DaughainWell I think it means mount, it says joint.....;-)00:01
EzimDaughain, so you can read/write now?00:01
EzimDaughain, otherwise read: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131&page=2000:01
DaughainI can do absolutely Nouri g with it at this point.00:01
DaughainNothing that is.00:02
EzimDaughain, think problem is ntfs is not best friend with linux format when it comes to automounting00:03
JarliAnyone home?00:04
DaughainNever had any trouble with this drive till I installed mint.00:04
Jarlieh sorry00:04
EzimDaughain, :) damn mint.00:04
maniX__orated:  are u back?00:05
JarliI got a question about the Grub time out00:05
EzimDaughain, :) use kubuntu/ubuntu00:05
Jarlican i set it to say 10 seconds, and if so how?00:05
EzimJarli, kdesudo kate /etc/default/grub00:05
Ezimchange to 1000:05
Ezimthen sudo update-grub200:05
Jarlii type that in a terminal?00:05
EzimJarli, :) yeah terminal/konsole00:06
Jarli<- new to linus and kubuntu00:06
DaughainEzim: Usually do, but decided to install mint for gnome.00:06
Jarlikdesudo not found...00:06
Jarlikdesudi kate /etc/default/grub00:07
JarliNo command 'kdesudi' found, did you mean:00:07
Jarli Command 'kdesudo' from package 'kdesudo' (main)00:07
Jarlikdesudi: command not found00:07
DaughainIs there a room for mint?00:07
FloodBotK1Jarli: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:07
EzimJarli, kdesudo kate /etc/default/grub and not kdesudi :)00:07
Jarliok grub txt opened00:08
Jarlido I need to find a certain line?00:08
Jarliok cool. Set it to 2000:09
Ezim:) Jarli that works also00:09
Jarlisome times I might have a brain lapse... (to much beer) haha00:09
Jarlithank you for the guidance00:09
Jarliodd question, but whats the meaning behind ' sudo'  ?00:10
yofelJarli: you might need to disable the HIDDEN settings if you want the menu to be shown00:10
yofelotherwise do what Ezim said00:10
EzimJarli, write man sudo00:10
Jarlithe grub menu does show, I just installed kubuntu to another partition, besides windows 700:11
EzimJarli, will give you all information you need about sudo :)00:11
Jarliso I need to reboot00:11
Ezimafter you read all, press Q.00:11
EzimJarli, did you run sudo update-grub200:12
Ezimdo that before reboot00:12
JarliYes I did00:12
EzimJarli, happy rebooting :)00:12
Jarlibye for now00:12
EzimDaughain, yes there is.00:13
Ezim#linuxmint-help <<--- Daughain.00:14
DaughainRisk: Thanks00:14
DaughainSome days I hate this auto-correct....00:14
* Ezim are going to bed. bye!00:16
JarliIt worked00:16
EzimJarli, nice. bye.00:16
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mag_oneich bin sowas von neu aber freu mich auf alles00:54
maniXhello friends, i am using kubuntu 0n hp-g6-1219tu laptop. It has a broadcom 4313 wireless card installed on it. I have installed broadcom STA drivers  to it. I have made the wifi to work my blacklisting bcma and brcmsmac modules. But the bluetooth is not working. Please help me someone01:01
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TeslaTonyMy sound has died and I have no idea what happened, or how to get it back. Any help?02:00
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rain__Alot of Konversation going on in here02:03
OvermindDL1So, my monitor has two outputs with two monitors, I also have two keyboards and two mice, how can I get two people logged on with their own users on their own monitor with their own mouse/keyboard in kubuntu?02:03
OvermindDL1my video card has two outpppppppppppppppputs*02:03
snowmanbamfI just downloaded kubuntu 11.10 and my wireless doesnt work...  (framework not found)  please help???02:06
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Uncle_Festerhow do you uninstall a program in wine?02:51
mag_oneguten morgen:)02:55
SentynelUncle_Fester: applications > wine > uninstall wine software02:56
Uncle_Festeri dont see it02:57
SentynelUncle_Fester: are you on a really old version? looks like it was added in wine 1.1.203:01
Sentynelanyway, try running wine uninstaller or just uninstaller from the console03:01
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maniXorated_: u here man?06:32
maniXorated_: heres the pastepin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849282/06:33
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maceleAnybody have a obnoxious bright yellow screen when they're rebooting after installing the proprietary amd drivers?06:48
OvermindDL1macele: Nope07:02
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excognacGood morning ladies and gentlemen!09:49
excognacIf I downloaded kde 4.8 from ppa, I should still keep it as a software source, right?09:50
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:04
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fatumnow I'm not sure where to ask this... but I was just on my way to split my windows partition (used to be dual-boot Kubuntu and Win7), just to get 20GB for trying out Archlinux install. So Gparted started and ended on 6%. Now I can't access anything from the sda2, 320GB partition on which I had everything :3 ...yyeeah, no backup.12:35
fatumI have tried testdisk, but I it's unbootable and can't seem to rebuild it.12:35
Tm_Tfatum: ubuntu live cd doesn't help?12:36
fatumhow would it help? I have a working Kubuntu partition, no problem. But I can't mount that biggest partition, on which windows was12:37
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rolandSomewhere I read, that Canonical is dropping support for Kubuntu... is it true?12:43
fatumroland: afaik, Kubuntu will continue, just the paid support will not be available anymore.12:46
rolandKubuntu had paid support?12:46
Peace-roland: kubuntu will be supported like xubuntu12:47
Peace-roland: by community12:47
rolandSo canonical will still provide the servers for repositories?12:48
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Peace-roland: http://xubuntu.org xubuntu has the same position of kubuntu right now13:01
Peace-roland: so ...13:01
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BluesKajHowdy all13:16
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jEhrichsroland: only the paid developer(s) are gone, the infrastructure remains. So basically not much if any will change13:51
TheBladehi, kubuntu iso not readable by mac os, is there something to do to make it readable by mac os ?13:56
DaemonFChow can an ISO9660 image not be recognized by any operating system in the last decade?13:58
DaemonFCthat's like saying it doesn't know what a jpeg is13:58
TheBladedon't know, mac os just can't open it13:59
TheBladeand won't boot it either13:59
DaemonFCI'm out of my league on this one, I had an ipod once for about a week and then sold it and ran screaming14:00
DaemonFCthat's the end of my Apple expertise, but it sounds...odd that it won't just open an ISO14:00
TheBladeits not about iso i think, because i can open ubuntu iso, its about kubuntu iso, it seams to have a specific format, only windows can see it14:01
SentynelTheBlade: sounds like the iso's corrupted; check the md5 sum14:08
Sentynelubuntu and kubuntu isos are generated the same way14:08
TheBlademd5 sum ok, the dvd boots from a PC but not from a MAC, and in mac os, if i try to open it says format not recognized14:09
GradysGhostCan you mount it on the terminal?14:09
TheBladei burned one from mac os, burning ok md5 ok, but still not recognized14:09
GradysGhostAlso, does it mount on other systems (if you have another system to test with)?14:10
TheBladeno just windows and mac14:11
GradysGhostDoes it mount in Windows?14:11
TheBladei tried both 4gb and 700gb iso14:11
TheBladeyes good in windows14:11
GradysGhostI'm not a Mac person by a long shot, but you can try running something like...14:11
GradysGhostLike a normal mount command on the Mac terminal14:12
GradysGhostI'm unfamiliar with the Mac filesystem layout and permissions, though.14:12
GradysGhostSo I can't really tell you what to type14:12
TheBladeok i'll try to find the command ty @GradysGhost14:13
GradysGhostIf you figure that much out, run it and let us know what the output is.  It might be helpful.14:13
designbybeckgggGGGOOOOOOODDDD Monday Morning to you all! (and/or evening)14:19
designbybeckI'm justing Amarok for the first time!... this thing is amazing14:21
DaemonFCHFS+ has all the features mandated by POSIX14:23
DaemonFCbut it has its own bugs and legacy issues from the HFS file system it was extended from14:23
* DaemonFC has dealt with HFS before and doesn't see any reason why it should be more trustworthy now than what it was in OS 9 :)14:24
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  well , good luck with amarok ..at least it plays the audio , but the playlist setup is awful IME ...doubles triples tiltle lists  ...I've given up on it as a useful tool for listing any music14:25
designbybeckBanshee and Rythmbox both did that as well14:26
designbybecki was just playing with the fact that I could stream from Jamendo14:26
BluesKajit's even worse than wmp14:26
designbybeckalthough i was using Google Music14:26
GradysGhostI never liked Amarok, but I rarely use a native player (I use web-based stuff)14:26
DaemonFC[9:26 am] <BluesKaj> it's even worse than wmp14:26
GradysGhostI've heard good things about Clementine, though, which is modeled after a classic Amarok version, and has all kinds of crazy features.14:26
DaemonFCIsn't it wise to not say things you can't take back? :)14:26
designbybeckyean and I normally use Pandora, so i use the Pithos Linux client14:26
designbybeckbasic but gets the job done14:26
GradysGhostLike using a Wiimote for input14:27
designbybecklol @ DaemonFC14:27
BluesKajDaemonFC,  I won't take it back ...one can live wmp , with amarok I can't ...it tries to do too much , a simpler more straightforward approach to handling audio files would be best IMO14:28
DaemonFCBluesKaj: That mentality does get you a Rhythmbox or a Banshee14:29
DaemonFCthere's plenty of media players that don't do anything useful, most of them just happen to be for GNOME14:29
designbybeckin Dolphin, can you "fuse" to a remove server14:29
designbybeckCreate a SSH connecting to another server14:29
designbybeckusing dolphin14:29
DaemonFCI can't stand it when so many people say "ZOMG this software like totally confuses me!" then you get Empathy or Rhythmbox or Firefox or something14:30
DaemonFCwhich has been so watered down that I can't even use it anymore14:30
suhasi installed fancontrol recently14:31
DaemonFCit reminds me how the original Windows 95 alpha/beta had three buttons that all separated tasks into a logical workflow order, and so many stupid people took part in their focus groups that they ended up smashing it all together and calling it "Start"14:31
DaemonFCwhen you replace everything with one big "DUH" button, count me out14:31
suhaswhen i type the command pwmconfig14:31
DaemonFCI love Amarok :)14:32
suhasit says you need to be root14:32
designbybeckBluesKaj:  do you know anything about using SSH in DOlphin?14:32
BluesKajDaemonFC,  I just use vlc mostly14:32
suhasplease help14:32
designbybeckto "fuse" to a remote server?14:32
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  are you setting up a network folder ?14:32
designbybecki guess that is what it might be14:32
designbybeckohp! yep that is it! Thanks BluesKaj14:33
DaemonFCI might just be an oddball that likes software that does anything I could ever conceivably ask it to do, who knows?14:33
DaemonFCoptions exist to account for that (which is why I use KDE)14:33
designbybeckIt didn't say anything in the help files about it14:33
designbybeck..I agree with ya on that one DaemonFC14:33
DaemonFChaving a billion features I'll never use is more forgivable than missing the one or two that I can't get by without14:34
DaemonFCand the latter is where GNOME/Unity tend to go14:34
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  a hint : make sure you have kwalletmamager tutned on or the network fiolder configuration will fail , no matter how many times you enter the the password...you can safely disable it after making the connection14:34
designbybeckhmmm I guess I did have kwallet turned on because it worked14:35
BluesKajdisable kwaletmanager that is14:35
designbybeckkwallet does pop up when i first start my system and i log in there14:35
BluesKajok good14:35
designbybeckthat worked, I'm into my remote test server on Rackspace14:36
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  is it truly remote or on your LAN ?14:36
DaemonFCI about threw a conniption once (when I used GNOME, as they were stripping it of features and beginning to annoy me), and I hit a utility that removed the options I needed to control the naming conventions of the files it put out (which shall remain nameless), but I got to asking about it on Ubuntu Forums and someone suggested that I should stop complaining and....write a shell script to automate the task of reversing the stupid file names this14:37
DaemonFCthing was generating now :)14:37
DaemonFCenough incidents like that just finally led me to say "just give me the most bloated freaking thing that exists, every time"14:37
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  so you have a static IP14:37
designbybecka domain14:38
designbybeckit is where i test some of my educational technology stuff14:38
designbybeckhttp://mahara.triside.com      http://moodle.triside.com    http://wordpress.triside.com14:39
BluesKajI have a family name domain that I pay for every yr , but I still haven't set up a site ...lazy14:40
designbybeckslap wordpress on there!14:40
designbybeckyou can get it up and running in 10mins or less!14:40
DaemonFCI had a domain with my name on it and got careless and let it lapse, now it's owned by some spammer that wants me to pay $500 to get it back14:40
designbybeckI had a chance to get beck.com years ago..... now the singer Beck has it! :(14:41
designbybeckshoulda, coulda woulda lol14:41
BluesKajslap is something that I don't understand ...it trivializes the difficulty :)14:41
DaemonFCwell, the way WIPO works, you probably would have gotten sued, by Beck14:41
DaemonFCand they might have stolen your domain name anyway if they decided that the singer was more notable than you14:42
designbybeckmaybe i could have at least held out for a few bucks!14:42
* Mamarok suggest to go back to support...14:42
designbybeckah yes14:43
Mamaroksince we have a discussion channel for that :)14:43
BluesKajok guys ...this is getting OT ..back to business , even tho I'm guiltier than most here14:43
designbybeckOk so the TexOS project we had this weekend, we were doing clean installs of Kubuntu 11.10 32bit on donated computers14:43
designbybeckBut Muon Software Manager was  crashing. I read there was issues with that14:43
designbybeckand even asked in here how to fix it. We had the kids run the suggested commands in term, but still Muon was crashing14:44
designbybeckOn my personal laptop and Netbook, I was having that problem and ended up upgrading to KDE 4.8 which seemed to solve some things. Is that the case?14:44
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  unfortunately muon is becoming an embarrasment ...I thoink teaching a few simple cli commands to users would be best , rather than frustrate the learners with trying to update/upgrade with muon14:45
DaemonFCMuon has actually been one of the better decisions Kubuntu has made (You should try using Apper if you think Muon is bad)14:45
designbybeckAfter the updates i;ve done on my laptop and netbook, Muon has worked fine14:46
designbybeckI really want the kids to see the ratings and be able to read up on the item before installing14:46
BluesKajDaemonFC,  well, your entitled to your opinion , but lets not go any further ...we have to think about ppl's situations and be practical here14:46
designbybeckBut I do think we will still do more cli installation and management forsure14:46
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  I'm not leaving anything to chance , until muon stops crashing and freezing on my pc , I'm not going to advise anyone to use it .14:50
designbybeckunderstandable, but what is it doing for you BluesKaj14:51
Peace-designbybeck: http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/05/alias-apt-with-auto-complete-kde-4-kubuntu/14:51
DaemonFCthat could just be a problem with your video drivers14:51
designbybeckPeace-:  what is this I'm looking at?14:51
DaemonFCQt's effects and AMD Catalyst don't always get along14:52
designbybecka script to make shortcuts for installing?14:52
Peace-designbybeck: muon is a pain ? => create alias => very fast way toupgrade and install14:52
designbybeckDaemonFC:  AIT and Qt's effects don't either ;)14:52
DaemonFCCatalyst is less relevant with each advancement of the open source stuff so I don't even care what they do with it now14:53
DaemonFCI just threw that out there14:53
designbybeckthat is a novel way to do it Peace-14:53
Peace-as you wish14:54
Torpedo_SkylineCan somone help me with this? http://pastebin.com/ndyKadFq15:05
Torpedo_SkylineTrying to configure a lamp-server^ install under Kubuntu and I got that error at the bottom. Can't start phpmyadmin from Kickoff.15:06
designbybeckHmm, I haven't tried anything like that in Kubuntu Torpedo_Skyline15:06
Torpedo_Skylinedesignbybeck: any way to clear that error at the bottom? Kind of strange.15:07
designbybeckwhen you say bottom? you mean bottom of what?15:08
Torpedo_SkylineThe bottom of that pastebin that I posted. http://pastebin.com/ndyKadFq15:08
designbybeckoh gotcha, ok so  i'm not seeing that error15:10
Torpedo_Skylineon the pastebin?15:10
mr-richTorpedo_Skyline: why not just install what you need for a LAMP stack from moun or apper?15:11
Torpedo_Skylinemr-rich: I could and probably should. I've always been more comfortable with apt. =\15:12
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designbybeckjust do it in apt then Torpedo_Skyline15:12
designbybeckthat is how i did it on my Ubuntu server15:12
Torpedo_Skylinedesignbybeck: I just went sudo apt-get install lamp-server^15:13
Torpedo_Skylinenot the best way, I guess?15:13
designbybeckoh I haven't done it that way15:15
designbybecki did each one at a time15:15
Torpedo_Skylinedesignbybeck: you did sudo apt-get install php5 mysql-server apache2?15:15
designbybeckon top of uubntu server 11.1015:16
Torpedo_Skylineok, thanks designbybeck. =)15:18
designbybeckI'm new to server stuff, and just used the other IRC channels for support. I got through it ;)15:18
designbybeckGood luck15:18
Torpedo_Skylinethanks. I'm a "kind of" real switcher to Linux. I finally tossed OS X out and MAMP with it. ;)15:19
designbybeckWelcome to the real world :)15:20
designbybeckYou'll have a lot more power and tools at your finger times15:20
Torpedo_Skylineoh yeah, designbybeck. No longer using a Fisher-Price toy.15:23
Torpedo_SkylineI hate lag. XD15:23
Peace-Torpedo_Skyline: you used osx?15:23
designbybeckMy main system is a dell 17 studio laptop15:23
designbybecki7, 4GB RAM , 1GB video15:23
Torpedo_SkylinePeace-: I have.15:24
designbybeckI just moved over to Kubuntu from Ubuntu a week or so ago15:24
Torpedo_SkylinePeace-: No longer. I still have it on dual-boot on my MacBook Pro, but my main development machine runs Kubuntu.15:24
Torpedo_Skylinedesignbybeck: That's a pretty good system. And goodbye Unity! =P15:25
Peace-Torpedo_Skyline: oh strange everyone here are tellin osx is the best15:25
designbybeck"here" as in the this chatroom Peace-?15:25
Torpedo_SkylinePeace-: if you want to be dictated by some dude in California it is the best.15:25
Peace-Torpedo_Skyline: xd15:26
Peace-designbybeck: oh well guys i know15:26
almoxarifei tossed 'pulseaudio' after deciding to go with plasma, why is it installed by default?15:27
Torpedo_Skylinethe fact that my MacBook Pro had to go and validate itself to Apple to install OSX was retarded. Peace- I still keep OS X on a partition because my sisters use it and love Airdrop.15:28
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TorpedoSkylinealmoxarife: probaby because of Phonon.15:30
Peace- almoxarife you can  go even without pulse15:31
almoxarifePeace-: i did go without pulse15:31
Peace-designbybeck:  anyway you can get the same stuff of ubuntu on kuubnuntu like the bar15:32
Peace-designbybeck: http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/20/plasma-desktopnT1812.png15:32
BluesKajalmoxarife,  does your webaudio work ok without pulse ?15:35
almoxarifeBluesKaj: yes, i use chromium15:36
designbybeckthat looks like the standarad kmenu bar Peace-15:36
designbybeckunless that middle part is a luancher or something15:36
BluesKajalmoxarife,  onboard sound or pci soundcard?15:36
almoxarifeBluesKaj: onboard15:37
designbybeckPeace-: I've moved my bar to the top as well15:37
Peace-designbybeck: you can have what you want => http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/20/plasma-desktopqv1812.png15:38
BluesKajok almoxarife , thqanks , I'm curious because my onbaord sound works without pulse , but my pci soundcard needs pulse for all my audio15:38
almoxarifeBluesKaj: the only thing that i had to do was resolve issues associated with apps pointing to pulse15:38
designbybeckah! Cool, I haven't seen that15:38
almoxarifeBluesKaj: you would think the pci card would be satisfied with 'alsa'15:39
designbybeckOh i'm guessing you installed a few other things Peace-  I only have default and empty15:39
Peace-designbybeck: xD well yes15:39
designbybeckPeace-: where is that option at? to add more panel types?15:39
Peace-designbybeck: well you need to install some stuff15:40
Peace-you can isntall it locally only for your user or globally15:40
BluesKajalmor well it was for the audio on the hdd , but not webaudio, which i could live with , but after some updates and upgrades my pci now needs pulse for everything15:40
BluesKajalmoxarife, ^15:40
Peace-designbybeck: read here , if you have problem just ask .... i did that stuff http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Plasma+Panels+Collection+?content=14758915:41
almoxarifehttp://imagebin.org/199817 <-- mine15:41
BluesKajaltho I just use the pcm out to my audio receiver including the DD DTS audio , which are enabled in pavucontrol , quite handy actaully15:42
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designbybeckAnyone know if it is possible to setup Micro$oft Exchange in Kubuntu?15:50
designbybeckconnect to a Exchnage 2008 email server15:50
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  wine?15:52
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  what about smb ?15:53
designbybecki think you use to could back with exhange 200315:53
designbybeckwith with exhange server 2008 it will no except any other client but a microsoft client15:53
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  check out Zimbra15:55
BluesKaj!info Zimbra15:56
ubottuPackage Zimbra does not exist in oneiric15:56
designbybeck*sigh* oh well. I've had to use the web client for Outlook Web Access for Microsoft for 3 years now15:57
designbybeckbut that is a microsoft exahnge issue not a Linux issuse15:57
BluesKajzimbra is avmware app ..probly expensive15:58
BluesKajdesignbybeck, http://ipcommunications.tmcnet.com/topics/ip-communications/articles/41727-zimbra-extends-compatibility-with-microsoft-exchange.htm16:02
designbybeckBluesKaj:  that is still the old 2003 that it works with16:02
designbybecki just downloaded a .rar file16:13
designbybeckI tried to right click on it and go to "Extract Here"16:13
designbybeck"Failed to Locate Porgram unrar in PATH?16:13
designbybeckany idea? Anyone use 7ZIP with Kubuntu?16:14
TorpedoSkylinedesignbybeck: you don't use ARK?16:14
designbybeckmy setup is pretty stock right now16:15
designbybecki haven't installed any other utilities for Kubuntu/KDE right now16:15
designbybeckbut i would think the default should work?16:15
TorpedoSkylinedesignbybeck: Ark comes with Kubuntu and extracts .rar16:15
TorpedoSkylinedesignbybeck: it should... =\.16:16
designbybeckit gives that error16:16
designbybeckHmmm looks like i had to do a 'sudo apt-get install rar unrar16:21
designbybeckbut that worked16:21
TorpedoSkylinehmm, weird. Must have gotten removed somehow. o.O16:22
BluesKajdesignbybeck, try unp , it's a cli app but it works on all compressed filetypes that I know of16:24
designbybecki got it to work but installin rar unrar16:25
designbybeckeven though it was suppose to be installed already16:25
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designbybeckI just realized my media keys on my keyboard, do in fact show that the volume isgoing down on screen, but do not physically make the audio get quit17:02
designbybeckany ideas why?17:02
designbybeckHmmm.. I guess I figured it out, my HDMI port was selected as the "master"17:03
designbybecki didn't think that mattered because I thought they system sound overwrote everything else17:03
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ScottyKgreetings! What KDE program do you recommend to edit MP3's to use as ringtones?17:55
rtdoscan any one tell me why some games load and some games don't? is it a permission issue? nethack for example won't load.18:04
Picinethack won't load?! thats a serious issue.  Kidding aside, what do you mean by 'wont load' are you getting an error?18:07
rtdosno, when i click on the menu shortcut i get the bouncy cursor thing and that's all i get. when i type in nethack in the command line the prompt pauses for a minute and then returns a normal prompt.18:08
rtdosi tried cleaning out any cache files in my /home/user directory (but can't find any related to nethack or other games that won't load).18:09
Picirtdos: Any other games or programs that won't load?18:09
rtdosglhack won't load either18:09
rtdosegoboo (spelling?)18:09
rtdosseems to be mostly game related :-\18:10
Sentynelrtdos: do you have different nethack frontends installed? (e.g., nethack-console, nethack-qt) and if so do all fail to start or just some?18:11
rtdosi've tried uninstalling some and reinstalling others but to no avail.18:12
rtdosseems to be an issues only with anything that is a game.18:12
rtdosi am a member of the games group18:12
rtdosi just tried loading the game "Out of Order" and it too appears to load and then nothing.18:17
rtdosthis only seems to happen with the games on my system as I have not come across it with any other programs.18:17
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BluesKajrtdos , try typing the game name in the konsole , and check the resultant output in pastebin18:30
BluesKajerr paste the output rather18:31
rtdosone question: would there be a reason some programs take longer to load than others, such as Konsole?18:39
BluesKajkonsole =terminal18:41
BluesKajit should load immediately , rtdos18:41
rtdosBluesKaj, doesn't. can't even load egoboo through the command line. nothing comes up on the command line either.18:42
BluesKajrtdos,  what about videos ,do they play ok ?18:42
rtdosyes. they play fine. even play a dvd with no problems.18:43
rtdossome programs take a few more seconds than usual to load but it's mostly games that won't load at all.18:43
rtdosi even disabled the backgrounded search and index program (neposomething)18:44
rtdos(all this is from a fresh install of Kubuntu, too)18:47
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ronnocKubuntu needs a promo team now that it's a community distro. Having it be a part of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/marketing is not sufficient. Thoughts? I'm willing to help.19:15
rtdosnow dolphin is taking a while to load, :-(19:16
rtdoswhat the hecks going on?19:16
rtdosthis is a fresh install.19:16
rtdosno (known) hardware issues.19:16
Daskreechronnoc: Sure :) hop into #kubuntu-devel and ask for ninja gear19:25
Daskreechrtdos: whats going on?19:26
rtdosidaknow. i have a fresh install of kubuntu on this laptop but some programs seems to take longer than usual to load (dolphin and konsole for example) and some (mostly games) won't load at all.19:27
ronnocDaskreech: Sure! Will do shortly. Thanks!19:28
rtdosDaskreech - even went so far as to disable the background indexing program (nanosomething) that was using over 50% CPU19:34
BluesKajrtdos,  akonadi ?19:35
rtdoshave that disabled too BluesKaj19:35
BluesKajdisable nepomuk in stratup&shutdoen19:36
* BluesKaj cleans the KB19:36
rtdosyes, that was the neposomething i disabled. :)19:41
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Daskreechrtdos: :) what's going on I missed the first complaints19:44
rtdossome programs (such as dolphin, konsole) seem to take a while longer to load than what i'm used to. but others (mostly its the games) won't load at all. i don't have this "won't load" issue with anything else other than games.19:46
BluesKajrtdos,  I have to ask , have you updated/upgraded since the install ?19:46
rtdosright now i'm trying to load user management applet(?) from the system control panel and it took nearly 30 seconds to load.19:47
BluesKajlately ?19:47
BluesKajmuon or cli ?19:47
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Daskreechrtdos: Did you try run them from the konsole?19:51
rtdosyep. don't get the usual console full of text messages. the prompt pauses for a minute and then get a blank prompt again.19:52
rtdosi'm thinking it might be a permission issue ?19:52
rtdosi am a member of the "Games" group19:53
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BluesKajrtdos,  open system monitor , check for muon19:55
rtdosps -e | grep 'muon' found nothing.19:56
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rtdos*BRB* going to run fsck (for kicks)19:59
DaskreechBluesKaj: what are you looking for?20:04
BluesKajmuon is hanging in some cases during updates, and freezes unless a reboot takes it down , Daskreech20:07
DaskreechOh that's not good20:09
JontheEchidnawell, you can kill it with "killall muon"20:10
JontheEchidnaanyway, that should be fixed in 1.2.320:11
JontheEchidnaBluesKaj, Daskreech^20:11
BluesKajDaskreech, just a thought ...saw it happen yesterday ..slowed everything down ..muon works after upgrade and dist-upgrade in the cli , but if muon is used to upgrade then that's where the problem starts ...the upgrade fixes muon20:11
BluesKajthe cli upgrade fixes muon as long as it hasn't been started20:12
BluesKajhey JontheEchidna20:12
rtdosnope. fsck came out clean.20:17
rtdosnope. fsck came out clean.20:18
DaskreechJontheEchidna: \o/ hooray :)20:18
DaskreechCan Muon do a grep through the upgrades and do a selective upgrade of Muon first?20:19
excognacHow do I make sure that my very partioned HD doesn't have any errors defects before repartioning it?20:20
BluesKajexcognac,  burn gparted to a cd and run it to check each partition for errors20:21
excognacBluskaj: or I can use it from a livecd, right?20:22
BluesKajusually any bad sectors will be marked to ignore20:22
BluesKajyes excognac , exactly20:23
excognacBluesKaj: ok, thx.20:23
rtdosis it possible to create a temporary 'guest' account so that when the user logs out what ever he saved is deleted or removed and the next 'guest' to login has a 'clean slate' ?20:26
rtdoshow? not just by adding a 'guest' account through user accounts, correct?20:29
vadi2Is there a recommendation Qt 4.8 PPA?21:04
Snowhogrtdos: Take a look at the package guest-session. It isn't the same as the Ubuntu Guest Session, in that it is 'launched' from an existing login session, but...21:12
rtdoscan i find it under synaptic?21:13
rtdosi see gdm-guest-session under synaptic but it won't work with kdm will it?21:20
Snowhogrtdos: It's listed when I search for it:  guest-session   What version of Kubuntu are you running?21:34
Snowhogrtdos: Ooops! My bad! You are right - it's gdm-guest-session.21:36
texciao a tutti21:43
rtdosSnowhog - how can i change from kdm to gdm display manager?21:48
shadeslayerrtdos: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm21:49
shadeslayerand then choose one ;)21:50
laMela87ciao a tutti21:51
licensedgreat post i was searching for this http://ubuntuku.org/16/how-to-disable-nepomuk-akonadi/21:51
laMela87qualcuno sa darmi delle info su kubuntu?21:51
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:51
laMela87someone who could give me some information about kubuntu?21:52
shadeslayerlaMela87: shoot21:52
laMela87i've a vaio and i've some problems with the touchpad21:53
laMela87the scrolling with syaptic doesn't work21:53
shadeslayerlaMela87: press Alt+F2 and type systemsettings21:53
laMela87now i solved this problem whit the disable of synaptic21:54
laMela87i try to able the scrolling with two finger like in the mac but i can't21:54
designbybeckProblem! ... Did a new Kubuntu 11.10 64bit on an Xeon quad core , 4GB ram system21:55
laMela87kubuntu 11.10 is very nice but a lot of problem21:55
designbybeckinstall went fine,21:55
designbybeckDid an upgrade to KDE 4.821:55
designbybeckthat seemed to go ok21:55
shadeslayerlaMela87: thats weird, I have a mac and 2 finger scrolling works just fine21:55
laMela87yeh i've a mac too21:55
shadeslayerlaMela87: 8,2 ?21:55
designbybeckafter restart that system is very laggy now, some Windows I can click on just fine and they pull up active. but i can't click on anything with it21:55
designbybeckSame with the kMenu21:55
laMela87but i want to improve the use of linux because i'm a computer engineering21:56
designbybeckI tried to go to a tty and do some updates there didn't apper to be any others21:56
laMela87shadeslayer what 8,2?21:56
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: possibly buggy video drivers? What video card are you using?21:56
designbybeckI'm not sure actually21:57
shadeslayerlaMela87: thats the model of the MBP. Do you have the 13" Model or the 15" one or the 17" one?21:57
laMela87designbyeback the videocard is ATI?21:57
designbybecki think it is an NVIDIA, but I haven't done any propreitary software installs yet shadeslayer21:57
laMela87shadeslayer: 13'' white21:58
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: ah, I'd suggest trying out the proprietary drivers then  :)21:58
designbybeckit is just odd because everything up until i did the 4.8 updated seemed ok21:58
designbybeck, but i'll see if it has those drivers21:58
laMela87design i had problems with the video card, you ave to install the proprietary driver.22:00
shadeslayerlaMela87: please try configuring the touchpad via systemsettings22:01
shadeslayeryou can try to enable/disable it there and see if its working22:01
laMela87shade now if i try to open system settings/touchpad he says: no touchpad found22:02
shadeslayerlaMela87: what year was your mbp manfactured in? 2011?22:03
designbybeckshadeslayer:  i switched to a different tty and did a lspci | grep VGA22:03
designbybecki found that it is a Nvidia 640022:04
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: press Alt+F2 and type : jockey-kde22:04
laMela87no shade my macbook has lion. Kubuntu is installed on my vaio22:04
shadeslayerand it should find and install the right drivers22:04
laMela87iv'done done thei today merci mon cher marie! :) Je vous souhaite un avenir plein d'amis et de rustiques! Rendez-vous dimanche! Un gros bisou! ;)22:04
rtdosSnowhog: worked. now i have guest-session but now i have 3 additional accounts that are apparently running in the background, hold on i'll log out and back in to list them.22:04
laMela87sorry i've done a mistake22:04
designbybeckit doesn't seem to be taking my keystrokes shadeslayer22:05
laMela87sudo rmmod psmouse22:05
laMela87E poi ho lanciato sempre da shell22:05
laMela87sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps22:05
laMela87a questo punto lo scroll ha iniziato a funzionare alla perfezione.22:05
FloodBotK1laMela87: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:05
laMela87La guida dice se così non dovesse funzionare sostituire a proto=imps la dicitura proto=exps22:05
designbybeckif i restart and get to the login, i can type in username and password just fine22:05
designbybeckbut now that I'm in, it does'n't let me type22:05
shadeslayeruhh, guys I have to go and sleep .. but ...22:06
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: try jockey-kde in a terminal22:06
laMela87now it works22:06
designbybeckcan i do that in a tty?22:06
shadeslayerlaMela87: Find a way to find out your touchpad make and model22:06
laMela87ok tnx shade..;)22:06
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: no you need X for it, altho there is a command line tool as well22:06
shadeslayerlaMela87: if you don't get a answer here you can also ask in #ubuntu22:07
shadeslayerbut make sure you find out the touchpad model22:07
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: jockey-text22:08
shadeslayerdesignbybeck: see jockey-text --help for usage22:08
shadeslayerokay gtg, night22:08
designbybeckshadeslayer: I found out that it was doing the commands, but not refreshing/redrawing the screen SO i kept pressing alt+tab and i could see the addtional drivers box22:10
designbybeckwas able, with alt+tabin' to try to activate the toher driver22:10
designbybeckwhich one though? current-update or 173 release22:11
designbybeckpost release?22:11
JensitHeyho... i just installed kubuntu, but my second.monitor is not working... nee doesnt sven recognize it:/22:15
JensitProb solved22:18
rtdosSnowhog: ok, since I switched from KDM to GDM I now have the following accounts (and all say they are logged in): syslog, usbmux daemon, kdm, ejabberd, mythtv, nobody.  Is there anyway to remove these accounts?22:22
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pxcso is GPT partitioning now the only kind supported by the Kubuntu installer?22:33
Jensitgot a problem with my second monitor... i cant save the xorg.conf file =/22:34
DaemonFCpxc: I doubt it. Fedora had some documentation for their system that said the kernel boot parameter nogpt when you boot the live CD would go back to MBR partitioning there22:39
DaemonFCbut I have no idea if that works in Kubuntu22:39
DaemonFC(My BIOS knows what GPT is so I haven't had to care)22:40
DaemonFCtechnically, there's nothing to stop you from using GPT partitioning and mark the MBR as executable, except that that goes against the EFI specification and some BIOSes would not know what to do22:41
rtdosok, since I switched from KDM to GDM I now have the following accounts (and all say they are logged in): syslog, usbmux daemon, kdm, ejabberd, mythtv, nobody.  Is there anyway to remove these accounts? or should i just disable them?22:41
DaemonFCWhether or not a BIOS understands GPT labels or not is, iffy, since it was never a requirement, but in practice many recent ones do22:41
pxcDaemonFC, yeah... On Friday I tried to do a Kubuntu install on a UEFI-compatible system (although at first UEFI booting was disabled; it was in legacy mode)22:42
pxcand it just went terribly22:42
DaemonFCif you use EFI with a BIOS compatibility module, you'll be much happier22:42
pxcgrub-gpt's legacy mode (with that grub-bios partition type, which I had never heard of and totally threw me off) did nothing22:42
DaemonFCassuming that's an option with yours22:42
DaemonFCexposing it as uEFI can cause problems, even with Windows22:42
pxcWell, that was another problem. They wanted to dual-boot it with Vista, and Vista can't handle UEFI22:43
DaemonFCthe BIOS compatibility module just exposes the uEFI firmware to the OS as if it was any other BIOS22:43
pxchere's the weird thing22:43
DaemonFCyou *could* boot DOS with that22:43
pxceven when BIOS compatibility was enabled, Kubuntu still tried to use GPT partitioning, and *its* grub-bios legacy compatibility layer didn't work with the chipsets BIOS emulation22:44
pxcso it just wouldn't boot22:44
pxcI had to *manually* create an msdos partition label so grub would install the old-fashioned way22:44
DaemonFCthat is....insane22:44
DaemonFCbut, that's normal with BIOS/EFI22:44
pxcand then boot with BIOS compatibility inabled22:44
pxcand I had to manually set up the partitions, because the ‘guided partition setup’ only gives you the option to use whole disk22:45
pxcin which case it replaces the whole filesystem table with a new, shiny GPT one. Which is apparently unbootable anyway, in some cases22:45
pxcdo you know if Kubuntu uses GPT/UEFI settings by default, or if it just detected his chipset as ‘compatible’ and rolled with that, even though it was in BIOS compatibility mode at the time?22:45
DaemonFCwell, I am using 12.04 right now and it gave me GPT22:46
DaemonFCI have no idea what earlier releases were doing22:46
pxcthis was 11.1022:46
pxcapparently 11.04 had the same problem22:46
DasKreechJensit: where are you saving the file?22:46
rtdosok, since I switched from KDM to GDM I now have the following accounts (and all say they are logged in): syslog, usbmux daemon, kdm, ejabberd, mythtv, nobody.  Is there anyway to remove these accounts?22:47
DasKreechrtdos: Why do you want to delete the accounts?22:47
rtdosor at least disable them?22:47
JensitDasKreech: Nvidia settings22:48
DasKreechJensit: That's a place?22:48
Jensitdefault place22:48
JensitDasKreech: mom22:48
* DasKreech hasn't used nvidia or nvidia settings. Indulge me22:49
JensitDasKreech: /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:49
DasKreechJensit: What's the error for saving it?22:50
JensitUnable to open X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' for writing.22:50
rtdosDasKreech: maybe not delete them but disable them? aren't they taking up resources running in the background like that?22:50
JensitDasKreech: Unable to open X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' for writing.22:54
viKtor__hey guys what's the kde app for scan documents?22:54
DasKreechJensit: try sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bkup.$(date +%d%m%Y)22:56
DasKreech!info skanlite | viKtor__22:56
ubottuviKtor__: skanlite (source: skanlite): image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend. In component main, is extra. Version 0.7-2ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 1079 kB, installed size 1504 kB22:56
DasKreechrtdos: No they are keeping the system running22:56
DasKreechOther them MythTV I presume you installed that22:56
JensitDasKreech: same error =/22:57
viKtor__DasKreech: thanks!22:58
DasKreechJensit: what' the error from the sudo mv ?22:58
JensitDasKreech: no error.... mv worked... but saving not =/22:58
pxcrtdos, you don't want to disable or delete those accounts. They are used for permissions handling on system services. They don't chew up extra resources, and deleting them will reduce the security of your system and possibly break some system services22:59
DasKreechJensit: How are you running the nvidia settings ?22:59
JensitDasKreech: tried with sudo out of a terminal and normal22:59
DasKreechrtdos: Some ofthose are made to only specifically do very few things. The system only expects them to do it22:59
pxcrtdos, there may be an option for GDM not to show ‘system’ accounts in the login list, and that's really what you would want to do23:00
JensitDasKreech: same error23:00
DasKreechJensit: try sudo -i23:00
rtdoswhere would i find that?23:00
viKtor__DasKreech: but it can't save as pdf :S that's weird :S23:00
pxcrtdos: I don't know; I don't use GDM. :-P23:01
pxcI'll see if I can find something about it for you, but meanwhile give the docs a perusing yourself :-)23:01
JensitDasKreech: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bkup.$(date +%d%m%Y)23:01
JensitDasKreech: ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run `nvidia-settings --help` for usage information.23:01
pxcrtdos: http://askubuntu.com/questions/2471/how-to-hide-users-from-the-login-screen23:01
rtdospxc: i normally use kdm, since i'm needing temp access to a guest session i'm using gdm at the moment so my gdm knowledge is a bit rusty. :)23:02
pxcYou should be able to open a guest session on KDM, right? or is it that you already have an instance of KDM running or what? You can definitely open multiple sessions using KDM23:03
rtdoshaven't figured out how to open a guest session under kdm. closet i could find was gdm-guest-session23:03
rtdos...and found that under synaptic package manager23:03
pxcfrom an existing KDE session, hit alt+f2 to bring up KRunner, and type ‘new session’23:04
pxcyou may need to enable the ‘desktop session’ krunner plugin if it isn't already running23:05
DasKreechpxc: Far as I know you can't do guest access from KDM23:05
DasKreechJensit: hmm ok nvidia-settings is a gui Tool?23:07
pxcis guest access logging in through a guest account, or what does it mean specifically?23:07
JensitDasKreech: yes23:07
DasKreechJensit: try alt+f2 -> kdesudo nvidia-settings23:07
rtdospxc: logging in through a temporary-guest account. then when the user logs out everything is deleted.23:08
rtdospxc: gdm-guest-session does exactly that.23:10
DasKreechrtdos: you could make a guest account ( should already exist) and set it's logout option to wipe the ~ and copy back skel23:10
rtdosDasKreech how? i've googled but only answers i come up with are gdm related.23:12
JensitDasKreech: same error23:12
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* rtdos is really starting to lose faith in google. :-P23:15
pxcrtdos, I guess there is no equivalent for KDM. It seems like you'd have to make a real guest account and do something like DasKreech is describing23:15
rtdospxc: where would i find out log out options to wipe the ~ and copy back the skel ? under system settings?23:16
mrafcho001_anyone know when VLC 2.0 is coming to Kubuntu (without adding various PPAs)?23:18
pxcrtdos, there's a .bash_logout file, but I don't think that's quite what we need here. It's along that trail, though23:19
pxcrtdos, there's this: http://osr507doc.sco.com/en/OSUserG/_How_to_add_a_logout_script.html23:19
rtdospxc: agreed. because we want it only for the guest account and not other accounts.23:19
rtdoslooking at it now.23:19
pxcbut more realistically, we would want to have it run on login rather than logout. Because if it's only done on logout, a user could log in, make changes, shut down the computer with a hard shutdown, and then log back in with their settings saved23:20
pxcyou can do it by changing the user's login shell, perhaps23:21
DasKreechrtdos: there is a ~/.bash_logout also a kdelogout script either would work if all you have is KDE on the machine23:22
DasKreechpxc: :) Yeah that's smart I suppose23:22
rtdosDasKreech: just have it wipe the ~ directory without remove the .bash_login script?23:23
DasKreechyeah it won't remove any ~/.$files unless you say so23:24
rtdosso isn't there a way to remove any and all ~/.$files except ~/.bash_login by using grep, correct? obviously it can't remove its own file?23:28
gomiboyyes, the running script can remove itself23:29
gomiboyyou can even delete a video you are watching and keep watching it, this is a multi user os, not that fake multi user windowz :P23:31
pxcrtdos, ‘grep -v’ reverses the grep behavior. You can use it to grab everything *except* what matches the pattern you want23:33
rtdosoh so exclude ~/.bash_login ? but would i need to keep a ~/.bash_logout file in place ?23:33
rtdosbut will this screw up kde or whatever desktop i happen to be running at the moment?23:34
pxcnot really. if you wanted to, you could have the $HOME directory of this guy cleared at both login and logout, so you could save .bash_logout as well. But you shouldn't need both23:35
rtdosok. i get back here shortly with a script.23:35
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sharpspearanyone got a minute?23:40
mrafcho001_sharpspear: You might have better luck if you just ask your question23:46
Scuniziamarok is chewing 50% of my cpu.. even without playing anything..23:47
ronnocScunizi: Disable all Add-ons / scripts and then check CPU. It might be a rogue script.23:48
ronnocScunizi: I have Amarok open all day with all scripts ticked to "on", plus Moodbar, playing a 1,000+ song playlist and my CPU goes from 3-5% for Amarok, so something's wrong with yours somewhere.23:50
ubuntuhello all. How could I achive during partitioning and reinstall No such partition and grub rescue prompt?23:52
=== ubuntu is now known as excognac
excognacI am asking it23:52
pxcexcognac, I don't understand what you are asking :-(23:54

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