ChinnoDogIs it common practice to copy one's ssh public and private keys to other server he manages?00:17
ChinnoDognot sure if this is a security risk00:18
jthanI've done it. Never thought of it..01:12
jthanI've never copied a public key01:13
pleia2private keys should be on one system01:14
jthanAnd one system only01:15
pleia2it may be easier to have the same ssh key everywhere, but it's kind of terrible01:15
jthanPublic keys are okay to distribute though01:15
jthanI don't really see how it would be "easier" anyhow..01:15
jthanStill have to have both.. Requires the same amount of work imo01:15
pleia2well you put one public key on your 10 servers, and you can log in from either one of your machines that stores the private key01:15
pleia2so say you have a laptop and a desktop, if they have the same public and private keys you can log in anywhere01:16
pleia2no need to add a desktop and laptop key to every server01:16
jthanNot everyone logs into ten servers like you do :-p01:16
pleia2ChinnoDog said "servers"01:17
pleia2so 2, 10, whatever01:17
jthanBut even if you are adding a new server, you can still copy all the public keys?01:17
jthanThat's all you would need.01:17
ChinnoDogpleia2: so if I were using a bunch of computers I trusted then I can copy my private key but in general it is a bad idea01:19
pleia2what reason do you have for copying your private key?01:19
ChinnoDoglazyness. lol. I created a new key on my server this time because it is internet accessible after all.01:20
pleia2I guess I mean, what do you use it for?01:20
ChinnoDogin this case I was setting up ssh so I could use github from my server01:21
ChinnoDog(my hosted server)01:21
ChinnoDogto make it extra convenient to update a mediawiki plugin01:21
InHisNameso, ChinnoDog, you play games a lot ?  Doesn't that deprive you of the joy of coding all the time ?02:18
ChinnoDogInHisName: :-p02:51
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InHisNameits afternoon, now20:56
ChinnoDogThat happens about once a day21:01
MutantTurkeyfinally embracing your true self ChinnoDog?22:58
MutantTurkeywhats with the wikimedia based website?22:59
MutantTurkeyis this you?22:59
ChinnoDogNo that is not me :-p23:00
ChinnoDogNow I'm going to have to change my name when I become a movie star23:00
pleia2wow, what happened to your blog? (wiki?)23:01
ChinnoDogyea, I'm in the middle of configuring it right now23:01
ChinnoDogI lost the old site a long time ago. lol23:01
ChinnoDogI finally locked out the spambots23:01
ChinnoDogTrying to pick the appropriate configuration of the wikilog plugin23:03
MutantTurkeyyeah I don't like wiki to much anymore23:03
ChinnoDogI'm using mediawiki because I want to take advantage of all the neat plugins for creating content23:04
ChinnoDogthe wiki needs a shorter name23:08

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