dholbachgood morning07:46
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* Sebastien [Fun Fact] Kurt cobain from Nirvana would have been 45 today.18:33
FuchsSebastien: 3 channels and counting ...18:35
SebastienI'm in a total of 26 channels over 3 networks18:35
Sebastien4 networks are not said in this script. so its about 100 channels.18:36
SebastienThe only place where someone cried about it like little girls is freenode18:36
Sebastienlike ikonia was the worst18:36
Fuchsand you posted that in two channels as well18:36
Sebastienif you know mIRC Scripting i used: /scon -a ame <message>18:36
Sebastienwhy do you have to ask a stupid question18:37
SebastienDoes everything has to be related in life18:37
SebastienStop taking irc so seriousely.18:37
Sebastienikonia, what the fuck is wrong with you.18:38
Sebastienwhy do you keep banning me everywhere you can.18:38
ikoniait's other channels too, he's doing it in #centos and other places18:38
SebastienIT WAS A MASS AMSG18:38
Fuchsikonia: #freenode and #defocus at least as well18:38
FuchsSebastien: please do not use these. Thank you.18:38
Sebastiengood damm fuck you guys are pricks...18:39
MyrttiI can't even believe I'm reading this in Ubuntu IRC channels18:41
ikonialooks like everyone is then as you've been asked not to do it in #centos #ubuntu ##linux and other places, enjoy your day18:41
Myrttiliterally speechless18:41
ikoniawhich bit ?18:41
SebastienITS A FUCKING MASS MESSAGE you don't get it right ?18:41
Sebastienyou think i do it in every channel manually18:41
Sebastienyou dumb fuck<18:41
ikoniaok - time for you to leave18:42
* Fuchs throws Myrtti some yarn balls18:42
Myrttioh my, oh dear.18:43
Unit1930_o That was.........18:43
hyperairhm? what happened?18:44
AlanBellgosh, nice ragequit18:44
Unit193hyperair: All you'd have to do is read the quit message to get it.18:44
FuchsAlanBell: not the first time18:46
ikoniadouble points for a rage quit18:46
hyperairUnit193: whoops, crapbusted away, lemme check my logs18:46
hyperairout of curiosity, what did he mass message anyway?18:47
ninnnufor lulz?18:47
Picihyperair: * Sebastien [Fun Fact] Kurt cobain from Nirvana would have been 45 today.18:47
Unit193hyperair: PM'd it.18:47
pangolinI will have a chat with him if/when he rejoins -qc18:53
cprofittwhat happened?18:55
pangolinhe flipped his lid18:58
pangolinHe has been asked on a few occasions not to use talking scripts especially in #ubuntu and continues to ignore the requests, got banned, RAGE QUIT.18:59
cprofittpangolin: who?19:00
pangolin * Sebastien [Fun Fact] Kurt cobain from Nirvana would have been 45 today.19:01
cprofittrage quitting is a bad, bad site19:01
pangolinhe posted that to several channels including #ubuntu, when asked to stop doing it he replied with a flat out, no.19:02
* cprofitt nods19:02
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