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tsdgeosdyams: did you have time to have a look at my mm_ branches?08:46
dyamstsdgeos: yes, i'll08:48
gotwigmhall119: morning08:58
gotwigmhall119: thanks for all08:59
dyamstsdgeos: check it now09:02
tsdgeosgreyback: about "qDebug() << "HUD service com.canonical.hud is NOT registered";" in hud2, does it really make sense to be there? Isn't that the expected thing?09:06
greybacktsdgeos: gah, yes, I'll remove, it's useless09:07
tsdgeosgreyback: any chance we get testability et al in precise main repos?09:09
greybacktsdgeos: big chance, just depends on me getting it done :)09:11
greybackI still have a list of about 20 things to do on testing. it's one of them09:13
tsdgeosdyams: are you sure you're using the latest mm_dash revision? that problem was here before but not anymore09:14
dyamstsdgeos: Now on revision 94609:15
thumperhi JohnLea09:15
thumperjust grabbing your attention09:15
tsdgeosdyams: ok, let me try something09:15
tsdgeosgreyback: hud tests failed here09:17
JohnLeathumper; you got my attention ;-)09:18
tsdgeosdyams: r947 pushed, can you give it a try?09:22
Saviqtsdgeos, seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/935713 ?09:23
ubot5Ubuntu bug 935713 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "Can no longer drop tabs onto tabs area in Chromium" [Undecided,New]09:23
tsdgeosSaviq: nope09:24
Saviqtsdgeos, looks quite like the Qt bug you found / fixed - did we get the fix into qt4-x11 in the end?09:25
tsdgeosSaviq: might be whatever toolkit chromium uses has the same issue Qt had09:25
tsdgeosSaviq: i.e. chromium does not use Qt09:25
tsdgeosso the fix is not "valid" for it09:25
Saviqit's supposed to be using GTK09:26
tsdgeosso there might be a bug in gtk too09:27
tsdgeosSaviq: have you confirmed it's unity-2d-shell fault?09:27
Saviqtsdgeos, not yet09:27
tsdgeosok, let me do it09:28
dyamstsdgeos: there are some optimization settings for QGraphicsView to improve the performance of QML09:30
dyamstsdgeos: have you considered them in your mm-dash- branch?09:30
tsdgeosdyams: like what?09:31
tsdgeosSaviq: yeah confirmed, it's unity-2d-shell09:31
tsdgeosSaviq: i mean, there's a bug somewhere in chromium triggered by unity-2d-shell09:31
dyamstsdgeos: like 1) setOptimizationFlags(QGraphicsView::DontSavePainterState)09:31
tsdgeosdyams: why should i specifically consider that for the mm-dash branch?09:32
tsdgeosi mean it's not unity-2d-improve-performance branch09:33
tsdgeosit's unity-2d-lets-move-the-dash-around branch09:33
dyamstsdgeos: because,  ShellDeclarativeView has become a QGraphicsView09:33
tsdgeosdyams: it was already09:33
dyamstsdgeos: :) yes, but earlier it was QDeclarativeView too. no?09:34
tsdgeoswhich is a QGraphicsView09:34
tsdgeosok, i see where are you coming, QDeclarativeView has that flag set09:35
dyamstsdgeos: yes, InQDeclarativeView, QGraphicsView is tuned to improve the performance with QML09:36
greybacktsdgeos: yes I confirm test fails. Is due to key tap-detection stuff, am digging09:36
ryeSuper+Alt in Unity triggers the appearance of the numbers on the icons and they don't disappear until you click super again09:37
ryeuntil you hold super again09:37
ryeis it known?09:37
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, chromium + shell is broken that way09:38
Saviqit does some funky stuff with the dragged tab09:38
tsdgeoswell it does what should happen when you drag the tab outside the chromium window09:39
Saviqbut when you try to drag it back, or within the same window09:39
Saviqit doesn't09:40
Saviqso I'd same the same issue09:40
greybackI'm experiencing drag+drop problems in mumble too. I can't move myself between different channels09:40
Saviqthat sounds related09:40
Saviqso gtk has the same issue Qt had09:40
Saviq+seems to09:40
tsdgeosSaviq: isn't mumble Qt?09:40
Saviqis it?09:41
tsdgeosi think it is09:41
Saviqmight be09:41
tsdgeosldd says it is09:41
Saviqtsdgeos, so we _did_ get the patch into qt4-x11?09:41
tsdgeosi think we did09:42
tsdgeosat least the bug was closed by riddell afair09:42
tsdgeoslet me make sure09:42
Saviqhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/precise/qt4-x11/precise says we did09:42
Saviqquestion is whether it's built and greyback has it installed09:43
greybackI've qt 4:4.8.0-1ubuntu5 installed09:44
thumperrye: weird09:44
thumperrye: can you file a bug?09:44
thumperrye: use ubuntu-bug unity09:44
thumperrye: that'll gather the info we need :)09:44
Saviqgreyback, it should be there in ubuntu4 already09:44
tsdgeosSaviq: yes, the fix is there (at least my bug test program works)09:44
* thumper EODs09:44
tsdgeoslet me try mumble09:44
ryethumper, i am being picky, i accidentally clicked two keys, well, will file one :)09:44
Saviqgreyback, actually make that ubuntu5, yes09:44
* tsdgeos is dangerously running out of disk in the VM09:45
greybacktsdgeos: you can expand the disk size09:45
tsdgeoswell i kind of did that already09:46
tsdgeosnot sure if worked though09:46
tsdgeosi.e. VM manager reports 8GB but ubuntu inside only 5.5GB09:46
greybacktsdgeos: you need to use gparted to increase the partition size inside the vm too09:47
tsdgeosmakes sense :D09:47
tsdgeosquestion is how to run gparted with ubuntu itself being run in the vm?09:47
greybackyou do the fun thing of booting your vm from a rescue disk :)09:47
tsdgeosyeah, mumble drag issues confirmed09:50
* tsdgeos wonders how that can happen09:50
tsdgeosdyams: pushed changes so we do the same qdeclarativeview does in init10:02
* tsdgeos shakes fist against workers drilling the street in front of his house10:03
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ryeping JohnLea, bug #878492 was resolved for Unity2D by setting global menu shortcut to Alt+F10. In Unity, the shortcut is F10 - is it intended?10:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 878492 in unity (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcut - F10 shortcut is used to show menu and this is wrong" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87849210:41
JohnLearhy; then it should not be marked as fixed released in Unity.  didrocks, did you mark this fixed released for Unity by mistake?10:43
* rye notices, that nick is "rye" - from "Roman Yepishev" :)10:44
didrocksJohnLea: it's my script, I think there is a bug when there is an unity-2d fix linked to an unity one :)10:45
JohnLeadidrocks; could there be other bugs also affected by this script bug?10:45
JohnLeadidrocks; (obviously we need to revert the status change for 'Unity')10:45
didrocksJohnLea: https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/5.410:46
didrocksI see nothing else here10:46
didrocksJohnLea: reverted, thanks10:46
JohnLeadidrocks; this one may have had it's status changed incorrectly as well (but it is not a design bug) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/74254410:47
ubot5Ubuntu bug 742544 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher is shown on the wrong screen in some multi-monitor setups" [Medium,In progress]10:47
didrocksJohnLea: we need to track this one to not have a difference between 2D and 3D10:47
JohnLeadidrocks; just read the bug, invalid now we have a launcher on every monitor10:47
JohnLeadidrocks; so ignore last comment10:48
didrocksJohnLea: no, the unity task is obselete here with the new multimonitor work10:48
didrocksno worry :)10:48
tsdgeosgreyback: ping10:48
greybacktsdgeos: pong10:48
tsdgeosgreyback: will the dash multimonitor code, i've been looking at DashClient and in particular its alwaysFullScreen code, and it seems to me it doesn't really belong there since our FooClient stuff are mostly for dbus communication while this alwaysFullScreen code is "logic", can i move that code to the shellmanager? Actually i kind of *need* it since i need to make the alwaysFullScreen screen aware and doing it in DashClient is kind of painful10:50
greybacktsdgeos: I agree, and yes I see how it suits you better10:50
ryeSo it will be Alt+F10, by default, right?10:53
greybackrye: yep10:53
didrocksrye: thanks for spotting it :)10:54
ryedidrocks, then I have to highlight the following bug from gtk - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=661973 - when people will hit f10 that will flicker the menus11:01
ubot5Gnome bug 661973 in gtk "gtk+ reacts on F10 press incorrectly with xkeyboard-config-2.4.1" [Major,Unconfirmed]11:01
ryedidrocks, you can see this now if you change the shortcut to Alt+F10, since F10 was former keybinding it can be surprising and seen like a bug in unity11:02
didrocksrye: interesting, I'll keep it under my radar once the change to 3D is done.11:02
ryedidrocks, thank you11:04
didrocksrye: thank *you* for spotting them :)11:05
ryeoh, by the way, while i am still drawing the attention, qt apps (such as keepasx and now our very own Ubuntu One control panel) which use Qt render the fonts bold by default - is it planned to be changed?11:08
Andy80om26er_: yesterday when you wrote me about "artifacts" on some Unity components (Asus 1215P and Precise) you were talking about this bug https://twitter.com/#!/andreagrandi/status/171357025547198464/photo/1 ?11:10
ryeAndy80, interesting, i see the same in top left corner with text - as if some column of pixels gets duplicated and overlays original one11:12
ryebut not on both machines11:12
om26er_Andy80, yep11:12
om26er_there is a report for that11:12
Andy80om26er_: nice :) just what I wanted to know (if I needed to report it or not)11:13
Andy80to avoid duplicating the bug11:14
Andy80rye: it's "good" then, I mean... that more people is having this bug so we can report it with more details11:14
Andy80rye: what resolution do you have on the PC where you are having this?11:15
om26er_bug 92744111:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 927441 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92744111:18
om26er_Andy80, ^^11:18
om26er_oh damn just remembered I had to test something about this bug :/11:18
tsdgeosdyams: pushed new code for the dash move around thingie you found11:30
Saviqtsdgeos, dyams guys let me know what I can help with for MM11:31
tsdgeosSaviq: fix the struts problem :D11:31
tsdgeosthat's the biggest thing11:32
Saviqtsdgeos, "fix" as in implement it in metacity..11:32
tsdgeosactually i'm not sure we continue doing any MM until we decide what to do with it11:32
tsdgeossince without it the rest is actually kind of worthless11:32
SaviqKaleo, dyams, tsdgeos, greyback, I think we should mumble that ^11:32
Saviqunless greyback you were investigating that already?11:33
SaviqI've kind of dropped in the middle of your talk guys so bear with me11:33
greybackSaviq: I was doing some early research on it only.11:33
Kaleotsdgeos: Saviq is going to help you on MM now :)11:35
SaviqKaleo, only that the struts is currently the most pressing issue11:36
tsdgeosif we can get the "only get struts on the left, the rest of the windows act as with hide-mode 1" then it is "ok", otherwise it's a lot of work and we should get that agreed upon asap or just defer MM support altogether11:38
tsdgeosKaleo: did you read the summary i made on the struts issue?11:38
Kaleotsdgeos: nope, but I understand that it's going to be a lot of work to implement MM struts11:46
Kaleotsdgeos: how much work are we talking about is the question11:46
tsdgeosKaleo: means changing metacity, and Qt at least, i'd say one week at least if i am totally lucky in all the changes i made, most likely 2 :D (though that's just an almost totally uninformed guess)11:47
Kaleotsdgeos: ok11:48
tsdgeosKaleo: but it won't be less than that unless you get someone that knows the struts stuff , can only be more, i just need to know if we want to commit ourselves to that or not11:48
Kaleotsdgeos: that's a fair question11:49
Kaleotsdgeos, Saviq, greyback: mumble11:49
Kaleoif you guys don't mind11:49
KaleoSaviq, tsdgeos, greyback: mumble? :)12:12
tsdgeosSaviq: greyback: we did no merge the "smart Background" class yet, right?12:22
greybacktsdgeos: no we have not12:22
tsdgeosgreyback: Kaleo: just to be sure, we are going for the compromise solution, i.e. there's no reason to keep developing the "move dash to different shells" feature12:26
SaviqKaleo, greyback, tsdgeos: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/849876/ that works12:27
Saviqtsdgeos, only thing is that the launcher is positioned wrong, you fixed that for MM?12:27
tsdgeosSaviq: what you mean with "positioned wrong" exactly?12:28
greybacktsdgeos: correct, with only one launcher ever, we only need one shell12:28
Saviqfor hide-mode 012:28
Saviqin hide-mode 0 it was stuck to the right edge of left screen12:28
Saviqtsdgeos, it was the self-strut issue12:28
tsdgeosbut that was when we had multiple launches12:29
tsdgeosif you only have one that won't happen12:29
tsdgeoswhat you saw on the right edge of the screen was actually the "secondary monitor" launcher12:29
Saviqtsdgeos, it's the same code - the self-strut in updateshellposition12:30
tsdgeosi know what code it is12:31
Saviqtsdgeos, it's fine in hide-mode 1, but not in 012:31
tsdgeosbut that's a non issue12:31
Saviqyes it's an issue12:31
Saviqtsdgeos, I'm testing moving the whole shell to a different (primary) screen now12:31
Saviqthat screen can be the right one12:32
Saviqand the issue is there12:32
tsdgeosSaviq: unlucky you12:32
tsdgeosyou have the same problem12:32
tsdgeoscan't create struts there12:32
tsdgeoshence can't do that12:32
tsdgeosthe strut can only be on the left of the "big screen area"12:33
tsdgeoswe don't support struts on the right "monitor"12:33
tsdgeosbe it primary or not12:33
Saviqyeah ok12:33
Saviqyou're right, but the positioning issue is the same, to be fixed12:33
tsdgeosthe code is fine12:34
Saviqit doesn't seem to be updating the size properly when just changing the monitor arrangement12:34
tsdgeosin the sense that it would work if the strut was being applied correctly12:34
tsdgeosthe problem is that the strut is not applied correctly :D12:34
tsdgeosthe strut is applied to the wrong screen and thus the positioning code thinks it has strut width to substract but really does not12:35
tsdgeosand that's why you get a shifted launcher12:35
SaviqKaleo, so bar some positioning / sizing fixes, the primary screen solution works12:35
Saviqfor auto-hide we would still need to implement the barriers12:35
Saviqand we can't have struts there, either12:35
KaleoSaviq: what do you mean we can't have struts there?12:41
diwichi! what does it mean when the small arrow next to an active application (in the left bar) is not filled?12:43
SaviqKaleo, if we move the shell to a non-left-edge screen12:44
Saviqthere's no putting struts there12:44
dyamsdiwic: currently it implies application is not in current workspace12:45
diwicdyams, hmm, I don't remember moving my terminal window to another workspace, might be a 12.04 bug12:46
dyamsdiwic: check with spread( hit Super+S )12:46
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diwicdyams, hmm, it seems to have corrected itself now, now they are all in the first workspace.12:48
diwicand the arrow is filled again.12:48
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KaleoSaviq|bbiab: even by just computing the right position for the strut?12:56
KaleoSaviq|bbiab: something confuses me12:56
LevanI have couple of ideas to make ubuntu more convenient how do i share them13:01
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Andy80om26er__: is there anything I can do to help you testing/triaging the bug #927441 ?13:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 927441 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "Far left character in panel (and launcher popups) distorted" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92744113:07
om26er__Andy80, you could download alpha2 of precise and see if the issue occurs there, if not then on the live session just update unity and restart unity to see if the issue occurs13:10
om26er__so we are sure if its a driver issue or a Unity one13:10
om26er__or I will do that when i get some time :p13:11
Andy80om26er__: what you mean with "there"? I've already installed Precise on your same netbook :) it's not a live, it's an upgrade from 11.10.13:11
Andy80about this machine, I prefer not upgrading, it's my main PC and cannot risk installing a non stable version :\13:12
om26er__Andy80, we need to make sure if it started with some Unity update or mesa update13:12
om26er__I'll be testing that in a few hours13:12
om26er__and then update the bug report13:12
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ali1234i just updated and i'm having problems revealing the launcher on the main monitor13:14
ali1234only the main monitor though. on the second monitor it works exactly like it did before13:14
ali1234it's not a matter of sensitivity either. sometimes it reveals, sometimes it won't no matter how hard i push13:14
ali1234is this bug reported?13:15
ali1234i'm on 5.4 - bug did not happen in 5.213:15
ali1234om26er: is https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/923749 really about this? (see my comment on that bug too)13:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 923749 in unity (Ubuntu Precise) "New "push mouse offscreen" feature really difficult to get" [Critical,Triaged]13:27
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SaviqKaleo, what do you mean "even by just computing..."?14:54
SaviqKaleo, it's not us that has problems with no struts being applied, it's window management and window sizing et al14:55
diwicdyams|away, it happened again so I filed bug 93696614:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 936966 in community.linuxmint.com "Typo in command at website" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93696614:59
diwiceh, bug 93699614:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 936996 in unity (Ubuntu) "Launcher shows app is in another workspace, but it isn't" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93699614:59
Kaleogreyback: is that the HUD MR? https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-2d/hud2/+merge/9359015:05
greybackKaleo: yes15:05
Kaleogreyback: that's everything I need?15:05
greybackKaleo: yep15:05
greybackI'm working on fixing tests now15:05
Kaleogreyback: ok15:05
Kaleogreyback: ok, I have a couple of remarks functionality wise15:14
greybackKaleo: all comments welcome :)15:14
Kaleogreyback: it's in the MR now15:15
greybackKaleo: focus follows mouse i consider separate fix15:16
Kaleogreyback: fair enough15:16
greybackbut I am aware of it15:16
Kaleogreyback: do you know of a general bug report for that? if so, can you put it in the milestone15:16
Kaleogreyback: so that we don't forget about it15:16
greybackKaleo: I'll look, and add if necessary15:17
Kaleogreyback: cool15:17
Kaleogreyback: code looks great15:18
greybackKaleo: thank you15:18
* greyback is waiting for the "except for... " :)15:19
Kaleogreyback: additional issues being posted now15:27
davmor2gord: in hud if you open an app and press alt several times I've noticed that sometimes it has the app icon and sometimes not15:30
gorddavmor2, yup15:31
mhr3greyback, who maintains qtbamf?15:31
gordi swear, people on irc all have secret meetings where they wait so they can all synchronise their pings so that your guaranteed to get ten at once15:32
mhr3gord, oh, you don't go to those meetings?15:33
davmor2gord: no we just all like you so much that we think it is awesome to ping you once a second to remind you15:33
gordi'm going to change my nick to guest0138123 and be invisible from everyone!15:34
popeydavmor2: got a bug filed for that?15:39
popeyor indeed gord15:39
davmor2popey: no I was going to ask gord if there was before I filed one, just got caught up in something else though15:41
popeydavmor2: i have noticed it too15:41
mhr3Kaleo, pls a quick approve on https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/bamf-qt/pkgconfig-fix/+merge/9155215:50
* davmor2 prods gord for an answer15:53
davmor2gord: does ubuntu-bug hud work or is there more to the title than that?15:54
mhr3Kaleo, and https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/dee-qt/pkgconfig-fix/+merge/91551 as well15:56
gorddavmor2, tbh i don't want a bug for that, it'll be fixed by other bugs being fixed, so its just extra paperwork15:58
Kaleomhr3: done15:58
davmor2gord: no worries as long as it is on your radar15:58
greybackmhr3: oh thank you16:00
greybackKaleo: you too16:00
mhr3greyback, oh... and i my build just noticed it's not correct :/16:01
greybackmhr3: shoot, what's wrong with it?16:02
mhr3greyback, it's missing prefix16:03
mhr3+configure_file (libqtbamf.pc.cmake ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/libqtbamf.pc16:03
mhr3+    @ONLY)16:03
mhr3+install (FILES ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/libqtbamf.pc16:03
mhr3+    DESTINATION ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/pkgconfig16:03
mhr3     )16:03
mhr3next time i should try the branch before thinking it's the same thing i just did... :/16:03
greybackmhr3: my apologies, got distracted there. It's not been merged yet has it? Need it reverted?16:16
greybackSaviq: would you have any comments on https://pastebin.canonical.com/60594/16:18
mhr3greyback, it's cool, it failed, so would be nice to amend it ;)16:18
greybackmhr3: Jenkins found it failed too. I'll fix it up16:20
greybackmhr3: fixes pushed, will you have a quick look to make sure I didn't screw anything up?16:50
mhr3greyback, sure16:51
greybackmhr3: thank you16:51
greybackmhr3: and apologies for the error16:52
mhr3my bad, should have noticed it before clicking approve16:54
gordyou guys are far too polite ;)16:55
m4n1shDBO: ping17:35
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uni4dfxHello. I am looking for some specific ApplicationIndicator information. Is this the right place to ask?17:58
davmor2gord: apparently my old be got invalid'd so I added a new one bug #937119 let me know if there is anything useful I can add17:58
ubot5Error: Launchpad bug 937119 could not be found17:58
uni4dfxIs it possible to disable existing ApplicationIndicators?18:00
gorddavmor2, ^^ its private ;)18:00
davmor2gord: try again18:01
gorddavmor2, yeah the stacktrace is useless, maybe the retracers will help18:03
davmor2gord: I think that is what it got marked invalid last time, I've added the script this time though so you guys can reproduce it locally if it is crap again18:05
uni4dfxis there a unity development channel?18:09
Daekdroomuni4dfx, yes: #ubuntu-unity18:10
uni4dfxCan someone point me to the source code of Unity's ApplicationIndicators?18:11
s9iper1cimi: i guess this bug has enoughf info can you lok at  it and can i asign u you ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/93384118:11
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933841 in unity (Ubuntu) "Ugly context menu" [Low,Confirmed]18:11
Cimis9iper1, empathy is a bug, desktop menu is not18:12
Cimiwe decided for light menus18:13
DaekdroomCimi, but the submenus on the Unity panel being white is a bug, right?18:15
s9iper1hmm ok thanks very much ken also assign  you my bug see  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/92965118:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 933841 in unity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #929651 Ugly context menu" [Low,Confirmed]18:18
CimiDaekdroom, this is a bug, they should be dark18:19
DaekdroomAh, ok.18:19
s9iper1_cimi: so its a light but18:24
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
gotwigmhall119: hey18:26
FloatingGoatwow the unity developers need to stop.. just stop....19:17
FloatingGoatBEING SO AWESOME!!19:17
DaekdroomThat's so not what usually happens in this channel.19:19
DaekdroomAnd I agree. They're doing a very good job for Precise.19:19
s9iper1i need the latest ppa of unity i searched but cannot find any body helps19:22
thomis9iper1: ppa:unity-team/ppa19:22
thomibschaefer: ping?19:22
bschaeferhey was just about to ping you!19:22
thomiheh, just "got to work"19:22
bschaeferthomi, haha, yeah me too19:22
thomiI *love* my morning commute19:22
bschaeferyeah the best is I had a snow storm a few weeks ago, and didn't miss any work :)19:23
thomioooh, nice.. you're in the US somewhere? We have summer19:23
bschaeferyeah Washington State19:23
thomi...although it's kind of grey right now...19:23
thomicoming to UDS this year?19:24
thomis9iper1: yw19:24
bschaeferit's moderate right now, and I believe so I went to the last one19:24
bschaeferand it is only about a 2 hour plane ride this time ;)19:24
thomicool. Anyway, I'll be finishing up the CJK stuff today - I wanted to make sure I didn't duplicate anything you've already done19:25
thomiI *think* the only thing we're missing is the ability to install an engine using python19:25
FloatingGoatprecise is amazing19:26
FloatingGoatI love it19:26
bschaeferand yeah that is all we are missing19:26
bschaeferwhich I needed to talk to you about testing the HUd!19:26
FloatingGoati've been using it for like two days and i cant even go back to my stable install its so great19:26
thomibschaefer: OK, have you seen TIm's latest blog post? It's about testing the hud :)19:27
bschaeferOoo nice, will read right now :)19:27
bschaeferwhat is his site?19:27
bschaeferI guess I need that haha19:27
* thomi looks19:27
thomibschaefer: http://how-bazaar.blogspot.co.nz/2012/02/guilt-reduction.html19:28
bschaefersweet thanks!19:29
Andy80I just had an idea for Ubuntu and Unity, but I'll try to prepare some mockups before submitting it :P19:29
huayraunity as of today works great :) Only regression I can see is in when I move from the Spotify menues (Qt application) to the indicators and go back to the Spotify menues19:29
Andy80stay tuned :)19:30
thomianyway, let me know what your testing requirements are, and we can sort something out. AFAIK there's very little introspection information available for the Hud, so it'll probably require tweaking unity19:30
DaekdroomWhich package do I report against if Clementine is not using appmenu-qt?19:33
bschaeferand will do thomi, and Ill make sure I send gord an email about the hud19:33
thomibschaefer: OK. sounds good.19:34
bschaeferand +1on all the testing :), hopefully no regressions! Thanks19:34
bschaeferwell I mean hopefully they are all caught19:35
huayraglad to see MyUnity in 12.04... but it does not work with 5.419:36
bschaeferthomi, o yeah, have you found a way to get info from the search results?19:38
thomiint he dash or the hud?19:38
bschaeferfrom the dash19:38
thomibschaefer: I know what needs to be done. It involves refactoring some ugly code in Unity. It's next on my list ;)19:38
thomishouldn't take too long though19:38
bschaeferthomi, sweet! As that will be awesome for testing CJk19:39
thomiyeah - Martin sent me some tests that need to introspect the dash...19:39
thomisomething like "reveal dash, type "photo" (but in chinese), verify that shotwell appears in the dash."19:39
thomiBut there's a bit of confusion around when this should work - you must have to set your locale correctly19:40
bschaeferI haven't done that in a while19:40
bschaeferso I need to refresh my self, which is something im doing today19:40
bschaeferIll keep you updated!19:41
bschaeferyup, have a good day19:41
hcabaguiohey guys I have an idea19:47
hcabaguiowhat if instead of having a separate alt+tab "window" its a part of the launcher?19:48
hcabaguioI mean, the launcher already shows open applications so why have a separate window to show it again?19:49
thomibschaefer: figured out how to add an engine to the preload list - it's actually pretty simple ;)19:51
thomibschaefer: Is it better to not use the global engine thing?19:52
thomiif we just add it to the loaded engines list, we can change the tests to enable and disable the first engine with Ctrl+Space, right?19:52
bschaeferI used to global so we could set it ourself20:00
bschaeferbecause there is a list of engines, when you add multiple ones; and the order isn't always the same20:01
bschaeferthomi ^20:01
thomiOK, well, that's not going to be a problem shortly20:01
thomiyeah - I can set the order20:01
bschaeferthomi, awesome! I want to look at your code when you have it done :)20:01
thomiheh, OK20:02
bschaeferalso the only way right now that Im getting Chinese search working is by setting it as my language20:02
bschaeferby setting Chinese as my language...20:02
bschaeferthomi, here is your test running, and it looks like its working20:14
thomiI'm almost finished this engine stuff20:15
bschaeferit also got shortwell and some others20:15
thomibschaefer: what locale do you have set?20:16
thomiI wonder if you can set that in python20:16
thomiHow's you set it?20:16
bschaeferhmm I think the problem with that is when I change languages you have to log out20:16
bschaeferso got to system settings20:16
bschaeferand then at the bottom right there are 2 people20:17
bschaefereverything is in chinese sooo I cant read it haha20:17
bschaeferthomi, let me write out what needs to be install and changed to get it working20:17
thomilogging out is an issue :(20:18
bschaeferyeah :(20:18
thomiWe may need a separate test machine in the lab with a different locale set20:18
bschaeferhmm yeah, I wonder if we can set it up to search through all locales20:19
bschaeferit would get slow though20:19
bschaeferthomi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/850466/20:30
bschaeferhopefully that explains it enough!20:31
bschaeferI got stuck in chinese for a while once...20:31
thomiawesome. I'll try and see if we can do that in python20:31
thomiOK, there'20:31
thomis a new version of my branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~thomir/unity/ibus-testing/20:32
bschaeferyeah, I think you can set the languages but the relog is the annoying part. OO what if you can do a unity --reset?20:32
bschaefersweet ill check it out20:32
thomibschaefer: are you able to run it and see what the tests do?20:32
bschaeferhmm the ibus doesn't seem to get activated20:35
bschaeferI can go into the dash and ctrl+space then start the test and it works 100% though20:35
thomihmmm, ok20:37
thomiI'll play around with it some mre20:37
thomiI'm switching to chinese, so if I don't come back, you know what's happened to me ;)20:37
bschaeferhaha alright, email me if you get stuck ;)20:38
bschaeferif you can20:38
bschaeferjaytaoko, ping20:38
thomibschaefer: those tests should work - they work perfectly in the terminal, so I'm not sure what's going on20:55
thomibschaefer: what do I need to get ibus input working in the dash? Is there a branch I can grab from somewhere?20:55
bschaeferthomi, yeah but there are 2 branchs for it ;(20:55
bschaeferone for nux and one for unity20:56
bschaeferthomi, does ibus work for say gnome-terminal?20:56
thomibschaefer: yeah20:56
thomiif I change the tests to write in the terminal it works perfectly20:56
bschaeferhmm also it should be working in the dash, as I fixed the focus problem :(20:57
bschaeferso not works with ctrl+space in dash for trunk unity right now?20:58
thomiso if you do it manually it works for you? i.e.: hit ctrl+space, reveal dash, type 'abc1'20:58
thomithen Ctrl+space again to turn off ibus20:58
thomithis is *without* the gloabl engine enabled20:58
bschaeferwell I need to revet back to the trunk unity...as Im using an updated one with the new ibus support20:59
bschaeferyeah, global shouldn't effect it working or not21:00
bschaeferlp:~unity-team/unity/unity.text-entry-im and lp:~unity-team/nux/nux.text-entry-im-auto-test21:01
bschaeferare the two branchs, all I have to fix is 1 problem for those to get merged...21:01
bschaeferthomi, also does your ibus start right away? or are you starting the ibus daemon?21:03
thomibschaefer: I start the daemon if it's not running in the python code21:24
bschaeferthomi, can you go to system settings->language support really quick21:24
bschaeferand see if ibus is selected21:25
bschaeferunder keyboard input method system?21:25
thomiWTF? Since switching back to english, that dialog is still in chinese, but everything else is english :(21:25
thomiit's set to 'none'21:25
bschaeferumm go to regional formats and make sure that is english21:25
bschaeferthomi, set that to ibus21:25
bschaeferwhat happens when unity first starts, it see no input method is used and it effects some code in IMTextEntry21:26
thomibschaefer: hmmm, but I can't set that inside an AP test21:26
bschaeferthomi, also press Apply System-Wdie21:26
bschaeferthomi, it shouldn't be a problem soon21:27
bschaeferthomi, that part from unity is getting removed soon21:27
thomibschaefer: OK well I *think* the latest rev of my branch should work, once the ibus stuff is up and running21:28
bschaefersweet thanks, testing!21:28
thomiFWIW it's probably a good idea to run these tests inside a guest session, just to make sure that you don't have any custom settings affecting the test results21:28
bschaeferyeah I can, but its working :)21:29
bschaeferill test it on a guest one to make sure21:29
thomiGotta reboot21:29
thomibschaefer: how come I still get some things in chinese even though all the 'zh' language packs have been removed?21:34
thomiin system settings, the language support thing is in chinese, and apt is in chinese too :(21:34
bschaeferthomi, really?21:35
thomiyeah :(21:35
bschaeferthomi, your user account was set back to english? What do you have set under regional formats in language support?21:36
bschaeferdid you apply system-wide?21:36
thomiahhh, there's a setting in the user account too21:36
thomiRIGHT, LET'S TRY THAT...21:37
thomithat fixed it :)21:39
bschaeferI was almost out of ideas21:40
bschaeferthomi, also is your ibus working in the dash now?21:42
thomibschaefer: nope21:43
bschaeferhmm, what version of unity do you have?21:43
thomiI'm running the unity-team/ppa21:44
thomiI can start trunk if that'll help21:44
Daekdroomthe unity-team/ppa is behind precise repos.21:44
thomiOK, I'm running 5.4.0-0ubuntu121:45
bschaeferthomi, yeah that wil help21:45
bschaeferthe focus fix for the ibus should be in trunk21:45
thomibschaefer: ok, just building trunk now21:45
bschaefercool, also my guest session is broken soo I couldn't test it in there21:46
bschaefernot really sure when that happened though haha21:46
bschaeferbut your test worked for me on my normal one21:46
thomiOK - the onyl thing to watch out for is if you've set any custom settings that are not set on a default unity install21:47
thomisince the test machines are stock-standard ubuntu21:47
bschaeferok, Ill start setting up a test VM for this kind of thing21:48
bschaeferwhere it will just be a standard ubuntu install21:48
thomibschaefer: a second user account will at least eliminate system settings changes21:48
thomibschaefer: and getting unity to run inside a VM can be difficul21:49
bschaeferI know, that is where I do most my dev work21:49
thomibschaefer: I'm now running trunk, and still no luck21:49
thomioh ok21:49
thomilet me make you a short video :)21:49
bschaeferalright haha21:49
bschaeferthomi, also is there a reason to open and close the dash each time?21:51
thomihmm, 4.6MB... whare can I stick this?21:51
bschaeferor are you using it to select all text?21:51
thomibschaefer: yeah - it's better to start all tests the same way21:51
bschaeferthomi, alright, just curious21:51
thomibschaefer: we can't control the order to tests, so you have to assume that everything is in the default state, and you need to leave it in the same way21:52
bschaeferand you can email me it :)21:52
thomibschaefer: ahh, of courtse21:52
thomisending now21:54
bschaefersweet, im just stress testing the test.21:55
bschaeferso far 4/5 times worked 100% of the times21:55
bschaefersometimes it fails because it doesn't close the dash...which doesn't select all text so the text check is failing21:56
bschaefersweet got your email21:56
thomibschaefer: OK, that's fixable21:58
bschaeferthomi, so ctrl+space in the dash wont work? With trunk...21:59
bschaeferthat is no good!22:00
thomibschaefer: if the dash is showing, Ctrl+Space does not enable ibus - if I close the dash it doesn't work in the terminal either22:00
bschaeferyeah, that is what the global setting does I believe22:01
bschaeferso if you activate it in the in one app you don't have to set it again in the other app22:01
thomiahhh, OK.22:01
thomiin that case my video is flawed, but it still doesn't work for me22:01
bschaeferbut the dash should be working independently with a ctrl+space!!22:01
thomibschaefer: that also means all those tests should fail22:02
thomibecause we enable ibus *before* we open the dash22:02
bschaeferare you using set_global_engine?22:02
thominot any more22:02
bschaefero i think its because I have ibus active in the dash haha22:03
bschaeferwhy the test past for me22:03
bschaeferyup haha22:03
bschaeferyeah I guess I did a ctrl+space and forgot to undo it!22:03
thomiOK, so the tests need to activate ibus *after* opening the dash?22:04
bschaeferyes, if we are no longer using the global setting22:04
thomiok, I'll fix the tests22:04
bschaefercool, I also tried using preload engines and it wouldn't work for me!22:05
bschaeferbut just tested it out and you are setting the inactive ones correctly :)22:05
bschaeferconfig.set_list("general", "preload_engines", engine_list, "s")22:06
bschaeferi tried that same line!22:07
bschaeferhaha, but good that it works. I must have been doing something wrong haha22:07
thomibschaefer: new verion of my branch22:13
thominow ibus is activated after dash loads22:13
bschaeferalright, pulling22:15
bschaeferRan 5 tests in 30.113s22:16
bschaeferall worked :)22:16
bschaeferand I made sure ibus wasn't set before the test22:16
bmcorserhello gang23:26
bmcorseranyone in here experienced issues using their apple trackpad with ubuntu 11.10?23:28
bmcorsernamely the cursor getting stuck in the top left screen corner when making a four-finger gesture23:28
DaekdroomShouldn't the HUD icon size match Launcher's for consistency?23:34

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