MohamedAlaa98Anybody here?15:55
helghareebSalam Alaykom w Rahmat ALLAH w Barakatoh17:53
helghareebHello Ubuntutians17:53
ashamshelghareeb, WSA17:53
helghareebThis is Haitham, Mozilla ReMo here in Egypt17:53
helghareebHello ashams17:53
ashamshello Mozillans17:53
helghareebI am here to cordially invite you to our session "Open Web - Part II" today17:54
ashamshelghareeb, I couldn't find enough info to invite ppl17:54
helghareebon #Mozilla-EG channel, on MozNet Server17:54
helghareebyou can find MozNet through ChatZilla "from Firefox, install ChatZilla"17:54
helghareeband you will find the server listed17:54
helghareebor you can use17:54
helghareeband use Mozilla Server17:55
ashamsI found my way with xchat17:55
helghareebinchallah, we are going to talk today about Mozilla Projects, other than Firefox17:55
helghareeb:) I am sure U would find it ashams17:55
helghareebHope you will enjoy us.17:55
ashamsso, I want to invite ppl on the mailing list but found no enough iinfo17:55
helghareeband Sorry Admins, I really appreciate not banning me out of here :)17:55
helghareebmy honor17:55
helghareebwhat kind of info do U need?17:55
ashamsschedule and some points on the session17:56
ashamsis there any announcement?17:56
helghareebnot yet. I haven't thought about this session like that17:56
helghareebU r really a 'creative' ubuntutian now17:57
helghareebinchallah next time, we will make announcements and this staff17:57
ashamshelghareeb, can you just push me some lines and the schedule to post to the mailing list17:57
helghareebthis is the second time to have such activity, first time to give this session17:57
helghareebOk, so:17:57
ashams2 lines at max17:57
helghareeb"Mozilla and Open Web: What Mozilla offers other than Firefox"17:58
ashamscool :-)17:58
helghareebPresentation and Q&A Session at #Mozilla-EG, on MozNet at 9 p.m17:58
helghareebBy: Haitham A. El-Ghareeb "Mozilla ReMo"17:59
ashamsok, cool17:59

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