent 90 minutes on this, if all else fails, time to back up ad upgrade (again)13:56
Rubytry looking at what I told you13:57
Rubysoemthing is causing a conflict most likely13:57
Rubyfor some reason once I had firefox trying to use an open source version of flash13:57
RubyThe reason why youtube is working is probably because youtube might have a html5 code in case flash fails or it's possible that open source flash works on youtube.13:58
Rubyit won't run anything else though like the BBC13:58
RubyCan anyone recommend me an IRC channel where I can ask some British people a language question?13:59
RubyI need native British speakers.13:59
SafiyyahRuby there is no firefox conflict13:59
SafiyyahI checked14:00
Safiyyahthanx be back later14:00
SuperEngineerI've been having to use the workaround for bug #868034 in 11.10 -  I want to put http://paste.ubuntu.com/848575/ into a laucher [assuming no fix in time for for 12.04] . Safe? If so, how?14:05
lubotu3Launchpad bug 868034 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "Huawei E220 and E1550 can't connect on Ubuntu 11.10" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86803414:05
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AlanBellwhy would you assume no fix in time for 12.04?14:11
AlanBellah, ok, not as simple as it sounds14:14
AlanBellstill, might get in14:14
AlanBellSuperEngineer: ok, so to get an icon on the launcher you need to create a .desktop file for it14:15
SuperEngineerAlanBell: not an assumption but a lack of real ability to test - as in it worked on 11.10 beta, it worked on 11.10  run as live cd - it even worked after  11.10 installed [but just the once].  Then complete fail eversince14:16
SuperEngineerAlanBell: cool...  I assume it would pop a terminal and ask for pwd first?14:16
AlanBelluse gksudo14:17
SuperEngineer- wooo - you brilliant man, you!14:18
* SuperEngineer slaps wrist for forgetting gk!14:18
AlanBellwhy don't we have a GUI for creating .desktop files I wonder14:19
SuperEngineer[coz noone else has suggested / asked for?]14:19
AlanBellyou can put them in ~/.local/share/applications14:20
AlanBellif you want them for one user only14:20
SuperEngineergood idea - I'm the only one on *this* pooter, seems like a ["normalised"] place to do so14:24
AlanBellit is one of those things I could probably do, but can't be bothered to do because it really should be done in unity with a right click on an empty part of the launcher14:24
SuperEngineerAlanBell: *most definitely* +114:25
AlanBellso we wait for the design team to come up with the idea I guess14:26
AlanBellwell could mail the unity-design list I guess, no harm in that14:27
* SuperEngineer tasks/begs AlanBell as he has far superior "clout"14:29
SuperEngineer[not detracting from my own super powers, of course ;)14:30
cocoa117anyone know how to use busybox version 1.13.3, it's tar program to exclude files?14:36
AlanBellSuperEngineer: https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg07920.html I have no clout14:37
cocoa117i can see in the manual exclude is available but i can't use it as tar -xvf abc.tar -exclude 'home/abc/*' -C /target14:37
cocoa117it kept give error message saying it don't support it14:37
TheOpenSourcerercocoa117: long options are normally --long_option="\mypath\tofile"14:38
SuperEngineerbbl - switching to 11.04 to try the above14:38
cocoa117TheOpenSourcerer: i have also tried --exclude, it shows the same error message14:39
TheOpenSourcererwithout any spaces and with a "=" too?14:39
AlanBellbusybox tar might be a bit limited14:40
cocoa117AlanBell, so tar in busybox won't do any exclude at all?14:40
moreaticocoa117: in case it wasn't apparent, not that TheOpenSourcerer wrote that with 2 dashes. --exclude, not -exclude14:41
TheOpenSourcererTo exclude a dir in tar in Ubuntu the switch would be --exclude='/my/path/to/exclude"14:42
ahayzenAlanBell: Nice idea for the unity launcher .... could be nice to right click and 'Enable/Disable Auto-Hide" aswell?14:42
cocoa117moreati, TheOpenSourcerer: i have tried both, --exclude, and -exclude none of them worked14:42
cocoa117by the way, the Ubuntu version of tar is different from busybox tar14:43
TheOpenSourcererThe lack of spaces and the "=" are important. This is the "standard" for long options. For short options it would typically be something like -x path, but of cousr -x is used elsewhere in tar ;-)14:43
moreaticocoa117: that's true of most desktop distributions vs most embedded distributions/Android14:45
cocoa117moreati, so how do you do tar exclude files in busybox?14:46
moreaticocoa117: most desktop distros use GNU coreutils and Bash. Busybox is an independent project that combines a shell and some commands14:46
cocoa117or it can't be done with the version i have14:46
moreaticocoa117: I don't, never had the need14:46
TheOpenSourcerercocoa117: Google? Try -X and a file with the exclude options listed in it.14:47
TheOpenSourcererAlthough note that is from 2003 so treat it with a pinch of salt. But worth a try.14:48
cocoa117TheOpenSourcerer: oh well, i guess 1.13.3 has bug then14:48
cocoa117i have tried -X and didn't do anything14:49
popeyafternoon all14:49
cocoa117i guess i just have to use Ubuntu liveCD for restore purpose14:50
moreaticocoa117: what is the exact command line you're trying?14:50
ali1234busybox commands are extremely cut down14:50
ahayzenpopey: Afternoon :)14:50
ali1234it probably can't do what you want14:50
cocoa117ali1234, i guess you are right, liveCD is my next stop14:51
moreatihttp://busybox.net/downloads/BusyBox.html says the tar command has -X and --exclude14:51
moreatibut strangley it lists the options for tar without a - or -- prefix, whereas the others are listed with a prefix14:52
cocoa117moreati, yes i have read that too, and i even checked with manual that match my busybox version number, 1.13.3, but when actually trying it, it doesn't work14:53
ali1234check the source14:53
cocoa117both -X and --exclude don't work14:53
cocoa117never mind, guys, i just use liveCD14:54
ali1234-X wants a file containing the list of files to exclude14:54
moreaticocoa117: did you note that the argument to 'exclude' is a file to be excluded, whereas the argument to 'X' is a file _containing_ files to be excluded14:54
ali1234just obtain a static tar and use that14:55
ali1234that's what i do when encountering busybox fail14:55
cocoa117moreati, ennnn, good point, and no i didn't14:55
moreaticocoa117: Also I note early that you used -exclude 'home/abc/*'14:56
cocoa117"X       File with names to exclude", ok so i have to give a file with content of folder to be excluded14:56
moreaticocoa117: single quotes prevent wildcard expansion, at least in bash14:56
cocoa117moreati, so what should i use in the busybox environment14:57
cocoa117obvioursly it's not bash14:57
ali1234you don't want the wildcard to be expanded there14:57
cocoa117tar -xvf /mnt/abc.tar -exclude home/abc/* -C /target14:58
ali1234how about this14:58
ali1234mv home/abc home/foobarbackup14:58
ali1234rm -rf home/abc14:58
ali1234mv home/foobarbackup home/abc14:58
* popey points AlanBell at bug 70500715:43
lubotu3Launchpad bug 705007 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity has no method to maintain properties of launchers" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70500715:43
penguin42nice; 1st for the year - can't see my screen due to sunlight15:57
AlanBellpopey: ah, knew there was one somewhere, but nice to discuss on the list too15:58
AlanBell!info alacarte15:58
lubotu3alacarte (source: alacarte): easy GNOME menu editing tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.13.2-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 52 kB, installed size 348 kB15:58
bigcalm[lappy]Afternoon peeps :)16:53
jacobwMartijnVdS: how is the borked router?17:22
MartijnVdSjacobw: it works now17:40
MartijnVdSjacobw: soldered serial pins to it, it had a serial console17:40
jacobwah, great ;)17:41
jacobwi keep getting a ; when i want a :17:41
* daubers smells like burnt plywood18:08
AlanBelllaser cut?18:17
Safiyyahflash complains that there is no flash installed.. 32 bit, the software centre clearly has it ticked as working. there is nothing about a flash player Or gnash on the about plugins page....  anyone?18:18
SafiyyahI was desperate enough to try and convert the rpm version, which came back with an error at installation. am blue!18:19
ahayzensafiyyah: Which browser are you using?18:19
Safiyyahi have both firefox and chrome18:19
ahayzendoes flash appear on the about:plugins in firefox?18:20
Safiyyahthey both issue the same message upon trying flash playback, and no flash is listed in the about:plugins on either of them18:20
Safiyyahit is clearly installed thought18:20
ahayzenwhich flash plugin have you got installed?18:21
Safiyyahit was working perfectly until the system update this morning18:21
Safiyyahflash version is 11.1.102 or atleast that is what it says on the adobe page and the downloaded driver18:22
SafiyyahOn the s/w centre it says flash plugin 10 and then below that it says version 1118:23
ahayzeni have 'Adobe Flash plug-in' installed rather than 'Adobe Flash Plugin 10'18:25
ahayzenbut i came as part of the ubuntu-restricted-extras18:25
Safiyyahlet me purge then18:25
jacobwdoes anyone know of a cd ripper that doesn't suck with multidisk albums?18:28
jacobwi.e. not sound-juicer18:28
Safiyyahahayzen, thank you... got it going18:38
Safiyyahhave a good evening all18:38
ahayzensafiyyah: Yey ... what was the issue in the end?18:38
SafiyyahI think the update I installed today conflicted with flash 10 and flash 1118:39
Safiyyahgoing to finish these canerows on little princess' hair and add beads, waiting for dinner in the oven18:39
Safiyyahhave a good evening all thank you18:39
DJonesHow do you access the cups server on a remote machine? 18:38 < Safiyyah> yeiiiiiii18:40
DJones18:38 < Safiyyah> have a good evening all18:40
DJones18:38 < ahayzen> safiyyah: Yey ... what was the issue in the end?18:40
* bigcalm[lappy] kippers DJones 18:40
DJonesGrr even18:41
bigcalm[lappy]DJones: have a look at port 9100 (iirc)18:41
bigcalm[lappy]Possibly not though :)18:41
bigcalm[lappy]Is cups running a web service?18:42
bigcalm[lappy]Is it set to allow access outside of localhost?18:42
SafiyyahDJones, I muddle through all cups issues thank god for the detailed brother linux website, I would be done for18:42
DJonesbigcalm[lappy]: I've tried http://x.x.x.x:631 with no sucess, told cupsd.conf to add listen x.x.x.x:631"18:43
bigcalm[lappy]631 seems to be the default port18:43
bigcalm[lappy]Restart cupsd after the change?18:43
DJonesAdded my username to the lpadmin group, but just get a Forbidden message via the web18:43
bigcalm[lappy]Can you access it from localhost?18:43
DJonesyep, restarted18:43
DJonesNot tried from localhost18:44
bigcalm[lappy]w3m, links2, lynx, etc18:44
bigcalm[lappy]9100 is the port for JetDirect on HP printers. This is what had me confused :)18:45
DJonesHmmh, can access it via localhost:631 but not by ip address18:48
bigcalm[lappy]Progress :)18:50
bigcalm[lappy]Who needs whipping to fix bug 804662?18:51
lubotu3Launchpad bug 804662 in jockey (Ubuntu) "jockey-gtk crashed with TypeError in _execute_child(): execv() arg 2 must contain only strings" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80466218:51
bigcalm[lappy]Because it's not fixed for me :)18:52
DJonesbigcalm[lappy]: Fixed, Had to tick the allow remote administration box on the machine itself before I could connect via ip address from another machine18:53
bigcalm[lappy]Well done that man :)18:54
bigcalm[lappy]brb restart18:54
bigcalm[lappy]Install an SSD so that you can reboot quickly ;)18:56
DJonesOr just never reboot19:00
bigcalm[lappy]That's not really an option when playing with 12.04 :)19:01
bigcalm[lappy]I wish minecraft worked19:01
DJonesI've only got 12.04 in a vm, so not the best place to try minecraft19:02
jacobwdesktop systems need rebooting19:03
zleaphi is http://www.raspberrypi.org/ up or do people get a database error ?20:12
hamitronzleap, up20:14
zleapah it is now,  thanks20:15
zleapit was giving me a database error,20:15
zleapgeany looks good20:15
zleapprogramming environment20:16
diploEvening all20:29
AlanBellevening diplo20:29
diploSo advice guys, going to order my vps at pay day, what version of ubuntu to install ?20:32
brobostigonit is a server, so, lts, as i was recommended.20:33
diploPlay with it for a month with 10.04 and then upgrade a few weeks into april once vps people have updated ?20:33
diploJust thinking 10.04 is stopping in 2013 April isn't it20:34
dwatkinstmux is confusing in the way it splits its panes, but I like it.20:34
brobostigondiplo: i will updating lts to lts, after 12.04 release, as it becomes new lts.20:34
dwatkinsI've been running 10.04 for a couple years now, it's been solid as a rock.20:34
diploAlso debating about installing 12.04 on my D820 Lappy, any major gfx issues with 12 ?20:35
diployeah i run 10.04 on a few servers already20:35
dwatkinsI'd be concerned about upgrading in case this caused issues with hardware drivers on my slightly old machine, but I imagine this is baseless paranoia.20:35
diploCan't decide whether to stick with 10 or to wait a month and upgrade to 12 before going live20:35
AlanBelldiplo: or dive straight in with 12.0420:36
dwatkinsPersonally I'd prefer to stick with a well-established OS.20:36
AlanBellwhat is the worst that could happen?20:36
brobostigondiplo: depends on when the stuff it will provide will be needed.20:36
dwatkinsEach to their own, though - are there features of 12.04 you want?20:36
diploImage not supplied yet with Bitfolk ?20:36
* dwatkins high-fives brobostigon 20:36
daubersdiplo: If you go with bitfolk, andy tends to test installs of Ubuntu LTS versions a short while after release20:36
daubersdiplo: And he's quite nice about imagine peoples VPS's before upgrade if you ask nicely20:37
* brobostigon caustiously highfives dwatkins in return, somewjhat cluelessly.20:37
diplodwatkins, 11.10 sucks on my laptop and heard lot's more polish in 12, don't use lappy that often so thought i could help post some bugs20:37
dwatkinsbrobostigon: just that we wrote essentially the same thing20:37
brobostigondwatkins: ah, i see.20:37
diplodaubers, cool sounds good20:37
diploI guess I may just tinker with 10 or chat to andy about 12 and do some testing for him if he wants :)20:40
diploNot set up an mta properly in years now20:40
diplogoing to be fun :)20:40
* daubers wonders if atmel does a textbook type thing20:42
dwatkinsdiplo: how about setting up 10, saving an image of the disk in case you need to switch back fast, and they trying 12?20:42
diploNot used a VPS before, do they give you option to clone your image ?20:43
dwatkinsNot sure, probably not.20:44
dwatkinsDepends on what level of management you've selected, I imagine diplo.20:44
brobostigondiplo: you send bitfolk, a support ticket, to make a temporery image of your vps.20:44
diplotbh, not fussed.. i think the first month it's going to be setting up and playing to make sure im safe before i move everything over20:44
diplono rush20:44
popeyEvening all!20:45
brobostigonevening popey20:45
dwatkinsdiplo: I assume I don't need to mention backups ;)20:46
diploWhat was up with OMG popey  ?20:46
diploheh nah, I'm actually fairly good now adays, pushed new company i work for to actually start doing them :P20:46
diploI've never been that fussed about losing stuff20:47
brobostigondwatkins: bitfolk are unmanaged, so you do all the work yourself.20:47
diploAccept photos20:47
dwatkinsIs it possible to copy the entire root disk whilst it's running, so you could restore it later, or are there files open etc. which won't allow that?20:49
diploWell Mondo allows backup whilst running, never used it myself but my work place does20:50
dwatkinsI guess you just rsync and constrain yourself to one filesystem20:51
diploI think I'm going to use rsync, want to use it as offsite backup as well20:52
dwatkinsyeah, rsync makes sense, saves bandwidth once you've done a full image20:54
* bigcalm[lappy] eyes Unity21:00
bigcalm[lappy]Additional Drivers says that the proprietary ATI driver is installed, but how do I check that it's in use?21:01
diplogkxinfo ?21:02
diplosomething like that21:02
brobostigonxorg's log in .var/log ?21:03
brobostigonxorg's log in /var/log ?21:03
bigcalm[lappy]Log says that it was loaded21:05
bigcalm[lappy]Trying to find out if it's in use21:05
brobostigonquestion answered.21:05
brobostigonoh, ok,21:05
bigcalm[lappy]No, question pointing at answer :P21:05
bigcalm[lappy]Is there a test for performance?21:05
brobostigoni was refferring to your first answer, not the question.21:06
popeydiplo: not enough ponies21:18
* czajkowski wishes skype was package miss it 21:21
czajkowskineed it for preicse21:27
czajkowskiit was there till thursday and got removed :/21:27
czajkowskimy own fault21:27
czajkowskigah have just stayed in all afternoon for a meeting that nobody showed up :/21:27
czajkowskiam woefully peed off21:27
smittixAnyone know what this could be? I bought a new samsung laptop yesterday and stuck ubuntu 11.10 on it. Everything works perfectly except the track pad. I have to press quite hard on it to make the cursor move.21:27
zleapis anyone running firefox 10l  it seems to put a white border around all menus causing what is behind to be obscured as wellas putting one around the list of websites that comes up when you start typing a url,  again making the actual adress box 1/2 visible21:28
AlanBellczajkowski: yeah, I had it for precise too, and reinstalled and lost it, about to reinstall now somehow21:34
AlanBellI guess the Natty AMD64 package is the one to go for21:35
AlanBellpopulating the partner repo post-release really isn't very helpful :(21:36
AlanBellskype is *horrible*21:40
AlanBellpulls in tons of 32bit stuff21:40
czajkowskinn folks21:40
=== CTtechguy_ is now known as CTtechguy
diploI stopped using Skype on linux21:42
ali1234AlanBell: well yeah, that's why we have multiarch. problem?21:42
AlanBellnot a major problem, just a bit messy21:42
ali1234i've started using skype quite a lot recently, it seems to work really well these days21:43
ali1234multiarch isn't too bad21:43
czajkowskidiplo: well forsome, not everyone can do that21:43
czajkowskiali1234: aye it works very well21:43
czajkowskiI do prefer the quality of G+ hangouts but again not everyone uses G+21:43
AlanBellI am tempted every time it goes away to not put it back, there really are not many people I talk to on skype21:44
ali1234hangouts doesn't work for me21:44
diploheh, was about to say we've moved to G+ for most of our stuff now21:44
AlanBellone customer that likes it21:44
diploworks on all os's we use and have had 0 issues so far21:44
czajkowskiI use it for ringing landlines or mobbiles as it's rather cheap once you just load it with credit21:45
AlanBellI used to use skype loads21:45
zleapspacewar is 50 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2100509/Worlds-game-Spacewar-celebrates-fiftieth-birthday.html21:46
AlanBellyay, installed it21:46
AlanBelland the indicator whitelist is even working so I can get back to it when it has been minimised21:46
diploWe used to use skype all the time for meetings21:46
popeywe use G+ a lot for meetings21:46
AlanBellwe use it for our openerp partner calls21:48
diploheh I guess the hat image was a "meeting" ?21:48
* popey spies ali1234 hanging out21:49
ali1234yeah turns out it works \o/21:49
* AlanBell reinstalls the hangout .deb21:50
czajkowskiI think my desktop is a bit messed up21:50
czajkowskicant shrink my launcher images21:51
czajkowskionly seem to have unity 2d21:51
czajkowskiis that right?21:51
popeyczajkowski: if you do "ps aux | grep compiz" do you see it listed?21:53
czajkowskiczajkowski@sheldon:~$ ps aux | grep compiz21:54
czajkowski1000      5547  0.0  0.0   9372   920 pts/2    S+   21:53   0:00 grep --color=auto compiz21:54
zleapok that white border seems to be a 11.10 thing not just firefox, i get it if I right  c lick on desktop21:57
daubersbluetooth is slow21:58
zleapok that happens in ambiance theme not radiance, so switched to that for now21:59
diplodaubers, yeah used it for the first time in a year recently and reminded me why I had stopped :D22:03
daubersdiplo: Should have used airdroid really :(22:07
* daubers goes to bed22:10
bigcalm[lappy]Has anybody here got iDisplay working with Linux?22:11
popeyno idea what an idisplay is22:11
bigcalm[lappy]popey: use your iOS or Android device as a 2nd monitor22:12
bigcalm[lappy]Requires Windows or Mac though22:12
bigcalm[lappy]Would be nice while I'm on the train or on a work place day22:13
jacobwbigcalm[lappy]: what would you use the ios/android second monitor for?22:20
bigcalm[lappy]jacobw: I use 4 monitors in my office, using a single laptop screen is very painful for me22:20
jacobwi see22:20
* jacobw groups bigcalm with Azelphur as a multi monitor fetishist22:21
jacobwpainful because it clashes with your workflow or because of posture?22:21
Azelphurbigcalm[lappy]: I know exactly how you feel, quad screen user here too22:21
Azelphurit feels like your working on a postage stamp22:22
jacobwvirtual desktops!22:22
bigcalm[lappy]jacobw: workflow I guess22:22
bigcalm[lappy]jacobw: I have 6 virtual desktops on my 4 monitor setup. Most are in use as well22:22
bigcalm[lappy]Maybe I ask too much of my system22:22
jacobwimo, a feature of virtual desktops is that you can't be distracted by them22:23
bigcalm[lappy]I need so many windows open yet rather not have them all clutting the one desktop22:24
jacobwi like to minimise multitasking so i keep one 'process' on each virtual desktop22:24
jacobwsometimes i need to look at an api or something and code at the same time, i'd like metacity/compiz to tile better in that case22:25
popeyAzelphur: did you go to the game fest in margate this week?22:36
Azelphurpopey: nah, missed it22:36
Azelphurwas you there? XD22:36
Azelphurit's mostly retro stuff anyway, I'm not too into retro22:36
popeynot old enough22:36
popeyi only heard about it by youtube/twiter this weekend22:37
* bigcalm[lappy] slithers away for the evening22:37

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