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xiongHi, I'm not looking to start a debate but I'm searching for a way to disable Unity completely in favor of GNOME 2. I get many conflicting hits when searching.04:37
kklimondaxiong: we don't ship gnome2 anymore04:50
kklimondaxiong: you'd have to install MATE from some repository04:50
xiongkklimonda, Understood. For that matter, the GNOME people aren't shipping GNOME 2 anymore.04:50
kklimonda(MATE is a fork of GNOME 2)04:51
xiongI don't think I'll have trouble either installing MATE or disabling Unity. But I've learned humility and the wisdom of asking around.04:51
kklimondadisabling unity isn't hard, but I don't know how stable are MATE packages - the amount of work to fork G2 is astounding04:52
xiongWell, here I am between a rock and a hard place. If I'm going to jump hard, it's likely to be in favor of straight Debian running Xfce. I don't want to do anything rash.04:55
xiongWell, here I am between a rock and a hard place. If I'm going to jump hard,...04:56
xiongI'm going to try Unity but I'd like to cover my exit. I hope that's not offensive.04:57
kklimondaxfce seems like the best option if you want... experience similar to what you had with gnome 205:00
kklimonda(I don05:01
kklimondaI don't give MATE more than 12 months before developers decide it's not worth it05:01
kklimondathe amount of work to be done is just too big to keep it going05:01
kklimondaso if you really want experience similar to gnome2 then Xfce seems like the best option05:02
kklimondaalthough I'd still give Unity a try, at least few weeks of using it every day05:02
kklimondait may surprise you05:02
xiongI need more hardware. I have an older version of Ubuntu running and I'm bringing up a new machine to replace the older one. I should have two or three new machines so I can compare distros and working styles.05:04
xiongMy fear is having to stick with the old machine for a long time while I fool around with the new one. Which will happen anyway.05:05
xiongThanks for your comments, kklimonda. I'm downloading and it'll be awhile; so I'm headed out the door.05:20
snadgesomeone with some kind of authority/convincing powers pls make the case for adding dodge active windows back ;)05:53
snadgeat least as a ccsm option05:53
snadgei dont care if the default is to always show the dock.. thats fine05:54
snadgebut autohide kind of sucks05:54
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kklimondahmm, some of my apps are disappearing from alt-tab even when not minimalized - is there a bug about it?11:05
Andy80tomorrow is the beta1 day?18:39
krnekheleshhello everyone18:50
krnekheleshmay I ask how do you sign up for the ayatana mailing list?18:50
krnekheleshI tried finding links on launchpad page for ayatana but couldn't18:51
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Andy80krnekhelesh: just a moment and I tell you19:40
Andy80krnekhelesh: the ML has been renamed to unity-devel or something similar wait...19:40
Andy80krnekhelesh: https://launchpad.net/~unity-dev19:41
krnekheleshAndy80: ty19:53
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Andy80just installed 12.04 on my Asus 1215P. uhm.... is it a known bug that when yoou are in the desktop and you go on the menu that appears on top and you try to click nothing happens?21:42
mhall119Andy80: I've not experienced that before21:53
Andy80and there is also a bad designed part21:54
Andy80in the top-left21:54
Andy80the X button is bad designed21:54
Andy80I'll provide some screenshots21:57
mhall119Andy80: please provide some mockups of what you think would be better22:13
ppdhi. maybe someone can clarify this. I'm testing precise and thus the latest unity on my multi monitor setup. Whenever I fullscreen an app, everything works nicely. However if that window looses focus, the launcher and panel reappear over the window. Is this the intended behaviour? I'm asking because the "normal" case of a fullscreen window for e.g  a movie player works just fine22:14
Andy80mhall119: I'm twitting the image right now, I'll give yuu the link22:14
Andy80mhall119: here you have https://twitter.com/#!/andreagrandi/status/171357025547198464/photo/122:15
Andy80mhall119: as you can see the X button in the top-left is not well designed, it's clearly a regression22:15
Andy80maybe I could know why.... let me give a try... wait..22:16
Andy80uhm.... no, no success.. since I'm using an icon size of 36 I tried resetting to 48 but I still have the same problem22:18
mhall119Andy80: file a bug on Launchpad and attach your image so the Unity developers will see it tomorrow22:20
mhall119Andy80: what exactly is wrong with the close button?22:21
Andy80mhall119: uhm.... can't you see it, really?22:21
Andy80the orange circle of the X window button22:22
Andy80is not a circle22:22
Andy80it has at least 3 or 4 pixel in the left side more22:22
Andy80maybe I should enlarge the image...22:22
mhall119Andy80: ok, I wasn't sure if that was a jpg compression artifact or what you actually saw22:22
mhall119FWIW, I don't see that on mine, so it's not the way it should look22:23
Andy80if you zoom the pic you can see it22:23
mhall119yeah, I see it now22:23
Andy80just a note: it's not a clean installation, I upgraded from 11.10, but I had installed 11.10 few days ago, I didn't customize anything except setting the icon size to 36 and keeping the Launcher always visible22:27
Andy80how is the correct name for a similar bug? "UI glitch" ?22:28
Andy80mmm.... I see the more texts have the same problem22:30
Andy80for example pressing "Super" key, and showing the help, every word is "bolded" in the left part of the first character22:30
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