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CuliforgeI have held broken packages.. how do I go about ferreting those out?00:49
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CuliforgeNvm.. got it.. not sure what I did but I got it01:10
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lovinglinuxUnit193: Hi. I am sorry. Was trying to configure a new client and was unable to talk. Everything is good now.06:38
Unit193lovinglinux: That's fine. What client? (Oh, and may want to join #ubuntu-beginners-team for general chat)06:39
lovinglinuxUnit193: curently using XChat and ChatZilla.06:48
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Guest63948Hi all. Got a question concerning Lubuntu. I wanna install vpnc. There's 3 packages I needed in Ubuntu, "vpnc", "network-manager-vpnc" and "network-manager-vpnc-gnome". Do I need the "gnome bits" for vpnc in Lubuntu when I'm running LXDE?13:00
AbhijitGuest63948, if the said package is in repo directly go to install it. it will tell you about the requred dependencies13:16
Guest63948alright, thanks!13:17
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lukjadHey s-fox15:32
s-foxHello lukjad  :)15:32
lukjadI'm having some trouble with my Brother MFC 465CN printer. I installed the drivers, but it just shows up as "Generic text-only printer", which it most definitely is not15:34
geirhalukjad: http://www.openprinting.org/printer/Brother/Brother-MFC-465CN   I'm afraid it's a paperweight15:39
lukjadgeirha I'm hoping this is a joke...15:39
geirhaAh well, only contributed by one user15:40
lukjadgeirha It's a colour printer/scanner/fax15:41
geirhaBut many printer manufacturers completely neglect linux when it comes to drivers.15:41
geirhaSometimes, someone manages to hack together a driver that works, but without either, you're unlikely to have any luck getting it working in linux systems.15:42
lukjadgeirha The MFC 465CN is in the repos15:43
lukjadI installed the drivers and it was recognized, used to work in 10.0415:44
lukjadI mean 10.1015:44
lukjadHey hobgoblin :)15:44
geirhaI see. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrotherDriverPackaging15:47
geirhaI guess I was too hasty on trusing openprinting.org15:47
lukjadgeirha Heh15:47
geirhaTry installing all the brother-cups packages and see if it detects it15:47
lukjadI installed brother-cups-wrapper-common, it shows up15:49
lukjadBut it doesn't seem to work15:49
lukjadgeirha Any ideas?15:56
geirhaAfraid not.15:57
holsteinlukjad: i have had decent luck with the "jet direct" or whatever... have you tried that?15:58
lukjadholstein I don't think so...what package is that?15:59
holsteinlukjad: i just choose it... in the wizard... i point to the IP15:59
holsteinhttp://uint32t.blogspot.com/2008/06/linux-printing-brother-mfc-465cn.html looks promising16:00
lukjadholstein Yeah, that's what I tried16:00
holsteinlukjad: right, but not the jetdirect16:01
holsteinyou are able to ping it? and it shows up in the wizard?16:01
lukjadholstein I'm connected via USB16:02
holsteincool.. i would just put in on a LAN, and do it by IP...16:02
lukjadholstein Hm...not sure how to do that, or if I have the wires needed to do that16:02
holsteini think there can be only benifits to working this out on the network... multiple computer access... web-based admin page..16:03
holsteinyou'll need to get a different paperweight though :)16:03
lukjadholstein well, I only have one PC.16:04
holsteinlukjad: cool... its up to you.. with linux, and devices that i have grancfathered in before i switched everything over, i tend to take "the path of least resistance"16:04
lukjadI take the path of "no money, honey."16:05
holsteinim not saying you cant get that printing via USB, im just saying, a router is not a bad thing to just have in your network anyways... a firewall at the gateway, and whatever else16:05
holsteinlukjad: sure.. i have several free routers... and i dont recall *ever* paying for a network cable16:06
holsteinim not suggesting you get the wallet out, unless you can return that printer and get something more friendly16:06
lukjadNo, I've had this one for quite a bit16:06
holsteinworst case, you have a windows machine sharing that printer via samba on the network16:07
lukjadHm, well, that would require having windows.16:07
holsteinlukjad: yup.. and its literally one of quite a few options i can think of, and that i can suggest, and that i feel like you can do for cheap/free16:08
holsteinif you are asking "what package can i install to make my printer work?" ubuntu/canonical does nothing to prevent bother from providing that driver to you... sometimes a driver for another model can work... i use several brother printers though and the support has been pretty good16:15
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racoon_hi, can anyone help with getting my wireless card to work on a Dell Inspiron 600m with Ubuntu 11.10 installed on it?23:02
holsteinracoon_: i would plug it up wired, and see if you get a prompt.. i would open a terminal and run lspci, and find the device and check the wikis, or post that in a pastebin and we'll give it a look23:04
holstein!paste | racoon_23:04
ubot2`racoon_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:04
racoon_I tried to access the internet using a wired connection, but my ubuntu doesn't recognize that either. I search through a bunch of help forums earlier and have been able to figure out that my wireless card is a broadcom BCM4306 (rev03) using the"lspci" command in terminal as you suggested. I 'm chatting on this forum on a different pc, so I'm pasting info on a usb stick and pasting it on the multi-line text link provided.23:16
racoon_I was able to find what I think is the firmware on the Ubuntu 11.10 Installatin CD I downloaded. I see that in /Ubuntu 11.10i386/pool/main/b/b43-fwcutter there is a package named "b43-fwcutter_014-9_i386.deb" but I don't know how to install this.23:20
stlsaintracoon_: you need to install the .deb?23:26
racoon_stlsaint: How do you install .deb?23:28
stlsaintracoon_: what distro?23:28
stlsaintracoon_: if ubuntu right click the .deb and select to open with software centre23:29
racoon_I'm running Ubuntu 11.10 (sorry, I'm pretty new with Linux)23:30
racoon_stlsaint: ok. I right clicked on the .deb and selected open with software center, and while Ubuntu Software Center window opens up, it tries to load up (shows spinning icon in the middle) and it seems to do this indefinitely. I eventually closed out that window and copied the .deb file onto my desktop and tried to install it using the software center, but same result - the Ubuntu Software Center window shows a blank screen23:38

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