z1l0gAnyone here still using Lucid?00:37
tgm4883I do in some places00:40
tgm4883on my mythtv backend and my server00:40
z1l0gah okay.  I just ran system update and apparently it uninstalled openoffice.00:42
z1l0gand it doesn't seem to want me to re-install it :/00:43
tgm4883z1l0g, did it install libreoffice?00:43
z1l0gyou're probably not having this issue on your servers ;)00:43
tgm4883z1l0g, I don't have that on my servers00:44
z1l0gno, didn't install LibreOffice.00:44
z1l0git's odd since ubuntu states that it was going to provide critical updates to OOo until april 201300:45
tgm4883do you have any PPA's installed?00:45
z1l0gyes, there are PPAs for Libreoffice and Firefox00:45
tgm4883well, why are you trying to install openoffice if you have the libreoffice PPA?00:46
z1l0ger, well there's a "Firefox Stable Channel Packages" entry in the Software Center panel00:47
tgm4883ok, so what happens if you try to install openoffice?00:47
z1l0gI think I may have added that in preparation but never tried to install LibreOffice00:48
tgm4883honestly, I'd just install libreoffice rather than figure out why openoffice won't install00:48
z1l0gI get a "Package dependencies cannot be resolved" error00:49
z1l0gyeah, for me it doesn't matter. I support others who are actively using OOo though and I'm getting questions as to why it's suddenly missing00:50
tgm4883z1l0g, don't do a partial upgrade00:50
tgm4883then it won't be missing00:50
tgm4883but if you want to troubleshoot it, try installing it from the command line and see what it can't resolve00:51
z1l0goh, maybe that's what happened.  I saw something about "Partial upgrade" pop up00:51
tgm4883yea, don't do partial upgrades unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing00:51
z1l0gtried using apt-get install and it will mention various depencancies that are needed and _won't_ be installed...00:52
tgm4883z1l0g, pastebin the output00:52
z1l0gheh, well it sure wasn't presented as a "this can ferk up your system" option :/00:52
z1l0gno doubt there's gonna be a bunch more posts come Monday00:53
z1l0gjus a sec00:53
tgm4883z1l0g, honestly, it was probably caused by your PPA's00:54
z1l0g http://pastebin.com/xQY9fnh200:55
z1l0gso, do I uninstall the LibreOffice PPA?00:55
tgm4883z1l0g, hmm, looks like it should be fine00:58
tgm4883have you done an 'apt-get update'?00:58
z1l0gI'm fine with removing the LibreOffice PPA, just not sure how00:59
tgm4883apt-add-repository -r <ppaname>01:00
z1l0gokay, thanks.  I'll try that to see if it fixes things01:01
z1l0gokay, removed it from the synaptic package manager and clicked Reload.  apt-get install openoffice.org still fails; even trying to install the base pkg fails01:10
z1l0goh, ran apt-get update too01:10
z1l0gguess there's no "revert to previous state' in ubuntu eh?01:11
z1l0gis there a way to rebuild the "installed pkgs" DB?  It seems to think it's installed still but all the OOo binaries are missing01:16
* z1l0g guesses he has asked too many questions ;)01:18
z1l0gmaybe I drag this thing sown to tomorrow's PLUG clinic01:18
bkerensaHello All07:14
bkerensaslangasek: What are your thoughts on having a bootable debian usb stick with storage for purposes of debian package building?07:16
c_smith__bkerensa: are you available?21:23
c_smith__okay, here's to hoping that my connetion stays stable for a while.21:31
c_smith__bkerensa: may I get you to look at a post I'm working on on my blog?21:32
c_smith__I've got what I want to get out done.21:33
=== c_smith__ is now known as c_smith_
c_smith_hmmmm, seems bkerensa isn't here.21:37
c_smithanyone here?21:45
c_smithfinally figured out how to get chatzilla to work with the znc server.21:45
c_smithseems kinda dead here.21:47
* c_smith better go.21:47
goddardwhen is the next meeting?23:56

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