akgranerpopey - here's the link to the demo of Ubuntu TV on ARM - clearly I need to learn how to stand still on camera :-)01:26
cprofittnot your forte :-)01:27
cprofittto be honest... I thought the videos were good01:27
akgranerI'll be better for the Hong Kong ones :-)01:27
cprofittooh.... lucky getting to go to Hong Kong01:28
cprofittcool place, heh?01:28
akgranerthat was really my first time doing those kind of interviews - so now I know what I need to do to improve - you just gotta jump in a do them and improve as you go :-)01:28
akgraneror at least that's how I'm looking at it01:28
* cprofitt nods01:29
cprofittI agree01:29
akgranercprofitt, dunno know  - I haven't been before but the Q2 connect will be there the end of May01:29
cprofittIt has been a long time since I have done interviews01:29
cprofittand mine were radio only01:29
akgranerI love doing the ones where I am not on Camera only my voice is, but I figured it was time to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to do something new01:30
cprofittdid you see the video of me from UDS two years ago?01:31
cprofittI thought it went well... then looking at it I saw tons of things I should have done better01:32
cprofittI nit pick myself all the time01:32
MartynI'm so ready for HK01:32
akgranercprofitt, well all do and yes your interview was good01:33
* cprofitt smiles01:33
akgranerMartyn, I don't know that I have recovered from SFO yet01:34
Martynakgraner : You look fine :)  Sure there are things you could do to be more like a "standard" interviewer ... but it's good :)01:34
cprofitt+1 Martyn01:34
* Martyn can't wait to see what accelerated video decoding will look like on the Ant board01:35
akgranerMartyn, thanks :-)  I have a friend that works in a news room, who I sent them too so...they are going to help me out between now and May..she said that's how everyone's first ones look01:35
MartynThe driver works, but we don't have the video decode acceleration stack working yet01:35
cprofittnice... it is always good to get pointers from pros01:35
MartynBy hook, or by crook, I -am- going to have a board ready01:36
MartynAlthough that might involve whips, and possibly bribes01:36
akgranerso can I expect to see a demo from you in HK then?01:36
MartynLet's put it this way .. I -better- be able to :)01:37
Martynthe first alpha boards should be assembled first week of March.. so there will only be about a month of testing :)01:38
cprofittGo, Martyn !!!01:38
Martynbut that should be enough to shake down the big bugs01:38
Martyn( alpha boards are pink, betas are bright orange, and then the final boards will be purple .. it's a rainbow of fruit colors!)01:39
cprofittmy daughter would be happy with pink or purple01:39
Martynand I'm hoping -not- to bring pink boards01:39
mhall119akgraner: you seemed much more comfortable in the interview than Ricardo03:55
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jussiGood morning everyone07:14
nigelbHey jussi :)07:38
jussiHiya nigelb07:39
nigelbjussi: How're you doing? Getting enough sleep these days? :)07:40
jussinigelb: ok I guess. and no, nowhere near enough sleep07:40
jussi4 hours last night, though mostly through arriving home at 1.30am and needing to cut a path through the 1 m high snow on my driveway07:42
jussinigelb: baby got a name yestrday, so Im pretty happy about that :=)07:42
nigelbjussi: saw that. Congrats! :)07:43
jussianyways, meeting in a few... off now07:43
dholbachgood morning07:46
nigelbMorning dholbach!07:48
dholbachhey nigelb07:49
dpmgood morning all08:13
nigelbMorning dpm! Belated birthday wishes :)08:17
dpmhey nigelb, thanks :)08:17
dholbachdpm, hey - I hope you had a happy birthday! :)08:25
dpmmorning dholbach, I did, thanks ;-)08:28
czajkowskijussi: you changed her name ?08:30
jussiczajkowski: she didnt have a name until now - we just said "Pikkuinen" which means "Little one"08:31
czajkowskiahhh kept reminding me of pokemon08:32
czajkowskihmm my terminal is pretty unusable today, every time I hit enter it goes trasparant08:32
popeyjussi: is that common for people to not name their kids for a while?08:35
popeyis it a finnish thing or an indecisive thing ☺08:36
popeyin the uk you have to register a birth by law within 42 days of birth08:36
jussipopey: finnish thing - they dont get named till the christening08:36
jussi90 days here08:37
czajkowskichristenings used to be done very soon after kids were born back home,now kids as old as 6-8 months get christened08:37
popeyours aren't christened08:37
czajkowskiyou still register the birth though at what ever place no idea of the name very soon after the baby is born08:38
pangolinit is an interesting tradition, similar to an old tradition some Italians follow that the baby is not to leave the house until baptism to protect the baby from evil spirits.08:38
czajkowskipopey: aye which is why they used to be christened very soon after birth, but now I know many folks who dont live near by to where they were born or families and they tend to make a day celeration out of it so wait a few months.08:39
sensejussi, dpm: both late congratulations from me!08:48
bkerensagood morning all08:51
dpmthank you sense :)08:51
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dakergood morning11:00
dakerdholbach, http://vimeo.com/36997532 <= bookmark11:04
dholbachdaker, شكرا بزاف11:07
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czajkowskidpm: seen the answer on  https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/18744914:48
dpmczajkowski, yes, but I haven't had the chance to answer properly yet (I think the code is 'rif', not 'ber')14:50
czajkowskidpm: no worries on Q&A atm so just clearing the queue14:51
jonohey all16:39
nigelbOhai jono!16:41
czajkowskijono: herrrro16:42
jonohowdy :-)16:42
jonoday off, woo!16:42
jonoso spending it hacking on Ubuntu Accomplishments all day, woo! :-)16:42
czajkowskiand yet you missed us s much you came here to say hji :)16:42
jonoof course :-)16:43
Pendulumczajkowski: we're irresistible16:43
czajkowskiPendulum:you know what else is irrestiable.... pancakes! I may not be able to wait till tomorrow16:44
nigelbczajkowski: heh, now I want pancakes...16:48
s-foxUbuntu Accomplishments... need to check that one out16:48
Pendulumapparently in Poland they started last Thursday and it's paczki (polish doughnuts) that they do between Thursday and Tuesday16:49
popeyI do enjoy appropriating the traditions of other peoples religions and eating them16:50
popeythe things not the people16:52
Pendulummy family has not appropriated any traditions involving tomorrow and food :(16:52
popeyOh I'm not precious about dates ☺16:52
popeyI'll eat other peoples food at any time of year16:52
nigelbI suppose popey loves Indian festivals.16:56
popeyof course!16:56
popeydiwali at work was great... _so_ much indian food16:56
nigelbdid you get any sweets today?16:56
popeytoday? no.16:56
popeyhowever I will pop out to the local indian shop and see what they have16:56
nigelbyou are missing out then. It is a festival day.16:56
Pendulumnigelb: what's today's festival? And what sort of sweets should we be looking for?16:57
nigelbPendulum: Its Shivarathri. I suspect generic sweets. Not as big as diwali.16:59
nigelbDiwali is *the* festival with lots of sweets.16:59
nigelbFor the past 2 years, I got boxes of sweets from work.16:59
s-foxnigelb,  I have been to a few Diwali festivals17:00
nigelbs-fox: did you like it?17:01
czajkowskihmm I've not done a propper lent in um.... about 5 years properly17:01
dholbach_alright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:02
s-foxYes, they are always a lot of fun.17:03
s-fox@ nigelb17:04
meetingologys-fox: Error: "nigelb" is not a valid command.17:04
dholbach_nigelb, man when you talk about sweets and festivals I'd immediately love to go back to India again :)17:04
nigelbs-fox: :)17:05
nigelbdholbach_: haha, you should, totally!17:05
dholbach_yeah, I know :)17:05
s-foxnigelb,  I made a video of one i went to in 2009 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqZ_gbGDygM&feature=plcp&context=C35efe85UDOEgsToPDskI1kW_f47gQ4RnDdWoRgFTy17:05
dholbach_alrightie - dinner time :)17:07
dholbach_see you :)17:07
nigelbs-fox: Diwali in India is sometimes scary. There's crackers all over the place. I was walking aound on the street and I had to watch where I was walking.17:07
nigelbLike, I might have walked into a cracker :P17:08
s-foxSounds fun nigelb17:08
nigelbTotally fun :)17:09
dakerouch! the aws account that was provided by kim0 to me was deleted :/17:09
jonomhall119, around?18:52
mhall119jono: yeah20:08
mhall119I was planning on attending the TB meeting in an hour20:09
mhall119but otherwise enjoying the federal holiday20:09
jonomhall119, cool, that's what I figured :-)20:10
jonomhall119, quick q: can you query l.u.c via a web API?20:10
jonoI would love to have an accomplishment which is "Organized an Ubuntu Global Jam event"20:11
mhall119jono: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/API/20:12
mhall119jono: there is also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/API/Clients#Python_Wrapper which makes simple use cases easier20:13
jonomhall119, cool :-)20:13
jonoIwill check it out20:13
* mhall119 is debating whether to post a response to "You're doing it wrong"20:17
jonomhall119, the fab thing?20:17
jonoI wouldnt waste your energy20:17
jonomhall119, fancy testing the accomplishments system for me?20:18
jonoif you are busy, don't worry20:18
mhall119jono: I can test it later today, are there setup instructions I can follow?20:18
jonomhall119, yup, at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Accomplishments/Installing - just updating them now to make sure they are working fine20:19
mhall119I've already written a reponse, just debating on whether it's worth posting or not20:19
mhall119jono: do I need to run a headless U1 server, or can it use the production one?20:20
jonomhall119, oh no, you dont need to run the server20:20
jonothis is just the client20:20
jonoit will connect to my server20:20
mhall119ah, perfect20:20
jonoI just want to see if it works OK for you20:20
jonoI spent a lot of time on it this weekend20:20
jonobefore you install let me just finish one other thing20:20
mhall119I'll try it this evening after the kids are in bed20:21
jonoemail me when you have run it for the first time so I can approve your share on the server20:21
jonothat bit is not automated yet...the script runs...I just need to cron it20:21
mainerrorhttp://www.meetup.com/ubuntu-graz/ \o/20:21
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