elkywho is good at distracting ryaxnb?00:15
ubottuejv called the ops in #ubuntu ()02:42
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:53
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)03:53
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Corey19:54:16 [freenode] [~erik__(~erik@c-107-5-161-10.hsd1.mi.comcast.net )] sorry someone else told me to do it, what did it do03:56
Corey19:54:41 [freenode] [msg(erik__)] It's an exploit that crashes older systems in some cases.  Randomly doing things that "someone  else told you to do" isn't wise.03:56
Corey19:55:16 [freenode] [~erik__(~erik@c-107-5-161-10.hsd1.mi.comcast.net )] Sorry03:56
Jordan_UCorey: Did you ask who told them to do this?04:19
CoreyJordan_U: No, he quit before I could get to that.05:19
bazhang* Lint starts to thijnk irc is useless05:49
bazhanghe just never quits with the condescension and mockery05:49
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ikoniaHi Lint12:59
bazhangthat doesn't look like grub213:00
ikoniaLint: Hello there,13:00
Lintikonia, hello13:00
ikoniaLint: I've forwarded you from the #ubuntu channel to the #ubuntu-ops channel so I could have a short conversation with you.13:01
ikoniaLint: you've been asked on multiple occasions by multiple operators and channel members to stop with the smart/complaining comments.13:02
ikoniaLint: yet for some reason you keep ignoring these requests and keep doing them,13:02
ikoniaLint: for example13:02
* ikonia wonders why there is a point to this usless irc channel13:02
ikoniathat sort of thing13:02
ikoniaLint: is there a reason you are ignoring these requests to stop ?13:03
Lintikonia, 1. I didn't said anything about "this" (or any in particular) channel; 2. what exactly did I ignored?13:05
ikoniaLint: so you're not aware of multiple people telling you to stop making these sort of comments?13:06
ikoniaLint: is that what you are saying ?13:06
Lintif there valid offtopic warnings, I obey them13:06
ikoniaLint: I'll ask again13:07
ikoniaLint: are you aware that mulitple people and operators have asked you to stop making these sorts of comments in the #ubuntu IRC channel ?13:07
Lintcould I have an example?13:08
ikoniaLint: yesterday in #ubuntu you did this13:09
ikonia* Lint starts to thijnk irc is useless13:09
* ikonia starts to thijnk irc is useless13:09
ikoniain that manner13:09
ikoniaLint: you have been asked by multiple people to stop that sort of thing13:10
ikoniais there a reason you keep ignoring these requests ?13:10
LintI know what I said, I would like an example of 'multiple people to stop that sort of thing'. There's no 'reason' as I don't ignore anything.13:11
ikoniaLint: you want me to go through the logs and find example of people telling you to stop13:12
ikoniaLint: is that what you are asking me - seriously after so many people have told you to stop13:12
Lintif they would ask me to stop in unambigous way, I would stop.13:12
ikoniathey couldn't have asked more clear13:14
Lintif /em is prohibited feature, please make it clear from the topic13:14
ikoniano - I don't need to make it clear in the topic13:14
AlanBellLint: I think we would like you to be a bit more positive when helping people in the channel13:15
ikoniayou've been given the guidelines many times13:15
LjLLint: it's not prohibited, what is not allowed is making offtopic comments in #Ubuntu13:15
Lintok, I will not use emotes.13:17
ikoniathat's not what was said13:17
LjLLint: also do you find it acceptable to ask whether a user problem is "mental" when they ask for help?13:19
LjLi know i don't.13:19
LintI was wrong here and sorry about that13:20
LjLwell, there is a simple way to check whether what you're going to say in #ubuntu is appropriate - is it an Ubuntu technical support question or answer? if not, it generally doesn't belong there. of course sometimes one more or less has to stray from the topic, but the feeling here is that you do it when it's not really necessary13:21
Lintok I will be more considerate while speaking13:24
LjLLint: you're free to rejoin #ubuntu13:35
h00k!away > rymate1234|mc20:30
h00k!away > iqpi|off20:36
PerfMSo can I like get unbanned from all those other channels?21:43
PerfMSince it's like Febuary and I did my time.21:44
LjLPerfM, bans don't expire. it depends on what sort of history is being them. based on the amount of bans you have, i'm personally not inclined to unban you.21:46
PerfMLjL, I'm a changed person21:47
PerfMEveryone deserves a second chance21:47
PerfMor in my case...a 10th chance?21:48
PerfMC'mon. I'll be good this time, I have no intention of causing trouble.21:48
LjLyou answered yourself, it's not a second chance, it's some kind of nth chance. we don't have infinite time to monitor you, ban you again, unban you, monitor you again, etc... at least, i don't.21:50
PerfMThat's no fun.21:52
pangolinI came in late but may i ask why you want access to #ubuntu?21:53
PerfMpangolin, that is a very good question.21:54
pangolinDid you have an answer for it? :)21:55
PerfMOf course!21:56
pangolinPlease, do tell.21:56
pangolinguess not.21:57
PerfMBecause, I want to learn more about the ubuntu community21:57
AlanBellwhat country are you in PerfM, perhaps we can direct you to your local team channel21:58
pangolinNow you're just wasting our time, again.21:59
PerfMpangolin, how?21:59
pangolinI don't believe you are in Kenya22:00
PerfMpangolin, that's your problem, not mine. If there was some way for me to prove it to you, I would.22:00
AlanBellwe don't have a loco team in Kenya, but there are a number of other teams in Africa22:00
pangolinanyway, I agree with LjL. I don't have time to monitor your behaviour in #ubuntu 24/722:01
PerfMI don't except anyone to do that. I don't need a babysitter despite what you all think.22:01
PerfMI just thought I would give it one more shot, to see if anyone here changed, but I have my answer.22:02
PerfMSorry for "wasting" your time22:03
PerfMCan I at least be unbanned from -offtopic?22:05
h00kPerfM: given your admittance in having an nth chance to behave, I don't have the time to monitor to see if you're going to continue your behavior in there22:08
PerfMDoesn't anyone believe in trust in this channel?22:09
pangolinPerfM: we do22:09
pangolinWe also believe in track records22:09
PerfMh00k, I don't want you to monitor me, I'm going to be on my very best behavior. Trust me.22:09
h00kPerfM: I cannot do that, I'm sorry.22:10
PerfMWhy would I go through all this trouble, asking continously to just mess it up?22:10
pangolinbecause you have done it in the past22:10
h00kPerfM: I have zero indication that there'd be any difference.22:10
PerfMpangolin, I also use to get a constant quite in #freenode but's it literally been months since my last one22:11
PerfMand besides, -offtopic is suppose to be offtopic22:11
PerfMso the worst I could do is name callings, and I'm not even a fan of that22:12
pangolinoff topic still has rules22:12
PerfMpangolin, and I will follow them.22:12
h00kIt still has !guidelines, which it has been clear you are unable to follow. I am not unbanning you.22:12
h00kPerfM: perhaps come back in a week, and we'll consider it.22:12
h00kPerfM: until then, please /part the channel22:12
pangolinPerfM: since no one else has piped in. I think the decision has been made.22:12
pangolinWish it could be diffrent.22:13
PerfMpangolin, I expected you to pipe in. Such a heart breaker.22:13

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