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Guest63948Hi all. Got a question. I wanna install vpnc. There's 3 packages I needed in Ubuntu, "vpnc", "network-manager-vpnc" and "network-manager-vpnc-gnome". Do I need the "gnome bits" for vpnc in Lubuntu?12:26
Guest63948Hi all. Got a question. I wanna install vpnc. There's 3 packages I needed in Ubuntu, "vpnc", "network-manager-vpnc" and "network-manager-vpnc-gnome". Do I need the "gnome bits" for vpnc in Lubuntu?12:50
stlsaintGuest63948: read what that particular package does and see if theres not another already like it in repos12:54
Guest63948Do I need the "gnome bits" if I'm not using Gnome?12:55
Guest63948If I mark "network-manager-vpnc", "vpnc" and "network-manager-vpnc-gnome" are also marked, but do I need the gonme bits when running LXDE?12:58
NyLes_can someone goodhearted help me please?14:33
MrChrisDruif!ask | NyLes_14:38
ubottuNyLes_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:38
MrChrisDruifWhat seems to be the problem NyLes_ ?14:40
NyLes_i have an ol video card NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400, and it has a bug with the latest drivers..14:41
NyLes_it works fine with the drivers at puppy linux.. how can i get it to work with lubuntu?14:41
NyLes_MrChrisDruif can you help me?14:50
MrChrisDruifI don't know NyLes_14:50
MrChrisDruifWhat drivers are shipped with puppy?14:50
NyLes_MrChrisDruif thank you..14:50
NyLes_i have no idea :(14:51
valdur55NyLes_, puppy,, what version?14:51
valdur55NyLes_, and do you downloaded package manager drivers?14:52
NyLes_valdur55 puppy linux 5 something :D its Lucid Puppy if i remember..14:53
NyLes_never heard of it? how to do it?14:53
valdur55NyLes_, jockey-text :)14:54
NyLes_valdur55 what's jockey-text? im sorry, i'm just a newbie :/14:55
valdur55NyLes_, oh... what bug?14:56
phillwFrom a thread marked [solved] I have one of those cards to in one of my machines. For Maverick you actually need the 96.43.19 which nvidia released a few months after Maverick came out (which is why it's not installed by default).14:57
phillwThe nvidia driver definitely gives better performance than nouveau. Download the latest legacy 96.xx driver from nvidia's website and follow their instructions for installation.14:57
phillwThe thread is at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1646166 it does involve some editing of the x-org file if it is out of range.14:58
NyLes_valdur55 i don't particularly know, but what I know is a latest driver causes my video card to somewhat crash? it doesn't display anything on my monitor14:59
NyLes_phillw i'll check on that, but can i really still download that so old drver at nvidia?15:00
phillwNyLes_: it mentions getting hold of the legacy driver from their site - hopefully it is still available.15:00
NyLes_phillw the one available at nvidia's site is 96.43.20, will it work?15:11
phillwNyLes_: give it a try :) If you need an example xorg.conf file - try the Example A & C one at http://curubuntu.binghamton.edu/XORG/example-xorg_conf.html once you have the driver if you have problems.15:14
NyLes_phillw big thanks :)) i hope all will be fine..15:14
NyLes_i never thought nvidia still holds old drivers ^^15:16
NyLes_phillw nvidia says they have a utility taht will guide me to config xorg, do you think its reliable? and oh i just found the exact version you said lol from nvidia site also15:36
phillwuse that guide, if it does not work, try the example A&C from that link. Oh, and do report back how you get on :)15:37
doda_hi, what framework does lubuntu use for powersaving ?15:40
doda_when i close the lid wifi goes down, and that sucks :D15:40
NyLes_phillw yes i will, what do yu think if i try much older version? what is the oldest by the way?15:46
NyLes_phillw is it fine if i installed lubuntu while nomodeset is on? because if i didn't activate the option all i can see is black?15:50
phillwThe recommendation from the thread is to use the 96.43.19 version15:50
phillwyes, that is fine to use nomode set.15:51
phillwonce you have the driver in and configured, remove the nomode set and hopefully all will be well :)15:51
NyLes_phillw, I'll be back tomorrow its late night here already,, big thanks friend..15:56
phillwNyLes_: you're welcome15:56
NyLes_phillw 1 more thing, should I stick with lubuntu or i should try ubuntu? which is better for my mobo? my pc is too old by the way..15:57
phillwit's easier to have the same system on both, so stick with lubuntu.15:58
NyLes_philw thanks for the opinion, thanks again ^^15:59
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Error404NotFoundI am trying to upgrade to lubuntu so i can contribute to testing, but when i try it i get http://pastebin.com/HM9pgMA518:09
holsteinError404NotFound: you are trying to upgrade 11.10 to 12.04? using apt-on-cd?18:13
Error404NotFoundholstein: download alpha-2 for now using zsync18:14
Error404NotFoundforgive my english, its 4am and i just wanna upgrade before i leave for sleep :)18:14
holsteinError404NotFound: cool.. check out #ubuntu+1 for 12.04 support18:17
holsteini would just download a daily and install18:17
Error404NotFoundholstein: ok ^_^18:17
Error404NotFoundholstein: had this downloaded for some time, need to experiment and if it works get to daily.18:17
holsteinError404NotFound: then, you should get a new one anyway18:18
Error404NotFoundholstein: ja wohl, mein Fuhrer :)18:19
Error404NotFoundholstein: means yes sir18:20
Error404NotFounddownload daily build, 10m left.18:22
Error404NotFoundman, i am a shame to germans :P18:23
icerootmaybe someone on 12.04 (installed with 11.10 or lower) can have a look here if i am getting something wrong https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/93724821:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937248 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "lubuntu-desktop is installing linux-headers-generic-pae" [Undecided,New]21:02
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icerootand installed the system with the normal kernel (not pae, not amd64)21:03
Unit19312.04 has PAE by default, as long as it's supported.21:06
icerootUnit193: i dont have the pae kernel but lubuntu-desktop is installing the pae-headers21:06
icerootand i dont want them21:06
icerooti dont see a reason to install pae headers but not the pae-kernel and i am still using normal x86 kernel21:07
icerootand i am not sure if i did something wrong of it is the normal case when you install 11.10 with x86, go to 12.04 and habe pae-headers but not a pae-kernel21:08
icerootand also its installing the normal headers21:08
Unit193At any rate, they'll comment on the bug report.21:08
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phillwiceroot: I *think* you may have to use alternate.21:37
Unit193I'd say remove it, see what happens. (or simulate remove)21:40
phillwiceroot: I know a couple of the guys on the 'main' forum area have been installing non-pae lubuntu and testing it. But, I can get them to also test to see if that stuff is being dragged into an already small disk space.21:45
icerootphillw: would be great21:59
phillwiceroot: is this yours? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/93724822:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937248 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "lubuntu-desktop is installing linux-headers-generic-pae" [Undecided,New]22:01
icerootphillw: yes22:01
phillwokies, I'll ask for it to be checked.22:01
icerootphillw: thank you alot. i would do it myself but i dont have another machine here for testing (or some ressources for a vm)22:02
* uskerine looks for recommendation on the most stable office platform: libreoffice, openoffice or ibm symphony22:02
phillwthanks for the bug report, at least there is something to go on instead of "IT DOESN'T WORK"22:02
icerootuskerine: libreoffice for the best supported in (l)ubuntu22:02
phillwuskerine: libeoffice is now the most supported.22:02
Unit193uskerine: Say in #ubuntu-bots "What is the best software suite?"22:03
uskerinei will keep with libreoffice then22:03
uskerinebut i found it is not the most stable platform22:03
uskerineit hang up after 5 min usage (consistent bug when you try to copy style from one cell to the whole sheet)22:04
FlazerGeneral question, anyone have issues trying to get built in sd card readers to work under Linux?22:06
icerootphillw: if i have bugs in lubuntu and i guess its not happening on ubuntu, can i also contact our qa-team about that? or do we test only lubuntu?22:08
icerootmost of them are "i guess that lubuntu-desktop has a missing dependency and i guess its working in ubuntu"22:09
phillwiceroot: is it only happening on lubuntu, or have you checked with ubuntu?22:10
icerootphillw: i can not check with ubuntu22:11
icerootno ressources22:11
phillwiceroot: i know a couple of people who can - I have emailed them to check the bug report out. But, you must be patient - it could several days for them to get to my request.22:12
icerootphillw: of course, no problem about the time22:12
phillwIf you have heard nothing in 7 days, give me a poke in the ribs & I will check progress for you.22:12
icerootphillw: most of the bugs i know how to fix/life with them, its just "others should not get the bugs"22:12
phillwiceroot: that is because lubuntu is for low-spec machines - but this discussion is better followed up in #lubuntu-offtopic and away from our main, logged, support channel :)22:13
icerootphillw: ok22:14
icerootand my machine is low spec :) (4gb /, 630mhz, 512mb ram) :)22:15
phillwiceroot: please /join #lubuntu-offtopic22:16
icerootphillw: no need for that, i will stop it22:16
icerootphillw: thanks for the help22:16
phillwif the system is installing PAE onto a non-PAE system - quite simply, it is a bug. I have asked someone to verify it.22:17
phillwwell, not PAE, but all the 'bits'.22:18
phillwmore than that, I cannot do.22:18
taipresi'm disapointed lubuntu live cd is cmdline23:54
taipresdon't get why you guys didn't copy ubuntus GUI live cd23:54
phillwtaipres: ?23:59

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