thumperhow do I get the bugs for a project?01:58
thumperI'm obviously brain dead01:58
thumperbecause what I'm trying isn't working01:58
lifelesswhat are you trying01:58
thumperwhere udp == lp.projects['unity-distro-priority']01:59
thumperI've also tried with project=  the string value01:59
thumper OOPS-0afa8a389ada3e4afbf779e05f2ee47f01:59
thumperI'm trying to add a bug tag02:26
thumpernot sure if it worked or not02:26
thumperthe web page isn't showing it02:26
thumperbut I'm wondering if that is just replication lag02:26
thumperbug.tags.append('foo'), followed by bug.lp_save()02:26
thumperwill that work?02:27
thumperwgrant, lifeless: can you edit bug tags with the api?02:29
wgrantthumper: That's unlikely to work, but you can edit them.02:30
wgrantI think you have to set the whole thing.02:30
wgrantPossibly as a list, or possibly as a string.02:30
* wgrant checks.02:30
thumperwgrant: thanks02:31
wgrantthumper: Set a new list and it should work.02:31
thumperwgrant: ok, I'll try that02:31
george_eQuestion: can I set up automatic sync. of translations for a specific branch?03:46
george_eI know I can get it set for a specific series.03:46
george_eHere is a slightly better explanation: http://askubuntu.com/q/10580104:11
wgrantgeorge_e: I don't think that's supported.04:13
wgrantCode and translations are normally in the same branch.04:13
george_ewgrant: I tried that with an earlier branch and it was no end of headaches.04:14
george_eLaunchpad just dumped the .po files in the root directory of the branch.04:14
wgrantThe vast, vast majority of projects have them in the same branch.04:14
wgrantIt will export them to the path with which they were imported.04:14
george_ewgrant: It will?04:15
george_e...and where will it put new translations?04:15
wgrantActually, are you talking about imports or exports?04:17
wgrantLaunchpad will only *import* from a series branch, but you can tell it to export to any.04:18
wgrantI'm not quite sure how the path determination works; I don't know that much about Launchpad Translations.04:18
wgrantbut eg. if you look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~stellarium/stellarium/auto-po/revision/5124 you'll see it normally exports to sensible paths.04:18
george_ewgrant: I didn't realize the two operations were independent.04:28
george_eI've set up automatic export to that branch now.04:28
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ESphynxhey guys... could someone guide me with translations?07:24
sagaciESphynx, what kind of guidance do you need07:50
ESphynxsagaci: our layout i sort of organized the .mo way, which launchpad is saying it doesn't support :(07:50
ESphynxwe already have a Chinese and Spanish translation mostly done, and I can't figure out how to make it work :P07:51
ESphynxwithin our repository, we have project subfolders where .pot file get automatically generated at the root... and within the ecere folder for example, we have e.g. locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po07:52
sagaciESphynx, you could try http://jarfil.net/convert/msgunfmt.php07:53
ESphynxi'm wondering what changes would be required for things to work smoothly with launchpad?07:53
ESphynxsagaci: I have the .pot/.po files that's not the problem07:53
ESphynxthe problem is the directory structure07:53
ESphynxlanuchpad seems to want ecere/zh.po07:54
sagaciah ok07:54
ESphynxI have loacle/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po07:54
sagacifair enough07:54
ESphynxI could move ecere.pot into locale/ and keep the source translations as zh.po, es.po ...07:57
ESphynxbut there would be many locale/ subfolders throughout the project , e.g. ecere/locale/zh.po , ide/locale/zh.po07:57
ESphynxI'm wondering whether that would work or not07:57
sagacishouldn't be too hard to reorganise07:57
ESphynxi'm reluctant to have ecere/ecere/zh.po or ecere/locale/ecere/zh.po07:57
ESphynxi'm just wondering what would work07:58
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czajkowskiGood morning09:01
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czajkowskiStevenK: you didn't like the - :)09:23
StevenKI did not. :-)09:26
StevenKI needed an extra one for my smile.09:26
ryeohai, is the task to process the reports being submitted via ubuntu-bug working now? I am filing about about unity and it has been 10 minutes, still on processing stage09:57
czajkowskirye: yes ubuntu-bug works fine here09:59
araujohello, the multi-projects bug feature (https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/MultiProjectBugs) is available for projects that are hosted in different launchpad instances too?, probably across different networks?10:00
apwdid launchpad just die ?10:01
* apw is getting 'Uh oh!' messages10:01
ryeah, now 503 error10:01
ryeczajkowski, your ubuntu-bug killed launchpad, booo10:01
odonyapw, rye: 10:00 - 10:05 is database update window I think10:01
ryeand we are back, still not filing a bug10:01
apwoh is it ... hmmm10:02
ryeodony, sorry, i wonder whether it could affect the bug filing @ 15-25 minutes ago10:03
odonyrye: don't think so10:04
czajkowskirye: stil having issues?10:04
ryeinteresting, second ubuntu-bug unity is pretty much doing the same10:04
=== popey_ is now known as popey
czajkowskisure it's not just unity hanging ?10:05
czajkowskiand searchign the queue of bugs?10:05
ryeczajkowski, i mean when the bug report web page is opened, it says that bug report is being processed,  oh, nevermind, the second attempt completed successfully10:05
czajkowskiok so lp does go down for a short period each day for maintenace10:06
czajkowskiperhaps you got in the middle of that window10:06
ryeczajkowski, oh, and the first one completed too. Next time please kick me from the channel and say to come in 20 minutes if the problem still persists10:06
czajkowskirye: it's fine10:07
wgrantrye: We turn cronjobs like that off for about 15 minutes around database outages (which we just had, as czajkowski said).10:07
ryewgrant, ah, then this explains my issue completely10:10
ESphynxi'm back :)10:20
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ESphynxanyone had suggestions regarding my translations?10:20
czajkowskiESphynx: what translations?10:26
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
ESphynxczajkowski: the ones for Ecere hehe10:35
ESphynxwithin our repository, we have project subfolders where .pot file get automatically generated at the root... and within the ecere folder for example, we have e.g. locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po, i'm wondering what changes would be required for things to work smoothly with launchpad?10:35
ESphynxI could move ecere.pot into locale/ and keep the source translations as zh.po, es.po ...but there would be many locale/ subfolders throughout the project , e.g. ecere/locale/zh.po , ide/locale/zh.po, I'm wondering whether that would work or not...10:35
czajkowskiESphynx: hmm honesly I'm not sure, but if you give me your email address I'll find out for you and let you know  if you like10:36
czajkowskiI need to fined jtv and see if he knows10:36
jtvFound him, you have10:36
czajkowskijtv: morning wasn't sure if youw ere about and was going to mail you if you're busy re ESphynx question above10:37
jtvMorning :)10:37
jtvESphynx: two things10:37
jtvFirst is a sidenote: "zh.po" won't work, because there are two very different versions of written Chinese that are both arguably the "standard' version.  Always say either zh_TW (for Traditional Chinese) or zh_CN (for Simplified Chinese).10:38
jtvWe'd better note that because otherwise you might get everything else right and it might be completely unclear why the PO files weren't being imported.  :-)10:39
jtvSecond is the actual answer to your question.  :-)10:40
jtvIn Launchpad, the standard directory structure is as described in https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/YourProject/ImportingTemplates10:40
jtv(May take some clicking from there to get to the right bit — please hang on, I'm looking for it)10:41
ESphynxjtv: The problem is, we have our own directory structure in the project... e.g. we already have Spanish and Chinese.10:42
ESphynxand we use our own i18n system, which uses the gettext format, but our own tools...10:42
jtvThere are one or two alternative directory structures that will also work, but they're a bit brittle and poorly understood.10:42
ESphynxSo the .pot files get automatically generated in each project's folder... e.g. we have sdk/ecere/ecere.pot for the ecere project (sdk/ecere) and sdk/ide/ide.pot for the ide project (sdk/ide)10:42
jtvThat structure for the templates is perfect for launchpad.10:43
=== shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer
ESphynxand the source .po files should be somewhere under sdk/ecere/ , prefereably under sdk/ecere/locale/10:43
ESphynxfor the translations10:43
ESphynxright now, our translations for ecere are in sdk/ecere/locale/zh_CN/ecere.po10:43
jtvThe standard naming scheme would be sdk/ecere/zh_CN.po10:44
jtv(So: one template per directory, PO file in the same directory as the template, and the PO file's name consisting of <language>.po10:45
* czajkowski ha a lot to learn about .PO10:45
czajkowskijtv: ESphynx has 12 imports in the queue10:46
jtvESphynx: there are other ways to do this, but they're nowhere near as convenient.10:47
ESphynxjtv: that's what I don't want, all the translations at the top of the project...10:47
jtvI see.10:47
ESphynxjtv: sdk/ecere/locale/zh_CN.po would be "ok"10:47
ESphynxPoEdit automatically changes .po to .mo when saving though, which is why I'd have preferred the file being called "ecere.po"10:47
ESphynxwould save from having to copy stuff around...10:47
jtvWould it be doable to move the template down the tree?  So for example, sdk/ecere/locale/ecere.pot?10:48
ESphynxyes that is possible.10:48
ESphynxbut then the subfolder is locale/10:48
ESphynxso wouldn't that confuse launchpad?10:48
ESphynxhaving ecere/locale/ecere.pot and ide/locale/ide.pot ?10:48
jtvShould be fine; about the worst I can imagine is if these come from a bzr branch, and the branch approver might get confused.  But there's ways to deal with that:10:50
ESphynxwe have a git->bzr auto importer10:51
ESphynxthere's no way to have sdk/ecere/locale/zh_CN/ecere.po hey?10:51
jtvIf the branch import approver tries to pick the "locale" part as the domain name, it won't approve anything because they'll all be called "locale."  But you can work around that by manually approving the templates, and then the approver will just note "hey I know this file — and so I know where it goes."10:51
ESphynxthat's what I was worried about :|10:52
jtvIf this is indeed a problem, you'll need to deal with it only once per new template per release series.10:52
jtvAfter that, the template's path will be remembered.10:53
ESphynxper new template?10:53
jtvYes, every time you add a template.10:53
ESphynxah ok. that shouldn't be often so that's not a problem10:53
ESphynxbut then it will know where to find the .po?10:53
jtvRight.  There is also a way to have sdk/ecere/locale/zh_CN/ecere.po, but it's not as nice.10:53
jtvThe .po should be in the same directory as the template.10:53
jtvThat's how it finds .po files.10:53
jtvSo any given directory with translation files will have a <name>.pot and a bunch of <language>.po files.10:54
ESphynxhmm ok.10:54
jtves.po, zh_CN.po, and so on.10:54
ESphynxwhat's the way though?10:54
ESphynxit's so much easier to just save the .po file and get the .mo file :) (which we embed within the application resources)10:54
jtvYou can do it in one of two ways:10:55
jtv(1) manually approve each PO file (so that's once for every language for every template in every release series), specifying manually which template the translation is for.  Launchpad will remember where the file with that exact path should go.10:56
jtv(2) Upload the translation not to the release series, but on the page for either the template or that exact language.10:56
jtvIn case (2), there are two dangers to bear in mind.10:57
jtvFirst: if you upload just an individual PO file, your browser won't tell Launchpad its path, just its name.  So it'll be called something like ecere.po which is no help at all in figuring out which file goes where.10:58
jtvSecond: if you upload the PO file as part of a tarball, make sure there are no other translations in that tarball because Launchpad will take whatever you upload to (for example) the "es" translation of the "ecere" template as being a Spanish translation for ecere.10:59
jtvIf your uploads come from a branch, none of that will affect you of course.10:59
jtvWith uploads from a branch, the branch import approver won't know what to do with your naming scheme and so give up.  The files will stay on the queue as Needs Review, and later the "regular" approver (part of what we call the translations import queue gardener) will come along and try its own rules for matching the file to a known translation.11:00
jtvThe gardener will notice if the release series had exactly 1 translation file with this exact path, and take the upload as an update of that file.11:01
jtvIt'll slow things down, and you'll have to approve the first upload for each language/template/series manually.  But it would work.11:02
ESphynxuploads from a branch... what id we do all through git that then goes to-> bzr hehe11:02
* czajkowski is rather glad jtv was here 11:02
jtvczajkowski: next week you can do a harder one.  :-)11:02
jtvESphynx: oh, you mean move the files around?11:02
jtvActually, some softlinks in the branch _might_ work.11:03
czajkowskijtv: I'm copying this for fugure reference and so I can re read it over and over to learn11:03
ESphynxjtv: I mean, all uploads done through git ...11:03
jtvThat's no problem.11:04
jtvI guess you've got the bzr branch set up to import from the git repo; shouldn't make any difference.11:04
ESphynxyes that's i've got11:05
ESphynxso hmm.. anyways to just get Launchpad to realize i've got Spanish and Chinese translations already? hehe11:05
ESphynxright now the .pot files are not uploaded because they are generated on building the projects11:05
ESphynxbut I could add them, say in ecere/locale/ecere.pot ide/locale/ide.pot11:06
ESphynxand the CHinese translation is in ecere/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po11:06
ESphynxthat's really what I'm hoping for: having current translations show up on Launchpad, and interest Launchpad translators in contributing :)11:06
jtvI'm not completely sure but I think the branch importer would pick up any .po file in the branch and upload it.11:06
jtvThe way it normally works is: you update your .pot or .po, commit, push the change to your git repo; Launchpad pulls in the change, mirrors it into your bzr branch; the translations system picks up the changed .pot/.po file and puts it on the import queue; one of the two automated approvers figures out which language and which template it's for; the importer processes the file; and the UI updates.11:08
ESphynxyeah. that's what I'm hoping happens :) So I would definitely have to add the .pot files, right?11:08
jtvYes.  There is a capability for building gnome-intltool templates internally, but I'm not sure we'll keep it.11:09
jtv(That capability means that projects that are set up in just the right way can push a _code_ change and Launchpad's translation UI will pick up the changes in translatable strings.)11:10
ESphynxjtv: what I've done is added the $"string" and $"context"."string" syntax in eC11:12
ESphynxSo Launchpad probably won't ever support that :P hehe, I've manually uploaded the .pot files earlier though... but I don't know what that will do, if anything at all :P11:12
ESphynxjtv: Yes that's the language the SDK is written in and is for writing :P11:12
jtvIf there's a pretty "deep" toolchain between your source tree and your gettext files, maybe you should just generate the translation files to a separate branch.11:13
ESphynxjtv: i'm OK with just committing the .pot files in locale/11:13
jtvOK, that keeps things simple.  :)11:14
ESphynxbut would translations in locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po  be found then?11:14
jtvI think a test run should work on staging.launchpad.net, by the way.  Might be worth playing with it there.11:14
jtvlocale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ecere.po *might* fit an alternative directory layout that we have some legacy code for...  Not sure.11:15
jtvBut that code is old and we'd love to clean it up — which might affect what layouts will or won't work.11:16
ESphynxHow about locale/zh_CN/ecere.po  ?11:16
ESphynxHow does staging.launchpad.net work?11:20
jtvESphynx: it's a copy of the real thing that we wipe and re-initialize periodically.11:22
jtvWe also deploy our changes there for testing, before they go to the production server.11:22
ESphynxah ok ;)11:22
jtvIt doesn't run _all_ the services that the real launchpad runs, of course.  In particular, not outgoing email.  :)11:22
ESphynxthe whole review process thing is what worries me... why isn't it automated?11:23
jtvThere's lots of automation, but there are cases where we need a human to decide.11:24
jtvThat used to be a privileged operation, and so we never really got around to making that process more friendly and efficient.11:24
jtvThis file contains the logic behind the gardener's import approval: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel/view/head:/lib/lp/translations/model/translationimportqueue.py11:25
jtv(You may have to reload that page if it fails)11:26
jtvESphynx: I guess that upload on staging was done manually — as you can see we don't get the full file path.11:27
ESphynxjtv: it was... i guess there's no way to match the .po file manually right11:28
jtvESphynx: in that source file I just linked to, search for _guess_multiple_directories_with_pofile — it documents some "legacy" directory structures it should support.11:28
jtvYes, you can match the .po file manually.  Click the "pencil" icon next to "No import target selected yet."11:29
ESphynxoh, I can do it myself?11:29
jtv(If you see no icon, you may need to log in separately to the staging server)11:29
jtvYes, you can do that yourself.  Used to be privileged, but now I think you just need to be one of the project owners.11:29
ESphynxI don't mind doing things manually, but i was worried this had to be  done by someone at Launchpad hehe11:29
jtvOr maybe even the uploader.11:29
jtvNo, used to be that way — thankfully it isn't any more.  But we'd love it to be more user-friendly!11:30
ESphynxthat would be perfect.11:30
jtvYou'll note that you can edit the path on that approval form.11:30
ESphynxthough I might still move the .pot to locale/ and have it committed11:30
jtvThat would definitely be best.  Save you a lot of delays and manual work.11:30
ESphynxUI rant: that pencil to me looks like an Exclamation part.11:31
jtvGetting fast feedback can be really helpful.11:31
ESphynxexclamation point*11:31
jtvYes, it takes some getting used to.11:31
jtvProblem is, we need it in so many places that it gets hard to insert something clearer (and larger) every time.11:31
ESphynxhow long does it take for bzr to pick up git stuff?11:31
jtvErm…  don't know.  Maybe jelmer would know.11:32
jelmer'morning jtv, ESphynx11:32
jelmerESphynx: once the import is created it usually takes only a couple of minutes for the import to start. You should see progress on the page while the import is running.11:33
jtvESphynx: just as an experiment for the approval, try pretending that ecere.pot is a PO file; use the dropdown at the top.  Then you'll see that a translation also gets a dropdown to let you select what language it's for.11:33
ESphynxit's quite a bit delayed... my last commit from hours ago isn't there yet11:33
ESphynxjelmer: I mean to wake up and do it?11:33
ESphynxI set up the import months ago11:33
jelmerESphynx: if it's an existing import, it will be updated every 4 hours11:33
ESphynx4 hours ah ok thanks11:33
jelmerESphynx: you can also hit "Import Now" on the web page for the import11:33
ESphynxoh you can! awesome.11:34
ESphynxI'll give all this a try right now then11:34
ESphynxjtv: thanks a lot for the help :)11:34
jtvnp — good luck!11:34
ESphynxbtw hwat's with Wayland???11:34
ESphynxI'll have to support that for my GUI toolkit to run on Ubuntu?11:35
jelmerESphynx: as far as I know Wayland is still some time away11:35
jelmerESphynx: but the Ubuntu channels are probably a better place to ask about that than here.11:35
ESphynxah yes. hehe, just curious.11:36
ESphynxhmm, would here be a good place to ask for help getting Ecere into Ubuntu?11:36
ESphynxe.g. the project has a 'need-packaging' tag hehe11:37
jelmerESphynx: my guess would be that #ubuntu-packaging or maybe #ubuntu-devel are better places for that.11:40
ESphynxthanks :)11:41
ESphynx"No header found in this pofile" -- my .pot files need headers? :|12:33
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ESphynxLine 315: Unexpected keyword: msgctxt ?13:02
ESphynxLaunchpad doesn't support msgctxt?13:02
ESphynxor msgctxt should be before msgid ...13:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ESphynxhmm... Spanish (Spain) translations don't seem to show up when showing Spanish :|13:52
hrwwill launchpad finally get sortable tables?13:54
hrwhttps://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers has 111 branches and no way to sort them alphabetically...13:55
czajkowskimrevell: might know more about that13:55
mrevellhrw, I'd *love* to do that but we don't have a plan to do it just yet. There are a number of similar UI issues I'd like us to address in the code.lp.net13:57
hrwmrevell: is there any public list of planned things to do in launchpad (other then 'who knows, maybe in 2031' :)13:57
czajkowskihrw: patches are always welcome :)13:58
ESphynxjust 'Spanish' seems to work13:58
hrwczajkowski: prefer to waste time in other projects ;d13:59
mrevellhrw, Some parts of the Launchpad team are focusing on projects other than Launchpad for the next few months, so there's nothing public right now.13:59
hrwmrevell: ok13:59
hrwthanks for info13:59
mrevellNo problem.14:00
MoonMakerI wanted to request a code import15:13
MoonMakerbut the url already exists.15:13
MoonMakerwhat can I do in order to get the latest code import from sparkleshare?15:14
MoonMakerany ideas?15:15
jelmerMoonMaker: there already is an import - just use that import15:15
MoonMakerbut this import is suspended15:15
MoonMakersince 201115:15
jelmerMoonMaker: looking at the details, it seems like Launchpad can't import this branch since it uses git submodules15:16
MoonMakerahh ok, yes sparkleshare is using it15:16
MoonMakerthank you very much for your help. I wanted to create a daily package....thats life15:17
jelmerMoonMaker: it's not very useful to request another import unless the history has been rewritten to remove the submodules.15:43
MoonMakerhmm, I thought maybe its possible to change the format in github15:44
MoonMakerso I started a fork15:44
jelmerMoonMaker: no, you'd have to rewrite the history to exclude the submodules.. there is only one git format15:45
MoonMakerk, and you dont know if it is possible automaticly with github?15:45
jelmerMoonMaker: no, github doesn't have a way to do that for you15:46
MoonMakerk, then we have to delete this import. Sorry for extra work.15:46
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gotwigPls help me, how can I use dput with active ftp instead of passive ftp ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/105957/how-may-i-upload-my-source-package-with-active-ftp-over-dput-to-launchpad18:51
mgzgotwig: try a url in the form aftp: rather than ftp:18:52
gotwigmgz: Unknown upload method: aftp18:54
mgzgotwig: may not be possible then18:56
gotwigmgz: wtf o.0?18:59
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
lifelessmgz: man dput.cf19:16
mgzlifeless: I'm not the one who was asking19:20
lifelessmgz: I know19:21
mgzfeel free to post that response to his askubuntu link I guess19:21
lifelessmgz: but if you're going to answer, you may as well know the answer ;P19:21
mgz'd misread the question as relating to bzry things, not being misc debian19:23
lifelessfair enough19:24
jonohey, is it possible using launchpadlib to determine if someone has contributed a merge proposal /patch successfully to a particular branch?19:32
=== ereslibre_laptop is now known as ereslibre
Ampelbeinjono: Hmm, I guess you could iterate over the successful merges and check the associated project? Like "for merge in lp.people(me).getMergeProposals(status="Merged")" and check if merge.target_branch.project == the project you want to compare against?19:59
jonoAmpelbein, sounds good, many thanks :-)20:00
lifelessjono: Ampelbein: note that this could take a very long time :)20:29
jonolifeless, is there a faster way to do it?20:29
jodhHi - could someone re-score the 2 builds waiting in my ppa here:21:10
jodhhttps://launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/+archive/bug-935585/+packages ? I'd21:10
jodhlike to get some feedback on an upstart update overnight from affected users.21:10
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