mongyThePendulum: the .desktop file00:00
mongyThePendulum: look if a .desktop file exists for it first00:01
ThePendulumThere are no hidden files in that folder00:01
mongyno, a file with extension .desktop00:02
ThePendulumThere's only a "Desktop" file, but none of the files seem to have a .desktop extension00:06
jadoemongy: i know. but at least awn and cairo didn't exactly integrate well with xfce the last time i tried them (~1.5 years ago).00:06
xubuntu049how fix apt error when installing xubuntu???00:06
mongyxubuntu049: what error00:07
mongyjadoe: they should integrate as well as gnome afaik, with compositing available now and then compiz still available if needed00:08
xubuntu049Unable to configure apt to install additional packages...00:08
mongyxubuntu049: what packages?00:08
xubuntu049dont know00:08
xubuntu049just some packages it didnt say what...00:09
mongyThePendulum: I just installed dropbox, it put an entry in my Internet called "File Synchonizer"00:09
mongyok, try sudo apt-get -f install00:10
xubuntu049if i restart the pc, xubuntu will not boot at all00:10
ThePendulumYou put an entry in your internet?00:10
xubuntu049and network didnt work so apt too didn work ǘ00:10
ThePendulumI honestly don't know what you mean00:10
xubuntu049how to connect to wlan from promt???00:12
mongyThePendulum: http://imgur.com/pTQWP00:13
ThePendulumOh there's more to that file than just executing00:14
ThePendulumWhat do I need to do with it00:15
mongyedit the category to where you want it to appear00:16
ThePendulumWell it should have it's own category00:16
ThePendulumI am talking about the rightclick menu00:17
mongyjust copy mine00:17
ThePendulumIt is the same00:17
mongyI don't follow00:17
ThePendulumWhen I right-click on a file in my Dropbox folder, there should be a 'Dropbox' category with the 'Copy link' option, so I can share that file00:20
mongyah, I see00:24
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CLIaddict[away]maybe you guys are more helpful, I AM using xubuntu after all02:02
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god-zotacwhat is the binary that runs the "crash report" in the indicator plugin?  i want to get rid of it permanently, it is very annoying to me, and i usually am well aware of a crash without the need for a visual notification :)03:57
god-zotacand how do i set up the keychain to automatically unlock/authenticate when loading my desktop instead of prompting for a password when i open my web browser the first time during the session? i know i can remove the keychain password completely, but that's not practical to me03:58
b__Anyone on irc?05:37
b__I could use some help05:39
brandonalright I have used linux for over 4 years close to 5 and have moved to xubuntu after ubuntu switched to unity and gnome depreciated version 2. However I have had my computer go completely unresponisive where I had to pull the power chord to reboot. And by unresponsive ctrl+alt+f1 would not take me to a command line... This is the third time today what is going on06:07
b__Did you try booting from a cd, to try to pull some logs?06:11
b__<---- Noob btw06:12
b__but it's still a thought06:12
b__On my first 3 installs I borked some things up bad, and had to boot from a disc to fix them06:12
brandonwell I can still reboot into the system but the frequent crashing is driving me crazy06:15
b__I have you checked logs?06:16
b__Have you^06:16
b__Does it only crash while you're using it, or while it's sleeping?06:17
b__brandon, I have a question for you....06:17
b__do you have a bt dongle?06:18
b__blue tooth06:18
brandonno, its built in blue tooth06:22
brandonBut I use BT dongles on my other computers but they all run gnome 206:22
b__ I have connected a bluetooth devise via blueman, and enabled pulseaudio plugin, in the sound settings I can see the bt input and the volume level changing, but can hear no sound. I checked puvu control, and the alsa mixer, nothing is muted. I ran a sound record, which actually recorded the audio I could not hear06:27
brandona bluetooth headset?06:30
brandonI have only used bluetooth for file transfers sorry06:30
b__My phone06:30
b__I got obex to work just fine06:31
brandonwell you can access the files on your phone06:31
b__but cannot get the music to stream via bluetooth06:31
brandonbut thats all I have done in the past06:31
brandonif there not encrypted06:31
b__I'm trying to set up so my wife won't blow the pc speakers on my windows machine.....06:31
b__My xubuntu is hooked up to my stereo06:32
b__and my big screen06:32
brandonah I see06:32
b__in the living room06:32
b__the pc is in the bedroom.. so she turns it up allllllll the way06:32
brandonI know for a fact that you can limit users to a certin volume06:32
b__but If I could set it up so she only had to toggle bt06:32
b__then she could use the big speakers wirelessly06:33
b__I love the concept, and I'm so close!06:33
brandonwell Im saying I know that you can set the computer not to go above a certing level for her account06:33
brandonsrry certain06:34
brandonthese crashes are a pain when im trying to download 27,000 pictures ...06:36
brandonwell good luck let me know if there is something else I could help you with06:47
ravenxubuntu 11.10 - cpu-freq-plugin does not take any effect to frequency - any solution?11:52
jadoewhy do i get openvt, when i want vlc? http://sprunge.us/NXUR12:16
TheSheepjadoe: type 'which vlc'12:23
TheSheepjadoe: dpkg -S /usr/bin/vlc12:24
jadoevlc-nox: /usr/bin/vlc12:24
TheSheepjadoe: what if you type 'alias'?12:25
jadoekill me now. i copied my aliases from os x. i have a 'alias vlc="open -a VLC"' in there. sorry for wasting your time.12:27
TheSheepraven: afaik that plugin doesn't work with the new kernel12:28
jadoewhat's the difference between notification area and indicator applet?12:33
mongyradiotray ?12:34
Sysisome apps only work with indicator-applet and some with notification area12:35
TheSheepindicator applet is a retarded and broken idea at remarking the notification area, in short12:36
TheSheepin an attempt to make the notification area work like on mac12:37
ravenTheSheep how to adjust it at least by cmd?12:43
TheSheepraven: I don't understand12:47
ravenTheSheep performance/ondemand/....12:48
mongyit should be ondemand automatically12:49
ravenmongy yes but i need to adjust to powersafe and performance too12:52
mongyondemand is already good for that.. it will bump up when needed12:53
ravenmongy i need powersafe manually!!12:58
mongyI think there is an indicator that can do it.   jupiter I think its called13:01
mongynever used it13:01
mongyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/73710/how-can-i-adjust-cpu-frq-in-lubuntu   nice13:04
hobgoblinI've got that jupiter thing on the laptop - seems to work ok13:05
ravenhobgoblin how to add it to panel?13:11
hobgoblinraven: not remembering - hang on I'll go boot it up13:11
ravenhobgoblin does not work anyway - perhaps no root?13:12
hobgoblinworks here - which is not much help - I didn't do anything odd with it - just started it from the system menu13:13
hobgoblinsits in the notification area I think13:13
hobgoblinshouldn't need root afaik - try it from a terminal and see if there are any errors - /usr/bin/jupiter-run13:17
hobgoblinand when you say it does not work - what exactly do you mean? it runs but doesn't do anything or doesn't even run13:18
ravendoes not change freq13:19
ravenfrom cmd it works right!13:19
hobgoblinthere were reports of reboot needed sometimes looking at forum13:20
GianpoxHi to all, I have a problem with the suspend mode. I can active it without problem but to exit I must press the "On/off" button. If I use the keyboard o mouse the notebook (a Thinkpad x121e) doesn't exit from suspend mode.13:33
arpad2after reinstalling grub2 xubuntu doesnt boot14:45
metasansanawhat do you see?14:48
xbi did the updates   from today  xubuntu x86_64  12.04   and the theme  as changed ...14:48
arpad2metasansana: frozen picture of xubuntu picture before the login screen appears14:54
Sysiarpad2: does Ctrl Alt F6 do anything?14:55
Sysixb: 12.04 support at #ubuntu+114:56
astapHi, I have not worked "in a terminal window open." How to cure? http://storage7.static.itmages.ru/i/12/0219/h_1329639455_2106128_8a5d63e2d3.jpeg14:56
arpad2Sysi: now or during the boot?14:57
Sysiastap: please use #ubuntu-ru instead of google translate, they should know xubuntu too14:58
arpad2terminal appeared ang the GUI dissapeared, if Im right14:59
arpad2but with Ctrl Alt F7 i came back here :)14:59
astapSysi: ok15:00
arpad2now I'm on live cd15:00
Sysiarpad2: you can try re-reinstalling grub15:01
Sysimake sure you select root and disk right15:02
arpad2Sysi: ok15:03
Marzatawhat is this bug in Stellarium?15:06
Marzatawhen you try to exit the full screen15:06
arpad2Sysi: I made this http://paste.ubuntu.com/848653/15:07
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dvanstonedoes anyone else use google chrome 17.0.963.56 ?16:10
mongydev version?16:10
mongy7.0.963.26 (Developer Build 116225 Linux) Ubuntu 11.1016:10
mongy17.0.963.26 (Developer Build 116225 Linux) Ubuntu 11.1016:10
dvanstone I see a smiley before the tabs on the upper left and was curious if it was norm ?16:13
mongyhow did you get .56?16:13
dvanstonelet me post it16:14
dvanstonemongy; i'd have to look back in time a few days but I would think apt-get16:16
mongythe dev ppa is 17.0.963.26, which I use16:17
mongythe daily ppa is v1816:17
mongyso what do you have?16:17
mongywhere from16:19
mongycan you pastebin apt-cache policy chromium-browser16:20
dvanstonehttp://imgur.com/zyzHw is the image16:20
mongythat doesn't look 'normal'16:21
mongydid you install some extension or theme?16:22
dvanstonemaybe I got it from google no themes16:22
dvanstonewhat is the repolist command ?16:25
mongyah, you are using chrome then16:27
dvanstonefrom software sources I get it from http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/stable16:28
dvanstoneyes google chrome16:28
mongystable?  hmm, seems they are slacking off in the dev ppa :(16:29
dvanstonewell chrome v chromuim16:30
mongyugh, yeah the chrome stable is newer than my chromium dev16:32
mongyI best kill off the dev ppa if they aren't updating it quick enough16:33
dvanstonethe new chromes first page wants you to sign in and has users (under preferences > Personal Stuff) which I believe is where that icon comes from16:33
mongyyeah the new users feaure.  never use dit16:34
dvanstonewell in this version you can't avoid it16:34
mongyit's in mine, but I'm the only user16:35
mongyso with only 1 user that icon is up there?16:35
mongyheh, the daily ppa was last updated 6 weeks ago16:35
dvanstoneno If you try to delete the users you end up creating more than one16:36
mongythink I'll go with the chrome dev direct from google then16:36
dvanstoneand yes the icon goes away if you only have one16:37
dvanstonebut the sign into chrome is the launch page16:38
dvanstoneobviously different16:45
ThePendulumI removed Thunar and reinstalled it again. However, I lost that panel item and I don't know what it's called. It showed your bookmarked locations.16:45
dvanstoneSalutations ThePendulum16:45
ThePendulumBookmarked locations + (removable) drives16:46
ThePendulumIts icon is a folder with a cursor in front of it16:46
mongy19.0.1041.0 dev17:07
mongynot muhc different, apart from settings/extensions page17:07
mongymuch *17:07
mongyI see the google repo is still dog slow17:08
mongyodd.  where have the icons gone? they are there from the application menu on panel. http://i.imgur.com/jtNpQ.png17:23
dvanstoneoh odd how did you get the applications as part of the menu ?17:29
mongyright click menu17:29
mongydefault xubuntu 11.10 thing17:29
dvanstonedifferent here my right click doesnt have Calculate size or Applications17:34
mongyI added the calculate size, its a custom thunar action since you cant do a properties on multiple file/folders17:36
dvanstonehttp://imgur.com/iXJnW is what I have17:44
mongy362 AND 13 BONUS POINTS  out of a total of 475 points  html5test.  what do you get17:45
dvanstonefrom where17:45
dvanstone374 and 13 bonus out of 47517:47
dvanstonebut i dont have a webcam plugged in17:49
dvanstoneis cheese the webcam tool17:51
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mongy12 more points on stable?? hmmm17:59
mongynot  impressed with html5 youtube at fullscreen :(18:14
mongyflash is better, ugh.18:14
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dvanstonemongy on chrome ?18:50
dvanstoneit should by default use webm18:52
mongynot the quality, the jerkiness18:52
dvanstoneshow me an ex:18:53
mongyany html5 video.18:53
mongynot any 1 video.18:53
mongywith html5 fullscreen its a little jerky and with flash it's ok.18:53
dvanstonewhat kind of video card do you have ?18:55
mongyati 4650 hd 1gig18:56
foobartHi there. This isn't really Xubuntu-specific, but I don't know a better place to ask. I want to set up whole disk encryption. I use 3 hard drives, one for the OS, two for data. On windows I use TrueCrypt. It can automount disks that use the same password as the system partition, you only have to enter your password once, pre boot. Is there a way to set something like that up on Xubuntu?18:57
dvanstonenvidia is well supported imo18:58
dvanstonehave you tried searching the software center18:59
mongyI can play a html5 webgl game at relative high frames, but youtube vids just aint quite there yet18:59
mongysoftware centre? for what?18:59
foobartFor what? TrueCrypt? It works only that way on windows?19:00
dvanstonewhat does truecrypt or what ever it is called do19:01
mongyI guess you'd add the other drives to fstab, so they'd mount after your main / mounted19:01
dvanstonewell the installer should help w/ that or have that option19:02
dvanstonefoobart man fstab in a terminal19:04
dvanstoneohh games chess connect 4 solitaire19:09
dvanstonehow many displays does your cards support19:11
mongyits a laptop19:16
mongyI have vga and hdmi interfaces as well.  dont use them tho19:16
mongynot sure what you mean otherwise.19:16
dvanstoneI feel rather confined when I have less than three screens19:21
mongyoh.  nah, just my 1080 is enough for me.  plenty of workspaces tho19:22
mongycant believe ive only just removed indicator-messages menu19:24
mongyonly think used by it is pidgin and I hardly use that nor do I need to set status from there.19:25
hahnany one know of a good program that can be used to view or fix a pdf that's corrupted?19:26
dvanstoneoops I spelled that wrong19:27
hahnthats not free though, is it?19:27
dvanstonewhere did you get the corrupted pdf19:28
hahna hidden service19:29
dvanstonegenerally it has to do with what created the file19:29
hahnbut it's currently under a DDoS attack19:29
hahni opend the file and started reading it fine while it was still loading(it's 1000+ pages)19:30
hahnthen when it loaded ~900 pages it stopped and now i cant open it again19:30
hahni don't really care about the last 10% of the pdf though19:31
dvanstonewhat viewer are you using to read the file (how are you getting the corruption warning)19:33
hahnthe first time i was using "document viewer 2.30.3"(in xubuntu) then i tried foxit19:35
hahndocument viewer says "The document contains no pages"19:36
hahnbut i know it does, and it's ~13 megabytes19:36
dvanstoneso you changed viewer mid stream19:36
hahnonce i saw it failed to open completely i tried it again on foxit19:37
dvanstonebut you said 90 percent of it was displayed19:38
hahnyeah, then the pages disappeared that that message poped up19:38
hahnreally weird, but that's what happened19:38
dvanstonewell you could always send it to a printer19:39
hahnwhat do you mean?19:39
hahnlike give it to a shop and see if they can fix it?19:46
dvanstonehahn; http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pdftk19:48
hahnyeah i have that19:49
dvanstonethat is what I read does it19:49
hahnto repair it, yes?19:50
hahnthe only repair that pdftk does is 'repair a pdfs corrupted xref table and stream lengths, if possible'19:52
hahnand that didn't work19:52
hahnit came up with an error19:52
davlefoui look for an irc french of xubuntu!21:18
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.21:18
davlefouand why not the #xubuntu-fr ?21:18
d3eniz_laptopQuestion, will xubuntu run slower if i install xubuntu-desktop on top of a normal ubuntu installation or is it the same thing?21:19
holsteind3eniz_laptop: *should* be the same21:19
d3eniz_laptopholstein: thanks21:20
Unit193It generally ends up not being quite the same.21:21
Unit193But holstein is right.21:22
holsteinyeah, usually something in there.. i could propose a hardware case (maybe) that could be slower one way or the other21:23
holsteini wouldnt lose any sleep over it either way though21:23
justakillhey if i want skype should i download the ubuntu version?21:27
justakillfor xubuntu21:27
holsteinjustakill: yup... the .deb (32 or 64bit, whichever you have)21:28
justakillcool thanks21:28
Unit193Should be in the extra repos.21:28
justakillis the're anyway to make logging in freenode.net and entering channels automatically?21:29
justakillwith xchat21:29
TheSheepjustakill: yes, there is faq on http://freenode.org21:30
TheSheepsorry .net21:30
TheSheepjustakill: point 7. here http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup21:32
justakillyea i found it thanks21:35
justakillwhats the best way to do it in Xchat just send a command on entry, or set up server or nickserv password?21:40
justakilli'm confused21:40
TheSheepjustakill: just set it up to connect with user and password21:41
TheSheepjustakill: in connection settings21:41
god-zotachow do i manage the keyring in xubuntu?  i am getting errors when i try to open the command from Menu > Other > Keyring Access22:33
god-zotacmongy:: thanks, but seahorse isn't showing the password that i need to modify.. here is what the issue is.  When I log in to the desktop everytime it is prompting saying "The keyring service was not unlocked during login. Please enter your keyring password"  something to that extent22:37
god-zotacmongy:: i have had the issue before with ubuntu based distros, and i have just had to open the keyring and delete the password for the default keyring. but seahorse is only showing my website stored data22:37
god-zotacmongy:: it appears to have stopped that now heh22:41
mongyhave you set a different passphrase for keyrings than your login password?22:41
god-zotaci hadn't done anything to any keyring related apps22:42
mongynot had any keyring issues with my install and wifi etc...22:51
mongyapart from setting the keyring pass to blank, not sure what else to suggest22:51
god-zotaci can't even get to anything to change the keyring to blank though22:52
god-zotacthe keyring application isn't opening22:52
god-zotac/usr/lib/gnome-keyring/gnome-keyring-prompt-3    doesn't work for me22:53
dvanstonegod-zotac; have you attempted with passwords you do know22:56
god-zotacdvanstone:: it unlocks when i put my password in22:57
god-zotaci was just wanting to get rid of the prompt everytime i login to my desktop22:57
god-zotacbecause it is annoying having to put the password in once to login, and then again to unlock the keychain22:57
god-zotacmongy:: dvanstone this:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17739212/Pictures/Screenshots/keyring-everytime-login.png23:07
god-zotaclet me try this. 1 sec brb23:10
god-zotacthat fixed it, just blanked the keyring  (login) password in seahorse, rebooted, no more prompt23:12
ZippyXhi there23:30
ZippyXanyone wake ?23:30
nikinhi. I have to install a system witch will be used 99% for we browsing, using possibly chrome. As the system will be used for a long time like that, do you think that is possible, that is use precise for this?23:35
nikinThe HW is nothing special, just a 2.4 Ghz Cel with integrated intel VGA23:37
squiretotaly linux noob looking for quick help on simple audio issue23:39
nikindefine simple audio issue23:40
squirerunning ubuntu studio (xfce)23:40
squirei was trying to adjust audio settings with the audio settings control panel and adjusting something wrong. Now a tremendous hiss is constantly there in background. i just want to reset all audio setting to default and start again. it was working fine for playback before i messed it up. i was trying to adjust mic/line in settings  bc i had installed dragon naturally speaking in wine and Dragon kept telling me my mic was to soft to read.23:42
squirebut i cant figure out how to reset23:43
mongykillall pulseaudio; rm .pulse* -rf and wait23:44
mongyor logout/login23:44
squirei logged out logged in didnt help23:44
squireso enter that command in terminal23:44
squirekillall pulseaudio; rm .pulse* -rf23:45
nikinsquire: i think the problem you made is that you incrased the playback volume of the mic.23:45
squirehhhmmm ok23:45
squireentered "killall pulseaudio; rm .pulse* -rf" into terminal23:46
squiredidnt say eanything23:46
squirereturn anything23:46
squirebut no error either23:46
squiretry now?23:46
squirehmm hiss stil ther23:47
squirenope login log out no worky either23:49
nikinsquire: did you check the mic playback level?23:49
squirei will try now23:49
squireohhhh ur so smart!23:50
squireme feel stupid23:51
nikinafter 8 years. you will know it to :P23:52
squirei likey xfce/ubuntu/linux23:53
squirei was putting together this machine for hackintosh but kept getting kernel panics so i installed ubuntu studio to troubleshoot hardware and now im thing i just go linux23:54
squireexcept i want to use my apple software :(23:54
squireis there a 'wine' solution for os x?23:54
squireor just virtualbox installing os x23:55
nikindepending what software23:55
mongynot heard of such an osx solution23:56
mongyvbox it would be I guess23:56
squirehmm vbox....23:56
squirei might try23:56
nikinvirtualboxing audio creation software will be painfull23:57
dvanstonenikin; no more painful than some other studip creation23:59
sp4zvmplayer is free and more powerful that vbox23:59

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