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DanaGhmm, even with git libmtp, HP Touchpad will appear in mtp-detect, but not in Nautilus or Banshee.01:15
DanaGoh, I see... it's not supposed to appear in nautilus.01:17
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DanaGbut it should appear in banshee.01:21
MTeckinit(4) no available ptys     You guys happen to know anything about that from a recent +1 update?01:33
trismMTeck: when booting? can you try adding --no-log to the kernel command line and see if that helps?01:48
MTecktrism: that made it come up01:51
MTecknologytrism: so- what's up with it?01:53
trismMTecknology: can you please file a bug against upstart about this, ubuntu-bug upstart; mention the init no available ptys message and that you can boot with --no-log01:54
c_smith_MTecknology: are you getting a Kernel Panic on bootup?01:54
MTecknologyc_smith_: no- just sits there scrolling those messages faster than a machine gun01:55
MTecknologytrism: will do01:55
c_smith_MTecknology: ah, I see. I got Kernel Panics on my laptop on bootup only until recently.01:56
MTecknologytrism: not much info in there, but it's filed as bug 93666702:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936667 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init(4): no available ptys stops boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93666702:01
trismMTecknology: thanks, I'll try to reproduce this in a bit, what is your upstart version? apt-cache policy upstart; also could you pastebin: ls -l /etc/init/; curious if you have for services02:06
trismif = what02:06
MTecknologyadded that info02:07
aromanis there some deb or PPA for a build of the Ubuntu kernel from the 3.3 series?03:35
micahgaroman: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds03:44
aromanmicahg: fantastic, that's exactly what I was looking for. thanks.03:45
pooliei guess it's a known bug you can't click to close the hud?04:45
rattatoueI am on ubuntu 12.04, is there a way to either disable the HUD or least change what key its on?05:09
babaiwhy does vlc wants to insall openjdk when upgrading to 2.0?05:14
rattatoueso im the only one that has a problem with this HUD thing being on the ALT key? lol05:15
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rattatoueHi everyone05:29
micahgbabai: which openjdk package?05:33
babaimicahg: openjdk-6-jre-headless  openjdk-6-jre-lib default-jre-headless05:35
babaiand some icedtea plugins05:35
micahgbabai: confirmed, just not sure why05:48
vega-any common problems with dns resolution in precise ?06:47
vega-i have random dns resolution failures06:48
vega-in any software (host command, google chrome, firefox...)06:48
vega-sometimes have to hit reload in a browser 5-10 times and then it suddenly works06:49
susundbergvega-: change your dns provider?06:55
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susundbergfor example: try using (google name server) and see if the problem persists06:56
rattatoueOkay my problem wasnt nvidia breaking opengl, my problem was XBMC just doesnt want to install right06:56
vega-susundberg: actually, it seems to have settled now when i turned wlan off completely06:59
vega-actual connection is wired but somehow wlan seems to be interfering06:59
susundbergvega-: i guess it might, for example if it finds weak open wlan that it connects to (that timeouts at time to time ..)07:01
susundbergbut happy surfing ;)07:01
sahil_hello my unity is broken...this is what i get wen i type unity --reset08:21
sahil_m on precise pangolin08:21
sahil_on fallback gnome classic..everything is fine..from graphics to desktop tearing.also,no greeter screen comes directly.i have to initiate  a tty via ctrl+alt+(f1-f6) then ctrl +alt+f708:23
snadgei weep for precise.. but really.. its not that bad08:25
snadgewhen i was a teenager.. i had high hopes for linux being the desktop of the future08:26
snadgeim now 30.. things havn't changed as much as people who are involved in the process seem to think ;)08:26
snadgeespecially when it seems that the small base that they have, become increasingly alienated with each release08:27
sahil_linux is not about conquering the world08:28
sahil_its about thinking about "we" before "i"08:29
vega-hmm which flash-package is the correct one: flashplugin-installer or adobe-flashplugin ?08:58
micahgyes :)09:02
sahil_anybody here?09:02
sahil_my unity is broken...help :(09:04
Ian_Cornesahil_: try running unity2d09:06
Ian_Corneit's not unity that's broken09:06
Ian_Corneyou're missing some GL stuf09:06
sahil_didnt gey u..09:07
sahil_u mean i have to reinsatll my ati driver?09:07
Ian_Cornethat could help09:08
Ian_CorneI'm at work, so i won't be responding much, sorry09:08
sahil_lan_Corne, how to do that on the first place?i knw how to inatll...but dont know how to unsinsatll09:09
sahil_m currently running catalyst version 12.109:09
Ian_Corneit's Ian09:12
Ian_Cornenot lan!09:12
Ian_Corneuse unity2d and use the driver install program09:13
pangolinhe quit09:13
scarleoHello, chkconfig doesn't seem to work in 12.04, "/sbin/insserv: No such file or directory" Is it just wrong path or what is going on?09:21
scarleowhereis insserv doesn't show any path to any binaries whatsoever09:26
sahil_anybody here?09:27
sahil_i removed few config files via ubuntu tweak janitor09:28
sahil_and since then my precise unity desktop is brken...09:29
sahil_can anybody help?09:29
skumlesensahil_, Im not the ideal helper, since I don't currently run unity, but maybe you could tell us what you experince?09:34
sahil_okey...thethere is no greeter or login screen poping up by default in order to log in,i first activate a tty and then ctrl+alt+f7  then login appears09:35
sahil_after that wen i enter desktop(unity/gnome) there is no panal,just desktop and icon...however menubar is present in each window instaed of global menu(no panal)09:36
sahil_when i type unity --reset,border goes away and i get this:09:37
sahil_ http://pastebin.com/1kjzfJCB09:37
sahil_skumlesen, so wat u think?09:38
scarleomy swap partition fails to mount at boot in 12.04. Anyone else have that problem?09:39
sahil_i m not feeling any graphics related issue as there  desktop is smooth even 0ad is playable nicely09:39
ryescarleo, are the UUIDs in /etc/fstab and in the swap "filesystem" intact - look at /dev/disk/by-uuid09:41
ryesahil_, you seem to be missing an OpenGL library, are you running on nvidia?09:42
scarleorye: It is correct in etc/fstab but the disk is not present in /dev/disk/by-uuid09:42
sahil_rye,ati raedon09:42
ryescarleo, so did you mount the swap partition now manually?09:42
sahil_i used ubuntu teweak and cleared config files...taht messed up all09:42
scarleorye: I will reformat it first, then try to mount it09:42
ryescarleo, yes, it will get new UUID and then you can update the fstab09:43
scarleorye: exactly09:43
sahil_rye, so wat u think?09:44
ryescarleo, that happened to me once 2 or 3 years ago09:44
ryesahil_, well, i think you are missing an OpenGL library, is there a file in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 ?09:44
sahil_rye,wait let me check09:45
scarleorye: how can I identify which one is the swap? :S09:45
ryesahil_, or, if you are on x86_64 it will be in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.109:45
ryescarleo, sudo fdisk -l09:46
scarleorye: yes but I don't get the uuid from there09:46
ryescarleo, ah, uuid - sudo swaplabel /path/to/device09:49
scarleorye: I have an 11.10 install here as well so I don't want to mount the wrong one as swap09:49
scarleorye: ok, I'll try that09:49
sahil_rye, there is no folder named x86_64-linux-gnu09:51
ryesahil_, do you have libgl1-mesa-glx installed, try sudo apt-get --reinstall install libgl1-mesa-glx09:53
sahil_rye, so now shall i restart or wat?09:55
sahil_rye,i did sudo apt-get --reinstall install libgl1-mesa-glx09:55
ryesahil_, well, you can try resettting unity09:56
sahil_u mean unity --rest?09:56
ryesahil_, yes09:56
sahil_i hav to use sudo for that?09:57
scarleothanks rye it's working fine now09:57
ryescarleo, goood09:58
scarleoso just one small annoying thing left, I have to modprobe -r wl ssb b43; every boot and then modprobe wl; again to get wifi going.09:58
scarleossb and b43 are already blacklisted but it seems I have to reload wl09:58
nyuszika7hscarleo: There should be some modprobe config file for automatically loading modules at boot. I'm not sure where is it in Ubuntu, if it even exists, I only know that they must be put in /etc/rc.conf in Arch.09:59
scarleonyuszika7h: thanks, but wl is already loaded, thing is I have to unload it and then reload it again to get it actually do something09:59
ryescarleo, well, the bad workaround is to add the reloading to /etc/rc.local, but I don't have any broadcom device now to test why wl needs to be reset10:01
scarleoI'll try that, thanks10:02
sahil_rye ,m running on vesa now10:02
sahil_unity working though10:02
sahil_my system hav fgrlx insatlled aswell10:03
ryesahil_, as I understand, the missing libgl library is overriden by fireglx package, you might want to reinstall the ati drivers10:04
sahil_rye,how to reinsall?10:04
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sahil_i have locally downlaoded the driver  run file10:05
scarleonope adding the reloading to rc.local didn't work. What permissions is rc.local run with?10:05
sahil_rye,i have amd-driver-installer-12-1-x86.x86_64.run in /home/sahil/catalyst folder10:06
ryesahil_, you will need to reinstall it to get the proprietary libgl10:07
sahil_how to do that via cli?10:08
sahil_rye, how to do that via cli?10:09
ryesahil_, just execute the .run file - chmod +x filename if it is not yet, then do ./filename if it is in current directory10:11
sahil_rye,insatller is saying a previous version of fgrlx is been detcted10:13
ryesahil_, overwrite if possible10:13
sahil_installer is saying a previous version of fgrlx is been detected10:13
sahil_is it not possible to uninstall at the first place?10:14
sahil_fgrlx --uninstall -f ??10:14
ryesahil_, /usr/share/fglrx/fglrx-uninstall.sh ?10:15
sahil_ahil@sahil:~/Desktop$  /usr/share/fglrx/fglrx-uninstall.sh10:16
sahil_bash: /usr/share/fglrx/fglrx-uninstall.sh: No such file or directory10:16
sahil_rye,sahil@sahil:/usr/share/fglrx$ fglrx-uninstall.sh10:18
sahil_fglrx-uninstall.sh: command not found10:18
ryesahil_, ./fglrx-uninstall.sh ?10:18
ryesahil_, sudo ./fglrx-uninstall.sh i guess10:18
ryesahil_, ah, nevermind, let me look at what's in package10:19
sahil_sahil@sahil:/usr/share/fglrx$ sudo ./fglrx-uninstall.sh10:19
sahil_sudo: ./fglrx-uninstall.sh: command not found10:19
sahil_rye, hey system is showing some broken package alert10:20
sahil_rye,an update has arived but:fglrx-amdcccle-updates: Depends: fglrx-updates but it is not installed10:21
sahil_                        Depends: libqtcore4 (>= 4:4.5.3) but 4:4.8.0-1ubuntu5 is installed10:21
sahil_                        Depends: libqtgui4 (>= 4:4.5.3) but 4:4.8.0-1ubuntu5 is installed10:21
ryesahil_, well, you can definitely use the fglrx package from ubuntu repos, sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates10:22
sahil_rye,not working10:26
ryesahil_, define not working10:26
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hifilooks like your custom fglrx installation borked your ubuntu package10:33
sahil_no it worked fine untill ubuntu tweak janitor screwed  my system10:35
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htorquedoes anyone know if we will be able to set color profiles system-wide in 12.04? the switch during the session start is rather unpleasant to the eye. ;-)10:58
zzecoolSomeone else check this out11:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936899 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus cant access network - Browse Network and Hung there." [Undecided,New]11:38
glosoliso silent, o updates :/ :D11:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936899 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus cant access network - Browse Network and Hung there." [Undecided,New]11:48
zzecoolcheck this horrible bug11:48
zzecoolill brb11:48
Ian_Corneglosoli: unity update is fixed?11:58
glosoliIan_Corne: which update ?11:59
glosoliYou mean for removing other dependencies ?11:59
Ian_Cornewell up untill yesterday any update to unity or unity2d wanted to remove ubuntu-desktop12:01
glosoliIan_Corne:Hmm this problem didin't occured for me, you could try and check if it still wants to remove12:02
Ian_Cornemaybe i'm using the ppa12:04
Ian_Cornei dunno12:04
glosoliYou mena Unity PPA  ?12:06
glosoliI don't use it in Precise12:06
Ben64ubuntu-desktop isn't important, its just a meta package or something12:07
Ben64if you remove pulseaudio it says it will remove ubuntu-desktop, but everything still works fine12:07
Ian_CorneBen64: i know, but that also means new dependencies that are dragged in with ubuntu-desktop are not installed by default anymore12:14
Ben64but i hate pulseaudio so much12:14
zzecoolIan_Corne:  you are right12:15
zzecooli did this update and i got ubuntu-desktop removed12:16
zzecoolbut didnt produce any problem im just not getting new application updates for the packages that are under the ubuntu-desktop meta12:17
zzecoolIan_Corne: if now gonna try to install ubuntu-desktop there is only one dependency problem and ask me to remove banshee12:17
Ian_Cornethat's weird12:18
Ian_Corneand banshee's out12:18
Ian_Cornerhtyhmbox is the 'new' default12:18
zzecoolmaybe that why ubuntu desktop wants to remove banshee12:18
zzecoolmaybe its a usual behavior12:19
zzecoollet me try12:19
zzecoolubuntu desk tries to install rythm and remove banshee12:20
zzecoolalso there is a ubuntu one update12:20
glosolizzecool: Any feedback for the dodge ?12:22
zzecoolmore ppl press the affect me button12:22
glosoliHow many pressed for now ?12:23
zzecooli think this is going to be interesting12:23
zzecool30 i think12:23
glosoliI should be interesting, while yesterday worked all day using eclipse, for the first time I found "Always show" so annoying :/12:23
glosolieclipse - ide for programming.12:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930148 in unity (Ubuntu) "Dodge windows is down but what about making the launcher autohide only on maximised apps ?" [Wishlist,Confirmed]12:24
zzecoolglosoli: do you now remember your words calling me " a kid to grow up and get over it because mark moved forward and you like his way of thinking" ???12:26
zzecoolit is just a wrong move12:26
glosolizzecool: I already said sorry ;D12:26
glosolistop bringing up, nobody is perfect, or are they ?12:27
zzecoolthats why im fighting lol12:27
zzecoolif everything was perfect....12:27
zzecooli think it was going to be boring ;D12:27
glosolizzecool: hmm, but I am curious why just 30 peoples, though there would be more than hundred12:28
zzecoolthey dont know about the bug12:28
zzecooland most of the ppl dont realized that they actually  dodge is removed12:29
zzecoolbecause they dont use precise12:29
zzecoolthey only heard about it  =p12:29
glosolizzecool: Hmm, do you get Privacy section in System Settings ?12:29
zzecoollet me see12:30
zzecoolit landed before with gnome-control-center12:30
zzecoolglosoli: do you have "activity journal" installed?12:31
glosoliprobably no12:32
glosolizzecool: what's the package name12:32
zzecoolif you havent delete your activity files using the new privacy setting12:32
zzecoolinstall it12:32
zzecoolits a call app12:32
zzecoolbrowsing the zeitgeist db12:32
zzecoolin a nice gui12:33
zzecoolyou can check your files access activity etc  :)12:33
zzecoolwhat file did you create modify etc what date hour  ....12:33
zzecoolsomething like a file access calendar12:34
glosoliSorry i didin't understand12:34
glosoliso what the package name :?12:34
zzecoolinstall it and you will12:34
zzecooli dont know what12:35
glosoliah, thanks found12:36
glosoliprobably it was deleted by dependencies for me12:36
glosolisome time ago12:36
zzecooli think its not installed by default12:36
zzecooli did it manually long time ago in oneiric12:36
glosolizzecool: Hmm, it was for my fried,  in btw, do i need to log out  ? coz nothing appeared in sys settings12:36
zzecoolits not in sys ste12:37
zzecoolopen dash type activity12:37
glosolizzecool: aa, but one my friend is getting Privacy Tab in System Settings, where he can tick some thing to make system don't log his actions12:37
zzecooli got the privacy tab too12:38
glosolihmm I dont :/12:38
zzecoolif you remove the activity files using privacy tab12:38
zzecoolactivity journal going to be empty12:39
zzecoolglosoli: i did an update 1 hour before and i got new gnome-control-center12:40
zzecoolthat how i got privacy12:40
glosoliaaa, maybe restart needed, logout not enough or smth12:40
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zzecooli got more updates now as i reinstalled ubuntu-desktop12:42
zzecoolits was removed12:42
zzecoollogout and log in brb12:42
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glosolizzecool: what changed ? ;D12:51
zzecooli got on a self fixed bug12:52
zzecoolthere was a unity-application lense update12:52
zzecooland i wasnt able to start any app12:52
zzecoollense was crashing12:52
zzecooland i noticed that on the dash there was only the home icon down12:53
zzecoolso i pressed tab to try and change the lanse to the next12:53
zzecooland al the lenses appeared again12:53
glosolihah ;D12:53
zzecoollet me logout  again to see if it really fixed12:53
zzecoolglosoli:  no its not fixed12:57
glosoliwhat a pitty ;D12:57
zzecoolUnity lense has very buggy behaviour12:57
glosoliI hate12:57
glosoliUnity Lenses for sure12:57
glosoliI would tike to have more customizability for it12:58
zzecoolits ok for me12:58
zzecoolat least they removed the 6 HUGE  BUTTONS  that noone ever used12:58
glosoliyeah for sure, it was a pain for me to see them13:00
zzecoolom26er_: are you here ?13:01
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glosolizzecool: he is here13:15
zzecoolmaybe afk13:15
zzecoolom26er:  ?13:15
tehoweHow stable is a Beta 1 expected to be - are we talking 'non-LTS release stable', or not quite usable yet?13:23
DaekdroomNot production machine usable yet.13:24
Daekdroomi.e. don't use it if you can't afford to have things screwing up13:24
glosolizzecool: GUI freeze is February 23th if until that day they didin't add back dodge window, so it won't be occuring in Precise at all ?13:33
om26erzzecool, i am kind of here13:34
om26ermy internet is killing me13:34
zzecoolprobably  or else if more and more ppl come against em on this13:34
zzecoolom26er:  ok :)13:34
zzecoolom26er: can you answer us at what glosoli  just asked me ?13:34
zzecoolom26er: you have a better view of what is happening in "unity"13:35
glosoli"15:33 <glosoli> zzecool: GUI freeze is February 23th if until that day they didin't add back dodge window, so it won't be occuring in Precise at all ? "13:35
om26erhmmm, if someone decides to bring it back that probably won't be a problem even after the UIF date13:36
zzecoolohh great we still have a chance !13:36
zzecoolthank you om26er13:36
glosoliI would like to believe that13:36
om26eryw zzecool ;)13:36
zzecoolom26er: can you tell us your opinion ?  Do you like dodge?13:36
om26eri liked it but now it seems I love the "always locked" behavior more, it makes me work faster13:37
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zzecooli know what you mean  but i was and still use scale that is quite fast too13:38
zzecoolother than that scale   "super + w" is bugged now13:38
zzecooland only brings windows form the current workspace on13:38
glosoliom26er: trying to get used to that too13:39
om26erzzecool, i think there was a bug for that, i.e. the launcher stays hidden if you press super+w13:39
om26erthat will probably be fixed before release13:40
zzecoolme and glosoli  allrdy  report this13:40
zzecoolif you open gconf or CCSM  super + w is under   "initiate window picker for all windows"13:41
zzecoolbut it acts like "initiate window picker"  only for current13:41
zzecoolstrange is that if you press and hold super key to reveal the shortcuts wallpaper "  its supose to bring up windows only from the current workspace"13:42
om26erbug 933492 ??13:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933492 in unity (Ubuntu) "The launcher should be always visible in Expo mode" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93349213:42
zzecoolwhich is wrong13:42
glosoliYou need link for that bug zzecool  ?13:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 933776 in compiz (Ubuntu) ""Super + W" window picker only shows local windows, not all." [Undecided,Confirmed]13:43
zzecooli found it13:43
zzecoolIf this is the the operation that we had to expect  as described in "shortcuts wallpaper - cheatsheet"  then they used and change the behavior of the scale plugin because in ccsm you can see that the "initiate window picker for all windows" is used instead of "initiate window picker"   which is wrong13:46
zzecoolif you try and use both " *** window "  "**** for all windows"   there is no change in behavior the result is the same it only picks form the current13:48
zzecoolom26er: ?  =)13:49
tehoweDaekdroom: Ah perhaps I'd better hold off until Beta 2 then13:49
Daekdroomtehowe, no, the thing is. No matter how stable it might be, we can't be sure nothing will go wrong13:50
tehoweDaekdroom: Ah, well things are always going wrong, in a minor way, with my Natty and Oneiric installs.13:52
zzecooltehowe: sure thing is that precise alpha 1 was way more stable that oneiric beta  was  ;p13:53
glosolitehowe: Using Precise as the only OS in Computer. Everything seems to be fine, unless you are too lazy to watch what upgrade or dist-upgrade offers you. Sometimes it asks to remove packages without which system couldn't operate properly anymore, I just press No, and Live until they fix dependencies. :)13:53
tehoweDaekdroom: Maybe a better question might be, if I could sacrifice my netbook to beta-testing, would reports on hardware incompatibilities with some specific device be useful at this late stage13:53
Daekdroomtehowe, yes, they would.13:53
glosolizzecool: How are you feeling about hud ? ;D13:54
tehoweMarch 1st it is then. If I'm just using that machine to browse online and work on stuff in my Dropbox, it sounds liek I could probably get by.13:54
glosolizzecool: Pressing ALT button mistakenly most of the times - for me ;D13:55
zzecoolglosoli: they need to find a better way  so there is no conflict with alt + other buttons shortcuts13:55
zzecoolthey should use Hud only with Alt RELEASE13:55
zzecoolso it only bring up hud if you tap alt13:56
zzecoolit will*13:56
tehowezzecool: Does it come up and get in the way if you're using some ALT-x shortcut in the shell?13:56
zzecoollike alt + printscrn13:56
glosolizzecool: are there any possibility to change hud shortcut ?13:57
tehoweALT-num in irssi13:57
zzecoolor alt + shift  ( to change language )13:57
Daekdroomglosoli, ccsm can do that13:57
zzecooltehowe: first option on CCSM unity plugin13:58
zzecoolops sry13:58
zzecoolthere are allrdy numerous back report and they are address to be fixed in unity 5.6.013:58
glosolicant edit shortcut13:58
glosolionly options to disable13:58
zzecoolback = bug*13:59
glosoliah fine now13:59
zzecoolreports* addressed*13:59
zzecoolomg im a typo machine13:59
glosolizzecool: changed shortcut and it seems to barely work, sometimes shows sometimes not at all14:03
zzecoolno need to try more14:04
glosolizzecool: what you mean ? ;D14:04
zzecoolas all this gonne be addressed in unity 5.6.014:04
zzecoolom26er:  are you alive  ?  :P14:05
glosolizzecool: It should be out by February 23th ?14:06
om26eri belive that was a design decision14:06
zzecoolom26er: then why they didnt use "initiate window picker"   instead  of "initiate picker for all windows"14:07
zzecoolthis is a bug14:07
om26erbug 68973314:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 689733 in Compiz "Application icons should only display windows from the current workspace in the window spread" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68973314:07
zzecoolyes ok14:07
om26erseems that's the bug after which the behavior was changed per design's request :D14:08
zzecoolbut they are using the wrong call function14:08
zzecoolom26er: take a look here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/Screenshot%20at%202012-02-20%2016%3A09%3A17.png14:10
zzecoolThey should have used  the first group  "initiate window picker"   instead the one they are using now  "initiate window picker for all windows"14:11
om26eralright, I understand14:11
Ian_Corneccsm is a system breaker14:11
zzecooli thought you didnt14:11
om26erbut the thing is the current behavior is implemented in Unity itself14:11
zzecooli dont have a problem with this14:11
om26erand not in the compiz scale plugin14:12
zzecoolas soon as i can get "far all" back14:12
zzecoolom26er: rly?14:12
DaekdroomNo, it isn't.14:12
zzecoolso they merged scale in unity plugin ?14:13
DaekdroomBecause it's possible to change the shortcut in the scale addon.14:13
om26eryep seems like it :/14:14
zzecoolom26er: feel free to change the Title of ur bug report to something that may describe the problem a bit better14:14
zzecoolwhy start merging things like that into unity ?14:15
zzecooli dont like this ....14:15
glosolizzecool: I accedantily zommed desktop, do you know shortcut to unzoom ? :DDD14:15
om26eri don't like that either14:15
sahil_rye, u there?14:15
om26erlet me update the bug14:15
zzecoolglosoli: Super + mousewheel14:16
om26ershould I update the bug to say that the change that was happened in Unity is over ridding compiz plugin ?14:16
zzecoolmy english is not the best14:16
zzecooli described to you in my best way14:17
zzecoolDo your best :14:17
* om26er is kind of surrounded by alot of people who are acting like clowns :p14:17
htorque#ubuntu+1 is serious business! ;-)14:18
sahil_how to check what graphics driver i am running now? i mean gallium/fgrlx/mesa/vesa?14:18
sahil_system info is showing nothing!14:19
sahil_no driver name is written14:19
Daekdroomglxinfo | grep OpenGL14:20
zzecoolom26er: i think i know what is happening or where they try to head with ubuntu14:20
DaekdroomWell, it tells you which driver Mesa is using.14:20
sahil_sahil@sahil:~/Desktop$ glxinfo | grep OpenGL14:20
sahil_X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)14:20
sahil_  Major opcode of failed request:  153 (GLX)14:20
sahil_  Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)14:20
sahil_  Serial number of failed request:  1214:20
sahil_  Current serial number in output stream:  1214:20
zzecoolom26er: they want to make it idiot-proof  and remove the ability to modify or change it in any way14:20
zzecoolsahil_: pleaseuse pastepin14:21
zzecoolsahil_: please use pastepin14:21
sahil_it was small output so used here directly...14:21
om26erzzecool, you also need to consider the fact there is no maintainer for all these crappy compiz plugins14:21
sahil_will use pastebin14:21
zzecoolom26er: i know14:21
om26eralmost every plugin is unmaintained14:21
zzecoolthis is a problem yes14:21
htorquei feel like the only plugin i need is grid. add that to unity-2d and i'm good without compiz. :P14:22
zzecoolwhy not maintain the plugin independently but maintain it after it is marged14:22
zzecoolhtorque: grid is maybe the bugiest*14:23
zzecoolof all14:23
htorqueit works kinda fine here. :)14:23
om26erI hope to see Expo and Spread replaced by something unity genuine14:23
om26erso they better integrate with the rest of the system14:24
zzecoolom26er: if it is to keep the same level of configuration yes i hope so14:25
zzecoolom26er: but it looks like they dont  like high level of configuration but only default options14:26
sahil_zzecool, i am having graphics driver problem ... :(14:27
zzecoolsahil_:  which is ?14:27
Ian_Cornehe installed the ati driver from the site14:27
zzecoolform the site?14:27
Ian_Corneand an update broke his libgl thing14:27
zzecoolsahil_: try to remove the fglrx driver using synaptic  completely14:28
zzecooland use the drivers tool supplied with ubuntu14:28
sahil_i cant insatll fgrlx...i dont know where i broke my system.now when i insatll fgrlx,on the restart i end up in a limbo,i hadto activate a tty then purge the drivers then restart14:28
zzecoolmake sure you are only using the official sources and not some random ppa's14:29
zzecoolwith experimental ati drivers14:29
zzecoolpurge fglrx reboot and install using "additional drivers" tool14:30
sahil_no i havnt....actually i broke my sysem when ubuntu tweak removed some config files...with the help of rye,a guy over here in xcaht i recovered from crush...but after sucessfully insatlling graphics driver,i by mistake executed unity --reset14:31
zzecoolthis isnt somehting bad14:32
zzecoolto reset the unity14:32
sahil_since then when ever i install somewhere i saw..kernal mismatch or something like dat during installation14:32
ryesahil_, are you running that .run file? or the version from ubuntu repos?14:32
zzecoolwhen you say install what do you mean ?14:32
zzecoolare you using "additional drivers" tool or not?14:33
sahil_sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates14:33
sahil_i tryed this14:33
zzecoolthis isnt the propper way14:33
sahil_i already have 12.1 catalyst driver downlaoded in my machine14:33
zzecoolopen your dash and type drivers14:33
zzecoolplease listen to me14:34
sahil_u want me to use jockey?14:34
zzecoolbut first14:34
zzecoolremove anything about fglrx14:34
zzecoolusing synaptics14:34
zzecooland make a reboot14:34
sahil_rye, where did i do wrong wen we bith had a chat?14:34
sahil_zzecool, xserver is related to fgrlx?14:35
ryesahil_, do not use that .run driver unless the repos one is failing14:35
sahil_xserver ~x.org i guess?14:35
zzecooland yes14:35
zzecoolopen synaptic14:35
zzecooltype fglrx14:35
sahil_ya opened...fgrlx is not installed but raedontool14:36
zzecooland remove only packages that have fglrx into their name14:36
sahil_do i have to remove dat?14:37
zzecoolits doesnt have the work fglrx14:37
sahil_okey...so othing is installed...so m raedy to use jockey?14:37
zzecoolfirst reboot14:38
zzecooland then yes14:38
sahil_okey...will jocjey give me the latest catalyst version ?14:38
sahil_11.11 catalyst was very buggy14:38
sahil_catalyst or fglrx watever14:39
zzecoolno i think its the 11.1114:40
zzecoolthis is the latest on the repos14:40
zzecoolif by buggy you mean that unity is slow14:40
sahil_its was dead slow desktop experience in oneric14:40
zzecoolthis is a known bug and gonna be fixd in unity 5.6.014:40
zzecoolYou can still use unity 2d until they fix that14:41
sahil_but wen i insatlled 12.1 (untill restart) i was having a good time...)ad game also was very playable,and so was the HD movies14:41
zzecoolrly ?14:41
zzecoolbasicly this cant be happening14:42
zzecoolbecause if you install and dont restart the driver module isnt loaded14:42
sahil_i dont knw...but i got better exerince then 11.1114:42
zzecoolthere is somehting else14:42
oCeanheh, daily build still says welcome to 11.1014:43
zzecooloCean:  wait i have you a fix for that14:44
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
oCeanzzecool: I don't need a fix, the image should get fixed :)14:44
oCeanbug #93661914:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936619 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installer for precise daily-live still says "Welcome to Ubuntu 11.10"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93661914:44
zzecoolohh this one ?14:45
zzecooli thought on the boot screen14:45
zzecoolwhile loading to boot into ubuntu14:46
DonaldShimodahow to change font sizes on gnome ?14:51
zzecoolom26er_:  Scale   : super+ w  isnt merged in unity plugin because   if you  disable scale  shortcut  "super + W"  or change it stops working14:52
zzecoolom26er_: other than that if you try to disable scale plugin there is a dependency warning  that scale is need it by unity plugin14:53
zzecoolSo the bug report is real  and nothing is merged into unity plugin yet.14:54
om26er_i didn't say it has been merged into Unity but14:54
zzecoolmy bad then14:54
om26er_the further change have been implemented in Unity14:54
om26er_this is the related branch I guess  https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/workspace-aware-launcher/+merge/8942914:54
zzecoolOr you  gonna handle the bug report title please ? :)14:55
zzecoolom26er_: this isnt the point though14:58
DonaldShimodaany way to change gnome workspaces frome to any?14:59
zzecoolDonaldShimoda:  ?14:59
zzecoolDonaldShimoda: what do you want to change  ?14:59
DonaldShimodazzecool, rigth side , workspaces...15:00
DonaldShimodaare you using gnome or unityu?15:00
zzecoolDonaldShimoda: You are asking about a way to change the workspaces to what exctly/15:01
DonaldShimodais clear the question, i suppose if you dont use gnome dont get it15:01
zzecoolboth "unity" and "gnome shell" are using gnome15:02
DonaldShimodadont you know what is a workspaces then?15:02
zzecoolnow tell me what do you want to do ?15:02
zzecoolyes i know15:02
DonaldShimodai need fair more than 3 workspaces...15:02
zzecoolso you want to change the number of the workspaces .......15:03
zzecoolare you in gnome shell ?15:03
zzecoolIn gnome shell workspaces is are dynamic15:03
zzecoolyou can set a staic number15:03
DonaldShimodaexcellent, nice trick dynamic is better15:04
DonaldShimodaanother question, any way to make work conky or some like this?15:04
zzecoolDonaldShimoda: i think you are in the wrong channel15:05
zzecoolhere is a channel about ubuntu precise15:05
DonaldShimodaim ussing ubuntu precise...15:05
DonaldShimodazzecool, why do you think im on the wrong channel?15:06
zzecoolBecause you will not find support about how to run conky in gnome shell here15:07
zzecoolHere we mostly bug hunt about precise bugs15:07
zzecoolthis is what this channel is for15:07
DonaldShimodazzecool, ok, i will change the question15:07
zzecooland not for random application support on precise15:07
DonaldShimodazzecool, theres any other visualizer ala conky on precise?15:07
DonaldShimodazzecool, how can anybody informa  bug if dont testing all the applications precise include?15:08
zzecoolUbuntu doesnt come installed by Default with unity15:09
zzecoolit doesn include  conky , awm , or any other launcher15:09
DonaldShimodawhich is the default desktop for ubuntu?15:09
DonaldShimodathen read what you write...15:10
zzecoolUnity  or Unity 2d depends on graphics card15:10
DonaldShimodaUbuntu doesnt come installed by Default with unity15:10
zzecoolyeah my bad15:10
zzecoolUbuntu comes installed by Default with unity15:10
DonaldShimodaany way to change font size or fonts in unity?15:10
DaekdroomInstall gnome-tweak-tool15:11
zzecoolDonaldShimoda: you can use google for questions like that i just used google to answer you15:12
DonaldShimodazzecool, that is related to older versions15:12
DonaldShimodazzecool, enyway thanks for your lack of help15:13
DaekdroomNope. Gnome-tweak-tool is used since the transition to GNOME 315:13
DaekdroomWhich is when the old appearance window was removed.15:13
zzecoolDonaldShimoda:  your questions are general and fits the  #ubuntu  channel    im sure there ar emany ppl willing to help you there15:15
valdur55p1l0t, hello! What is your problem?16:58
glosolizzecool: There was bugfix released for Screenshoot tool, now it asks again where to save16:58
p1l0tvaldur55: nothing17:00
jrgiffordwhat... i liked how screenshot didn't ask where to save. :P17:01
jrgiffordi thought that was a real feature. :S17:02
glosolijrgifford: Probably it was, but people started asking, I think you can set it somehow with dconf-tools17:03
glosolito do silent screenshoot to pictures folder17:03
ironhalikI thought screenshots were put into your clipboard :)17:05
glosoliironhalik: No, they were put into Pictures folder by default17:06
jrgiffordglosoli, i'll try and set that up then. thanks17:10
glosolijrgifford: yw17:11
sahil_is there any way to keep filer search of dash alaways visible?17:18
sahil_i mean filter*17:18
Daekdroomsahil_, I think the Dash 'remembers' when you had the filter open for a certain lens17:18
sahil_all it seams to remember is my typed alphabets onm the dash...its looks less consistent design ...ifeel the big 8 icons was better17:20
sahil_i want each time i click dash...it should pop out like a new session  showing installed programs and filters on17:21
sahil_Daekdroom, is there any way to do that?17:21
Daekdroomsahil_, what exactly are you talking about?17:21
DaekdroomDash itself or home lens?17:22
DaekdroomHome lens does not have a filter. Every other (default) lens does17:22
Daekdroomand the big 8 icons were removed because they were kinda useless: the program icons were barely used by anybody because people fixed apps on the Launcher.17:22
sahil_oh...no filters for home.. :(17:22
sahil_btw why home lens remembers my keystroke?17:23
DaekdroomIt's on purpose.17:23
Daekdroomlike every other lens does.17:23
sahil_everytime i have to remove them then type ...kinda annyoing17:23
sahil_like if i type xc ( for xchat) next time i open dash,it returns me the same result for xc instead of new session..17:24
DaekdroomI know.17:25
sahil_is this a bug ...or a weird "feature"17:25
DaekdroomYou could file a bug report asking for the home lens to not remember.17:25
DaekdroomIt's a feature.17:25
Daekdroom(but bug reports are useful for 'wishes' too)17:26
sahil_ya i guess called wishlets or something i guess...17:26
sahil_and those tiny scrollbars!!!17:26
sahil_and the application lens icon i suposed to be educational type icon!17:27
sahil_looks like a pen penscil and scale17:28
sahil_i mean ruler17:28
sahil_Daekdroom, can i amke application my deafult lens?17:29
DaekdroomHuh.. I don't know.17:29
sahil_how to amke skype icon monochrome?17:32
DaekdroomI think I've seen an article on that somewhere, but I can't remember. Haha.17:33
sahil_the icon in the right most corner in the panal what is it called?power icon?17:36
DaekdroomPower & Settings?17:37
DaekdroomWell. Those are the two things you find there.17:37
sahil_well i love the icon,but when i use elementary theme,it gets replaced by a monitor icon...i wish to keep that icon provided by ubuntu17:38
valdur55Damn... lubuntu-default-settings (0.24) precise have double XF86AudioLowerVolume on rc.xml file17:47
valdur55And i thinked why Lowervolume mutes volume17:48
sahil_hi is it possible to install vmware workstation 8 ?18:05
trismsahil_: the icon is system-devices-panel (for your earlier indicator-session question)18:05
trismsahil_: /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/22/system-devices-panel.svg specifically in the default ubuntu theme18:06
sahil_trism, thnx a lot!!!18:07
sahil_trism, can i installvmware workstation in precise?18:09
trismsahil_: I don't know, haven't used vmware in a while, but it looks like you may need to patch it to work with 3.2, from a quick search: http://slackblogs.blogspot.com/2012/01/vmware-workstation-802-and-linux-kernel.html18:17
Error404NotFoundI am trying to upgrade to 12.04 and get http://pastebin.com/HM9pgMA5 , any ideas?18:18
h00kwoah, the corner tooltip changed when windows are resizbable, cool.18:27
h00kIt is a series of dots.18:27
h00kby tooltip, I mean...not mouse icon, but the little...corner triangle dealio18:27
bjsniderError404NotFound, looks like it's already mounted18:30
bjsnidertry unmounting it and using the apt-cdrom add command18:30
glosolizzecool: ?18:32
zzecooldo you have a network in your house?18:32
Error404NotFoundbjsnider: so i am not supposed to mount iso before running cdromupgrade? how do i run it then? do i run apt-cdrom to mount it?18:33
zzecoolor laptop is the only pc18:33
glosolithere any three windows laptops  - my roommates, in all of them I restricted sharing networking and etv18:33
bjsniderError404NotFound, the first thing apt-cdrom tried to do after you rant he command was it tried to mount the cdrom to its own mount point18:33
zzecoolahh great18:33
glosolithere are''18:34
glosolizzecool: what's the problem ?18:34
zzecoolglosoli: today i lost the network access18:34
glosolizzecool: HMm, how ?18:34
zzecoolnautilus is not responding if i press browse network18:34
Error404NotFoundbjsnider: hmm, ok18:34
zzecooland if i waiti for about 3 min it opens but cant see any computer.18:34
zzecoolglosoli: open nautilus ------> browse network  and tell me if you see the windows network18:35
glosoliYes I see18:35
bjsniderError404NotFound, look for yourself, as soon as you run the command it says "Using CD-ROM mount point /media/apt/"18:35
glosoliWORKGROUP even18:35
zzecoolin no time ?18:35
glosoliFailed to retrieve share list from server18:35
zzecoolor it takes time?18:36
glosolizzecool: yes in no time18:36
zzecoolbut failed to retrive list18:36
bjsniderthen it says "W: Failed to mount '/dev/sr0' to '/media/apt/'"18:36
glosolizzecool: failed to retrieve list, because these computers doesn't share any files18:36
glosoliprobably ?18:36
zzecoolim sharing many18:36
Error404NotFoundbjsnider: actually iso is mounted at /media/cdrom18:37
bjsniderright, so just unmount it18:37
bjsniderand then re-run the command, probably need to be root18:37
zzecooland either you should see the admin shares that are enabled by default on win718:37
zzecoolits a bug18:37
zzecoolsomething broke it  and i think i know some security network libraries18:38
huayraI got a very nasty bug: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/850339/18:51
huayraTried updating throught the GUI instead of apt-get (what was I thinking!!??)18:51
huayraand now it's broken18:51
Error404NotFoundbjsnider: i am getting http://pastebin.com/TK8ywa3M , doing it without mounting and no, nothing is mounted on /media/cdrom or /media/apt18:56
bjsnidertry manually mounting to /media/apt18:56
Error404NotFoundworked, howcome? is this a convention? if i am not forgetting i use to mount iso on /media/cdrom and it used to work.18:58
bjsniderwell, it's now being looked for at /media/apt18:59
Error404NotFoundbjsnider: thanks, gotta try upgrade :)19:03
glosolizzecool: are you here ?19:04
zzecoolsec im eating19:05
glosolizzecool: Ok, after you eat, may you look at my bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/metacity/+bug/93609119:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936091 in metacity (Ubuntu) "hovering on close, minimize, maximize has no effect" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:05
zzecoolglosoli: its works fine on me19:10
zzecoolwhen i hover the signs are lighten up19:11
glosolizzecool: eh :( for most of the people works that's why nobody press affects me button19:11
zzecoolmaybe it is fglrx problem ?19:11
zzecooli dont know19:11
glosolizzecool: Hmm, dunno mightbe19:12
zzecoolwhat theme?19:12
zzecoolin any theme?19:12
zzecoolglosoli: if you open nautilus and hover the mouse over a file or folder do you se the icon light up?19:13
glosolizzecool: sure I do19:13
glosolizzecool: when windows maximized , I also do19:14
glosolizzecool: it's for metacity only19:15
zzecooli dont know19:15
glosolizzecool: I checked, in unity everything's fine - when maximized windows :/19:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936899 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus cant access network - Browse Network and Hung there." [Undecided,New]19:28
glosolizzecool: I pressed, would you mind pressing on mine too :) ?19:29
glosolithanks :)19:31
zzecool36 ppl on dodge19:32
zzecoolwe are going up slowly19:32
glosolizzecool: Wish someone from the up, would check that bug for Dodge19:38
glosolifrom the top''19:38
DaekdroomDoes anyone know which package I should report against, given Clementine is not using appmenu-qt?19:38
glosoliDaekdroom: hmm indicator-appmenu ?19:41
johnjohn101still having problems with pangolin in vmware session where host computer goes to sleep and pangolin doesn't come back19:47
zzecoolglosoli: i just uninstalled  the "idiot" rhythmbox19:57
zzecoolbanshee is way better19:57
zzecoolclementine also19:57
glosolizzecool: I uninstall it right after os install, I don't use either banshee or clementine, hate them :DD19:57
mikeconceptsis the voice control aspect of HUD available yet for testing?19:58
Daekdroommikeconcepts, nope19:58
mikeconceptsDaekdroom, thanks for that, will be awesome19:59
glosolizzecool: I use Audacious, because i hate all others ;D20:06
zzecoolglosoli: i found that if they mark your bug as duplicate its almost impossible to find it back20:12
glosolizzecool: which your bug was marked as a dublicate ?20:12
zzecoolim searching to find one bug report that i did the one with the google chrome video20:12
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
glosolizzecool: Couldn't it be merged ?20:17
zzecooli cant find my report20:18
zzecoolim searchin on my mail20:18
jo-erlendI'm seeing extreme amounts of totem-video-thumbnailer instances since the video lens was introduced...20:23
jo-erlendit skyrockets my system load from time to time.20:24
zzecoolok i found it20:24
GordonShamwayHallo Leute, habe gerade Ubuntu 12.04 32bit installiert. Habe ein sau schlechtes Schriftbild. Das ändern der Hinting Option mit dem dconf-editor hat nichts gebracht. Was kann ich noch tun, damit es funktioniert?20:42
GordonShamwayoh. i just installed 12.04 and have a very bad fontview, changing the hinting option didnt work out for me. is there a different option which i could try to get the job done?20:43
mainerrorGordonShamway: Can you make a screenshot and post it here?20:44
GordonShamwayhow can i make a screenshot in unity?20:45
ironhalikHmm, I lost hibernation :/20:45
GordonShamwaystrg + print doesnt work20:45
ironhalikuh, print screen?20:45
jrgiffordGordonShamway, just hit print screen. works for me.20:46
GordonShamwaynot for me^^20:46
mainerrorJust print screen. Alternatively you can install Shutter.20:46
ironhalikif not, GordonShamway, you can execute 'gnome-screenshot' via alt+f2 or terminal20:46
* mainerror likes Shutter20:46
ironhalikgnome-screenshot is the thing bound to print screen20:46
ironhalikjust launch it :)20:46
GordonShamwayah ok worked out20:47
GordonShamwayhttp://www.pic-upload.de/view-13052794/Screenshot-at-2012-02-20-21-46-06.png.html http://www.pic-upload.de/view-13052794/Screenshot-at-2012-02-20-21-46-06.png.html20:47
GordonShamwaythere it is20:48
GordonShamwaymaybe you should zoom in.... there are lines in the fonts20:48
GordonShamwayeverything like unsharp20:48
GordonShamwayiḿ on a 42" tv20:48
ironhalikhmm, looks the same for me20:49
ironhalikmine are bolded a bit :)20:49
mainerrorI'm not sure to be honest. I think it might be your monitor.20:50
mainerrorIt looks good for me.20:50
ironhalikfrom my expirience, connecting PC to larger TVs was not the best ideas :)20:51
mainerrorI mean 1360x768 on a 42" monitor is kinda insane. :D20:51
ironhalikfor text, that is20:51
ironhalikoh, its not fullhd20:51
ironhalikwell, it should look good from the couch :)20:51
ironhalik10 feet away20:51
mainerrorOn a 42" screen it might look good even from the moon. :P20:52
ironhalikGordonShamway: you can look for 'nautilus fonts'20:53
GordonShamwaydont know what u mean20:57
ironhaliknvm, install dconf-editor20:57
ironhalikand go to org.gnome.nautilus.desktop20:57
ironhalikand there you can edit the fonts20:57
ironhalikmine is Ubuntu 1120:58
GordonShamwaymine too20:58
GordonShamwaybut it looks awful20:58
GordonShamwaywhen i started ubuntu with the live cd everything looked fine in a smaller screen on this tv20:59
ironhalikwell, it maybe scalling issue20:59
ironhalikthe fonts are too small now?20:59
GordonShamwaynot too small but unclear with white lines inbetween21:00
ironhalikno idea if it is intended to help with your problem21:01
ironhalikbut theres a 'tv-fonts' package21:01
mainerrorI still think it is the screen.21:01
GordonShamway09.04 worked out of the box21:01
ironhalikyeah its the screen, but there prolly is some solution21:01
ironhalikGordonShamway: what video font you're using?21:02
ironhalikvideo card*21:02
ironhalikyour tv has a whoopin 37 dots per inch21:04
ironhalikwhile the optimum for computer displays is ~9421:04
ironhalikit may be that ubuntu currently is not setting the dpi properly21:05
GordonShamwayso i have to set it in the nvidia settings?21:06
ironhalikhmm, the best way to check it out21:09
ironhalikwould be by playing with the fonts via gnome-tweak-tool21:09
ironhalikinstall it via apt21:09
GordonShamwayinstalled it but dont know how to start it21:11
GordonShamwayunity doesnt find it21:11
ironhaliktype 'tweak'21:12
ironhalikit will be named 'advanced settings'21:12
ironhalikalso, this could be helpful21:12
GordonShamwayoh i did that already with no effort21:12
ironhaliksorry for no obvious solution, but you need to play around21:13
ironhalikits not a exactly documented process :)21:13
=== nyuszika7h is now known as nyan-cat
GordonShamwaywhen i change the dpi in the tweak tool, do i have to restart?21:19
ironhalikin gnome-tweak-tool, no, in the gconf-editor, yeah21:19
ironhalikor at least logout and login21:19
ironhalikbut not sure :)21:19
ironhalikyou can killall lightdm :)21:20
GordonShamwayi try to log offand on21:20
dupondjeReally nothing will be included in Precise for Nvidia Optimus ? :(22:03
icerootdupondje: linux-3.2 is supporting optimis (if the mails on lkml are true)22:15
icerootdupondje: it was disabled before because of memory leaks22:16
jakuboyay, icons and top panel are back! thanks22:39
jakuboand sounds!22:39
dat789hi! a little help with my Microsoft LifeCam Cinema, please... I've installed Cheese but no picture is coming up. Just a black screen.23:40
dat789output of lsusb --> Bus 002 Device 010: ID 045e:075d Microsoft Corp. LifeCam Cinema23:40
dat789and it's precise23:40
penguin42dat789: Has it worked for you on an earlier version?23:47
penguin42dat789: It sounds like bug 93067123:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930671 in cheese (Ubuntu) "video blank and menus greyed out in cheese" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93067123:49
dat789hi hi23:51
dat789no, i'm a new migrant to Ubuntu / linux23:51
dat789the Ubuntu i'm using is 12.04 (precise)23:52
penguin42dat789: Generally it's not a good idea to use testing/alpha releases for your first time!23:52
dat789someone said to use Oneiric23:52
penguin42dat789: That's good advice23:52
dat789bummer. should have known better23:52
dat789so does that mean I have to revert ... to 11.10 (Oneiric) ?23:53
penguin42dat789: Yeh you can't downgrade; it'll have to be a reinstall; however, can you just confirmt hat your bug corresponds to bug 930671 ?23:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930671 in cheese (Ubuntu) "video blank and menus greyed out in cheese" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93067123:53
dat789i've got version 10.04 on CD23:54
dat789i don't know how to check that23:55
dat789wait.. let me go there23:55
dat789yep. that is exactly what i am experiencing23:55
dat789menus greyed out23:55
dat789video blank23:55
dat789guvcview not able to launch either23:56
penguin42dat789: OK, probably a good idea to subscribe to that bug - that will also mark it as confirmed since there are two of you experiencing it - please add a comment saying you have the same thing on 12.0423:56
dat789how to say it affects me too?23:58
penguin42(if it's not just cheese then it's more likely a kernel bug)23:58
penguin42dat789: There's a little yellow pencil at the top of that which says 'Does this bug affect you?' - click it23:58
DaekdroomDoesn't he need a Launchpad account?23:58
penguin42yes he does indeed23:59

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