bludFreemem: I'll check it out00:00
bludhiexpo: intel00:00
FreeMemIntel® 852/855 Chipset Family   perhaps00:00
FreeMemI am guessing00:00
FreeMemsee if we can find more info00:00
zykotick9blud: "lspci | grep -i vga" to find you video card00:00
skypentHow would I got about exporting private key information from gpg to another computer not connected through a network (usb or cd methods of transport)00:00
Cube``guys, what might be the problem? http://paste.pound-python.org/show/16886/00:01
FreeMemHers' the source I tink  http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html00:01
bludzykotick9: it just says what i have been saying  Intel Corp 82852/855M integrated graphics device00:01
zyracksisAnyone seen anything like this before?00:01
zykotick9blud: FYI things will be better in the long run if you solve your issue using Ubuntu package vs. installing a driver manually00:01
FreeMemIntel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family00:01
FreeMemit's it I hit it00:02
FreeMemIntel® 852/855 Chipset Family00:02
bludzykotick9: i would be happy to do that, any idea how? :p00:02
dassoukiusing terminal how can I change another user's pwd?00:02
zykotick9blud: nope, sorry.00:02
Random832I have a website bug to report00:02
FreeMemtheir drivers I guess cover many cards at once00:02
bastidrazordassouki: sudo passwd user00:03
bludFreeMem: is there a way to check what drive i have now and if its any different than the one you're suggesting I install?00:03
Random832http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu - the pronunciation key has incorrect notation (unless the pronunciation is very different from what I had understood it to be)00:03
Cube``guys, my ssh server suddently stopped working!! http://paste.pound-python.org/show/16886/00:03
hiexpowhta version of ubuntu blud00:03
bludmythbuntu 10.0400:03
FreeMemblud is your computer still have a desktop?00:03
FreeMemnot media center desktop00:04
zykotick9FreeMem: mythbuntu uses xfce00:04
bludFreeMem: yeah its xfce, just a desktop00:04
picoloBoa noite00:04
hiexpoblud, maybe look at this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-intel-82852855gm-drivers-in-ubuntu-using-ppa.html00:04
Random832it should use the double-wide macron and breve00:04
picoloops hauhahuauha00:04
FreeMemapt-get something to display the hardware.  I don't know which.00:05
Random832(or IPA)00:05
dassoukibastidrazor: thanks :)00:05
FreeMemI don't run a mythbuntu00:05
bastidrazordassouki: you're welcome00:05
amalgamaunfortunately the problem stands..though the normal terminal supports characters ofanother language, unfortunately ctrl_alt_f1 console doesnt....00:05
bludhiexpo: that looks pretty good. Of course I am terrified of just ruining my computer and having no video output lol00:05
FreeMemI run apt-get and midnight commander00:05
Random832amalgama: what language do you want support for?00:05
mcl0vinhello. ubuntu 10.10 am trying to install lamp-server but nothing get install at all ?! folowing this "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP"00:05
FreeMemI'll look00:06
amalgamaRandom832: greek... the reason is i run irssi and finch through concole ctrl+alt+f1, and i need to be able to change languages, and of course, the languages to be supported00:06
zykotick9mcl0vin: "sudo tasksel"?00:06
hiexpoblud, thats part of linux no guts no glory00:06
mcl0vinzykotick9: did that00:06
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bludlol well tbh linux is a huge pain in the guts ...00:06
Random832...what all character ranges does the default console font on ubuntu support, anyway? it doesn't seem to be latin1-only00:07
FreeMemblud: Im still looking for ya00:07
bludFreeMem: cool, im gonna brb in a bit00:07
hiexpoblud, actually it is pretty simple once you learn it > and easier to control >00:07
Random832in particular, greek seems to work for me00:07
Random832amalgama: are you in a UTF-8 locale?00:08
exutuxzyracksis: whats wrong on your desktop pictures? those are a simple script/text files00:08
Random832like el_GR.UTF-800:08
amalgamaRandom832: how can i check that? :) .. to repeat myself, the normal terminal works just fine...00:08
ciupanezulhi....can somebody help me00:08
ciupanezulwiths Wi-Fi on ubuntu 10.04 ?:|00:09
Random832amalgama: type "locale", what does it say LC_CTYPE00:09
exutuxzykotick9: those are txr files icons00:09
hiexpoblud, i would try that  ppa00:09
zykotick9exutux: nick fail i believe ;)00:09
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exutuxzykotick9: sorry :| he's gone00:10
Random832amalgama: also, what does your console look like? is it in a small font with thin lines, or a big fat bold font?00:10
Random832(and how many rows and columns?)00:10
zykotick9exutux: all good ;) i do it all the time00:10
Random832amalgama: when i say "console" that means the c-a-f1 etc00:10
hiexpoblud, i am using 10.04 also and i have a lot of ppa's  and they usually work out ok especially for video drivers00:10
exutuxamalgama: did you type loadkeys command how I suggested you above?00:10
ReKoNoke guy's very helpfull:)00:11
Random832wait a minute00:11
exutuxamalgama: sudo loadkeys fr00:11
Random832are you having trouble _seeing_ greek or _typing_ in greek?00:11
amalgamaRandom832: in ctrl+alt+f1 console returns en_us_utf-8, in terminal the same, and i would say thin lines, small fonts..00:11
amalgamaexutux: if i type sudo loadkeys gr, then the characters are shown as symbolson the console and also i cannothange the language back, which means i cannot retype sudo loadkeys :)00:12
Lintamalgama, sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup00:12
ReKoNJust 1 question ,to know...if i stay or no...Sombody know to resolve the Problem With Wireless at ubuntu 10.04 ? or Nope.00:12
Random832amalgama: how do you normally type in latin letters on a greek keyboard? is ther like an alt or ctrl shift or caps lock? or do you have to switch layouts to US?00:13
exutuxamalgama: so I think you need to set utf on irssi then00:13
bludhiexpo: what's a ppa ?00:13
amalgamaRandom832: have to switch layouts...00:13
Lintamalgama, also setxkbmap us,gr -option grp:alt_shift_toggle00:13
ReKoNor where is Windows .inf  i can't finde that:| omg;|00:13
bludalso, hiexpo: yeah i know linux is good.. but.. i have sunk uncalculable hours into trying to make this media pc00:13
hiexpoblud, a ppa is a repository00:14
bludah ok00:14
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Random832amalgama: to fix it or now you can do loadkeys us from X1100:14
FreeMemblud: my oracle vm display driver ain't helpin me help you00:14
Random832(i.e. go back to ctrl-alt-f7)00:14
zykotick9!ppa | blud00:14
ubottublud: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa00:14
ReKoNnobody can help ...?:|:|00:15
FreeMemblud, take your time and make sure you control each part you set up00:15
bludso, hiexpo once i do this, if i reboot and X can't load anymore, how can i revert to the old driver?00:15
bludyeah i mean in fairness to Linux, the only real reason it has been such a pain in the ass is because im trying to do odd things like make an old ass ATI remote control work, etc00:17
OccupynMyChairgood day everyone, quick beginner question, "free -m" shows 100% memory usage and almost 50% of it is cache. where should i look to adjust/limit the file system cache since this is an appserver? thank you00:17
ReKoNgreat......nobody nothing:|00:17
zykotick9!atemyram | OccupynMyChair00:17
ubottuOccupynMyChair: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html00:17
bludsorry ReKoN  i don't know about wireless .. mine just worked automatically00:17
ReKoNwhat kinde of ubuntu ver you have?00:18
FreeMemblud try this lspci | grep VGA00:18
bludmythbuntu 10.0400:18
ReKoN32 ? or 6400:18
Random832amalgama: i've asked in ##linux if anyone knows00:19
bludyeah FreeMem we talked about this hehe, it's Intel 82852/855GM integrated graphics00:19
ReKoNdo you have a link from where to download ,maybe mine is bugged.00:19
ReKoNdamaged....or someting like that...00:19
ReKoNme i have 64bit.00:19
zykotick9md5 | ReKoN00:19
FreeMemblud try just lspci and look for a video driver00:19
blud? ubuntu.com?00:20
zykotick9!md5 | ReKoN00:20
ubottuReKoN: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:20
amalgamaRandom832: thanx !! i amtrying to see if i can get it to work through dpkg-configure console00:20
OccupynMyChairthanks zykotick9; reason being when i load up wireshark and try to start browing through pcap files the system grinds to a halt...00:20
FreeMemlook for a driver00:20
Random832amalgama: the problem is that most people don't need multiple keyboard layouts00:20
Random832in languages that use the latin alphabet00:20
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: do you happen to be using KDE?00:20
Random832but with greek you can't type "loadkeys us" to switch00:20
amalgamaRandom832: true! and, unfortunately,true!00:21
OccupynMyChairzykotick9; gnome00:21
bludFreeMem: yeah it's probably this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-intel-82852855gm-drivers-in-ubuntu-using-ppa.html00:21
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: well, that uses less the KDE.  How much RAM do you have?  32 or 64bit Ubuntu?00:21
bludI just have one question for the channel,  If I install a new video driver and it breaks my system, (how) can I roll back??00:21
FreeMemblud: when I do a lspci and grep/look for my driver I get this 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter00:21
Erealzim i need help id like to know what video playback driver ubuntu uses ?00:21
zykotick9!es | z1l0g00:21
ubottuz1l0g: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:21
z1l0gAnyone know why the last distro upgrade of Lucid uninstalled OpenOffice.org?00:22
bludFreeMem: yeah, I get this: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device00:22
FreeMemWee haa00:22
FreeMemthat's it!00:23
z1l0gANd it won't let me re-install it?00:23
FreeMemdownload a new one and reinstall it.00:23
bludFreeMem: dude.. i've been saying that for like 15 minutes like 4 times :p00:23
exutuxRandom832: if him put loadkeys us command on boot? on rc.local ?00:23
Jordan_Uz1l0g: Because the community has moved toward the Free Document Foundation's Libre Office (which for most practical purposes is the same).00:23
bludYeah my question was where or how do i download a new one? Apparently the answer is :  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-intel-82852855gm-drivers-in-ubuntu-using-ppa.html00:23
shammancerHello all, I was fooling around while theming my desktop now I have a menu bar on my desktop.00:24
OccupynMyChairzykotick9;64-bit, 2GB of RAM00:24
Erealzhi im running vlc on a ubuntu based system. however whenever i try and open a video with vlc it wont run im guessing this is becouse my system dosnt have the right driver can some one tell me what these driver are called so i apt-get them?!00:24
ReKoN1 question and i leave you guy's:) ubuntu 11.10 it's much better ? ,i mean it's all bugs fixed?00:24
pangolinReKoN: no00:24
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: with less then 4GB of ram you will get minimal benefit from 64BIT and it will use MORE memory then 32bit.00:24
bludbut anyways, my question now is  If I install a new video driver and it breaks my system, (how) can I roll back??00:24
z1l0gWell, Ubuntu says it was goinf to support OOo until April 2013 w/ critical updates; I have users you are asking why OOo is suddenly mising from thier menus00:25
FreeMemblud you don't00:25
FreeMemyou try again00:25
bludbut how can i try again if i cant even get into it00:25
Erealzhi im running vlc on a ubuntu based system. however whenever i try and open a video with vlc it wont run im guessing this is becouse my system dosnt have the right driver can some one tell me what these driver are called so i apt-get them?!00:25
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: but it depends what you are doing, if it's a lot of video/music encoding 64bit is still "probably" better00:25
pangolinErealz: ubuntu-restricted-extras00:25
exutuxRandom832: I use that "solution" on some servers00:26
FreeMemit's not like it's a secret which driver you have.  apt-get uninstall --flush whatever and reinstall.  You need to have more confidence00:26
FreeMemeither the software screwed up or that TV is fried or your video card is fried00:26
FreeMemseperate it00:26
zykotick9pangolin: i didn't think VLC relied on external codecs?00:26
bludnot an issue of confidence... an issue of knowledge00:26
ReKoNthen pangolin ...tell me witch is more better...then this versions of ubuntu..00:26
bludi dont even know what apt-get uninstall --flush does00:26
exutuxamalgama: can you try to put loadkeys us at the to /etc/rc.local before exit 0 and then rebbot?00:26
FreeMemapt-get /?00:26
pangolinzykotick9: hmm, don't know now00:26
Lintexutux, he's greek dammit00:27
Random832exutux: er, the problem is he has to be able to use two keyboard layouts at runtime, and one doesn't let him type in commands00:27
pangolinReKoN: there is no version that is better. Bugs will always be present in software so it is impossible to say it is bug free.00:27
exutuxLint: on X he can switch language, doesn't he?00:27
OccupynMyChairzykotick9; yeah, i hear ya on the <4GB bit, but this a just a game server, each instance using about 900MB, but to catch the hackers I gotta sniff packets and filter the captures from time to time... and yes, plenty of HDD space left still...00:27
Erealzpangolin i just apt-get ubuntu-restricted-extras  E: invalid operation ubuntu-restricted-extras00:27
Random832exutux: greek keyboard doesn't have latin letters available, so he can't type "loadkeys" he's stuck with λοαδκευσ00:27
exutuxRandom832: oh well00:28
Random832...right but that's not a good solution, he wants to be able to _use_ the console00:28
bludif i install a new graphics driver and its bad, how do I install the one I originally had? Or simply, how could i just install the driver i have right now, right now? like I have no idea what the command is, waht i would be apt-getting, etc00:28
pangolinErealz: apt-get install00:28
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: <joking> get more RAM </joking> Good luck man!00:28
exutuxLint: so my bad.. :D00:28
amalgamaRandom832: lol, exactly00:28
Random832really, this is poor design00:28
amalgamaRandom832: but also, in the alt+ctrl+f1 console, greek letter dont even appear.. its just symbols, squares or sth00:29
exutuxso buy a real keyboard! lol00:29
Erealznevermind got bro00:29
OccupynMyChairzykotick9; thanks again for the URLs00:29
Random832on windows, russian and hebrew keyboards have latin if you have caps lock on00:29
zykotick9OccupynMyChair: glad to "almost" help ;)00:29
FreeMemblud I got to be honest, the first thing I do when building a box is sudo (password) apt-get install sux that way I don't have to mess with sudo anymore, then I use sux instead of sudo, then I get busy apt-get installing  apt-cache searching if you have X running synaptic &   'ding00:29
ReKoN1 thing i don't understand i was searching on website about wi-fi netowork ,i wass install ndisgtk package00:29
Jabaduhi, can somebody help me how i create an iso image of a cd?00:29
Random832amalgama: well that's a font issue, and i really don't know how to help you since it works for me00:29
FreeMemwhen I get done apt-get remove sux00:30
Random832(i can see greek fine)00:30
ReKoNbut i don't finde location of mine Windows .inf file.00:30
zykotick9Jabadu: "cat /dev/cdrom > filename.iso" might work00:30
bludso can i go in synaptic, search for intel and see what package for my driver i have installed??00:30
bludgonna try now..00:30
FreeMemblud yep00:30
FreeMemsorry so simple00:30
amalgamaRandom832: thanx for trying! u and everybody else... i ll try to find a solution through google, or sth.. i ll post it here if i succeed ...00:30
zykotick9Jabadu: you do mean data cd right?00:30
Jabaduzykotick9 ill try00:30
FreeMembut you will take notes I KNOW it00:31
bludassume i know nothing because thats close to the truth00:31
Jabaduyes, its a game cd00:31
FreeMemand teach mom00:31
OccupynMyChairthanks again!00:31
zykotick9Jabadu: ok, just making sure you didn't mean audio - as you can't make ISO of audio cds00:31
ReKoN4.Select Install new driver.  5.Choose the location of your Windows .inf file and click Install.00:31
ReKoNwhere i finde that windows .inf :|00:32
FreeMemblud you knew what synaptic was, you knew youir card was, you are a divign human, you are quite capable00:32
LintReKoN, on driver disk00:32
fOOfstahey guys anyone know any good tutorials on usong multiple ssh keys to automatically authenticate against connecting to various servers00:32
ReKoNi have installed from a USB Stick this ubuntu.00:32
bludFreeMem: I still had no idea how to install a ?better? driver for it, And I still have no idea how I would revert to the previous driver if the new one causes me problems00:32
zykotick9FreeMem: except when they try to remove the driver it might try to remove Xorg/Gnome/entire system... blud00:33
ReKoNand the ubuntu  it wass a iso downloaded from torrent00:33
FreeMemblud ya could always reinstall mythbuntu as well bro.  Those drivers got in there somehow00:33
bludthese are like.. stock drivers..  this is what mytbuntu installed automatically00:33
FreeMemdownload and reburn mythbuntu and reinstall00:34
bludi have spend insane hours tweaking and getting thigns working on here, no way in hell im gonna format and reinstall mythbuntu and lose all that00:34
FreeMemeliminate something.  Software or hardware00:34
bluddude.. idk man,00:34
bludi told you00:34
FreeMemif it's software you need your install disk00:34
bludthat only 1 display comes up00:34
=== stimoceiver is now known as Guest98862
bludthat it says Display 1: UNCLAIMED and no driver listed00:34
FreeMemif it's hardware you need $19.9500:34
bludto me thats a pretty strong clue00:35
Jabaduzykotick9 its a backup cd of a game called sims. im not sure if its copyprotected. i tried it with dd command but that just createt a 30 mb iso file. the cd has 700 mb ...00:35
bludthat there just is no driver installed for the vga out00:35
FreeMemmaybe it don't work00:35
zykotick9Jabadu: "The Sims" is copyright FOR SURE.  I'm not gonna help.  Good luck (but not really).00:35
bludif the hardware doesnt work, the software shoudl at least still see it...00:35
FreeMemblud hah try dumping coffee into a server00:36
Jabadu? what kind of help is that. im not asking for anything illigal00:36
FreeMemI seen all kinds of weird00:36
bludanyways, the package for my current driver is 'xserver-xorg-video-intel'00:36
FreeMemfloating rack servers00:36
FreeMemsmoking rack svrs00:36
bludnow im gonna get xserver-xorg-video-intel  from this other PPA00:36
zykotick9hiexpo: !warez should work ;)00:36
bludif it messes up00:36
Erealzquestion if i installed vlc and it wont run/load what could be missing on the system that might couse that?00:37
bludhow can i go back?00:37
bludCan i go back?00:37
FreeMemstart with a basic reconfigure00:37
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest99826
bludi dont even know what that means00:37
FreeMemwhat's the command again  ...00:37
bludCan i go back or not?00:37
hiexpozykotick9, just seeing if we have a factoid00:37
FreeMemdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:37
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:37
ubuntu__girlthanks everyone00:37
bludwhy would i do that freemem, whats that do00:38
FreeMemsetup your video card00:38
FreeMemyou said how to get back00:38
FreeMemthat's getting back00:38
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
bludoh ok00:38
zykotick9blud: there is some ppa-purge command/script out there that can remove PPA and the software installed.00:38
FreeMembasic vga then you build on it00:39
Lintzykotick9, making CD's backup copy is a legal right, not piracy00:39
zykotick9blud: i'm not sure on the actual name00:39
zykotick9Lint: that entirely depends on where you live00:39
Jabadu just because you ment its important to write it back. im answering same way now. in the country i live in its legal to create a copy for privat use. The eula is not law in my country.00:40
bludzykotick9: ok thank you! finally an answer to this lol... I googled a page that fully explains it. Now I can try the new driver and be able to revert if need be00:40
bludthanks for your time guys00:40
FreeMemblud rocking bro00:40
tekkiddWhat version of Ubuntu ran on the 2.6.35-24 kernel00:41
Erealzquestion if i installed vlc and it wont run/load what could be missing on the system that might couse that?00:42
damo22tekkidd: cat /etc/lsb-release00:42
Linttekkidd, packages.ubuntu.com00:42
jordan_does anyone know why ubuntu's codecs make video editing pixelated?00:42
jordan_as in if i open openshot then it will be pixelated00:43
zykotick9damo22: some systems that don't have a /etc/lsb-release file will show version with the proper command, "lsb_release -a"00:43
FreeMemjordan cop blur00:46
FreeMemor a masked hard blur00:46
jordan_no no no00:46
jordan_as in..if i try to view a video on openshot..it will be pixelated00:46
jordan_is there a codec or nvidia driver issue?00:46
FreeMemBug #502524 in OpenShot Video Editor: “.ogv video is pixelated00:47
zykotick9jordan_: if video players play the file without pixelation, its an openshot issue00:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 502524 in OpenShot Video Editor ".ogv video is pixelated in preview window" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50252400:47
FreeMemconvert the .ogv to another format eh?00:47
jordan_OH ..ok i will try that00:47
=== jordan_ is now known as _313hummer
Erealzquestion if i installed vlc and it wont run/load what could be missing on the system that might couse that?00:48
Erealziv installed em00:48
FreeMemreinstalling is fun00:49
FreeMemjust sayin00:49
zykotick9Erealz: from terminal try "vlc" do you get error(s)?00:49
_313hummeri have restricted extras..i even have made a tut on that lmao..its just idk why this is screwed up in 11.1000:49
_313hummerknow any good converters for video?00:49
Erealzi was just about to try that hold on.....00:50
FreeMem_313hummer: theres many00:50
bluej774Can anyone tell me why this makefile doesn't work?  http://pastebin.com/48S0PJxJ00:50
_313hummerany that are multi threaded?00:50
zykotick9handbrake is amazing!00:51
_313hummerwould devede work?00:51
FreeMemmir vlc handbrake winff00:51
FreeMemor windows  (if your workflow allows it)00:52
FreeMemFlash Memory, Not Networks, Hamper Smartphones Most  - hahaha slashdot00:55
RenatoSilvais there any tool to convert metacity themes to unity themes?00:56
RenatoSilvais there any gui tool to create unity themes? I have a metacity theme and I don't want to migrate it manually00:56
zykotick9RenatoSilva: is there any tool to convert apples to oranges?00:56
RenatoSilvazykotick9: no00:56
RenatoSilvazykotick9: 'does anyone know' is implied???00:57
Athanasius!ops|isanta x-chat exploit00:57
ubottuisanta x-chat exploit: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!00:57
RenatoSilvadoesn't 'Gnome' allow minimizing windows?00:57
FreeMemdoes anyone know how to stop my university from agreeing to email monitoring for copyright agency?00:57
Lintwhat's xchat exploit?00:57
FreeMemlint means you can get exploited remotely00:58
FreeMemfrom your client00:58
magicJI want to run 11.10 from a usb stick - I made it with "startup disk creator" works fine - the one thing I would like to do is dump the  choice of install/run when it boots - how do I do that?00:58
zykotick9magicJ: do a full install to the USB stick instead00:59
FreeMemmagicJ: edit the grub/lilo00:59
zykotick9FreeMem: i don't think SDC uses grub (and certainly not lilo)01:00
FreeMemokay I don't know what it uses.01:00
Jordan_Uzykotick9: FreeMem: Startup Disk Creator uses syslinux.01:00
zykotick9FreeMem: isolinux i believe01:00
FreeMemit should have a bootscreen text of some sort01:00
zykotick9syslinux sorry!  thanks Jordan_U01:00
Jordan_Uzykotick9: You're welcome.01:00
FreeMemyeah like my raqcop uses no bootloader at all01:01
FreeMemI get it01:01
magicJFreeMem: is grub/lilo a file I would see on the stick?01:01
FreeMem/etc/grub  maybe01:01
FreeMem /etc/lilo01:02
FreeMemwont hurt to look01:02
StevenRhow do I disable the "You have updates" X11 app that pops up when I have pending system updates? (I still want it to check, but it's a PITA when it pops up over mythtv)01:02
magicJFreeMem: I see no file named lilo anywhere below /etc01:03
FreeMemit would be either lilo or grub or some other bootloader01:03
zykotick9StevenR: no help - but mythtv FTW!01:03
FreeMemon and not the other01:03
FreeMemone ^01:03
FreeMemunless you purposly installed both somehow01:03
FreeMemim thinking /etc/grub01:04
zykotick9magicJ: you aren't going to find grub or lilo actually01:04
FreeMemI turn this over to zykotick901:04
zykotick9FreeMem: BUT I'M NO HELP!!!01:04
magicJzykotick9: ty, so, how do I get rid of the question "run or install" on that memory stick?01:05
FreeMemzykotick9: more than me01:05
zykotick9magicJ: do a full install to the USB stick instead01:05
quazimod1yo guys the package kdebindings isnt available in 11.10, where can i find out why? I believe i need this package atm01:05
_313hummerwhy thank you that worked very well for me01:05
carlosdutrahello guys, good evening01:06
magicJzykotick9: sounds perfect - how would I do that?  I see no option to do it - but you are right that is what I want01:07
zykotick9magicJ: install from a CD (is possible, would require 2 USB keys if not) and choose the USB as install path01:07
zykotick9magicJ: full install to USB makes WAY more sense to me if you want persistance01:08
magicJI have two usb keys - that's not a problem but I do not remember ever being asked where to install to01:09
AnastasiusDoes anyone have a decent recipe for grilled elky?01:09
AnastasiusWow, this place is deader than heaven on a Saturday night.01:10
_MarcusAnastasius: It's not that dead. I've seen it more silent.01:10
deadmundAnastasius: what is the question?01:10
_MarcusAnastasius: What is elky?01:10
Anastasiusdeadmund: Do you have a decent recipe for grilled elky?01:10
skmpy_deadmund: to be or not to be01:11
=== marco is now known as Guest77264
_MarcusAnastasius: What is elky?01:11
NoCodeHow do monkeys poo?01:11
_Marcus!ot | NoCode01:11
ubottuNoCode: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:11
DeithrianIs there a Media Player that has "Next Frame" and "Previous Frame" options?01:11
Jordan_UDeithrian: I believe that both VLC and Mplayer do. Probably others as well.01:12
AnastasiusOh shit, elky isn't even here now!  Let me amend the question. Does anyone have a decent recipe for grilled bazhang?01:12
Jordan_U!ot | Anastasius01:12
ubottuAnastasius: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:12
DeithrianJordan_U, no they don't VLC has only "Next Frame" and Mplayer seems not to work with the "."01:12
Jordan_U!language | Anastasius01:12
ubottuAnastasius: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:12
AnastasiusJordan_U: Keep your triggers to yourself.01:13
DeithrianIt's driving me crazy :/ I tried Kmplayer, SMplayer, Mplayer, VLC none of them have a simple Frame Back and Frame forward :|01:13
AnastasiusYes, I saw them and I stand duly chastised. Good work.01:14
RenatoSilvahow to change window decoration in oneiric's gnome classic?01:14
AnastasiusNow answer the question.01:14
Jordan_UAnastasius: Please keep on topic and follow this channel's guidelines. This is your last warning.01:14
brisky_'evening, i crash my ubuntu 11.10 with photorec cos i finish the space on my hd, now i starting with error that finish with cheching battery state, somebody know how to solve it?01:14
AnastasiusJordan_U: If I ignore that what will happen?01:14
_MarcusAnastasius: Maybe you didn't get what he was trying to say. This is UBUNTU SUPPORT channel.01:14
NoCodebrisky_, sudo apt-get install windows01:15
brisky_no code  i guess is not right01:15
sancrisanybody using 11.10 here?01:15
RenatoSilvame, and annoyed01:16
_MarcusI'm guessing 95%.01:16
Raccoon1400what is the command to launch the restricted drivers manager01:16
sancriswell.. just did an update, flash is crashing as usual01:16
Deithrianflash is working great on Chrome here01:16
sancrisnot crashing, actually but it simply doesn't dowloado01:16
sancrisupdate manager says t01:17
FreeMemsudo apt-get install *(cat paws and pop-up screen with selections)01:17
Deithriandoes update manager say m too?01:17
sancristhere's an update for flash, but when I hit Install it just gives me a "not found checkj you connection" message01:17
aBoundI'm running Ubuntu 11.10 seems the flash update fixed a few crashes for me.01:18
FreeMemsancris check firewalls01:18
sancrisall the other updates here went well, only flash refuses to install01:18
FreeMemping adobe01:18
WabsAnyone notice that flash in firefox running in 11.10 is a real system hog or is it something wrong with my system01:18
zykotick9Deithrian: mplayer certainly has a frame forward "." but i can't find a backwards01:18
sancrisgood idea01:19
sancrisjust a sec01:19
aBoundsancris, Check your "Software Sources" within System Settings and click on the Other Software tab. To check if there are any conflicting PPAs that exist.01:19
Raccoon1400I can't find restricted drivers manager in the gnome menu, what is the package name?01:19
RenatoSilvaWabs: flash player crashed a few times here today01:19
Deithrianzykotick9, I know :( I need the backwards too because I'm hunting for elicit frames :(01:19
pangolinRaccoon1400: jockey01:19
Deithrianthis dumbing down of all software is driving me nuts :( I hope all these devs get donkey kicked in the heads01:20
zykotick9Deithrian: i'm shocked there isn't a backwards, when i saw your post, i though "mplayer", but in this case it might have let me down - shocking.01:20
Erealzquestion in order to run compiz what driver are needed other then my video card driver?01:20
brisky_'evening, i crash my ubuntu 11.10 with photorec cos i finish the space on my hd, now i starting with error that finish with cheching battery state, somebody know how to solve it?01:20
FreeMemDeithrian: I'l be sure to compile with no help just for that.. . j/k01:21
aBoundErealz, A binary nVidia or ATI driver dependent on the video card you have.01:21
sancrisaBound, Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/f/flashplugin-nonfree/flashplugin-downloader_11.1.102.62ubuntu0.11.10.1_i386.deb that's what I get in Update Manager01:21
FreeMemupdates are down for ya then01:22
Erealzso what else would i need?01:22
almoxarife!info adobe-flash01:22
ubottuPackage adobe-flash does not exist in oneiric01:22
aBoundErealz, By the way if you're using Gnome-Shell it uses the Mutter window manager and can't utilize Compiz. But if you're running Unity and want Unity 3D you need to install the binary nVidia driver. From the "Additional Hardware" menu in the System Settings.01:22
almoxarife!info adobe-flashplugin01:22
ubottuPackage adobe-flashplugin does not exist in oneiric01:22
sancrisseems legit01:23
_Marcus!info flash01:23
ubottuPackage flash does not exist in oneiric01:23
_Marcus!find flash01:23
ubottuFound: flashbake, flashrom, flashybrid, get-flash-videos, libdancer-plugin-flashmessage-perl, m16c-flash, python-webflash, tvflash, vrflash, flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=flash&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all01:23
sancrisif it doesn't exist, why the hell it shows an Update for it? so windows like :p01:24
FreeMemflashbake  Im off for a search...01:24
mongyalmoxarife: it exists in partner01:24
_Marcus!info flashplugin-installer01:24
ubottuflashplugin-installer (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 9 kB, installed size 160 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)01:24
jen_okay so how to do yahoo messenger video chat??01:24
zykotick9Why doesn't ubuntu have flashplugin-nonfree?01:24
jen_because my friends skype wont work01:24
_Marcus!info flashplugin-nonfree01:24
ubottuPackage flashplugin-nonfree does not exist in oneiric01:24
HK_chingos aqui hablan ingles01:24
HK_chinguense todos01:24
aBoundsancris, By default in Ubuntu 11.10 Flash isn't installed. Usually, you install Flash from the Ubuntu Restricted Extras within the Software Center.01:24
FreeMemah I feel dumb01:24
Erealzim useing ubuntu 10.0401:24
zykotick9!es | HK_01:25
ubottuHK_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:25
_Marcus"provided by: flashplugin-downloader, flashplugin-installer"01:25
almoxarife_Marcus: that is the one that causes all the issues, ie. wont download01:25
RenatoSilvawhy doesn't all themes show up in 11.10's theme selector?01:25
sancrisaBound, oh..I see01:25
brisky_'evening, i crash my ubuntu 11.10 with photorec cos i finish the space on my hd, now i starting with error that finish with cheching battery state, somebody know how to solve it?01:25
palI am with a problem with acpi..01:25
palthe doesnt work properly01:25
almoxarifethe package which is hassle free is 'adobe-flashplugin'01:25
sancrisaBound, thanks for the help anyway...if it doesn't crash, I can live without an update01:25
HK_hack up01:25
zykotick9almoxarife: does that install flash 64bit?01:26
almoxarifezykotick9: yeap01:26
aBoundsancris, I'd write the PPA down in gedit and remove it from the software sources and see if you can install Flash from Software Center.01:26
zykotick9almoxarife: thanks01:26
jen_how do I get yahoo onto linux?01:26
pdqsancris, i always use the https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/flash-aid/ works great for installing/updating :]01:26
palI use ubuntu in a notebook but fan doesnt work properly.. acpi problem?01:26
`KorvinHey, I'm running kubuntu, and I'm getting cursor artifacting01:27
_Marcuspal: How does the fan have to do with Ubuntu?01:27
sancrispdq, interesting01:27
`Korvinit's only the cursor and only on my main monitor01:27
aBoundErealz, Using an older version of Ubuntu?01:27
zykotick9`Korvin: does this happen to be in a VM?01:27
Deithrianjen_, sudo apt-get install yahoo01:27
`Korvinno zykotick901:27
Erealzyea bro01:27
jen_that easy?01:28
Erealzid like to get compiz working01:28
aBoundsancris, Or you can follow pdq's advice and install the flash-aid addon for Firefox if you use that.01:28
palbecause thereis no a fan in /proc01:28
Erealzi have my nvidia driver installed?01:28
jen_unable to locate package01:28
sancrisaBound, alright...I'll try those hints here01:28
aBoundNo problem.01:28
=== walden_ is now known as walden
Deithrianoh the tears of laughter...01:29
jen_there is no package for yahoo is there?01:29
almoxarifejen_: yahho chat?01:29
jen_yahoo chat01:29
jen_i want to video call people01:29
zykotick9Erealz: and do you have OpenGL working?  "glxinfo | grep vendor" does it say NVIDIA Corporation for everything?01:29
jen_my friends skype is broke01:29
pangolin!behelpful | Deithrian01:29
ubottuDeithrian: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.01:29
almoxarifejen_: look at 'pidgin'01:29
jen_wont let me video chat01:29
almoxarife!info pidgin01:29
aBoundErealz, I'm not familiar with gnome-2 but there should be a menu for Additional Hardware in System.01:29
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 695 kB, installed size 2336 kB01:29
Deithrianpangolin, I know I'm sorry :)01:29
Erealzshould i sudo apt-get install opengl?01:30
zykotick9Erealz: no01:30
aBoundErealz, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia01:32
almoxarifejen_: i may have mis-understood, you are using a web browser to yahoo vid/chat?01:32
jen_no i am not01:32
Erealzserver glx vendor string:nvidia corp01:33
Deithrianjen_, use google+ for video chat01:33
almoxarifejen_: alrighty, and how would you do it ?01:33
jen_can I download it?01:33
Erealzclient glx vendor string:nvidia corp01:33
samueljen_ it might be easier to get people to use gtalk or skype for video chat01:33
Erealzopengl vendor string:nvidia corp01:34
jen_ohhhh okay01:34
samuelyou can get skype for linux straight off their website01:34
Erealzseem to be all there ... now what?01:34
Deithrianjen_, plus.google.com01:34
jen_i cant find gtalk01:34
Erealzall drivers seem to be installed right01:34
almoxarifejen_: pidgin, have them all01:34
Erealzso what the next step01:34
jen_I have pidgin i cant video chat01:35
samueljen_ you can do video chat with gtalk through your web browser01:35
almoxarifejen_: cant? what that mean?01:35
jen_where is gtalk01:35
Deithrianjen_, plus.google.com01:35
Deithriango invite your friends and video chat there01:35
samuelgoto software center and search "gtalk" there is a browser plugin there01:35
Erealzdont forget about meeee what else do i need to check01:36
samueli keep meaning to try it out as i'm getting a bit nervous about skype's dedication to the linux platorm since microsoft bought it :/01:36
almoxarifesamuel: gtalk is for chrome?01:36
DeithrianErealz, what are you doing?01:36
Erealzzykotick9 everything is nvidia bro what else01:36
Erealzi like to get compiz working01:37
Erealzim running ubuntu 10.0401:37
Deithriancan't help with compiz /fleees01:37
Erealzi just did a glxinfo | grep vendor and all say nvidia01:37
almoxarifeErealz: compiz installed?01:38
Erealznot yet01:38
Erealzwhat apt-get syntax to get it installed01:38
Erealzapt-get install compiz?01:38
Erealzor what01:38
amalgamaconcerning the changing language layout in console, though i fixed it, i cannot really be sure how i did it :( .. lines were added in inputrc  file, locales were added, with language packages, and nowafter typing loadkeys the language AND alt+shift works, but not permantly. After each login, loadkeys have to be typed again...01:39
almoxarifeErealz: synaptic to simple?01:39
amalgamathanx everybody 4 your help01:39
aBoundErealz, Software Center can also install Compiz.01:39
samueljen_: this might help http://www.webupd8.org/2011/07/get-your-webcam-to-work-with-google.html01:39
Erealzi would if i could01:39
jen_i think i will use google plus01:39
Erealzi dont have the software center in this distro that i have01:40
aBoundErealz, 10.04 LTS has software center built into it.01:40
aBoundClick on Applications and it should say Ubuntu Software Center.01:40
aBoundIf you're using Gnome 2.01:40
Erealzyeeaaa about that.....it ubuntu based but not ubuntu01:41
Erealzand they stript it out01:41
aBoundErealz, What distribution are you running on?01:41
Erealzbacktrack 501:41
aBoundErealz, More or less you're in the wrong channel.01:41
matt-whiHow do I solve the issue of wireless not working on a fresh install of 11.10? I'm using a Broadcom BCM4322 card and the google solutions aren't helping.01:41
Erealzbut these guys in the channel are like to leet to help a guy out01:42
aBoundBacktrack is Ubuntu based but isn't the right channel to ask for Ubuntu help seeing as Backtrack uses the KDE GUI.01:42
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition01:42
Erealzi know i know01:42
phixHey gang! Any one need Ubuntu help?01:42
natethegreat1419yea i do pm me01:42
Erealzbut it ubuntu based  that close enough for me01:42
aBoundErealz, Have you tried the Backtrack channel?01:42
ikoniaphix: if they did, they would be asking for help01:42
ikoniaErealz: we only support ubuntu here,  #backtrack-linux for backtrack support please.01:43
Erealzthose guys are complete jerks!01:43
Erealzno help01:43
phixikonia: I just got back and dont want to read all of my logs, so I am advertising my availability01:43
natethegreat1419ikonia: I did ask for help and nobody helped me so yes I do need help01:43
Erealzand those who arnt are asleep at the keybord01:43
ikoniaphix: please don't01:43
phixikonia: You sound like you need help, what can I do for you?01:43
=== stimoceiver is now known as Guest21785
ikoniaphix: you can stop randomly offering help, watch the channel, if people ask a question you can answer, jump in01:43
aBoundErealz, The backtrack forums might be a bit more suitable for your needs. Seeing as we only tend to support the Official Ubuntu distribution in this channel. :P01:43
phixikonia: yes sir! I will try it your way01:44
CLIaddictfollowing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto01:44
Erealzok forget it01:44
CLIaddictI did everything in it but it doesn't give me a login: on my serial cable01:44
CLIaddictI tried sudo getty -L 115200 ttyS0 vt10201:44
CLIaddictand it exits after 5 seconds01:44
phixErealz: yeah there are alot of mofos in this channel, but hopefully I can help you out and change your opionionn that ;)01:44
CLIaddictwith no messages01:44
CLIaddictcan anyone help me?01:45
dferrin_Hi. How can I make rsync to not overwrite permissions on destination host?01:45
samuelsorry Erealz i dont think anyone here is trying to be a jerk but its hard to tell sometimes if your problem is related specifically to your distro01:45
Erealzlet just forget that i even mention the name of the distro01:45
CLIaddictI'm running Ubuntu 10.1001:46
samuellike i know that at my work we have problems with linux mint's fsck, they tried to patch it, but for some reason its still a problem, not a problem in ubuntu01:46
Erealzif i were to do a apt-cache searche compiz | grep compiz  what should i look for?01:46
hydrox24samuel: and I am assuming it is the most updated version?01:46
hydrox24Erealz: you wouldn't need the grep command01:46
jen_what do I do with the google plugin01:47
jen_how do I instlal it?01:47
CLIaddicthydrox24: can you read this text?01:47
samuelyeah,  i even tried rolling back the package version but everytime fsck comes up, it hangs at the end until you press c01:47
Erealzno but it helps01:47
samueli guess it isnt so urgent, and most people would press c and forget about it, but my work provides computers for grannies, so something like that causes us grief01:47
jen_i have google plus but I need to install the plugin01:47
Erealzwhould package should i install?01:48
=== CLIaddict is now known as UNIXnerd
jen_how do I do that01:48
samuelforgot hello again jen, hang on lemme have a look, did you download it from the website?01:48
samuelah, its a deb file jen, all you got to do is download the right one, depending on whether you are running 32 or 64bit, then find it in your downloads folder and double click on it01:49
samuelit will open in the software center and you can install it from there01:50
`Korvinis there any ubuntu -> mac rdp?01:50
=== dferrin_ is now known as p3rsist
p3rsistHi. How can I make rsync to not overwrite permissions on destination host?01:50
ikonia`Korvin: it's vnc01:51
exutuxp3rsist: -p01:51
jen__im back01:51
jen__so i just need help installing01:51
samuellol there was nothing to say you had gone01:51
`Korvinikonia, what program is good?01:52
p3rsistexutux: I tried -p but it preserves permissions from the local host... and try to overwrite destination's permissions. I want to preserver destination's permission01:52
samueldeb file jen, all you got to do is download the right one, depending on whether you are running 32 or 64bit, then find it in your downloads folder and double click on it01:52
samuelit will open in the software center and you can install it from there01:52
ikonia`Korvin: any vncy client (search the repos) there are many01:52
`Korvinfound that01:52
exutuxp3rsist: -p preserve permissions ( from source ) if you don't it don't use -p nope?01:52
=== apachelogger_ is now known as quantumbillionai
hydrox24`Korvin: I would recommend vnc as well, I do believe that it is built into ubuntu, you just need to retro install it with mac01:53
Erealzwell I GOT IT!01:54
ErealzI GOT IT TO WORK01:54
FloodBot1Erealz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:54
ikoniaErealz: please - not in here01:54
ikoniaErealz: we are not interested in your backtrack problems/resolution01:54
p3rsistexutux: okey...but its already preserving from source... and I don't use -preserve...01:54
exutuxp3rsist: or you can use --chmod or -p with -A = acl01:54
=== zaki_ is now known as zaki
Erealzim not interisted you your face ikonia01:54
exutuxp3rsist: so you get some permission error when execute rsync?01:55
rioderelftep3rsist, do you use -a?01:55
=== UNIXnerd is now known as CLIaddict
Erealzit based off ubuntu you should be cool01:55
ikoniaErealz: STOP with the back track stuff, final warning01:55
pangolinErealz: it is not supported here.01:56
Erealzwait your gona kick me for what01:56
pangolinErealz: I kicked you for the way you responded to ikonia01:56
delinquentmehey all so I've gotten my little brother installed up running with ubuntu  .. and im wondering if anyone has a suggestion of some cool things that I can show him that'll get him excited abut running it01:56
p3rsistexutux: I use -zrv and --delete01:56
CLIaddictI tried sudo getty -L 115200 ttyS0 vt10201:56
delinquentmefor me its just that its bomb proof .. but thats something that takes time to sink in01:56
CLIaddictand it exits after 5 seconds01:57
Erealzshe started with i dont care stuff01:57
CLIaddictwith no messages01:57
CLIaddictI'm running Ubuntu 10.1001:57
Erealznp keep it to your self01:57
natethegreat1419@Erealz: cause you have a OS that is ubuntu with different preloaded items so they call it backtrack and they dont like it01:57
exutuxp3rsist: try using --chmod= with permission that you want01:57
exutuxp3rsist: --chmod=66601:58
exutuxonly an example01:58
CLIaddictuhh is everyone ignoring me?01:58
exutuxp3rsist: but what kind of filesystem host have01:59
Stanley00CLIaddict: what's your problem?01:59
moesI have a live cd of lubuntu-10.10...when i boot to a high end computer the o/s specs are lubuntu-10.10...when I boot to a low end computer the boot screen is purple and shows ubuntu-10.10 and the specs are ubuntu-10.10...why is this different ???01:59
p3rsistexutux: ext301:59
aBounddelinquentme, http://www.webupd8.org/ and http://www.techdrivein.com/01:59
exutuxp3rsist: ok01:59
CLIaddictStanley00: getty exits after 5 seconds (more or less) and with no error messages01:59
CLIaddictStanley00: I'm making a serial connection to my ubuntu machine02:00
p3rsistrioderelfte: I use -zrv and --delete02:00
aBounddelinquentme, You can flare him with Compiz.02:00
exutuxp3rsist: there are many option about permission on rsync02:00
=== CLIaddict is now known as CLIaddict[away]
p3rsistexutux: I guess so...but why will it try to preserve permissions if.. i dont ask it to do so...02:01
aBounddelinquentme, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvfRpmqKRbs02:01
bludI don't get why my VGA out isn't working...   I just tried to install new intel graphics drivers but it made no difference02:02
=== quantumbillionai is now known as apachelogger
bludi dont really know what my next step could be in fixing this02:03
hydrox24blud: you still on here?02:03
hydrox24blud: I02:03
hydrox24blud: I'm sorry to hear that your having such difficulties02:03
=== CLIaddict[away] is now known as CLIaddict
=== GodFather__ is now known as GodFather
bludthanks :p02:04
CLIaddictannnnd I'm not being helped _again_....02:04
ikoniaCLIaddict: stop02:04
hydrox24blud: is the issue simply that you plug in a (powered on) monitor and it doesn't appear under the display settings?02:04
ikoniaCLIaddict: if someone can help you they will02:04
Stanley00CLIaddict: sorry, system crash? Did someone answer your weustion?02:04
CLIaddictStanley00: no, no one did02:04
ikoniaCLIaddict: complaining that no-one can help you at this time constantly isn't helpful02:05
CLIaddictStanley00: did you catch my question?02:05
hydrox24CLIaddict: Don't expect things to be so quick too...02:05
Stanley00CLIaddict: just got "getty timeout after 5 secs" ?02:05
exutuxp3rsist: so try to set your permission with --chmod02:05
bludhydrox24: well, i guess so, I mean the problem is that no signal is coming from the VGA out port, and seemingly what is causing that problem is that my ubuntu doesn't even recognize that it has a vga out port02:05
CLIaddictStanley00: yes02:06
ikoniaif you are getting getty exit quickly, it's normally because the device at the other end isn't either listening, or can't communicate with your application02:06
bludlike when i run xrandr -q it doesnt even show up02:06
CLIaddictikonia: thanks02:06
p3rsistexutux: can I also change remote group ownership with rsync?02:06
Stanley00CLIaddict: how do you know that prob? I think getty wont show up by default. I mean the default boot-up is a GUI?02:06
hydrox24blud: have you looked at lower level commands/details like using lshw and lspci?02:06
ikoniaCLIaddict: speeds/flow control etc can all be a factor02:06
hydrox24blud: lshw specifically02:07
bludI have used them to see what they say yeah02:07
CLIaddictStanley00: I'm working via SSH02:07
CLIaddictikonia: well speeds and flow are correctly set on both ends02:07
hydrox24blud: and there's nothing about the VGA port?02:07
ikoniaCLIaddict: what are you actually connecting to ?02:07
exutuxp3rsist: p3rsist -o owner -g group02:08
GneaI'm using Ubuntu 11.04 with an nviida GPU and have the 3d driver installed from the repository... but fullscreen at 720p is horribly sluggish and even 480p is kinda bad... it's a dualcore P4 3ghz with 4ghz of ram... it didn't do this in 10.04, so what should I look for?02:08
CLIaddictikonia: I'm attempting to connect to a ThinkCentre Pentium 4 box via Serial cable using minicom02:08
hydrox24Gnea: fullscreen flash or playing of a file?02:08
exutuxp3rsist: -o super-user-only02:08
CLIaddictikonia: I followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto02:08
Gneahydrox24: flash and files02:08
exutuxp3rsist: look at the man rsync02:08
ikoniaCLIaddict: thinkcenter, is that the IBM e series blade thing ?02:09
CLIaddictikonia: I get kernel boot messages02:09
CLIaddictikonia: no, its not a blade02:09
CLIaddictikonia: its an old desktop02:09
ikoniaCLIaddict: not aware of the device02:09
bludhydrox24: well there's a display controller and a VGA compatible controller02:09
CLIaddictikonia: condsider it a normal desktop/workstation02:09
bludin lshw02:10
hydrox24Gnea: OK, so how did you install that 3d driver. Did you use the "additional drivers' interface or straight from the repos?02:10
CLIaddictikonia: it has 1 serial port02:10
hydrox24blud: are you using a laptop?02:10
hydrox24blud: if so, what is the make and model?02:10
CLIaddictikonia: and I succesfully communicated to it before via that cable and hardware02:10
Gneahydrox24: yes, used the 'additional drivers' so it got it from the repository02:10
MantisTobogenHi I have downloaded ubuntu 32bit 11.10 twice and both times the disc image was unable to be mounted on either of my mac books02:10
Gneahydrox24: also, this is the AMD64 release02:10
CLIaddictikonia: but that was with minicom on both ends02:10
hydrox24Gnea: ok, so you shouldn't be having issues..02:10
MantisTobogenDo you think it is safe to burn or will it just waste my cd02:10
exutuxp3rsist: so I think that -p preserve permission on destination, not from source02:10
bludbtw, lspci shows the same 2 things. BRB i will go find out what the make and model is02:10
Jordan_UMantisTobogen: Did you check the md5sum?02:11
hydrox24Gnea: hmmm that AMD tidbit may be the issue02:11
ikoniaCLIaddict: can you test it with minicom currently ?02:11
Jordan_U!md5sum | MantisTobogen02:11
ubottuMantisTobogen: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:11
CLIaddictnow I'm attempting to use getty on that end, so I get a terminal02:11
CLIaddictikonia: I'll try02:11
matjuIs there some way to get Gnome Classic on Ubuntu 11.10 in a way that is not severely crippled ?02:11
CLIaddictikonia: also SSH has been flaky on it only just recently02:11
hydrox24Gnea: actually no, I am running 64-bit too if that's what you mean (though you meant *ATI* when you saif *AMD* ... FAIL)02:11
Gneahydrox24: yeah.. it's an intel cpu :)02:11
ikoniamatju: gnome 2 is dead, the sooner you move on from it, the easier you'll find adapting in the long run02:11
hydrox24matju: I found that I had that issue too, I am now using gnome 3 happily though so I never bothered fixing classic...02:12
Blue1so why did linus go to xfce?02:12
bludhydrox24: it is a Dell Inspiron 115002:12
ikoniaBlue1: ask him02:12
Gneahydrox24: I'm not an ATI fan.. if they have better hardware, it'd be nice if they'd prove it with proper driver support02:12
matjuikonia: why is Gnome Classic still in the menu if it's not usable anymore ? gnome-panel bars can't be configured, etc.02:13
CLIaddictikonia: yeah I _WAS_ just connected via SSH but now SSH is taking forever to connect02:13
ikoniamatju: it won't be in the next release.02:13
hydrox24Gnea: are there diffferent options in additional drivers, if so is it worth trying the others?02:13
Blue1ask mr. shuttleworth02:13
CLIaddictikonia: and its not a network issue02:13
ikoniaCLIaddict: looks like the machine has an error then02:13
hydrox24blud: looking into it now02:13
matjuhydrox24: haven't found much that I can call happy in either Gnome 3 or Ubuntu Desktop...02:13
Gneahydrox24: but I looked on ubuntuforums and someone said I should try using prelink, which doesn't seem like it would do much of anything since everything's already loaded anyway02:13
brontoshey all.  Any of you get the broadcom 43xx modem working on ubuntu 11.10?  I am using a dell e650002:13
CLIaddictikonia: that only popped up yesterday?02:13
ikoniaCLIaddict: sounds like it02:13
Gneahydrox24: nah it just showed the latest02:14
ikoniaCLIaddict: hardware does fail02:14
CLIaddictikonia: what log files should I poke? for info on failing hardware02:14
ikoniaCLIaddict: syslog is always a good place to start, but it won't show things such as "PSU starting to die" unless you have voltage monitors active (for example)02:15
hydrox24matju: I gave unity about 2 weeks to try and break it in before deciding I didn't like it, then I switched to gnome 3, didn't like it for the first week and now I am addicted!02:15
MantisTobogenok thanks checksum is fine according to the ubuntu wiki, just weird how it won't mount but then again it is mac :\02:15
CLIaddictikonia: thanks02:15
Blue1YMMV applies I guess02:15
matjuhydrox24: what causes the addiction ?02:15
CLIaddictMantisTobogen: whats wrong?02:15
hydrox24brontos: busy right now so I can't help, but it is well documented I do believe so check ubuntu forums..,02:16
CLIaddictMantisTobogen: I'm familiar with *nix on both Mac and Linux02:16
brontoshydrox24, yeah, I have seen several things but none of them have worked...02:16
MantisTobogenCLIaddict don't worry about it I resolved my problem thanks for the willingness to help though :)02:16
hydrox24matju: faster than unity, much less buggy, awesome looking interface, love that it uses the super key as well... plus with a little fiddling it's as customizable as i wan't!02:17
hydrox24brontos: OK, better mention those things for anyone who might want to help you.02:17
=== CLIaddict is now known as CLIaddict[away]
Stanley00!away | CLIaddict[away] :D02:18
ubottuCLIaddict[away] :D: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»02:18
matjuhydrox24: how do i get hierarchical menus instead of the all-in-one-bunch nonsense ?02:18
=== Jasonn_ is now known as Jasonn
matjuhydrox24: (note : Gnome 3 is what i have currently selected. I can't even find where's the system config)02:20
hydrox24matju: haven't done that as I find simply typing into the search bar a related keyword works wonders, but I can understand you want heirachial menus. try xfce as a window manager02:20
hydrox24matju: to find the system config without the search bar try: top left button to get app launch interface, then click the applications button (windows will be selected) then down the right side choose system02:21
hydrox24blud: unfortunately that VGA you mentioned is definetely your laptop screen, can you confirm the VGA out works in another OS or distro?02:22
hydrox24blud: preferably OS02:22
matjuhydrox24: if I install and use XFCE, do i get full access to GNOME apps ?02:22
bludlike.. what, dual boot into another OS?02:22
brontoshydrox24, yeah probably so.02:22
hydrox24blud: OK, so you don't know if the VGA port works at all... as in it may be a HW issue02:23
hydrox24matju: Yes, they still run02:23
matjuhydrox24: yeah, i found the system config already. Didn't look at that list, because it didn't even look like it was clickable.02:23
bludwell... i don't "know", but theres no reason why it would be broken02:24
kalimojohow can i get an invite to#english02:24
muni'm trying to install Chinese via Language Support, but it keeps complaining that one of the debs can't be found on security.ubuntu.com. It's trying to get firefox-locale...10.0.1+...deb whereas the site has 10.0.2. how do i update Language Support?02:24
hydrox24matju: good, glad to hear it, I almost never hit the applications button though, I just use the search bar02:24
matjuhydrox24: i mean i didn't see « System » because it didn't really look like a menu or buttons02:24
bludperhaps i could use like Bart PE to do like a windows live cd and try to use the vga out? lol idk02:24
hydrox24blud: sorry, but unfortunately I am not sure where to go from here and it seems that no-one else has had your issue.02:25
bludi've read several posts02:25
hydrox24matju: no, I understand that, good that you know now though02:25
bludwith peopel with the exact same issue02:25
=== wizonesolutions_ is now known as wizonesolutions
bludbut no solutions :|02:25
poyntzwhen I mouse over on panes they disappear, how can i fix this?02:25
hydrox24oh, ok02:25
matjuhydrox24: so now, can I make Alt+Tab work properly ?02:25
bludbasically xrandr is supposed to show 2 outputs or 2 screens you know02:27
bludbut instead it only shows 102:27
CLIaddictis irc.ubuntu.com an alias for freenode?02:27
ikoniaCLIaddict: yes02:27
hydrox24matju: alt+tab should work fine in gnome3, unless you can tell me what the specific issue with it is02:27
CLIaddictagh thamks02:27
bludhydrox24: would it be worth anything for me to try a live 11.04 cd ?02:27
hydrox24blud: could you tell me what google search termm you used to find these posts?02:27
hydrox24blud: oh, what ubuntu are you running?02:28
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cyberNodeI am looking for a default my.cnf file for mysql 5.5 on ubuntu 10.04. Anyone know where I can find one.02:28
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
CLIaddictikonia: ahh ok im chatting from the box in question from my last request for help02:29
matjuhydrox24: It groups windows of the same app together. It's slower to make the switch to another window of the same app than going to another app.02:29
hydrox24matju: just hit the "`" or "~" (tilda) key that is above tab instead of tab02:29
CLIaddictikonia: is it normal for dhclient: DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 6702:29
CLIaddictto keep repeting it self?02:29
hydrox24matju: so alt+tab becomes alt+~02:29
keda87_anyone, can u help to installing metasploit in my 11.10?02:30
hydrox24matju: this switches between the windows of one application, then hitting alt tab switches between apps02:30
ikoniaCLIaddict: means it's not getting an IP address from the dhcp server02:30
CLIaddictikonia: then how am I talking to you from this "ip-less" box?02:30
hydrox24keda87_: This isn't the place for those sorts of questions, in mosts peoples opinions if you need to ask about how to install metasploit then you shouldnt be using it.02:31
matjuhydrox24: oh GREAT ! :) I was feeling so handicapped, i had the impression of being on OSX.02:31
ikoniaCLIaddict: ahh, sorry, it's only requesting,02:31
hydrox24keda87_: we are happy to help with specific install errors though.02:31
ikoniaCLIaddict: it can re-request, although the frequency of that is in your dhclient config02:31
kalimojohow can i get an invite to#english02:31
CLIaddictah ok thanks02:31
hydrox24matju: good to hear, yeh it took me  awhile to figure out too!02:31
matjukalimojo: what's #english ?02:31
CLIaddictikonia: heres more info on getty: init: ttyS0 main process (2450) terminated with status 102:32
Pikkachumatju: a channel, ##English?02:32
CLIaddictwhats status 1?02:32
ikoniaCLIaddict: no idea, need to look it up02:32
matjuPikkachu: i mean : what is it for ?02:32
Pikkachumatju: go there and read the topic02:32
ikoniaCLIaddict: getty error codes are not on the tip of my tounge annoyingly02:32
hydrox24kalimojo: I don't think this is the place to ask that Q, try ubuntu-offtopic for that02:32
CLIaddictah ok thanks02:32
Pikkachuwho was helping me here a few hours ago? it started with upper D02:32
matjuPikkachu: i thought that kalimojo was saying that it's invite-only. I don't know what's going on.02:33
hydrox24gtg, cya guys02:33
Pikkachuanyway, whoever helped me, I'm running Gnome Shell right now02:33
hydrox24lunch is calling!02:33
PikkachuI think I can't easily get old look back, can't use my custom theme for some reason02:33
exutuxp3rsist: well I made some test, you can change permission for group and others, using rsync -rzvp --chmod=g+rwx,o+r /source/ destination it sets drwxrwxr-- on destination, you can't change owner02:33
exutuxp3rsist: --chmode needs -p02:34
PikkachuI'm just keeping the theme and .emerald in case I can use them in the future02:34
kalimojoyes. invite only02:34
Pikkachumatju: neither do I02:34
poyntzwhen I mouse over on panes they disappear, how can i fix this?02:34
CLIaddictikonia: why does console-kit-daemon eat half my ram by spawning 76 of it self?02:34
Pikkachumatju: I didn't see his msg02:34
CLIaddictand how can i stop it?02:35
ikoniaCLIaddict: certainly shouldn't be running 76 processes02:35
p3rsistexutux: Thanks02:35
bludah crap. hydrox on lunch lol02:36
CLIaddictikonia: on CrunchBang (another distro) starts 64 processes of console-kit02:36
ikoniaCLIaddict: but they shouldn't be hanging around02:36
CLIaddictikonia: any ideas on how to keep them from starting in  the first place?02:38
MeXTuXI wanna copy a DVD with Ubuntu. It is not a copyrighted disc. It's just a data DVD (documents, music, etc.) I used to backup all my work. What command do I need??? :)02:38
cfhowlettMeXTuX   dd02:38
ikoniaCLIaddict: there is an upstart job that spawns them, I don't have an ubuntu machine here to check the job name02:38
cfhowlettMeXTuX   sorry not on ubottu - see the man pages for dd02:38
CLIaddictikonia: I'll poke it using the info you provided, thanks02:39
exutuxMeXTuX: install dvdbackup02:39
CLIaddictMeXTuX: I can help with dd02:39
CLIaddictMeXTuX: can you supply the dev name of your DVD drive?02:39
beeblebrox3hi! i need some help with empthy on ubuntu02:39
MeXTuXdd is the command I need :)02:39
exutuxMeXTuX: dvdbackup -M -o /destination copy entire dvd02:39
beeblebrox3someone can help me?02:39
CLIaddictMeXTuX: dd if=/dev/DVD_DRIVE_DEV_NAME of=imagefile.img bs=2048k02:40
MeXTuXlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2012-02-18 17:23 /dev/dvdrw -> sr002:42
hiexpoMeXTuX, looks like wireless card02:43
exutuxhiexpo: wireless card?02:44
hiexpoyah exutux sr0 is   a wireless card  for intell02:45
hiexpowith a stockdriver02:45
exutuxhiexpo: maybe ras002:45
exutuxsr0 is a cd/dvd drive02:45
hiexpoexutux, oops mybad ra002:46
hiexpoto many barley pops02:47
hiexpouh oh ikonia fixinto kick hehe       :)02:48
CLIaddict[away]MeXTuX: yeah sr0 sounds good02:48
hiexpohola ikonia02:48
techboy291anyone there?02:49
hiexpowow quiet in here  only 130002:51
mrizahi all02:52
CLIaddict[away]ikonia: I think I know whats up, I have ser2net installed from an old project and it may be hogging ttyS002:52
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hiexpomriza, | ask02:53
mrizayep, i'm here02:54
Canadian1296hiexpo: I just joined to give some help, but it's really quiet...02:54
hiexpomriza, ask your ?02:55
mrizaCanadian1296,same here02:55
bludwell, i still havent fixed my vga port issue lol.. but yeah im downloading 11.10 to try a live cd and see if it can use the vga port...02:55
* mriza is 32 male ID02:55
hiexpoblud, might i suggest upgrading the kernel you can revert there02:56
mrizablud, have u try liquorix kernel?02:57
AlessandroLableoi alguem pode me dizer como ir pro canal do ubunto brasil ?02:57
bludnope, i dont really know about how to change kernels or even upgrade them02:57
AlessandroLabletinha entrado nele mas nao fico salvo02:58
bludi mean, the thing does pop up and tell me to upgrade to 11.0402:58
hiexpoblud,  upgrade to kernel ,,,3.2.602:58
bludwhat would i do to do that02:58
Canadian1296blud: upgrade with "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:58
borillionhow do I force mount ext4 as ext3 ? My nas doesn't like the ext4 partition02:59
bludi might as well, im about 3 steps away from throwing the computer in the garbage02:59
Canadian1296blud: don't throw it out. It should never come to that.02:59
mrizaborillion,just format it to ext3 first, and then mount it as usual03:00
borillionmriza, that would wipe my data03:00
DatzHello. WHen I try to play flash/youtube video's the video window will appear smaller than the designated box for it, and sometimes not play at all. I think I instlalled a package other than ubuntu's repository package for it at one point. What should I do?03:00
Canadian1296Datz: Remove the other package and install the official one03:01
mrizaDatz,try to reinstall the faslh plugin03:01
mrizayeah, that should work03:01
CLIaddictikonia: AlessandroLable is asking how to get to a Ubuntu help channel for portugese/spanish speaking people03:01
DatzCanadian1296, mriza how do I identify and remove the other package?03:02
CLIaddictah he left03:02
mrizarun synaptic package manager and type flash at the search form03:02
Canadian1296"dpkg --list | grep flash" on a command line03:03
Datzmriza: well the other package isn't going to be there03:03
DatzCanadian1296: let me try that03:03
mrizamark the package for remove or purge. and apply03:03
mrizaand then mark the other flash package, the official one03:03
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mrizaDatz,if your configuration is pointing to the right repositories, it should be ther03:05
Datzlooks like I'm not seeing the other package wikth dpkg Canadian129603:05
Datzmriza: I didn't get the first flash install through ubuntu repos03:05
DatzI realized afterwards that if anything went wrong I would be up a tree03:05
Datzas I don't know where the installer put everything03:05
zelozelosi have ubuntustudio with xfce and kde, while in plasma, some dist's have a blank folder (kinda a widget not for sure), how do i add one?03:06
mrizatry to install ubuntu-restricted-extras, there's flash plugin installer in it, the official one03:06
Datzjust going to try and reinstall everything03:06
zelozelosanother q, how to i see the path of a program that i can run in the terminal by just typing its name i.e. blender03:07
bludCanadian1296:  I did that update, it updated 4 things03:07
bludI think they are 4 things which came about because earlier today i installed a custom intel driver from a ppa03:08
bludbut, anyhow, its still not working. If i do xrandr the vga port still doesnt show up03:08
bludhiexpo: how do i upgrade the kernel?03:08
mrizazelozelos, for the second q. index the files of your storage first, using "sudo updatedb"03:08
kruxzelozelos, whereis blender ?03:09
pdqzelozelos, whereis blender ?03:09
mrizaand then search the index  with "locate blender|grep bin"03:09
zelozelosthank you krux and pdq03:09
bludhydrox24: I dont remember my google search but here are some links of similar issues http://pastebin.com/4v5jDqY203:09
mrizait's 2 line command03:09
mrizazelozelos, d u found it?03:10
pdqno prob, locate is good too03:10
zelozelosthat was too simple, im used to finding stuff like xwinwrap...like whats that...(i know what it is, im just saying) lol03:10
zelozelosmriza yup03:10
playithey how to i integrate google voice with ubuntu?03:10
playitLike I have a personal phone number with google and it rings me whenever my gmail is open03:10
evildaem1nWhats the ubuntu equivalent of wheel?03:10
hydrox24blud: thanks!03:11
Ben64evildaem1n: wheel?03:11
playithow do i get it into empathy or another add on where i dont have to have gmail open03:11
evildaem1nBen64: Yes, the group wheel.03:11
hiexpoDiamondcite, you pm me ?03:11
h00kevildaem1n: you can edit who can sudo with 'visudo', if that helps03:11
Canadian1296blud: Those 4 things were the kernel. Now you can run "sudo apt-get autoremove" to get rid of the old one.03:12
evildaem1nh00k: Thank you, I was just following an arch tutorial that asked you to use the wheel group and I went "I'm pretty sure Ubuntu/Debian doesn't have that."03:12
Ben64evildaem1n: anyone who is in the admin group can sudo03:12
mrizablud, u can upgrade the kernel using "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" after the frist one03:12
Canadian1296mriza: He already did that (upgraded the kernel) but is still having his issue.03:13
mrizaBen64,u'r right03:13
RonVRunning Ubuntu 11.10 on a HP EliteBook 8540p and cannot get the laptop to suspend/resume properly.  Found very little other than drivers to unload reload via a script in the  etc/pm/sleep.d directory that doesn't solve the issue.  Any other recommendations on how to get suspend/resume working on this laptop?03:13
bludmriza:  oh , well i already did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:13
h00kevildaem1n: wheel isn't really used much anymore, but yeah. visudo to edit. and add user to 'admin' group and they can sudo.03:13
evildaem1nh00k: BSD still uses whell, but who cares about them?03:14
CLIaddictevildaem1n: root is the equiv to wheel03:15
mrizablud, u also can try to use liquorix kernel. just follow this tutorial http://liquorix.net/03:15
evildaem1nCLIaddict: Thank you.03:15
mrizablud, here too http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/how-to-install-liquorix-kernel-in.html03:16
CLIaddictevildaem1n: don't hold me to it, I'm only 90% sure03:17
bludmriza: that page says "You should try the Liquorix Kernel only if you have a pretty new computer (hardware) and only if you know how to recover your system in case something goes wrong."  but neither of those things are true03:17
bludits an old ass computer and i dont know how to recover :p03:18
CLIaddictevildaem1n: it may be also "admin"03:18
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WoCmriza do you know which kernel version Liquorix Kernel is based on ?03:18
TyropeHello, i'm trying to move a folder's contents to it's parent (mv -t .. *), however, this folder contains both hidden files and folders. How can I run this command recursivly, including hidden files/folders?03:19
PikkachuTyrope: mv --help03:19
Canadian1296Tyrope: "mv -a ./ ../" i think… Someone correct me I'm wrong03:19
evildaem1nCool, turns out I'm missing dhcpcd03:19
capurro-icecreamI just can't change the paper size for an usb printer using cups03:20
TyropeCanadian1296: mv: invalid option -- 'a'03:20
TyropePikkachu: Tried that, couldn't find it, hence me asking here.03:20
hydrox24capurro-icecream: is the option greyed out? Or doesn't changing the option work?03:20
mrizaWoC,i don't, sorry03:21
skypcehello guys, does have a copy dialog transfer indicator for unity 2d panel?03:21
WoCmriza k, thx anyhow :)03:21
mrizawahyu, welcome03:21
capurro-icecreamit starts from the left side no matter the page width I use03:21
Canadian1296Tyrope: Hmmm…  Idk then03:22
reCAPTCHAHey all... I have a keyboard with some damaged keys... is there an easy way to reassign the characters that those keys used to represent?03:22
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TyropeCanadian1296: thx anyway.03:22
TyropeI'd use the file manager, but it doesn't display hidden files.03:22
chrfleHello all... I'm trying to modify my panel in 11.10.. when I alt-rightclick it I don't get any context menu... any suggestions?03:23
WoCTyrope Maybe something like; find . -type d --depth 1 -exec mv {} .. \;03:23
gordon1234CTL-H will display hidden files in file manager03:23
TyropeWoC: find: unknown predicate '--depth'03:24
Ben64Tyrope: -maxdepth03:24
WoCTyrope my bad, maxdepth :)03:25
mrizaTyrope, mv -rR * ..03:25
ekalavyaanyone know if there is a way to emulate windows snap in ubuntu 10.0403:25
mrizaor mv -r * ..03:25
capurro-icecreamhydrox24: no matter what paper size I use, the start will be alwais 0 (x-coordinate) and the small paper widths go to the center of the printer (it's hp LJ p1606)03:25
Tyropemriza: mv: invalid option: -- 'r'03:26
WoCTyrope; mc is pretty useful too :)03:26
mrizamv -R * ..03:26
Ben64Tyrope: what are you trying to do03:26
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
mrizau should cd to the dir first03:26
zippyHey all.. how can I set my own keybindings...03:26
mrizanot outside03:27
TyropeBen64: [0419.08] <Tyrope> Hello, i'm trying to move a folder's contents to it's parent (mv -t .. *), however, this folder contains both hidden files and folders. How can I run this command recursivly, including hidden files/folders?03:27
capurro-icecreamhydrox24: since I'm printing from a C# app using mono (for a mono compiled .exe file) I can only rely on this ubuntu print manager or cups web-frontend. None of both work03:27
arkiverHi. i installed cinnamon and downloaded a theme from their website. I cant figure out how to install the theme . Can anybody help ??03:27
Tyropemriza: also invalid option. and yes i'm cd'd to the origin folder.03:27
Ben64Tyrope: fastest way is two commands. "mv * ../" and "mv .* ../"03:27
zelozelosthank you againg for the whereis...ok so how do i set up such a link? in dos its path "place"03:28
urfr332gOarkiver, there is a ppa which are not supported here as well.03:28
Tyropelemme switch from VM to SSH so i can c/p the results.03:28
HenriqueMachadoNois que voa bruxão03:29
arkiverurfr332gO,  I have installed cinnamon from a ppa. And i am using cinnamon right now. But i want some way to installed a theme for it !03:29
urfr332gOarkiver, cool but just giving you a heads up that neither are supported here, you may not get help. ;)03:30
TyropeBen64: http://www.pastebin.com/NkKcbdsQ03:30
arkiverurfr332gO, ohh!03:31
zippyAnybody know how I can get ctrl+key to have the value of my choice? I have some broken keys I need to reassign.03:31
urfr332gOzippy, what desktop you running?03:31
zippygnome 203:32
Ben64Tyrope: then.... theres no files there, except for .git03:32
urfr332gOzippy, try the keyboard app.03:32
zelozelosis there a way to switch from kde to xfce n visa-versa without logging out n closing programs?03:32
zippyurfr332gO: the keyboard app is cool, but I code on my laptop... kind cramps productivity.03:32
TyropeBen64: ok, but .git should've been moved as well.03:32
urfr332gOzelozelos, not that I have heard of.03:32
h00kzelozelos: probably not, switching desktop environments usually requires logging out03:33
zelozelossorry to b asking so many q's, i just got things the way i think ill want them03:33
Ben64Tyrope: theres a ../.git though, and it doesn't know what to do03:33
urfr332gOzippy, well good luck with that. :)03:33
zippyurfr332gO: especially being that the broken keys are the colon / semi colon and quotation mark keys... much pain.03:33
TyropeBen64: overwrite, rmdir ../.git then mv .* ../ ?03:33
Ben64Tyrope: if you don't need anything in ../.git, then do rm -fr ../.git03:34
TyropeBen64: I don't, it was a mistake I made earlier. I need .git itself.03:34
=== mriza is now known as admin15tr4t0r
bludzippy: xmodmap?03:34
urfr332gOzippy, buying a keyboard would seem to be the plan, my netbook keyboard broke computer still runs I never transport it I bought a 12$ keyboard03:35
TyropeOk, it still doesn't work, i'll just rm -ft /var/www/dftbquotes and retry the git clone. thx though.03:35
zippyblud xmodmap... sounds famillair.03:36
bludzippy, i used something like this to remap some keys from a remote http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Remapping_remote_control_key_codes_greater_than_25503:37
bludbut i think that only maps like 1 key to another03:37
bludlike you could make T become B03:37
bludbut i dont know if you could make CTRL-T become B03:37
bludbut google xmodmap i guess but.. maybe same issue there03:38
zippyblud: what about using config-editor03:38
=== jack is now known as Guest6865
thetinyjesushow unstable are 11.10 pre-released updates?03:38
bludzippy: I really dont know, i only managed to just barely figure out how to remap my remote keys03:38
thetinyjesusdoes anyone know how unstable 11.10 pre-released updates are?03:39
urfr332gOthetinyjesus, not a good idea to use.03:40
admin15tr4t0rthetinyjesus,, 11.10 has already released03:40
admin15tr4t0rthe upcoming release is 12.0403:40
HenriqueMachadothetinyjesus is a funny nick03:40
admin15tr4t0r11.10 is pretty stable at my laptop03:41
thetinyjesusif i go into updates and click that, they're 82 additional updates available03:41
admin15tr4t0rbut i don't use unity03:41
Rurd2diyer 11.10 is ok03:41
Rurd2diapart from unity03:41
admin15tr4t0ri use gnome shell03:41
Rurd2diwhich is shjit03:41
FloodBot1Rurd2di: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:41
admin15tr4t0rups, sorry03:42
h00k!language | Rurd2di03:42
ubottuRurd2di: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:42
=== digital is now known as Guest41011
admin15tr4t0rwow 2 warning in a space of 1 minute :D03:44
thetinyjesusis there a reason you use gnome instead of unity?03:44
n00b122need some help03:45
n00b122just installed ubunutu 11.1003:45
fellayaboyis their a package for vlc 2.0?03:45
n00b122on usb stick03:45
urfr332gOthetinyjesus, can we stick with actual support?03:45
h00kthetinyjesus: Unity is a shell that runs on Gnome.03:45
h00kfellayaboy: check VLC's website?03:45
thetinyjesussorry didnt realize i was in support room03:45
n00b122when I boot it, it gets stuck at syslinux03:46
h00k!topic | thetinyjesus03:46
ubottuthetinyjesus: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic03:46
fellayaboyh00k, it said check with ur distro03:46
n00b122what s the prolem?03:46
sisarare there any logs for this channel ?03:47
h00k!logs | sisar03:47
ubottusisar: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/03:47
sisarh00k: thnks :)03:48
D4rcKgood night03:49
TA5KHi, lightdm has the correct display resolution, but when I log in the resolution switches :( How can I fix this. (GUI Display setting changes are not permanent either)03:51
urfr332gOTA5K, not sure if lubuntu is ldm but are you rfunning that?03:52
gtreeswhats up everyone03:53
hydrox24gtrees: yo03:53
=== gtrees is now known as saegeoff10
TA5Kurfr332gO: I'm running Ubuntu03:53
_MarcusTA5K: this is the Ubuntu support channel :P03:54
TA5K_Marcus: I guess, I'm right here ,)03:54
BrandonBoltonHello, how do I install VLC 2.0?03:56
_Marcus!vlc | BrandonBolton03:56
ubottuBrandonBolton: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs03:56
_MarcusI hate when Ubottu spits out something useless like that03:57
BrandonBoltonThat is pretty useless. 2.0 Just isn't in the repositories yet it seems03:57
_MarcusBrandonBolton: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html03:57
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: how is it avail?03:57
_MarcusBrandonBolton: I don't think that's offical, but it's still by the people who made VLC.03:58
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, isn't there a vlc deb on the site03:58
BrandonBoltonI can not find one, it just tells me to do apt-get update and then install the new one, but it just installs the older one.03:59
_MarcusBrandonBolton: I guess the new one isn't in the repositories yet.03:59
BrandonBoltonThat's what I was thinking, thank you anyways everyone.04:00
_MarcusDoes general "apt-get" get from the multiverse repository?04:00
galaxiswow da is aber viel los04:01
BrandonBolton_Marcus, I tried it in Synaptic too. It doesn't seem to be on the repositories yet. I have the multiverse enabled.04:02
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: its not avail04:03
_Marcus!de | galaxis04:03
ubottugalaxis: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!04:03
_MarcusBrandonBolton: Then I don't know what to say. They don't have a download that I can find on their site, so you may just have to wait for an update to come.04:04
BrandonBoltonAlright, thank you anyways guys. I was just excited for the update.04:04
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: ppa have it04:05
BrandonBoltonalmoxarife, How do I do that?04:05
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: add the ppa, then update/upgrade, but at your own risk04:06
BrandonBoltonalmoxarife, Alright, I will try that. Thank you.04:07
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, the ppa on the vlc site just 404d me.04:10
BrandonBoltonurfr332gO, Sadly same here. The stable-daily seems to be down. :(04:11
almoxarifeurfr332gO: the version of ubuntu will affect a ppa avail04:11
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: what version you have?04:12
urfr332gOBrandonBolton, almoxarife doh I tried the lucid ppa I was not looking I'm running oneric04:12
=== DavyS is now known as DavyS|afk
almoxarifeppa:videolan/stable-daily <-- should work on 11.1004:14
BrandonBoltonalmoxarife, currently I am 10.0404:14
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: good luck04:15
almoxarifeBrandonBolton: install y-ppa-manager, will make things easier, like locating a ppa04:17
myk_robinsonseen this a couple times today installing packages, any worries?       dpkg: warning: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/available' near line 29731 package 'fing':04:17
poyntzhi, when i try to run mount -t hfsplus /dev/sdb1 /mnt/a I get this error - http://paste.kde.org/425132/04:18
poyntz- I've installed hfsplus hfsutils and hfsprogs; why is it not mounting?04:18
poyntzdmesg|tail gives this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/848083/04:20
norehi everybody!04:20
ljsoftnethello nore04:20
_Marcusnore: Hello04:21
noreI have a question about hosts in ubuntu04:22
norehow can I alias www.mypetsite.com to localhost:8080?04:22
_Marcusnore: I think Apache's default webpage(/var/www) goes to localhost04:23
=== gmi is now known as romantic2
nore_Marcus, my problem is I'm using totally different server and I have to use localhost:8001. I wanted to rename it with a bit more meaningful host name04:24
_Marcusnore: So instead of localhost, you want something else?04:24
nore_Marcus, yes, but with port number04:25
Berzerkerin my pulse volume control, there's a device LADSPA Plugin Multiband EQ on Internal Audio Analog Stero which gets set as default every boot04:25
Berzerkeris there a way to disable it?04:25
noreIs it possible or do I need to tune my web server for that?04:26
_Marcusnore: I don't know about the port number, but there is a file that contains your computers name, so you can connect to it on computers in your network with that name.04:27
sisari want Ubuntu to use the definition that 1KB=1024 bytes, and not 1000 bytes. How can I do this ? #oneiric04:27
nore_Marcus, which file?04:28
_Marcusnore: /etc/hostname04:28
noreok, _Marcus thanks a lot. I'll take a look at it04:28
_Marcusnore: Okay. That'll only change your hostname though, so clients in your network can connect to http://yourcomputername/04:29
_Marcusnore: Or any other protocol04:29
nore_Marcus, :) thanks04:30
helloworldwhen I try to download somthing my computer trys to connect to and it is always saying a can't download something because it is from an unknown package04:31
playit!s merlin04:32
helloworldany suggestions?04:32
h00khelloworld: it sounds like a DNS issue04:34
Canadian1296helloworld: I agree with h00k04:34
sisari want Ubuntu to use the definition that 1KB=1024 bytes, and not 1000 bytes. How can I do this ? #oneiric04:36
mediajust installed XBMC on fresh minimal install. CPU usage is 100% when idling.04:36
bazhangmedia, installed from where04:36
mediamultimedia repos04:37
bazhang!info xbmc04:37
ubottuPackage xbmc does not exist in oneiric04:37
bludhow do you get into the terminal console when you're running an 11.10 live cd?04:37
qwonkyI seem to be having a problem with running firewall status, whenever i launch conky, I get Conky: can't open /var/run/daemons/iptables: No such file or directory Conky: Could not open the file in the terminal, and my conky script looks like this  Firewall Status ${alignr}${if_existing  /var/run/daemons/iptables } Active${else}${alignr}Disabled$endif04:37
helloworldthank you,  what would fix the DNS problem or where could i find the info to do so04:37
bazhangmedia, no such package04:37
bazhangmedia, perhaps you mean a 3rd party repo or PPA04:38
mediabazhang: 3rd party repo04:39
bazhangmedia, contact them04:39
bludis terminal not available on the 11.10 live cd?04:42
bludi cant find it04:42
=== Zizzu is now known as zizzu123
helloworldblud, it should be04:42
=== zizzu123 is now known as zizzu
bludhow do i access it? (I think i know how and its not there, but yeah)04:43
helloworldcreated a shorcut on the desktop04:43
Berzerkeris it possible to have skype and another program output sound on the same input at the same time?04:43
Berzerkersame output*04:44
urfr332gOblud, crtl-alt-t04:44
Berzerkereverytime I set one program (banshee) to my headset, skype stops working04:44
daneshow can I clone a usb live persistant ubuntu version to a external harddrive? I have both unmounted and src=/dev/sdi1, dest=/dev/sdh104:44
helloworldblud can you access it04:44
bludi tried ctrl-alt-t, nothing happens04:44
Berzerkerwhen I set skype back to it, banshee stops working04:44
myk_robinsonany of you using Ubuntu Server in a business setting?04:44
SuperSnipergo to the sound settings04:44
helloworldmake a gnome-terminal launcher04:45
SuperSniperand turn down banshee04:45
urfr332gOblud, bad burn maybe it should be in the dash.04:45
bludand if i type terminal in the new thingamagig nothing comes up for that04:45
BerzerkerSuperSniper: if I set Skype to use my headset, banshee gets auto-set back to my speakers04:45
samba35trunk.if i have to configure trunk on linux ,what change i have to make in eth1 ? VLAN=yes and04:45
mohan_My Ubuntu is not showing up my two partitions04:45
Berzerkerit's like skype wants to hog the output04:45
mohan_it used to show it before04:45
mohan_Any idea on how to bring it back ?04:45
urfr332gOmohan_, where are you looking?04:46
mohan_I am looking at the home folder04:46
BerzerkerSuperSniper: any ideas?04:46
mohan_normally it's in the left panel04:46
urfr332gOmohan_, try the disk utility as far as looking at the HD04:46
mohan_let me check04:46
mohan_is it a built in utility ?04:47
urfr332gOmohan_, yeah04:47
helloworlddoes anyone know how to fix the DNS problems that i discussed earlier04:47
mohan_let me check04:47
leftistHey Seveas are you here?04:47
helloworldblud, did you find terminal04:48
mohan_Yes I got it now04:48
mohan_I had to manually mount it04:48
urfr332gOmohan_, had you added them to fstab?04:49
mohan_do i have to do this every time or Ubuntu can remember ?04:49
mohan_oh man..no idea on how to do it..i am a newbiew04:49
urfr332gOmohan_, are they NTFS partitions?04:49
=== txwikinger2 is now known as txwikinger
god-zotaccan i get some help here with using keybindings in XFCE on ubuntu 11.10?  i have the keybindings set but on my multimedia device it isn't recognizing them at as being pressed, however the xfce keyboard settings recognizes them as pressed, but they aren't effective, yet the same command i have mapped works if manually ran or if mapped to other keyboard key presses04:50
urfr332gOmohan_, ubuntu wont mount a internal partition automatically external will be though04:50
mohan_thank ou04:51
urfr332gOmohan_, should of been in home though you might run chkdsk if any are windows OS's04:51
cfhowletturfr332gO   mohan chkdsk /f for the fixes...04:52
Danny_JorisHi, I downloaded the musicbrainz VM and following the instructions here: http://musicbrainz.org/doc/MusicBrainz_Server/Setup04:53
Danny_JorisI'm trying to get the IP address of my vm04:53
hydrox24god-zotac: what exactly is your multimedia device?04:53
Danny_Jorisif I check with ifconfig, this is what I get for eth0 inet addr: fe80::a00:27ff:fe88:b42a/6404:53
matt-whiHow do I get a BCM4322 card working with Oneiric?04:54
god-zotachydrox24:: its a usb headset with + and - for volume up and down04:54
urfr332gODanny_Joris, not really supported here.04:54
hydrox24god-zotac: interesting, and xfce sees this as a keyboard?04:54
god-zotachydrox24:: i have a bash script written to control pulse audio on the correct audio device04:54
Blue1Danny_Joris: ipv6?04:54
Danny_Jorisurfr332gO: ubuntu server then?04:54
god-zotachydrox24:: it sees the keypresses as XF86RaiseVolume or XF86LowerVolume04:54
Danny_JorisBlue1: inet604:54
cfhowlettmatt-whi  system>administration>hardware drivers should pick that up...04:55
urfr332gODanny_Joris, if nobody helps I would try ##linux not sure really. :)04:55
Blue1Danny_Joris: out of my league...04:55
god-zotacor XF86AudioRaise  / XF86AudioLower i mean04:55
Analicahi alL!04:55
Danny_Jorisok cool - tnx04:55
hydrox24god-zotac: OK, and is the issue that when you press them, nothing happens to the volume?04:55
god-zotachydrox24:: it works fine with the same headset on my gentoo box04:55
god-zotachydrox24:: when i press them it isn't issuing the custom command i have set to be run, which is 'usbctl plus'04:56
hydrox24god-zotac: I have multimedia keys on my laptop mapped to those and they work great!04:56
playitim trying to figure out why samba does not work on my ubuntu 11.10 installation.. Only non stock thing I have done to it is 'gnome-shell' which is gnome 3.204:56
god-zotachowever manually running the command usbctl plus will increase the volume correctly, so i know its not my script04:56
AnalicaPlease tell me a analog of TOR?04:56
god-zotacthe onion router?04:57
hydrox24god-zotac: why do you need to have a script mapped, can't you just map the keys straight to XF86AudioLower etc04:57
ablysswhats a good midi program for ubuntu that does soundbanks or similar04:57
AnalicaPlease tell me a analog of TOR?04:57
Analicahow write scipt here?04:57
_MarcusAnalica: What do you mean?04:57
hydrox24Analica: Please don't repeat yourself so quickly, also that question isn't ubuntu related04:57
AnalicaPlease tell me a analog of TOR?04:57
god-zotachydrox24:: because i want it to only increase volume or decrease volume on the headset, not the primary channel or other audio devices04:57
_Marcus!ot | Analica04:57
ubottuAnalica: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:57
AnalicaANALOG OF TOR!???04:58
Canadian1296Analica: Type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic" then repeat your question there.04:58
god-zotacgosh Analica stfu, some people are actually wanting some real support here!04:59
matt-whisystem>administrator>drivers not working for BCM4322. removed bcmkernel-source; installed fwcutter and installer, still nothing04:59
hydrox24Analica: This is not the placce to ask that question, you WILL be kicked04:59
Analicaand here what?04:59
_MarcusAnalica: maybe you're not getting this, a lot of people don't for some reason. This is the Ubuntu Support channel. Ubuntu-related questions are asked here.04:59
hydrox24god-zotac: does it work fine when you map it straight to the XF86Audio thing04:59
cfhowlettmatt-whi   I've had great success with the broadcom linux STA driver - You have to do some terminal work though ...05:00
god-zotachydrox24:: it is not needing mapped, the odd thing is xfce recognizes the keypress as XF86Audio*05:00
Analicaand where top channel?05:00
god-zotachydrox24:: it just is like there is some other XF86Audio* mapped somewhere outside of the Keyboard settings in xfce05:00
matt-whicfhowlett- I would definitely prefer terminal work...tried a few things but am starting to go crazy. It's a fresh install of 11.1005:00
Canadian1296Analica: Go to #ubuntu-offtopic and stop replying here.05:00
_MarcusAnalica: you are on the wrong IRC network.05:00
hydrox24so the issue is that it doesn't run the script, it just runs the XF86Audio things?05:00
_MarcusAnalica: irc.oftc.net is what you are looking for05:00
_MarcusAnalica: There you will find the channel #tor05:01
AnalicaHI ALL!!! MY NAME IS ICA!!! AND I LOVE...05:01
hydrox24can someone kick Analica please... this is getting annoying05:01
cfhowlettmatt-whi   see http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php05:01
god-zotachydrox24:: it just recognizes the input from the headset as XF86Audio  in the keyboard settings in xfce.. but it doesn't seem to recognize them when really pressed05:01
f20062eLOL # analica....troll05:01
cfhowlett...and it begins...05:01
Canadian1296hydrox24: How do we call an operator?05:01
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:01
hydrox24Don't normally do that though, just "/ignore" Analica05:02
matt-whichowlett: checking now05:02
god-zotaccan Analica not just grow up and respect the other people here? i mean what the heck does someone get out of being so immature and childish05:02
Canadian1296Lol oops. I didn't see two others already did it...05:02
hydrox24remember that Ops are real people and probs don't like being bothered05:02
hydrox24yeh Canadian1296 that's ok05:02
Flannel!tor | Analica05:03
ubottuAnalica: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl05:03
hydrox24god-zotac: sorry, gotta get this straight, so pressing the key on the headset does the XF86Audio thing butn that isn't what you want? Or does it not do anything?05:03
cfhowlettmatt-whi   my suggestion:  do the process then save it in a dropbox or something.  I just re-installed ubuntustudio a few hours ago - lost the wifi.  However, I had saved the folders in my admin /home.  a bit of modprobe and insmod and it turns out I DIDN'T have to go scavenge wifi at Staples - it all came back swimmingly.05:03
* ablyss is having fun with openshot video editor05:04
Analicahydrox24, are you FAP (full a person)?05:04
god-zotachydrox24::  it recognizes it as XF86AudioRaise when I press the + but only in the XFCE Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts,  when i map the command to that it does not run the command, however if i map say ctrl + up to the same command, it works fine..05:04
=== mankala is now known as Guest59134
god-zotacit is like something else is taking precedence over my custom mapping and not allowing my command to be ran, when i press the button i will see the active window title blink like it is doing something, but it does nothing..05:05
matt-whiok, I have the STA driver installed plus fwcutter and still nothing. When I activate STA it says "wireless is disabled by hardware switch." rkill list says "Hard blocked: YES"05:06
hydrox24god-zotac: very strange indeed05:06
=== digital is now known as Guest74417
hydrox24matt-whi: do you have a function key to turn on/off wifi?05:06
cfhowlettmatt-whi   pretty sure it's one or the other, i.e. the instructions to black list and rmmod previous drivers...05:06
god-zotachydrox24:: and like i said,  on my gentoo install using the same settings, same headset, it works as i'd want05:06
god-zotachydrox24:: but on ubuntu, it seems to do nothing. i don't know if i need some kind of keybinding daemon to be running or if some other binding is already mapped to the XF86Audio*  that I am trying to use.05:07
hydrox24god-zotac: Well, that issue is strange indeed, what about trying a different WM (It probably wont' change it so fon05:07
poyntzI tried to convert a 32 gb flash drive to hfs and now I can't open or format it05:07
poyntzplease help05:07
hydrox24god-zotac: Well, that issue is strange indeed, what about trying a different WM (It probably wont' change it so don't go to too much trouble)05:07
hydrox24poyntz: when you plug it in, what happens?05:07
god-zotachydrox24:: i'd rather get it working with xfce. i don't want to change wm's over this issue lol05:07
hydrox24god-zotac: that's fine, I understand05:08
god-zotachydrox24:: take a look at this, it seems to be related:  http://linux.bigresource.com/Debian-Multimedia-XF86Audio-multimedia-keys-not-working-in-Squeeze-EHYAJ1tc9.html05:09
hydrox24god-zotac: doing now.05:09
dipixpoyntz: do you own a Mac?05:10
_Marcusdipix: a better question would be, do you have any machines running OS X05:11
god-zotachydrox24:: too bad, i have xfce4-volumed installed already05:11
Canadian1296_Marcus: Haha I have a Mac, but I've always wanted a hackintosh05:11
AnalicaHelp ME please me bad englesh and i cunt enter in my Ubuntu (((05:11
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_MarcusAnalica: What is your native language?05:12
hydrox24cfhowlett: what are you doing that for?05:12
cfhowlett_Marcus   trolling05:12
AnalicaI cunt enter in Ubuntu (((05:12
hydrox24everyone should just do: "/ignore Analica"05:12
_Marcuscfhowlett: How do you know?05:12
dipix_Marcus: Ahh! forgot about the hackintosh community05:12
brightsparkcfhowlett, not speaking good english is not trolling05:12
hydrox24that's what I did :)05:12
_MarcusAnalica: You would be better off in another channel05:12
_Marcus!ru | Analica05:12
ubottuAnalica: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.05:12
brightsparkAnalica, it is #ubuntu-ru I think05:13
dipixbut that's irrelevant at the moment05:13
Analicathere are no people ((05:13
Canadian1296brightspark: But he was trolling.05:13
Analicai cunt enter help here me please05:14
Canadian1296Analica: There are 62 members.05:14
Analicasee names05:14
Canadian1296Analica: It is spelled "can't"05:14
bobo37773any way to change from military time in evolution email client? I mean in the per email header that is.05:14
dipixcunt! hahahahahaha05:14
brightsparkmisspelling =/= troll05:15
Analicayes i cunt (((05:15
hydrox24dipix: watch the language05:15
poyntzsorry to all who were trying to help me before05:15
_MarcusWho was dipix?05:15
poyntzfor some reason my pc randomly rebooted05:15
Canadian1296There's no way he's not doing that intentionally. I already gave him the correct spelling.05:15
poyntzdon't remember telling it to05:15
bobo37773poyntz: thats not good05:15
_Marcuspoyntz: What was your problem you were having again?05:16
f10ppiek0kanyone in here good with pcaps?05:16
_Marcus!anyone | fl0ppiek0k05:16
ubottufl0ppiek0k: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:16
webspyderor wireshark?05:16
poyntz_Marcus: after installing the packages hfsplus, hfsutils and hfsprogs i opened gparted and tried to format my 32 gb usb stick to hfs+05:16
f10ppiek0khow can i select all packets and extract the raw data05:17
hydrox24poyntz: when you plug it in, what happens?05:17
poyntz_Marcus: unfortunately, this just made the usb stick inaccessible, and I'm not unable to format it back to nfts05:17
poyntz*now unable05:17
Canadian1296webspyder: What do you need to know about wireshark?05:17
_Marcuspoyntz: Do you have a machine running OS X?05:17
Athanasius /3705:17
cfhowlettpoyntz   I trashed  an 8g stick cross using btw OSX and Ubuntu.  Never did get it working again, couldn't format either.05:17
poyntzhydrox24: when I plug it in it shows up as a mountable removable media05:18
webspyderf10ppiek0k needs to know not me05:18
poyntzhydrox24: when i try to mount it i get an error05:18
dipixthis is what I was laughing at (Analica> i cunt enter help here me please) thanks for kicking me out05:18
poyntz_Marcus: no I don't :/05:18
bobo37773globalrick: I see you test worked05:18
_Marcuspoyntz: Can you format it as FAT32?05:18
pangolindipix: you clearly didn't read the guidelines did you05:18
poyntzcfhowlett: i'm hoping that doesn't happen to me05:18
globalrickbobo - yeah haha. I just got xchat on my ubuntu computer05:19
poyntz_Marcus: I tried but no luck05:19
_Marcuspoyntz: Can you format it as anything?05:19
f10ppiek0ki need to strip all packet headers from a pcap file so that i am left with the raw data05:19
god-zotachydrox24:: i figured it out,  my problem was actually just the opposite of that guys post i linked you to. removing xfce4-volumed fixed it and allowed my command to execute normally05:19
hydrox24poyntz: you don't need to mount it to reformat it with gparted05:19
hydrox24god-zotac: nice!05:19
god-zotachydrox24:: i was almost sure that something was interfering with the mappings, and it was xfce4-volumed :)05:19
hydrox24god-zotac: I'm proud of you ^.^05:19
god-zotachydrox24:: i will pastebin my script so you can have a clearer understanding of what i was trying to accomplish05:20
bludon 11.10 ubuntu live cd, it does see my VGA out to my TV05:20
bludbut on 10.04 mythbuntu it doesnt seem to see it05:20
poyntz_Marcus: when I try it says it's been formatted05:20
bludany chance i can get it working on the 10.04 mythbuntu?05:20
poyntz_Marcus: but if I close and reopen gparted it shows it as hfs again05:20
_Marcuspoyntz: Does it give you the option to format over that format?05:20
god-zotachydrox24:: https://gist.github.com/186211905:21
Berzerkereverytime I skip a song in banshee, it sets the audio output back to the default, any way to lock it?05:22
=== nate_ is now known as blackbox
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: raw data as in hex?05:22
poyntz_Marcus: yep05:22
DrDnar1Anybody know a lot about SSH?05:23
=== DrDnar1 is now known as DrDnar
f10ppiek0kraw as in raw....if you cat out hex you get hex... if you select a frame and hit ctrl+h to save the raw to disk ...then cat that out you will see what i mean05:23
_Marcus!anyone | DrDnar05:23
ubottuDrDnar: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:23
f10ppiek0ki can do it one frame at a time05:23
poyntz_Marcus: if I delete the partition, what will happen?05:23
_Marcuspoyntz: it will wipe all data on that partition05:23
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: ok let me check05:23
f10ppiek0kbut dang that is not the best way to do it with 27kb at 528bytes per frame05:23
poyntz_Marcus: is that all?05:24
_Marcuspoyntz: Yeah05:24
poyntz_Marcus: like I'm not too fazed about the data05:24
poyntz_Marcus: I just want my 32gb stick mountable again05:24
_Marcuspoyntz: Just repartition it05:24
poyntz_Marcus: what do you mean?05:24
_Marcuspoyntz: Remove the current partition on it, and put a new one on it05:25
_Marcuspoyntz: What are you going to use it for?05:25
_Marcuspoyntz: Booting?05:25
poyntz_Marcus: I get an input/output error05:25
poyntz_Marcus: when I try to delete the partition05:25
_Marcuspoyntz: Idk05:25
poyntz_Marcus: I want to use it for booting Mac OS X05:26
_Marcuspoyntz: Ah.05:26
jgcampbell300can anyone tell my why i keep getting memory error with php ... i have changed it to 256M memory but it still runs out at less than 1M ... im useing nginx05:26
_Marcuspoyntz: I think you have to have their partition it05:26
jgcampbell300with php505:26
_Marcuspoyntz: Mac OS Extended with Journaling05:26
_MarcusAnyway, I'm off05:26
_MarcusGoodbye, all05:26
jgcampbell300i keep getting 502 Bad Gateway05:27
DrDnarOh, fine, _Marcus . . . Here comes a paragraph: I'm trying to set up a computer to accept incoming SSH connections for a single user from a computer with PuTTY. I generated a private key with ssh-keygen, copied the private key to the computer I want to SSH from, converted it into a .ppk file with puttygen, and can't login.05:27
pnormanDrDnar: did it work from the computer you generated the private key on?05:28
DrDnarssh localhost gives me another shell, so I assume so.05:28
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: So do you mean all of the symbols and stuff when using cat on the pcap file?05:28
chachindang 1340 users05:29
f10ppiek0ki need the raw05:29
f10ppiek0kso i can file carve on the "stream"05:29
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: If you use "strings" instead of cat will that give you what you need?05:29
chachinhttp://i.imgur.com/Yr8mz.png  << i was trying to do a vps and when im on the step to put my name.. i misspelled it and wheni hit back space.. it did this05:29
chachinon ubuntu05:29
f10ppiek0kno i have to extract a word document05:29
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: oh I get it05:30
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Are you doing a challenge?05:30
poyntzthis stick was $65 - what a waste05:30
poyntzwish i new how to fix the hfsplus package on oneric so it doesn't do it to anyone else05:30
FloodBot1poyntz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:30
DrDnarpnorman, ssh localhost gives me another shell, so it's working. For the record, the computer is currently connected locally through a network switch.05:30
f10ppiek0kif i carve out the files using the pcap it sees the magic bytes....and saves a zip file...but i have the frame data inside the file so it is corrupt05:30
hydrox24poyntz: Can YOU HEAR ME?05:31
f10ppiek0kbobo37773 yes05:31
hydrox24poyntz: you don't need to mount it to reformat it with gparted05:31
poyntzhydrox24: sorry, what did you say?05:31
hydrox24poyntz: you don't need to mount it to reformat it with gparted05:31
poyntzhydrox24: i know this05:31
poyntzhydrox24: i never mounted05:31
hydrox24why can't you just reformat it then>05:31
poyntzhydrox24: i'm not able to mount it05:31
poyntzit won't mount05:31
pnormanDrDnar: try turning on logging with putty05:31
hydrox24poyntz: that doesn't matter.05:31
hydrox24just plug it in and open gparted05:31
poyntzhydrox24: i'm not sure05:32
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: There is a way to copy the data from wireshark into a text editor. after that save it as the correct file extension. are you able to follow the stream all the way?05:32
hydrox24poyntz: about?05:32
poyntzhydrox24: i've tried and it keeps giving me errors05:32
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: no05:32
god-zotachydrox24:: did you check out my script for the volume control through pulse audio on the headset?05:32
hydrox24poyntz: like?05:32
hydrox24god-zotac: no sorry, missed it05:32
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: No you can't follow the stream?05:32
god-zotachydrox24:: https://gist.github.com/186213505:32
poyntzsudo gparted05:32
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: no05:33
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Which challenge?05:33
hydrox24poyntz: sorry?05:33
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: i wish i could i would not be on here05:33
DrDnarpnorman, thanks, it works now. But why does logging make it work?05:33
poyntzhydrox24: Could not detect file system.05:33
poyntzInput/output error during write on /dev/sdb05:33
poyntzError fsyncing/closing /dev/sdb: Input/output error05:33
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Which challenge? Where from?05:34
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: why... ;)05:34
BoomerBilewhat user/group does apache2 run as by default?05:34
pnormanDrDnar: i wasn't expecting it to make it work. my guess is that some other putty setting changed at the same time. you have to specify the putty key in the connection options under connection > ssh > auth05:34
f20062eBoomerBile : www-data05:35
hydrox24poyntz: if you don't care about the data on the device then try "mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdb"05:35
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Cause if its the one over at security override it cannot be done without wordpad in windows. I tried every way in linux05:35
BoomerBilef20062e, thanks05:35
f20062eBoomerBile : np05:35
f10ppiek0koh no this is a capture the flag comp05:35
hydrox24poyntz: be very careful to type the right device, it could wipe your HDD if you get it wrong05:35
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Oh gotcha05:35
hydrox24god-zotac: nice job, awesome script man!05:35
f10ppiek0kso you got any ideas?05:35
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: upload the file somewhere Ill look at it if you want05:36
god-zotachydrox24:: it works great when using a headset for voip calls05:36
f10ppiek0kwhere is a good place...since megaupload went down05:36
god-zotacf10ppiek0k:: mediafire.com05:36
hydrox24god-zotac: Unfortunately,  I use earphones which have the earphone output part for the iphone (3 sections to the 3.5mm jack)05:37
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: really? megaupload down? for good? bummer. I dont know whereever05:37
poyntzhydrox24: it didn't change anything05:37
Ben64poyntz: what did it say05:37
matt-whiHow do I solve the problem: WIRELESS NETWORKS DISCONNECTED in the dropdown? I have BCM4322 card: 1) Broadcom STA wireless driver activated; firmwareb43-installer is installed; b43-fwcutter is installed; Enable Wireless is checked05:37
hydrox24bobo37773: http://arstechnica.com/search/#megaupload05:37
hydrox24poyntz: did nothing happen?05:37
god-zotachydrox24::  does your headset have volume control buttons on it though?05:37
DrDnarpnorman: Freaky.05:38
jgcampbell300can anyone help me with this PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 261900 bytes) in Unknown on line 005:38
jgcampbell300Could not startup.05:38
hydrox24god-zotac: yes, but I think that they are designed to output data to the iDevices, not normal laptop line-outs05:38
god-zotachydrox24:: my headset is a playstation 3 headset, i had to tweak kernel drivers and hw vendor id's just to get it to work lol05:38
hydrox24!ot jgcampbell30005:38
hydrox24!ot | jgcampbell30005:38
ubottujgcampbell300: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:38
poyntzBen64 hydrox24 : http://paste.kde.org/425138/05:38
matt-whiSorry, the issue is "Wireless networks device not ready;" using a BCM432205:38
god-zotachydrox24:: i done a writeup on this headset a few months ago on linuxquestions.org   it is a great headset to use with linux05:39
Ben64poyntz: doesn't look bad05:39
f10ppiek0kbobo37773:   http://www.mediafire.com/file/udpxf4ucmq64mc1/pcapfile.pcap05:39
GaflanaHi all! have questions05:39
matt-whicfhowlett - still stuck - STA is installed but still having issues05:39
hydrox24!someone | Gaflana05:39
ubottuGaflana: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:39
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
poyntzBen64 hydrox24 : I still can't mount it05:40
hydrox24poyntz: what was the output of the command?05:41
GaflanaUbuntu have special editions?05:41
Ben64poyntz: pastebin fdisk -l /dev/sdb05:41
hydrox24!details | Gaflana05:41
ubottuGaflana: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:41
cfhowlettGaflana   every edition is "special" = what do you want to do?05:41
poyntzhydrox24: http://paste.kde.org/425138/05:41
hydrox24Gaflana: what about special editions?05:41
hydrox24poyntz: TY05:41
poyntzBen64: Cannot open /dev/sdb105:42
poyntzCannot open /dev/sdb105:42
poyntz- sorry05:42
GaflanaSpecial edition of Ubuntu for gays...05:42
poyntzdouble paste05:42
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: got it. looking at it now...05:42
Gaflanadouble past is good yes05:42
Ben64poyntz: sudo, and i said /dev/sdb not sdb1 :)05:42
bobo37773hydrox24: thanks. good site. bookmarked05:43
hydrox24poyntz: try "sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1"05:43
poyntzBen64: sudo: /dev/sdb: command not found05:43
hydrox24bobo37773: yeh, I love ars05:43
Ben64poyntz: ...05:43
GaflanaUbuntu have a special edition of Ubuntu for gays?05:43
cfhowlettGaflana   no.05:43
GaflanaUbuntu have a special edition for gays?05:43
Ben64poyntz: "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb"05:43
sahil_i am having some fgrlx driver problem05:43
poyntzBen64: poyntz@poyntz-compaq-621:~/Desktop$ "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb"05:43
poyntzbash: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb: No such file or directory05:43
cfhowlettGaflana   feel free to create your own...05:44
hydrox24Can everyone please run "/ignore Gaflana"05:44
GaflanaBut have satanic edition...05:44
GaflanaAnd for gays why not?05:44
Veritas!join mert05:44
Ben64Veritas: /join05:44
Ben64poyntz: don't use the quotes.....05:44
GaflanaOh my own...05:45
matt-whiRemoving bcmwl-kernel-source05:45
sahil_i am having some fgrlx driver problem in oneric05:45
poyntzBen64: http://paste.ubuntu.com/848138/05:45
sahil_plz shut up gaflana05:45
GaflanaI must use "Remi" in name?05:45
hydrox24sahil_: don't feed the trolls05:45
Gaflanasahil_, why?05:46
Gaflanasahil_, You are a muslim?05:46
meskaruneGaflana: why don't you make the gay edition of ubuntu?05:46
f20062ewhat i want to know is how did the trolls get out of WOW?05:46
urfr332gO!op Gaflana05:46
sahil_ok hydrox2405:46
Gaflanafu muslim and stfu!!!05:46
Ben64if you ignore them, they go away05:46
secnoobwhats wrong with muslims?05:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:46
sahil_i am having some fgrlx driver problem in oneric can anybody help to sort out the matter?05:47
matt-whiNot sure if this problem is fixed in UbuntuGayOS or UbuntuDevilOS or whatever, but why won't BCM4322 card connect on 11.10?05:47
poyntzhydrox24: http://paste.kde.org/425144/05:48
zykotick9!broadcom | matt-whi have you seen?05:49
ubottumatt-whi have you seen?: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:49
Berzerkerdoes anyone know of a way for me to have skype output over the same output as other applications (such as music) etc.05:49
Berzerkerwhen I set skype to a specific output, all other sounds cut out05:49
Berzerker(which are using that output)05:49
poyntzhydrox24: still doesn't mount :(05:50
matt-whizykotick9 / ubottu: Here is setup: 1) bcmwl-kernel-source removed; 2) b43 fwcutter installed; 3) firmware b43-installer installed - wireless option does not appear in dropdown05:50
poyntzBen64: did that output tell you anything you didn't already know?05:50
zykotick9matt-whi: i have no futher input (don't have that chipset), and ubottu is a bot.05:50
sahil_@ubonttu can u help in fixing video driver problem?05:51
matt-whizykotick tx; going crazy over here though05:51
zykotick9!tab > matt-whi05:51
ubottumatt-whi, please see my private message05:51
urfr332gOsahil_, ubottum is a bot and you would use a tab complete for a nic not @.05:52
cfhowlettmatt-whi It's my understanding that the linux sta will conflict with any/all other wifi drivers.05:53
poyntzBen6 hydrox24 : if I run mount out of shell I get: hfs: unable to find HFS+ superblock05:53
matt-whichhowlett- my understanding too. I disabled it on an install on a different system and it solved the problem. On this system, it's not helping though05:53
poyntzBen64 hydrox24 : even after running your commands05:54
gordon1234matt-whi, I had a similar issue with my BCM4211. Is your wi-fi light on when you boot up? It there a hardware wi-fi switch? I only had sucess with the B43 driver, after removing all fwctutter and firmware.05:54
=== Mykym_ is now known as Myk267
cfhowlettmatt-whi   ok.  pretty sure there's a solution, but I don't know where.  Ask the experts here or on the forums...05:55
zowszgood bye all05:55
matt-whicfhowlett - no problem, thank you for all of your help!05:55
=== Kevin`_ is now known as Kevin`
poyntzBen64 hydrox24 : and the hfs+ filesystem won't even mount on Mac OS05:55
gordon1234matt-whi *is there a hardware switch?05:55
matt-whigordon1234; hardware wifi switch is on, Linux STA is disabled05:56
gordon1234matt-whi, can you check if you have anything blacklisted?05:56
matt-whigordon1234 - can you tell me the terminal command for that by chance?05:56
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: pretty rough file. any clues at all? the whole thing looks like straight hex garbage? you are sure it is a .doc file?05:57
=== cafuego_ is now known as cafuego
f10ppiek0kbob37773: the comp is to find pdfs and docs on a server05:57
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: yeah? you mean you are sure it is .doc? is that what yeah means?05:57
zykotick9matt-whi: to check for blacklists "cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf" might work05:58
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: so there are multiple files in this one capture?05:58
f10ppiek0kbob37773: if you use foremost on the pcap file you will get a few jpgs and a zip05:58
matt-whizykotick9...running now05:58
f10ppiek0kbob37773: the most recent versions of office use zip files with diffrent extenstions05:58
f10ppiek0kbob37773: which is why foremost sees them as zip05:59
f10ppiek0kbob37773: you should be able to unzip any 2007 doc and docx file05:59
matt-whizykotick9, pretty sure this is the issue since I tried it a while back but this terminal command isn't working. Googling now to figure out how to check if I'm blacklisted in the terminal06:00
f10ppiek0kbob37773: however, if you foremost carve the zip from the pcap and attempt to unzip it you endup with it saying there are more bytes than need to be06:00
f10ppiek0kso i need to strip all packet data from the pcap06:00
gordon1234matt-whi, is the wi-fi LED light on?06:00
zykotick9matt-whi: sorry my suggestion didn't work (different distros).  i'm no help with your wireless issue, just saw the blacklist question and through it out there.  good luck.06:01
f10ppiek0kleaving me with only the zip...i did notice a little bit after the file starts in the stream that all the packets are ~520 bytes....except for one that is 8406:01
matt-whizykotick9, I think you're right, though...because I did this check a couple of hours ago and it did say I was blacklisted...can't remember the terminal command though - !06:01
matt-whigordon1234, I have a wifi switch and it's on; the LED light has flashed also06:01
f10ppiek0ki thought about padding it until it meets the zip file requirements in the beginning of the zip file definition.06:02
matt-whiHow do I check if I'm blacklisted?06:02
mcurranIs there a way to do a full-upgrade, but ignore a few packages, like the linux-image and kernel upgrade package?  I want all the updated software, but don't want to get the kernel it's pointing to.06:02
mcurranI tried doing aptitude hold, but that didn't work06:02
gordon1234matt-whi, cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist06:02
mcurrannow I gotta worry about finding where those held packages are and unhold them06:02
gordon1234matt-whi, sorry to keep asking, but is the wi-fi LED on constantly?06:03
zykotick9!pinning | mcurran something i haven't played with, but i believe pinning allows for version preferences, good luck.06:03
ubottumcurran something i haven't played with, but i believe pinning allows for version preferences, good luck.: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:03
matt-whigordon1234, no, actually it's not on constantly; it's flickered on though periodically06:04
matt-whizykotick9, that terminal command returns: "No such file or directory" I'm on Oneiric, does that help?06:04
zykotick9matt-whi: sorry i don't have access to an ubuntu install to check?  someone else needs to help you...06:05
matt-whizykotick9, thank you for all your help, very much appreciate it!06:05
matt-whiWhat is the terminal command to check blacklists on 11.10 Oneiric?06:05
GaflanaI am obliged to use the word "Remix" in the title of the distribution?06:08
zykotick9matt-whi: does this list anything "ls /etc/modprobe.d/black*"?06:08
matt-whizykotick9, no, I don't have an etc dir06:09
GaflanaHI ALL!!! HELP PLEASE!!!06:09
zykotick9matt-whi: OK!  good luck then, i'm done.06:09
GaflanaI am obliged to use the word "Remix" in the title of the distribution?06:09
GaflanaI am obliged to use the word "Remix" in the title of the my own distribution?06:09
Ben64!ot | Gaflana06:09
ubottuGaflana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:09
matt-whizykotick9--I hear ya...I'm about 5 minutes away from buying Windows 8...joke joke joke06:09
GaflanaI am obliged to use the word "Remix" in the title of the my own distribution BASED ON UBUNTU?06:10
gordon1234 matt-whi, cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf and see if you BCM driver is in there06:10
Ben64Gaflana: this is a support channel, this isn't the place for that question, also don't spam06:10
zykotick9gordon1234: without a /etc directory that will be difficult ;)06:10
Gaflanaits not spam06:11
GaflanaI want make distr base on Ubuntu06:11
Ben64when you ask the same thing 4 times in 2 minutes it is spam06:11
zykotick9Gaflana: it's also not a technical support question06:11
gordon1234zykotick9, eh? no /etc directory, are you serious?06:11
GaflanaWhere to ask legal questions?06:12
matt-whiwhen I do ls, I don't see an etc dir, i must be missing something really basic06:12
zykotick9gordon1234: that's the last report?06:12
hiexpolegak ?'s06:13
hiexpolegal <06:13
Ben64matt-whi: "ls / | grep etc"06:13
GaflanaWhere to ask legal questions?06:13
gordon1234matt-whi, cd /etc/modprobe.d06:13
Ben64Gaflana: not here06:13
GaflanaAnd here?06:13
GaflanaAnd where?06:13
hiexpoprobally at the law office06:13
mputtrretain yourself a lawyer06:14
matt-whifor "ls / | grep etc" returns : "bash: ls/: No such file or directory"06:14
Ben64matt-whi: there needs to be a space between ls and /06:14
virtuapostamatt-whi, give space in between ls and / :)06:14
GaflanaBeh64, what may you say about my name?06:15
matt-whiwell...that did something different...red etc just appeared06:15
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Sorry. I cannot even figure out how you decoded this thing.06:15
matt-whishould I run the modprobe command now?06:15
heloi just installed a new motherboard, and now jackd isn't working... is there some config file with settings for my old audio driver that i need to modify?06:15
Ben64matt-whi: that means you do in fact have an /etc directory06:15
cfhowletthelo   new mobo probably = new install...06:16
GaflanaBen64, what may you say about my name?06:16
Ben64!ot | Gaflana06:16
helocfhowlett: everything works flawlessly :/06:16
heloaside from jack, at least06:16
Gaflana= nice?06:16
Ben64offtopic, take the banter elsewhere06:16
cfhowletthelo   exactly...06:16
Ben64this is a support channel ONLY.06:16
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: i opened the pcap in a hex editor and wireshark....started looking for bytes that matched06:16
helocomplete reinstall just to get jack working? :/06:16
helosounds like a windows kind of fix heh06:17
mputtrcan you refresh the driver?06:17
mputtrhave it rescan drivers?06:17
hiexpo!ot | Gaflana06:17
ubottuGaflana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:17
cfhowletthelo   you could try purging all jack and then reinstalling.06:17
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: You said earlier that you did not include the last packet because of its size right? Maybe thats the problem.06:17
GaflanaBen64, Do you like my name? Seriously nice? yes?06:17
f10ppiek0kno i did06:17
bobo37773oh ok06:18
Ben64Gaflana: stop.06:18
matt-whiBen64, ok I am in /etc/modprobe.d; what command do I type now06:18
GaflanaBen64, just i jew...06:18
f10ppiek0ki basically need to strip the ethernet frame from it06:19
Ben64matt-whi: dunno, i wasn't the one who told you to do anything with that, i just showed you that you have /etc06:19
matt-whiben64, haha ok.06:19
matt-whiHow do I run the command "blacklist.conf" from the terminal?06:19
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Yeah I'm lost. I guess it is above my skill level06:19
Ben64matt-whi: its not a command, its a config file06:19
Blue1matt-whi: you don't run a config file06:19
f10ppiek0ki have been on this one flag for hours06:19
meskarunematt-whi: do "locate blacklist.conf" to find it06:20
GaflanaBen64, have dinner together? ...06:20
hiexpomatt-whi, that is not a terminal command06:20
Blue1meskarune: assumes that locate is installed.06:20
meskaruneubuntu doesn't come with locate installed....?06:20
cfhowlettmeskarune   shows up in mine...06:21
hiexpomatt-whi, google blackilisting a driver06:21
Blue1meskarune: mine didnot.06:21
Ben64meskarune: i believe it does06:21
meskaruneI thought it was...06:21
Ben64or at least mine did06:21
b__Anyone willing to help?06:21
meskaruneI use it all the time to find paths to files06:21
GaflanaBen64, you can help me with it? Seriously please? please answer?06:22
ubottub__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:22
Blue1meskarune: you know about updatedb right?06:22
Gaflanacfhowlett, and you can help me please (?06:22
hiexpowho'srunning shop tonight ?06:23
Blue1no one06:23
Canadian1296b__: We are (mostly) all willing to help. Ask away06:23
Gaflanai am...06:23
meskaruneyes Blue106:23
GaflanaI bought a rubber ...06:24
Blue1meskarune: cool -06:24
meskaruneyou can't use locate without knowing that06:24
hiexpoping pangolin06:24
Blue1meskarune: nope06:24
GaflanaI bought new a rubber ... strawberries ...06:24
b__I have connected a bluetooth devise via blueman, and enabled pulseaudio plugin, in the sound settings I can see the bt input and the volume level changing, but can hear no sound. I checked puvu control, and the alsa mixer, nothing is muted. I ran a sound record, which actually recorded the audio I could not hear06:24
meskaruneI'm really not a fan of pulse audio. lol06:25
meskarunecauses so many problmes06:25
b__what are my other options...06:25
matt-whigordon1234, no the light isn't on constanly, every once in a while it blinks06:26
matt-whizykotick9, ok finally got the blacklist to work. It returns: "# replaced by b43 and ssb. blacklist bcm43xx"06:26
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
meskaruneb__ I think gnome requires pulse audio, but there is also oss and alsa06:27
matt-whiWhat does "blacklist bcm43xx" mean and is this why my bcm4322 won't work for wireless?06:28
nathan28meskarune: i think we should let the guy who coded pulseaudio also code a replacement for init, it'll be great06:28
nathan28meskarune: whoops wrong channel06:28
nathan28n/m everyone carry on06:28
hiexpomatt-whi, blacklisting is stoping a driver fromloading06:28
terminhellhi all06:29
matt-whihiexpo, how do I get it to work? Here is my setup: 1) BCM4322; 2) firmware-b43 installer installed; 3) b43-fwcutter installed; 4)bcmwl-kernel-source removed06:29
cfhowlettterminhell   greetings06:30
Canadian1296I have a .deb file. How do I install it?06:30
hiexpomatt-whi, after you blacklisted what ever you dd you you restart that service ?06:30
terminhellmatt-whi: broadcom should just work, its been included into the kernel since 2.606:30
cfhowlettCanadian1296   sudo dpkg -i file.deb06:30
Ben64Canadian1296: double click06:30
Blue1Canadian1296: sudo dpkg -i packagename06:30
matt-whihiexpo, I didn't blacklist to my knowledge, I just ran a check. This is a fresh 11.10 install06:30
Canadian1296cfhowlett: Thanks :)06:31
cfhowlettCanadian1296   no problem06:31
Ben64Canadian1296: what are you installing? you couldn't get from repo?06:31
hiexpothaught you said you blacklisted something06:31
ToggaflanaHI ALL!!! HELP PLEASE!!!06:31
matt-whiterminhell, I don't know, broadcom has caused me a ton of stress...I had similar issues on a different install of 11.10 (different machine) ... but that one solved itself a lot easier06:31
Ben64!caps | Toggaflana06:32
ToggaflanaBen64, hi!06:32
ubottuToggaflana: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:32
nathan28Toggaflana: ONOZ!06:32
Canadian1296Ben64: Virtualbox06:32
hiexpoToggaflana, ask06:32
matt-whihiexpo, Something is blackisted, can't figure out how to get my wireless driver to work and I think that's the problem06:32
=== argus is now known as Guest65158
nathan28Toggaflana: what's the matter?06:32
terminhellmatt-whi: is there a wifi button/switch? You may try enabling it via hardware06:32
Toggaflanaoh ok06:32
Ben64Canadian1296: virtualbox is available in the repositories06:33
matt-whiterminhell, yes switch is activated06:33
ToggaflanaCAn you fuck me by kosher please?06:33
terminhellmatt-whi: try stopping and restarted dhcpd06:33
b__Okay, so how do I enable playing over my speakers?06:33
b__via bluetoothe06:33
Ben64!language | Toggaflana06:33
ubottuToggaflana: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:33
cfhowlettnow ignoring another idiot06:33
matt-whiterminhell what's dhcpd?06:33
terminhellmatt-whi: try sudo init.d stop dhcpd     then wait a few seconds, and init.d start dhcpd06:34
nathan28Toggaflana: you might have to take that to #leviticus06:34
matt-whiterminhell, running it now06:34
Ben64oh, it was the same troll as before, only through tor06:34
terminhellmatt-whi:  then you may have to 'ifconfig wlan0 down' 'ifconfig wlan0 up' as sudo06:34
nathan28terminhell: is ifconfig still supported?06:35
terminhellcfhowlett: howdy06:35
shadowh511nathan28: yes.06:35
terminhellnathan28: as far as i know....06:35
cfhowlettterminhell   greetings06:35
nathan28ok not on ubuntu, didn't know if latest version had dropped it or not06:36
terminhellifconfig/iwconfig is part of the upstream kernals nowadays as far as i know06:36
Canadian1296How do I test if my computer is capable of 64 bit06:37
matt-whiterminhell, cfhowlett, Ben64 and all: thanks to all of you guys for your help. I'm going to log out and take a break...I'm pretty sure this is a blacklist issue but will try it again in the morning. Really appreciate all of your help for the community. Thanks again06:37
cfhowlettmatt-whi   good luck.  sounds like you're very close...06:38
terminhelldhcpd is a daemon btw06:38
terminhellor, module actually. used for...dhcp06:38
urfr332gOCanadian1296, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit06:39
lotuspsychjeCanadian1296: when you try to install ubuntu it will say if its wrong architecture or not06:39
Canadian1296Okay, I have 32 bit desktop installed right now. Can I install 64 bit in virtualbox (if my computer is capable)?06:40
meskaruneactually ifconfig doesn't work perfectly with newer kernels, so its recomended that people switch to ip2route06:40
meskaruneno canadian129606:40
Canadian1296So I need 32?06:40
meskaruneyou need to have 64 installed to run 64 bit software06:41
nathan28terminhell: iproute206:41
nathan28ifconfig is largely unmaintained, anyway, n/m06:41
terminhellnathan28: ?06:41
Canadian1296meskarune: I have 32, and 32 virtualbox. Could I run a 64 bit os in the 32 bit virtualbox?06:41
meskaruneyou can only run 32 bit06:41
Canadian1296meskarune lotuspsychje urfr332gO: Thanks06:42
terminhellim sure there's ways of tricking a VM to running a 64bit on a 32 hardware, but i wouldnt try it.06:42
lotuspsychjeCanadian1296: to speed up your 32-bit you could consider an ssd 6g drive06:43
Canadian1296lotuspsychje: I'm going to install 64 bit OS.06:43
alnri trashed my /etc/apt/sources.list. how can I know safely what to put back. fwiw, /proc/version  says (gcc version 4.4.3 (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5) ) and /etc/debian_version says sid/wheezy06:44
bazhangalnr, #debian06:44
lotuspsychjeCanadian1296: like everyone says here only possible 64bit Os to a 64BIT CPU+MOBO06:44
nathan28lotuspsychje: not true06:44
alnrbazhang: thanks. started there but then maybe though this was ubuntu due to that /proc/version06:45
urfr332gOalnr, works nicely http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/06:45
nathan2832-bit will install to a 64-bit chip/board06:45
Canadian1296I'm going to see if it is 64 bit capable06:45
nathan28depends on the OEM's level of crankiness when they wrote the BIOS whether things work that way tho06:45
lotuspsychjenathan28: he wants the reverse...64 to 32bit06:45
Ben64Canadian1296: what model cpu?06:45
urfr332gOalnr, ubuntu though06:46
alnrurfr332gO: thanks, that looks great. jut now i'm not even sure, yes, what urf said06:46
nathan28Canadian1296: grep flags /proc/cpuinfo06:46
lotuspsychjenathan28: if i want to install 32bit ubuntu on my amd64 it refuses too..06:46
nathan28lotuspsychje: like i said, depends on the BIOS implementation06:46
nathan28ubuntu's installer may also prevent it, don't know06:47
Canadian1296Ben64: How do I find out?06:47
alnrwhy would /proc/version be referriing to ubuntu like that on a debian system i'm wondering06:47
Canadian1296Ben64: Like I just got it today from a family member.06:47
urfr332gOCanadian1296, is it a regular computer, loo it up on the web for info probably.06:48
urfr332gOalnr, if your running debian I would s\ask there channel. :)06:50
alnrurfr332gO: dont think i'm going to get much sympathy anywhere :)06:50
GhostWolfhi all, i have an issue, recently my wireless mouse stops using the right and left mouse buttons i haven't done anything and my mouse is fully charged. can anyone help?06:51
amdorraok, after i installed gvim it's not showing in the dash home, i can only open it from the terminal does anyone know why?06:51
cfhowlettGhostWolf   1: they do wear out 2. is this on blue tooth?  see #106:52
cfhowlettGhostWolf   #3 batteries?06:52
lotuspsychjeamdorra: some programs are just terminal based and not gui06:52
amdorragvum stands for Guivim06:53
amdorraand i was using it before it worked just fine06:53
Plagiat_xDWho can give a free shell?06:53
GhostWolfcfhowlett, no its not bluetooth, and no its not a battery type wireless, its one that uses a charge stand, the mouse i have is a logitech mx laser 1000 its abit old mouse but haven't had it died on me at all but its just recently the mouse buttons stop working and i believe its only stopped on ubuntu, i can't right click to save an image or even left click the mouse button06:54
cfhowlettGhostWolf   if you're dual booting, you should function check it in the other OS.06:54
chicohi all... was wondering if anyone can help me out here..06:54
cfhowlettchico   ask away...06:55
Plagiat_xDWho can give a free shell?06:55
sahil_can we share thoughts about unity design here?06:55
cfhowlettPlagiat_xD   explain06:55
nathan28Plagiat_xD: like at the beach?06:55
GhostWolfcfhowlett, well i do dual boot, but each os is on a different hard drive, i believe i did check it when i was last on windows, but i don't remember, i can get back to you on that06:55
cfhowlettsahil_   better to do so in @ubuntu-offtopic06:55
nathan28or do you mean like Bash?06:55
Canadian1296It's 64 bit compatable. I'm installing ubuntu desktop 64 bit now :)06:56
Plagiat_xD» nathan28 » How do you know how on the beach?06:56
chicoi had an secondary hdd icon on my xubuntu desktop. however, after i edited the /etc/fstab file its automatically mounted on boot up, but i don't see the drive on my desktop anymore.06:56
cfhowlettGhostWolf   just replaced by (cheap) HP bluetooth mouse.  Silently failed.  Replaced for $19.99 at Staples + batteries06:56
Plagiat_xD» cfhowlett » What's to explain?06:56
lotuspsychjechico: you could try pysdm06:56
head_victimalnr: Maybe try http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ but I would suggest not selecting any third party ones for now at least.06:56
tomvoleki know this is an ubunut room, but does anybody knows how i can do scp from a windows box inot an ubuntu ?06:56
chicoi know where the drive is mounted to, but i'd like to have it on my desktop06:56
meskarunePlagiat_xD: get a free shell from http://sdf.org/06:57
Canadian1296tomvolek: Install the ssh server on the Ubuntu box06:57
GhostWolfcfhowlett, well as i said this mouse isn't a bluetooth mouse and i don't have a money to replace it, it works fine just recently like few days ago i noticed the mouse buttons wasn't working when i was in rhythmbox and couldn't right click ont he songs to remove them from the playlist06:57
sahil_hi...how to change the power  icon?06:58
Plagiat_xD» meskarune » What is the point where you press to get an account?06:58
lotuspsychjechico: might be somewhere in gconf-editor enable volumes visible on desktop06:58
cfhowlettGhostWolf   understood.  perhaps a simple, gentle cleaning?  Other than that, I've no idea.06:58
sahil_i want to change the power icon on the panal...how to do that.m using elementary theme06:58
zillyWhat's the command to install the xorg import util?06:58
alnrhead_victim: i'm pretty scared what will happen to this sys on apt-get update; not even knowing if its deb or ub. i dont know how it got this way. i'm hoping i can look at packages folder and sort it out06:58
zillyTo import the display?06:58
GhostWolfcfhowlett, i have no clue either lol never experienced this problem. and i love this mouse cause it has extra buttons06:59
chicolotuspsychje, gconf-editor?06:59
meskarunePlagiat_xD all you have to do to get an account is ssh in and sign up. ><06:59
lotuspsychje!info gconf-editor | chico06:59
ubottuchico: gconf-editor (source: gconf-editor): An editor for the GConf configuration system. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.0-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 989 kB, installed size 3536 kB06:59
GhostWolfanyways i will brb cfhowlett im gonna log off and restart under windows and see if it works there07:00
cfhowlettGhostWolf   good luck07:00
GhostWolfthanks cfhowlett07:00
Plagiat_xD» meskarune » You can write here?07:01
alnrhead_victim: i think i musta converted it to ub from deb,at some point07:01
chicoi dont know much about that07:01
meskarunePlagiat_xD: read the website, it will tell you everything you need know ><07:01
raptor67782hello. how to unzip and force overwrite please?07:02
chicolotuspsychje, you want me to install this app.. i haven';t a clue how to use this.07:02
chicoi'll try.07:02
* ThomasBoxley is away: never getting rid of this away message07:04
head_victimalnr: it's Ubuntu, my /etc/debian_version also has debian release names there.07:05
chicoi still need help guys.. anyway of showing a hdd icon shortcut on my desktop?07:06
lotuspsychjechico: install gconf-editor07:07
alnrthank head_victim07:08
chicoits installed07:08
lotuspsychjechico: ok now try gconf-editor from terminal and look in apps/nautilus/07:09
dRounsewhats the difference between ethernet and patch cable ethernet?07:09
lotuspsychjechico: is there desktop too?07:10
lotuspsychjechico: apps/nautilus/desktop07:10
chicoi dont see nautilus07:10
chicoi do have desktop07:11
terminhell"file manager"07:11
lotuspsychjechico:try desktop: check volumes visible07:11
GhostWolfhey cfhowlett well it seems the restart worked, it works in windows and now i checked and works again07:11
cfhowlettGhostWolf   works again in ubuntu?07:11
GhostWolfcfhowlett, yep. maybe something just needed to be rebooted07:12
chicodon't have it lotuspsychje07:12
lotuspsychjechico: strange, maybe its changed in ocelot07:12
chicoshould i install nautilus?07:13
dRounse! | patch cable07:13
lotuspsychjechico: no nautilus is already default07:13
chicoi have xubuntu07:13
nathan28chico: you have thunar07:13
nathan28you can install nautilus w/ apt or synaptic pkg mgr07:13
nathan28may pull in all of GNOME tho07:14
terminhellwhy not thunar?07:14
meskaruneI like ranger. its an awesome file manager07:15
chicolotuspsychje, anything? what should i do?07:17
terminhellchico: what DM are you using?07:18
chicoterminhell, ? D07:19
terminhellgnome, kde, etc07:19
kamelot314desktop manager07:19
cfhowlettterminhell   he's got xubuntu so xfce...07:19
chicoxfce xubuntu07:19
chicoi'd like to have my hdd icon back, just lost it after i edited the fstab. i have the current Filesystem icon still there.. i'd like to have my secondary hdd there aswell07:20
elise001The screen of my Compaq notebook goes strange. I have to unplug the computer, take out the battery, and reboot. Ctrl alt delete does not work. That is why I unplug and take out battery.07:20
terminhellchico:  http://wiki.xfce.org/faq07:20
cfhowlettelise001   "goes strange" means what?07:21
elise001Something is tiled across the screen. Hard for me to explain.07:22
terminhellchico: under the Desktop Manager section is a part about icons.07:22
cfhowlettelise001   screenshot and paste...07:22
NAiLI've got an annoying raid issue. I've got a raid5 (with BOOT_DEGRADED) set that refuses to mount on boot. I end up in initramfs, where I do "madm --stop /dev/md0 && mdadm --assemble --scan". That works. How can I fix so that ubuntu actually boots without manual intervention?07:22
terminhellNAiL: add it to your kernel from grub maybe?07:23
terminhellor in your xinit07:23
NAiLadd what in grub?07:23
axisyshow do I enable ethernet over usb?07:24
NAiLThis is not a rootfs btw, it's a storage fs that isn't needed for boot.07:24
terminhellNAiL: OH, add those commands to "startup"07:24
elise001Take a screenshot with my cel phone?07:25
terminhellelise001: however you can show us07:25
cfhowlettelise001   Accessories should have a "screenshot" program but cell phone if you must07:25
Ben64it might not be something screenshottable07:26
Canadian1296When you encrypt your home folder it suggests you write down a decryption passphrase. I'm just wondering, but if I ever forget my user password, how could I decrypt my home folder with it?07:26
NAiLterminhell: Shouldn't the initramfs be able to assemble the raid on its own? ...07:26
cfhowlettCanadian1296   with GREAT difficulty and much effort --- maybe07:26
cfhowlettelise001    can you boot and login?07:26
Canadian1296So then what's the point of that passphrase if you cant use it to decrypt the home folder?07:27
terminhellencryption passwords are different07:27
terminhellNAiL: perhaps. but it sounds like something has gone wrong07:27
cfhowlettwell, gotta go - Starbucks is closing.  IN case anyone is interested, the next  UbuntuStudio meeting will be on IRC @ 1700 London time...07:29
terminhellNAiL: see if this helps https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/RAID07:29
=== vian is now known as uKi`
g112wdhwhich package manager are you using ? aptitude or apt-get ?07:38
chachinanyone who could be cool and get openssl on my ubuntu vps :s07:38
terminhellthey both use dpkg07:38
* uKi` brb mandi07:39
terminhellchachin: do you have physical access to the vpn or...?07:40
chachinyeah full root07:41
chachinOH its libssl for znc07:41
terminhellare you not able to run apt-get install openssl?07:41
chachin igot it07:42
chachinit was: apt-get instal libssl-dev07:42
terminhellcool beans07:42
chicothis is messed up07:42
chicodidn't know it would be so hard to place a shortcut on the desktop07:42
terminhellwhat is07:43
Ludlowanyone using xchat for windows?07:43
bazhangLudlow, #xchat07:43
g112wdhI don't know why I cannot connect freenode using xchat for windows07:44
g112wdhso I use erc for emacs07:44
terminhelli like irssi07:44
bazhangg112wdh, try #freenode or ##windows07:44
g112wdhthank you07:45
dRounseif i use an ethernet wallplate will i lose power or is it the same as plugging it directly into the device07:46
terminhelldRounse: uh...what?07:46
Canadian1296Night everyone07:48
dRounseif i decide to put an htpc on the other side of the room, connected to my server thru my switch with gbit, if i use a wallplate which would consist of three ethernet cables in total slow down my conection more than if i used one etheert cable07:49
terminhellno idea07:49
dRounseoh ok07:50
terminhelli doubt it07:50
terminhellif your using true gigabit connections07:50
terminhellunless your going  to be running huge bandwidth heavy things07:50
dRounsewell im thinking of gettin cat6 and its only for movies and media07:51
terminhellOh, hmm, it shouldnt be much of an issue07:52
terminhellunless your cables are running close too or more than 100feet07:52
dRounseok im thinking ill just go with one long cable, cat6 is getting cheap, and no itll be 25-50ft of cable07:53
Ben64can use cat507:53
dRounseBen64 i can, i kinda wanna try cat6 and be adventurous07:53
eggzeckdRounse: Keep in mind cat6 doesn't determine everything.07:54
terminhelland use ipv6 :p07:54
dRounseeggzeck: i know but everything im using supports gbit so why not try cat607:55
Ben64$6.11 for 50'07:55
dRounseterminhell, its all on my lan07:55
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Did you figure it out?07:55
f10ppiek0kbobo37773: no i am trying something crazy now07:55
dRounseBen64 thats cheap07:55
eggzeckdRounse: No reason not to try cat6 :-)07:55
Ben64cat6 is a waste of money07:55
bobo37773f10ppiek0k: Bummer. Good luck07:55
dRounsebut 50 ft for 6 bucks isnt bad07:56
NAiLOk, I somehow managed to fix my raid5-issue. Now to my second problem. Ubuntu refuses to boot when I do a reboot. I have to power off and on the machine to boot. I've got the same issue on two completely different (hardware-wise) PCs07:56
Ben64thats where i get all my cable07:56
terminhellNAiL: is the raid networked?07:56
eggzeckdRounse: But as Ben64 says they're more expensive and you WON'T notice much of a difference at all (not a significant one at least)07:56
NAiLterminhell: no.07:56
dRounseBen64 is it good cable from there?07:56
Ben64125MB/s vs 125MB/s07:56
Ben64dRounse: excellent07:57
dRounseand i have another question07:57
ankurhi there?? can any one help me in instllaing the alien package07:57
eggzeckdRounse: However I would use cat 5e instead of cat5 but cat5 is fine.07:57
bobo37773ankur: for installing fedora packages?07:57
terminhellankur: no, i stay away from foreign life forms07:57
ankuron ubunut07:57
bobo37773ankur: Isnt it in the repos?07:57
ankurubuntu 9.10 , i want to install the aliean package07:58
ankurits not there07:58
dRounseif i decide to set up a raid0 would buying a dedicated NAS to auto back up be worth it in my homeserver07:58
bobo37773ankur: the one for installing / converting rpms right?07:58
eggzeckdRounse: geeze, what kind of operation are you running in your home? lol07:58
auronandace!9.10 | ankur07:58
ubottuankur: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.07:58
ankuryer bobo, right07:58
DrDnardRounse: Depends on how valuable your data are.07:58
bobo37773oh ok07:59
DrDnarIs the cost of the NAS (hopefully RAIDed?) and the time you'll spend setting it up worth less than replacing your data?08:00
dRounseeggzeck DrDnar, well just music and movies and docs but i setup a GoFlex home NAS for my family and say that some people use it to back up raid configs i just didnt know if it was worth it to do that08:00
ankuryes ubottu, u r right but i dnt have the latest version now08:00
sepomexhey suppa!08:00
dRounsethe NAS wont be raided, my server will be08:00
NAiLbugger... the raid problem is back. It tries to assemble the raid with only two devices... wtf?08:00
dRounsethe NAS will auto backup the RAID08:00
sepomexI am feeling hard08:00
=== mje is now known as madsj
sepomexwhat about you suppa_spic08:00
Suppa_Spicheyo sepomex <308:00
bazhangSuppa_Spic, ubuntu support issue?08:01
Suppa_Spicbazhang: ummmmh yeah08:01
bobo37773ankur: Are you sure its not in the repos?08:02
Suppa_SpicI have a problem08:02
Suppa_Spichow do I play call of duty in ubuntu?08:02
dRounseyou dont08:02
bobo37773ankur: do you have universe and all that enabled?08:02
Suppa_SpicdRounse: what you mean?08:02
DrDnardRounse: If your server is already RAIDed (except for RAID 0), it might be overkill. The only advantage of having a second backup through NAS is that you could recover data if you corrupted the RAID.08:02
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: probably through wine if at all possible. look into wine08:02
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
kripzhow do i get a id rather than /dev/sd* of a whole empty disk?08:03
Suppa_SpicI want to play Call of Duty in Ubuntu, I thought it was a very advanced operating system08:03
Suppa_Spicone of my friends recommedned it to me08:03
dRounsebobo37773 i dont think the newer ones are wine supported08:03
ankurhmm bebo i m new to it, and i m not sure about the universe and all enabled08:03
bobo37773dRounse: oh I see08:03
ankurcan u help me to figure it out08:03
dRounseDrDnar its not raided i was going to set it up when i get enough mioney to redo it08:04
bobo37773ankur: go to synaptic I think and look at software sources08:04
ankursry Bobo*08:04
dRounseSuppa_Spic which call of duty?08:04
Suppa_SpicdRounse: the last one, MW308:04
DrDnarAh, well if the server isn't RAID'd, having a backup is always a good idea.08:04
madsjhi; when is Thunderbird 10.x going into Ubuntu 11.04?08:04
dRounseSuppa_Spic that def wont play on ubuntu08:04
Suppa_SpicdRounse: but why not!08:04
quazimod1has anyone else here had problems with designing QML with QtCreator?08:05
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: why would you think a windows game should work in gnu linux anyway?08:05
ankurBobo, do u mean the software center08:05
madsjI haven't touched the aptitude source-file08:05
quazimod1its very buggy, unresponsive etc08:05
dRounseSuppa_Spic because you need MW3 support from wine and it isnt supported08:05
bobo37773ankur: yeah08:05
Suppa_Spicbobo37773: Because I thought Ubuntu was advanced enough to play my gaems08:05
CoreySuppa_Spic: Talk to the WINE folks.08:05
CoreySuppa_Spic: Was there anything else?08:05
ankurno it's not there08:05
ankuri tried mnany times08:05
quazimod1Suppa_Spic: game support isnt ubuntu or any other distro, just wine or crossover08:05
ankureven in the ubuntu CD its not there08:05
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: Ubuntu is actually not windows.08:06
b__How do I modify the method of "monitoring" a specific audio in device?08:06
Suppa_SpicCorey: where I can contact the wine folks08:06
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: it is a different operating system08:06
quazimod1if you don't mind paying you can use crossover08:06
Suppa_Spicbobo37773: yes, but people say 'oh you should use Ubuntu, is better than Windows'08:06
dRounseSuppa_Spic ubuntu is more advanced than windows, but windows doesnt like ubuntu08:06
eggzeckSuppa_Spic: Ummm not being able to play a game you like does not mean Ubuntu (or any other OS) is not advanced. Just FYI08:06
Suppa_Spicso I thought I could do anything08:06
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: really? who said that?08:06
quazimod1Suppa_Spic: lol you funny08:06
Suppa_Spicbobo37773: some of my friends08:06
quazimod1Suppa_Spic: stick to windows bud08:07
quazimod1you'll be happier08:07
dRounseSuppa_Spic i hope you didnt wipe your computer and install ubuntu08:07
ankurbobo37773: ?08:07
* quazimod1 wonders how he knows about irc, i smell really clever trollage08:07
Suppa_Spicquazimod1: but I want to play games too, and avoid viruses08:07
Suppa_SpicdRounse: ummmmmh08:07
bobo37773ankur: you cant find software sources?08:07
quazimod1get an antivirus08:07
eggzeckI just installed Ubuntu, can I fly now?08:07
Suppa_SpicI just formatted08:07
quazimod1*bam* you just made a mistake08:08
dRounseSuppa_Spic well your SOL then08:08
sahil_how to upgrade to precise using apt-get dist-upgrade08:08
dRounseS*** outta luck08:08
Suppa_Spicmy SOL?08:08
Suppa_SpicI don't have any SOL08:08
eggzeckHe means SQL08:08
Suppa_Spiche said my SOL08:08
sahil_hi...how to upgrade to precise using apt-get dist-upgrade from oneric?08:08
dRounsei dont mean SQL thats gonna confuse him more08:08
ankurbobo37773: \no i found it, but the alien package is not there08:08
Suppa_Spicguys this is confusing me even more08:09
Suppa_SpicI thought Ubuntu was easier, as my friend told me08:09
bazhangSuppa_Spic, lets move on08:09
Suppa_Spiche said 'Ubuntu is easy'08:09
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: pick between the game you want and the operating system. simple. weigh out the differences.08:09
urfr332gOsahil_, you can upgrade from the update manager.08:09
dRounseSuppa_Spic ok heres what to do, go get windows and reinstall it, you cant really play any new games on ubuntu08:09
quazimod1Suppa_Spic: it is for like 99% of things that arent games08:09
quazimod1ubuntu and games sucks08:09
Ben64wine works for some games08:09
kurratait is easy, sometimes so easy that it can be barly usuable ;D08:09
bazhangSuppa_Spic, #winehq for wine games, check the appdb08:09
quazimod1Ben64: puleeeese08:09
terminhellDual boot both. Use windows to play your games, use ubuntu for being productive08:09
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:10
Ben64quazimod1: pulee yourself? i play games on wine all the time08:10
bazhang!appdb | Suppa_Spic08:10
ubottuSuppa_Spic: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:10
quazimod1Ben64: you want him to run wine? he cant extract the meaning from SOL :/08:10
bazhangSuppa_Spic, join that channel after checking the appdb.08:10
Suppa_SpicdRounse: But I want to use Ubuntu and learn, why do you say that I should get windows again08:10
ankurwhen i run "sudo apt-get install alien"08:10
ankursudo apt-get install alien08:10
Ben64quazimod1: not everyone here knows american slang08:10
ankurthis is what the message shows08:10
quazimod1Ben64: k08:10
bazhanglets move on please08:11
kurratai have no idea what sol isto, unless you mean sun?08:11
dRounseSuppa_Spic because unless you wanna give up games its gonna be har, and if you have new hardware you might also run into trouble08:11
ankurE: Couldnot find package alien08:11
mediaI've installed xbmc, and it's idling at 100% CPU. has anybody here had this problem?08:11
terminhellSuppa_Spic: some games just wont work in linux.08:11
sahil__urfr332go ...it gives me update...i want to upgrade to precise pangolin08:11
urfr332gO!pastebin | ankur08:11
ubottuankur: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:11
bazhangmedia, contact the 3rd party repo maintainers08:11
=== shawncm217_ is now known as shawncm217
dRounseterminhell 99.9999999999999% of games dont work08:11
Suppa_Spicterminhell: but why.......08:11
Suppa_SpicWhy no games in Ubuntu! that's frustrating08:11
ankurthanks ubotto08:11
bazhangSuppa_Spic, this is not the place to ask.08:12
sahil_apt-get dist-upgrade from oneric to precise?08:12
vuxorthere are games in Ubuntu08:12
urfr332gOankur, sorry I thought you were ready to post a bunch of info. :(08:12
ankurbut im still banging with the same problem08:12
bazhangsahil_, you dont upgrade with dist-upgrade, not between versions08:12
Suppa_Spicbazhang: I shouldn't ask questions about Ubuntu here?08:12
dRounseSuppa_Spic there are games for ubuntu, just not new games fresh off the press08:12
CoreySuppa_Spic: If gaming is your primary use case, this probably isn't the OS for you.08:12
bobo37773ankur: do you not know what software sources is?08:12
bazhangSuppa_Spic, not windows games, no08:12
terminhellSuppa_Spic:  because the game company's and windows specific coding....activex...08:12
ankurnp urfr08:12
bobo37773ankur: like universe source etc..08:12
ankurnot exactly08:12
ankurya little bit08:12
bazhangSuppa_Spic, please stop repeating.08:13
dRounseyou can virtualize windows08:13
sahil_umm...ubuntu doesnt supports rolling disto or wat?08:13
bazhangsahil_, no08:13
Suppa_Spicbazhang: repeting what!?!08:13
ankuri was just trying to run wifi on ubuntu08:13
kurratablame windows for not sharing their api and game companies for using windows only code08:13
bazhangsahil_, #ubuntu+1 for precise08:13
Suppa_Spicguys, I'm serious08:13
quazimod1so, no one knows why QTCREATOR is BUGGY on QML files in 11.10 ?08:13
bobo37773ankur: like this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu08:13
ankurand thats how i stuck on installing alien08:13
bobo37773ankur: enable universe and do a sudo apt-get update and see if it is there08:14
Suppa_Spicwhat happened08:14
dRounseSuppa_Spic you will not be able to play MW3 on ubuntu anytime soon08:14
terminhellor use aptosid08:14
Suppa_Spicserver went down?08:14
mediaOK, how about this one:  What's a decent media-center application a la xbmc, available in the ubuntu repos?08:14
CoreySuppa_Spic: Enough of that line of questioning, please.08:14
Ben64ankur: try explaining your actual problem, you probably don't need alien for what you want to do08:14
bazhangankur, what package do you need08:14
Suppa_SpicdRounse: ok I got it, nvm08:14
dRounseSuppa_Spic i recommend using an xbox instead thats what i do08:14
ankurBobo37773 i read that page while googling08:15
dRounsemedia you could use boxee08:15
terminhellSuppa_Spic: its mostly because of software architecture differences and philosophies that software like games will render them unusable08:15
Suppa_SpicdRounse: I spent 2 grands in my computer to play08:15
Suppa_Spiclet's move on08:15
terminhellSuppa_Spic: its like asking why doesnt mac play windows only games....08:15
bobo37773ankur: you see the part that talks about software sources08:15
bazhangankur, why would you need alien, for what package08:15
bobo37773good question08:15
kurratai want to know why windows doest play linuxgames ;(08:15
bazhangSuppa_Spic, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here08:16
bobo37773kurrata: hahahahaha08:16
kurratai spent 2k on my machine, ;(08:16
dRounseSuppa_Spic im not trying to drag this on but if you have brand new graphics card and sound card you are going to have problems08:16
bazhangkurrata, you too08:16
Suppa_SpicCorey: I stopped08:16
Suppa_SpicI was reading another line08:16
Suppa_Spicbazhang: ok08:16
ankurthen i googled08:17
ankurbazhang, i was unstalling the basic things like adobe, FF, vlc and when they didnt get installed using apt-get08:17
Suppa_SpicdRounse: problems with what?08:17
ankurand found that it requires08:17
FloodBot1ankur: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:17
ankuris there any other way to to that08:17
Ben64ankur: what is your goal though?08:17
bazhangankur, you do NOT need alien for those08:17
llutz_ankur: none of those things need alien08:17
dRounseSuppa_Spic drivers, especially if they are new because the drivers might not be available08:17
ankurto run wi-fi08:17
Suppa_Spicoh ok08:17
bazhangankur, none of those08:17
ankurok FloofBot will try08:17
bobo37773ankur: your talking to a bot.08:18
bazhangankur, always use the software centre to install packages.08:18
bobo37773ankur: you need to enable the correct repositories and update08:18
ankurno, the main motive is to run wi- fi, rest of the things van be delayed08:18
dRounseSuppa_Spic like the disk that comes with devices contains the drivers but since they arent compatable with linux, you might not be able to use them properly or you will need to use the open cource drivers08:18
bobo37773ankur: so your wifi card isn't working?08:19
Suppa_SpicdRounse: oh ok, I don't know but after I installed Ubento everything worked fine08:19
ankurit detects the card realteck corp08:19
bobo37773ankur: but it doesn't work?08:19
dRounseSuppa_Spic have you played a game yet? or tried to watch a movie ?08:19
vuxoris there any gnome program like Kover on KDE?08:19
bazhangvuxor, what does it do08:20
Suppa_SpicdRounse: yes, in youtube and facebook games08:20
bobo37773vuxor: what does it do08:20
ankuryes, it does not show the name of wifi at the top08:20
dRounseSuppa_Spic well those arent really graphic heavy08:20
dRounsebut you mighnot have problems08:20
ankuri have to use Lan , then it works fine08:20
dRounsebut i gotta go08:20
vuxorit is CD cover printer08:20
bobo37773ankur: when is the last time you updated your system?08:20
dRounsevuxor do you want it on KDE or gnome?08:21
ankuri havn't08:21
Ben64vuxor: you can use kde applications in gnome08:21
bobo37773ankur: Is this a new install?08:21
ankurso i guess this is the main solution08:21
terminhellankur:  if you go into your network settings, under wifi, is it listed there? You may have to enable it for "all users"08:21
Suppa_Spiccan somebody explain why I was like kicked out of the channel moments ago?08:21
eggzeckankur: I have found that some times I've had that issue. All I did was enter information manually and rebooted then (for some odd reason) it started connection and working properly (reading/seeing other WiFi networks)08:21
ankuryes, about a week ago08:21
Suppa_SpicI am new to this IRC thing08:21
ankurno terminhell its not listed there08:21
vuxordRounse: on gnome08:21
bazhangSuppa_Spic, join #ubuntu-ops08:22
bobo37773ankur: why not use 10.04 or something a little more recent?08:22
Suppa_Spicbazhang: what is that?08:22
dRounsevuxor just use Kover, itll work fine08:22
ankureggzeck, even i tried that but it didnt worked08:22
bazhangSuppa_Spic, to discuss your removal from this channel08:22
ankurhow can i update my system08:22
Ben64ankur: what version of ubuntu?08:22
vuxorBen64: i use Kover for now, but I was wandering if there is any gnome solution08:22
terminhellankur:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade08:22
terminhell...or just use the update manager08:23
ankuri am having 9.10 verison08:23
Ben64ankur: you need to upgrade08:23
dRounsevuxor in the software center type in kover maybe other ones will pop up08:24
Ben649.10 stopped being supported in April 2011, i believe08:24
bobo37773ankur: open a terminal and type this exactly -->      sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade             <-- just like terminhell said08:24
ankuryes, i did that08:24
Suppa_Spicwhat's the best editor for Ubuntu08:24
Suppa_Spiclike notepad08:24
bobo37773ankur: should be updating right?08:24
dRounseSuppa_Spic gedit08:24
dRounsedont use vi08:24
ankurfew errors are displayed as "404 not found", is it ok with that08:24
bobo37773Suppa_Spic: vim08:24
dRounseeggzeck youre trying to mess him up lol08:25
eggzeckdRounse: And why not use vi?08:25
Ben64ankur: no, you need to upgrade ubuntu versions08:25
Suppa_Spicwhich one is the best of those 3?08:25
dRounseeggzeck hes brandnew and wants something like notepad08:25
vuxordRounse: just Kover and Kover designer, or smnthng08:25
dRounsevuxor yea08:25
ankuryou mean download the 11.10 and then again isntall it08:25
terminhellankur: is your /home in a seperate partition?08:25
Ben64ankur: that would be the cleanest way08:26
bobo37773dRounse: I wish someone would have told me to use vim in the beginning. In my opinoin it is the best. Of course that is subjective08:26
dRounseSuppa_Spic gedit is your best bet and its already installed08:26
ankurterminhell: yes08:26
eggzeckbobo37773: I'm with you, don't worry ;-)08:26
terminhellbobo37773: i prefer nano.08:26
dRounsebobo37773 i like it too but not for a beginner08:26
ankurBen: okk iwill do that08:26
bobo37773terminhell: really? well to each their own08:26
dRounsebobo37773 who wants notepad08:26
CharminTheMooseMy /etc/issue changes aren't being read, what did I goof up?08:26
Suppa_SpicdRounse: oh okay, thanks08:26
ankurcan i install the new version above the current verison08:26
terminhellankur: then just install the newest ubuntu, and chose your current /home as your "new" home08:27
bobo37773dRounse: oh didn't know he said notepad nevermind08:27
vuxoru mean on Gvim?08:27
dRounseSuppa_Spic no problem08:27
terminhellankur: but you'll have to do the manual install, not the guided08:27
eggzeckdRounse: Well actually nano would be easier to use than vi (vim) would be08:27
ankurhmm, okay i can do that.08:27
ankurthank u guys08:27
dRounsebobo37773 he install ubuntu thinking he could play the brand new call of duty lets just set him up with the easy stuff08:27
dRounseactually Suppa_Spic you should use Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu08:28
Suppa_SpicdRounse: Why?08:28
hmwIs it just me, or did the recent Firefox update bring a lot of bugs? The browser crashed a lot of times while I was developing a JavaScript program, Google suddenly shows a totally empty page except for the search bar, and other minor annoyances.08:28
terminhellit ships with more codecs out of the box08:28
dRounseSuppa_Spic more user friendly, its based on ubuntu08:28
terminhellthe non free ones like flash/java08:28
eggzeckhmw: Not sure, I use chromium08:28
Ben64dRounse: this is a ubuntu channel, not mint08:28
bobo37773dRounse: all in all though gedit is a pretty good editor. probably my favorite gui editor. I have not tried sublime yet though. yeah I am half convinced that this person is just messing with us anyways08:28
furieni hate ubuntu08:29
terminhellbobo37773:  try leafpad too, pretty quick in a gui08:29
eggzeckFurai: Why?08:29
dRounseBen64 i know im helping someone out that is new, plus mint was a fork of ubuntu08:29
eggzeckoops wrong name tabbed, he quit.08:29
eggzecksorry Furai08:29
yodaboy22Noob question: can you customize colors in Unity desktop?08:29
yodaboy22i have ubuntu 11.1008:29
jawshrHey folks, just did a new install of 11.10 on my netbook. During install all the netbook hardware worked fine, but now when I boot into it wifi, touchpad and sound no worky. Any suggestions??08:29
terminhellwhat kind of colors?08:30
bobo37773terminhell: I have tried it. Too minimalistic for me. My next one to try is sublime if I try a new one.08:30
dRounsebobo37773 i like it too lol08:30
Suppa_SpicOK im gonna try Mint08:30
Axsuulwhen I put a public key in authorized_keys, do I need to have the ssh-rsa part?08:30
yodaboy22terminhell: I want the customization that GNOME debian offers08:30
CoreySuppa_Spic: Good luck, have fun.08:30
yodaboy22like, change the colors of the windows08:30
yodaboy22and the text08:30
yodaboy22and all that jazz08:30
eggzeckOh no, poor kid doesn't know what to do08:30
aBoundyodaboy22, Debian uses an older version of Gnome 2 which eventually will stop development.08:30
terminhellyodaboy22: install gnome-shell and gnome-tweak-tool08:30
Coreyeggzeck: Keep it friendly, plz. :-)08:30
dRounseSuppa_Spic in the terminal type in "sudo apt-get install unetbootin -y"08:31
yodaboy22terminhell: i'll try that otu08:31
bazhangdRounse, dont recommend MINT here. this is Ubuntu support thanks08:31
eggzeckCorey: Uhhh, huh? How am I not being friendly?08:31
Suppa_SpicdRounse: what's that for08:31
terminhellyodaboy22: gnome-shell is a bit different than Unity though. be warned08:31
Coreyeggzeck: Sorry, interpreted that as snarky sarcasm. :-)08:31
dRounseSuppa_Spic to install mint08:31
yodaboy22terminhell: I'll do my research on it08:31
bazhangdRounse, please dont08:31
CoreySuppa_Spic: Although #mint is where support for that goes.08:31
dRounsereally guys? im helping someone out08:31
eggzeckCorey: No worries :-) (I'm not much for sarcasm but I do understand how you misinterpreted that)08:32
CoreyOr not.  Apparently there's not a #mint here.08:32
Suppa_SpicCorey: oh ok08:32
bobo37773yodaboy22: I think the newest ubuntu is introducing those features (to change colors at least). thats what I heard08:32
terminhellyodaboy22: OR if you really are after serious customization, check out archlinux ;)08:32
Suppa_SpicCorey: What?08:32
Suppa_Spicno mint?08:32
bazhangdRounse, its not a supported derivative, so yes.08:32
CoreySuppa_Spic: Not sure where their support forum is.08:32
bobo37773terminhell: say what?08:32
CoreyAh,  #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:32
dRounsebazhang hes brand newhe doesnt know how to use the irc let me explain so he can be on his way08:32
jawshrGuys could anyone please help with my netbook issue please?08:33
terminhellbobo37773: overkill i know, but i cant help but shamelessly plug my distro from time to time08:33
bazhang!mintsupport | dRounse Suppa_Spic08:33
ubottudRounse Suppa_Spic: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:33
dRounsebazhang i know its not supported08:33
bobo37773terminhell: I'm just kidding. I will only ever run arch again probably08:33
bazhangdRounse, then please dont recommend it here, thanks.08:33
jawshrEverything worked during install (wifi etc) but no hardware is found08:33
dRounsebazhang he cant even run ubuntu where else am i supposed to recommend08:34
bobo37773terminhell: we better be quiet though or we will get in trouble. too offtopic08:34
dRounsebobo37773 youll get yelled at for talking about other distros like me08:35
terminhellbobo37773: indeed08:35
bobo37773dRounse: yep. terminhell uhhh huh08:35
dRounsewhere is the linux family? obvi ubuntu is racist against other flavors08:36
terminhellto jawshr's problem with wifi08:36
llutz_dRounse: ##linux for that08:36
eggzeckdRounse: That's not racism lol08:36
bobo37773dRounse: just dont go to #linux cause they hate all distro lovers there08:36
dRounseeggzeck sure it is :)08:36
jawshrI think my drivers may be all blacklisted?08:36
terminhellthe live cd ships with more device drivers than the installer gives08:37
eggzeckdRounse: Oh, I didn't realize Ubuntu was a race (or any other distro) :-)08:37
dRounsebobo37773 i know lol we should start our own channel08:37
dRounseeggzeck it is lol see you learn something new everyday08:37
gordon1234jawshr, can I guess you are using a Dell Broadcomm BCM43xx wifi card? :-)08:37
jawshrIts onboard an HP mini 110 netbook08:38
eggzeckI was wondering how long it'll take for someone to notice his nick08:38
terminhellim using a BCM43xx card....but then again im running kernel 3.2.6....08:38
gordon1234jawshr, shounds like a big yes then :-)08:38
dRounseeggzeck i think ubuntu is the crazy white racist southerners08:38
pangolindRounse: excuse me?08:38
terminhellso broadcom just 'works'08:39
jawshrcan I load them off the install disk or need to connect with ethernet08:39
dRounsepangolin i mean southerners from america not south africa08:39
terminhelljawshr: upgrade your system after installing08:39
dRounsepangolin you missed me getting yelled t for talking about mint08:39
pangolindRounse: I know what you meant. I don't understand how you got that impression08:39
pangolindRounse: Mint is off topic for #ubuntu.08:39
bobo37773dRounse: let me know when its up. Ill meet you there08:39
eggzeckpangolin: Me neither.08:40
terminhellill tab to #linux08:40
jawshrterminhell I MAY have restarted during the update :)08:40
dRounsepangolin idk i was just being random08:40
pangolindRounse: stick to the topic please08:40
terminhelljawshr:  not good, run a dpkg -f i think?08:40
pangolinDon't go around implying people are racists08:40
gordon1234jawshr, have a look here http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4308:40
dRounsegahhhh its frickin linux people why cant we help someone who is having problems? if you were having ubuntu problems wouldnt you like someone to say " well maybe ubuntu is too hard try x distro"08:41
dRounsebobo37773 sure thing08:41
gordon1234jawshr, was it a clean install, or an upgrade you have done?08:41
jawshrgordon sorry I should have specified that wifi worked on my first startup but doesnt anymore08:41
jawshrclean install 11.1008:41
jawshryup, hp mini 11008:42
gordon1234dell mini, wasn't it?08:42
terminhellwifi button?08:42
gordon1234ooohh ... HP, sorry08:42
jawshrno, cant even see a wifi interface anymore08:42
terminhellFn+wifi button on keyboard?08:42
eggzeckdRounse: If anyone thinks Ubuntu is too hard then I DO NOT recommend any other linux distro :-)08:42
evildaemonterminhell: I just wanted to thank you for your help the other night. Turns out the problem was me not putting in my password right.08:43
jawshrill try that08:43
terminhellevildaemon: Your welcome. what was the problem again? local host not connecting?08:43
varikonniemidRounse, well that is kind of a problem isn't it? I have tried asking several times why my systems always boot up with a zombie process. I was told it was not normal. I then went and reinstalled, and same thing happened08:43
jawshrI have a dual boot setup so I'll have to go back08:43
evildaemonterminhell: Considering that I've been trying to fix this for like, ever, I felt pretty dumb.08:43
dRounseeggzeck i know but i think "the distro named after a plant" is easier08:43
evildaemonterminhell: Wifi wouldn't authenticate.08:43
varikonniemithen i wnt to look at my 2 other ubuntu computers, and they have exactly same thing, so it seems to be normal...08:43
terminhellevildaemon: AH, i was close :p i try to be on most nights around this time08:44
evildaemonterminhell: Well it was a improper caps issue. So the password was right, except not. Very insidious.08:44
terminhellusually is haha08:44
gordon1234jawshr, this may help too http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=180596008:45
jawshranyway I am also having driver issues with my touchpad and sound08:45
terminhelljawshr: thats probably an incorrectly xorg.conf08:45
evildaemonMake no mistake, I looked over that password at least a couple dozen times.08:45
jawshrI have tried a rfkill unblock all08:45
=== derbysieger is now known as iceroot
dRounsevarikonniemi i really cant help i wish i could08:46
terminhellevildaemon: ya, sometimes its good to actually hand write things out haha08:46
terminhelland always enable "Show password"08:46
gordon1234jawshr, can you do a lspci -vnn | grep 14e408:46
=== albert is now known as Guest22003
jawshrwhat will that do gordon?08:47
gordon1234jawshr, it will tell you the exact model of the wifi card08:47
dRounsejawshr gordon will do what gordon wants08:47
jawshrlol just wondering :)08:47
meskarunejawshr; lspci is list pci so it shots pci devices (cards plugged into the mother board)08:48
CharminTheMooseMy /etc/issue isn't being read, an old /etc/issue keeps appearing for some reason. What did I mess up?08:48
meskarunejawshr: and grep is file search08:48
gordon1234jawshr, can you paste the output here?08:48
jawshrI am actually in my win7 parition ATM08:48
=== Mike_ is now known as Guest20727
jawshrI'll log into IRC on another PC and boot back into ubuntu08:49
gordon1234jawshr, does your wi-fi work ok when you boot in Windows?08:49
gordon1234LOL ... that may have been a dumb question :-)08:49
jawshryes its working fine right now gordon08:50
jawshrI am thinking something may have happened when I restarted during an update08:50
gordon1234jawshr, ok. If you can get that lspci output please08:50
eggzeckgordon1234: Dumb no, weird yes. But I see where you were going with that :-)08:50
jawshrno probs, just be a couple of minutes08:50
gordon1234eggzeck, :-)08:51
meetshould i install all the recommended updates?08:54
eggzeckmeet: I like to stay up-to-date, but that's entirely up to you.08:54
terminhellunless your reliant on a specific version of something08:55
aBoundeggzeck, Me too.08:55
meetis there any chance of problems to occur after all the updates are done. on linux mint after installing the recommneded updates my wifi card was not uninstalled.08:55
terminhell...NOT uninstalled. sounds  like a plus08:55
mintmeet not uninstalled?08:56
meetoops :) uninstalled.08:56
eggzeckmeet: Why would your WiFi card uninstall after an update?08:56
eggzeckI odn't think I'm following08:56
auronandaceeggzeck: might be a kernel update08:56
meeti dont know. after updates it was not even been detected! so i am apprehensive about doing  the current update08:56
eggzeckauronandace: He said it was not uninstalled.08:57
eggzeckmeet: Oh you mean it WAS uninstalled08:57
pnormanMy /boot is 94% full. (81/92 MB). Is there anything I can do to clear up space?08:57
mintmeet try and restart or you have a button for the device try and switch it on it should work fine08:57
terminhellHmm, not the first time ive heard of wifi breakage after updating in this room tonight.08:57
meetya..sry for that.. i meant to say it was uninstalled.08:57
auronandacepnorman: uninstall old kernels08:57
pnormanauronandace: How do I find them?08:57
auronandacepnorman: via synaptic08:57
jawshrgordon, everyone. This time I booted into ubuntu and all my hardware is running fine08:58
auronandacepnorman: the package manager08:58
pnormanyou mean apt?08:58
jawshrDid i need a restart after a rfkill unblock all?08:58
gordon1234jawshr, glad I sorted it for you ;-)08:58
meetso should i go ahead with the update or am i better off without it. because i have installed the security updates.08:58
jawshrheheh thanks heaps for being so helpful08:58
auronandace!info synaptic | pnorman08:58
ubottupnorman: synaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.75.2ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 2099 kB, installed size 6980 kB08:58
pnormanI don't have a GUI08:59
auronandacepnorman: then do it via apt08:59
CharminTheMooseMy /etc/issue isn't being read, an old /etc/issue keeps appearing at the login prompt for some reason. What did I mess up?08:59
bilbo_is there a way to duplicate the dash of the unity interface onto a second monitor so i have it both places?08:59
pnormanauronandace: How do I find which packages to uninstall?09:00
bilbo_or is there a program file i can put on the desktop for use on the second monitor?09:00
auronandacepnorman: i'm not good with apt-get, someone else might know09:00
eggzeckmeet: If you're worried something may break (which is entirely possible but not probable) then just install important/security updates. Or don't update any packages that will mess around with your adapters.09:00
gordon1234CharminTheMoose, isn't it issue.net?09:00
meetok. i have installed the security updates. btw how frequently are the updates released?09:01
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
bobo37773pnorman: how could /boot be that full?09:01
bilbo_sudo apt-get remove {program} i believe09:01
CharminTheMoosegordon1234, nope, /etc/issue is what I'm having a problem with.09:01
gbear14275Hello, I'm trying to reconfigure my server and am suffering a bit of OCD for partitioning...09:01
bilbo_or use synaptic and look in the menus09:02
gbear14275I have both an SSD and then a hardware RAID array...  Not sure what to put where...09:02
bobo37773pnorman: old kernels probably09:02
gbear14275what I'm wondering about is because I have a hardware RAID array... do I need LVM for it?09:02
pnormanI know how to remove packages with apt, it's finding out which packages I need to remove I'm not sure on09:02
terminhellgbear14275: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Partitioning09:03
terminhellgbear14275: scroll down to the partitioning scheme section09:03
bobo37773pnorman: ls /boot09:03
gordon1234CharminTheMoose, they get updated, but it would normally prompt if you want to keep the modified version. Not sure09:03
pnormandpkg -l linux-*server* finds them09:04
bobo37773kalimojo: hey09:04
bluefrogpnorman base-files09:05
bluefrogpnorman dpkg -S /etc/issue09:05
onasisseems to be a lot of talk in the ubuntu community about what is the preferred way of recording and what DAW to use, anyone got any good points/tips on this please?09:08
bobo37773onasis: what is a "daw"09:08
onasislol! Digital Audio Workstation09:08
bobo37773onasis: for recording what?09:09
bobo37773onasis: oh audio duh its late09:09
onasislol! come on bobo!09:09
chachinhey how do i get out of "nano" on ubuntu vps :o09:09
bobo37773onasis: hahaha09:09
ylmfoshi everybody09:09
pnormanchachin: control-x09:09
bobo37773ylmfos: hey09:09
onasisits early here 09:00am09:10
pnormanapt-get remove on what dpkg -l reported did it - I just have -16 on /boot now, 30MB used09:10
bobo37773chachin: "^" means ctrl key09:10
bobo37773chachin: the rest of the options should be displayed on the bottom09:11
StavaWill unity get dual/multi screen support eventually?09:11
bobo37773unity does not support multiple screens? really?09:11
=== terminhell is now known as tomster
=== tomster is now known as terminhell
terminhelland back09:12
samuelaparrently it is supported in 12.0409:12
bobo37773terminhell: a lot of name switches there. pretty suspicious..... hahaha09:12
StavaDepends on how you define support i guess, but the indicators do not work properly with multiple monitors09:12
bobo37773is there any way to connect to same server / username in seperate terrminal with irssi? I need verticle split09:13
StavaAnd the application menu bar does not work as i would have expected, either09:13
terminhellbobo37773: irssi giving me issues logging back in...lag09:14
bobo37773terminhell: really? do you do autologin to freenode in your .irssi/config ?09:15
bobo37773terminhell: auto username all that stuff09:16
terminhellbobo37773: not yet, dont use irssi often. but i think ill change that now. i get tired of a gui sometimes09:16
bobo37773terminhell: yeah I feel you big time09:16
chachinhey can someone be cool and show me how to use nano?09:18
chachinWhen you've done that, open up unrealircd.conf with a command such as nano or pico.   << how do i do that09:18
chachini wanna use nano09:18
terminhellman nano09:18
bobo37773chachin: then read09:18
eggzeckchachin: nano is not so hard to use. When you start nano there's shortcuts and information displayed at the bottom09:19
terminhellbut to answer your question, you would just type 'nano unrealircd.conf'09:19
terminhellthe "  ^  " is the ctrl key09:19
bobo37773chachin: when you load nano all of the options are at the bottom. usually to open a program with another one the default is almost always -->    program /path/to/file09:20
chachinso it would be: nano /home/chachin/unreal3.2/unrealircd.conf09:20
bobo37773chachin: yepper09:20
chachinthere's nothing O.o09:21
eggzeckchachin: or "nano ~/unreal3.2/unrealircd.conf"09:21
bobo37773chachin: does the file exist and or did you spell it right and or the right path blahblahblah etc etc09:21
* malkauns_ awaits his first mined 0.1 BTC :P09:22
bobo37773chachin: try to ls the file to make sure its there09:22
terminhelli dont know why im in #ubuntu and i dont even use it. Perhaps its where i feel i can give the most help?09:22
bobo37773terminhell: yep. exactly. it is more fun for sure09:23
terminhell*tips hat09:23
chachinyup its there09:23
eggzeckI think chachin meant the file is empty09:24
=== loner is now known as Guest3825
bobo37773chachin: oh a windows user I see... just kidding. you need to learn a few basics thats all. does the file need to be created or did it already exist? also just so you know all things are case sensitive in gnu09:25
ServerTechOkay I start Ubuntu 11.10 with live cd on my laptop which has a HDD with bad sectors. Any free program available like DD_rescue to try to recover the data on the HDD before I change it? I can't get to install dd_rescue, could you tell me how to install it? Or any other program?09:25
chachinthank you bobo37773 ;)09:25
chachincase sensitivity :P09:25
ServerTechI did download gddrescue directly through firefox, but it just doesn't let me ./configure09:26
bobo37773chachin: no problem hehe. it was wrong case?09:26
damo22ServerTech do you want a full recovery of tree structure or just files?09:26
ServerTechdamo22: just files09:26
damo22ServerTech, one option is foremost09:26
terminhellServerTech: why risk it, just get a new hdd09:26
ServerTechterminhell: I am getting a new one, but I need the files on this one.09:27
terminhellServerTech: try knoppix09:27
ServerTechdamo22, help for installing?09:27
damo22ServerTech, do you have space for a dd clone of the dud drive?09:27
bobo37773ServerTech: You dont need ddrescue. You can just use dd by itself. It should be on the livecd09:27
ServerTechdamo22, i don09:27
ServerTecht i don't get you?*09:27
royale1223ServerTech: can you mount the partitions?09:28
ServerTechroyale1223: yep, i can mount and can see all the files, but trying to copy large files results in input/output errors on various parts09:28
terminhelldd if="/" of="/path/to/another/storage/device"09:28
damo22ServerTech, its dangerous to mount a dud drive and read files on a filesystem, but it is safer to clone the drive09:28
damo22terminhell, thats not a good idea09:28
=== loner_ is now known as Guest86828
terminhellwhy not09:29
damo22terminhell, you need the device node of the device09:29
ServerTechdamo22: could you help me through it?09:29
bobo37773damo22: is that not how to clone a drive? of course I would go with 4M to save myself a couple of years09:29
sahil_how to recover data from external hdd? its showing cyclic redundancy error09:29
royale1223fortable with dd09:29
damo22bobo37773, i thought you are supposed to dd if=/dev/sdX09:30
terminhelldamo22: sorry, i didnt mean the actual root partition,09:30
royale1223ServerTech: you can try partimage if you are not comfortable with dd09:30
sahil_ how to recover data from external hdd? its showing cyclic redundancy error09:30
ServerTechalso damo22, i need to get the files to an external hdd09:30
thomas__1 question - I install 11.10 on my dell hybrid studio, graphics problem fixed but keyboard and mouse do not work in X - any know cheatcodes ?09:30
bobo37773damo22: oh gotcha. yeah I would probably do per partition your right09:31
terminhelldoesnt spinrite have a tool for attempting to fix things?09:31
ServerTechroyale1223: nothing like that, i just don't know how to use dd09:31
mileonServerTech: has you try the partition manager?09:31
damo22ServerTech where is your massive storage located09:31
mileonServerTech: or disk manager09:31
terminhellthomas__: yes, UP, DOWN, LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT, A, B, SELECT, START09:31
royale1223ServerTech: then you are better off with partimage, its got a nice cli.09:31
damo22terminhell, nice09:32
ServerTechroyale1223: could it really create an image of the complete hdd without file loss?09:32
bobo37773ServerTech: start out by looking at your partitions. --> sudo fdisk -l09:32
sahil_ how to recover data from external hdd? its showing cyclic redundancy error09:32
damo22ServerTech see me private message09:32
royale1223royale1223: depends on the extend of the damage.09:32
bobo37773terminhell: hahahahaha is that the code or what?!09:33
mileonbobo37773: i think the gui is better: menu->system->preferences09:33
royale1223ServerTech: btw please pastebin the output of `sudo fdisk -l`09:33
bobo37773mileon: what gui? for listing sda / hda partition scheme?09:33
sahil_can i hav any one's kind attention? :)09:33
bobo37773sahil_: whats up buddy?09:34
sahil_how to recover data from external hdd? its showing cyclic redundancy error09:34
royale1223sahil_: !question09:34
ServerTechroyale1223: yep, hold on09:34
thomas__terminhell: I'm lost, you mean keystrokes left right? and then A B? what does that mean?09:34
royale1223!question sahil_09:34
sahil_how to recover data from external hdd? its showing cyclic redundancy error09:34
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:34
bobo37773sahil_: can you not mount it at all?09:34
royale1223sahil_: what kind of partition in ext. hdd?09:35
sahil_in lower version of ubuntu,it detects but in oneric,its not detecting atall09:35
sahil_though gpartted dectects it09:35
terminhellthomas__: it was a joke. you need to configure your xorg09:35
terminhellthomas__: try running X --configure09:36
bobo37773sahil_: so use version that works as a livecd and back up your data09:36
bobo37773terminhell: geesh. and I thought nes was world wide hahaha09:36
arunkumar413hi how to connect to a windows machine from ubuntu09:36
royale1223paste output of `sudo fdisk -l` and `sudo gparted /dev/sd<wharever>`09:36
mileonwho is the guy with hdd mounting?09:36
mileoni'm confused and not sure09:37
thomas__but I cant log into the system as my keyboard and mouse (infrared) do not work09:37
royale1223thomas__: get a wired keyboard and mouse. no other way.09:37
ServerTechroyale1223, damo22, bobo37773: http://www.pastebin.com/1Nu3yBha09:38
bobo37773thomas__: you need to switch to a tty or boot into non graphical mode09:38
mileon!question ServerTech09:38
thomas__how to boot into non graph mode - the bootloader just starts, how to stop him from starting09:38
bobo37773edit grub command line while booting and append "3" to grub command. not sure if it works in grub2 but it should09:38
thomas__bobo37773: and once I have done that, what to do next?09:39
mileonServerTech: which partition need you09:39
bobo37773thomas__: should be able to hit e or something to edit grub09:39
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - heavily problems with X11 at startup: http://pastebin.com/kq1dsdqE this messages appears several times in dmesg and Xorg tries to come up every second again09:39
mileonServerTech: look the size09:39
bobo37773thomas__: then boot with the 3 at the end09:39
arunkumar413hi, i have a laptop with ubuntu and a desktop with windows. i want to connect to the windows desktop to view the movies in the desktop. help me09:39
bobo377733 boots into console09:39
mileonServerTech: there is no size available09:40
bobo37773as in cmd prompt09:40
royale1223ServerTech: disk geometry seems to be intact. Did you try scanning and fixing ntfs errors in windows? ntfs drivers in ubuntu are good but not that good.09:40
ServerTechmileon: well i need the complete sda drive09:40
danny_how do i make the update instaler install no authenticated packages and make it ignore that09:40
bobo37773arunkumar413: are the files all set up to share from the windows side?09:40
mileonServerTech: ok, moment i ask google09:41
terminhellsamba+nfs+ntfs packages09:41
arunkumar413bobo37773: no09:41
thomas__bobo37773: ok once I booted with the 3 whats next - any idea?09:41
zambado i have to think about anything when moving a software raid from one machine to another?09:42
bobo37773thomas__: yeah you have to login. did you login09:42
zambait's a raid-109:42
ServerTechroyale1223: i can't boot to windows, startup repair doesn't open, it's windows 7 ultimate x6409:42
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - heavily problems with X11 at startup: http://pastebin.com/kq1dsdqE this messages appears several times in dmesg and Xorg tries to come up every second again09:42
mileonServerTech: ok, make plaease a folder in media. the name must choose09:42
mileonServerTech: we try now mount each partition09:43
gordon1234<arunkumar413>, if you setup your Windows PC to share the folder with the movies, you should be able to open that folder on the Ubuntu PC and play the movies using the UBUNTU Movie Player or equivalent09:43
bobo37773raven: what the heck is unity greeter? sounds like thats the problem09:43
royale1223ServerTech: i see, what error do you get when you try windows?09:43
bobo37773xuser1: hey09:43
mileonServerTech: you can create for all windows partitions a folder in media09:44
Ben64raven: that happened on my 12.0409:44
xuser1ihow can i upgrade from gnome 3.2.1 to gnome 3.2.2(last gnome version) im using ubuntu gnome shell rtemix 11.10 ?09:44
ServerTechroyale1223: BSOD unmountable_boot.. something09:44
xuser1any ppa for ubuntu?09:44
ServerTechpartition, probably, royale122309:44
ravenbobo37773, i just installed xubuntu-desktop to a graphical installation. possible that it depends on the wrong login-manager?09:44
mileonxuser1: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas09:45
Ben64raven: what i did was remove unity-greeter and used lightdm-gtk-greeter09:45
bobo37773raven: yeah thats what I am thinking. can you get to a console?09:45
ravenbobo37773, yes09:45
ravenill remove it09:45
arunkumar413gordon1234: windows 7 is allowing share only with other windows machines09:45
bobo37773raven: make sure you replace it with something else09:45
ravenBen64, bobo37773 bugreport?09:45
Ben64raven: remove lightdm-greeter, but then you have another step to do afterwards09:45
Ben64raven: let me know when you're done removing it09:46
raveni did09:46
Ben64ok now.. sudo vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf09:46
ravennow lightdm-gtk-greeter?09:46
Ben64oh, yes, i forgot, install that first09:46
arunkumar413gordon1234: i cant find the windows machine on my ubuntu09:46
bobo37773raven: I would not use lightdm yet but thats just me.09:46
Ben64lightdm is standard now09:47
royale1223ServerTech: try this "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs && sudo ntfsfix /dev/sda2"09:47
gordon1234arunkumar413, is your Windows PC setup for sharing on a Workgroup or a Domain?09:47
bobo37773Ben64: yeah well standard does not mean 100 percent stable either. At least based on all the things I have heard about it. Maybe they worked out all the bugs. I dont know09:48
ravenBen64, bobo37773 is there already a bug report?09:48
ServerTechroyale1223: hold up09:48
terminhellanyone know where the default save location for lynx is?09:48
Ben64raven: it was on 12.04, not sure09:48
spacebug-terminhell: I would think current dir09:48
Ben64bobo37773: i mean i'm pretty sure lightdm is used on every install by default 11.10+09:48
ravenBen64, i am on 11.10 now09:48
royale1223ServerTech: its worth a try but i can assure you anything. It will take long time and might make the win7 bootable.09:48
Ben64raven: you install lightdm-gtk-greeter?09:49
royale1223ServerTech: its worth a try but i can't assure you anything. It will take long time and might make the win7 bootable.09:49
terminhellspacebug-: ya, me too...09:49
bobo37773Ben64: that does not mean it is worth using09:49
ServerTechroyale1223: okay, let's see09:49
Ben64bobo37773: its already in use...09:49
bobo37773Ben64: ok09:49
ravenBen64, yes09:49
Ben64raven:  sudo vim /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf09:49
ServerTechokay i don09:49
Ben64raven: greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter09:49
ServerTechokay i don't think a long time has passed royale1223 but it says NTFS partition /dev/sda2 was processed successfully09:50
=== companion is now known as Companion
royale1223ServerTech: did it detect any errors?09:50
ServerTechno royale122309:51
ServerTechshould i try it for sda3?09:51
ServerTechand 4? probably09:51
mileonServerTech: 4 can you never choose09:51
ravenBen64, done - reboot and try?09:52
royale1223ServerTech: then it probably didn't work. was it unmounted?09:52
mileonServerTech: 1-3 5-x09:52
Ben64raven: yep09:52
ServerTechroyale1223: yep it was09:52
royale1223ServerTech: you can try, and then try copying the big file.09:53
gilHi all09:53
gilI need some help09:53
bobo37773gil: Hey!09:53
royale1223ServerTech: if it fails mount by `sudo mkdir /media/windows && sudo ntfs-3g -o force,rw /dev/<device name> /media/windows`09:53
playithey i have ubuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell ( gnome 3.2 ) and im looking to use remote desktop09:54
royale1223ServerTech: btw i assume that you have ntfs-3g installed.09:54
ServerTechroyale1223: okay.09:54
bobo37773gil: what's the issue you are having?09:54
playiti see theres a vinagre for gnome 3.2 .. how do i get this on ubuntu 11.1009:54
playitor do I already have it09:54
gilBobo I was trying to run a update and it said something about restart xscreen saver and xlockmore09:54
bobo37773gil: okay and?09:55
bobo37773gil: restart xserver maybe?09:55
ravenBen64, still no login to vnc possible09:55
gilI don't know how to restart them and I didn't even have xlockmore installed09:55
Ben64raven: vnc?09:55
bobo37773gil: just reboot your computer. that will restart xserver09:56
ravenBen64, x11vnc09:56
starlonWhere does the money come from to host Ubuntu's updates, et al?09:56
ServerTechroyale1223: hold up, im trying something by damo22 now, and yes it was installed before09:56
Ben64raven: i know what vnc is... but why aren't you using a monitor09:56
royale1223ServerTech: you can check by 'dpkg-query -s ntfs-3g'. if its not installed 'sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g', and repeat all the previous steps.09:56
gilI did that but I lost everything and had to reinstall09:56
playitI guess what i dont understand is im trying to share the computer on VNC to my kindle 3 but for some reason x11 is the only thing that showed anything09:56
playit'x11vnc' but my gnome 3.2 froze09:56
playitnot sure if it was related or not09:57
bobo37773gil: What? are you tring to install a certain sofware? or are you installing the os?09:57
ravenBen64, small network machine09:57
gilupdateing ubuntu09:57
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bobo37773gil: and when you rebooted you have to all of your updates over?09:58
Ben64raven: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:58
gilI got xscreensaver and xlockmore uninstalled do you think that well help?09:58
bobo37773gil: I dont see why it would matter at all unless there were dependency conflicts09:59
bobo37773gil: so the problem it that you cannot update your system?10:00
gilI got a screenshot of it10:00
Whiskeywhat do you need for package to read rar files?10:00
bobo37773gil: upload it so we can see10:00
Jordan_U!rar | Whiskey10:00
ubottuWhiskey: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free10:00
bobo37773Whiskey: the rar package maybe10:00
Stanley00Hello everyone. I want to install a minimal ubuntu, just include unity and some stuffs. I have installed a commandline system from alternate cd. Then I installed xserver-xorg and unity. Is this the right way? What should I install more? Thanks.10:01
ServerTechroyale1223: trying out dd with damo22's help, it's copying like 3 MB a minute, it'll take ages to copy at that rate10:01
royale1223!info ntfsprogs10:01
ubottuntfsprogs (source: linux-ntfs): tools for doing neat things in NTFS partitions from Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 268 kB, installed size 712 kB10:01
gilI'm sending it to you bobo3777310:01
royale1223ServerTech: the problem with that is it will dd out the corrupted data too.10:02
bobo37773gil: dont send it to me. upload it and drop a link here. it is bedtime for me10:02
damo22royale1223, what do you mean?10:02
gilhttp://imagebin.org/199641 this is my problum10:03
damo22royale1223, we put the noerror and notrunc conv options for dd10:03
damo22royale1223, so it will not truncate the output file when it cant read10:03
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ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:03
royale1223damo22: okay, we'll see. but won't there be data loss?10:04
damo22royale1223, there will be loss when it cant read the physical sectors it will write 0s10:04
Jordan_Udamo22: royale1223: It sounds like what you really want is GNU ddrescue.10:04
gilI need some help here I'm haveing a problum with my OS10:04
royale1223damo22: so isn't it better to try and see if the partition is fixable?10:04
ravenBen64, bobo37773 http://pastebin.com/iqNMgVht10:05
royale1223damo22: before dd ing and erasing and all?10:05
VIPER-IIhiyaz. Anyone in here managed to get SICKBEARD to work on Ubuntu?10:05
damo22royale1223, we are not erasing the disk!! i am making  a clone of the drive10:05
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:05
VIPER-IIdamo: clone? Drive?    Norton Ghost ftw!!!10:05
bobo37773gil: oh distrobution upgrade. can't help you there. I only ever do or reccomend clean installs unless using rolling release10:05
damo22VIPER-II, no, dd ftw10:05
Jordan_Uroyale1223: Do you mind giving a quick recap of your original problem and what you're trying to do now?10:06
VIPER-IIhmm okays.10:06
arunkumar413hi how to connect to windows machine, the files in the windows have been setup for sharing10:06
royale1223Jordan_U: problem is not for me. Its ServerTech 's proble. He have corrupted ntfs partitions.10:07
juxtawhat PATH would /etc/rc.local execute with by default? my commands seem to be being skipped, I'm guessing the path in use is not valid10:07
damo22Jordan_U, i am helping ServerTech recover some data from his physically damaged disk10:07
mohammadtitihi everyone....how can i install ubuntu alongside my windows7 while it doesn't recognize my partitions?i mean ubuntu treat my partitioned hdd as a raw hdd without partition...10:08
damo22Jordan_U, the only difference between using dd and dd_rescue is that it will jump ahead when it cant read some sectors10:08
gordon1234arunkumar413, so under your Windows PC>Computer>Properties is it set up as a WORKGROUP or a DOMAIN?10:08
arunkumar413gordon1234: workgroup10:09
=== Guest86828 is now known as greenberet
Jordan_Udamo22: That may be true of dd_rescue (I don't know much about dd_rescue) but GNU ddrescue is an entirely different (and much better) program which does much more than that. (logging, returning to bad sectors *after a full pass* and trying reads of smaller block sizes, etc).,10:10
gordon1234arunkumar413, and when you log into your UBUNTU machine in File Manager when you select connect to Netrowk Drives, do you see a Windows Network icon?10:10
svrnmndhey I lost my bottom bar by accident how do I create a pannel that shows my open windows at the bottom of the screen?10:10
arunkumar413gordon1234: no, there is no icon to connect to network10:11
greenberetHi, when i want to setup a bluetooth dun I only see the wizard once and I cannot change  the apn settings after that, i have to remove the device name and then add it as a new device, any workaround for that?10:11
gilHi all I'm have a OS problum and I was wondering if someone could help me figure it out10:11
royale1223!question | gil10:12
ubottugil: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:12
bazhanggil, what version of Ubuntu10:12
svrnmndcan someone help me restore my bottom pannel?10:12
gilI'm useing pepperment10:12
Jordan_UServerTech: You can install GNU ddrescue (which is better than dd_rescue) from an Ubuntu LiveCD by running "sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe && sudo apt-get install gddrescue" make sure you give at least a quick look at the man page and specify a log file.10:12
bazhanggil, whats that10:12
Jordan_UServerTech: Sorry, make that "sudo software-properties-gtk -e universe && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gddrescue".10:13
gilI have a picture of my problum10:13
gordon1234arunkumar413, when you setup the share on with Windows folder, what is the name of the share?10:14
royale1223Jordan_U: what if the partition is fixable via ntfsfix or windows utility?10:14
bazhanggil, is that MINT? or some other derivative10:14
greenberetHi, when i want to setup a bluetooth dun I only see the wizard once and I cannot change  the apn settings after that, i have to remove the device name and then add it as a new device, any workaround for that?10:14
Jordan_Uroyale1223: Then it's probably not a hardware problem.10:14
gilit's pretty much like ubuntu10:14
royale1223Jordan_U: so isn't it better to try fixing the partition instead of dd?10:14
bazhanggil, its not supported here. try the peppermint forums or use alis10:15
arunkumar413gordon1234: i found the go to network drives from the go menu. but it is asking password to login to the windows machine10:15
bazhang!alis | gil10:15
ubottugil: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:15
greenberetcan somone [maybe anyone] assist?10:15
svrnmndcan anyone help me restore my bottom launcher pannel?!?!10:15
ravenBen64, bobo37773 http://pastebin.com/iqNMgVht10:15
royale1223svrnmnd: what version of ubuntu?10:15
Jordan_Uroyale1223: I'm trying to look through the scrollback now to see why dd came up in the first place and why it's thought to be a hardware problem.10:15
ryzzanjust installed ubuntu on two pcs... wasn't i supposed to be able to see them when "browse network"?10:16
gilok thank you10:16
royale1223Jordan_U: its not a hw problem demo22 recommended dd.10:16
royale1223svrnmnd: hold up10:16
arunkumar413gordon1234, the pc name is rohitamr-pc10:16
fortytwo_dehello guys! I'm having trouble with my audio settings. When I set it using the ubuntu applet sound works perfectly, but after a reboot it restores its non-working status. http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:16
damo22Jordan_U, it IS a hardware problem, the dmesg is full of i/o errors10:17
mohammadtitithis problem of mine freaked me out....10:17
fortytwo_deI'm positive the device I need to use is card 2 device 1 (because when I set it with the gnome applet, that card goes to the first position)10:17
fortytwo_dehowever when I try to speaker-test it, I get that error10:17
fortytwo_deand yes, my user is added to the audio group10:17
fortytwo_deI'm pretty much lost at this point10:17
gordon1234arunkumar413 This is good. You should be able to put smb://192.168.xxx.xxx/share_name$ (the ip address of the Windows PC and the share_name you created on it) into the file manager ... enter the user id and passowrd you would use to log into the Windows PC10:17
mohammadtitiactually i don't know what else should i do?if somebody help me i would be grateful10:18
bazhangmohammadtiti, with what10:18
fortytwo_deso, can anybody help?10:18
royale1223damo22: also please don't encourage private chat because rest of the users can't see what's going on. In this case we didn't know about demsg errors.10:18
ryzzanjust installed ubuntu on two pcs... wasn't i supposed to be able to see them when "browse network"?10:18
arunkumar413gordon1234: there is password for windows machine10:18
fortytwo_decan anybody please help me? ^10:19
mohammadtitiwith this bazhang: how can i install ubuntu alongside my windows7 while it doesn't recognize my partitions?i mean ubuntu treat my partitioned hdd as a raw hdd without partition...10:19
pnormanI'm trying to figure out the dependencies of a package in a PPA. How would I do this?10:19
damo22royale1223, its better this way i dont flood the channel with useless info10:19
royale1223!repeat | svrnmnd10:19
ubottusvrnmnd: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:19
bazhangmohammadtiti, windows already installed? you are in the ubuntu live cd now?10:19
royale1223svrnmnd: http://www.watchingthenet.com/restore-panels-in-ubuntu-back-to-their-default-settings.html10:19
fortytwo_decan anybody help with my audio configuration problem? http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:19
svrnmndwhat is !repeat | ??10:19
greenberetneed help with bluetooth dialup10:19
greenberetI need to change my apn how to do that?10:20
royale1223royale1223: it beats the purpose of the channel. #ubuntu is for asking questions and getting answers.10:20
mohammadtitiyes i had a preinstalled windows7 HP X64 SP1, and i'm in live cd....10:20
xuser1how can i install last stable gnome3 version (from ppa)?10:20
greenberetapn means access point name10:20
gordon1234arunkumar413, if you go into change the computer name you will see the name of the Workgroup .. the default is WORKGROUP. Leave the password blank when connecting, but it will need your logon name.10:20
bazhangxuser1, what version of ubuntu are you on now10:20
svrnmndok im also having a display problem. I just plugged VGA from my laptop to my laptop and used monitors to use the larger display...but now when I play my video I only get audio and a black box where vlc is no matter which screen10:21
bazhangxuser1, you have gnome3 already, why would you want the ppa10:21
svrnmndfrom my laptop to my plasma*10:21
royale1223svrnmnd: just don't repeat the question so often. did you try the link.10:21
fortytwo_decan anybody help with my audio configuration problem? http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:21
svrnmndyea roale the question was for a different problem10:21
xuser1i have gnome 3.2.1 , i wantr last stable version10:21
greenberetbazhang can you help me with bluetooth dial up networking I want to change my apn [access point name]10:21
svrnmnddisplay problem while watching movies on a different display10:22
fortytwo_decan anybody help with my audio configuration problem? http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:22
royale1223xuser1: are you talking about gnome3 shell?10:22
xuser1gnome  310:23
VIPER-IIwhat's the command to look at the mainboard's model from within commandline of Linux?10:23
bazhangVIPER-II, sudo lshw ?10:23
casibaeushey, i just installed ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop but i need to install vpnc to access the internet. I have vpnc as a .deb package and can open it with the software center however the 'install button' is greyed out. Is there any terminal command i should use instead?10:24
greenberetsudo lshw or dmidecode VIPER-II10:24
fortytwo_decan anybody help with my audio configuration problem? http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:24
xuser1is gnome 3.2.1 last stable relase?10:24
bazhangxuser1, yes10:24
gordon1234arunkumar413, Good tutorial here http://www.7tutorials.com/how-access-windows-7-shared-folders-ubuntu10:24
greenberetVIPER-II u need to install dmidecode [sudo apt install dmidecode]10:25
bazhangfortytwo_de, dont repeat every minute. patience please10:25
royale1223xuser1: ppa:gnome3-team/gnome310:25
fortytwo_debazhang: sorry :)10:25
bazhangroyale1223, he should not be using a PPA as he is on 11.10 already10:25
greenberethey bazhang, can u help me out with bluetooth dun?10:25
royale1223bazhang: i think that ppa is more updated not sure though.10:27
VIPER-IIgreenberet: ok thanks.10:27
greenberetyou are welcome VIPER-II10:28
VIPER-IIbtw how do i check the amount of free space on my HDD?  Graphical or command line?10:28
casibaeusnvm had to use dkpg10:28
royale1223bazhang: actually it is contains 3.2.2 for oneric10:29
arunkumar413gordon1234: http://imagebin.org/199651. this is the structure of the network. help me how to connect10:29
ravenBen64, bobo37773 still there?10:30
meskaruneVIPER-II you can do df to see what space your disk is using. or install a graphical utility http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CDEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.computerhope.com%2Funix%2Fudf.htm&ei=e89AT_LlHuOA2AW1zo2DCA&usg=AFQjCNH6OZ7IDksLlxDZQCwpS-VNqnF8zA&sig2=p-3KFJrD6sKqM3jQa4E9pA10:31
gordon1234arunkumar413, and when you press enter, what happens?10:31
arunkumar413gordon1234: it asks for a password10:32
fortytwo_decan anybody help with my audio configuration problem? http://paste.debian.net/156790/10:32
VIPER-IIhmm ok thanks meskarune10:32
meskaruneVIPER-II: try "df -h /home"10:32
arunkumar413gordon1234: it also says the specified location is not mounted10:33
gordon1234arunkumar413, you have the computer name in the user name field ... you need your windows user name in there ... when you logon to your windows PC, whatever that user name is, is the one you need in that field10:33
VIPER-IIah.... i get the idea... :)10:33
Jordan_UServerTech: Are you still here? Did you get my message about GNU ddrescue and how to install it?10:36
arunkumar413gordon1234: for wondows there is no login password10:36
MonkeyDustVIPER-II  simply type df -h10:36
mohan_Can we get Ubuntu TV now or have to wait for Ubuntu 12.04 ?10:36
ravenBen64, ?10:36
gordon1234arunkumar413, you may not have a login password, but you will have a user id .... if you co into the control panel on your windows pc and select users, it will tell you in there10:37
icerootmohan_: even longer10:37
icerootmohan_: its just a concept at the moment10:37
samuelhello, i wonder if anyone can help me troubleshoot a problem i'm having10:37
oCean!utv | mohan_10:38
ubottumohan_: Ubuntu TV is a strategy to bring the Ubuntu platform to TVs. Discussion happens in #ubuntu-tv and on the ubuntu-tv launchpad mailing list. Find out more at http://ubuntu.com/tv10:38
mohan_is it going to be a free service ?10:38
icerootmohan_: see #ubuntu-tv10:38
icerootmohan_: yes10:38
icerootmohan_: the software and the service is free10:38
mohan_maybe they will charge the content10:38
samuelafter running an update on a newly installed system, after the grub menu has gone, it seems to freeze at the ubuntu logo/splash, and this goes for the older kernel also. any idea's on how to figure this one out??10:38
oCeanmohan_: discussion in #ubuntu-tv, not here10:39
icerootmohan_: atm they dont have own content10:39
mohan_alright :)10:39
alex-My phone has an DLNA server to show pictures on the tv n stuff, is it possible that I install some kind of DLNA client on my ubuntu server, which gets the data from my phone automaticly, and puts it dynamicly on a SAMBA share?10:41
fortytwo_dealex-: samba10:41
fortytwo_desorry, xbmc10:42
gordon1234arunkumar413, out of interest, you may want to double click on the "Windows Network" icon on Ubuntu and see if your Windows file share appears in there10:42
alex-fortytwo_de: what do you mean?10:42
alex-I don't want a GUI or something10:42
alex-I want my server to see if there are any DLNA servers, and then the server gets the data from it (e.g. copy or just some kind of symlink) and then put it on the SAMBA share so I can view it in my whole network10:43
arunkumar413gordon1234: it says the specified location is not mounted10:43
thomas__how to stop bootloader from booting - pressing e does not work!10:43
Jordan_Uthomas__: Hold shift.10:44
gordon1234arunkumar413, have you found out your Windows user id yet?10:44
arunkumar413gordon1234: the windows system is setup with a admin password10:44
arunkumar413gordon1234: what is that user id, where to find it. is it the name of the pc we have given10:45
arunkumar413gordon1234: from the screen shot given, what is the name of the computer is rohitamr-pc10:45
alex-fortytwo_de:  ^10:46
gordon1234arunkumar413, the user id is your Windows user id ... it is not the name of the computer we need it is your user id ... if you go into the control panel on your windows pc and look in the users icon it will show you all the users10:46
arunkumar413gordon1234: yes, the user name is rohitamr-pc10:47
arunkumar413gordon1234: when windows pc was setup for sharing it said it only shares with windows pc10:48
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samuelafter running an update on a newly installed system, after the grub menu has gone, it seems to freeze at the ubuntu logo/splash, and this goes for the older kernel also. any idea's on how to figure this one out??10:52
mohammadtitiis there anybody who can help me with this freaking problem of mine?10:55
mbroekersamuel, does your machine boot normally in recovery mode?10:56
mohammadtitiاow can i install ubuntu alongside my windows7 while it doesn't recognize my partitions?i mean ubuntu treat my partitioned hdd as a raw hdd without partition...10:56
mohammadtitihow can i install ubuntu alongside my windows7 while it doesn't recognize my partitions?i mean ubuntu treat my partitioned hdd as a raw hdd without partition...10:57
theadminWill VLC 2.0 get packaged for Oneiric officially? It currently seems to have 1.x10:57
CharminTheMooseWhy is it that despite removing the hooks in /usr/share/initramfs-tools for plymouth and framebuffer and using update-initramfs, I still get a splash screen?10:57
ravenX11 startup problems: http://pastebin.com/iqNMgVht10:58
arunkumar413gordon1234, i'm able view the drives and folder of the windows pc but gain it is asking for username and password10:59
samuelmbroeker yes, i can get a terminal from the recovery mode but startx doesnt work10:59
samueli think it might be related to this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189606110:59
samuelas i also have an amd graphics card, it sounds like the same problem, i will give it a try!11:00
mbroekerCharminTheMoose, edit /etc/default/grub and set GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet" followed by sudo update-initramfs -ck $(uname -r) && sudo update-grub11:00
samuelis there any way i can confirm this from the root terminal in recovery mode?11:00
ravenX11 startup problems: http://pastebin.com/iqNMgVht11:00
mbroekersamuel, enter the recovery mode, enter startx and paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log11:01
=== overmind is now known as n3uron_
gordon1234arunkumar413, yes, you will need the user name and password from the Windows machine. Not the computer name. Again, you can get this in the Windows Control Panel under the Users icon. Do you have physical access to logon to the Windows PC to do this?11:02
samuelthank you i will do that asap (waiting for windows to install updates while i research the problem)11:02
zezomI had a working Ubuntu system until I took out 2 3T drives that I had set up in an LVM and put a different 3TB hard drive in. Now grub does not show. all I get is the monitor telling me that the sync is out of range and when I press ctrl alt delete the system reboot instantly. grub appears to be installed correctly. Is any one familiar with this problem?11:02
CharminTheMoosembroeker, well that doesn't answer my question, I'm not looking to disable it via the boot-options. I'm asking why it gets added to the initrd even if I remove the hooks in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks11:02
m_fulderI want a script running on startup as non-root so I've edited the /etc/rc.local file to startup my script with "su" ... though this script start up several screen-windows and I would like to reach them from the root account is that possible??11:03
bal_how to install ipmessanger?11:03
mbroekerCharminTheMoose, have you at least recreated the initramfs with the -ck $(uname -r) option?11:03
MonkeyDustbal_  what is ipmessenger exactly?11:04
CharminTheMoosembroeker, Well, I also tacked on the -t command too.11:04
CharminTheMooseBut yes, I have recreated the initramfs11:04
=== max is now known as Guest5579
bal_MonkeyDust:  it is a messenger wthin local network use in windows and mac11:05
mbroekerok: that's strange, CharminTheMoose! it's the magic of ubuntu then...11:05
bal_once i tryed with wine but not work properly out going message skeeps11:06
CharminTheMooseHehe, cheers mbroeker, guess I'll just have to get RTFM then. :D11:06
liam_is there a way to create an encrypted lvm install on part of the disk instead of the entire thing?11:07
MonkeyDustbal_  i havent tried it, but maybe this helps http://www.indiastudychannel.com/resources/97532-Install-g-ipmsg-Ubuntu-Linux-easily.aspx11:07
gordon1234arunkumar413, Once you have a valid user id and password to enter, it should connect ok. If it doesn't then the share on the Windows PC is most likely not been set up correctly .. you may need to change the permissions on the share to allow read/write access. Need to dash... bye and good luck.11:08
thomas__any thoughts why keyboard (infrared, DELL) is detected when I load Ubuntu 11.10 from USB stick and when I try to start from HD the keyboard is not working?11:08
mbroekerthomas__, do you have an usb keyboard?11:09
thomas__no cable (wireless)11:10
thomas__mbroeker: wireless (DELL)11:10
MonkeyDustbal_  there's also xipmsg11:12
=== Arizona_bay is now known as n__4chon
winnie666hey! i am looking for a cli program that will allow me to partition and mkfs drives without being prompted for any information, ie prog device linux-raid start 1 end 811:13
mbroekerthomas__, and the receiver? built-in or connected via usb?11:13
thomas__mbroeker: built-in11:14
randomnewbIs there a way to extract zip files with foreign filenames without  getting garbled filenames?11:15
thomas__mbroeker: some posts mention to set noacpi pci=noacpi acpi=off, but I cant edit the bootloder after the installation to set these params11:15
mbroekerthomas__, anyway: if the wireless keyboard gets connected when you boot from "a legacy usb device", the wireless connector seems to be initialized! so i suggest that you have to activate usb legacy support in bios to get ridd ofthis prob11:16
bal_MonkeyDust:  i down loaded but i can't go to the dirctory  how can i open the folder with cmd . i is in download folder ?11:17
thomas__mbroeker: good point - Ill try now11:17
MonkeyDustbal_  look in /usr/bin11:17
=== n__4chon is now known as Arizona_Bay
MonkeyDustbal_  forget that, i thought you meant installed11:18
bal_nop  just downloded11:19
ugchello, erveryone.11:20
bal_MonkeyDust:  i don't know the cmd in ubuntu just learning11:20
ugcI had installed android in KVM, but it can't connect to the network.11:20
ugcwhat is wrong with it?11:20
thomas__mbroeker: legacy support was enabled already11:21
MonkeyDustbal_  you can install it from the repos and type f2 to run it11:21
airtonixswweeeeetttt! 11.10 remove padevchoosers! so awesome... now i can't send audio to other machines....11:22
wondermanwhy has the latest updates yet again broke unity settings? ie, i cannot choose the bar to not hide itself from CCSM now11:22
MonkeyDustbal_  alt-f2*11:22
wondermanunity bar autohide is the worse thing about ubuntu11:22
samuelhi thanks for the help guys, it was just a simple case of removing fglrx and reinstalling it, everything is fine now11:23
MonkeyDust!yay | samuel11:23
ubottusamuel: Glad you made it! :-)11:23
ugchi, I want to backup my machine, in case one day my machine crushed, which dir should I backup?11:24
ugcand / ?11:24
wondermanand  / ?11:24
wondermanis you wanna backup the whole machine go ahead11:24
ugcwonderman: after crushed, I want to restore my machine.11:24
ssta /etc is probably a good idea11:24
ugcHOME is not enogh.11:25
wondermanits not?11:25
MonkeyDustclonezilla comes to my mind11:25
wondermaninstalling packages doesnt take long, and they are all in repos11:25
wondermanrsync it then11:25
ugcwonderman: how about your kernel images?11:25
wondermanMonkeyDust: any idea why updates broke unity again ?11:25
ugcif you lose this files, they you can't restore you machine11:25
bal_MonkeyDust: it open applications  what next ?11:25
wondermani cant stop the bar from hiding itself11:25
MonkeyDustwonderman  i don't like/use unity, so can't say11:26
wondermanits ok when the bar doesnt hide itself, im pulling my hair out, i refused to update for 1 month, because this happened last time11:26
wondermanso i went for it this morning, now CCSM doesnt work again11:26
wondermani think i had to reinstall catalyst to fix it last time, do people not test these things?11:26
ugcwonderman: it is possible that the configuration files are changed?11:26
sstaugc: for most purposes, backing up user data and configuration data is enough.  Easiest way to recover is then clean-reinstall and restore user data11:26
wondermanstarting to really wind me up11:26
wondermanssta i agree11:27
bal_ok thank you11:27
MonkeyDustbal_  alt-f2 and type the program name11:27
kapzany idea to minimize evolution to a gnome-shell notification icon? thanks :)11:27
wondermanwhere are devs +1 ?11:27
ugcssta: you mean, when your computer crushed, you will install a new system and then restore the HOME dir11:27
WhiskeyAnyone good on XRDP here?11:27
sstaugc: yes11:27
MonkeyDustkapz  gnome2 had alltray, trie that (i havent)11:28
ugcssta: how about your configration files you ever done ?11:28
ankitbsignal strength bash script for wireless device11:28
sstaugc: that's why I suggest backing up /etc as well11:28
ugcI mean you installed many services, like ssh and ftp etc?11:28
kapzMonkeyDust, alltray minimizes everyting(?) i guess11:28
wondermanugc, it depends how you operate, i dont store any of my data on my machine that isnt backed up externally11:28
sstaugc: also keeping a copy of the output of dpkg --get-selections11:29
wondermanif my machine crashed now, i wouldnt care11:29
ugcssta: simple install will need you reconfigure and reinstall this service?11:29
MonkeyDustkapz  alltray minimizes the window that you click on11:29
wondermanalso most of the time a 'crash' you can fix11:29
wondermanif your hard drive packs up, just reinstall on a new one11:29
wondermanwhats the point of backing up /, there isnt imho11:29
kapzMonkeyDust, All or any window I click on? or just evolution/specified apps? Thanks11:30
ugcyeah, you guys right, I just want to keep all my work environment.11:30
WhiskeyNo one use xRDP here11:30
MonkeyDustkapz  any window, just the one you click on -- mind: it was for gnome211:30
ugcWhiskey: I use it11:30
ugcwhat 's your prob11:30
kapznah...something like a deluge tray icon or dropbox icon or skype or frostwire.....pffft11:31
sstaugc: if you feel it's better for YOU then by all means backup the entire system.  I don't tend to do it that way is all11:31
=== starlon is now known as bloatlon
WhiskeyI wanne now how to login to the console11:31
Whiskeyand not get a new session started11:31
Whiskeyi try to goolge lake crazy but i don´t find how to do it11:32
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
ugcwell, I would listen to you, after all backup all the system take me a long period of time.11:32
WhiskeyWhat you mean11:32
=== bloatlon is now known as starlon
wondermanugc just backup what you want11:32
ugcWhiskey: you installed xdrp on you machine?11:33
ugcand you want to remote control?11:33
ugcam i right/11:33
mbroekerWhiskey, CTRL-ALT-F2 switches to console, ALT-F7 or ALT-F8 switches back to gui11:33
ugcwonderman: ok, then home will be best.11:33
theadminmbroeker: I don't think that ttys would work over xrdp...11:33
sstaugc: I have a cronjob that rsyncs $HOME to the fileserver every 8 hours....plus I have /etc in subversion.11:33
wondermanlike i said :)11:33
mbroekertheadmin, good point :)11:33
jasonmsphey all.  Every so often things plugged into my USB ports dissapear.  When I do an lsusb they don't show up either.  Is there a way to reset the USB ports to find what it plugged into them?11:33
ugcand wonderman: i always use tar unity to backup?11:34
Whiskeyi wanne have it to login to console by defult11:34
viktor133how can you monitor the temp of your processor (or any hardware)?11:34
bahamashello. I'm trying to connect to a jabber sever with the default client that comes with ubuntu 11.40, but I get a network error. can anyone tell me how I can debug this to see where the error comes from?11:34
wondermanugc i just copy to an external the files i need, if you are that worried about your system, do what ssta said and setup a cron to do it for you11:34
Whiskeymbroeker, none of those work ether11:34
ugcWhiskey: you want to your machine boot into consol by default?11:34
n2diyI have a PDF file I want to give to some club members, is there a quick way to scan it for viruses before I do so?11:35
Whiskeythe xRDP11:35
sstan2diy: viruses in a pdf file?  Umm...do such exist?11:35
theadminWhiskey: y u no use ssh :/11:35
ugcwonderman: i wonder weather tar can achieve increse backup?11:35
theadminssta: Definetly, PDF are almost as dangerous for Windows as exe are11:35
mbroekerbahamas, do you use your own jabber server?11:36
Whiskeyin Windows you do /console or /admin to login to console11:36
n2diyssta, yes, I just googled it.11:36
theadminn2diy: Try this place: www.virustotal.com11:36
Whiskeybut i don´t find anyway to do that whit xRDP11:36
ugcWhiskey: well, xRDP is used for X window, means remote x login?11:36
bahamasmbroeker: the company I work for11:36
n2diytheadmin, thanks.11:36
sstaseriously?  pdf are largely just encapsulated postscript.  The mind boggles...11:36
Whiskeywhat do you mean11:36
ugcWhiskey: your problem seems to be impossible.11:36
Whiskeyso its not possible then?11:36
mbroekerbahamas, we too: we use pidgin and the jabber client must use the IP of the server as the connection server11:37
Whiskeythe program i have in crontab11:37
ugcWhiskey: I mean xRDP is used for remote desktop control, not consol.11:37
Whiskeyare not them supose to start11:37
Whiskeyand i don´t have to login to make them start11:37
FloodBot1Whiskey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:37
ugcWhiskey: but you can login desktop first, and then start a gnome terminal.11:37
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - cpu-freq-plugin does not take any effect to frequency - any solution?11:38
Whiskeyugc im not sure i undertsand what you mean11:38
bahamasmbroeker: I'm using empathy though.11:38
bahamasand I don't understand why the domain name wouldn't work. the client should be able to do a DNS lookup11:39
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - cpu-freq-plugin does not take any effect to frequency - any solution?11:39
MonkeyDust!repeat | raven11:40
ubotturaven: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:40
viktor133is there a command or anything to monitor the temp of your system?11:40
tumppu_lm-sensors and then command sensors11:41
=== bot__ is now known as BuDuS
ugchi, is there anyone who installed android in ubuntu?11:42
ugcin virtual machine.11:43
ugcmine can't connect to network11:43
ugci am using androidx8611:43
ugcor any hint would be perfect.11:43
oCeanugc: /join #android11:44
ikoniaugc: saying "won't work" isn't helpful, you need to explain the problem if you want help.11:44
ugcoCean: thanks11:45
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - cpu-freq-plugin does not take any effect to frequency - any solution?11:45
ugcikonia: i installed androidx86 in kvm, and in virtual android system, i can't connect to the network11:45
ugcand i enter the ethnet config, it won't let me do that/11:46
ikoniaugc: ok, so you need to vierfy your networking and bridging setup at the host/guest level, then move up to the OS level.11:46
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - cpu-freq-plugin does not take any effect to frequency - any solution?11:49
ugcikonia: i checked that out, it is NAT ed11:50
MonkeyDustugc  change NAT to bridged11:51
korukorraven: #xubuntu or #xfce11:51
ugcMonkeyDust: ok, let me try.11:51
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
katesmith/join #outhouse11:53
katesmithoh sorry11:54
katesmiththat is a great chat room i go to anyways11:54
ugcMonkeyDust: i am afraid, afraid11:54
ugci used to do it once more, and then the network unavailable11:54
Guinness2702Network/Routing question.  I want to route all packets whose destination is port X to something other than the default route, but leave others going that way.  How can I do that?11:57
rootkitubuntu is kinda bloated11:58
rymate1234rootkit: how is it bloated?11:59
Guinness2702Please do not feed the troll12:00
Guinness2702okay, he left :D12:00
AmpelbeinGuinness2702: iptables can do that (and more)12:03
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
Guinness2702Ampelbein, Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how to do it :)12:03
Guinness2702I just found something on google about prerouting12:04
Guinness2702found a page which says "iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -j MARK --set-mark 1"12:04
Guinness2702but wtf is "MARK"12:04
oCeanGuinness2702: please don't use acronyms such as wtf here, thanks12:05
sabgentonwhats better to install PrecisePangolin alpha 2 or the daily builds?12:05
oCeansabgenton: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion12:05
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:06
vegguhi guys , i have an issue that I am unable to set the desktop visual effects to extra as it says that there is no graphic drivers and lspci tells me that there is a intel graphics driver12:07
sabgentonalso if I want to send bug reports on unstable wifi drivers am I better making it for PrecisePangolin or oneiric12:07
vegguplease help12:08
sabgentonwhat is more helpfull to devs?12:08
X30Ncorehi, I need to know a good tool for finding the airtime balance on a GSM 3G mobile device12:08
AmpelbeinGuinness2702: mark is used in routes, but you don't need them: "iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -p tcp -m tcp --dport <<<PORT>>> -j ROUTE --oif <<<INTERFACE>>>"12:09
AlanBellveggu: what version of Ubuntu, how old is the computer, what is the exact line from lspci for the vga card?12:09
Guinness2702Ampelbein, cool, thanks12:09
vegguAlanBell:  i am using ubuntu 10.10 , i have a hp dv6 laptop and the lspci o/p is as follows  :12:10
vegguAlanBell: 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge DRAM Controller (rev 09) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge PCI Express Root Port (rev 09) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)12:10
n3uron_veggu, pastebin ~~12:10
alexx188does anybody connect the pluto-p board to emc2?12:11
Guinness2702Ampelbein, I'm gonna guess that won't rewrite the source address - What I really need is for packets to come back the other way too12:11
veggun3uron_:  pastebin  ~~ 00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge DRAM Controller (rev 09) 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge PCI Express Root Port (rev 09) 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09) 00:16.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Cougar Point HECI Controller #1 (rev 04) 00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation Cougar Point USB12:11
AlanBelln3uron_: one line doesn't need to be pastebinned!12:12
AlanBellveggu: that seems a reasonably new laptop and sensible chipset, it should just work12:12
alexx188does anybody see me?12:13
n3uron_Im running in smaller scale AlanBell, sorry if it was 1 line.12:13
AlanBell!ask | alexx18812:13
ubottualexx188: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:13
vegguAlanBell: even i taught the same but nothing is happening..12:13
vegguAlanBell:  is there anyway by which i can actually install the drivers manually ?12:14
AlanBellveggu: I think it might be that it is too new for 10.10, the sandy bridge chipset was rather new then, perhaps try a live cd of 11.10 (or even 12.04 if you want to test the one in development)12:15
vegguAlanBell: ok12:16
hoijuii am using ubuntu (XFCE) on netbook with the typically small screen (1024x600), and evolution is just unusable here12:18
AlanBellveggu: there are some PPAs with backports of newer drivers, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/58376/how-do-i-install-the-intel-hd-3000-video-driver for reference, looks like it might work best if you have a 32bit install and is a bit experimental12:18
hoijuiwhy is it the default email client?12:18
hoijuipractically every dialog is too large in height12:18
AmpelbeinGuinness2702: Well, if you want another source address, you'd need a "--continue" at the end of the prerouting and a new POSTROUTING with '-A POSTROUTING -p tcp -m tcp --dport <<<PORT>>> -j SNAT --to <<<NEWIPADDRESS>>>12:18
Guinness2702Ampelbein, I get "iptables v1.4.4: unknown option `--oif'"12:18
hoijuiand there are no scrollbars12:18
AmpelbeinGuinness2702: Oh, right, I think Ubuntu doesn't have that patch. Let me check.12:18
hoijuiit is only soso usable using Alt+dragging12:19
AlanBellhoijui: that is a longstanding bug, bug 8629 and various re-reports of it12:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 8629 in Evolution "Evolution setup wizard does not fit in 800x600" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/862912:19
AlanBellhoijui: the default email client is now thunderbird12:19
hoijuiahh k :D nice, and thanks12:19
Linthoijui, that's gtk for you12:19
bazhangLint, no it's not. it's a bug12:20
hoijuiwill use thunderbird too then12:20
AlanBellhoijui: it is actually probably quite easy to fix, I looked into it ages and ages ago, there is a wizard class somewhere that has a fixed height and it throws everything out and doesn't rescale and grow scrollbars.12:20
hoijuimmm ok :-)12:21
hoijuithey lazy?12:21
AlanBellno, they just have bigger screens than you :)12:21
hoijuii mean.. netbook users are.. many, these days12:21
AlanBellanyone can fix it, if motivated to do so12:22
hoijuian email client just cant afford to ignore that12:22
hoijuiyeah.. ;-)12:22
hoijuiif it would be java, i'd do it12:23
AlanBellthere are a bunch of patches to make it fit, and a lot of the dialogs do now fit, take a screenshot of the one that doesn't and file a bug about it12:23
AlanBellsee comment #32 onwards for my thoughts on the matter in 2009 :)12:24
hoijuii just updated my ubuntu, and the main config dialog and the add-account dialogs fail12:24
purplefooldoes anyone know anything about a engts450 graphics card?  having trouble getting a decent screen resolution12:25
hoijuiso i guess the patches are not yet released12:25
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
Ben64purplefool: sounds like a nvidia card, so you should just use the Hardware Drivers dialog to install the nvidia drivers12:26
=== exoplanet is now known as daswort
joker400hi all of you12:28
AlanBellhoijui: yeah, years ago, dunno if they have fallen out or some other dialogs have grown too big, but on an actuall 1024x600 screen most of it should fit12:29
pooltablehi help can i run to torrent programs at the same time ?12:30
bazhangpooltable, why would you need to12:30
Lint*eight* years, lol12:31
bazhangLint, ?12:31
pooltablebazhang i running q torrent but some torrent just do not load just keep in checking mode how do i fix it ?12:31
hoijuiAlanBell, ok... strange :/ it does not, here.12:31
hoijuialso even if it would.. htere are no scrollbars where there should be some12:32
hoijuiand hte defautl open larger then what fits on screen, which also never should happen12:32
hoijuicant make them smaller12:32
hoijuibut i switched to thunderbord now, and it seems to do it right :/12:32
hoijuiaehh :-)12:32
bazhangpooltable, have you tested any other torrent clients with those same torrents12:33
pooltablebazhang that what i want to do now12:33
bazhang!torrent | pooltable here's a list12:34
ubottupooltable here's a list: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P12:34
pooltablebazhang i am testing ktorrent12:34
koffeehaushi, does anyone remember the command line of gconf path to set your real name on the panel instead of username?12:34
koffeehausi meant command line OR gconf path12:35
oCeankoffeehaus: system/indicator/me I think? (from memory, as I'm not using gnome)12:37
aptgetter232Hello. I am trying to install a Canon Pixma MG5150 printer on Ubuntu using the MG5100 series CUPS driver, but when I print Ubuntu tells  me "Rendering Complete", but the printer doesn't output anything. What shall I do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks..12:38
magmais it possible to reinstall ubuntu via command line?12:40
koffeehausoCean : i've just checked it isn't there :(12:40
StevenRmagma: you can do a CLI install12:40
koffeehausoCean omgubuntu did an article on it, but they seem out atm12:41
magma~what is CLI?12:41
StevenRmagma: what do you want to achieve? (building a headless server) ? CLI is Command Line Interface12:41
oCeankoffeehaus: I found this one: http://blog.mypapit.net/2011/05/remove-username-memenu-ubuntu-natty-1104.html12:41
trijntjeHi all, I want to enable middle button emulation on oneiric. How can I enable this permanently?12:41
koffeehausoCean : no waaay!! i don't have that path on my gconf-editor. weird12:44
monsterripperHi there, I'm doing a lot of Documentation with Druif for Lubuntu (Worxin' off these http:/goo.gl/v5IMJ )12:44
aptgetter232Hello. I am trying to install a Canon Pixma MG5150 printer on Ubuntu using the MG5100 series CUPS driver, but when I print Ubuntu tells  me "Rendering Complete", but the printer doesn't output anything. What shall I do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks..12:45
koffeehausoCean - maybe it;s coz i'm using maverick, not natty12:45
monsterripperHi there, I'm doing a lot of Documentation with Druif for Lubuntu (Worxin' off these http://goo.gl/v5IMJ )12:45
bazhangmonsterripper, whats the question12:45
koffeehausoCean - no wait i also have elementary OS which also a 10.10 and it works there. ah never mind i'll leave as it is then12:45
oCeankoffeehaus: heh, ok12:45
koffeehausoCean thnx anyways12:46
monsterripperbazhang: No Qu.. Just spreading the gispell ...12:46
NyLescan someone help ? :(12:47
bazhangNyLes, with what12:47
NyLesi really want to use Ubuntu, but the problem is my video card has bugs with the latest driver12:48
NyLesmy video card is fine with Puppy Linux, how will i get the drivers there? is it possible?12:48
NyLesplease help me bazhang, I really want to use Ubuntu..12:50
oCeanmonsterripper: this is not the place to do so12:50
bazhangNyLes, whats the graphics card12:50
pooltablebazhang ktorresnt is working just fine with one of the torrent thanks12:50
neil1anyone overcame problems with widescreen laptop and radeon graphics card on a toshiba laptop?12:51
NyLesbazhang, NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 its an old video card..12:51
katesmith/join ##aspiefriends12:52
neil1it looks like it is going to load, but i get a blank screen12:52
bazhangNyLes,  and you tried the additional drivers?12:52
katesmithi will stick with windows12:52
NyLesadditional drivers? im not aware of sorry..12:53
oCeankatesmith: fine, no need to share here12:53
katesmithi will keep my viruses , i tried to learn ubuntu but i have failed at it badly12:53
oCeankatesmith: chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.12:54
bazhangNyLes, check in system settings12:54
purplefoolBen64, lol...that is what i have been trying for over a day now...have reinstalled system but no joy.  found solution in xorg.conf and trying that now12:56
randomnewbIs there a way to extract zip files with foreign file names without the file names being garbled?12:57
cloudgeekproblem while installing and configuring mrtg12:58
neil1Anyone know of good support sites for laptop ubuntu issues?13:00
danileigh79Neil what6's the issue?13:00
NyLesbazhang, ok sir I will check on it.. thanks for your time..13:01
danileigh79neil1: What is the issue?13:02
neil1Dani, trying to boot from livecd and screen goes.  I can get to purple loading screen with "nomodeset" option ticked but after the welcome chime screen is blank again13:02
danileigh79neil1: tried a clean install on USB?13:03
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:03
neil1Yup, also tried going from USB with same result.  Thinking driver issue?  Also, laptop is widescreen.13:03
danileigh79neil1: what was original os on lappy?13:04
neil1Windows 713:04
danileigh79neil1: what driver/grpahics card you got?13:05
NyLesbazhang, how will I get there? If even from the live cd, my video card is not working?13:05
NyLesit's just blank13:06
neil1Dani, Its a Radeon card I think.  Processor is AMD dual core graphics.  Make sense?13:06
danileigh79Neil, sounds like driver not supported... may need to reinstall Win, then do side by side Ubuntu install13:07
NyLesneil1, i think we have the same problem but mine has something to do with the drivers, i hope danileigh79 can help me too :(13:07
neil1So it's most likely a driver issue?  Would using Windows to update drivers as a first step be sensible?  I don't have a backup disk for Windows 7 so would hope not to have to reinstall it13:08
* Lint wonders why ubuntu doesn't defaults to VGA modes in that case13:09
=== zerocool is now known as Guest35460
=== shadowh511 is now known as sh511-zZz
danileigh79neil1: meditate on this I must, return shortly I will13:09
NyLesneil1, thanks for the idea of nomodeset, its just boots perfectly but still my video card is not working..13:09
danileigh79I'm a geek13:09
NyLesbazhang, still there?13:10
neil1NyLes - frustrating isn't it!?  But maybe forcing a VGA mode might help...13:10
=== root is now known as Guest76109
mgolischneil1: did you try selecting another mode from the cds boot menu?13:12
neil1mgolisch - how would I do that?  I've read somewhere there is a safe mode bu it isn't clear to me how to select it13:13
NyLesneil1, yeah its realy frustrating, forcing a VGA mode? how is it done? will it be just fine? nomodeset results with a resolution of 640 x ***  i think..13:13
neil1NYLes - if you hit f6 and type in VGA=778 at the end of the line I got to a helpful screen listing out all available screen res13:14
mgolischneil1: selecting anything there doenst make it work?13:15
neil1Mgolisch, when I hit f4 I get choice of modes: normal, use driver update disc or oem install.  Not sure the last two are really what I'm after but let me know your thoughts13:16
danileigh79_2neil1: try this link   http://askubuntu.com/questions/79416/black-screen-after-installing-ubuntu-11-10-amd-64-altenate-radeon-graphics-card13:17
NyLesneil1, I see, so if I choose there a higher resolution, it will fit?13:17
neil1I tried that, it didn't work for me... but I would give it a go anyway13:17
intokany recommendations on an NES emulator that supports Game Genie and has remappable controls? Already tried GFCE Ultra and Mendnafen, both have a terrible UI...13:17
UrBanyone here with fully functional bluetooth on ubuntu 11.10 (polling to see if it's even possible :D)13:18
mgolischUrB: what do you mean by fully functional?13:18
UrBI banged my head with that long enough to update to 12.04 in hope it would be fixed there, but now I just have new wall to bang head against :)13:18
UrBmgolisch: can pair, can send files both ways, can stream audio13:19
UrBI can't do any of those13:19
UrBjust started to eliminate possible causes, but this is tedious as hell13:19
mgolischi only have a mice here, i can pair with it and it works after that13:20
NyLescan someone help me too? bazhang seems AFK :(13:20
mgolischneil1: no meant that vga option, like teling it to use a different resolution13:20
danileigh79NyLes: try the link I sent to neil113:20
mgolischneil1: but its probably a problem with x11 , if your screen gets blank it probably does something wrong talking to the card when x11 starts13:20
UrBI guess there is no shorcut to this one - I must learn to understand the hcidump output :)13:21
NyLesdanileigh79, mine is different, I have an old video card that has bugs with latest drivers..13:21
danileigh79NyLes: What vcard?13:21
NyLesdanileigh79, it works perfectly under Puppy Linux.. NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 40013:22
chidis there anyway to bind the hotkey for the ctrl+pg up , pg up (while control is still pressed) combination?13:22
n2diyhow do you square a number in gnumeric?13:22
chidusually with the second part (when control is still pressed it sends just a pg up rather than ctrl+pg up hotkey)13:22
chidn2diy: either ** or ^ or pow13:23
n2diychid, thanks, what's pow?13:23
NyLesdanileigh79 - now I can try Live CD because of the nomodeset.. without it, its just a black screen..13:23
chidpower(x,y) = x^y13:23
chidAlso, I'm wondering how I could bind a hotkey for switching a window to another monitor13:24
NyLesdanileigh79 - bazhang told me to try additional drivers under system but it says no proprietary drivers are in use..13:24
danileigh79NyLes: Are you trying this in a clean install of 11.10?13:24
mgolischthe card is probably too old to be supported by the nvidia drivers included in ubuntu13:24
danileigh79NyLes: the card is too old13:25
mgolischgeforce 2 mx400 that must be almost 10 years old or so :)13:25
n2diychid, ok, ^ worked.13:25
danileigh79mgolisch: older...13:25
yeatsNyLes: have you tried using 10.04?  That would be the oldest release still in support (and it's a good one IMHO)13:25
BiscuitBurpDon't dis da geforce 2 man13:25
chidthat's good n2diy13:26
=== enrique is now known as Guest73166
NyLesdanileigh79, mgolisch - so there's no way I can get this to work? yeah the card is too old I am aware of it..13:26
mgolischNyLes: install an older version of ubuntu or try to get it working using the nv driver13:26
NyLesyeats, I'm using 10.10 right now, i'll try your suggestion, I hope it works..13:27
yeatsNyLes: I had a similar dilemma recently with an older ATI card - upgrading the card was the only solution13:27
NyLesmgolisch how would I do that?13:27
danileigh79NyLes: Install 10.04, once in 10.04. try upgrading the driver, then try upgrading to 10.10, then 11.04, if the issue occurs again, it simply means your card is not supported in 11.1013:27
NyLesyeats - oh :( but I can't just  buy a latest card because my monitor have different pins,,13:27
NyLesits from Sony13:27
mgolischNyLes: different pins?13:28
danileigh79Sorry if I don't make a lot of sense right now, still n my first cup of coffee13:28
danileigh79mgolisch: Sony uses proprietary connectors on some of their older monitors13:29
BiscuitBurpNyLes: What sony are you using?  Model13:29
NyLesdanileigh79 ok ill try that but now I'm using 10.10 and its already not supported :(13:29
chidis there a hotkey for switching a window to another monitor?13:29
danileigh79NyLes: then may have to roll back even further to 10.0413:30
NyLesmgolisch its not like the usual ones..13:30
yeatsNyLes: 10.10 is about to go out of support in April - 10.04 will be supported until next April13:30
yeatsjust FYI13:30
NyLesBiscuitBurp SONY PCV-LX55/BP13:30
CharminTheMooseHow can I remove plymouth from my initrd totally?13:30
yeatsso what may feel like a step backwards buys you a year (if it works) ;-)13:31
Ben64aren't there old versions of nvidia drivers13:31
NyLesyeats thanks for the info, I will now download it.13:31
Ben64nvidia-96 - NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library13:31
danileigh79Ben64: Yes, but support for them doesn't always occur in new releases of Ubuntu13:31
NyLesdanileigh79 can I just use the terminal to download and install the older driver? o13:32
mgolischNyLes: the nvidia-96 should support the mx40013:33
NyLesmgolisch can I do it even on the latest Ubuntu?13:33
danileigh79NyLes: you got me, I've never tried to rollback a graphics driver, considering my laptop has current graohics technology13:34
mgolischNyLes: 10.10 still has it, not idea about newer versions13:34
Ben64looks like my 12.04 still has it too13:34
gogo_hi can I set top left corner to have 0,0 coordinates in inkscape? I am designing a game in Ubuntu and cant find a way to do this :(13:35
mgolischNyLes: if the driver installation thing doesnt detect it try installing the driver manualy using apt/synaptic etc13:36
intokany recommendations on an NES emulator that supports Game Genie and has remappable controls? Already tried GFCE Ultra and Mendnafen, both have a terrible UI...13:38
danileigh79intok, this is an ubuntu support channel, google NES emulator for linux for a list of avaialblbe emulators13:39
oiyouhi, trying to ping my ubuntu from windows, on my lan, and it works for like 5min and then doesnt for 5min and goes through this loop of on and off. I have checked, when i cant, both machine still have connection. any ideias where the prob is?13:39
NyLesmgolisch, i think it does detect the driver the problem is the driver is latest.. my video card even in Windows has problems with latest drivers.. the video card only works with windows XP no service pack..13:40
randomnewbHow do I properly extract zip files with foriegn character encoding?13:40
mgolischcan you select an older version in the driver thing?13:40
NyLesmgolisch I will download first 10.04 as the support is extended till next year13:40
NyLesmgolisch what do you mean?13:41
mgolischi can select between different versions of the nvidia driver in that driver thing13:42
intokdanileigh79 it's still semi ubuntu related, maybe a repo maintainer is reading and will swap the crap emulators that are currently in the repos for something that is more usable13:42
NyLesmgolisch I thought what you're pertaining to is when booting lol.. what is that driver thing?13:42
yeatsNyLes: mgolisch: "driver thing" = "Additional Drivers" aka jockey-gtk13:43
danileigh79intok, go to zophar.net look for emulators for unix/linux on right... now, stfu about emulatord13:43
bazhangdanileigh79, never say that here.13:43
mgolischtheres a cmdline version too that you could probably use from ssh in your installed ubuntu13:44
NyLesyeats thanks for that lol.. mgolisch I can only boot when nomodeset is on.. when I tried Additional Drivers it says "no Proprietary driver is in use"13:44
danileigh79intok: I'm sorry for losing my temper, I use FCEUX13:45
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/33655/best-nes-emulator intok13:46
mgolischNyLes: it probably fails to detect the card then if it doenst allow you to select a driver there13:46
bazhangdanileigh79, and it's perfectly on topic here to ask about apps13:46
mgolischyou can just install it using apt and change your xorg.conf to use the nvidia driver13:46
danileigh79bazhang: I've been kicked for asking about cross platform apps13:46
oiyouhi, trying to ping my ubuntu from windows, on my lan, and it works for like 5min and then doesnt for 5min and goes through this loop of on and off. I have checked, when i cant, both machine still have connection. any ideias where the prob is?13:46
NyLesmgolisch I think so.. how would I do that? can i do that even in nomodeset option?13:47
NyLesmgolisch  i think nomodeset option has something to do why additional driver doesn't detect my card13:47
bloodyskiesdoes anyone have any experience of booting ubuntu from an SD card but with GRUB installed on the HDD?13:48
mgolischusing nomodeset can you complete the installation? if yes you would just do that stuff afterwards in your installed ubuntu13:48
bloodyskiesI don't know what nomodeset is?13:49
bloodyskiesat the moment, the installer doesn't see my SD card, just the HDD13:49
icerootbloodyskies: see #lubuntu13:49
=== BiscuitBurp is now known as Wabs
NyLesmgolisch - yeah I can complete that installation with that, so after then, I will install my driver using apt and change the xorg.conf? will I be able to do that in nomodeset?13:50
bloodyskies thanks13:50
mgolischNyLes: if that allows you to see something on your screen yes13:51
danileigh79I have a Mad Catz 4716 wired XBox controller, but can't find a driver for linux online, any suggestions?13:51
NyLesmgolisch yeah thats the only way I can access my desktop, I will try it thanks.. but I will use 10.04 instead :)  Thanks again..13:51
mgolischNyLes: yeah do that13:51
NyLesmgolisch are you always online here?13:54
aptgetter232Hello. I am trying to install a Canon Pixma MG5150 printer on Ubuntu using the MG5100 series CUPS driver, but when I print Ubuntu tells  me "Rendering Complete", but the printer doesn't output anything. What shall I do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks..13:54
mgolischNyLes: yeah13:54
NyLesmgolisch I'll be back after I download and install 10.04, I hope you help me ^^ thanks again, live chat is always the best..13:55
ylmfos_I am a fresh on Linux13:55
neil1I think I'm going to try the alternate text bases installer and see if I can then sort the video from there.13:56
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
bc81aptgetter232: try using a few different drivers if you have the time..i have a pixma MP470, but it will only have basic printing functionality when using the MP150 driver.  weird huh?  i'll not be buying any more canon products14:01
bc81aptgetter232: that, or set up a windows XP virtualbox and install the windows drivers into it14:02
aptgetter232And, one more question. When I want to share the printer, how can I use the proprietary drivers to communicate with the LPD server?14:03
mjk5Hello to all can someone help with embedded sound card(realtek) on Ubuntu 11.10 x64 where i dont have any sound?14:09
mgolischmjk5: does it detect the card?14:09
oiyouhi, trying to ping my ubuntu from windows, on my lan, and it works for like 5min and then doesnt for 5min and goes through this loop of on and off. I have checked, when i cant, both machine still have connection. any ideias where the prob is?14:10
mjk5mgolish: no no detection at all14:10
mgolischmjk5: aplay -l does not list it?14:10
mjk5aplay -l returns device_list:240: no soundcards found...14:10
mgolischmjk5: what soundcard is that?14:10
mjk5is a realtek on board14:11
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shenmuegreetings. question about ffmpeg. when using the -map video and audio are encoded in the order in which listed?14:11
mjk5i used to have aproblem because i couldnt have 5.1 sound and in a tutorial i followd a guide to update alsa drivers from realtek and after that i have no sound card14:11
=== root is now known as Guest59770
CharminTheMooseHow can I remove plymouth/framebuffer scripts + associated libs from my initrd totally?14:12
bc81oiyou: what is the command you're using to ping14:13
oiyoubc81: ping -t
oiyouthats a local static ip to my ubuntu machine14:14
OpTiC_LoRdHey everybody14:16
bc81oiyou: ok, i'm not too good with networking, but what if you try ping -c 1 instead..is that the same thing?14:16
oiyou-t just pings until i press ctrl-c14:17
=== OpTiC_LoRd is now known as OpTiC----L33T
oiyouI suppose its the same14:17
=== OpTiC----L33T is now known as Optic__Nerves
Optic__Nervesping oiyou14:18
bc81oiyou: maybe your router is interperting that as a ping flood or so?14:18
Wabsoiyou: what is the response you get when it stops work.  Destination not reachable, time out???14:18
oiyoudestination unreachable14:18
oiyoudestination host unreachable14:19
Wabsoiyou have you tried the same thing but to your router?14:19
danileigh79Does anyone know how I can get an MadCatz 4716 XBox controller to work on Ubuntu 11.10?14:19
Wabsor switch14:19
bc81oiyou: so you want to constantly ping the machine?  then just use ping 1.2.etc14:19
bc81oops, ping 192.etc14:19
oiyouyeah ping works there on both machines14:19
oiyouto the router14:19
oiyouIm abit of a noob, my stupid guess is the router is jumping from ip4 to ip6 to ip4, is this possible?14:20
oiyouive turn of ip6 on both machines network cards14:21
oiyoubut havent done anything on the router accept give internal static ips to both machinjes14:21
bc81oiyou: may i ask what is the purpose of constantly pinging a machine on your LAN?14:22
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=== mint is now known as c31r2g
oiyoulol, i got vnc, vpn and ssh on ubuntu set up, works some times and then doesnt, not very reliable, tried pinging and thought it would be easier to ask the question in the form of ping error14:23
MonkeyDustoiyou  is it wireless?14:24
MonkeyDustsame issue with cable?14:24
oiyouhavent tried14:25
MoseleyAnyone able to get screen rotation working?14:25
MonkeyDustoiyou  ethernet is more stable than wifi14:25
MoseleyUsing 11.10 on an ECOMANI w/ Intel Atom & Nvidia ION14:26
oiyoucant really go for that option, as i said, both machines always have access to router throughout this process, just not each other14:27
MonkeyDustoiyou  sounds like a wifi issue to me14:27
oiyoujust one last thing, you dont think its anything to do with forwarding ports on the router?14:30
WabsI would not think so oiyou that should be for out comingin14:30
OerHeksoiyou, local you need no portforwarding.14:30
MonkeyDusto/ OerHeks14:31
OerHekso/ MonkeyDust14:31
oiyoui will try getting a wire connection, but got the feeling its like this stupid option on the router like power save mode or something lool thanks anyways guys14:32
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demifurorhey guys, im really struggling with cairo dock, sometimes when i click the logout button, the dock just disappears and nothing happens. any ideas what copuld be causing this?14:36
=== smf is now known as smallfoot-
CharminTheMooseHow can I remove plymouth/framebuffer scripts + associated libs and video modules from my initrd totally?14:38
freenonIn a console window, is there a key combination to delete the last argument instead of just the last character (BACKSPACE)?14:40
MonkeyDustfreenon  there is, moment14:41
freenonMonkeyDust: Exactly what I needed, and even more! Many thanks :D14:43
mjk5Is anybody can help me with no sound?14:44
* royale1233 drinks cofee14:45
freenonmjk5: ask your question and if someone can help, you will probably get an answer.14:46
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
freenonMonkeyDust: Alt + F does not work, it opens the File menu instead. Does it work for you?14:48
mjk5i have a problem with my onboard sound card (Realtek) i have no sound on ubuntu 11.10 x6414:49
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
freenonmjk5: is this a new problem? Did it work before?14:50
zgrwhy ubuntu is using such an ancient version of coreutils?14:50
pksadiqfreenon: on tty the last word can be deleted using C-w14:50
greenglueI have a question about GRUB bootloader on Ubuntu server 11.1014:50
freenonpksadiq: thanks, I already found that in the link MonkeyDust provided :)14:50
greenglueWhere is the "grub.conf" file to add OpenVZ's kernel to?14:50
freenongreenglue: /boot/grub ?14:51
greengluefreenon, but where can I edit the GRUB kernel selection screen's items? I am trying to add OpenVZ to the kernel...14:52
=== phenom_ is now known as phenom
damo22zgr: it seems its more focused on eye candy than basic tools14:52
rlyIs there some way to optimize my file system such that it boots Ubuntu in a _reasonable_ amount of time?14:52
freenongreenglue: sorry, no idea. there's #grub also, if you don't get an answer here.14:52
MonkeyDustrly  preload14:53
rlyIt currently takes over 3 minutes to boot.14:53
freenonMonkeyDust: that won't help with boot time, to the contrary.14:53
MonkeyDustit helps for me14:53
rlyIt is a midrange IntelCore2Duo but it has a normal (laptop) harddisk.14:53
freenonrly: check your autostart programs System>Preferences>Startup APplications14:53
freenoncheck if there's anything in there you do not need.14:54
kyoushuuHow could I download files in IRC using Empathy? I tried in XChat, but it has a bug.14:54
mjk5freenon i had teribble sound and not 5.1 soround before so i followed a guide in order to activate the 5.1 sound and after that no sound at all14:54
zgrdamo22: maybe it somehow related to debian14:54
damo22zgr: they do backport security patches to older versions afaik14:55
mjk5freenon: i had teribble sound and not 5.1 soround before so i followed a guide in order to activate the 5.1 sound and after that no sound at all14:56
aaa_when i try to open a zip file with hebrew files inside, instead of the the hebrew letters, i see boxes with the 0x codes.how can i fix it?14:56
MonkeyDustaaa_  install the appropriate font type ?14:57
freenonaaa_: Install a font that can display Hebrew characters.14:57
aaa_in the fiels manager i can see hebrew just fine14:57
bsilwalHi, I am not able to type # into my Ubuntu VM Terminal. I am using Virtual Box with Mac as Host. Can anyone please help me.14:57
aaa_file manager*14:57
wizaanyone got imon ffdc working on precise? can't get any output to come to anywhere, ir-keytable or syslog.14:57
MonkeyDustaaa_  "ttf-sil-ezra - smart Unicode font for Hebrew"14:58
Lintaaa_, what are first two digits in that boxes?14:59
MonkeyDustrly  http://www.unixmen.com/speed-up-your-linux-application-loading-time-with-preload/14:59
OerHekswiza, precise 12.04 is not out yet, help & questions please in #Ubuntu+115:00
aaa_MonkeyDust, what is it? the terminal doesn't know what to do with it15:00
Lintaaa_, that is a bug in archiver15:00
wizaOerHeks: k, sorry15:00
OerHekswiza np15:00
MonkeyDustaaa_  once it's installed, it is activated automatically, you don't have to do a thing15:01
marcelCcan I ask here smtg wich is not related to linux / ubuntu?15:01
Lintthe names are in hebrew codepage, but archiver expect utf-815:01
MonkeyDustaaa_  sorry, wrong nick15:02
marcelCI am coeurious if someone can suggest me a freehost service / websit15:02
MonkeyDustmy answer was about preload15:02
aaa_using "File Roller" 3.2.1, is there anything else you can recommend?15:02
theadminmarcelC: This is offtopic here, go to #ubuntu-offtopic to chat about anything but support15:02
marcelCthx theadmin15:02
kyoushuuIs it possible to download files in IRC using Empathy?15:03
sungsamhi all!15:04
oussamai using ubuntu 10.04 with gnome and kde too, but when using kde , and  i didn't touch the keyboard or the mouse the screen became black , and it's refuse to comeback, so i shutdown the computer15:04
oussamais there any solution15:04
sungsamguys, I'm getting crazy. It's not the first time this has happened to me, but this time I decided to check. I got an ext2_check_page error with bad entry in a directory. It's hard to find the unequivocal answer, but I found a trace, that I could have been hacked? Is it possible? How can I tell?15:07
aaa_i'm using "File Roller" 3.2.1, is there anything else that can open zip files with utf-8 files names?15:08
rlyMonkeyDust: I think you have no idea what you are talking about.15:08
rlysungsam: given a skilled enough hacker, it is impossible to tell.15:09
kyoushuuAnyone who could answer my question, or is there any IRC channel for ubuntu developers so that I could seek help for fixing the bug myself?15:09
icerootaaa_: unzip from the shell15:09
icerootkyoushuu: imo #ubuntu-devel15:09
iceroot!alis | kyoushuu15:09
ubottukyoushuu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:09
MonkeyDustrly  i use preload to boot and load faster, i also add vm.swappiness=10 to /etc/sysctl.conf -- works for me15:09
kyoushuuthanks, I'll try asking there...15:09
rlyMonkeyDust: the problem is that it needs tons of seeks on the harddisk.15:10
OerHekssungsam sounds like a failure on your usb-stick ?15:10
rlyMonkeyDust: you are solving a completely different problem.15:10
BooRynnShum please ? how to use shokwave player on ubuntu ?15:10
rlyMonkeyDust: what I need is an integration between the file system and the OS.15:10
MonkeyDustrly  you said "Is there some way to optimize my file system such that it boots Ubuntu in a _reasonable_ amount of time?"15:10
sungsamrly in syslog I got this mentioned error and than a lot of disconnecting and connecting between my wifi card and router(I don't know if it's normal or not, I don't check syslog that often).15:11
MonkeyDustok, now i see15:11
rlyMonkeyDust: yes, and 3 minutes is not reasonable.15:11
rlyMonkeyDust: a much slower computer booted in 30 seconds years ago.15:11
aaa_iceroot, i rarely use the terminal. isn't the any front-end gui for it?15:11
sungsamOerHeks yes, I'm using usb stick? How could you tell?15:11
icerootaaa_: i dont know, sorry15:12
rlyMonkeyDust: it is just an extreme modularization of the system which makes all this stuff extremely slow.15:12
theadminrly: I say -- disable services you don't need. NetworkManager takes ages to start on my machine for instance.15:12
ubukouhey folks.. is there anyway there something wrong the client i am using for MSN? it seems that i had my pass stolen Twice in a month ? any suggestions?15:12
icerootubukou: using ssl?15:12
rlyI think it would start in 10 seconds, if everything that I use would be in one sequential file.15:12
OerHekssungsam, ext2 is mostly used for usb devices, i suggest try fsck15:12
=== royale1243 is now known as royale1222
rlyIt is the same thing with the 'dot' files on Linux.15:13
ubukouiceroot, i am using emesene and Chromium...15:13
ikoniaOerHeks: what? ext2 is mostly used for usb devices?15:13
ikoniaOerHeks: that's nonsense, ext3 and 4 is just as well used,15:13
ubukouiceroot, is there any setting i am missing?15:13
icerootubukou: if it is not using ssl you know the reason why your password is stolen15:13
icerootubukou: luckily i am not using msn so i dont know if it is using ssl15:13
rlyThere should be special dot files support in the FS too, because it is just a waste too seek for those all the time.15:14
ubukouiceroot, i ll check the settings..15:14
sungsamOerHeks this' what's bowered me http://whitestar.linuxbox.org/pipermail/exploits/2006-November/000006.html15:14
rlyPeople don't do these things, because they think that it is not beautiful.15:14
MonkeyDustrly  if it is so rarely done, you'll have to forgive my mistake15:15
rlyMonkeyDust: it is not about forgiving.15:17
mneptokrly: this is a support channel, not a channel to rant about personal tastes. thanks.15:17
rlymneptok: who are you?15:17
rlymneptok: you sound like you don't know anything either.15:17
mneptokrly: someone reminding you of the channel rules and policies.15:17
icerootrly: you have a support question?15:17
rlymneptok: where do the rules say that pointing out what is clearly wrongly designed is forbidden?15:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:18
LjLrly: this channel is about Ubuntu technical support, everything else is offtopic.15:18
mneptokrly: says it right there15:18
rlyOk, the technical support question is: Why has it been designed in this broken way?15:18
LjLrly: that's not a support question. move it to #ubuntu-offtopic15:18
=== xrdodrx_ is now known as xrdodrx
rlyLjL: ok, it takes 3 minutes to boot Ubuntu. What can be done about that?15:19
mneptokrly: this game is really beginning to bore me. let's move on.15:19
icerootrly: debug what is causing it15:19
rlyLjL: that was the original question; I just indicated a possible solution.15:19
ikoniarly: disable uneeded services, set static IP's instead of using dhcp, etc15:19
ikoniarly: depends where the bottle neck is15:19
rlyikonia: I already use a static IP.15:19
icerootrly: there are tools for bootcharts and the processes which are running15:19
rlyiceroot: I have already done that.15:20
theadminrly: If it's Upstart troubling you, you can probably switch away to runit or systemd15:20
icerootrly: and what process is the reason?15:20
rlyiceroot: the reason it is slow is the tons of disk seeks.15:20
rlyiceroot: there is not one cause.15:20
ikoniarly: that was one suggestion, I need to know more information about where the delay is15:20
ikoniarly: where is the delay15:20
rlyikonia: it is _everywhere_.15:20
ikoniarly: you need to be specific15:20
rlyikonia: have you ever seen an optimized profile of a program?15:20
icerootrly: what is the speed of your hdd? (hdparm will tell you)15:20
ikoniarly: boot up isn't everywhere, can you expand on the root cause for the delay15:21
=== root is now known as Guest36655
icerootrly: do some testing with hdparm to get usefull results15:21
icerootrly: what ubuntu version? what filesystem? what type of hdd?15:21
rlyikonia: Ubuntu (11.10) used to boot in about 30 seconds or so.15:22
ikoniarly: not interested in what is used to do15:22
ikoniarly: I asked where the bottle neck/root cause was15:22
nishttal2has anyone been able to make sound work on macbook pro running ubuntu?15:22
rlyikonia: it seems that all disk seeks are just slower.15:22
icerootrly: do some testing with hdparm to get usefull results15:22
icerootrly: what ubuntu version? what filesystem? what type of hdd?15:22
ikoniarly: is this also true post boot ?15:22
rlyiceroot: I already said that, ext3.15:22
ikoniarly: eg: general usage, the disk seeks are slower?15:22
icerootrly: and the other questions?15:23
rlyikonia: that too.15:23
ikoniarly: ok - so the problem isn't boot up then as you first said15:23
ikoniarly: the problem is you are experiencing poor IO performance15:23
theadminrly: Are you sure your hard drive ain't failing?15:23
icerootrly: do some testing with hdparm to get usefull results!!!15:23
rlytheadmin: dmesg doesn't say so.15:23
icerootrly: dont let me repost the hdparm-part please15:23
ikoniarly: dmesg is not "the law"15:23
rlyikonia: what is?15:24
rlyiceroot: what are acceptable number for a laptop harddisk of 3 years old?15:24
mneptokrly: if all disks seeks are problematic, ensure your drive isn't failing and backup important files. then try booting to an older kernel to see if a kernel update introduced a new drive controller driver that may be the cause.15:24
ikoniarly: there isn't one thing, especially in linux which can be subjective depending on your hard disk, you'll need to use multiple tools15:24
icerootrly: 60MByte/s i guess15:24
sungsamsorry: brb15:24
ikoniarly: however, I'd fist of all try to get an idea of if it is just seek time, or poor io in general15:24
rlyWhich specific hdparm command should I run?15:25
kyoushuurly: Did you already tried using the Disk Utility application or similar?15:25
icerootrly: hdparm -T /dev/sdX15:25
rlykyoushuu: I don't remember. I will just get the device and try again.15:25
icerootrly: also -t15:25
rlyIt basically turned my very useful laptop into a piece of garbage.15:26
icerootrly: and you stil did not answer what ubuntu-version15:26
ikoniarly: focus on the problem and help you are getting rather than your rants15:26
rlyiceroot: I did already say that a long time ago.15:26
rlyikonia: search for 11.1015:26
theadminrly: Do you experience this on other OS's/distros? This is an important part.15:26
icerootrly: i dont scroll the whole chat for you15:26
rlyiceroot: search for 11.10.15:26
icerootrly: if you dont want my support, no problem15:26
ikoniarly: search what for 11.10 ?15:26
icerootrly: my supported ended here15:26
rlyiceroot: no, you claim that I didn't answer your question, which is false.15:26
ikoniarly: if you want help, answer questions, people don't always see your answers as you've psent time just ranting15:27
icerootrly: you answered my question not to me15:27
ikoniarly: if you want help, you're going to have to clarify for people who are asking questions.15:27
fil1900rly: is it me or whatever the guys tell you, you will still just point out your position and do nothing about your problem?15:27
rlytheadmin: I don't think I have it on Windows, which is also installed on it.15:27
icerootrly: you said somewhere in the chat (before i asked) 11.1015:27
magmait is possible to reinstall my ubuntu, from version 9.04 to the latest via SSH?15:27
ikoniarly: so you are using ubuntu 11.10 32/64bit ?15:27
rlytheadmin: but its FS is much smaller.15:27
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
rlytheadmin: nor do I almost never use it.15:27
rlyikonia: 6415:27
ikoniarly: 11.10 yes/no ?15:27
rlyikonia: y15:27
icerootrly: i asked you 4 questions and also told you to use hdparm15:27
ikoniarly: yes / no15:28
rlyikonia: yes15:28
chidis there a hotkey for switching a window to another monitor?15:28
ikoniarly: thank you,15:28
=== distoops_ is now known as distoops
rlyiceroot: and which one did I not answer?15:28
ikoniarly: concentrate on the support you are getting please.15:28
icerootrly: as i said, support ended, good luck15:28
rlyiceroot: apparently your trolling didn't.15:28
rlyikonia: ok15:28
rlyI will get the device now.15:28
Newbie2hello every one15:37
magmait is possible to reinstall my ubuntu, from version 9.04 to the latest via SSH?15:39
tumppu_i think you can upgrade it via terminal15:39
MonkeyDustmagma  the ssh connection will be lost during installation15:40
tensorpudding_you can't upgrade from 9.04 to 11.10 directly, since neither are LTS releases15:40
=== jack is now known as Guest97348
Croontensorpudding_ - then how to go about it?15:42
Newbie2I am running the latest ubuntu 32bit os, is it possible to move the side bar on the left side of my screen down to the bottom, if so how can I do this please ?15:43
ikoniaNewbie2: I don't believe so at this time15:44
theadminikonia: Doesn't ccsm have some settings for that?15:44
Newbie2ok thanks15:44
rlyikonia: cached reads are 1130MB/s.15:44
ikoniatheadmin: I don't know, but it's a common request and the answer is always "it's in development" so I'm assuming not15:45
theadminikonia: Ah, okay15:45
Newbie2thanks for replies :) cheers15:46
rlyWhat's the name of the disk utility tool again? Synaptic already takes ages to start.15:48
mneptokrly: hdparm?15:49
robin0800Newbie2: you can the method is somewhere in webupd8 afraid you will have to search because I can't15:49
bazhangrobin0800, he quit already15:49
tensorpudding_Croon, you reinstall15:50
c31r2ghi bazhang :)15:50
tensorpudding_Croon, or you could upgrade to 9.10, then to 10.04, then do an LTS upgrade in april when 12.04 comes out15:50
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
magicJI am running 11.10 from a Live USB stick which has the persistent option set - when I plug in my USB printer dmesg tells me that it sees the "new full speed" device, then "usbfs: USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed ..." - how do I attach a printer ?15:52
s0enkewhat could be a reason if only CPU0 is coming online again after resume from suspend-to-ram?15:53
Croontensorpudding, can i pm you ?15:53
rlyikonia: performance numbers: minimal read speed 22.4MB/s, maximum: 68.9, AVG 53.1, average access time 18.5ms.15:53
tensorpuddingno, what is it15:53
tensorpuddinghave you asked a question in the channel yet?15:54
rlyikonia: from the benchmark is also goes from 70MB/s at the start of the benchmark to 30MB/s near the end.15:54
rlyI don't see any reason for it going slower over time.15:55
rlySMART status is OK too.15:55
Croonwell i run ubuntu 9.1 and need to upgrade but i can't figure out how to15:55
auronandace!eol | Croon15:55
ubottuCroon: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:55
tensorpuddingCroon, upgrade to 10.0415:56
heloshould i be able to use unetbootin to put a ubuntu .iso onto a usb hard drive (not just a thumb drive) to do an install from?15:56
theadminCroon: The only real way is to upgrade to 10.04, then to 10.10, then to 11.04 and then to 11.10. Or to 10.04, and then wait till Precise is out and update to that.15:56
tensorpuddingCroon, open the update manager and see where it says there is a new version available, and follow the steps15:56
_MarcusHow do I reset a user's home directory?15:56
sungsamok, guys, so I asked you about my ext2 error, because I was freaking out, that I've been hacked, giving this example: http://whitestar.linuxbox.org/pipermail/exploits/2006-November/000006.html15:56
tensorpuddingthat will get you onto 10.04, which is still supported15:56
theadminhelo: Likely won't work, unetbootin is picky about devices. But you can just dd the image onto the device15:57
Croontensorpudding you see there is no GUI installed ..15:57
helotheadmin: dd an .iso onto a hard drive works?15:57
tensorpuddingthere's a tool, forget the name...15:57
rlytheadmin: have you seen my numbers?15:57
theadminCroon: sudo do-release-upgrade15:57
sungsambut if as a ubuntu user, we were hacked, how can we tell? What'd be the first clue?15:57
theadminrly: Yeah, sorry, no ideas15:57
mneptokCroon: is the system 100% up-to-date with 9.10 right now?15:57
theadminhelo: Well, yeah, something like this: dd if=ubuntu-oneiric.iso of=/dev/sdb15:57
rlytheadmin: boot time is 2.5 minutes and actually logging in to a session is an additional 40 seconds or so.15:57
Croontheadmin Command not found15:57
tensorpuddingfirst do an aptitude update, then aptitude upgrade, then do-release-upgrade, all with sudo15:58
heloi swapped motherboards and now jackd is broken, so i'm going to try reinstalling :/15:58
tensorpuddingi figure you're using ubuntu server if you don't have a gui15:58
theadminCroon: You need some package like "update-manager-core" or something like that15:58
rlyhelo: the notion of 'reinstalling' is a Windows concept.15:58
mneptokrly: previous kernel? pick through some logs?15:58
tensorpudding9.10 was a while ago, i never used that version of ubuntu15:58
Croonmneptok should be i belive15:58
rlymneptok: you do know that you are not saying anything, right?15:58
rlymneptok: your level of helpfulness could come from Eliza.15:59
helorly: i've spent at least 4 hours trying to get jackd working again... it always works after an initial install15:59
nk_redhi all.. does anyone here know a pretty application to download a site (all files as mirroring site )?15:59
helowhich would take maybe an hour15:59
heloso it's totally worth it time-wise to do it windows-style :)15:59
mneptokCroon: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo do-release upgrade15:59
mneptokCroon: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade15:59
=== Tom_Waits is now known as haylo
theadminmneptok: Point of "upgrade" followed by "dist-upgrade" is what, exactly? *scratches head*... dist-upgrade will do the same things upgrade does anyway15:59
=== mariusz is now known as grabka963
heloparticularly because i have no upper-bound guarantee on how much longer it might take for me to fix it myself16:00
sacarlsonnk_red: sounds like wget16:00
fil1900nk_red: check the wget command16:00
theadminmneptok: Except in a smarter way, but16:00
mneptoktheadmin: no, it won't.16:00
theadminmneptok: iirc dist-upgrade = upgrade + install new deps, right?16:00
fil1900nk_red: it also has a gui, which i dont remember now, but its easy to find16:00
heloi've tried purging and reinstalling all of alsa and jackd, searching for references to my old sound card, googling for similar errors (there are tons, but none in my situation and no fixes that worked)16:00
Croonit fails to get files :(16:00
nk_redI've tried a wget... does anyone get to know a better one?16:01
theadminCroon: You need to change your sources.list to point to the old-releases mirrors16:01
mneptoktheadmin: man apt-get16:01
nk_redit is even gwget that is a front-end..16:01
nk_reddidn't work as expected..16:02
sacarlsonfil1900:  nk_red  I see gwget for the gui version16:02
* Croon is lost ..16:02
mgolischnk_red: why not?16:02
theadminCroon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:02
mneptokCroon: can you pastebin the output you got, as well as the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list ?16:03
fil1900nk_red: not as expected means??16:03
Croonmneptok uhm ... i am a noob :D16:03
nk_redIt means, I use all options and couldn't download the entirely site16:03
nk_redjust a single file...16:03
mneptok!pastebin > Croon16:03
ubottuCroon, please see my private message16:03
mgolischnk_red: the frontend probably doenst support the mirror mode16:04
mgolischnk_red: use cmdline16:04
nk_redok. txs16:04
theadminmgolisch, nk_red: If you're looking for website mirroring, httrack (or webhttrack, if you want a GUI) is probably a better option altogether16:04
mneptoknk_red: wget can retrieve entire sites, but you have to be specific about what you want to recurse through16:04
sacarlsonnk_red: is that with gwget or wget?  I've even gone recursive with wget with level control16:05
macer1witam :D mam pytanko16:05
=== Guest75574 is now known as promos
nk_redno.. it's with gwget16:05
macer1jeśli mam odpalonego screena, w nim jest attachowany inny screen to jak zdetachować ten drugi żeby tego głównego nie o.O :D?16:05
bazhangmacer1, english here, #ubuntu-pl for Polish16:06
macer1ah sorry bad channel :X16:06
macer1sorry sorry sorry16:06
macer1I was thinking I was writing on #ubuntu-pl :X16:06
ubottuscreen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen16:06
bazhangmacer1, about screen see above16:07
nk_redthanks theadmin16:07
Croonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/848734/ i think16:07
macer1If I have screen attached inside the screen how to detach the 2nd one without detaching the main one o.O :D?16:07
=== sonia is now known as Guest68771
BonerKingQuestion to all you nerds out there16:08
BonerKingcan you read CPU temp for Intel Atom processor in Ubuntu?16:09
mneptokCroon: you're connected to this machine remotely?16:09
ikoniaBonerKing: depends on if the sensors are supported models16:09
bazhang!sensors > BonerKing16:09
ubottuBonerKing, please see my private message16:09
Croonmneptok yes sir16:09
nirvanowiechi all16:09
BonerKingubottu, are you actually a bot?16:09
ubottuBonerKing: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:09
BonerKingwell you gave me the answer I was looking for16:10
BonerKingthat's pretty cool16:10
fil1900BonerKing: lol16:10
theadminBonerKing: She gives answers based on factoids16:10
haylohes a pretty smart bot16:10
theadmin!brain > BonerKing16:10
ubottuBonerKing, please see my private message16:10
mneptokCroon: OK, and there are no firewalls or such in place between this machine and the net?16:10
wunnlehow can i set Monday as start of the week on Ubuntu 11.10 calendar?16:11
Croonmneptok no clue16:11
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
theadminwunnle: That's probably locale-dependent actually16:11
BonerKingubottu, how can I cofigure Ubuntu to make me fresh coffee every time I get up16:11
ubottuBonerKing: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:11
Croonmneptok there shouldnt be16:11
bsilwalDeos applying recursive chmod will apply same permissions to the new folders created?16:12
theadminwunnle: Try changing the language to something other than "English (US)" (say, "English (UK)" or "English (Canada)"). I'm not so sure though.16:12
mneptokCroon: is this a remote host you pay for? or a community box? or what?16:12
wunnletheadmin, actually i googled it but i don't know anything about locale (file?)16:12
mneptokCroon: because the errors you see are about connecting via HTTP to the Ubuntu mirrors.16:12
theadminmneptok: (s)he's trying to upgrade from Karmic (EOL)16:12
sacarlsonBonerKing: you need some X10 modules and  a usb or other unit to drive them from ubuntu16:13
Croonmnekits mine16:13
theadminmneptok: (if that's of any help)16:13
bsilwalHow do i set permission to a directory, so that new folders created by webserver will have same permission?16:13
Croonmneptok its mine16:13
sacarlsonBonerKing: they will also turn your lights on and off at times you desire16:13
sungsamI know, you are busy, but I'll repeat myself:16:14
sungsamok, guys, so I asked you about my ext2 error, because I was freaking out, that I've been hacked, giving this example: http://whitestar.linuxbox.org/pipermail/exploits/2006-November/000006.html16:14
wunnletheadmin, now i've changed system language to english (not us) but calendar is still the same.16:14
sungsambut if as a ubuntu user, we were hacked, how can we tell? What'd be the first clue?16:14
mneptokCroon: hold on ...16:14
theadminwunnle: Try logging out and back in after doing so16:14
wunnletheadmin, ok, let me try.16:15
sacarlsonsungsam: I"ve seen attempted hacks in my logs of ssh activity16:15
sungsamHow could you tell, it was an attempted hack?16:16
mneptokCroon: OK, Karmic Koala reached EOL in April 2011.16:16
sacarlsonsungsam: after attacks were easy to see when my web index page changed and again looked at the apache2 logs to see where they had gone16:16
mneptokCroon: the repos to update it are gone.16:16
mneptokCroon: that's why you get errors about not being able to find them16:16
Croonmneptok ah okay ... then what are my options?16:16
sacarlsonsungsam: attempted I see many failed logins16:17
korukorbsilwal: umask16:17
sungsamsacarlson, sounds logic. I was more curious about a private system.16:17
=== denny_ is now known as Guest38625
wunnletheadmin, thanks, it worked.16:17
theadminwunnle: Yay! :) Actually, that was a totally random guess lol16:17
CharminTheMooseHow necessary are the /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/char/agp and /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/gpu for displaying boot splash screens? Can't vesa/vga16fb be used instead?16:17
sungsamsacarlson or anybody, how secure is UFW?16:17
sacarlsonsungsam: mine is private but it's very dependent one what ports and programs you have active16:17
erasehi, installed Google Earth 6.2 on 11.10. It crashes right after the splash screen. help!16:18
mneptokCroon: is the system broken in some way? does it mostly work for now?16:18
wunnletheadmin, well do you have any other lucky guesses about google calendar sync?16:18
sungsamsacarlson, when I nmap my LAN it always states all 1000 ports are closed.16:18
sacarlsonsungsam:  netstat -pant will tell what is listening16:18
Croonmneit works cept for one part, not importen for the system i think16:19
reberhi there. How to avoid weird chars like this : myfile_�.odt ?16:19
sacarlsonsungsam: and to be open is normaly something you must add unless pnp is active on your router then I guess anything is posible16:19
mneptokCroon: the next release in April is an LTS release. limp along, and plan for a reinstall while you wait for 12.04 to drop.16:19
Croonmneptok works cept for one part, not importen for the system i think16:19
mneptokCroon: that's what i'd do, being lazy.16:19
Croonlike me :D16:20
Croonbut then16:20
mneptokCroon: you have 2 months to prep for a reinstall.16:20
Crooni cold do it now, nothing lost if done now16:21
sacarlsonsungsam: and by the way there are about 65000 different ports as I recall16:21
mneptokCroon: LTS releases are supported for 5 years on servers. you'll have until this time in 2017 to get updates.16:21
cloudgeekhow deploy django16:21
cloudgeekwith ubuntu server16:21
cloudgeeknow right i just forword my to my static ip16:22
sungsamholly crap, I have and established connection with some weired Bulgarian ip!!16:22
mneptokCroon: and why go through installing an LTS that's still 2 months from release? might be buggy, updates every dau will kill you.16:22
sungsamin whois it says role LIR ADMIN. What deos it mean?16:22
sungsamhow can I disconnect it?16:22
danikhello guys Ive some questions that are not so technical i just cant really find answear of my questions can i pm one of u to ask u ?16:23
theadminwunnle: Nope sorry :D16:23
sacarlsonsungsam: you sure it isn't part of your irc connections?  it should also state what app is it connected to16:23
Silverliondanik, just ask away here in the chan16:24
CharminTheMooseHow necessary are the /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/char/agp and /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/gpu for displaying boot splash screens? Can't vesa/vga16fb be used instead?16:24
sungsamphew, yes it is, sorry for the panic, I couldn't see it the first time, cause it rolled the line....16:24
danikok i want to use iptable ( with that you can disable some ports and ips as far as i learned ) but when u can disable one ip to not connect to ur server that u know that ip is a attacker i mean when its late so what does iptable really do ?16:25
milen8204hello all, how can I make to start bash script when Lubuntu starts ?16:26
korukordanik: use ufw16:26
erasehi, installed Google Earth 6.2 on 11.10. It crashes right after the splash screen. help!16:27
sungsamdanik, it'd be useless, because an attacker, can change ip as easy as his MAC address. Yes, use UFW.16:27
Silverliondanik there is a private message with a link for you waiting ;)16:27
BlouBloudanik: If you want a gui for ufw, install gufw16:27
sacarlsondanik: it does a drop or whatever you ask of the iptables action filter to do.  if you want more details try #iptables16:27
___MAXHi, i try to ssh my ubuntu 1010 server but the connection is refused on port22, i remove apparmor  but no luck16:28
sacarlson___MAX: is you router set to forwart port 2216:29
daniksacarlson if i have a linux which just provide apache for a website do i still need iptables ? i mean should i close other ports ?16:29
___MAXsacalson: vm image16:29
daniksungsam thx dude16:29
___MAXsacarlson: it's VM16:30
uni4dfxWhy didn't anyone tell me that installing Linux without a swap partition is an extremely bad idea? :P16:30
sacarlsondanik: only time you need iptables filters is if you want some in and others out.  if all out just close the listiner app16:30
rumpe1uni4dfx, depends. i never use swap and have no problem with it.16:30
___MAXsacarlson: any other suggestion !16:31
goodtimehahaha i know someone who somehow uses google maps to remotely crack into other peoples machines16:31