* Cheri703 is watching undercover boss and SUPER craving a rally's burger and fries >.>06:27
Unit193That's one place my mom really loves and doens't have here.06:29
Unit193Their fish ones are great though.06:29
Cheri703I miss it a ton, they're one of few places I like their burgers06:29
Unit193They do have some good stuff...06:30
Cheri703there was one REALLY close to my old place, we went there all the time06:30
Cheri703and the friiiiiiies06:30
Cheri703seasoned fries nom nom06:30
Unit193Pepper fires, not bad.06:31
Cheri703also just the fact that they were open late06:31
Unit193Well, a few places around here are late too, but that's a bit different.06:31
Cheri703not many06:31
Cheri703:( grump grump I want a burger06:35
Unit193I'm thinking food sounds good, dangit.06:35
* Cheri703 is on the job market again, not sure what is going to happen with freaking startek, as they're not especially happy with the fact that I got sick and had to miss work -_- so regardless, I'm looking again06:38
Cheri703even if they don't try to fire me because of getting sick, I don't like the job, so I want to keep looking06:39
Unit193Hmmm... I'm sure I know someone that works there too.06:40
Cheri703a lot of people work there06:40
paultagthafreak: ♥15:26
thafreakyou have like ESP or some shit?15:27
thafreaki JUST looked at the screen like 1 min after you msg me15:28
thafreakpaultag: sent you a linked in request...not sure why we didn't connect up there before15:28
paultagthafreak: you're already accepted, man :)15:28
thafreakthat why you pinging me?15:28
paultagthafreak: yep15:28
paultagless ESP15:29
paultagbut more awesome15:29
thafreakha, gotcha15:29
paultagalright, brb15:30
thafreakAny ubuntu ohio people whom I'm not already connected with, please feel free to connect with me on linked in16:09
paultagdamnit, I wish I could somehow make a coding collective16:15
paultagnot focused on a project, per-se16:15
paultagI guess that's what #whube is16:17
paultagbut we're all inactive16:17
bbb__already connected16:30
* canthus13 thought the open source community was a coding collective. :P16:32
bbb__not a fan16:36
dzhopaultag: don't make me join the channel just to try to figure out what that is.16:38
dzhooops.  too late.16:40
paultagdzho: :)16:40
paultagfffuuuuuuuuu google17:32
=== ronnoc_ is now known as ronnoc
FPCwere haveing trouble downloading & Instaling software21:00
Unit193How so?21:00
FPCWere trying do download Powerterm software from a website and after we down load it we cant find it.21:01
FPCWe installed it previously but cant find it now21:02
Unit193Generally, it's recommended to use software in the repos, but, depending on the browser, should have gone to ~/Downloads/21:04
FPCThe browser downloads?21:06
Unit193What browser were you using?21:06
Unit193Mine asks me where to save it, but you should open your Home folder and check the "Downloads" dir.21:07
FPCNothing shows up on the Home folder downloads. It only shows up on the browser downloads21:08
Unit193Alright, in the browser, right click > Open Download Location (Or something like that)21:09
FPCI have the file on my desktop, and it wont open now.21:13
FPCIts a .sh file21:14
Unit193#ubuntu may be a better support option than here though.21:15
Unit193Otherwise, right click > properties > permissions > executable21:16
FPCwhats/where's that?21:16
FPCwe have ubuntu 11.1021:16
Unit193That's the Ubuntu support channel, you can get to it by typing /join #ubuntu21:16
FPCin the search bar?21:18
Unit193Nope, in the text box of this window where you are talking to me.21:18
FPCok, before that. Where is properties to right click on21:20
Unit193You right click the file, I'd guess you can still do that in Unity...21:21
FPCDo we want exexuted checked?21:25
Unit193You should really try the #ubuntu support channel.....21:30
thafreakanyone try precise alpha2?21:31
Unit193I've tried quite a few daily images, but none "Ubuntu".21:32
* canthus13 is switching to Mint in April.21:34
canthus1310.10 EOLs and I'm not putting ubuntu on my laptop. :/21:34
thafreaki'm snagging the server image now21:36
thafreaki tried resara server, it's pretty cool (Samba4 can act like an active directory server)21:37
thafreakbut it's based on lucid21:38
canthus13I like my debian servers. :)21:38
Unit193I use X/L, generally, what do I care what Ubuntu does with Unity/HUD.21:39
Unit193Have you looked into Tmux?21:40
thafreakbut ubuntu server has this whole orchestra/juju automation stuff21:56
thafreakyay, they changed the ubuntu server boot stuff back...no stupid graphics, and verbose by default!!22:05

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