scientesATP you said LVDO which isn't usb00:15
scientestry tail -f /var/log/kern.log and the unplug and replugin the device00:16
GrueMasterTheMuso: I would assume so.  The alsa issue on panda was pretty much resolved with my patch to the ucm configs and a kernel patch.  Unfortunately, we didn't have images for a week, so I only spotted it Friday.02:09
TheMusoGrueMaster: Right, well I did announce a call for testing for alsa-utils, I know the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA is not building for ARM atm, but I thought you guys would have seen the cft, pulled and rebuilt at least...02:17
twbTheMuso: I have a TF101, I remember there was a problem with oneiric's alsa-utils and I fixed it by cherry-picking precise's...02:39
twbSomething festival was triggering02:40
twbProbably unrelated, so ignore me and carry on02:40
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pnphihelp me06:16
pnphiERROR: An error occurred while enabling: mailmerge.py Cause: (com.sun.star.registry.CannotRegisterImplementationException) { { Message = "ImplementationRegistration::registerImplementation() InvalidRegistryException during registration (destination registry is read-only!  cannot merge!)", Context = (com.sun.star.uno.XInterface) @0 } }  unopkg failed.06:16
pnphiwhat errors ??06:16
twbI don't even want to look at that06:16
pnphiERROR: An error occurred while enabling: mailmerge.py06:18
pnphiCause: (com.sun.star.registry.CannotRegisterImplementationException) { { Message = "ImplementationRegistration::registerImplementation() InvalidRegistryException during registration (destination registry is read-only!  cannot merge!)", Context = (com.sun.star.uno.XInterface) @0 } }06:18
pnphiunopkg failed.06:18
micahgok, uploading chromium which will hopefully build on armhf06:24
pnphiudo rootstock \         --fqdn ubuntu \         --login ubuntu \         --password ubuntu \         --imagesize 3G \         --seed ubuntu-desktop06:25
pnphithis command ! !06:25
twbI thought rootstock was deprecated06:29
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infinitymicahg: \o/07:50
micahgit's started to compile, it's not on a panda, so it might be another 17 hours until we know for sure if it worked07:50
infinityErr, what?07:50
infinityWho took the beagles off manual? >:(07:50
micahgthey've been off manual all weekend07:51
infinitymicahg: Not true.07:53
micahgwell, since sat night my time AFAIR07:53
twbinfinity: that beagles line took me *way* too long to understand07:53
infinitymicahg: Looks like they only went off manual about 5h ago.07:53
infinitymicahg: Anyhow, hleoung fessed up to it at least.  Maybe I'll get your builds killed.07:54
micahgwell, they were rebalanced apparently about that time as well07:54
micahginfinity: sounds good to me :)07:54
infinitymicahg: No, I rebalanced and put them on manual around a day ago.07:55
infinitymicahg: Keep up. ;)07:55
micahgah, ok :), I slept at some point in there, so it's all blurring together :)07:55
infinityPfft.  "sleep"?07:56
infinitymicahg: I notice that firefox hates PPC again. :/08:01
micahgyeah, upstream is fighting about it :)08:02
twbIME mozilla hates everyone08:03
micahgnah, it's just the JIT components change frequently and powerpc isn't a tier 1 platform, so there's no check if it breaks when stuff is committed08:05
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micahginfinity: crud, armhf failed, seems like missing libc headers which is worrysome: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93446095/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-armhf.chromium-browser_17.0.963.56~r121963-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz08:45
infinitymicahg: That seems... Odd.08:51
* infinity digs deeper.08:52
infinity /usr/include/arm-linux-gnueabihf/bits/predefs.h08:53
infinityLooks there to me...08:53
* infinity upgrades linux-libc-dev to see if it went poof.08:53
micahgright, I thought it was odd08:53
infinitymicahg: Does chromium do anything suspect with toolchains, like zero out and rewrite the standard include paths?08:54
infinitymicahg: (And maybe get it wrong for armhf?)08:54
micahgI can't say a definite no to that, it's possibke08:54
* micahg checks the Debian patch08:54
micahgDebian's stuff is still building, but they don't seem to do any path hacking08:57
infinityWell, predefs.h exists in the same place on amd64 and armhf (except for the triplet, of course)08:57
infinitySo, about the only way this could go wrong is a multiarch/triplet goof.08:58
infinityAnd if the armhf toolchain was broken, you surely wouldn't be the only package failing.08:58
infinityOr, one would think not. :P08:58
infinityEww, chromium is cdbs?09:00
micahgnot my choice and I'm too lazy to rewrite it09:01
micahgthat would be the only thing I can think of09:01
infinityI hate build systems that obfuscate the compiler command line. :/09:04
infinityBut I have a sneaking suspicion there's some -nostdinc action going on there.09:04
infinityAnd then manual reconstruction of stdinc.09:04
infinityFor no sane reason.09:04
infinityBut that's just a wild guess.09:04
* infinity boggles.09:09
infinityWhy does the chromium source contain pre-compiled compilers?09:09
infinityI think I just vomited a little.09:09
infinitymicahg: Tell me none of this bundled stuff (like ffmpeg) is included in the build?09:18
micahginfinity: umm, it shouldn't be using any of them09:19
infinityKay.  Just checking.09:19
infinityCause it makes some radical assumptions about arm=softfp.09:19
micahggoogle ships their own toolchain for nacl, but I can't get it to build yet09:20
infinity  // Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) places the libraries here.09:20
infinity#if defined(ARCH_CPU_X86_64)09:20
infinity  paths.push_back(FilePath("/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/nss"));09:20
infinity#elif defined(ARCH_CPU_X86)09:20
infinity  paths.push_back(FilePath("/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/nss"));09:20
infinity#elif defined(ARCH_CPU_ARMEL)09:20
infinity  paths.push_back(FilePath("/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/nss"));09:21
infinity^-- Might relate to our issue.09:21
micahgyep, the multiarch path hack09:21
micahgI remember that now09:21
infinityBut, still, unless they're using that file to then define their include paths for the compiler, I don't see how it being incorrect/incomplete would lead the the build failure.09:22
infinityBut, again, obfuscated build log means I have no effin' idea what it's doing. :/09:22
infinityI might have to do a local test build tomorrow.09:22
infinityOr you could do it on scheat.09:23
micahgyeah, that doesn't seem to make sense for this failure though09:24
infinityAnd none of the native_client/tools/llvm stuff gets used, right?09:24
infinityCause it's wildly in need of learning about armhf.09:24
micahgnative_client is NaCL which is disabled on all archs ARM09:25
micahgthat snippet you gave will cause a runtime issue on armhf though09:26
infinityCertainly, yeah.09:26
infinityOther than that, though, I can't find anything obviously broken outside native_client and third_party...09:27
micahgI guess I can kick off a build when I start tomorrow on scheat and poke a little09:28
micahgerr, later today09:29
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pnphihelp me ...12:26
pnphiwhat the error ?12:27
pnphiAn error occurred while enabling : mailmerge.py12:28
xranby_ac100pnphi: no-one uses rootstock    the last release was from 2010-0812:28
pnphiand unopkg failded12:29
xranby_ac100pnphi: do the ubuntu install images work on your board?12:29
pnphiand unopkg failed12:29
pnphion qemu12:29
pnphisudo rootstock \         --fqdn ubuntu \         --login ubuntu \         --password ubuntu \         --imagesize 3G \         --seed ubuntu-desktop12:30
pnphii run the command12:30
xranby_ac100pnphi: why do you use rootstock?12:30
pnphii see on the Wed12:30
pnphiso i use this12:30
xranby_ac100its not anything that are supported officially12:31
pnphiFrom step --> Setting up xulrunner-1.9.2 .... this process stop12:31
pnphiso what do i use ?12:32
xranby_ac100pnphi: people use ubuntu.core12:32
pnphiwhat is ubuntu-core ??12:32
pnphithis can create the image ubuntu for ARM12:33
xranby_ac100pnphi: the reccomended way to install ubuntu on arm are to use the release images12:35
pnphii want to know...how to create this image12:35
xranby_ac100pnphi: please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core12:36
xranby_ac100pnphi: rootstock that you tried to use are depricated and no longer maintained12:38
xranby_ac100pnphi: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/RootStock12:38
pnphihelp me..how use the ubuntu-code to make the image ubuntu for ARM12:39
pnphii run on Qemu12:39
xranby_ac100you can also use live-build12:39
pnphiclearly ? ?12:40
pnphilink or Document ?12:40
xranby_ac100pnphi: http://live.debian.net/manual12:42
xranby_ac100pnphi: ubuntu uses live.build to build all its live-images12:42
xranby_ac100you can install the tool by running apt-get install live-build12:43
pnphidoes this link help me to create the image ?12:45
xranby_ac100pnphi: sorry i cant help you further since i only use the live images produced and uploaded to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/current/12:45
xranby_ac100pnphi: yes it do12:45
pnphiok thank you so much12:47
pnphican i give your email ?12:47
xranby_ac100pnphi: so in a nutshell if you want to be able to create your own image identical to how ubuntu produce their images you will have to learn how to use live.build12:47
xranby_ac100please ask questions here12:47
xranby_ac100there are probably other developers who know live-build better12:47
xranby_ac100than I12:48
pnphii want to create the image ubuntu desktop for ARm,run on Qemu ! ! !12:48
pnphiso..i learn from this link12:49
pnphithank you12:49
xranby_ac100youre welcome12:50
pnphiso hard ! ! !13:05
xranbypnphi: https://wiki.linaro.org/LiveHelper/Hacking     try this linaro guide13:06
xranbypnphi: linaro use live-build to build a lot of arm images13:07
pnphiwow..thank you so much13:07
pnphiwhy rootstock deprecated ?13:08
xranbypnphi: because debian and ubuntu use live-build13:09
xranbyto build their daily images13:09
xranbyi really do not know any specifics13:10
pnphithanks xranby13:13
pnphii try ! ! !13:13
bercondec_: j'ai pushé libdrm, libdri2 et xf86-video-omap dans omap trunk. je crois que tu en avais besoin. both armel et armhf builds14:11
bercondec_: pour pvr, je bosse avec Xavier dessus14:11
bercondec_: ha yes14:11
bercondec_: nevertheless, you get the info ;)14:12
ndec_fortunately i speak french ;-)14:12
gildeangoogle does too14:21
ATPdoes anyone know how i can change my dvimode? I tried uenv.txt already...17:38
ppisatiGrueMaster: bug 93705117:40
ubot2`Launchpad bug 937051 in linux-ti-omap4 "Cannot set MAC address via kernel boot parameters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93705117:40
ATPif anyone answered please say again , my browser crashed >.<17:58
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Epsilonorion_Does anyone know of the best way to setup wireless ad-hoc within ubuntu server.  I attempted to edit the interfaces file (all in CLI) and haven't had any luck.  The network is being created because I can see it via another computer, however I cannot ping from the computer20:59
gandhijee_because i am trying to build some packages for ubuntu 10.04 on inside by ubuntu 11.10 chroot to 10.0422:31
gandhijee_and it doesn't build it the same as my 10.04 machines...22:31
xranby_ac1001gandhijee_: thats normal since all the build tools and compilers are newer in your chroot22:33
gandhijee_? xranby i have a 10.04 chroot in my 11.10 build... i would expect i had the same tools as i do on my stand alone 10.04 inside of my 10.04 chroot.22:34
xranby_ac1001ok then i misunderstood you22:36
gandhijee_yeah, it is a bit confusing.22:37
xranby_ac1001well debug symbols inside binarys will contain the location of the sourcefiles that where used22:37
xranby_ac1001so binarys will not be 100% identical22:37
xranby_ac1001what kind of difference do you see?22:38
gandhijee_thats not really the problem.  when it goes makes the actual deb file, it get populated with different things.22:38
xranby_ac1001sounds like a bug for that package22:38
gandhijee_and i can't figure out why, as i tarred it from the actual system and moved it to the chroot and it doesn't work22:38
gandhijee_but i can untar it on the actual system in a different directory and it works.22:39
xranby_ac1001check the mount options inside the directory you untar it into22:39
xranby_ac1001a simple cross check that you do not have noexec bit set on the filesystem22:40
xranby_ac1001you can also run ldd on the binary to check that it got all shared librarys in place on the target system22:42
xranby_ac1001what kind of error do you see when you try to run the file onem?22:45

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