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dholbachgood morning07:46
maiatodayhi all, should we be using loco.ubuntu.com or wiki.ubuntu.com to track irc monthly loco meeting agendas?12:08
czajkowskimaiatoday: for a locoteam ?12:08
maiatodaywe were using the wiki system before and sortof switched over to loco.ubuntu.com now we have a muddle of both :)12:08
czajkowskimaiatoday: it'sup to teams, you may want to use the wiki, or use the loco.u.c perhaps picking one and sticking with it 12:09
czajkowskia lot seem to create the event on the LTP , and then add the mins and summary to the wiki afterwards ?12:09
maiatodayI like the loco site cause it seems more visible but people say it is buggy sometimes, we were doing that at one stage but I'll go ask the others what they want to do. thanks.12:11
head_victimmaiatoday: we had timezone issues with loco.u.c until we assigned our IRC channel venue a local timezone.12:19
head_victimSo we all thought it was buggy for ical feeds but foudn out it was more how we were trying to use it 12:20
maiatodayty head_victim I'll try that, I haven't seen it to be buggy so I don't know the details of the bugginess12:20
czajkowski of course if there are bugs, please file them, but also help get more people on board to help fix them 12:21
head_victimWe thought leaving it as UTC meant it woudl convert to local when put into the feed (our loco covers multi time zones)12:21
head_victimThat's the only buginess I've noticed (that was actually more us not understanding it properly)12:21
maiatodayhead_victim: our meeting only has a channel no venue12:24
head_victimYeah but the channel is a venue ;)12:24
head_victimYou may not have the same issue but thought I'd share our experience in case it helps you iron out any issues you're having.12:25
maiatodayok there is a separate timezone option, which uses team default if you don't set it, it doesn't seem to be attached to a venue but rather to the meeting12:27
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h00kmhall119: you're a dude.21:39
h00kmhall119: "Unity has been ported to Arch, Suse and (partially) Fedora."21:40
mhall119I am a dude21:40
h00kI was going to respond and say approximately that, but I didn't verify SuSE or Fedora.21:40
h00kmhall119: I just poked my head in to say that.  That is all. Carry on.21:41
paultagmhall119: python-sunlight is archive-ready21:44
paultagmhall119: and it'll be in debian soon, I'll requestsync it back down to Ubunt21:44
JanCh00k: AFAIK only Unity 2D is/was (fully) ported to OpenSuse, and nothing ever got into Fedora...?21:52
JanCalso, AFAIK the OpenSuse repository for Unity is not maintained anymore21:54
mhall119paultag: nice22:14

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