pangolincyphermox: :/ 18:44
cyphermoxpangolin: yo?18:44
pangolincheck out Sebastien's quit message18:44
cyphermoxyeah, kind of ridiculous18:44
cyphermoxI don't think it's relevant to anything here though18:45
pangolinWe asked him a couple of times not to use any talking scripts in #ubuntu and he continued to ignore our requests, he got banned.18:45
cyphermoxwell, that's fair18:46
pangolinjust keeping you up to speed because he expressed interest in becoming an ubuntu member 18:46
pangolinI don't see that happening now 18:46
cyphermoxheh, the idea I think was always because he wanted a cloak18:47
cyphermoxfirst we spoke he was intensely curious about mine "ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.cyphermox"18:47
cyphermoxpangolin: I've seen a disturbing trend though, unrelated to this18:48
cyphermoxthere's now just about 10 people in this chatroom, whereas we peaked at 23ish late last year IIRC18:49
* cyphermox sadface18:49
pangolinI have noticed that too18:49
pangolinany ideas why we are shrinking?18:49
cyphermoxnot really19:24

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