* apw yanws08:13
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* smb scanning email... 120+ uploads to precise. It cannot be a feature, so it must be a bug08:29
apwhenrix, hey welcome08:31
henrixapw, hi! and thanks :)08:40
henrixsorry for the delay. i have connected to irc and when straight for coffee08:40
apwhenrix, no worries, it was luck i saw you at all as i have login messages suppressed anyhow08:41
apwhenrix, oh and its still early in our timezone08:41
henrixapw, yes, still early08:41
apwand /me hasn't had an tea yet08:42
henrixapw, i can't get started w/o my coffee. or tea08:42
apwhenrix, me either mostly, i can just about cope with irc before08:43
smbhenrix, Oh yeah, welcome 208:43
henrixsmb, thanks!08:43
henrixsmb, also uk?08:44
smbhenrix, No, de :)08:44
henrixsmb, ah! close enough :)08:44
smbhenrix, yeah, just an hour, which sometimes can be confusing enough08:45
apwyeah and he is about an hour lazier than me, so we align pretty well08:45
henrixheh. i guess most of the people will be in a US timezone, or am i wrong?08:45
smbhenrix, and probably a word of "warning" that some of apw's hours are in +1, as well :)08:45
apwwe have a pretty good spread now not quite half are .eu now, as we have ppisati as well and colin08:46
henrixso, i was just checking if i already had access to the wiki but it looks like i don't08:47
apwhenrix, did you get your welcome email from pete with all the pointers on it08:49
smbhenrix, the wiki needs a special group assigned in lp08:49
henrixapw, no, not yet. unless he used the canonical email, which i still don't know how to access08:50
* apw suspects we need pete or tim for that, and i don't they have done that yet08:50
smb(at least the canonical one, the ubuntu one should be at least readable)08:50
henrixsmb, just checked my lp and no new group assigned08:50
apwhenrix, expect today to be a bust ... wht wheels grind slow08:50
* apw will ask IS if they are processing you08:50
smbright, think one of tim or pete need to add the canonical one08:50
henrixwell, i received the initial email from IS and i have replied w/ all info requested. but haven't got any reply from them08:51
henrixso, i guess i just need to wait08:51
apwhenrix, ahh good, yeah IS won't be around till 9, so you get to talk to us till then08:52
* ppisati loves sshfs09:40
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apwppisati, its pretty cool indeed09:42
apwhenrix, so, as we'll be in the office tommorrow, you might take advantage there of the b/w to get the big repos you'll need09:44
henrixapw, yep, i guess that's a good idea09:44
smbbest thing to do was to get linus tree and have a --reference to that for all of our trees when pulling09:45
henrixyes, keep the disk usage lower. and it's faster09:46
smbA lot for the initial clone09:47
* smb remembers not knowing that when starting and waiting looooong dark coffetimes of it09:47
apwyeah so if you have nothing else to do, then i'd make sure you have an up to date linux-linus09:47
apwi recommend a bare clone, so you don't accidentally use it ever09:48
apwand use that as reference for all our trees, as they are all pretty close to linus09:48
henrixok, i do have the linus tree. i used that method to follow some -tip branches some time ago09:49
apwElboras, hi09:52
apwhenrix, thats good, one less thing to wait for to download09:52
apwhenrix, you might want to clone down say the precise tree and look at that09:53
henrixapw, right. i will09:53
apwhenrix, i'll let you try and find the information in the wiki :)09:53
henrixapw, ;)09:54
apwhenrix, one of your tasks is to update any wiki information you find is unhelpful or incomplete09:54
apwhenrix, feel free to ask anything you need to, and we just ask you add anything you think is missing to the wiki so the next person finds it easier09:54
apwhenrix, if you are unsure you can ask for review of the changes or whatever works09:55
apwbut we no longer can see any issues with the wiki, it appears purfect, but its clearly not09:55
henrixapw, ok, cool. i'll keep it in mind while going through all the info there09:55
ppisatiand that reminds me i should document all the cross-stuff09:56
henrixwhen i find something that does not sound ok, i'll flag it and eventually update09:56
apwhenrix, yep you are a virgin eye on the data, something which you only are this once, so we need you to be critical of what you read, and where you have to ask ... that tells you and us there is something missing and it needs adding09:57
apwhenrix, don't put it off, just change it ;)09:57
henrixapw, got it!09:57
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ppisatibug 92279910:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 922799 in linux "Oneiric update to 3.0.18 stable release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92279910:48
* ppisati -> lunch12:24
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tgardnerapw, you're not hearing me on mumble ? I can hear you guys.13:12
apwtgardner, yeah try switching from pulse to alsa and back again, apply both ways, in mumble13:13
apwtgardner, as we are not seeing red lips at all13:13
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ubot2`Launchpad bug 936308 in linux "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000004 (sd_revalidate_disk+0x21/0x290)" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:37
apwsmb, yan sd_validate_disk jobbie ^^14:37
smbapw, bah, removing usb has become kind of a game of luck...14:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 936652 in linux "BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000004 (locks_free_lock+0x9/0x50)" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:40
* tgardner reboots tangerine14:41
popeyhullo kernel people!17:01
popeyI have an x220 which seems to have a fit every now and then and whilst it has an IP, no traffic will pass over the network interface17:01
popeywondered what diagnostics I could get from it before I reconnect to the network and file a bug?17:02
popeyI have dmesg, ifconfig, a ping, lsmod... anything else?17:02
apwinfo on what type of AP it is talking to17:03
apwwhat encryption mode, periodicity of failure17:03
popeyapw: ta17:08
* apw calls it a day before it gets any worse ...17:10
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tkamppetertgardner, hi17:41
tgardnertkamppeter, hi17:41
tkamppetertgardner, I have a USB problem, I have recently updated my Oneiric box to the newest 3.0.0-16 kernel and now, after connecting a USB printer it takes several minutes until UDEV kicks in setting the group ownership to "lp" and running /lib/udev/udev-configure-printer.17:43
tkamppetertgardner, this can also have led to some people still complaining in bug 872711 or telling that the bug reappeared with kernel 3.0.0-16.17:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 872711 in linux "Kernel does not report some USB printers correctly, making them not being detected by CUPS" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87271117:44
tgardnertkamppeter, possibly. do any of these devices require firmware to be loaded ?17:45
tkamppetertgardner, no. The only printer needing firmware is not connected currently.17:46
tgardnertkamppeter, and it works reliably with 3.0.0-15 ? if so, then we ought to be able to bisect down to the offending patch.17:46
tkamppetertgardner, probably but not absolutely sure.17:47
tgardnertkamppeter, it would help to be sure that it really is a kernel regression.17:48
tkamppetertgardner, should I paste the syslog for you?17:48
tgardnertkamppeter, pastebin it17:48
tkamppetertgardner, this is what I mean with pasting ...17:49
tkamppetertgardner, http://paste.ubuntu.com/850262/17:51
tgardnertkamppeter, the kernel doesn't seem real happy, 'usb 7-1: device descriptor read/64, error -110'. can you check if 3.0.0-15 has those errors?17:54
tkamppetertgardner, OK, will try to boot the old one ...17:56
tkamppetertgardner, booted 3.0.0-15 now and the printer is recognized and processed by UDEV within a second or two.18:02
tgardnertkamppeter, good. please catch jsalisbury or bjf tomorrow when they return to work. the'll build bisect kernels for you so we can narrow down the offending patch.18:06
tkamppetertgardner, but error seems still to be there: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/850279/18:06
tgardnertkamppeter, seems like it might be a red herring18:06
tkamppetertgardner, false positive.18:09
tkamppetertgardner, now I tried to connect more than one printer and connected a hub with one of these firmware-hungry printers and now it is all like before with 3.0.0-16.18:10
tkamppetertgardner, seems that the firmware-hungry printer contaminates the USB stack somehow.18:11
tgardnertkamppeter, did you have a udev update recently ?18:11
tkamppetertgardner, I do not know. The system is up-to-date, as I updated yesterday. Which version should I have?18:15
tkamppetertgardner, my UDEV is 173-0ubuntu4.1.18:16
tgardnertkamppeter, I don't know what version it should be. I just know that udev can have an impact on firmware loading.18:16
tgardnerjust looking at what might have changed recently18:16
tkamppetertgardner, when I connect several printers at once, some already connected get immediately UDEV-processed. Also some of the newly connected ones. But there can still remain unprocessed printers which get only processed after some minutes.18:17
tgardnertkamppeter, can you correlate that delay from timing information in /var/log/udev ?18:19
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tkamppetertgardner, will try.18:28
tkamppetertgardner, in the moment of plugging ther printer does not appear in /var/log/udev18:35
tkamppetertgardner, it seems that my udev stoipped logging with the last boot, last entry is from around the time when I booted into 3.0.0-15.18:40
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