Azelphurpretty fun, wikipedia has an IRC channel that shows you the changes as they are happening, http://wbe001.mibbit.com/?server=irc.wikimedia.org&channel=%23en.wikipedia00:09
Azelphurmoves very fast :D00:09
penguin42it's nice seeing an entirely random set of subjects go past00:13
hamitronsorta like here? ;)00:17
Azelphurindeed hehe00:19
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TheOpenSourcererMorning everyone.07:50
MooDoomorning all08:00
christelgood morning08:31
czajkowskihmm my terminal is pretty unusable today, every time I hit enter it goes trasparant08:32
diploMorning all09:02
MooDoomorning diplo09:14
andyloughranhow is everyone this fine morning?09:15
diploSlightly chilled :)09:16
* gordonjcp is going to Gleneagles today09:18
gordonjcpthis is unlikely to be a relaxing round of golf and a dip in the pool09:18
gordonjcpI need to learn everything about Tait T1800 trunking systems and TB7100 base stations, possibly while $boss drives us up there09:19
bigcalmGood morning peeps09:20
diplogordonjcp, that security stuff ?09:21
mattti'm grumpy09:25
matttvery long drive into work09:25
gordonjcpdiplo: general comms around the site09:38
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diploheh gordonjcp thought you were on about these people, http://www.tatecolson.co.uk/09:41
diplobut guess you mean the hand sets etc09:41
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czajkowskiwelcome back10:05
* daubers is very excited10:06
daubersProbably shouldn't be drinking coffee this morning10:06
* popey wonders why daubers is excited10:08
daubersHad an offer accepted on a house \o/10:09
daubersNow I'm old and sensible (apparently)10:11
* popey buys daubers a flat cap10:14
diplodaubers, first house of your own?10:15
daubersdiplo: Yup10:15
daubersI think I own a flatcap... might be in my parents roof10:15
diploNice, more responsibility now :P10:15
daubersAt least when things break I can get them fixed!10:15
daubers(stupid rented houses)10:16
diploI only rented for a couple of years and that was always friends or friends of friends10:16
* directhex moos gently10:16
diploNever had the proper land lord issue10:16
diploBought my first house at 20/2110:16
diploJust wish I had started bigger :(10:17
daubersdiplo: This is quite big for us, 3 bed house with HUGE gardens10:17
diploIn the reading area>10:18
daubersdiplo: Hungerford10:18
daubersSo a bit further west10:18
diploBlimey, you loaded :D10:18
daubersdiplo: It was suprisingly cheap!10:18
diploI live in Trowbridge, just outside Devizes10:18
matttoooh, i was in hungerford the other week, nice place10:18
daubersdiplo: You must be loaded then :p10:18
matttcongrats daubers10:18
diploTrowbridge = Dive of the area :)10:18
diploBath/Bradford etc are the costly places10:19
daubersapparently this isn't the nicest part of hungerford10:19
diplo3-4 times more10:19
daubersBath is for rich people10:19
matttwe were driving down a country lane late at night, saw an owl hovering over the road, was fakking weird10:19
daubersand romans10:19
daubersmattt: Even weirded when you see them sat on signs watching you...10:19
diploheh, my parents bought there house for 23k in Bradford... now worth about 600k :)10:20
matttdiplo: how many years ago?10:20
* mattt wishes he got on the property ladder ages ago10:21
daubersmattt: Everyone does :(10:21
diploMy biggest issue, on my 4th house now10:21
directhexi bought a house at the peak of the property bubble ^_^10:21
diploBut i started @ 25 year mortage each time10:21
daubersdirecthex: \o/10:21
matttdirecthex: well, depending on where you bought, that may not mean a whole lot10:22
directhexi still think it was dramatically undervalued... or perhaps every other comparable property is overvalued10:22
diploSo even though i have owned a hose for 15 years ish now, I still have a 20 year mortage left :(10:22
daubersdirecthex: also, do you know if mono is being ported to the raspberry pi?10:22
* mattt cranks up feist on spotify and gets to work10:22
daubersdirecthex: That was my feeling about this house I just bought10:22
directhexdaubers, should work out of the box. armv6 support should be there10:22
directhexthey're distributing a debian image, right? should just work10:23
daubersWas going to get one for the wifes cousins kid, as he's learning .net stuffs10:23
daubersThought it was fedora?10:23
diployeah image is out already10:23
diploDefo a debian image out and about10:23
daubersSorry, yeah it is debian10:24
daubersmy mistake10:24
diplobah, all to fast for me10:24
* diplo goes back to sleep10:24
directhexmono on fedora is something of a second class citizen, since red hat made it clear they wanted it to be a second class citizen. should be fine on debian tho10:24
dauberscool beans :)10:25
directhextry running a game, like spacechem or atom zombie smasher! 8D10:25
AlanBellnot quite sure what the point is of that image, does one run it in qemu or something?10:25
directhexAlanBell, one deploys it to one's raspberry pi sdcard i guess10:26
directhexqemu for arm sucks, because qemu upstream are douchebags10:26
diploI think they are pre-empting 10k of downloads on receiving of said Raspberry :)10:26
AlanBellyeah, I can't see the point of everyone enthusiastically downloading the image without the hardware to run it on10:26
popeyto look at what it ships with10:27
AlanBellwhich isn't that!10:27
AlanBellit will ship with an as-yet unreleased fedora derivative10:28
popeyno, to see what the _image_ ships with10:28
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gordpopey, you getting any corruption with the new rc6 patch?10:35
popeynot tried it yet, just about to10:35
gordnot yet10:37
gordbut i'm not getting the same power savings as i got with deep-rc6 enabled.. can feel heat when i put my hands near the fan :(10:37
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:42
davmor2morning all10:52
davmor2czajkowski: prod10:52
czajkowskiherro davmor210:52
bigcalmHi kids :)10:52
brobostigonmorning davmor2 , czajkowski and bigcalm10:53
bigcalmdavmor2: does one has to declare one's interest in attending the WolvesLUG meetings?10:53
davmor2czajkowski: that instantly makes me think of turning Japanese10:53
bigcalmdavmor2: you really think so?10:53
davmor2bigcalm: should be on the mailing list, it's nice so people know how many will be there more than anything else :)10:54
davmor2bigcalm: the song, and r's instead of l's10:54
bigcalmdavmor2: I was quoting the song :P10:55
davmor2morning brobostigon bigcalm MooDoo10:55
* bigcalm waits for somebody else to reply to Ron's post ;)10:56
bigcalmOh, I'm running 12.04 on my laptop now. Working so far despite a lack of skype. If that isn't working by Thursday, might have to load it on my phone10:57
ali1234is it safe to update at the moment?11:08
bigcalmLast night it worked out ok11:10
davmor2bigcalm: and are you using unity of xfce still11:13
ali1234400mb of updates...11:13
ali1234is it just me or has update manager got really slow?11:13
davmor2ali1234: how do you mean slow, it's plenty fast enough here11:14
bigcalmdavmor2: unity11:14
bigcalmCrazy no?11:14
ali1234after fetching the sources is empties the list of updates one at a time about 1 per second11:15
ali1234takes about a minute11:15
ali1234then the new list appears instantly11:15
davmor2ali1234: ah yeah I think that is a known bug with the way that the new apt process works speed should improve significantly latter in the release process11:16
davmor2bigcalm: there is no hope for some I was hoping for binary numerics and you go for roman fail ;)11:26
popeyprobably system board issue on my x22011:26
* davmor2 sends czajkowski to hug popey as a hug proxy11:27
gordpopey, whats it doing?11:27
gordor not doing11:27
popeyfails to detect hdd sometimes11:30
popeyand fails to boot sometimes11:30
popeyget a nasty BIOS HDD error11:30
bigcalmYou had that with your HDD, you're also getting it with the SSD?11:30
gordugh yeah, send it back11:31
davmor2popey: oh only minor then, nothing to likely to slow you down or anything :(11:31
popeynew mobo coming tomorrow with engineer11:32
* popey hugs 3 years nbd onsite11:32
bigcalmHe'll really give you an Etch-a-sketch instead11:33
popeyI swapped the hard disk out so i know it's not that11:34
davmor2popey: faulty bridge chip maybe11:35
popeyit also fails to power up sometimes11:36
popeypress / hold power button and nothing happens11:36
davmor2popey: oh faulty power, hdd no power == not detected, that would do it :)11:37
gordsoo... vlc 2.0's best new feature seems to be an inability to play half my video files11:38
gordi think i want 1.* back11:38
popeydavmor2: well, the guy is coming tomorrow so hopefully will be fixed ☺11:39
ali1234is he coming all the way from china?11:40
davmor2gord: ah just use totem and ignore the hud popup11:41
gordi usually use mplayer, but gnome 3 removed my ability to set files to open with non .desktop related applications in nautilus11:42
ali1234"Anglian Water says some reservoir levels are 20% lower then normal."11:48
ali1234"lower then normal."11:48
ali1234come on BBC i expect better11:48
davmor2gord: write a .desktop file for it11:51
Adriannomlo.  having trouble getting a hp scanjet 5590 scanner to work.  xubuntu 11.10.  it worked out fo the box before, not sure what has changed.  it didn't work on mint 12 either11:52
Adriannomhplip is installed and google isn't much help11:52
Adriannomi load simple scan and it just doesn't find any scanners11:53
gorddavmor2, then it shows up in a bunch of other places you don't want it to11:53
davmor2gord: oh I see you don't want it showing up in most frequently used apps ;)11:54
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davmor2bigcalm: See ALEX got it :P12:21
mrevelldavmor2, bigcalm, gord: On for the Light House Thursday?12:22
davmor2mrevell: indeedly doodly12:22
bigcalmmrevell: I am, yes12:23
AlanBellplease can school start again :(12:24
popeyours went back today12:25
popeythey were off last week12:25
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Ours went back today.12:26
AlanBellnot fair12:26
davmor2gord is there a way to chage the bright blue osd notifications12:26
czajkowskiAlanBell: when are yours back ?12:26
AlanBellinset day today12:26
AlanBellor a run round the house screaming day as they are alternately known12:27
MooDoomine is at nursery and he's back today12:30
popeydavmor2: uninstall notify-osd :D12:34
czajkowskiwhoo I've propper Ubuntu back and HUD12:34
AlanBelldavmor2: have two monitors and the right one lower than the left one12:35
AlanBelldavmor2: they went bright blue for me temporarily, but now they are back to dark grey (but the shadow seems missing12:35
davmor2AlanBell: :( mine are still Blue12:36
davmor2I'll see if there is an updat12:36
* jussi waves to davmor212:36
AlanBellanyone got two monitors and wants to confirm bug 93513112:37
lubotu3Launchpad bug 935131 in libnotify (Ubuntu) "if the rightmost screen is not as high as the aggregate rectangle notifications are off screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93513112:37
davmor2jussi: congrats to MRS JUSSI again ;)  you were only there for conception so you just get a footnote congrats :D12:37
jussidavmor2: aww :(12:38
MooDoooh morning davmor2 :)12:38
jussidavmor2: but... but... but... oh feck it.12:39
* davmor2 hugs jussi only kidding dude, Congrats12:39
jussiI m so glad she has a name now, it was killing me to say "little one" or "the baby"12:40
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diplojussi, I still call my boy "Chubs" ( was chubby at birth ) and he's 5 now :D12:45
MooDooit's ok davmor2 ignore me i don't mind :p12:46
davmor2MooDoo: I said morning to you hours ago chap12:48
MooDoodavmor2: apologies, must have missed it :D12:51
czajkowskino ubuntu UK Global jam happening ?12:51
Dave2mm, jam12:52
davmor2<davmor2> morning brobostigon bigcalm MooDoo  that was at 10:5512:52
MooDoodavmor2: soz chap....12:53
davmor2MooDoo: forgiven don't do it again, How's life chap?12:53
* bigcalm looks up and then goes back to sleep12:53
MooDoodavmor2: busy at the moment.12:53
davmor2bigcalm: hey no sleeping at work lad wake up[12:55
bigcalmYikes, it's almost 1pm12:57
bigcalmWhat to do for lunch...12:57
bigcalmToasted cheese sandwiches!12:57
davmor2bigcalm: eat?12:58
bigcalmdavmor2: seems likely12:58
ali1234anyone having difficulty revealing the launcher??13:05
ali1234seems like there is a 50% chance that pushing against the edge of the screen does nothing13:06
ali1234and when it happens it doesn't start working again until you move the mouse away from the edge13:06
ali1234so you can push and push and nothing happens13:06
ali1234also it only seems to happen in the top 1/4 of the screen13:07
davmor2ali1234: go into system settings, appearance, Behaviour tab and you can lower the resistance13:08
ali1234i already have the resistance set on the absolute minimum13:08
ali1234this is a bug13:08
davmor2ali1234: as in you have it set to the highest?13:08
ali1234also it only happens on the first monitor13:08
ali1234no, as in the launcher should pop out as soon as i even brush against the edge of the screen13:09
ali1234that's what it did before i just updated13:09
ali1234and it's what it does on the second monitor13:09
ali1234and the bottom 3/4 of the first monitor13:09
ali1234i suspect that i have only noticed this problem because i have the resistance set so low13:10
davmor2ali1234: pass then over to gord who maybe able to direct you to someone that can help13:10
ali1234i'll just report it13:10
AlanBellczajkowski: I emailed the list about the jam, I don't think we have a venue for a real-life thing (or much availability at the weekend to do that kind of thing)13:12
davmor2AlanBell: all round to czajkowski's then right?13:13
AlanBellgood plan13:14
gorddon't worry guys, i found it, the best way page on all the internet. http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/things-that-make-corgis-happy13:26
popey29 is ace13:36
popeythats excellent13:37
MooDoodavmor2: AlanBell czajkowski having a party? ;)13:43
popeyI've been thinking about a location for the jam13:46
czajkowskiGoogle hangout?13:47
czajkowskihmm my folks are over from ireland that weekend13:47
czajkowskiI had better make some plans13:47
MooDooczajkowski: aren't hangouts max 10 people?13:48
popeyyes, unless you get an 'on air' account13:48
gord*however* hangouts do support screen sharing13:50
ali1234i couldn't get that part to work still13:50
gordso you can have groups of hangouts proxy into one master hangout technically ;)13:50
popeynested hangouts13:52
davmor2popey: Ubuntuone sync the .gtg folder?13:59
popeydavmor2: the developers specifically say don't do that14:03
davmor2popey: odd I wonder why maybe you can get sync errors if you do14:05
popeyyou do14:05
popeyyou get conflicts14:05
davmor2popey: :(14:05
davmor2popey: zsync and a sync my gtg now button on the desktop?14:06
czajkowskihttp://twitpic.com/8mev18/full  looks pretty right :)14:07
MooDooczajkowski: needs maor black squares14:14
AlanBellthey are dark aubergine14:15
czajkowskiclose it and reopen it14:15
czajkowskiand no more black squares14:15
czajkowskithey grow during the day14:15
davmor2czajkowski: okay so what did you do to annoy Chris?  hmm hmmm come on out with it?14:16
MooDoodavmor2: she was herself? ;)14:17
czajkowskiChris who14:17
davmor2MooDoo: yeap that might do it14:17
davmor2popey: I got it,  setup openssh-server on one box,  symlink the on gtg to the openssh'd one instant sync :)14:22
gordczajkowski, sandybridge cpu?14:26
czajkowskisandy who?14:27
davmor2czajkowski: what CPU do you have in the laptop14:28
* popey thinks it probably is sandybridge14:29
popeyits that toshiba ultrabook innit?14:29
gordpoint being, if it is sandybridge, make sure your system is upto date and you are running the latest kernel, if you are, dig out popey's g+ post about the call for testing of the newest kernel for sandybridge owners and complain that you get corruption14:30
czajkowskiIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz14:33
czajkowskipopey: aye tis14:33
czajkowskigord: will do14:33
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagementRC6  czajkowski14:35
czajkowskiah cool thanks14:35
popeygord: i see no corruption and got massive power saving14:35
czajkowskihave so much reading tonight to do14:35
popey16W vs 8W14:36
davmor2czajkowski: do you have an android phone?14:51
czajkowskiwhich now has no data after friday night train travel :)14:53
davmor2czajkowski: that's okay this can use wifi, grab an app called unix & linux news I find it a good tool for interesting news on stuff :)15:00
MooDoos-fox: hello there :D15:00
s-foxHello MooDoo15:00
s-foxI'm back \o/15:00
MooDoos-fox: welcome back15:00
s-foxThanks :D15:01
s-foxWhat's new MooDoo  ?15:02
MooDoos-fox: debating to upgrade my work machine to ocelot...and replacing the windows 7 machine at home with precise....other than that, not a lot, you?15:03
davmor2s-fox: You have a death certificate, surely the only thing that would explain is why you can't hear stuff........oh wait that's deaf15:04
s-foxMooDoo,  Well got back last night. Just catching up with emails and stuff.15:05
MooDoos-fox: good trip?15:05
s-foxdavmor2,  You know I have BSL level 1 qualification...15:05
s-foxMooDoo, Yes, met some funny french guys at a bar :)15:06
MooDoos-fox: sticking two fingers up at davmor2 doesn't constitute sign language ;)15:06
czajkowskidavmor2: oh will do later, got a new card for phone as was running out of space15:06
davmor2MooDoo: I think you'll find she has two hands so that would be 4 fingers :P15:07
MooDoodavmor2: you're worth it :D15:07
s-foxMooDoo,  12 months to learn that seems a little bit of a waste of time ;)15:07
davmor2s-fox: well czajkowski could of taught you in like two seconds so yes15:08
MooDoos-fox: he's worth it lol15:08
s-foxwait back up... someone actually reads whatever dribble i put on twitter? Poor souls...15:09
MooDoos-fox: which crazy fool is that? ;)15:10
s-foxWhat is new with you davmor2  ?15:10
davmor2s-fox: It just tickled me when I read it :)15:10
gordis it just me that rhythmbox hates?15:10
gordi can't get it to play more than a couple of tracks before crashing15:11
MooDoogord it's you :D15:11
awilkinsThe sight of Lansley being accosted by little old ladies outside No 10 has warmed my cockles15:11
s-foxdavmor2,  A story exists that my great uncle was killed in ww2 during an air raid by british anti-aircraft fire. The death certificate should put some light on the situation.15:11
ali1234hud is slow :(15:12
s-foxgord Open rhytmbox from terminal and post errors when it crashes15:13
ali1234press alt, wait, think "i guess hud isn't in the release yet", wait some more, hud appears15:13
AlanBellali1234: the thing to do is attempt something else that requires the alt key, then it leaps into action15:17
ali1234anything you type while waiting also ends up in the hud, when it finally does appear15:18
AlanBellgord: would it be a problem to strip spaces from the hud string?15:20
ali1234for what purpose?15:22
AlanBellto stop it taking options away when you press space15:22
ali1234for example?15:22
ali1234if you press escape it gets rid of the hud. unless you've typed something, then it clears the input field and also moves it to whichever screen the mouse is on15:25
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gordthings that are not a bug tracker: #ubuntu-uk ;)15:26
AlanBellin nautilus if you type "new" it shows a bunch of options with "new" in them. Type space and they all go away15:26
gordAlanBell, i'd be against doing that, you need to be talking to ted on the backend to make sure the fuzzy matching is less space aware15:26
AlanBelljust terminating spaces15:26
AlanBellso "new " becomes "new"15:26
AlanBellif you carry on typing "new ta" then the "new tab" option comes back, but it is most disconcerting when it goes away at "new "15:27
ahayzenAlanBell: It needs to strip whitespace?15:28
ali1234it's not just that15:28
ali1234try terminal and "new profile"15:28
ali1234it's the top hit for "new", disappears at "new " and doesn't reappear until "new pro"15:29
AlanBellahayzen: no, it needs to trim the string of ending whitespace15:29
ahayzenAlanBell: Yeah thats probably best :)15:29
ali1234the top hit for "new pr" doesn't even have either of those words in it15:29
AlanBellany search for "$foo " will return anything not containing "$foo"15:30
ali1234AlanBell: are you reporting this bug, because if not i will15:37
AlanBellBug #93702015:39
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937020 in unity (Ubuntu) "hud searches should strip() the search string" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93702015:39
AlanBellthe fuzzy matching is not good for people who are not fuzzy15:40
ali1234ok. i'll make a separate bug about the fuzzyness15:40
ali1234ah i think i know what's happening15:42
ali1234can you retry but type "file new "15:42
ali1234i think there is some biasing that makes it expect the first word to be the top level menu name15:42
popeyi also get unicode squares in my hud sometimes15:43
popeylike if you press ctrl+e inside hud you get 000515:44
AlanBellali1234: "file new " is similar to "new " it takes options away15:45
ali1234yep same here :(15:45
AlanBelland yeah, I get the unicode things for ctrl+letters15:45
ali1234except for me on "file new pr" gives me what i actually want15:46
ali1234also, have you noticed that if you type the options *exactly* as they are written underneath, it *never* matches15:46
ali1234ie "file > new profile" never matches even though that is exactly what is written15:46
AlanBellhow funny15:47
ali1234right, i;m not going to make a new bug because it's clearly all related15:48
AlanBellI grouped up a heap of "what on earth is HUD doing???" kind of bugs when it first came out as bug 92106815:49
lubotu3Launchpad bug 921068 in Application Menu Indicator "HUD search results for full words are not matching correctly" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92106815:49
AlanBellthat is basically fixed, as long as you don't press space15:49
ali1234yeah, now it is biasing greatly in favour of words15:50
ali1234ok how about this:15:52
ali1234it is biased to find exact words15:52
ali1234and it is considering "new profile" to be a "word"15:53
ali1234but then it split the input on spaces15:53
ali1234so "new" matches "new profile"15:53
ali1234but then it doesn't know what to do with the "pr" part so it just gives up and does the crazy fuzzy search15:53
AlanBellit is because profile is a long word15:54
AlanBellit is about the "distance" from what was typed to what might have been typed15:55
AlanBelland adding "ofile" is a bigger distance than some other options15:55
ali1234you can see from the parts of the word it highlights that something is going horribly wrong15:55
AlanBell"new pr" to "normal" is in some way a shorter distance15:56
ali1234nope, you're wrong15:56
ali1234this is a tokenization problem15:57
ali1234try this15:57
AlanBellquite probably15:57
ali1234"new profile" matches "file > *new* profile" and "*edit* > *profile* preferences"15:58
ali1234* indicates the highlighting/ bold text15:58
ali1234"new profile" should be an exact match of "new profile"15:58
ali1234if they were both tokenized by splitting on space, it would be a match on both individual words15:59
ali1234if they were both considered to be a single string, it would also be an exact match15:59
ali1234the only way this can happen is if one is being taken as ["new", "profile"] and the other one is being treated as ["new profile"]16:00
AlanBellthere is also hud-cli for working out what on earth it is doing16:00
ali1234so my guess as to what has happened:16:00
ali1234you reported "words aren't matching properly" so someone made a patch that does input.split(' ')16:01
ali1234but doesn't also split the menu texts in the same way16:01
AlanBellnope, it was a more amusing fix than that16:02
ali1234if i enter "new profile..." it finds "report a problem..."16:05
ali1234i think i actually am going to make a separate bug for this16:05
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ali1234bug 93704616:14
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937046 in unity (Ubuntu) "hud search algorithm gives crazy results" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93704616:14
gordwooo just noticed its pancake day tomorrow16:18
bigcalmExcept, we're out dog walking and it'll be too late for them when we get home16:22
bigcalmI recall this happening last year as well16:22
gordtoo late?16:23
gordit takes about two minutes to make pancakes16:23
* czajkowski kicks HUD, nick focus from irc again and so help me IMMA GONNA...!16:25
ali1234it's mercifully easy to disable it in ccsm16:25
awilkinsEsp if you buy the horrible pre-made batter mix in a plastic bottle16:25
bigcalmgord: too late to eat them16:27
gordyou are mistaken16:27
gordpancakes are an all day meal16:27
* awilkins likes pancakes with grilled chicken, cheese sauce, sweetcorn & spinach filling16:28
awilkinsNow I'm hungry16:29
* hamitron just has golden syrup with them16:29
gordfriend of mine had a genius idea once, we bought a "flump" http://www.sweetgreetingsshildon.co.uk/images/uploads/soft/barratt-flump.JPG - wrapped one up inside of a pancake. it was was the tastiest thing i have ever eaten, but i think it shaved years off my life.16:29
* awilkins broaches the emergency biscuit storage16:29
czajkowskigord: ohh tasty16:29
czajkowskibut really nothing beats some butter lemon and sugar on a pancake16:29
Laneycheese + chorizo + caramelised onions16:30
* popey is making shredded chilli beef tonight16:31
Laneyi'd have that in a pancake16:31
hamitronpopey, that just sounds like you are too lazy to chew? :/16:31
czajkowskioh nymmy crispy shreaded chillie beef is rather tasty16:32
popeyusing left over beef from yesterday to make it16:33
hamitronI tend to just soak mine in gravy16:33
hamitronor have cold meat with chips16:33
* hamitron is Mr Boring16:33
gorda caramel covered banana inside a pancake sounds nice, maybe i'll try that16:34
czajkowskibananna fritted trinkle of syrup and vanialla ice cream16:34
davmor2gord: decades I think you'll find16:34
hamitronanyone giving up anything unusual this year?16:35
davmor2gord: did you have a poppins restaurant by you?16:35
gorddavmor2, poppins? never heard of it16:35
davmor2gord: they used to do the mary poppins pancake,  2 pancakes, 3 scopes of icecream at the overlap, banana sliced into the rounds of the pancake, squirty cream all around the outside and then chocolate sprinkles, strawberry and caramel sauces16:38
davmor2gord: you could feel your arteries harden looking at it16:39
Pendulumdavmor2: that's a lot more than a spoon full of sugar16:40
davmor2Pendulum: only a touch more16:41
gordnot mary poppins unless the waiter does a dick van dyke cockney accent16:44
davmor2gord: http://www.topoftown.co.uk/poppins-cafe-restaurant/ not a great picture but you'll get the idea16:44
popeygord: does the wifi in your x220 drop after a period of no activity?16:53
popeymine is associated16:53
popeybut no traffic leaves the machine16:54
gordpopey, nope, though what do you mean by no activity?16:54
gordi generally have irc running or something, so there is net activity16:54
popeywell, I have an IP16:54
popeymy laptop has been sat at the desktop, no apps open, other than dropbox and u116:54
popeyand tomboy syncing now and then I guess16:54
popeybut not much16:54
gordcan't say my laptop has been in that kind of a state for any serious period of time, i'll have empathy or something running at the very least usually16:55
popeyi think i have a dud16:56
gordare you sure it isn't like... a Finkpad?16:56
gordfrom Toshuba?16:56
popeyit did come from china16:57
popeyfirst thing I know when it's dropped is the dropbox icon goes grey16:57
gordi like that handbrake has a little indicator now17:00
czajkowskiohh I have fluff in the press17:01
czajkowskithat could be nice in pancaskes17:01
* AlanBell wonders about czajkowski's bit of fluff17:05
czajkowskiposting now17:05
AlanBellwhat on earth is that?17:06
PendulumI don't know about strawberry fluff17:07
czajkowskigooey sticky marshmallow17:07
Pendulumbut the regular stuff could definitely be yummy on pancakes17:07
AlanBella jar of marshmallow? how does that work17:07
PendulumAlanBell: it's not formed and is spreadable17:07
AlanBellmelted or blended marshmallows?17:07
czajkowskiAlanBell: https://twitter.com/#!/czajkowski/status/171642049303543808/photo/117:07
Pendulumkinda blended17:08
Pendulumslightly different ingredients17:08
DJonesI can see that stuff putting my wife in hospital as a minimum17:08
Pendulumin the US kids have fluffernutters which are peanut butter & fluff sandwiches17:08
AlanBelllove the pictures of actual strawberries on the packaging17:10
Pendulumyeah, I doubt there is any actual strawberry in it17:10
PendulumI don't do flavoured fluffs, just the plain stuff17:10
Pendulumit's nommy on ice cream, too17:11
DJonesI saw that "Artificial flavour" at the top and thought thats no good for somebody with food colouring allergies17:11
AlanBellis this something that one would find in a UK supermarket?17:11
Pendulumprobably not17:13
PendulumI've brought it to friends in the UK in the past17:13
Pendulumalthough if there are any places that carry US "specialty" items, they might have it17:13
TheOpenSourcererYou gotta love the Yanks. I remember a hotel proudly telling me it uses "Egg Beaters" at Breakfast. Egg Beaters being a Tetra Pack, pint of mixed egg-like substance which makes something resembling scrambled eggs.17:22
dwatkinsI guess there's less chance of salmonella from that...17:24
TheOpenSourcererLess chance of eating "real" egg too I guess. ;-)17:24
TheOpenSourcererI mean, how hard is to break a couple of eggs?17:24
dwatkinsyou might get bits of shell in the pan, though... ;)17:25
TheOpenSourcererIf you can't cook yeah. ;-)17:25
dwatkinsI make a point of buying Happy Eggs, their website is great - you can see they're very much free range.17:25
AlanBelllike Baldrick in the trenches. We are using egg substitute today. . .17:25
hamitrondwatkins, covered in crap? ;/17:25
TheOpenSourcererI dread to think of what that may be17:25
dwatkinshamitron: heh, I wouldn't be too concerned about that, but they're not17:26
hamitronoh I aren't17:26
PendulumTheOpenSourcerer: it's supposedly lower cholesterol/healthier17:26
Pendulumbut mostly I think egg beaters are gross17:26
TheOpenSourcererPendulum: If you eat *lots* of eggs yes. Like the chap next to me who wanted 8 eggs and steak for breakfast!17:27
popeyAlanBell: there is an http://www.americansweets.co.uk/17:28
popeyAlanBell: they might have that fluff stuff17:28
popeythey're in Aldershot17:28
popeyschool friends parent runs it17:28
PendulumI think my uni had regular eggs that were provided to them by the food service company in cartons17:29
Pendulumwhich is possibly worse than egg beaters since I suspect that sort of thing would be a breeding ground for salmonella17:29
Pendulumluckily, I don't like eggs17:30
TheOpenSourcererOnly in America could you call a sweetie for kids "Hostess Twinkies"17:30
AlanBellwell there it is at £2.30 per jar17:31
directhexisn't hostess bankrupt again?17:31
davmor2gord: hey dude why would unity die if I run an ldtp test script?17:31
Pendulumdirecthex: yes17:32
TheOpenSourcererI seem to have rather lost the will to keep writing a project specification right now. Think I will go and annoy the family ;-)17:32
gorddavmor2, no idea, your gonna want to get a backtrace17:32
directhexi bought a phone today.17:32
davmor2gord: got one in the bug I wrote,  well I'm assuming there is it was caught by apport17:33
Pendulumpopey: you know, you can get things to bribe czajkowski from that shop. Just in case you ever need to ;)17:34
popeyoh golly they sell it17:35
czajkowskiI got the fluff stuff in the cyber candy shop off covent garden17:35
czajkowskihas ODDLES of choice17:35
czajkowskitons of taffey cool aide stuff17:36
czajkowskijolly ranchers all the weid M&Ms17:36
czajkowskipopey: if you're up up wednesday I can give you the tube of fluff I've had my fill of the stuff already17:36
popeyoi daubers ! down boy!17:37
daubersDid I walk into the wrong conversation again?17:37
PendulumI am amused that they have a picture of Altoids on the American gum & mints section since Altoids were originally British17:37
popeyWelsh ☺17:37
PendulumLondon originally, but then produced in Wales for most of the time they were produced in the UK17:38
popeyI'm not allowed to go to that shop ☺17:39
ali1234because there are certain types of altoids that you can't buy in this country17:39
* popey closes the tab17:40
davmor2Pendulum: I had to re-read that I saw your comment to popey as "you can get things to bride czajkowski from that shop" :D17:40
ali1234which people actually go to that website to buy17:40
ali1234specifically cinnamon and wintergreen17:40
popeyi love the cinnamon ones17:40
ali1234wintergreen tastes like TCP :)17:40
Pendulumdavmor2: well, I think she might marry taffy if she could17:41
popeyTCP is a product name I never really see unless someone says "it tastes like TCP"17:41
czajkowskiPendulum: knows my weakness17:41
* daubers wonders what UDP tastes like17:42
daubersDo you ocassionally miss the taste?17:43
Pendulumczajkowski: don't you love the US http://www.americansweets.co.uk/hostess-green-st-patricks-day-sno-balls-pack-of-2-cakes-dated-090312-14349-p.asp ;-)17:43
CTtechguyPendulum: I have to get me some of those :)17:45
ali1234more like snot balls given the colour17:46
AlanBellczajkowski: what is the plan for Sunday?17:46
czajkowskiI've no idea. you make it I'll be ther e:)17:46
AlanBellok, I can pick you up in Farnham or Reading, but not central London :)17:47
czajkowskiPendulum: popey https://twitter.com/#!/czajkowski/status/171651727244787713/photo/117:47
Pendulumczajkowski: we are hitting the time where the supermarkets turn green. There are things where I can cope with it, but others just don't work.17:47
czajkowskiwas gonna make my way to reading17:47
AlanBellprobably best17:47
Pendulumczajkowski: how many of those are from FL?17:47
czajkowskithe reece large cakes and the bag with tootsies in them17:48
* popey files bug 93711817:53
lubotu3Launchpad bug 937118 in linux (Ubuntu) "Wireless stops passing packets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93711817:53
bigcalmThat'll hinder usage17:53
ali1234popey: i thought yo decided it's a bad motherboard?18:05
popeycan't tell if this is related or not18:05
popeyif I can boot past the "cant find disk" error, the machine runs fine18:05
ali1234that doesn't really mean much if it is an intermittent hardware fault18:06
popeyi did see someone else complaining of similar wifi issue18:06
* brobostigon wonders if his people see him like sheldon in big bang theory, and cringes,18:06
ali1234someone confirmed it anyway o_O18:06
popeyoh, a kernel guy18:07
popeyso yeah, i trust him ☺18:07
brobostigonif any people.18:08
popeyI have never met you brobostigon so hard to say ☺18:08
brobostigonagreed popey18:08
brobostigoni just get the feeling sometimes.18:09
popeyhe is an exaggerated character18:09
smittixIs anyone running Ubuntu pre 11.10?18:09
brobostigonpopey: an exaggerated autie, yes.18:09
brobostigonwith some compulsive aspects.18:12
brobostigonanyways i confirmed http://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/3933 that bug, and upgraded my bios, and it works now.18:15
smittixcan anyone running a laptop pastebin me the out put of synclient?18:20
czajkowskibah still no skype18:32
AlanBellczajkowski: how are you installing it?18:34
czajkowskiapt-get install18:34
AlanBellerr, but it won't be there18:35
czajkowskiyes figured that out18:35
AlanBellpro tip > http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/s/skype/skype_2.2.0.35-0natty1_amd64.deb18:35
AlanBellare you on 64bit?18:35
czajkowskiAlanBell: aye18:36
AlanBellok, that .deb file should be installable18:36
* AlanBell is running it18:36
czajkowskiI have this bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/82761518:40
lubotu3Launchpad bug 827615 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with TypeError in show_available_packages(): this constructor takes no arguments" [Medium,Confirmed]18:40
czajkowskiso I can now open the se center and vie witems but clicking on the .deb file and saying open with the sw center wont work18:42
czajkowskiam jinxed with odd bugs18:42
popeyczajkowski: wget http://archive.canonical.com/pool/partner/s/skype/skype_2.2.0.35-0natty1_amd64.deb18:50
popeyczajkowski: sudo dpkg -i skype_2.2.0.35-0natty1_amd64.deb18:50
TheOpenSourcererGood old command line eh?18:51
TheOpenSourcererWho need sthis new fangled GUI of which we all speak18:51
ali1234remember when we had gnome and deb files opened in gdebi?18:52
ali1234those were the days... when stuff actually worked18:52
czajkowskibah errors when it get to the sudo part18:54
czajkowskiwe eere doing so well till there18:54
czajkowskithanks popey18:54
TheOpenSourcererOh wow - A single atom transistor: http://arstechnica.com/science/news/2012/02/we-can-do-no-moore-a-transistor-from-single-atom.ars18:55
popeyczajkowski: what errors, i cant see your screen from here18:55
popeyali1234: i used to quite like gdebi18:55
popeyczajkowski: its probably missing some dependancy which would be fixed by "sudo apt-get -f install"18:56
czajkowskipopey: sorry the other fella came in  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/850343/18:56
davmor2czajkowski: see pm18:57
ali1234er... the amd64 is actually 32 bit?18:58
ali1234because natty didn't have multiarch?18:58
* popey pokes AlanBell 18:58
ali1234so it turns out there was never a 64 bit skype18:59
ali1234nice one18:59
popeyczajkowski: just removed the package again, sudo dpkg -r skype18:59
ali1234now go and install the :i386 package from oneiric which will work with multiarch and not make your system explode18:59
popeymaybe also just get skype from their website ☺18:59
ali1234skype from oneiric works fine on precise18:59
czajkowskithans folks19:00
ali1234if you ever get problems with debs that won't install19:01
popeydrown a kitten?19:02
ali1234ar -x foo.deb gives you two tar files19:02
ali1234the files are instide the one that isn't called control.tar.gz19:02
ali1234that's just if you don't want to force it to install though19:03
AlanBellskype from natty works on precise, but I guess that was the ugly heap of dependencies I was complaining about the other night19:03
ali1234yeah it will work19:04
ali1234it just won't install cleanly19:04
ali1234and isn't 64 bit anyway19:04
ali1234and you would in general be much better with the one from oneiric19:04
AlanBellyeah, so i386 packages will install?19:04
ali1234yes, because of multiarch19:04
ali1234the natty i386 and amd64 packages have identical contents: 32 bit skype19:04
AlanBellyeah, I figured that bit out19:05
ali1234multiarch was specifically designed to remove this redundancy19:05
ali1234by letting you install the i386 package on either arch (or any other if you want)19:05
ali1234there is one difference between the natty packages: the 32 bit one depends on normal libs, the 64 bit one depends on the huge and horrid ia32libs package for 64 bit19:06
AlanBellit does19:13
* AlanBell will be de-libbing later19:13
AlanBellso multiarch is nice and all, but how would I find the 32bit package if I am pointing at 64bit repos?19:14
AlanBellso in the partner archive canonical didn't put a 64bit package in for oneiric19:15
ali1234you put :i386 on the end of the package name19:16
AlanBellso oneiric users would not know it was there unless they go hunting for it19:16
ali1234eg sudo apt-get install skype:i38619:16
ali1234well if they search for skype in software center, or the dash, or synaptic, it will show up19:16
AlanBellgosh, didn't know that19:17
ali1234i'm not sure how exactly that works, but it does work19:17
AlanBellso it pulls the packages list from both repos?19:17
ali1234not sure19:17
ali1234but... yeah... it just works in the end19:17
ali1234i suspect that some stuff is duplicated19:18
ali1234otherwise i'd see lots of :arm stuff as well19:18
diploevening  all19:41
* AlanBell ponders hats http://www.hatsandcaps.co.uk/Bailey-Hats-Crushable-Wynn-Trilby--Black-P138899/20:15
AzelphurDoes anyone have any good suggestions on how I could upload a /HUGE/ amount of data to my server?20:15
AzelphurTalking 200+GB20:15
AlanBellAzelphur: put it on a USB HDD, go to server, plug in HDD20:15
AzelphurAlanBell: put it on a USB HDD...buy a plane ticket... >.>20:16
AlanBellactually Amazon do offer a plane based service20:16
diploAzelphur, I uploaded 50+gb to my server using rsync but throttled it down20:17
diploand uploaded over a week or so20:17
diploOtherwise AlanBell's option is honestly the best, most hosts offer the service20:18
Azelphurdiplo: fun :P20:18
diploOr go to a uni and use a janet line to sync with it quickly :P20:18
popeyAzelphur: what's your uplink speed?20:29
Azelphurpopey: It maxes out at about 100KB/sec, but anything above 30KB/sec makes the connection totally unusable for anything else20:29
Azelphurpopey: we're talking about rendering super HD minecraft dynmaps :)20:31
=== laurence is now known as Guest70289
Guest70289how do i get ubuntu support?20:33
Azelphur!ask | Guest20:33
lubotu3Guest: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:33
Azelphurpopey: one of my guys just had an interesting idea, the old server is just sitting around idle right now, render map on old server by beating the crap out of the CPU, then transfer it over, only concern now is disk size :)20:34
Guest70289i am new to ubuntu and currently have 11.10 on my macbook (early 2009) and cant get any sound through my headphones or any display through my tv through hdmi, any help appreciated20:34
AzelphurGuest70289: sound works through the speakers but not headphones?20:35
Azelphuris it a macbook 2.1?20:36
Guest70289not sure of the top of my head20:36
Azelphurhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=984949 this thread has a "interesting" solution20:37
Guest70289still no luck20:42
Guest70289how do i get my speakers to work?20:44
AzelphurGuest70289: really not sure, maybe popey will know he uses macbooks iirc20:48
Guest70289who is poppy20:49
AzelphurGuest70289: he's in here, he's probably afk right now so hang about, maybe he'll know when he gets back or someone else will have some ideas :)20:50
Guest70289ok thanks20:50
popeyI gave up with my macbook and bought a computer that (for the most part) works20:51
Azelphurencouraging words from popey there :D20:52
Guest70289do you not know why my speaks & external monitor wont work?20:52
AzelphurGuest70289: not really, most Ubuntu users arn't the type to buy macbooks, you could try the forums though20:53
Guest70289macbook 1 - ubuntu 020:53
Guest70289ok will try them20:53
AzelphurGuest70289: I'm not sure not releasing the specs for your hardware so that it can be supported anywhere but your OS is a point for the macbook, but each to his own20:58
ubuntuuk-planet[Alistair McKinlay] We need to fix Linux - http://www.10people.co.uk/index.php/2012/02/we-need-to-fix-linux/21:07
jacobwnormal people using linux :( how annoying21:12
Azelphurjacobw: Indeed, normal people totally like to automatically mount remote file servers at boot.21:13
AzelphurI notice how all the things in that list are extremely difficult if not impossible to pull of on Windows. :)21:13
jacobwlinux is for people who see than maintaining an fstab is actually easier than 'mapping drives'21:14
zleaplinux is for people who want to plug in a usb stick and not worry about drive letters changing causing games to stop working21:14
DJonesThis is a good idea http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17105225 Wonder if there'll be anything similar for ubuntu when it makes it properly onto tablets21:21
AlanBellDJones: I was thinking of doing something with steno http://plover.stenoknight.com/21:26
AlanBellbraille is just a different chording layout21:27
AlanBellwell actually braille is a lot simpler as the words are the same and it is just chording letters21:27
AlanBelllooks like touchscreen steno isn't such a good idea though21:29
DJonesLooking at steno it looks like it has quite a few keys (more than the 6 on that bbc link anyway) I think that would be a problem for a somebody who was blind21:29
AlanBellyeah, it would21:29
DJonesI like the idea behind the georgia tech app, only 6 buttons would probably make it quite easy to use, top, middle, bottom, left/right side of the screen21:30
AlanBellyou need 8 for the full braille alphabet21:31
DJonesIts a long time since I've written anything using braile21:31
DJonesFree & open source app, so I guess potential for it to be developed onto linux based tablets21:35
zleapsounds good21:36
zleapi remember suse had support for braile display years ago21:36
* mattt is in the market for a new chair21:42
matttany recommendations?21:42
mattti use a mirra at work, how does that compare to the aeron?21:43
matttAlanBell: am i blind ... what's the cost on there?21:45
matttoh, n/m21:45
DJonesmattt: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aeron-Executive-Task-Chair-Size/dp/B0021B4BJW/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kh_221:45
AlanBellmattt: I called them the other day and they had red ones for £225 +VAT21:46
matttyeah, i've seen them on ebay for around that21:46
matttAlanBell: let's go in together, bring price down :)21:46
matttanyone else?21:46
DJonesI have to say, that looks like a chair that should racing21:47
matttDJones: sounds like you need a 'new' aeron :D21:47
DJonesmattt: I prefer my reclining couch :)21:47
AlanBellwhen we get an office I will be kitting it out with aeron chairs21:49
matttit's well worth it21:49
AlanBellthe brand new price is a bit scary21:50
AlanBellbut the mesh doesn't collapse like cushion chairs so second hand ones in good nick should be fine21:50
matttyeah, let the city buy 'em new, and we can buy their old stuff :)21:51
AlanBellthey just come from companies that have gone bust because they spent too much money on chairs21:51
matttAlanBell: anyway, if you're looking at buying in the next few weeks, let me know :)21:52
AlanBellI think the stock is in southampton21:52
matttcheaper if you buy more tho21:53
directhexgrr, i can't get this damn thing to behave21:53
AlanBellmight be up for buying a couple21:53
AlanBellsee what TheOpenSourcerer says when he gets back from the pub21:54
matttsounds good21:54
popeyAlanBell: i might too21:54
mattti'm heading out, but if you guys are seriously ordering let me know21:55
mattti'm in reading, so pretty close to where you're at21:55
matttanyway, afk for now21:55
ali1234i need to build a fake mouse23:01
AlanBellthe type that might be chased by a fake cat?23:03
ali1234i've got a weird bug with precise. keep moving the mouse left for a long time and eventually the pointer goes right while also randomly going up and down23:03
ali1234so it zig zags to the right basically23:03
ali1234i'm fairly sure it's somehow related to the failure of the main launcher to reveal23:03
ali1234where main = the leftmost one23:04
ali1234try it. just keep pushing against the left edge23:05
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