ojwbsnail: -2 looked to be the most recent there when I looked earlier00:36
locodir-userso uh,  anybady here?02:29
locodir-userok, i tried double <tab>, but no return, so i don't any command avaliable02:30
locodir-useri'm a new student here, and i wanna join some kind of linux team02:30
locodir-userand my emil is hereisderek@gmail.com    anybady wanna give a hand about it?02:31
locodir-userokay, i'm kind of sleepy, have some little snap02:32
mwhudsonhttp://ubuntu-nz.org/ is ... err?07:12
ajmitchyeah, the domain is still held by canonical though :)07:24
y0gsterwhats the name of that maori dance we see on rugby matches?08:24
stuartyeatesy0gster: you mean a haka?08:28
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hadsibeardslee: I have some inside knowledge that there will be more Linux laptops available soon.22:24
ajmitchhads: when do you think you'll get your hands on some raspberry pi units?22:25
ibeardsleeno resellers of the raspberry pi22:26
ibeardsleeyou need to go direct22:26
ibeardsleeI've read initially it'll be one per order/person22:27
hadsajmitch: Yeah, I was going to bring in a handful for people but they have put a stop to that for the moment, only allowing one per address.22:27
hadsResellers not until later in the year.22:27
ajmitchthat's a shame22:27
ibeardsleehads: oh pray tell more /msg if necessary22:28
chiltsyeah, I might buy a RaspberryPi too22:28
chiltshmm, what date do they go on sale?22:28
hadsBefore the end of the month sometime.22:28
ibeardsleethey reckon by the end of the month22:28
ibeardsleeI read the manufacture is done, then need testing and delivery22:29
chiltsfirst batch finished on Feb 20 apparently22:29
chiltsrighto, cool22:29
chiltsI think they'll sell out within an hour or two22:29
chiltsmaybe faster than the Sevens22:29
chilts(maybe not)22:29
hadsTHey are still being tested at the factory.22:30
* ajmitch will probably have to wait until later in the year :)22:31
ibeardsleeshould create a txt list of sorts to let people know as soon as someone finds they are available22:32
ibeardsleeI've already got my raspberry pi shop account sorted22:33

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