cjwatsonDaviey: right, it's that way for performance00:39
cjwatsonchecksumming a directory full of ISOs takes a while ...00:39
cjwatsonif somebody wants to change it, maybe testing whether a file is newer than the checksums file itself would be a good idea00:39
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micahgdoes gdb-mingw-w64 need an FFe since it's being built against gdb 7.4 instead of 7.3 now?07:57
dokoI won't think so08:01
micahgok, syncing then :)08:02
Riddellcjwatson: I'm going to get rid of kubuntu-common seed unless you can think of a reason for it, it's not needed now that desktop and netbook is one image for kubuntu10:15
Laneywhat shall we do about tesseract?10:20
Laneyit seems to be having a bit of a shaky start; in some ways I think the situation will be better in Q-cycle10:20
Laneybut the developers clearly want it10:21
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tumbleweedLaney: ocropus has "never had a stable release" (in their words) so maybe we should go for it?10:50
tumbleweedit'll need some archive-admin review for all the new language-support packages10:50
Laneyjwilk is clearly not happy though10:51
tumbleweedno, he's very grumpy10:51
Laneyso i assume he doesn't find ocropus that bad10:51
tumbleweedone assumes he likes it :)10:51
tumbleweedalso http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=658478#2310:51
Laneyyeah saw it10:52
tumbleweedthere isn't an obvious answer here10:52
jamespageDaviey: as we discussed last week can I get a FFe for bug 930422 please11:12
jamespagehmm - no bot - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/93042211:13
* tumbleweed goes looking for a bot11:23
nigelbjpds: ^^11:24
nigelbjpds: ubot died11:24
Davieyjamespage: looking11:49
Davieyjamespage: No plans for main, right?11:50
jamespageDaviey: no11:50
Davieyjamespage: is the packager interested in trying to get it into Debian?11:51
jamespageDaviey: I don't think so11:52
jamespagebut TBH I've not had the conversation with him11:52
Davieyjamespage: ack'd11:57
jamespageDaviey: ta11:57
mdeslaurIs the publisher working? Why isn't libcryptui published to the archive yet?13:25
infinitymdeslaur: Because it's in NEW.13:28
* infinity pokes.13:28
mdeslauroh! right, there's a new binary package!13:28
mdeslaurduh :)13:28
* infinity nods.13:28
mdeslaurinfinity: can you denew it please&?13:29
infinityAlready done.13:29
mdeslaurinfinity: thanks!13:29
mdeslaurCould someone please grant me a FFe for LP: #862609...I need to upload a new package in Precise to fix it.18:31
tumbleweed^ any archive-admin volunteers?18:35
seb128tumbleweed, I'm not sure archive admin can grant ffe, you need a rt member, though they might be hard to find today as it's an U.S holiday18:52
tumbleweedseb128: NEW packages need archive-admins to agree to review them18:53
* tumbleweed is RT, but not an archive-admin18:53
seb128well, I'm fine reviewed it as an archive admin if somebody grants a ffe18:54
* tumbleweed looks18:55
tumbleweedah, ScottK beat me to it19:01
cyphermoxCould someone please review bug 829673, I'd like an exception for this small UI change :)19:11
ubot2`Launchpad bug 829673 in network-manager-applet "FFE: No easy way to turn the network menu on/off" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82967319:12
stgraberScottK: wow, I think it's the first time I got a FFe approved that quickly ;) thanks!19:31
ScottKNo problem.  Seemed like an easy one.19:32
stgraberScottK: I'll send the call for testing now. I already have the client and the relay tested, will run the tests on the server now and planning to upload on Wednesday.19:32
mdeslaurScottK: thanks for the ffe for seahorse-nautilus19:45
ScottKmdeslaur: You're welcome.19:46
mdeslaurseb128: I uploaded seahorse-nautilus now, could you please review and denew it?19:46
seb128mdeslaur, looking19:46
mdeslaurseb128: thanks19:47
seb128mdeslaur, thank you for working on that!19:47
seb128mdeslaur, that's not going to do it sorry :-(19:47
seb128mdeslaur, let's move to #ubuntu-desktop to not flood spam this channel19:48
mdeslaurseb128: sure19:48
micahgScottK: that ipv6 thing for gimp looked like a feature :)20:06
ScottKmicahg: OK. I read bugfix release.20:07
ScottKmicahg: Go for it.20:07

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