* Ezim are going to bed. bye!00:16
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jussiGood morning everyone07:14
DarkwingAnyone else having major akonadi and PIM issues with 12.04?07:26
jussiDarkwing: I havent noticed them, but havent used the 12.04 PC since friday07:30
DarkwingI updated last night and BAM it died. :(07:31
jussiDarkwing: nice birthday present :P07:39
=== jussi changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Happy birthday Darkwing! | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)
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pvivekcould anyone suggest me on some beginner bugs. I am searching. I am unable to find something which i can understand09:05
Riddellpvivek: to triage?09:06
Riddellor to fix?09:07
pvivekRiddell : this will be first time. I was thinking of contributing by starting to fix bugs09:07
MamarokRiddell: the patch you proposed yesterday, I finally got the CMake.Lists.txt from oneiric and could apply the patch partially, it rejected the WIN32 part, but I guess that is OK?09:07
RiddellMamarok: yes09:08
* Mamarok tries to build now09:08
Riddellpvivek: fixing bugs needs the relevant skill to fix it, c++, python, packaging, etc09:09
Riddellpvivek: triaging bugs needs ability to diagnose and decide on importance and if it can be sent elsewhere09:09
Riddellso it depends on your skills and interests :)09:10
Mamarokarghs, now I get this: 09:10
MamarokCMake Error at src/CMakeLists.txt:27 (add_subdirectory):09:10
Mamarok  add_subdirectory given source "themes" which is not an existing directory.09:10
pvivekRiddell : I have  the basic knowledge of c,c++,python. i am ready to learn more. i'll start with fixing. After i get used to stuff , i'll get a better knowledge on how to evaluate on bugs09:10
Mamaroktriaging is easier than fixing IMHO :)09:11
RiddellMamarok: if you're using the oneiric CMakeLists.txt file with amarok from git then they won't go, that's an old source file in a new package09:11
Mamarokoh crap, why did you have to move that mysql in the first place?09:11
pvivekMamarok : will give it a try. 09:11
Riddellpvivek:  Bug 928400 language selector kde bug  is a python coding one09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928400 in language-selector (Ubuntu) "systemsettings crashed with AttributeError in onSystemLanguageApply(): 'QtLanguageSelector' object has no attribute 'writeSysLangSetting'" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92840009:12
Riddell[Bug 928009] [NEW] Kubuntu missing someKDE API 4.6 include files    is a C++ issue, I've not looked at it, might be a non-issue for all I know09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928009 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu missing someKDE API 4.6 include files" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92800909:12
Riddell[Bug 919460] Re: Default config path setting for Kgpg is out of date   needs a checkup on09:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 919460 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Default config path setting for Kgpg is out of date" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91946009:12
Riddellgetting krdc to use kde telepathy  worth investigating09:13
pvivekRiddell : thanks will look into them :)09:14
RiddellMamarok: you can try applying the patch from precise or just applying it by hand09:14
Riddellpvivek: good luck!09:14
MamarokRiddell: I tried, but that didn't work09:15
Mamarokcan't I just add a path so it finds the library?09:15
MamarokI don't need a multiarch build09:15
gorgonizerRiddell: I ran into Launchpad bug 928009 whilst trying to add the TV search feature to nepomuk..09:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 928009 in kde-runtime (Ubuntu) "Kubuntu missing someKDE API 4.6 include files" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92800909:16
RiddellMamarok: rebuilding mysql isn't trivial09:16
Riddellgorgonizer: mm, so real problem then, probably upstream's fault09:17
Mamarokhow on earth can I build from git then?09:17
RiddellMamarok: cloneing09:18
Mamarokit worked fine with Oneiric without having to tweak anything, why on precise?09:18
gorgonizerRiddell: it appears that there should be a kde-runtime-devel package containing header files for nepomuk so new nepomuk sources can be built.. I resolved it personally by getting the Red Hat packge of the same name and running it through Alien.. seems to work fine..09:18
Riddellpvivek: ^^09:19
RiddellMamarok: precice patch applies fine to git people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/telepathy-qt4_0.9.0+repack-0ubuntu3.debdif09:22
Riddellthat's the one09:22
Riddellpatch -p1 < DIFF09:22
* Mamarok tries again09:22
pvivekRiddell : i was thinkin of lookin at it :P09:24
MamarokRiddell: doesn't work: http://paste.kde.org/42565409:31
KRFMamarok: you're doing sth wrong, worked like a charm for me09:33
KRFis your CWD amarok/?09:33
KRFcurrent working directory09:34
Riddellyou need to be in the top directory of the checkout09:34
Mamarokah, let's try again...09:34
KRFwe need to fixup FindMySqlAmarok.cmake in our repository to handle this09:35
KRFi'll take care of it when i find the time09:35
Mamaroknow I get this:09:36
Mamarokpatch unexpectedly ends in middle of line09:36
MamarokHunk #1 succeeded at 36 with fuzz 1.09:36
Mamarokfor the third file09:36
Riddell"succeeded" is the critical word there09:37
Riddellit's all good09:37
MamarokOK :)09:37
* Mamarok builds again09:38
Mamarokit worked :)09:52
MamarokRiddell: thanks a lot!09:52
MamarokKRF: ditto09:52
RiddellMamarok: worth writing this up on the amarok wiki for new developers09:54
MamarokI will right now09:54
MamarokRiddell: updated the wiki: http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/2.0_Development_HowTo#Changes_in_MySQL_for_Kubuntu_Oeniric_and_Debian_Sid10:08
RiddellMamarok: nice, can you add the command needed and say it needs to be run from top checkout directory?10:11
Riddellhmm we can get rid of kubuntu-common now10:13
Riddellno need for it without netbook10:13
Mamarokyes, will do that now, I had to update my blog as well :)10:14
Sputapachelogger: with the upgraded KDE, multidisplay works fine again, thanks for pointing me to the reason :)10:16
Riddellhi shadeslayer_ 10:31
shadeslayer_ssup Riddell10:32
Riddellworking on kubuntu active seeds10:34
Riddellagateau_: is it an idea to use lightdm-kde on kubuntu active?  (unsupported tech preview remix at best)10:36
shadeslayer_^ I have one argument against that10:40
shadeslayer_I have yet to find a way to disable autologin10:40
shadeslayer_oh wait, for active that's a good idea10:41
shadeslayer_because you usually dont' have a keyboard :P10:41
bulldog98shadeslayer_: yes that’s why I dislike kdm for kubuntu-active10:42
shadeslayer_bulldog98: hehe :D10:42
* Riddell removes oxygen-icon-theme-complete from kubuntu/desktop for i386 as a quick way to get CD size down10:42
bulldog98shadeslayer_: btw we don’t have dolphin in the active seed and kpat is also missing10:42
* shadeslayer_ ponders why his program crashes at 130 addr->s.ip4.sin_family = AF_INET;10:42
bulldog98shadeslayer_: and the seed starts plasma-desktop10:42
shadeslayer_bulldog98: best to tell that to Riddell10:42
bulldog98Riddell: ^10:43
* shadeslayer_ has no access to seeds10:43
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Riddellbulldog98: does kpat have a suitable active UI?10:45
Riddellbulldog98: does dolphin have a suitable active UI?10:46
bulldog98Riddell: I have played it often with touchscreen it works quite good without any change10:46
bulldog98Riddell: also I recommend using calligra-active and kontact-mobile10:46
bulldog98Riddell: I’ll have time from Wednesday10:48
bulldog98to check for active10:48
Riddellgroovy, adding calligra-active and kontact-mobile10:49
Riddellupstream says filesystem isn't very plasma activey so no file manager10:49
bulldog98that’s ok as soon as it really runs plasma-active10:49
* Riddell ponders about if plasma-widget-menubar should be on active10:54
Riddell11:03 < notmart> it uses startactive (own repo) instead of startkde11:04
Riddell11:03 < notmart> so a session could be created in whatever login manager that uses startactive11:04
Riddellrbelem: any plasma to package that? ^^11:04
Riddellgot weird typo there11:04
Riddellrbelem: any plans to package that? ^^11:04
Riddellindia woken up, now it's the fatherly Finnish to wake up11:07
Riddelljussi: how's the bairn?11:07
jussiRiddell: doing great! (she got a name, as you probably noticed from /topic) :D11:07
bulldog98jussi: congrats11:08
jussithanks bulldog9811:08
bulldog98Riddell: when will the new image be build?11:12
Riddelljussi: "Darkwing"?11:12
jussiRiddell: ...11:13
Riddellbulldog98: dunno I hope to play with scripts today, nobody knows what needs done so it might be easy or I might get blocked11:13
jussiKubuntu: Friendly Computing | Happy birthday Darkwing! | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)11:13
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)
Riddelljussi: almost Scottish sounding :)11:13
jussiRiddell: hehe11:14
yofelcongrats jussi :D11:21
davmor2jussi: Congrats to mrs jussi 11:21
davmor2jussi: oh and you :)11:21
yofelis there any other impact of disabling -Bsymbolic-functions for a package other than a bit slower library loading?11:24
bulldog98Riddell: could you ping me if a new image is ready?11:24
Riddelloh I'll be pinging the whole world if I get it working :)11:25
Riddellyofel: I'm not sure, maybe agateau_ or barry know11:26
bulldog98Riddell: you can ping me to test it on my touchpad11:26
kubotubulldog98 meant: "Riddell: you can ping me to test it on my tablet"11:26
Riddellbulldog98: that's i386 based?11:26
bulldog98Riddell: yes11:26
bulldog98Riddell: it’s an ExoPc sponsered by Intel11:27
Riddellbulldog98: oh did you get that at a geek event?11:28
bulldog98Riddell: desktopSummit11:28
* bulldog98 doesn’t know if he can come to Akademy this year (university and I still don’t know when exams will be)11:30
* yofel has school and definitely has no time :(11:31
bulldog98yofel: :(11:32
bulldog98yofel: do you come to LinuxTag in Berlin this year?11:32
yofelno, I would be able to if it was a week later...11:33
Riddellbambee_: get the N9?12:14
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bambee_Riddell: yes :)12:43
bambee_wonderful device really12:43
* jussi has an n950 and agrees with bambee_12:43
bambee_well, wonderfly os and device12:43
Riddelln950 surely isn't n9?12:44
bambee_both run on meego harmattan12:44
bambee_but the hardware is different, jussi: can you confirm?12:44
Riddellah yes. kde packages now being worked on by djszapi for harmattan12:44
jussiyeah, some hw parts are different12:45
jussilike the screen, and camera, and lack of NFS, and the fact the n950 has a physical keyboard...12:45
jussibut its the same processor/platform12:46
Riddelliphone users are all happy without a physical keyboard, how does the n9 fare for that bambee_?12:46
bambee_I think I am confusing with the n90012:49
Riddellbambee_: ok but does the n9 work well without one?12:51
tazzn900 > N9 > n95012:52
tazzno actually n900 >> N9 > N950 (just because it has a physical keyboard)12:52
apoltazz: n950 has a keyboard too12:53
tazzapol, hence n950 is better than N912:53
tazzn900 << N9 < N950 12:53
jussin950 is nice, but I want the n9 screen12:53
apolthey're all awesome and dead :D12:54
tazzapol, N9 and N950 have better hardware.12:54
tazzalso take into account that they all run on a dead plate form. So if you are going to spend money. Make sure this device is for fun/hacking. Not your primary means of communication.12:55
jussitazz: dead plate form? 12:58
jussidead platform? 12:58
* jussi uses n950 as a primary device and it works well...12:58
tazzyea sorry for that. Disabled auto-correction now :p12:58
jussibesides, mer/nemo is hardly dead...12:58
tazzi hardly see any more releases for pinetree12:59
bambee_Riddell: yes it does13:05
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BluesKajHowdy all13:16
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rbelemRiddell, yup15:09
rbelemRiddell, it is almost done15:09
bulldog98rbelem: hi15:09
rbelembulldog98, heya :-)15:09
bulldog98rbelem: what are you working on atm?15:10
rbelemRiddell, i didnt finish it because my son got a flu15:10
rbelembulldog98, finish startactive and declarative-plasmoids15:11
bulldog98rbelem: kool15:11
rbelembulldog98, after that finish the seeds and meta package15:12
bulldog98do we have a startactive as the startcommand in the session file for plasma-active15:12
rbelembulldog98, it will install its own desktop file in the /usr/share/sessions15:12
bulldog98rbelem, Riddell: meta package is good, should we coordinate the packages on a wiki page ore something like that15:12
bulldog98rbelem: the only thing we need is that you can deinstall plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook, without having to deinstall plasma-active15:13
rbelembulldog98, yup... i think it will work this way now15:14
bulldog98rbelem: I’ll test it at  4 a clock UTC and will report what’s broken15:15
rbelemthanks bulldog98 :-)15:15
bulldog98should I setup a wiki page for the kubuntu active package seed?15:15
rbelembulldog98, there are still some apps that need packaging15:15
bulldog98rbelem: I’ll write a maths exam at wednesday15:16
bulldog98after that I’ll have time15:16
rbelembulldog98, yup :-) there is a meta package in the kubuntu-active ppa15:16
rbelembulldog98, you can start form there15:16
rbelembulldog98, and this one lp:~kubuntu-active/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active-seed15:17
bulldog98should I create a wiki page Kubuntu/Active page on our wiki?15:21
bulldog98so we could track what packags are still to do, which are in the archive, what’s in the seed/meta-package etc15:22
bulldog98Riddell, rbelem, apachelogger: ^15:24
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rbelembulldog98, yup :-)15:41
BluesKajI see the new pacucontrol in pulseaudio finally has a proper role to play in enabling DD, DTS and EAC3 passthru to a DAC ... makes me happy , so far :)15:52
apacheloggerrbelem: you know a script that creates an html page would be much nicer ^^15:57
rbelemapachelogger, iirc it can be paste in the wiki. its format is wiki friendly16:06
apacheloggerjust a thought ^^16:10
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bulldog98so I’ve got a first list running https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Active16:35
bulldog98rbelem, Riddell: how do I build the seed for testing?16:36
apacheloggerbulldog98: build?17:00
apacheloggerbulldog98: germinate17:00
bulldog98apachelogger: ok17:00
apacheloggerwill spit out a list of all stuff that is pulled in by the seed17:00
apacheloggerbuilding an actual image from the seed is idefinitely more complex :P17:00
bulldog98apachelogger: but that’s what I wanted :(17:01
apacheloggerbulldog98: do we have a seed already?17:02
apacheloggerif so, I guess talking to cjwatson is in order to get ISOs built from the seed17:02
bulldog98yes in bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active-seed/17:03
bulldog98apachelogger: I guess he’s offline17:04
yofelbulldog98: -> #ubuntu-devel17:05
bulldog98yofel: ok17:05
apacheloggerbulldog98: why would you switch to pvlc on active?17:08
bulldog98apachelogger: testing it out? and I think it’s the best working backend17:08
apacheloggerthat entirely depends on what you judge on http://community.kde.org/Phonon/FeatureMatrix :P17:09
bulldog98apachelogger: ok we stick to gstreamer17:11
bulldog98mgraesslin: for active should we use the gles kwin or normal kwin on i386?17:13
apacheloggerbulldog98: no gles17:19
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JontheEchidnaI finally fixed my wifi by reverting to linux 3.0.0 and deleting/re-adding my connection info :D17:47
yofelhey JontheEchidna17:52
ScottKrbelem: Why is kde-active-artwork arch any?  It looks like all arch independent content?18:03
ScottKerr kde-artwork-active18:04
ScottKRiddell: ^^^?18:04
ScottKI accepted it, but please check for the next upload.18:04
Peace-anyone knows where dolphin read the places ?18:08
Peace-i can't figure out where my places are stored 18:08
rbelemScottK, my bad :-(18:15
ScottKrbelem: Not a big deal.  Please fix for next time.18:16
rbelemScottK, oki18:16
rbelemthx ScottK 18:16
rbelemPeace-, it is a bookmark file18:16
rbelemPeace-, ~/.kde/share/apps/kfileplaces/bookmarks.xml18:17
Peace-rbelem: good18:18
rbelemPeace-, i'm working to improve the places view. it will ready for 4.918:19
Peace-rbelem: it should organize the stuff better 18:21
Peace-for example put download music documentes etc 18:21
rbelemPeace-, i agree18:21
rbelemPeace-, next kde/kubuntu release it will look better18:22
Peace-and there is a way to put buttons on the right (up forward etc )18:22
rbelemand with more funcionality18:22
rbelemPeace-, in the current code?18:22
Peace-well i am using 4.8 18:23
rbelemPeace-, i'm not sure18:24
rbelemPeace-, you can change the buttons order18:25
RiddellJontheEchidna: welcome back :)18:25
Riddell< bulldog98> rbelem, Riddell: how do I build the seed for testing?18:26
Riddellbulldog98: as I say that's not a trivial thing18:26
Riddellbut maybe kubuntu-active meta package has appeared in New, seen it ScottK ?18:26
rbelembulldog98, you can use wome linaro tools18:26
rbelemone minute18:26
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ping18:26
Riddellrbelem: I tidied up the seeds which are now at ~kubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active.precise18:27
Peace-rbelem: well i did this http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/20/plasma-desktopu10131.png it's very simple but i guess on the right would be more intuitive and comfortable18:27
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: Not sure how to trigger, but this : http://paste.kde.org/426038/18:27
rbelemthx Riddell 18:27
Peace-Riddell: hey how are you ? are your problems improving ?18:27
shadeslayerIt was searching for some codec that dragon player wanted18:27
Riddellbulldog98: so if you have ideas on what should be on/off the active images then edit that18:28
Riddellbulldog98: there's also a kubuntu-active-meta package that'll need updated on changes18:28
RiddellPeace-: yes a wee bit better every day thanks18:28
bulldog98Riddell: lp branch?18:28
Riddellbulldog98: yes lp:~kubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active.precise18:29
Riddellthe meta package has a script to update on that18:29
Peace-on telepathy can your login ? i mean with gmail?18:30
rbelembulldog98, https://wiki.linaro.org/LiveHelper/Hacking18:30
bulldog98rbelem: my tablet is i386 based18:31
rbelembulldog98, you can build i386 images with that18:31
bulldog98rbelem: nice18:32
RiddellPeace-: yes18:33
Riddellhi starbuck1 18:33
Peace-Riddell: wtf i get this mission-control[10408]: segfault at 2c ip b71ea92c sp bf9f1e70 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.3116.0[b71b4000+f5000]18:33
Peace-and it dosn't connect18:33
RiddellPeace-: shrug, ask a telepathy person18:34
bulldog98Riddell: I meant a branch for the meta package18:37
Peace-rbelem: that file is created from something it seems there is not on /usr/share/kde4/apps18:39
Riddellbulldog98: none, it's just a script that updates from that branch18:39
Riddellapt-get source kubuntu-active-meta and see18:39
RiddellPeace-: mkdir ~/.cache/dconf/  is the bug I know about18:40
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: http://commits.kde.org/libqapt/b0958751ac8fe20a35f9cfc22cd22efbcd05e7b018:42
Peace-Riddell: but i have that folder i will try to remove the file i have into18:43
ScottKRiddell: I already let the active metapackage out of New.19:00
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RiddellScottK: thanks19:01
RiddellDarkwing: chit chat in an hour?19:01
DarkwingRiddell: Aye19:01
RiddellDarkwing: best ping people so they don't forget :)19:02
DarkwingRiddell: I was going to send an email but, Akonadi isn't working anymore.19:02
DarkwingHow do I install the QtSQL driver 'QMYSQL'19:03
yofelDarkwing: is libqt4-sql-mysql installed?19:05
yofeland akonadi-backend-mysql19:05
DarkwingNo and No.19:07
DarkwingWhy would those have not have updated with the update for 12.04?19:07
yofeliirc there was a conflict at some point which removed those19:07
yofelbut that should've been fixed19:07
DarkwingIt hadn't as of this morning but it works now.19:08
DarkwingThanks yofel19:09
yofelwhich backend *did* you have installed btw.?19:09
yofelas at least one is required19:09
Darkwingakonadi settings said that mysql was there but, it wasn't.19:10
DarkwingI'm not sure19:10
yofelwhat does this say? apt-cache policy akonadi-backend-*19:10
yofelhm, sqlite was installed instead19:13
DarkwingBut, it wouldn't load with sqlite either.19:14
DarkwingIt was pissing me off LOL19:14
yofelif the backend is changed you still need to change it in the settings too19:15
yofelor otherwise akonadi simply fails19:15
DarkwingI listed MySQL as my backend after I installed. It's working well now.19:16
Darkwingand it handles my massive inboxes just fine in 4.819:16
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DarkwingRiddell: sent19:17
Riddellgosh it's wendar, were you at fosdem wendar?19:17
wendarRiddell: yup, were you?19:18
Riddellwendar: I was running the KDE stall, didn't see you over the hallway on the ubuntu one though19:18
wendarRiddell: it was so intensely busy there, it seems like I missed a lot of people19:18
Riddellthat always happens, it's an intense event :)19:18
wendarRiddell: I planned to spend the whole day at the Ubuntu booth, but it was so crowded, it seemed kinder to walk about to sessions and leave them the space19:19
RiddellI don't blame you for not being at the ubuntu stall, it was directly opposite toilets with blocked plumbing :)19:19
wendarRiddell: I did spend an hour or so chatting in front of it19:19
wendarRiddell: ah, the random chance of conference booths :)19:19
apacheloggerone more time19:41
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Riddellchit chat happening now20:01
Daskreechcrap >_>20:09
bulldog98Riddell: somehow kde-workspace depends on plasma-desktop or plasma-netbook, which makes kubuntu-active being deinstalled, if I deinstall plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook20:12
ScottKProbably need to add some plasma-active thingy as an alternate depends.20:17
BluesKajRiddell,  all seems well here with pulseaudio now..passthru etc all working ..pavucontrol is finally doing it's job 20:17
BluesKajbtw vlc backend is working again in phonon ...haven't used gstreamer since 20:19
mikecb_does it work with vlc 2?20:24
BluesKajmikecb_,  if you mean VLC media player 2.0.0 Twoflower , yes 20:25
shadeslayer^ can confirm20:25
BluesKajbut I'm not talking about the player mikecb_ , i mean the phonon-vlc-backend20:26
BluesKajaka phonon-backend-vlc , officially20:27
mikecb_so the libbluray stuff and such will vork20:34
BluesKajmikecb_,  yes it should , I have some DD and DTS encoded videos copied from bluray which work fine ...the setup in pavucontrol is critical tho  , if you use pulseaudio 20:43
Riddellnixternal: launchpad code hosting is worse in japan I hear22:01
Riddellec2 machines available on request22:01
JontheEchidnaHas anybody taken a peek at apol's muon-mobile branch? Pretty neat stuff. http://imgur.com/a/J85o722:43
JontheEchidnaI'm sure that he'll blag about this in a month or so. :P22:43
RiddellJontheEchidna: awesome candidate for kubuntu active?22:43
JontheEchidna(Or that there will be a blag)22:43
JontheEchidnaRiddell: that's the dream. (He's being sponsored by Netrunner-OS to do Muon work for them)22:44
bulldog98JontheEchidna: looks good22:44
RiddellJontheEchidna: that's very nice of somebody22:45
bulldog98if I find time I’ll package that in kubuntu-experimental22:45
JontheEchidnawe'll be merging it into git master this week, currently it's in the "newui" branch on git22:46
JontheEchidnaadds a build-dep on libkdeclarative22:46
RiddellJontheEchidna: oh is there a muon way to set apt proxy?  (user question I had this week)22:46
JontheEchidnaRiddell: it'll follow the system proxy (http_proxy env var)22:47
Riddellit will?  won't it follow an apt setting in /etc/apt ?22:47
JontheEchidnathat too22:47
Riddellbut not the KDE proxy I presume22:47
JontheEchidnait'd really be nice if KDE just provided an interface to set the system proxy22:48
JontheEchidnaas it stands, QApt uses APT to get the proxy info, which will first look in /etc/apt and then fall back to http_proxy22:49
Riddellso no GUI way to do it?22:49
JontheEchidnaI suppose I could be cajoled into giving QApt a "set proxy" function and then get Muon to set it with the KDE proxy22:51
Riddellwell I'd say software-properties is the right place to do it22:51
Riddellbut glatzor and Kubuntu haven't touched that in years22:52
JontheEchidnaI think the last thing that was done to it was some bugfix patches by amichair22:52
JontheEchidnaor maybe it was bambee22:52
JontheEchidnaI forget now :P22:52
JontheEchidnabut yeah, not much going on there22:52
Riddellthis is more than a bug fix, it needs done in both Qt and GTK UIs22:53
Riddellor at least the backend and Qt and let the GTK UI fend for itself :)22:53
amichairthat was indeed long ago :-)22:53
=== Krawlezten is now known as Krawlezt
apacheloggersoftware-properties needs to go away!23:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: can you regrow that stuff in muon maybe? :P23:18
JontheEchidnaI eventually would like to do that23:18
apacheloggerbut you are busy with minecraft, I know :P23:20
apacheloggerall my goto guys are busy with minecraft for some reason :P23:20
nixternalok, gonna go do some work. i shall stop by again later. i will take a look at ubiquity, which i have been, and i must say, what a head ache it is23:21
apacheloggerDarkwing: around?23:29
* apachelogger wonders about bug 65564623:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 655646 in kopete (Ubuntu) "Kopete's icon not shown in system tray" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65564623:53
apacheloggeragateau_: all your fault :P23:53
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/21/plasma-desktopdW2223.png23:54
apacheloggeryour notifier has a bug23:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: also that time should be incremented IMHO23:55
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: if one leaves the app open on some virtual desktop and never logs out it gives bogus information when one tries to start it again23:55
apachelogger(it being a kuniqueapp and all that)23:56

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