snap-lbrousch: And Squeezeboxes01:35
snap-ljrwren: Shhhhhh... It's a discount. :)01:35
snap-lactually, the Squeezebox Radio is $169 on NewEgg01:37
snap-land 179 retail on Logitech's site.01:37
snap-lSo, by this logic, it appears that Windows 8 will be using the Desktop Cube: http://windowsteamblog.com/windows/b/bloggingwindows/archive/2012/02/17/redesigning-the-windows-logo.aspx04:01
rick_hwe having fun yet?14:22
brouschtoilet ballcock is broken14:23
rick_hman, I had plumbers come out, got raked over the coals14:23
brouschi hate fixing those damn things. always leaks14:24
brouschto fix a toilet?14:25
rick_hyea, well 3 actually14:26
rick_hone was leaking and the other two had small issues (handle, etc)14:26
rick_hso figured just have someone out to fix them up, didn't have time to worry about it14:26
rick_h$80 to show up at the door, then $80 per hour + parts14:27
brouschwow. for a $15 part14:27
rick_hbasically, total for all three was some $30 in parts14:27
brouschthis genuinely surprises me14:27
rick_h2hr = $270 bill14:27
rick_hI was floored, I've heard of "$80/hr min 1 hour" kind of crap14:27
brouschit took me about 4 hours to get it right last time14:28
brouschmost of the problem is getting the bottom seal right so it doesn't leak14:28
brouschhave to fill it up, let it sit, check for leak. if it leaks, drain it, mess with it, repeat14:29
brouschbut it's fun screaming ballcock all day long14:31
brouschand looking at instruction which include "base of ballcock shaft"14:31
rick_hhah, I see a new talk coming out of this14:32
jrwrenmakes me glad I've not had someone come out.15:27
jrwrenI've been putting off getting a gas line fixed because I don't want to pay the $$$15:27
jrwrenand there is a valve right there so I can easily shut it off15:27
snap-ljrwren: As opposed to getting blowed up overnight?15:55
brouschi think it's done16:08
snap-lYour ballcock?16:08
brouschyeah, though now they call it "tank filler"16:08
snap-lProbably for the same reason that astronomers call Uranus "Ur-uh-nus'16:09
brouschbought a new connector for the tank to the water supply. that seemed to eliminate a lot of the problems i had last time16:11
brouschto be fair, most of the tank fillers don't have a ball16:11
brouschthe new ones16:12
snap-lWell, that's no fun16:13
snap-lfloatycock just doesn't have the same ring to it16:13
Guest9561whats up21:02
rick_hthis is funny http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/02/19/there-is-a-lesson-here21:47
snap-lWhat's the best way to remove a service from running on boot under Ocelot?22:01
snap-lI know I can just remove the link, but I seem to remember a command to do something similar22:02
snap-land it's one of those commands that I use once a year, if that, so I don't remember what it's called22:02
rick_hupdate-rc.d ?22:05
snap-lYeah, that's it.22:08
snap-lGot used to chkconfig under Red Hat, and knew it was something different22:09

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