Kilosmorning guys07:12
Kiloswell hello kbmonkey 2 days inna row09:36
Kiloshi all09:36
kbmonkeywell hello Kilos 09:38
psydroidhi Kilos09:38
psydroidhi kbmonkey09:39
psydroidhi all09:39
kbmonkeyand psydroid 09:39
kbmonkeywho here uses irssi?09:39
psydroidI use irssi on my computers09:40
kbmonkeydo you use some notifier on mentions psydroid ?09:40
kbmonkeyI call notify-send, but would like something else09:41
psydroidkbmonkey, not really apart from seeing that I've been highlighted in some channel09:41
kbmonkeyokay :)09:42
Kiloshi psydroid 09:42
* Kilos learning09:43
kbmonkeyit should then help if I change my irssi colors to match09:43
psydroidthat's one of the reasons I like irssi, it's pretty non-intrusive and just runs in a terminal window on my desktop09:43
psydroidmaybe, but I've never used notify-help or anything, I don't even know what it is09:44
kbmonkeywhen I work I minimize the client. Sometimes it's useful to get a popup if someone says my name09:45
Kilospopups work lekker09:46
kbmonkeybut they're not persistent.09:46
Kilosi get them from xchat and pidgin09:46
Kilosaw i got no man command10:28
Kiloshi superfly 10:40
Kilosdidnt see you 10:40
superflyhi Kilos11:08
drubinMaaz: tell Kilos I will try but might not make it sadly12:30
Maazdrubin: Okay, I'll tell Kilos on freenode12:30
Kiloshi drubin is it work keeping you so busy13:33
Kilosor are you love struck13:33
Kiloshmm who to ask13:33
Kiloswhat will this command do if one is in the folder with a copy of ones archives13:34
Kilos     /dpkg -i *.deb/13:34
Kilossigh without spaces it interacts with dreenode13:35
Kilosfreenode too13:35
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 13:35
kbmonkeyyou think that will install all debs13:36
Kilosthe -i i see makes it interactive but what will the rest do13:36
kbmonkey-i installs?13:36
Kilosi dunno, was given it in a mail13:36
kbmonkeydpkg --help13:36
Kilosi know thats the package manager13:36
Kilosi was wondering if that command would tell it to install everything in that folder13:37
Kilosi thought cli/terminal opened on its own , didnt know it can open in an actual folder13:38
Kilosdont lol man13:38
Kilosall of this is scrambling my brain13:38
Kilosbeen through sec 102 ans 104 and got really scrambled13:39
Kiloswill need to go through 10 times 13:39
kbmonkeywhat do you mean, 'opened on its own'?13:43
kbmonkeydpkg --help will tell you what the -i means. its a synonym for --install13:43
Kilosas apart from what you looking at because if i open a cache i get a window and then terminal opens another one13:44
Kilosok and that * means all files doesnt it13:46
Kilosso everything*.deb?13:46
Kilosor must you still do one at a time13:47
Kilosha ha ha13:49
kbmonkeyah online. okay.net is wonky.13:50
kbmonkey*is a wildcard13:50
Kilosdunno what that means kbmonkey 13:50
kbmonkeyit replaces words, of any length or characters13:50
Kilosin dos *.* was all files and folders13:50
kbmonkeyyes, same thing :)13:51
Kilosso that command will install everything?13:51
Kilostoo good to be true13:51
Kilossurely it wont install that whole 2g folder13:53
kbmonkeyindeed it will13:53
* Kilos respect for linux trebles13:54
kbmonkeyha ha13:54
Kilosok one more, just to be sure, external showing perfectly now again, is it wise to run fsck -f /dev/sdb1 just to see if there is any error13:59
kbmonkeysure, i think you have to unmount the external first though14:00
kbmonkeyim not sure14:00
Kilosat least nico is happy again14:00
Kilosya must umount in cli14:01
Kiloscant do it from gui14:01
kbmonkeyhi dLimit 14:01
kbmonkeyunmount is unmount, from gui or cli14:01
Kilosit warns you if you dont umount you WILL cause damage14:01
Kilosno man14:02
kbmonkeyremember in linux, the gui runs on top of everything. unlike windows. so anything you do in gui, you can do in cli, and more ;D14:02
kbmonkeyfsck is for ext filesystem types14:02
Kiloswhen i plugin ext it shows the drive and right click says safely remove no unmount14:02
Kilosthere is no unmount14:03
kbmonkeyumount /media/[tab-complete-your-disk]14:03
Kilossudo umount /media/backup works though14:03
kbmonkeyyou have mastered it Kilos. my work here is done14:03
Kilosha ha ha14:03
Kilosi drive you mad hey. keep you from other work14:04
Kilosim grateful for every bit of help my friend14:04
Kilosi go do a clean install on 6g and check that command14:05
Kilosbe good14:05
Kiloslater all14:05
WOLFEYESafternoon all15:25
Squirmgood afternoon15:25
WOLFEYESheya Squirm 15:27
WOLFEYESwow is that the time already15:28
WOLFEYEStime flies when you resting15:28
kbmonkeyhi Squirm 15:30
kbmonkeyand wolf15:30
kbmonkeywhy is your name in captial letters WOLFEYES ?15:30
WOLFEYESbecause I have always had it like that. It isn't shouting because I am not talking my name. I keep it that way for every place I chat in kbmonkey.15:32
kbmonkeyokay :)15:33
kbmonkeydo you or have you used accounting software like pastel or the like?15:34
kbmonkeyI find it funny that some software that requires caps-lock to be on15:34
WOLFEYESsome of our programs we use for work links to VIP and pastel and the like, haven't VIP seems more user friendly.15:36
WOLFEYESIn certain things in our software caps is put on permanently.15:36
WOLFEYESI am undecided as to use centos or ubuntu-server as my dual o/s for the studies.15:37
kbmonkeythat is weird. I used to build systems for a living, there is no technical reason for caps.15:38
WOLFEYESoh nice...15:38
WOLFEYESWhen you say build you physically code them?15:38
kbmonkeyubuntu server is headless, it does not have a X UI by default. CentOS uses Gnome by default15:38
kbmonkeyyes, used to code them15:39
WOLFEYESIf I may ask, why did you stop?15:39
kbmonkeyyou wont believe how shoddy pastel and quickbooks really are. i fished a good severe bugs out their system. ha ha.15:39
kbmonkeyit was windows systems. i had enough of windows systems, before it was too late ;)15:40
WOLFEYESWe have quickbooks at work.15:40
WOLFEYESha ha ha15:40
kbmonkeyin war, you have to choose your side, no? ;)15:40
WOLFEYESHence me wanting to do the course.15:40
WOLFEYESI wanted to do it before I ever told kilo's about it, just never got to a point of being able to do anything.15:41
kbmonkeywhen you look at a report in qb, and zoom to 0%, the entire system goes down. no questions asked. boom.15:41
* WOLFEYES makes notes15:42
kbmonkeyso you can do related work. good idea.15:42
WOLFEYESI will try it tomorrow if I remember.15:43
WOLFEYESWhat language do you or did you code in kbmonkey ?15:44
kbmonkeywe used various WOLFEYES 15:48
kbmonkeyfrom c to vb to .net to asp15:48
* Squirm looks at the last 3 and hides15:49
kbmonkeyyes, run far far away! ha ha15:51
Squirmanyways, off for supper. cheers15:51
WOLFEYEScheers Squirm 15:52
=== WOLFIE is now known as WOLFEYES
* WOLFEYES mummbles16:17
WOLFEYESam I still logged in here?16:35
Kilosgood evening all17:53
superflyhiya Kilos18:06
Kiloshi the fly18:08
inetprogood evening18:19
Kiloslo inetpro 18:20
inetprodo we have an agenda for our meeting tomorrow yet?18:20
Kilosdunno ask kbmonkey 18:20
inetprowe should get more organised18:23
kbmonkeyhi inetpro 18:37
kbmonkeyany suggestions for our agenda?18:38
inetprokbmonkey: I started a blank template at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20120220#Agenda18:42
inetprofeel free to modify as you see fit18:43
inetproI guess a we should start thinking about organising Release Parties18:45
kbmonkeytomorrow I go scout some venues, an ubuntu hour in pmb me thinks18:46
kbmonkeyoh the ubuntu wiki changed18:47
kbmonkeythey removed that meeting section and its a wiki now.18:48
kbmonkeyI approve18:48
inetprokbmonkey: what changed?18:50
inetprowe've been having it18:50
inetprosee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings18:51
kbmonkeyit had this agenda creation page18:52
kbmonkeyit was a bit cumbersome and buggy 18:52
inetprohmm... I think it's still there as well18:52
kbmonkeyit is? i can't find the 'meetings' link18:52
kbmonkeynot the wiki meeting page, there was a seperate meeting section18:53
inetprobut we've had this wiki page for a long time, much better for organising stuff18:53
kbmonkeyyes, this was there for ever. but there was another page as well18:53
kbmonkeyagreed :)18:53
kbmonkeyoooh, hang on18:54
kbmonkeyits still there, the last one was http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/331/detail/18:54
kbmonkeyits loco.ubuntu.com18:54
inetproyep, that's the one18:55
inetproI suggest just linking to our meeting page18:56
inetproon the wiki18:56
kbmonkeygaarg its so buggy :(18:57
kbmonkeyI guess in keeping to the usual, I made a meeting page on loco19:00
* Kilos would like to hear that sound19:00
kbmonkeyI prefer the wiki, but ubuntu uses the loco pages to determine our involvement level19:00
tumbleweedthe loco pages are certainly useful19:01
kbmonkeyadding meeting times does not work with keyboard entyr. lol19:01
tumbleweedhopefully we have more to show, come re-approval time, than a bunch of meetings in loco.u.c :)19:01
tumbleweedthere should be blog posts about awesome events, new ubuntu members in the team, etc.19:02
tumbleweedhopefully we don't do what we do, just to stay approved :)19:02
kbmonkeyi like the wiki because, well it just works :D19:03
inetproand anybody can update19:03
tumbleweedsurely all ubuntu-za members can create events on loc.u.c ?19:04
inetproI guess our representatives can add whatever is needed on the official pages19:04
tumbleweedoh, you talking about the agenda feature?19:04
tumbleweedit looks like I cn edit anything about the meeting19:05
tumbleweedbtw, someone has been working on awesome new meeting features for the bot. Probably a little while before we get them, though https://code.launchpad.net/~xavier-antoviaque/ibid/meetingagenda-931774/+merge/9324719:06
inetproother teams also use the wiki as well as the loco pages, eg, http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california19:06
tumbleweedyeah, agenda items on the wiki makes more sense to me :)19:06
inetprokbmonkey: can I add the following under Meeting Info: Our meetings are held for about 90 minutes once a month in our IRC channel, #ubuntu-za on freenode. All interested people are welcome to join us. 19:22
tumbleweedSubscribe to the mailing list to receive meeting announcements19:22
kbmonkeyplease inetpro :)19:22
inetprowhat should I add there?19:22
tumbleweedinetpro: you were on the right track19:22
inetproon top of that from tumbleweed19:22
kbmonkeyuse the wiki, we can update the loco page to match19:22
kbmonkeyafter the meeting19:23
kbmonkeyor before19:23
inetproI just want to add some stuffs to make it more more professional 19:24
kbmonkeysay, does anyone know, in bash, how I can get the first word in a string?19:24
inetproespecially so one can send a link to somebody who has never been to a meeting19:24
tumbleweedkbmonkey: cut -f119:25
tumbleweederr -d' ' -f119:25
kbmonkeywe usually refer people to ubuntu-za.org, it links to our mailing list and irc19:25
kbmonkeyand the wiki too19:25
kbmonkeyoh yes, cut :P thanks a mil tumbleweed 19:26
tumbleweedor if it's in a variable, you can do echo ${VARIABLENAME% *}19:26
inetprokbmonkey, tumbleweed: that is not really bash though :-)19:26
tumbleweed^ that's bash :)19:26
inetproyou win 19:27
kbmonkeyit's for a shell script19:27
tumbleweedkbmonkey: that's a bash-only feature, you can't use it if the script is run under sh19:27
inetproyou guys think 90 minutes is enough for our meetings?19:27
kbmonkeyso cut would be the more portable option19:28
kbmonkeyI usually bank on an hour meeting19:28
kbmonkeyit usually lasts just over that 19:28
tumbleweedbash is available pretty much anywhere, just remember to use #!/bin/bash not #!/bin/sh19:28
tumbleweedoh, what am I saying, that's not a bash-only feature19:29
* tumbleweed is being an idiot19:29
kbmonkeyI'll go with cut this time19:30
Kilosmaybe 90 mins or till meet concludes19:56
tumbleweedapprox 90 mins19:57
Kilosand first thing on the agenda is feedback on last meet discussions/decisions20:01
Kiloskbmonkey, and add plans to order cds as soon as they are available20:04
Kiloswhat is actually on the dvd's guys20:04
kbmonkeythanks Kilos 20:05
Kilosi cant go see the links and things so try member20:05
Kilosfeedback on lpi must be in plus the new site etc20:06
Kilosand maybe that its linux-studies and odds of doing python right after look good20:07
Kilosled by our resident python mage20:07
Kilosdunno how many we got20:07
tumbleweedmagi :)20:07
Kilostumbleweed, are you gonna join us at linux-studies20:09
Kilosso far its me with all the questions20:09
tumbleweedsorry, overcommitted as it is20:10
kbmonkeyi added those Kilos 20:12
kbmonkeyyup :)20:12
kbmonkeyim using irssi now20:12
inetprowe also need somebody to pick up on Team Reports again20:12
Kilosill stay with xchat and 9 workspaces20:12
inetprosomething that maiatoday used to do very effectively20:13
tumbleweedthat should usually be part of the chairman's job after the meeting20:13
tumbleweed(or whoever does the minutes)20:13
kbmonkeyokay I'll get the lowdown on how those are done20:13
Kiloskbmonkey, you still got control of Maaz ?20:13
kbmonkeywow I sure do like bash scripting20:14
kbmonkeyso much of power20:14
Kilosso much power20:14
kbmonkeyah thanks for that teamreports item tumble20:14
Kilosi think20:14
Tonberryso much mischief 20:15
inetprokbmonkey: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports20:15
Kiloshey Tonberry you will be at the meet tomorrow night hey?20:16
Tonberrydoubt it20:16
* superfly actually does most of his scripting in Python these days20:17
Tonberryfor the millionth time sulug scheduled a beer evening at the same time as the ubuntu-za meeting20:17
tumbleweedsuperfly: did you see my ping re DB size on soda20:17
tumbleweedsuperfly: btw, we have to migrate soda to a new VM real soon20:17
superflytumbleweed: yeah, I did... haven't had a chance to carry on the cleanup20:17
tumbleweed(it's running on debian lenny, which is already out of support. Frogfoot/me were dragging our feet in the migration)20:18
superflylemme get some more done now while I wait for other things20:18
tumbleweedhopefully the new VM will have more disk space :)20:18
Kiloskbmonkey, maybe we can discuss ways to get more new peeps to here20:21
Kilosthere are some clever brains out there20:21
Kiloslike in our lists20:21
Kilosand dont forget the extra you were gonna supply with cd's20:22
Kiloscant remember what it was20:22
Kilosa printed guide with each cd?20:22
Kilosoh and psydroid is part of us now20:23
Kilosinetpro, did you see that command to install a whole archives copy20:25
* psydroid is unfortunately too busy with (uni) work to even read the guide :/20:25
inetproKilos: no20:25
kbmonkeyTonberry: it is? sorry I never heard of the clash before now20:25
Kilosi tried it and it starts at acpi20:25
Kilosinstalls everything20:25
Tonberrywe usually dont say anything20:25
Kilostill your external crashes20:25
kbmonkeynot sure about a guid Kilos, bringing a friend to a party?20:25
Kilosmaybe a bit on how to get here for noobs20:26
Tonberrymaybe someone will bring some internet20:26
kbmonkeyis there wifi at the pub? :)20:26
Tonberrydon't think os20:27
Tonberrybut maybe we can find enough 3g bandwidth for irc20:27
Kilosoh wasnt it about things like doing updates for new peeps20:27
Kilosim sure there are lots of noobs who install but dunno about how to connect to internet or that updates are important20:28
Kilosat least if there is something on how to get here then whoever is here can advise them20:29
kbmonkeywe have to sort that clash out Tonberry, could use the bodies at the meet, and sure you could use the beer!20:30
Kilosi think there are peeps that try ubuntu but give up because of lack of guidance20:30
KilosTonberry, is beer that important20:31
Tonberryif organized in advance then yes20:31
kbmonkeybeer is a staple food group20:31
kbmonkeywhat time does that start Tonberry ?20:31
Kilosyou will end up with a pot belly when you are older20:31
kbmonkeywe cant change now, but fyi20:31
Tonberrywonder how much data i have left on 3g20:32
Tonberrycould take a netbook along20:32
Tonberrywouldnt be the first time20:32
Kiloskbmonkey, in future make meets on a wednesday or something20:32
kbmonkeywe can census it for the next meet or two20:32
kbmonkeyill add it20:33
Kilosand whats with guys like william walter kinghorn. why arent they here20:33
Kilosare lists guys antisocial?20:34
kbmonkeymany peeps don't take to irc20:34
Kilosinetpro, here is that command20:34
Kilos  /dpkg -i *.deb/20:35
kbmonkeyi was on ubuntu forums and the list for a good while before irc20:35
Kilostook me a while to work it out20:35
kbmonkeyif we give it a friendly face...20:35
Kilosirc is more personal i think20:35
kbmonkeya photo collage? lol20:35
Kilosmaybe nico will come here and we can teach him to use Maaz to google for him20:36
kbmonkeylive chat == time commitment; emails == reply in due time20:36
kbmonkeymaaz's google-fu has alot to be desired for20:36
Kiloshe always gives the 3 or 4 most relevant links20:37
Kilosif one asks the right questions20:37
kbmonkeyit's a nice idea20:38
kbmonkeybut bots that return search results is bad form20:38
KilosMaaz, google kbmonkey20:38
MaazKilos: "keyboard monkey" http://log.darknet.co.za/ :: "LQ Choice Awards for 2009 « keyboard monkey" http://kbmonkey.wordpress.com/2010/02/10/lq-choice-awards-for-2009/ :: "My Portable DJ Netbook « keyboard monkey" http://kbmonkey.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/my-portable-dj-netbook/ :: "CB Wallpapers (Page 1) - Artwork & Screenshots - CrunchBang Linux ..." http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/14002/cb-wallpapers/ :: "[howto] Click the mouse20:38
kbmonkeyhey that's me20:38
kbmonkeyit does work!20:38
Kilossee maaz is clever20:38
Kilosdunno if he can find the rest20:39
KilosMaaz, google tumbleweed20:39
MaazKilos: "Tumbleweed Tiny House Company" http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/ :: "Tumbleweed Tex Mex Grill & Margarita Bar - Index" http://tumbleweedrestaurants.com/ :: "Tumbleweed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumbleweed :: "Tumbleweed Dancehall & Concert Hall" http://calffry.com/ :: "Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development" http://www.tumbleweed.org/ :: "Tumbleweed Dancehall & Concert Hall - College Days" http20:39
Kilosha ha ha20:39
inetproKilos: hmm.. I wonder about that command20:39
tumbleweedwhew I didn't come up20:39
kbmonkeyhey tumbleweed can I have 2 large tex mex steaks and a beer please :D20:40
inetpronot so sure whether that is such a good idea20:40
kbmonkeyit adds a lot of cruft to a channel IMHO20:40
Kilosinetpro, you gotta add in where to find your archive folder then it works20:40
inetproKilos: sure it will work, but is it a good idea?20:41
Kiloskbmonkey, thats why there is pming20:41
kbmonkeybrb. reloading scripts...20:41
Kilosi dont know inetpro maybe one can modify it to use apt-get20:41
inetproKilos: apt-get uses dpkg in the background20:42
Kilosi dunno if dpkg works better than apt-get20:42
Kilosdo they both look at dependancies inetpro 20:42
inetprokbmonkey: wb20:42
Kilosi dont know dpkg20:42
kbmonkeythanks inetpro 20:43
inetproKilos: I'm way to tired to get into those details now20:43
kbmonkeyyou know you a geek, whenon your study break, you write some bash and perl scripts20:43
kbmonkeymaking a custom notifier for my irssi and conky20:44
Kilosyeah its late20:44
Kilostime for ballies to kip20:44
kbmonkeygn oom. don't forget your walking stick 20:44
* kbmonkey covers and ducks20:44
Kiloshehe cheeky brat20:44
kbmonkeydont worry I'm not far off!20:45
Kilosgoodnight all of you. sleep tight. see you morrow20:45
Kiloskbmonkey, you got a long way to go20:45
Kiloshalf my age20:46
Kiloswhew what a pleasure20:46
Kilostoods all20:46
kbmonkeyah he's gone20:51

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