adhordenhi all, what is the best way to export a directory to $PATH inside a package?00:12
RAOFl3on: Did you re-run autoconf?00:16
RAOFadhorden: You mean, installing the package causes $PATH to contain more directories?00:20
adhordenRAOF: I am creating a new package but the binaries are in /usr/share/package/bin and I either need this in the path or symlink to /usr/bin00:21
RAOFCan you not just install the binaries to /usr/bin?  Why are they installed to /usr/share/package/bin?00:23
l3onRAOF, yes00:24
l3ontoo late here, going bed... see you!. (and thanks)00:25
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dholbachgood morning07:46
iulianMorning dholbach.08:50
dholbachhi iulian08:50
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micahgbdrung: vlc 2.0.0  final still FTBFS on powerpc10:04
tumbleweedjtaylor: will you look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/spyder/+bug/887177/comments/9 ?10:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887177 in spyder (Ubuntu) "feature freeze exception for spyder 2.1.7-1" [Wishlist,Fix released]10:14
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hakermaniaHello, I would like to ask where is the deadline for submitting my application (Wallch) through debian for inclusion in 12.0414:17
tumbleweedhakermania: feature freeze was last week14:28
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pabelangerI know featurefreeze is in affect, but anything else needed for bug 897006 and bug 40875716:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 897006 in nsca (Ubuntu) "Build nsca-client package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89700616:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408757 in nsca (Ubuntu) "init sscript has no Usage option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40875716:16
ubottupabelanger: Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.16:17
pabelangertumbleweed, understood, but do you think it is worth it going to down that path?  Otherwise i'll just maintain my own local version and wait for Ubuntu 12.04 +1 for them to be included16:19
tumbleweedif you want it in precise, go down that path. If you don't think it's that urgent, it's less paperwork to just make that change in debian and wait for ubuntu to get it next cycle16:21
tumbleweed(you'd probably get the FFe, if you applied)16:22
pabelangerokay, thanks for the info16:24
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jtaylortumbleweed: autch, ugly, I'll pull the bugfix release17:59
tumbleweedjtaylor: we couldn't have known... :)18:00
jtaylorbetter inform the debian maintainer, he is preparing a stable bpo18:00
jtaylorany oppinions on git-buildpacakge 0.6 in precise?18:26
jtayloror is it to late?18:27
jtaylorit has a quite large number of changes18:27
tumbleweedany good new features?18:27
micahgpabelanger: also, there'a always backports :)18:28
tumbleweedthat's true, we should start getting peopl eto use pre-release backports18:28
jtaylora couple, gbp sqitch, force replacement of patchqueue branch are some that caught my eye18:29
jtaylorpbuilder support seems improved18:30
jtaylorits nothing we absolutly need18:31
* tumbleweed is ambivalent. Meaning you'd probably get an FFe from me.18:32
jtaylorhm pbuilder-dist powerpc setup creates size 0 tarballs ._.18:35
tumbleweedthat sonuds bad18:36
jtaylorhm E: qemu-debootstrap failed, how do I get a better error message?18:36
tumbleweedqemu-debootstrap should have outputted things18:39
tumbleweedpbuilder-dist precise powerpc create seems to be working for me (on debian)18:39
jtaylorI: Configuring initramfs-tools...18:39
jtaylorE: qemu-debootstrap failed18:39
jtaylorW: Aborting with an error18:40
jtaylor< oneiric18:40
jtaylortumbleweed: as you have a working one, can you try and install libmagickcore-dev?18:45
tumbleweedjtaylor: it's still creating... don't know if it'll work18:46
tumbleweedhrm, it debootstrapped, and then died during an a hook18:54
tumbleweedReading package lists...18:54
tumbleweedE: Can't mmap an empty file18:54
tumbleweedW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems18:54
tumbleweedjtaylor: the oneiric one created fine18:57
jtaylorI'll try and update that one then :)18:58
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jtaylorqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped19:04
jtaylorso much for that19:04
tumbleweedpowerpc doesn't work that well under qemu :)19:06
jtaylorthe builders are pretty unusable for a while too, pypy and libreoffice xD19:13
jtaylorgood that my stuff is done already19:14
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* tumbleweed wonders if pypy is at the end of the first translation or second19:17
tumbleweedprobably first19:17
jtaylorwhat is the sandboxed pypy?19:26
tumbleweedjtaylor: it's safe to run untusted code in19:42
tumbleweedit only has read-only access to a subset of the filesystem, and can't make dangerous system calls19:42
jtaylorhm how bulletproof is that?19:54
jtaylorwas pypy designed from beginning to provide such a feature?19:56
* ajmitch thought it was19:57
jtaylorregular python does not provide such a mode or?19:58
jtaylorthe warning at the top of that page makes me question pypy :)19:59
ajmitchI think there was some other implementation of it, I think zope may have used http://pypi.python.org/pypi/RestrictedPython20:00
jtaylortrying to add such things onto frameworks not designed to provide such features mostly goes wrong, I wouldn't trust it20:01
ajmitchwhat could possibly go wrong? :)20:02
ajmitchtbh, I don't know most of the details around it, so don't trust anything I say20:02
tumbleweedjtaylor: yes20:05
tumbleweedchances are there's a security hole somewhere in it, but I'd trust it more than anything that runs in cpython20:06
tumbleweedFWIW: http://doc.pypy.org/en/latest/sandbox.html20:07
ajmitchso when can we use python instead of javascript in a mainstream browser? :)20:08
tumbleweedJIT is disabled for the sandobx :)20:08
jtaylormaybe pypy will grow a javascript translater :)20:10
jtaylorwould probably still be better than dart ;)20:10
* tumbleweed makes a mental not to orphan it if it does20:13
ajmitchthe problem with having something in a browser (like dart) is getting enough support for it so that you don't have to write both JS & whatever other language20:14
ajmitchbut it'd still be nice to have python :)20:14
hakermaniatumbleweed, I know about featurefreeze, but does this mean that no application can lay in USC anymore for 12.04?20:16
tumbleweedhakermania: it means you go through the freeze exception process, or through the new "Upload to backports because we are in feature freeze" process20:18
ajmitchtumbleweed: is that open & available now?20:18
brodertumbleweed: pre-release backports are kind dead in the water at the moment - you can't upload to the backports pocket because i haven't gotten my lp patch in, and there's still the inter-backports build-dep issue20:18
tumbleweedbroder: ah, there we go, then20:18
broder(the former is kind of the bigger issue at the moment)20:18
ajmitchbroder: right, the latter issue is still due to sbuild?20:18
hakermaniatumbleweed, what do you recommend : P?20:19
micahghakermania: there's always backports post release as well20:19
ajmitchbroder: anything we can help with for that?20:19
* ajmitch would like to get some things synced from debian once uploaded there :)20:19
hakermaniaAlso, shouldn't it be an easy way to lay an update (a new version) of an application already in USC?20:19
micahghakermania: get it into Debian :)20:19
hakermaniamicahg, of course, that is what I'll do :)20:20
hakermaniaBut I want to make sure that it will lay on usc in ubuntu20:20
broderajmitch: well, i actually want to follow up with the TB about one aspect of the pan20:22
broderwe originally said that we wanted to build with the same component isolation on the buildds that we have for other pockets20:23
broderbut given that we're planning to bump the version number and reupload anything in p-backports to q, i don't actually think that's necessary20:23
hakermaniaa) Is there any chance an application to be imported to USC while the new release is out? b) Does getting an app into debian mean automatically and quickly mean that it will be ported to usc in ubuntu?20:24
micahgbroder: well, is there an option for main+restricted+backports only?20:25
brodermicahg: huh?20:26
tumbleweedhakermania: that's what ARB does, but it can't replaces packages in the archive20:26
tumbleweedhakermania: but you can do a backport of a package in the archive, post-release20:26
micahgbroder: that's where you'd run into component issues, in that corner case if we're doing rebuilds anyways20:26
ajmitchbroder: I guess it's a little late to add a tb agenda item now20:26
hakermaniatumbleweed, I don't get anything, let me do a bit of searching about the terms, or, even better, because I've heard of this, may I give the code to somebody really interesting in packaging and all this stuff so as to do it for us? Somebody who loves this process?20:27
tumbleweedhakermania: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess20:30
hakermaniatumbleweed, thanks :)20:30
brodermicahg: i'm still confused. the question is which components should be enabled for builds in the backports pocket. i think our original plan involved a pocket-copy from precise-backports to q, and because of that the TB asked for us to enable the same components that normal pockets would get20:34
broderbut since we're going to be doing rebuilds when we copy the backport packages into the next release, i'm not sure that makes sense20:34
broderit creates the potential for additional build failures due to component mismatches, but i feel like that happens anyway20:34
micahghrm, right, it doesn't make sense20:35
micahgwe had this discussion before :)20:35
tumbleweedindeed, I seem to remember it20:36
broderajmitch: anyway, we could still land uploading to non-release pockets pre-release20:46
broderi have the patch written, but haven't had time to adjust the tests20:47
broderi don't know when i will, so if you wanted to help, i could throw that your way :)20:47
broder(or anybody, for that matter. http://paste.ubuntu.com/850487/ is the patch i have so far)20:48
* ajmitch could take a look but not promise a lot - I need to update my local LP instance, it hasn't been touched for awhile :)20:48
ajmitchgot a branch for that?20:48
hakermaniatumbleweed, if I got it right, I upload the package here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/, then I request a FF exception?20:48
tumbleweedhakermania: that's not for apps in the Ubuntu archive20:48
hakermaniatubmleweed, backporting is for this?20:49
ajmitchbroder: of course you're touching scary bits of code that can cause everything to explode :)20:49
broderajmitch: where's the fun if you don't? :-P20:49
hakermaniaok, got it20:49
ajmitchit's like juggling chainsaws20:49
tumbleweedif you want to go that route (ARB) your application shouldn't be in ubuntu20:50
tumbleweedyes, backporting is for packages in the archive20:50
tumbleweedARB is a separate world20:50
ajmitchpackages submitted via the ARB also have other restrictions about what they can do, where files can be, etc20:50
ajmitchsince extras.ubuntu.com is not technically part of ubuntu as such :)20:50
tumbleweedajmitch is reminding me of recent dicussions in the tech board...20:51
ajmitchtumbleweed: yep20:51
tumbleweedby sabdfl's definition, it is20:51
ajmitchit can be considered part of ubuntu for remixes, but afaict is still considered separate20:52
ajmitchit's all confusing :)20:52
ajmitchtumbleweed: I think there's a TB meeting in a few minutes if you want to bring it up again? :)20:54
stgraberplease don't, I'm kind of counting on a short TB meeting ;)20:58
ajmitchstgraber: looks like it may be short after all21:05
tumbleweedso much for short... /me grabs some virtual popcorn21:26
* micahg brings the soda21:27
ajmitchtumbleweed: yeah, this was the discussion I showed up for :)21:28
ajmitchof course I got interrupted by phone calls at work21:29
l3onHi all, someone can sponsor me a rebuild for bug #935116 ?22:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935116 in glmark2 (Ubuntu Precise) "glmark2 version 2011.09-0ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93511622:37
jtaylorspyder already fixed :O22:37
l3on(or I need to bzr merge-propose?)22:37
jtaylorno change rebuild?22:38
l3onjtaylor, apparently not22:38
l3onI'm rebuild it again22:38
l3onjust to be sure 100%22:38
l3onjtaylor, no changes needed → http://debomatic.debian.net/precise/pool/glmark2_2011.09-0ubuntu2/22:40
jtaylorurg a waf package :(22:40
l3onit has just a changelog entry22:40
jtaylorl3on: do we even need to rebuilt it? closing the bug seems sufficient?22:41
jtayloror is it part or some transition22:41
tumbleweedjtaylor: impressive :) please sync it22:42
jtaylortumbleweed: will do, though I would have liked it if they took a bit more time22:42
jtaylorprobably more bugs in that panic release ._.22:42
l3onjtaylor, the FTBFS comes from the test rebuild22:43
broderl3on: oh, hey, since you're around, https://code.launchpad.net/~l3on/ubuntu/natty/gdevilspie/fix-for-783568/+merge/89717 can be marked as merged since it's already been uploaded (just not accepted), right?22:43
tumbleweedl3on: ifit doesn't FTBFS any more, then close the bug22:44
jtaylorI checked the depends22:44
jtaylorony difference higher libc22:44
jtaylorso not part of a transition no rebuild required just close the bug22:45
jtaylorthouugh I only tried it on amd6422:45
jtaylormaybe its i386 specific22:45
l3onwe do not need to "kick" a new changelog entry ?22:45
jtaylorl3on: there is nothing to change22:45
jtaylordid you rebuild on i386?22:45
l3onah ok :)22:45
l3onjtaylor, yes22:45
l3onbroder, let me remember :P22:45
jtaylork then just close it22:45
l3onstatus ?22:46
jtaylordoesn'T really matty, I'd say fix released as it was broken at the time of the rebuild for some reason22:47
l3onbroder, well.. I don't know what going on there22:48
l3onyes changes appear to be in *-proposed22:48
jtaylorsorry I forgot to mark it merged22:49
jtayloroh I can't I'm not member of sponsors :/22:49
broderl3on: ah, ok. merge proposals for SRUs are weird - they pretty much never get cleaned up on automatically22:49
broderit's not a sponsors thing22:49
jtaylorwho can add me to that team?22:49
broderonly !ubuntu-branches or the branch submitted can change the state of an SRU MP22:49
brodererr, s/!/~/22:49
l3onLaney, around ?22:50
l3onah if somebody merge this https://code.launchpad.net/~l3on/ubuntu/precise/flow-tools/fix-936170/+merge/9372822:53
l3onI can close another FTBFS (always with rebuild)22:53
l3onah and I would like to discuss with you this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdb-msp430/+bug/93509822:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 935098 in gdb-msp430 (Ubuntu Precise) "gdb-msp430 version 7.2~mspgcc-7.2-20110612-1ubuntu1 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,In progress]22:55
l3onI would say "won't fix" since it's not compatible with the gdb version in precise22:55
tumbleweedl3on: that's an RC bug in debian, right?22:55
tumbleweedwhy don't we NMU it there and sync?22:56
l3ontumbleweed, at which one do you refer ?22:56
l3on(bug I mean)22:56
l3onah ok.. yes, it can be done.. I took patch from there22:57
tumbleweedalthough, it was from a DD, he could have NMUed it himself22:57
l3onso, we have to wait or to merge my branch ?22:59
tumbleweedeither option works23:00
tumbleweedif you prepare an NMU, I'll sponsor it for you23:02
l3onok, let me do it.23:07
Laneyl3on: hello23:24
l3onLaney, hello... do you remeber the bug of yesterday?23:24
l3onthe acinclude.m4 ?23:25
l3onI don't know how to fix it :P23:25
l3onI countinue to have:23:25
l3on./configure: line 2625: `  PKG_CHECK_MODULES(AUGEAS, augeas >= 0.8)'23:25
l3on ./configure: line 2625: syntax error near unexpected token `AUGEAS,'23:25
Laneyshow me the diff?23:26
l3onLaney, http://paste.ubuntu.com/850690/23:28
LaneyI don't see 0.8 there anywhere - is that what you applied?23:34
Laneyanyway my diff is like this23:34
Laney-   AC_CHECK_HEADERS([augeas.h],[],[has_augeas_h=no])23:35
Laney+   PKG_CHECK_MODULES(augeas,[augeas],has_augeas_h=yes,has_augeas_h=no)23:35
Laney+#   AC_CHECK_HEADERS([augeas.h],[],[has_augeas_h=no])23:35
l3ontumbleweed, http://paste.ubuntu.com/850703/23:39
l3onchecking for library containing aug_init... -laugeas23:41
l3on./configure: line 2627: syntax error near unexpected token `augeas,augeas,has_augeas_h=yes,has_augeas_h=no'23:41
l3on./configure: line 2627: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(augeas,augeas,has_augeas_h=yes,has_augeas_h=no)'23:41
l3onLaney, bah bah23:41
l3on$ autoconf --version23:41
l3onautoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.6823:41
l3onmmm... but run autoreconf fixes that23:46

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