InHisNameChinnoDog: how about wik or if too long then --> wi02:03
jthanWho's awake?04:25
andrewjthan: me05:39
andrewAre you?05:47
jthanI mean... clearly!05:47
andrewYou could be a script set to respond anytime there is activity.05:48
jthanI could, yes.05:48
andrewSee? Another quick response to me.05:48
jthanProbably a script06:05
andrewI like the variable timing on the responses of this script.06:07
jthanI am very glad06:28
InHisNameI'm awake, too, jthan08:55
InHisNamebtw: good morning08:55
rmg51morning JonathanD10:48
JonathanDMorning rmg5110:51
InHisNameStill, more good mornings11:26
jedijfi think i just read 'google alert' as 'frugal alert'13:10
* ChinnoDog yawns14:00
=== morecheese is now known as adom
teddy-dbearlo :-D18:18
adomhaving fun trying to get this conky theme working...19:23
adomdamn conkyForecast doesn't like my location partner code19:23
adomi dont think i have a default config file for conkyForecast...anyone using conky that can tell me where the config file is normally?19:24
adomi searched /etc but found nothing19:24
jedijf. ?19:30
adomnot in there19:31
jedijf /home/adom/.?19:31
adomlooks like it wasn't using a config file for conkyForecast19:32
adomso im making one19:32
adomlike frankenstein19:32
jedijfjust do static partly sunny19:32
adomstatic partly sunny chance of nyancats19:32
ChinnoDogSomeone has left me a box of bacon mints19:45
waltmanI'm not sure I'd like minty bacon.19:47
ChinnoDogme neither but it is here19:57
ChinnoDogI haven't removed the plastic yet19:57
MutantTurkeyFixed width themes on websites are from hell20:27
MutantTurkeywhy would anyone create a fixed width website?20:27
MutantTurkeythat's just plain dumb.20:27

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