dholbachgood morning07:46
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cielakI got confused by https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Agenda20:57
cielakit says the meetings take place on the last friday of every month20:57
cielakand that the next one is on  Friday 29th February20:58
cielakbut 29th February is actually Wednesday20:58
cielakam I missing something?20:58
ajmitchno, you're not, it was edited wrong20:59
cielakokay, thanks :)20:59
ajmitchI think highvoltage must have a different calendar to the rest of us :)20:59
cielakahh... silly timezones! :)))21:00
highvoltageoh crap21:03
ajmitchhighvoltage: yeah, it should be this friday21:03
* highvoltage updates it21:04
ajmitchmight be worth sending out a mail to the list about it21:04
highvoltagewill do21:04
ajmitchthanks :)21:04
cielakmaybe you've meant the 31st of February? that would indeed be Friday :)21:05
highvoltagehah, I messed it up again (only noticed it as I sent the email)21:06
ajmitchshould be Octember imho21:06
highvoltage(made it for 22 Feb, *this* wednesday)21:06
micahgTB discussion of ARB exceptions for lenses and scopes for those interested21:06
stgraberhighvoltage: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=App+Review+Board+Meeting+&iso=20110127T18 says Thursday ;)21:07
cielakstgraber: isn't it the previous meeting's day?21:08
highvoltagestgraber: that's fixed too now :)21:10
stgraberhighvoltage: thanks21:10
* ajmitch needs to work out what was actually agreed on at that TB meeting & what we need to decide this week22:09
mhall119stgraber: wendar: do you  want me to add this item to the ARB agenda?22:24
wendarmhall119: yes, please do22:25
wendarmhall119: and thanks!22:25
ajmitchstgraber: one thing that jumps to mind when having everything in one source package - everytime you want to add a new lens or scope you have to rebuild the lot, and everyone has to download the rebuilt binary package23:41
stgraberajmitch: yeah, I mentioned it at the end of the mail23:41
ajmitchoh you did too :)23:42
stgraberajmitch: in the case of unity stuff, we're talking 2kB python scripts mostly, so may be a bit annoying to the user but it won't kill their or our bandwidth23:42
stgraberand it may been seen as a feature as they'll see the lens get updated and so will know that something new is available for it (if they actually read the changelog)23:42
ajmitchright, source package per lens may not be too bad, depending on the lens & how popular it is23:43

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