jrwrenrick_h: that printer thing is very funny01:01
snap-lGood morning11:53
rick_hgood workd brousch who's not here12:33
snap-lI just ordered it and will at some point read it in the cloud reader.13:43
brouschi love the python community14:21
snap-lWhat did they do now?14:32
brouschi emailled matt harrison of "Guide to: Learning Python Decorators" about our GRPUG meeting tonight. he said he would use one of his Amazon free ebook days to make his book free today14:33
brouschi asked for a copy to give away and he made it free for everyone14:33
snap-lYeah, that's awesome. :)14:36
snap-lThank you. :)14:36
brouschone of the books i should just give to you. http://www.manning.com/sande/14:38
brouschsince you have kids in their target audience14:38
brouschthey sent 2 copies of that14:39
snap-lIf you want to send it our way, that's cool. :)14:40
brouschbleh, wrong tab14:41
brouschbut i would be happy to get you in touch with my contact at manning14:41
brouschshe was very helpful14:42
snap-lbrousch: That would be great14:42
snap-lI think we should get back into the user group panhandling for books. :)14:42
brouschmanning, packt, o'reilly, apress14:43
* snap-l bought a bare Squeezebox Classic last night14:43
snap-lmade a pretty low-ball offer, and the guy accepted it.14:43
snap-lWhic worries me. :)14:43
snap-lBut my goal is to get rick_h to buy a Squeezebox by the end of the talk.14:44
snap-lhttp://www.logitech.com/en-us/speakers-audio/wireless-music-systems/devices/7934 <- Think I could get rick_h to get this by the end of the talk? :)14:46
brouschi rarely listen to music over speakers at home14:47
brouschheadphones ftw14:48
snap-lbrousch: Got you covered.14:48
snap-lEven on your laptop14:48
brouschbut my google music is available on my laptop or in my pocket14:48
snap-lThis will do FLAC14:49
snap-land internet radio14:49
brouschi killed all my flac for mp3 320k14:49
snap-lbrousch: WHY?!?!14:49
brouschgoogle music was flaky on flac14:49
brouschand i'm no audiophile ;)14:49
snap-lbrousch: I see that as a deficiency of Google Music.14:49
rick_hwhat talk is this?14:51
snap-lI'll be presenting the Squeezebox at MUG14:51
snap-lin March14:51
rick_hdude, a 1200 squeezebox?14:53
snap-lThat's the audiophile version. :)14:53
snap-lThat's the more earth-bound version14:54
snap-lplus, I'll have coupon codes for the Logitech Store.14:54
rick_hbetter be a big coupon code!14:56
jrwrenway too much $15:31
snap-ljrwren: Not really. They've come down in price.15:31
snap-land I can show you how to get set up for free. :)15:31
snap-l(well, for the cost of hardware)15:31
jrwrenerr... i'm still not clear on what it is.15:32
snap-lsqueezeslave or softsqueeze15:32
jrwrenis it just a network adapter15:32
snap-lNo, it's a whole music ecosystem.15:32
jrwrenor does it include amp/speakers15:32
snap-lHandles internet radio, music service, etc15:33
jrwrenok, squeezebox controller for iphone looks good.15:33
snap-ljrwren: You can do both15:33
snap-lThere's the Radio, which is like a kitchen radio15:33
snap-land the Touch, which can hook to an amp15:33
snap-land the Transporter, which can eat money in pursuit of audiophile perfection15:34
snap-lBut there's also software clients15:34
jrwreni'd love to run one on a low power something.15:34
snap-lSqueezeplay is their SqueezeOS with a Lua loader15:34
jrwrensomething maybe 1W that I could leave on all the time.15:34
jrwrenhrm... or boots fast so I can 1 button on and be playing music in a few seconds.15:35
snap-lThat's the Radio15:35
snap-lor the Touch (with speakers)15:35
snap-lI'm using the Squeezeslave client to play my music over SSH tunnel15:35
jrwrenha! awesome.15:35
snap-lso I have access to my entire library.15:36
jrwrenhow fast is it at scrubbing your library metadata?15:36
snap-land because I don't own lots of bandwidth, I have it set up to transcode it to 128Kbps15:36
snap-lIt's pretty quick15:36
snap-lSaves it all in sqlite with nightly checks15:36
jrwrenbecuase I've tried the same thing with VPN and itunes and it does not work.15:36
* jrwren is checking out squeezeslave15:36
jrwrenis there a last.fm plugin for squeezeslave? :)15:37
jrwrenoh, slave is the client.15:37
snap-lIt runs on the server15:37
jrwrenand you run squeeze server on your server?15:37
jrwrenso this is like MPD that actually works?15:37
snap-lWhich supports multiple clients15:37
snap-land it's OSS15:37
snap-l(written in Perl)15:37
snap-l_AND_ they document the protocol.15:37
jrwrenare you familiar with MPD?15:38
jrwrenmaybe MPD didn't do the streaming.15:38
jrwrenso this is MPD with streaming.15:38
jrwrensounds great.15:38
snap-lI'm not sure if I used something like MPD in the past15:39
jrwrenmy friend built an entire streaming internet website thing on mpd and icecast15:39
snap-lNo, I didn't use it. I used Firefly (or whatever the itunes thingie was)15:39
snap-ljrwren: Nice!15:39
jrwrenhe built it all together. sounds like squeeze takes care of this for ya15:39
krondorI haven't really looked at audio sync stuff yet in my htpc build.  I'll need to check this out a bit.15:39
jrwrenkrondor: doesn't sound like this is syncing. this is streaming15:40
rick_hjrwren: did you ever see anything with the bookie tag control in FF?15:40
krondorI see there's work on squeezebox xbmc plugin so looks promising to me15:40
jrwrenrick_h: i did see it once more, but didn't screenshot it.15:40
snap-ljrwren: You can sunc several players together15:40
snap-lthough the software clients tend to get out of sync15:40
rick_hjrwren: so it's not 100% of the time?15:40
jrwrensyncing several players?  like multiple player points playing same audio in sync?15:40
snap-ljrwren: Yep15:40
jrwrenrick_h: no, it was 100% of the time, i just don't use bookie that often :)15:40
jrwrenzomg, synced player would be hot.15:41
snap-lGoing to check to see if the hardware players do this better.15:41
rick_hjrwren: ok, gotcha15:41
jrwrenrick_h: i moved to FF aurora and now the issue is gone.15:41
rick_hjrwren: ah ok15:42
rick_hsorry, just hacking on the mobile/responsive ui and figured I'd check while I'm ui hacking15:43
snap-lkrondor: Yeah, that XMBC plugin appears stalled from what I can tell15:43
krondoryou're looking at the old one I think, this is the one I was looking at; http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=9354415:44
krondorthis is the other xbmc multiroom/sync plugin I was looking at before.  http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=7843115:45
snap-lAh, this is a new one15:45
CrusaderADAnyone here familiar with setting up SSH on ubuntu server?15:45
krondorbut it's not exactly light, so maybe squeezebox is more practical for just music.15:45
snap-lCrusaderAD: A bit. :)15:45
snap-lkrondor: Yeah, Squeezebox offloads a lot onto the server, which is perfect for how I listen to music15:46
CrusaderADI've setp openssh-server and I can hit it from inside the LAN just fine... when I'm outside (I can test it from my droid :) ) it says connection refused. I'm pretty sure I have my firewall all setup to allow port 22, I have the same rules setup for FTP and that works just fine. Am I missing something?15:47
snap-lCrusaderAD: IF you can hit on your LAN, then there's some firewall rule preventing access to it15:48
brouschdo you have a nat device in between your computer and the internet?15:48
brouschyou'll need to forward some port on your internet router to port 22 on your computer15:50
CrusaderADI was hoping it was some simple setting on the server... I have a sonicwall which sucks hardcore. I know all is open on the internet router... gotta be the sonicwall.15:51
krondorCrusaderAD:  if you're in front of the server on your LAN and trying to hit it over 3G with your droid you could see if the packet is even getting there with tcpdump.15:52
brouschit's not enough to be open on the router, if it uses nat it has to have specific ports forwarded15:52
krondorCrusaderAD:  tcpdump -i (yourinterface) port 2215:53
CrusaderADkrondor: I'll check that out15:58
CrusaderADthanks for the suggestions, it's gotta be the sonicwall16:00
snap-lMan, I <3 Flesh Field's Reflect The Enemy16:07
snap-lGot me lip-syncing and drumming16:07
rick_hjrwren: you've got an iphone?16:08
jrwrenyes, i have an iphone16:11
rick_hjrwren: can you load up https://bmark.us and let me know if it works?16:11
rick_hcan enter a tag to filter and such?16:11
rick_hit's not overly pretty, but hopefully the responsive css kicks in and the tag control stuff works16:12
jrwrenCrusaderAD: for test you could turn off ftp and tell ssh to listen on port21 and try it. although sonicwall might be doing deeper inspection and block that too :(16:12
jrwrenrick_h: ipad ok?16:12
jrwrenor do you specifically want iphone dimensions?16:13
rick_hjrwren: ipad is cool I guess16:13
rick_hit'll probably not get the mobile css media query16:13
jrwreni'll try both16:13
rick_hit's set to shrink down at 650px ish16:14
rick_hI've not messed with anything apple-ish since the JS drive UI stuff has gone in though16:14
jrwreni actually get no response when searching for a tag on ipad.16:15
jrwrensame search on aurora works great.16:15
rick_hreally, interesting16:15
jrwrenoh.... its a case thing maybe.16:15
jrwrenyup, nm.16:15
* rick_h checks, didn't think tags had case16:15
jrwreni wonder if there is a case hint you can give it ipad textbox16:15
rick_hthat's just a bug. I should lowercase your input on check. I lowercase all tags I think16:16
jrwrenwell, ipad defaults to first letter uppercase and Python gave zero results when python gave results.16:16
rick_hah, gotcha. Yea, so I'm not lowering on completion suggest. I'll add a bug for that16:16
jrwrenon phone the lack of go button makes it unclear that the input box is even there, so if no one has never seen it before they might not know the search box is there.16:17
rick_hyea, but I wanted to give it full width. I've got some polish to do there. Add some margins/padding and such16:17
jrwreneverything else is pretty great.16:17
jrwrennot sure if there are mediaquery options for size whe keyboard is on the screen.16:17
rick_hI might need to figure out how to add in some default text somehow, but it'll be a pita16:17
rick_hno, I can't change your keyboard16:18
jrwrenits still a little wide for when phone is in portrait16:18
rick_hwhat is wide?16:18
jrwreni have to scroll left and right16:18
jrwrenby maybe 50%16:18
rick_hoh hmm, maybe I don't have the viewport things right. It should just be 100% zoom I'd have thoght16:19
rick_h(does on my android)16:19
jrwreni'd think too.16:19
rick_hok, well I'll have to find someone with some apple gear to play with some time. It's a first baby step16:19
rick_hthanks for the testing and the feedback onthe tag control. I knew that was going to be a pain point16:19
jrwrenno prob16:20
brouschtotally borked on my droid16:20
rick_hbrousch: make sure to clear cache if you've ever been before16:21
rick_hmobile devices don't like to give up their cached js/css16:21
brouschi tried clear cache16:21
rick_hk, then you've probably got what _stink_ has, he says his 2.2 devices hates me to16:21
rick_hI'll check it out this weekend when they come by for the sprint16:21
_stink_brousch: you have what i have16:22
_stink_sorry, i am contagious16:22
jrwrenraspberrypi would make a sweet squeezebox client :)16:23
snap-ljrwren: I thought about that.16:23
jrwrensnap-l: if only it had 1/8" out.  I think only audio is in HDMI16:25
jrwrensnap-l: pogoplug might be cool too http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=115217416:25
jrwrenholy crap, there is a glut of these things. http://serverfault.com/questions/152869/low-energy-low-cost-24-7-hardware-linux-box16:27
snap-lFunny thing is the Squeezebox Radio literally has an option to enable SSH16:27
snap-lpassword 123416:27
snap-lIt's a busy box ARM system with a LUA loader16:28
snap-lall of the config files are in Lua16:28
jrwrenmust be a lua web server too?16:28
snap-lNo, server software is Perl CGI16:28
jrwrenfastcgi at least?16:29
snap-lWell, consider this device used to be the SLIMp316:29
snap-ljrwren: It runs it's own web server.16:30
snap-lYou don't have to run apache to run it. :)16:30
jrwrenthat isn't perl CGI then.16:32
jrwrenthat is a perl web server.16:32
snap-lSorry, stuck in the 1990s. :)16:36
snap-ljrwren: YOu should come out to MUG next month. :)16:36
jrwrenfirst tues?16:37
jrwrenwhat is the location? i recall it not being farmingon library anymore.16:37
rick_hit's back there again16:38
jrwrenoh, ok.16:38
snap-lSecond Tuesday of the month16:39
snap-lSo, March 13th16:39
jrwreni put it on calendar. we shall see.16:39
rick_hah crap, I'll be out of town16:40
snap-lrick_h: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO16:41
rick_hsnap-l: pycon waits for no man16:42
brouschsnap-l: you fool. you dare compete with pycon?!16:42
* snap-l plans a private demo at rick_h's bookie sprint16:42
* snap-l wonders if there's a lucrative career in door-to-door music system sales.16:43
PainBankanyone here done a conversion of a .swf to an html app?  decompiling and converting and such...16:48
brouschsounds like a buttload of pain16:51
PainBankmeh, there are some tools out there, that on the surface appear to make it easy to do.16:54
snap-lPainBank: I think they promise more than they deliver17:12
snap-lmuch like nash and flash compatibility. :)17:12
snap-lIN other words, just use IRC and be done with it.17:59
rick_hheh, poor convore18:00
rick_hat least they'll go strong through pycon18:00
snap-lrick_h: Wonder what the new hotness will be for Pycon. :)18:00
rick_hheh, grove.io eh? take 218:00
snap-lYeah, I don't see that being particularly useful18:01
rick_hhah, my coffee shop addition paid off. I made the local newspaper it seems18:03
snap-lBest not use that 15 minutes of fame all in one place.18:03
brouschi suggested convore to jesse noller for something. i wonder if that's why he responded 'lol'18:04
brouschi'm sad to see convore shut down. what they did was basically one of my ideas i never got around to.18:05
snap-lbrousch: There's always room for making IRC easier to use18:06
snap-lmuch like AOL made newsgroups easier to use.18:06
snap-land by extension essentially killed off newsgroups. :)18:07
brouschnot irc. having a forum dedicated to conferences where the point is to continue session discussions after the talk itself18:07
snap-lI feel remiss in not participating in the last two Humble Bundles18:07
snap-lbut I don't have an Android Phone (yet)18:08
snap-land I don't know what they're producing for the Mojam bundle18:08
snap-lSomething tells me they're looking for college kids.18:10
nullspaceouch, 30k I wasn't even paid that little out of college18:44
nullspacehmm bad example, I jus tmade myself out to be a crappy coder....18:45
rick_hhttps://twitter.com/#!/niallohiggins/status/171664967647494144 whoa18:47
snap-lrick_h: It's only a matter of time18:50
snap-lApache is unfortunately on the way out from the Web Server market18:50
jrwrenapache is kind and will remain such.18:54
jrwrenask any shared webhost.18:54
snap-lkind and slow18:54
jrwrennot really.18:55
nullspacesnap-l: site sources please18:55
snap-lnginx handles static content like a bat out of hell18:55
nullspaceyeah too bad static pages are well so 199918:55
snap-lSourceforge uses nginx18:55
jrwrenyou need to watch the node.js video that i posted on friday.18:55
snap-lnullspace: Save for jpgs and mp3 and ogg files, sure, they're 199918:55
jrwrenthe event loop b.s. is basically exaclty node.js18:56
jrwrenthere is a reason nginx is so fast, it doesn't do as much18:56
brouschand CSS18:56
jrwrena whole lot of hosters actually use all those extra features of apache.18:56
snap-ljrwren: You're correct18:56
snap-lhowever, there is a huge speed increase, and no mod-rewrite BS to be had with using nginx18:57
snap-lthat covers a good portion of usecases18:57
jrwrenyes, but only a tiny interesting portion18:57
snap-lIf you're trying to do mod_auth with LDAP and kerberos, you're better off with Apache18:57
jrwreni'd love to see the bmark where someone takes apache, removes all the modules and compares with nginx.18:57
snap-ljrwren: Tiny? Larger than you think. :)18:58
jrwrenin both mpm_fork and mpm_thread.18:58
jrwrenoh, and BTW, there is no reason someone can't write mpm_eventloop18:58
jrwrenand then apache basically is nginx :p18:58
jrwrenoh look, it already exists.  http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/event.html18:58
rick_hanyone recall off the top of their head how to extract a tarball into a specified directory?18:58
jrwrenits experiemental, just like nginx :)18:59
rick_hmy man page goggles are missing it18:59
jrwrenrick_h: -C dir ?18:59
nullspaceI'm pretty sure that's what you want18:59
snap-ljrwren: All I know is I have decent performance and understandable rules for my nginx setup18:59
jrwreni won't knock nginx at all. it is sweet.19:00
snap-land it took me all of an afternoon to convert19:00
jrwrenbut i won't knock apache either, it is sweet. And I won't say nginx is any better than apache. it is just different.19:00
snap-lfair enough19:00
brouschi'm sure once nginx is feature-complete with apache it will be just as slow and bloated19:01
snap-lbrousch: I doubt it19:01
nullspaceI have yet to run into apache being my bottle neck, ever....19:01
snap-lnullspace: What's the largest site you've ever deployed?19:02
jrwrenhttp://nbonvin.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/apache-vs-nginx-vs-varnish-vs-gwan/  looks like gwan i WAY better at static content19:02
nullspacesnap-l: what metric would you like?19:02
snap-lnullspace: Whatever you can provide. :)19:02
nullspacebut currently what I'm working on is the biggest thing I've ever touched19:02
* brousch suppresses dirty responses19:03
snap-lVarnish + Nginx is quite a killer combo19:03
snap-lbut varnish has it's own compromises.19:03
rick_hnullspace: apache sacrifices on memory, it's a memory hog with apps at scale19:04
rick_hnginx is more cpu bound, and less featureful19:04
rick_hit's a compromise regardless of what you choose, pick you poison19:04
snap-lrick_h is no fun.19:04
nullspace300K+ LOC19:09
nullspaceand it's growing19:09
rick_hLOC == /dev/null19:10
nullspaceso snap-l asks for what ever metric and you cut the first one I give19:10
rick_hgeeze, this dicussion is a repeat of every bad dev conversation ever if it's gotten down to LoC. have fun: http://www.ohloh.net/19:10
rick_hLoC doens't mean anything to hosting19:10
rick_hyou show me a coverage chart that shows you hit every LoC during a web request and I guess we can chat on that19:11
jrwrenthat would mean you are doign it wrong :)19:11
rick_hwhen it gets to the web server we're talking memory footprint, io time, number of workers,19:11
snap-lnumber of users19:12
nullspace2k users19:12
jrwrenconcurrent requests.19:12
rick_hmeh, what's a user? hits to winzip.exe?19:12
snap-lrick_h: IN my case, yes. :)19:12
nullspacerick_h: ok so what do you want?19:12
rick_hor launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs :)19:12
jrwrencan you have 1024+ open files(sockets)19:12
rick_hsnap-l: then in that case varnish is doing all your work, nginx/apache doesn't matter :)19:12
jrwrenso once you raise your file handle limit ot 65k how close to that can you get?19:12
nullspaceI really don't feel like I'm learning anything, just a lot of trolling going on19:13
jrwrengo brad!19:13
jrwrennice call19:13
rick_hnullspace: well web appliaction measuring fall along a ton of different limits/bottlenecks (potential bottlenecks)19:13
rick_hand you end up scaling up/out depending on the limitation your app hits19:13
jrwrenhe left19:13
rick_hdid he? crap missed it19:13
rick_hoh well, wasn't trying to troll, but damn LoC was never a useful metric of anything *sigh*19:14
rick_heven in LP land someone wants us to use LoC to measure "maint. overhead of changes"19:14
rick_hmakes me cry a little inside19:14
snap-lLoC is about as useful a measure as furlongs per fortnight19:15
jrwrenless so.19:16
jrwrenbecause furlongs per fortnight is a valid velocity.19:16
jrwrenLoC isn't valid for anything other than LoC19:16
rick_hat least in our case it's looking at code by looking at code19:18
jrwrensnap-l: apt-cache search squeezebox says no :(  why no?19:18
rick_hsaying that LoC is a server measure is a giant screwball19:18
snap-ljrwren: Have to download it from Logitech19:18
jrwrenthe server?19:19
jrwreni thought the linux server was open source19:19
jrwrenthe wiki says it is.19:20
jrwrenwhy has no one packaged it? total bummer19:20
snap-lIt is packaged.19:21
snap-lone sc19:21
jrwrenwhy is the deb twice the size as the mac/windows package?19:23
brouschbecause it's twice as awesome19:24
snap-lbrousch: Beat me to it. :)19:24
brouschbecause i am twice as awesome!19:28
nullspaceyou guys still going at it?19:30
snap-lNah, we're done for now.19:30
nullspacerick_h: I'm really unsure how to test our applications limits but it's a damn sight faster than what it's replacing19:32
rick_hnullspace: understand. response time is a good metric19:33
brouschis there a slashdot simulator?19:34
nullspaceit's private site witha  login19:34
brouschthat just means you need your own private cloud to run the simulator ;)19:34
rick_hsorry http://testutils.org/multi-mechanize/19:34
rick_hnullspace: yea, but you can always fake the POST request to the server with the right headers and follow the redirect for example19:35
rick_hanyway, lots of ways of load testing19:35
nullspace8.56s, 24 requests 313.6KB  < - from firebird19:36
snap-lCould also try throwing ab at it.19:36
rick_houch, 9s?19:36
nullspaceyeah but that's loading pretty much the entire site19:37
nullspace3.19 - JS, 2.2 for images, 1.48s - HTML19:40
brouschmust be a big dashboard thing?19:40
snap-lHow much of that is just getting things ready to be loaded?19:40
nullspacemore like a big input system for a giant calculator19:40
nullspacesnap-l: not sure where to find that for you19:41
snap-lThat would be the number of seconds before your first bit of data comes back19:43
nullspacelooks like 292ms19:44
nullspace680ms for DNS, 514ms for connecting19:45
snap-lThat DNS seems high to me19:46
nullspacegoign through a VPN out to texas19:46
snap-lOh, so the load times are going to be pretty skewed19:47
nullspacewell me going out to texas and back to me is 2.69s, but that's lacking the user privilage code19:50
nullspace45ms waiting19:51
snap-lYeah, so 9s is probably more like 5s19:51
nullspacewe did make a consciouse effrot to make the initial load the slowest but moving from page to page is almost instant19:53
brouscha reasonable compromise for a long-use-time program19:54
nullspaceI haven't looked at tuning our tomcat server configs as I think out biggest gains will be made elseware20:07
nullspacebasic things like gz-ing html, js and css & lowering the frequency or garbage collection are already running20:13
nullspaceany suggestions20:21
brouscha dns server closer to your users?20:22
brouschactually, i guess that would be cut out the vps20:23
jrwren680ms for DNS is insane. that should be <1ms :p20:24
jrwrenvpn is evil.20:25
nullspacewebsense proxy is evil20:28
nullspacethe network monkey who is learning networking as he is building it evil20:29
brouschut oh. has greg-g defected?  https://twitter.com/#!/g_gerg/status/17169427594228531320:39
greg-gbrousch: I have Ubuntu on my x220, don't worry :)20:40
* greg-g came in here after posting that ready to respond to backlash ;)20:40
jrwrenwho cares? I only use linux as server.20:57
brouschoh don't worry. you're on the list20:59
snap-lJesus, recruiters are stupid.21:03
snap-lGot another call from the recruiter re: the "Python Web Developer" position (Which has no details other than the Python Web Developer heading"21:04
snap-lASked them for more info so I can pass it along to other folks21:05
snap-lNext time, I block 'em. :)21:05
snap-lI should be grateful that people still call me, but dammit if it doesn't bug me when they can't take a hint.21:09
snap-lIn any event, if someone wants to do Python Web Development in the Detroit area for around 60K - 80K, have I got a hot lead for you. :)21:14
krondornullspace:  if you don't need dnssec, amazon dns looks really nice for proximity based responses to users.21:18
krondorsays me never having used it :)21:18
nullspaceturns out I was double VPNing out, it's a last resort in a script in the event both VPN servers appear to be down21:19
nullspaceshort story is my VPN timed out twice very quickly and I defaulted to my work mates internet connection, the net monkey is pulling on the cables again21:20
nullspacethis is the only place where I've dropping the net connection is a vaild wayt o fix exchange21:21
krondornot true, exchange hates network transitions (wired/wireless when undocking).  Always have to kill it end that task.21:21
krondorAlso VPN to non-VPN transitions w/ OutlookAnywhere... but most of these probs are because it's exchange and MAPI is evil.21:22
nullspaceI think I've confused you, usually our net engineer restarts kills the network because someone is complaingin about not getting email in some remote part of the world, though being one of only two people with presistant connections to the net we are teh only ones that complaing when the net drops21:23
nullspacemy email is fine21:24
nullspacethat or he insitutes something funky on ISA, yes we still have an ISA firewall21:25
nullspacethough I've heard some the issues might relate to the barcuda having hardware issues21:26
krondorah yes, I thought you meant your issues changing networks with Exchange, not Exchange siezing up until he 'restarts' the network lol.21:26
krondorI keep having to beat the MS guys down with sticks to keep ISA out of here.  Every new MS box they get is like, with ISA I can do X to Sharepoint.21:27
nullspaceI think I threw up in my mouth a little21:27
krondorI just scare them away with things like 'hey look at this neat plone thing.  Do you think it's like Sharepoint?'21:29
nullspacethough I think the guys here could use a sharepoint server, constantly fighting to write to network shared files21:29
krondorGoogle Docs FTW I say21:29
nullspaceif we could locallly run google docs then maybe21:30
nullspacesensetive documents, not that we put in any real work in securing things21:31
krondorbox.net + google docs integration, but it's not cheap.21:32
snap-lBlazeix: BTW: XOnotic 0.5 is released, and it's awesome.21:33
snap-lWas playing it a little over the weekend.21:33
snap-lFeels like they tightened up the bits that annoyed me about Nexuiz21:33
snap-lalso doesn't feel like jackrabbits on acid.21:34
Blazeixah, cool, i'll take a look21:34
nullspacehmm I think the 248.5KB of JS on the server could use a bit of a trim21:41
nullspaceon the plus side yslow gives the our site a score of 9221:45
nullspacesnap-l: 5.43s (onload: 4.9s)21:47
nullspaceyeah the JS is most of the wait time21:47
snap-lThat's not surprising21:54
snap-lMight want to cut that up into separate files21:54
krondorNewegg was genius to make an android app... I couldn't resist http://bit.ly/ybgnsY21:54
snap-lkrondor: Nice!21:55
krondorthey have an 8 bay enclosure too, but the way HD prices are right now...21:56
jrwrensnap-l: I think he means running the onload event21:57
snap-ljrwren: Oh, right.21:59
nullspacenot all of the JS is running on load but I'd say a big chunk is21:59

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