ochosimicahg: hey, i have a list of fixes/commits for gmusicbrowser now (we talked about backporting a few important ones to oneiric a few days ago)00:14
ochosimicahg: where would you want me to put them?00:14
micahgochosi: we'll need 1 bug per issue with a test case, with one debdiff for all of them attached to one of the bugs01:48
b__anyone on?05:38
b__I'm not a dev, but I could use some help... even direction to a channel would be helpful....05:38
knomemadnick, there is one thing i'd like fixed in plymouth this cycle09:47
knomemadnick, that's the text not showing up properly, when plymouth hits fsck09:47
ochosimicahg: hm, it's three issues (google-image-search,overlay-scrollbar,mpris2-plugin), but the mpris2 has 6 commits or so, do we really need a separate bug for each of them?09:50
ochosimicahg: ok, i submitted bugreports as requested for google-image and overlay-scrollbar bugs, i subscribed you to them. please let me know about the mpris2 issue. thanks a bunch!10:02
meetingologyPokemonacer: Error: "chanserve" is not a valid command.11:57
* Pokemonacer Loves Linux11:57
PokemonAcerHow About We Have.... A Little Mouse As The Cursor?!12:01
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leo-unglaubin the current version of xubuntu the terminal looks a little bit strange18:26
leo-unglaubis there a current open bug for that?18:27
leo-unglaubor should if opne an new ticket?18:27
astraljavaleo-unglaub: What seems to be the problem in your opinion?18:29
leo-unglaubastraljava: there is no problem with the functionallity, it just the default theme with looks a little bit strage. it's just an eye candy bug. i marked the parts of the image18:30
astraljavaleo-unglaub: http://astraljava.kapsi.fi/xfce4-terminal.png18:33
astraljavaI see that the background color seems to mess with the borders a little bit, yes.18:33
astraljavaWell, you should talk to knome or ochosi about that.18:33
ochosileo-unglaub: hey18:35
ochosiwell i tried to fix that earlier already in greybird, but it's not really possible18:35
leo-unglaubastraljava: okay, thanks !!!18:35
ochosiwe decided to go for a "flat" terminal style in precise18:35
leo-unglaubochosi: hi :)18:35
ochosileo-unglaub: this is what it'll look like: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02192012-073605pm.php18:36
leo-unglaubochosi: i see18:37
ochosibut that'll also work with dark terminal-bg18:37
ochosithe scrollbar-bg simply won't match the terminal-bg anymore, but the general window-color18:37
ochosiso it won't look as integrated as before (without tabs)18:38
leo-unglaublooks good18:38
ochosiproblem is the tabs, that's an unfixable problem18:38
leo-unglaubochosi: well, i am not a designer, but is it a possibillity to make it like in pidginß18:38
leo-unglaubthe tab problem seems to be fixeed there18:39
ochosino clue what pidgin looks like, i never use that :)18:39
leo-unglaubmom, i take a screenshot18:39
ochosifeel free to send me a proposal/screenshot18:39
leo-unglaubif you use the same style, i would look great18:40
leo-unglaubin the right site there is a little gray border before the scroll bar18:40
leo-unglaubso the black background never would destroy the scroll bar18:40
ochosiwell that's just the normal scrollbar18:44
ochosiyou can easily have that by deactivating the terminal-specific theming18:44
leo-unglaubreally? where can i do thatß18:45
ochosiyou have to uncomment the line "include apps/terminal.rc" in /usr/share/themes/greybird/gtk-2.0/gtkrc18:49
ochosithen you have to restart the terminal to apply the style18:51
leo-unglaubhey, thats looks great18:51
leo-unglauband fixes my problem18:52
leo-unglaubbut, why is there a special stype for the terminal if the default looks that good?18:52
ochosiwell the original intention/idea was to have the scrollbar feel more integrated in the black terminal18:53
ochosibut it doesn't work/look well with other background18:53
ochosibut in general that's a question of taste, like with a lot of theming. i personally like about this scrollbar-style that it's not visually "in your way" as scrollbars aren't that important in terminals18:54
ochosiand it's very similar to the new resize-grip18:54
ochosi(in style)18:54
leo-unglaubwell, i have not much of an idea about styling...i am a C/C++ dev with spends most of his day in the terminal and for me scroll bars are very important to see outou from above18:55
leo-unglaubbut with the default style it looks great18:55
leo-unglaubthanks you very much !18:55
ochosileo-unglaub: if you're interested to help out with xubuntu a bit, you'd be most welcome. we don't have enough people who code19:00
leo-unglaubochosi: yeah, i am very interested in it. i worked for almost 6 years with gnome but after trying 1 year to get along with unity and the gnome-shell...19:02
leo-unglaubi tryed xfce 2 days ago and fall in love with it19:03
leo-unglaubfinaly i have a desktop again with allows me to work without havong fancy docs..19:03
leo-unglaubif i want docks..i buy an apple19:03
leo-unglaubochosi: what can i do? i started last night to fix the thunar share plugin with is not maintained anymore19:05
ochosivery nice19:05
ochosiwell there are a few areas we could do work in, but we'd have to postpone the discussion because i have to go now19:05
leo-unglaubwell, sounds good19:10
leo-unglaubi pinned this channel and stay here19:11
leo-unglaubif there is something todo19:11
leo-unglaubjust write to me19:11
astraljavaleo-unglaub: Welcome into the gang! :)19:13
Unit193....of weirdos.19:14
astraljavaWell, I'm not really a Xubuntu dev, but I just recently started contributing.19:14
astraljavaUnit193: I may be weird, but at least I'm not weird.19:14
leo-unglaubastraljava: thanks !19:14
leo-unglaubi am realy asking me why i didnt try xubuntu some years ago :)19:15
leo-unglaubis there a launchpad group where the tickets are listet?19:15
leo-unglauband how close do you work with the xfce devs together?19:15
astraljavaleo-unglaub: Not really, the bugs are filed per packages or project. Xubuntu-dev has more privileges on uploading stuff and that sort of things, but everything else is visible to all etc.19:16
ochosileo-unglaub: ok, cool, i'll ping you when i have time19:17
ochosihave a nice evening everyone!19:17
astraljavaleo-unglaub: mr_pouit _is_ an Xfce dev, and some others have close ties to the upstream project as well.19:17
astraljavaochosi: Back atcha!19:17
leo-unglaubastraljava: okay, i have noted my names19:19
leo-unglaubäh, the names of the devs19:19
leo-unglaubi will patch the thunar share plugin and report back19:19
micahgochosi: the mpris issue, if it's one test and 6 commits, it's one bug, if there are multiple issues with it, it's one bug per test case, not per commit20:05
micahgif there are multiple commits BTW, you might want to add a link to the upstream commits in the bug if they're bundled as one patch in the debdiff20:05
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astraljavaAnyone else been having problems with Chrome lately? Seems it's not releasing memory from closed tabs like previously.21:19
ochosiastraljava: actually i've had troubles with chromium constantly eating my cpu22:50
astraljavaochosi: Yeah, sometimes it gets really stuck.22:53
ochosii've switched back to midori22:55
ochosihope the gtk3 issues get fixed soonish, gtk3-version is a lot faster22:55
astraljavaI'm currently using FF.22:55
ochosiyeah, did that for years22:55
ochosimight even go back to that at some point22:56
ochosibut i'm kinda sympathetic to midori22:56
astraljavaI need two important features working, at least through extensions; FlashBlock and Adblock+22:56
astraljavaIf a browser can provide those, I'm game. :)22:57
ochosiwell at least adblock is there in midori22:58
astraljavaI check so many links to youtube in a day, that I have to have flashblock working, cause I can't have them start playing immediately when I click on a link to open in a new tab.22:59
ochosiwell, you could also use "mute"? :)23:00
astraljavaA stupid workflow, I know, but it's in my system. :)23:00
astraljavaNo, cause I have music playing all the time.23:00
ochosiuse pulseaudio to mute only the browser then23:00
astraljavaBut I might have music playing _in_ the browser. :)23:01
astraljava...or from the browser, how do you say it.23:01
ochosiok, well i guess then it's flashblock you need23:01
micahgwhat's slow in Firefox?23:18
ochosiwait, did i say it was slow?23:19
micahgah, CPU and memory issues :), Firefox has been working towards reducing its memory footprint with each release23:27
* micahg isn't sure if Chromium has similar explicit goals 23:28
ochosii dunno23:28
ochosii mainly switched to midori because it's such a small project and i think it can use the testing23:29
ochosiand feedback23:29
micahgah, ok, well, I've been trying to keep it up to date in Ubuntu23:31
ochosiyeah, it's much appreciated23:32
ochosibtw, i'll try to put together the last test-case for the soundmenu tomorrow23:32
ochosilet me know if there's anything else you need23:32
ochosi(apart from the debdiff etc.)23:32

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