SarvattRAOF: pull the battery on your magic trackpad if you want some fun02:42
RAOFX blows up?02:42
RAOFI'd love to, if I could get the damn thing to pair.02:42
Sarvattthats "the" big bug in our xserver atm from what i can see, blows up lovely when devices are disconnected02:43
RAOFPresumably only touch devices?  My USB mouse is happy to be disconnected.02:44
Sarvattguess so, lots of bugs filed about it and ripping out a magic trackpad is the easiest i've seen to reproduce it from all of them02:45
Sarvattnot sure how other people are hitting it02:45
Sarvattahhhh whot just posted a patch for this bug on xorg-devel https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/92108202:46
RAOFOh, hi!  My touchpad just needed some batteries.02:46
RAOFHey.  What happened to gestures?  Are they still broken?02:47
SarvattRAOF: think you need cnd's clickpad ppa for now02:48
Sarvattvanhoof was saying cnd gave him his gestures back with the ppa so imagine whatever magic it needs is in there02:48
Sarvattcnd: can you add https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/921082 to your list of crap to shove in the next synaptics update with the clickpad stuff?02:52
Sarvattcnd: or is it ok to just upload synaptics with that patch? just dont want to screw up your ppa or anything you have planned, its a very obvious fix02:56
Sarvattcnd: assigned it to you, but reassign to me if its ok to just patch it and i'll push it to git and find a sponsor asap. I know you're in .cz for the fedora hackfest and aren't here now :)03:06
cndSarvatt, rats, I just noticed your messages and the patch after uploading a new synaptics10:32
cndI'll upload a second version with the fix10:32
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tjaaltoncnd: you still use ubuntu+1 branch for -synaptics? :)12:16
cndtjaalton, I never did the switching of branch names12:16
cndRAOF did it for everything12:16
cndso I just never bothered...12:16
cndI probably should switch it though12:16
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cndRAOF, I believe you are an archive admin17:38
cndif so, would you be able to approve xorg-gtest for me?17:39
cndit was uploaded right before FF :)17:39
tjaaltonhe isn't :/17:39
cndtjaalton, it looks like he is: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/+members#active17:39
tjaaltonjust for SRU work or so17:39
tjaaltonI asked about it last week17:40
cndwho is an archive admin who can approve new packages?17:40
tjaaltonjamie did a few reviews for me17:40
cndtjaalton, strandboge?17:41
tjaaltonriddell as well17:41
tjaaltoncnd: yup17:41
cndI just set up daily builds in a ppa, that will probably be good enough for now17:42
cndI suppose I can wait the process out17:42
mdeslauranybody ever see a mouse position offset when using FGLRX?18:19
tjaaltonmdeslaur: like when you hit a window against the top bar?18:20
mdeslaurtjaalton: like you need to click on a link or a tab, you need to have the mouse arrow slightly over the target instead of on it18:21
tjaaltonmdeslaur: ah, haven't seen that, although not using fglrx either18:22
mdeslaurok, thanks18:22
bjsnidermdeslaur, are you sure that's a fglrx issue?18:24
mdeslaurbjsnider: no, I'm not sure it's related18:24
bjsnideryou could use jockey to switch to the radeon driver for one session to check18:25

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