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TheMusosuperm1: You're a core-dev, so you should hae direct commit access to lp:~ubuntu-audio-dev/pulseaudio/ubuntu.precise00:45
slangaseklamont: did you file a bug about the nm-applet memory usage problem?  I'm seeing the same problem here (though I noticed it at < 3GB, I didn't wait for it to hit 6GB)01:03
RAOFslangasek: lifeless was also seeing that; I believe he filed a bug.01:04
slangasekRAOF: right, bug #930491 then - thanks01:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930491 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "Large memory leak in nm-applet" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93049101:06
micahgslangasek: I think cyphermox said he fixed some of that with the latest nm upload, but there's more to do01:16
slangasekmicahg: ah, well, it's possible that fixing that bug is why nm-applet now won't *restart* for me ;)01:18
slangasek(glibc free() assert)01:18
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Sarvatt31mb usage after 2 days uptime here, nm-applet is definitely much better that it was here02:21
cyphermoxslangasek: ah, will look into it. could you get me a backtrace (things work here, so it might be that you have some device I couldn't test and messed up)02:24
slangasekcyphermox: bug #93664402:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936644 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu Precise) "nm-applet assert failure: *** glibc detected *** nm-applet: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000001eb1370 ***" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93664402:24
slangasekso it's related to the new patch changes02:24
cyphermoxI know what causes this, weird that this doesn't affect  me too though02:26
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lifelesscyphermox: slangasek:02:29
lifeless 2386 robertc   20   0 3014m 1.8g  12m S    0 24.1  27:53.58 nm-applet02:29
lifelessSarvatt: ^ not that much better :P02:30
cyphermoxactually, it depends a lot on how much noise is around -- if there's a lot of changes in scan results, it tends to go up faster02:30
lifelesswell, i have an N network02:31
lifelessand iwlwifi02:31
cyphermoxsomething is still broken in the menu updates but I'm having a hard time tracking it down02:31
lifelessso my network reconnects like crazy02:31
cyphermoxlifeless: ah02:31
cyphermoxguess that would make sense yeah :/02:31
lifelesscombined with it not remembering my credentials, thats pretty annoying (which is presumably related to the lack of themeing ...)02:31
Sarvattwow, yeah the networks barely ever change here02:31
cyphermoxSarvatt: you're seeing it behaving better because before it was updating on every signal level change... a little too agressivel02:32
superm1TheMuso: yeah I realized that shortly later.  I pushed it through03:30
TheMusosuperm1: ok thanks.03:42
wzssyqagpg --export-secret-subkey xxxxxxxx > sub.gpg give an error: gpg: key yyyyyyyy: not protected - skipped why?03:56
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superm1could someone clarify a seed question for me?  mythbuntu isos are fairly oversized right now.  if something that is only pulled in via recommends of something seeded is added to the mythbuntu.precise/blacklist file, will that keep it from getting pulled in or have some other undesirable effect?07:43
dholbachgood morning07:46
micahgdoko: would it be nice to drop gnat-4.4 for precise08:20
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SweetsharkHi there, looking for an package sponsor as piiti is on vacation.08:58
ubottuSweetshark: You can find out about the package sponsorship process here http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SponsorshipProcess - For !UDS sponsorship see http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/09:05
Sweetsharktumbleweed: ok thx, let put that different: as pitti in on vacation, i need somebody else daring to upload libreoffice-3.5.0-1ubuntu1 to precise. its already parked on chinstrap and waiting to be picked up.09:10
tumbleweedah, libreoffice. I can see why you may not want the usual queue09:11
Sweetsharktumbleweed: ;)09:12
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geserSweetshark: have you considered to apply for PPU rights for libreoffice so you can upload yourself in future?09:41
dholbachgeser, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BjoernMichaelsen/YourDeveloperApplication :)09:43
Sweetsharkdholbach: ;)09:44
Sweetsharki found a victim on #ubuntu-desktop it seems.09:45
tumbleweedmore victims are also useful for endorsements on that PPU application. We like people to have worked with multiple sponsors09:46
micahggood, I was worried I was going to have nightmares worrying that it'll still need sponsoring in the morning my time :)09:46
Sweetsharkmicahg: the Linux philosophy is "laugh in the face of danger" http://groups.google.com/group/linux.dev.kernel/msg/74ee0b1d6420cd0809:51
hrwdoko: what do you think about http://u.42.pl/2HXy patch? it is needed to get cross compiler built for multilib arm - I am keeping it in gcc-4.6/cross package09:59
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dokohrw: why is this necessary?10:30
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hrwdoko: dpkg-shlibdeps otherwise is not able to find libc6 for armhf10:34
hrwdoko: and vice versa if build for armhf10:35
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cortexuvulaHi all. I have written an Quickly app and started a project on Launchpad. I have updated setup.py with the url of the project.   Clicking on Help-> Report a problem produce an error that this is not an ubuntu package12:08
cortexuvulamy question is: How do I link the app and the project12:09
kelemengaborcyphermox: hi, could you take a look at the merge proposal for bug #875017 ?12:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 875017 in Ubuntu Translations "Translation for "Wired Connection %s" not displayed" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87501712:10
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cyphermoxkelemengabor: got my comments?14:26
kelemengaborcyphermox: yes14:27
kelemengaborI'll resubmit it, thanks14:28
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peaceZhello all14:32
peaceZi wanted to burn de cd of pangolin to make some test but it is 715mb and i could not overburn it using brasero and k3b on a 700mb cd :d14:33
peaceZwhat to do please except than buy 800mb cd ? is it some files i can delete without problems ? as languages files or anything low importance ?14:33
apwjodh, is this one actually upstart? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/93625614:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 936256 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel panic on boot" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:38
jodhapw: Just marked it as dup of 935585.14:40
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cyphermoxpeaceZ: no, you pretty much need all the files (or what you could remove isn't likely to give you enough space). as an alternative you could burn the ISO image to a USB key if you have one large enough14:48
apwbug #93558514:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935585 in upstart (Ubuntu) "[kernel panic] init: log.c:786: Assertion failed in log_clear_unflushed: log->remote_closed" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93558514:49
apwis the unity-video lens nailing the crap out of their disk for anyone else?14:52
seb128apw, not that I noticed but I'm on a ssd and I don't watch ios closely, you should open a bug if that happens to you in any case ;-)14:53
apwseb128, it seems to be reading everything in my home directory14:53
apwits been humping my disk for 10m now14:54
apw-o /home/apw/.cache/unity-lens-video/videos.db -l 0 -U /home/apw14:54
apwit doesn't seem to be limiting itself to my videos directory14:54
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seb128apw, report a bug please, what value has XDG_VIDEOS_DIR in .config/user-dirs.dirs?14:55
apw$ grep XDG_VIDEOS_DIR ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs14:56
apwthis is one of those where if you remove empty directories which you don't use the desktop loses its mind, isn't it14:56
seb128apw, that might be part of the issue14:56
seb128apw, yes ;-)14:56
apwthat happened with pictures as well, as they were empty i don't have them14:57
seb128well it fallback to the dir under the one your deleted14:57
seb128so Videos -> user dir14:57
seb128it's a bad idea to delete the standard xdg dirs14:57
seb128not sure how we can message that to users though14:57
peaceZcyphermox, my laptop does not enable usb boot, unluckily, thank you for your reply14:57
seb128one way would be to recreate them for you at every login :p14:58
apwor perhaps we could just behave sensibly in the face of resonable user behaviour14:58
apwseb128, if i remake it will the world recover ?14:58
seb128apw, prompt a dialog asking if you are sure to want to remove those directory with a warning of the side effects?14:58
apwseb128, and against what do i file a bug, i'd not like to blame unity when its not14:58
seb128apw, you can just tweak .config/user-dirs.dirs to whatever dir you want the video dir to be14:59
apwseb128, ok i'll do that, i should file a bug, even if it gets closed 'Don't do that', so that others can find the symptoms15:00
seb128apw, right, I'm trying to figure what they do, if they just index the video dir it's technically not a bug on their side, it's not especially new15:00
seb128we keep getting bugs about nautilus getting really slow because people delete "Templates"15:01
apwthe video lens is brand spanking new though isn't it15:01
seb128and the dir fallback to the user dir15:01
seb128then nautilus tries to build templates with your whole userdir content15:01
apwperhaps we should fall back to '.empty' and make one thats empty15:01
seb128apw, right, the issues due to xdg dirs deletions are not new though15:01
apwseb128, oh i probabally have that too15:01
seb128apw, ideally we would lock down the dirs on the fs and don't let users delete them or something15:02
seb128or at least display a warning dialog when somebody does saying they are asking for issues15:02
apwits a bit of a strange paradimn though, as it makes sense to keep everything say to do with ones 'wedding' in one place15:02
seb128apw, well, we could fallback to an empty dir yes, but then you would get i.e no video indexed and not understand why15:03
apwso forceing me to put my videos in one place and pictures in another for an event ... is going to hurt heads15:03
seb128apw, until we get something that doesn't suck to replace inotify we can't do much better15:03
apwwhat is inotify missing which prevents this from working ?15:04
seb128apw, you can't watch your whole user dir15:04
seb128it's limited to 32k watches or something15:04
seb128so basically you have to watch the main dir and go through all the subdir every time something change15:04
seb128you can't tell inotify "just let me know when something in the user dir change"15:04
seb128or rather "let me know what changed"15:05
seb128apw, well in any case yes please open a bug on "unity-lens-video", I will comment on it15:08
apwseb128, i can see why, that would be vastly expensive for the kernel to do15:08
seb128apw, I think it should be easy to just not index if the Video dir is the user dir15:08
apwit would have to know that someone was watching somewhere higher in the hierachy15:08
seb128apw, well the bottom line is that there is no way to monitor files through an user dir which is not io expensive15:08
apwwhcih would be a lock heavy and extremly time consuming operation on every single io15:09
apwseb128, how about we have a Media directory instead15:09
seb128apw, well we have music, pictures and videos15:09
seb128they could be subdir of a media though15:09
seb128apw, but yeah, those could do with some design thinking15:10
apwi wonder what happens if i point them all to Media/ which is what i mean really15:10
seb128thing is that you don't want shotwell to index your music for example15:10
apwso i can have Media/wedding/*15:10
seb128or rhythmbox to index your photos15:10
apwi would hope shotwell would know that a tarball isn't something it can index15:10
apwand same with rhythmbox15:10
seb128I guess design will said that the solution would be to have one application doing music, video and photos15:11
seb128apw, right, they still watch their library though15:11
apwyeah probabally15:11
seb128the more you watch, the more you wake up looking at stuff to see that you don't care about those15:11
seb128going back to the issue15:12
seb128please open a bug on unity-lens-video saying that it gets confused when the video xdg got deleted15:12
seb128and please subscribe me to the bug ;-)15:12
seb128I doubt we will address the different directories for different medias this cycle15:12
seb128but we can probably handle the cases where some xdg dir needed got deleted15:12
apwno probabally not as i am not sure design agree my concern is valid anyhow15:13
apwin their model i mean15:13
seb128would it be by displaying a dialog at login telling about the issue and the side effect it has an asking you if you want to pick another dir for $MEDIA15:13
* apw will file something, and go remake these directories15:13
seb128login or whenever it detects that the directory is being deleted15:13
apwdoes anyone know what the offical matrix key binding is? as i have it appearing at random15:16
seb128apw, alt15:19
apwseb128, doing what with alt?  single press?15:20
seb128apw, that's a known bug, should be fixed this week, it appear if you alt-tab sometimes or if you alt-screenshot15:20
seb128apw, yes, a simple tap, i.e just press and relax without using other keys15:20
seb128apw, though it's buggy and i.e alt-printscreen or sometimes alt-tab done quickly will trigger it15:20
seb128bug #92529315:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925293 in Unity Distro Priority "Plugins can't tell the difference between a modifier key-tap, and a modifier key-release (after being used to modify other keys)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92529315:21
seb128apw, ^15:21
apwahh ok, thats odd as i didn't think it was single-tap from playing with it, but double, strange15:21
apwseb128, are cursors mean to work once you have typed a term ?15:22
seb128apw, cursors?15:23
apwseb128, i am looking for something to select anything other than the first entry in the suggestions list15:23
seb128oh, you mean in the hud? down arrow should work15:23
seb128it works for me15:23
apwit seems to highlight the first one, nothing seems to work here15:23
seb128keypad arrows don't work though15:24
seb128if that's what you try15:24
seb128but the normal "down" arrow should go down15:24
apwseb128, what keysym is it bound to ?15:25
apwdoesn't work with any of the down arrows on any of my keyboards15:25
seb128dunno, it works for me with15:26
seb128    state 0x10, keycode 116 (keysym 0xff54, Down), same_screen YES,15:26
seb128i.e "Down"15:26
apwseb128, ok mine is producing Down, and no dice15:26
seb128you might want to ask on #ubuntu-unity about it15:26
apwi'll file a bug15:27
apwany idea what one files matrix things in ?15:27
seb128apw, https://code.launchpad.net/~gordallott/unity/hud/+merge/9008515:28
seb128that was the feature merge15:28
seb128it might have code clues15:28
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seb128gord, ^15:29
seb128apw, gord might be able to help you, he did most of the unity side of the hud15:29
apwseb128, Videos thingy filed and you sub'd15:29
seb128gord, is there any known issue where down doesn't work to navigate through the hud suggestions?15:29
seb128apw, thanks15:29
apwseb128, interesting the keys which produce Left and Right work to move in the entry box ok15:30
gordseb128, saw the same issue with the dash earlier, not looked at it yet though15:31
seb128unity bug then I guess...15:31
apwgord, xev says my up and down arrows produce Up and Down as keys, so i am a bit confused15:32
apwseb128, i've got those numbers stuck on again, having fiddled with hud for a bit, perplexing15:34
seb128apw, what numbers?15:35
apwseb128, the black numbers in the launcher, when you hold for a while on Super15:35
apwthe hints for the Super+<n> functionaolity15:35
apwhave one of my launchers with them stuck on15:35
seb128oh, weird15:36
apwseb128, so is the hud bug to be filed against unity?15:36
seb128apw, yes15:36
seb128gord, should that down arrow bug assigned to you?15:36
apwhow odd, when yo uhave the launchers on the screen a15:37
apwand hit alt, all your launchers go away even though only one needs to15:37
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apwis that intended15:37
gordseb128, i guess, I don't really know enough about it to say where the issue is really, i'll farm it off wherever once i know more so can't hurt15:38
seb128gord, ok, thanks15:38
seb128apw, not sure, doesn't hurt to open a bug and get design to look at it15:38
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 937025 in unity (Ubuntu) "HUD: cursor up/down keys are not working with hud searches" [Undecided,New]15:46
apwseb128, ^^ for the HUD cursor issue15:46
seb128apw, thanks15:46
apwgord, ok i just logged out and back in to fix my launcher icons, and i seem to have hud up/down working now15:54
apwso it may be random whether they work or not15:54
apwseb128, ^^15:56
seb128seems so, gord said he got it once as well15:56
m4n1shev: ping16:10
evm4n1sh: pong16:10
m4n1shev: do you have time to refactor the whoopsie code16:11
evm4n1sh: yup, been working on it all day16:11
m4n1shand split it out of ccpanel_foo_init method16:11
m4n1shI cant seem to get my way around it16:11
m4n1shi am bad at C16:11
evno worries16:11
evI'm on top of it16:11
evI'll propose a branch hopefully by the end of the day16:11
m4n1shreleasing on wed16:11
m4n1shyes, All my worries gone16:11
lamontslangasek: nm memory - I was waiting to reproduce it since I had upgraded a bunch of things16:13
noodles775Hi. Are there known issues with precise upgrades at the moment (nvidia perhaps?). I've just updated an hour ago (hadn't done so for a while), and after reboot can only login to a recovery console.16:22
* noodles775 takes a photo.16:23
* noodles775 checks if nvidia issue from the other week was resolved.16:26
noodles775Hrm, checking dpkg.log seems to show that most of y system has been removed (I blindly did `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade` and hit Y without checking the packages) :/16:43
damgnoodles775, I've installed today's daily today and had this issue after login for 30 seconds, then X logged me into unity16:44
damgafter that I've installed proprietary though and didn't experience the problem anymore16:44
noodles775damg: yeah, as above, I've just checked my dpkg.log and seen that it's unrelated to a driver issue, but rather that many packages were removed when I just updated (including essential stuff like software-center, gnome-panel, unity-2d etc.)16:47
noodles775`cat /var/log/dpkg.log | grep 2012-02-20.*remove | wc -l` -> 5216:48
damghow does unity decide whether an application window will be managed by it. it seems that it ignores blender in alt-tab or on its icon clicks.16:52
damghm, it doesn't even get focus. pressing alt calls the menu of the next app below it.16:53
bulldog98cjwatson: hello we the kubuntu team is working on an active image (aka mobile) could you please build following seed? lp:~kubuntu-active/ubuntu-seeds/kubuntu-active-seed/17:06
slangaseklamont: looks like the nm memory bug is well understood now17:16
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Riddellbulldog98: it's not quite as easy as just asking cjwatson to build a seed :)  I'm looking at script to be fiddled now18:25
bulldog98Riddell: ok ping me if finished, I’ll test it then18:26
slangasekhallyn: the AT_EMPTY_PATH issue now also affects qemu-linaro, apparently18:27
Riddellbulldog98: it's probably not today, needs bits put on servers that I don't have access to18:27
bulldog98Riddell: ah ok18:28
lamontslangasek: cool18:40
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int_uaI want to report a bug against renice but I can't find it's upstream bug tracker.19:47
int_uaCan anyone help me?19:51
int_uaSince it's bsdutils I don't think that nor Ubuntu neither Debian bug trackers are the best choice19:53
int_uabut since it's fundamental part19:53
pittimdz: hey Matt, are you there for TB meeting?21:03
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jodhHi - is there anyone about with build-rescore-superpowers that can bump21:44
jodhhttps://launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/+archive/bug-935585/+packages ?21:44
* jodh double-checks to see if emacs has a build-rescore function...21:45
stgraberjodh: done21:46
jodhstgraber: thanks very much! emacs drew a blank. Wonder if it's got21:47
jodha make-me-a-build-rescore-function function?...21:47

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