slashtommygood morning09:08
tdr112morning all10:41
czajkowskihows folks10:44
czajkowskihad a mormning of somone mailing mr directly in irish re translations10:44
czajkowskiwas very confusing10:44
moylancould be worse.  have an acquaintance who wants me to help with na'vi translation project :-)10:45
ebelczajkowski: aye me too!10:46
ebelI thought it was irish spam10:46
czajkowskifelt like  it10:47
tdr112i got it too11:08
ebeltis on the irish translation list11:19
tdr112 hey airurando11:44
airurandohi tdr11211:44
tdr112airurando: how things12:18
tdr112been up to much ?12:18
airurandonot much really.  Life continues to be hectic.12:18
airurandoand you?12:19
tdr112same where , i was away for a week a while back , next to get away from it all12:19
airurandosaw that.. snowboarding wasn't it?12:19
tdr112yep , good fun12:21
airurandoI contacted Cathal Garvey of Nexus Cork regarding the possibility of that Makerspace hosting linux workshops during the Cork Life Long Learning Festival at the end of March.12:22
airurandofingers crossed some of the guys there will be up for it.12:22
tdr112ya i saw that on their mailing list12:29
airurandoit would be a great way of using up the remaining 11.10 CDs, promoting Nexus Cork and promoting Ubuntu.12:32
airurandowin win win.12:33
czajkowskisounds like a great idea12:33
airurandohi czajkowski12:33
czajkowskihows folks?12:34
czajkowskiweek 2 of Canonical :)12:34
airurandoall good here.12:34
airurandoHow are you getting on?12:34
czajkowskigood thanks12:35
czajkowskia lot to learn12:35
czajkowskibut it's good12:35
ebelhow you doing in the big C?12:36
czajkowskiliking it so far12:37
airurandoglad to hear it.  I was delighted to hear you got that job.12:37
czajkowskiI bounced around for a few days as you can imagine12:37
czajkowskiso no UGJ in .ie or happening on a different weekend or online?12:44
airurandoczajkowski: likely there will be one in limerick (infoturtle to publish it soon)12:45
airurandonot sure about Galway.12:45
tdr112czajkowski: well done i did not hear12:46
airurandolikely none for Dub with those in Dub and elsewhere hanging out with infoturtle on Google plus.12:46
czajkowskitdr112: thanks started last monday12:46
tdr112what is it , title wise ?12:48
czajkowskiLaunchpad support specialist12:48
czajkowskiso working on the product team12:48
delcoyotehi all12:49
tdr112sounds good12:49
tdr112airurando: i would be up for doing some thing another week but as i am helping out and working at sci hack day , i cant do ubuntu stuff that weekend12:50
airurandotdr112: I know, not to worry.12:52
airurandoI too can't make that weekend due to work but I'm also tied up this weekend and weekend of 09/10/11 Mar with family stuff12:53
airurandowork again St patricks day weekend12:54
airurandoso I'm not available till 23/24/25 Mar.12:54
airurandothats life12:55
tdr112airurando: is that when your kids are 18 ?13:01
airurando:) feels like it anyway..................13:31
airurandoI've tidied up the wiki 'Upcoming Events' and 'Events Archive' pages to reflect our switch to the LTP for event announcements and records.16:49

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