dpmgood morning08:13
jokerdinoAnyone can answer that?09:40
dpmjokerdino, yep, onto it, thanks for the heads up!11:17
TLEdpm: hey11:39
dpmhey TLE :)11:40
TLEso it turn out that with a Android phone placed on a chair, on a desk, in a specific room on the first floor we have semi-reliable internet (though slow)11:40
TLEyou gotta love love moderne technology, we are running local bzr exchanges via a local network running through the wifi hotspot functionality of the phone *G*11:42
TLEin any case, I trust you have seen mdke's email about the lang packs, for the natty lang packs the ball is now in your court11:44
dpmnice :)11:45
dpmyeah, I'll request the full export today11:45
TLEgreat, I also have also been looking at the reg exp'es for the server, but I need to do a little more reserarch, then I will send you and email with a python script that tests the regular expression I would like you to test11:48
dpmTLE, ok, cool. Btw, I didn't enable the admin interface on the site. Do you need it?11:49
dpmI mean the django admin interface11:50
dpmactually, I'll just enable it11:50
TLEI don't think I need it, I was thinking to always change the database (we only need to do that when adding a project anyway) in the coderepository, and then always make what is running on the server a copy of the latest archive version11:51
dpmTLE, I showcased the site to the other members of the Canonical Community team, and they thought it was great. When you've got some time, I'd like to talk about a couple of ideas, such as allowing people to upload images.11:52
TLEuhh that sounds interesting11:53
TLEyeah we'll talk about that at some point11:55
TLEwhen I'm home11:56
dpmcool, have fun!11:57
TLEthanks, keep me updated aobut the natty lang packs11:59

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