Kilosgood morning all05:24
sakhimorning Kilos and #ubuntu-za 05:42
nuvolario/ morning oom Kilos 06:18
nuvolarihow are you?06:18
Kiloshi there nuvolari , ok ty and you?06:19
Kilosdont forget, monthly meeting here tonight hey?06:19
superflymorning Kilos, nuvolari, sakhi07:05
Kilosmorning superfly 07:05
superflyhrm, I'm going to have to do my site upgrade while floating in the meeting07:05
Kiloswhew dont get distracted07:05
Kiloshi sakhi 07:05
superflyKilos: it should be fine. there are times when I have to wait for 10-15 minutes for an action to complete07:06
superflyKilos: but it's a big upgrade, will likely take about 4-5 hours07:06
Kiloslol i meant from the upgrade not the meet07:06
Kiloswhew thats a big one07:06
superflyIt is, and that's only half of the planned complete upgrade07:07
superflyBut I can do it in two stages, and the other half I will do later this year07:08
Kilosah is everything not dependant on everything else07:09
Kiloslike doesnt work right till upgrade is complete07:09
superflybtw, tumbleweed, the db should be a little smaller07:14
nuvolarimornings superfly 07:15
nuvolariI'm doing good oom Kilos, thanks 07:15
tumbleweedsuperfly: thanks07:28
superflytumbleweed: I "denied" 3 chinese domains, and that seems to have stopped most of the spam... though I'm close to denying yahoo.com, hotmail.com and gmail.com :-/07:31
superflyhi maiatoday :-)07:55
maiatodayhi superfly07:56
Kilosmorning maiatoday 08:02
maiatodayhi Kilos08:02
Kilosyou gonna make the meet tonight maiatoday ?08:02
maiatodayI'll try08:03
inetprowho's got the powers to change the #ubuntu-za topic? 15 Aug is long gone 08:41
inetproToday's agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20120220#Agenda08:41
superflynope, I don't.08:48
maiatodayhmmm agenda here too? http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/353/detail/10:54
inetpromaiatoday: I think the wiki is more flexible and suggested last night that we should just make a link from the loco page to the wiki12:00
inetpromuch better if we keep things in one place 12:01
* inetpro has never edited the loco page 12:01
inetproI would rather leave that to our officials :-)12:02
superflyinetpro: which officials? we don't have any12:02
maiatodayhehe we used to use the wiki but is was suuuper slow at one point. The loco site makes adding an agenda point easy and it seems that most locos are using that for visibility because it appears on the map on the front of the page etc etc12:03
maiatodayit also means other people who are interested in our events see it whereas they probably won't see it in the wiki12:04
inetprosuperfly: Team Admin(s): David Rubin, maiatoday, Morgan Collett12:04
maiatodayI don't actually care, I was under the impression we sortof shifted over. but no matter let's see what kbmonkey wants to do12:05
inetpromaiatoday: hmm... according to kbmonkey the loco site was quite buggy (at least last night)12:05
maiatodayok, I tell you what, I'll go in the ubuntu loco channel and ask them12:06
superflyhrm, didn't we have a vote at our last annual meeting to decide on the loco contacts? and shouldn't they be on that list?12:11
maiatodayok we can choose12:11
maiatodaylooks like the current trend is to make the meeting in loco.ubuntu.com with agenda items there and then paste minutes in the wiki and link to it in the loco event.12:12
maiatodayyou guys know you don't need officials don't you ... :D ... You can do it!12:13
superflyhey, guess what? I blogged! http://blog.saturnlaboratories.co.za/archive/2012/02/20/successful-ubuntu-hour-cape-town-held-11th-february12:13
maiatodayyay for superfly, we'll have something for our monthly report again12:13
maiatoday(14:19:39) head_victim: maiatoday: we had timezone issues with loco.u.c until we assigned our IRC channel venue a local timezone.12:21
maiatoday(14:20:01) head_victim: So we all thought it was buggy for ical feeds but foudn out it was more how we were trying to use it 12:21
maiatodaythe benefit of using loco.ubuntu.com is it appears here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/12:24
inetpromaiatoday: interesting12:35
inetproI think we should just figure how to use those pages effectively and try to eliminate duplication as far as possible12:38
maiatodayok I set the team time zone to africa/johannesburg and set the meeting time zone to the same.12:38
maiatodaythat guy said they had ical issues12:39
maiatodayI gree we shouldn't duplicate12:39
maiatodaythe other benefit of the loco site is you don't need to know how to edit a wiki to add an agenda item12:39
inetpromaiatoday: editing a wiki is really very easy12:39
superflyurgh, the loco site is SLOW\12:39
maiatodaywell so is the wiki oftentimes12:40
inetpromaiatoday: and a wiki has full revision control12:40
maiatodaywell maybe we should decide tonight12:40
maiatodayboth have benefits imho but I don't want to(probably can't :) ) enforce anything12:41
inetproand the ubuntu wiki is a massive source of information12:41
superflyI agree with maiatoday though... the loco site is meant for showing loco activities, so from that perspective it would be in our interests to use it as much as possible.12:42
maiatodaythe loco site has a map that looks like jelly tots, has a twitter feed and is new :D12:42
maiatodaythere is a place for both12:43
maiatodaybut please no duplication12:43
* inetpro also hates duplication12:43
superflyLoco for "events" and wiki for minutes, etc?12:43
inetprosuperfly: define events12:44
inetprowhat about the Agenda?12:44
superflyinetpro: well, the loco has the ability to add an agenda to a meeting.12:45
inetprocan you re-order and or edit items after adding them?12:46
superflyum, I saw something of the sort just now... not 100% sure of ordering, but you can set up parentage12:46
inetproI must say those links like "...353/detail/" don't make sense to me, in the wiki our links are properly structured for ease of navigation12:51
superflyyeesh inetpro, you're finding any excuse possible to not like the loco site! :-P12:51
* inetpro lol12:52
inetprowhy are those links added to the loco agenda not clickable?12:56
superflymaybe there's some sort of markup?13:00
superflyinetpro: the only issue I have with the wiki is that it is not visible... visibility to the loco council matters at re-approval time, and the loco directory seems to be more visible13:09
superflyinetpro: oh, and you can order the items :-)13:09
inetprosuperfly: see how many others do it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam13:10
inetprowe can use both 13:10
superflyinetpro: that's pretty much what I was suggesting13:12
superflywell, except for maybe the agenda, but I didn't specifically say we must use the loco for the agenda13:12
inetproI just don't want us to get to a meeting where the chair is posting agenda items from one system while others have added agenda items on another13:15
tumbleweedat the start of the meeting, the agenda in finalised, and that's that13:16
inetprotumbleweed: good point13:17
inetproI guess that should also be a standard point in the agenda13:18
tumbleweedone acn always have an "any other business" item at the end13:18
Kiloshows the upgrade superfly 13:55
superflyKilos: only tonight, oom.13:55
Kilosoh sorry13:55
Kilosnow i only understand. i thought you were doing the upgrade while at a meeting at work13:56
Kiloswhew im slow13:56
superflyNo, I was talking about the monthly meeting tonight.13:56
Kilosjust realised that13:57
Kilosbut you are a reliable guy and dont miss meets even if you lurk some there, so you could be forgiven14:00
Kilosits everyone else that needs waking up14:00
Kiloslike beer parties instead14:01
Kiloslol we see if Ton reads logs14:01
Kiloshe has the funniest name ( citation needed)14:02
Kilosgonna mock him some14:03
* tumbleweed waves to hjoubert15:20
hjouberthi tumbleweed :)15:20
hjoubertyou ruined my lurking15:20
tumbleweedyou gave yourself away :P15:21
hjoubertI will be more sneaky next time15:21
Kilosskuus inetpro gedink jy meen tiny-core-linux nou die dag, dis die een wat in toeval toegang geheue werk15:42
Kiloshehe maybe english works better in the pc world15:43
drubininetpro: I am technically Team admin although I have been asking for more then 1.5 years for some one to take it over. Even though on paper I am team lead I technically don't have time and I don't do any thing other then admin the list.16:34
drubinI am sorry, but no one else stepped up to take it over officially, No one wanted the responsibility. :( 16:35
Tonberry_aaook i have mobile internet16:37
superflyhiya Tonberry_aao16:39
superflydrubin: I would take it over from you, except I'm in the same situation16:39
drubinsuperfly: :) thanks, but sadly we need some person that has time and cares16:41
drubinsadly the eople that care are often busy with life and work16:42
superflythat too16:42
nlsthzno/ all... meeting yes? 17:12
* nlsthzn seems to have the date or time wrong then?!17:18
Tonberry_aao15 august?17:21
Tonberry_aaoi sense a trap17:21
Kilosgood evening superfly kbmonkey and other peeps17:24
superflyhiya Kilos17:24
superflyTonberry_aao: old, and no one has changed the channel title17:24
kbmonkeymaaz coffee on17:24
* Maaz washes some mugs17:24
Kiloslol hiya Tonberry_aao 17:24
Kilosthats a funny tail you got17:25
Tonberry_aaoand yes Kilos i do read logs17:25
Meesterarend1Ok 17:25
Kilosha ha ha17:25
Tonberry_aaoacer aspire one17:25
Kilosnaand Meesterarend1 17:25
Tonberry_aaothis little netbook thingy17:25
Meesterarend1looks busy17:25
nlsthznKilos, meeting tonight?17:25
Meesterarend1hey Kilos17:25
KilosMeesterarend1, we have our monthly meeting in a few minutes17:26
Kilosglad you here17:26
Kiloshi nlsthzn yip17:26
Meesterarend1That why I'm here :)17:26
inetprodrubin: I don't mean to blame you at all17:27
inetprogood evening everyone17:27
Kiloshi drubin inetpro 17:27
kbmonkeyhow is everyone?17:27
Kilosi asked in the lists if anyone will join us17:28
kbmonkeywe'll start in a couple minutes17:28
* inetpro is on time for a change17:28
Kilosgot no reply17:28
Kilosyeah inetpro 17:28
Kilosgonna rain17:28
MaazCoffee's ready for kbmonkey!17:28
Meesterarend1We already had a few storms today17:29
Kilosmaybhe one needs to make irc like achallenge to the lists guys17:29
Kilosaw kbmonkey you didnt say he was making coffee17:29
Tonberry_aaoqueery: /me crashes into the party to say hi17:29
KilosTonberry_aao, what about the beer thing17:30
kbmonkeywe could offer free bits and bytes to irc atendees17:30
* Tonberry_aao is at the beer evening17:30
kbmonkeyokay let's get to it17:31
Kilosah found a link for you today17:31
kbmonkeywe'll make sure you have plenty beer time Tonberry_aao 17:31
Kiloshi octoquad 17:31
octoquadhey Kilos :)17:31
kbmonkeyhi octoquad inetpro nlsthzn nuvolari Kilos superfly 17:31
inetprokbmonkey: you ready with the agenda?17:32
kbmonkeyyes, a nice list we have17:32
kbmonkeyMaaz: start meeting on Monthly Ubuntu IRC meet17:32
Maazkbmonkey: Sorry...17:32
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:32
MaazKilos: Huh?17:32
Kilosuh oh17:32
kbmonkeyum, hang on. I forgot Maaz's commands :p17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz: start meeting about Monthly Ubuntu IRC meet17:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:33
* Kilos dont feel so bad anymore17:33
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer17:34
Maazinetpro: Done17:34
Tonberry_aaoMaaz, i am Hendrik van Wyk17:34
MaazTonberry_aao: Righto17:34
kbmonkeyFor those new here, tell Maaz our bot your name like so:17:34
octoquadMaaz, I am Bruce Pieterse17:34
Maazoctoquad: Done17:34
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe17:34
MaazKilos: Alrighty17:34
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:34
Maazsuperfly: Alrighty17:34
kbmonkeyMaaz: I am Wesley Werner17:34
Maazkbmonkey: Yessir17:34
plustwoI am oupamster17:34
Kiloshmm he be a sir17:34
Meesterarend1Maaz: I am Frans de Waal17:34
MaazMeesterarend1: Alrighty17:34
ScorpKingMaaz, I'm Hannes Coetzee17:34
MaazScorpKing: What?17:34
* ScorpKing waves17:34
tumbleweedMaaz: I am Stefano Rivera17:34
Maaztumbleweed: Alrighty17:34
inetproplustwo: just put Maaz in front17:35
kbmonkeyScorpKing: Maaz doesn't read contractions, lol17:35
plustwoMazzini: I am oupamster17:35
* inetpro lol17:35
kbmonkeyWelcome everyone, to our monthly irc meeting17:36
ScorpKingkbmonkey: sorted it out in pm17:36
plustwoMaaz: I'm oupamster17:36
Maazplustwo: Excuse me?17:36
Kilosplustwo, I am17:36
nlsthznlol, sorry all... bath and bed for me :( hoped to catch the first half... cheers17:36
Kilostoods nlsthzn 17:36
Kilossleep tight17:37
plustwoMaaz: I am oupamster17:37
Maazplustwo: Alrighty17:37
kbmonkeyTonight we have an action-packed agenda.17:37
Kilosgaraman, welcome to the meeting login please17:37
kbmonkeywelcome psydroid 17:38
Kiloshi psydroid you made it17:38
inetprokbmonkey: I guess not everyone has seen the agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20120220#Agenda17:38
kbmonkeytell maaz who you are: "Maaz, I am <your name>"17:38
Kilosconfluency, you here??17:39
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Review Previous minutes17:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Review Previous minutes17:39
superflykbmonkey: just yell when you need me, I'm busy upgrading a site, so I'm partially distracted17:39
garaman_I am Graham Poulter17:39
kbmonkeysure superfly, I will ping you in that case :)17:39
garaman_Maaz, I am Graham Poulter17:40
Maazgaraman_: Yessir17:40
kbmonkeyour only point in the prev minutes is the Ubuntu hours. How did the CT hour go?17:40
kbmonkeyAre there any photos for us to put on the site?17:40
Kiloslol ping the fly17:41
garaman_hmm, http://ubuntu-za.org/ is out of date17:41
kbmonkey(nothing too embrassing please)17:41
superflyIt went well, we had 8 folks... maiatoday took some photos17:41
kbmonkeyokay I will email maia to send some nice pics, we can put them on the site later17:41
superflykbmonkey: they are on her blog17:42
kbmonkeyMaaz: agreed kbmonkey to email maia for CT Ubuntu hour pics17:42
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey to email maia for CT Ubuntu hour pics17:42
superflyboth her blog post and my blog post are linked in the agenda17:42
inetprokbmonkey: superfly just blogged about it http://blog.saturnlaboratories.co.za/archive/2012/02/20/successful-ubuntu-hour-cape-town-held-11th-february17:42
kbmonkeyoh they are? okay even better17:42
inetprothere's a link to the photos17:42
kbmonkeywonderful. sorry I missed that, haven't been reading blogs much lately17:44
Kilosone request can everyone give their blog addy and site url to Maaz 17:44
KilosMaaz, superfly.blog17:45
MaazKilos: superfly.blog is http://blog.saturnlaboratories.co.za17:45
Kiloslike that17:45
kbmonkeywhich leads to our next, topic, upcoming events (lets shift to ubuntu hour first)17:45
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Upcoming Ubuntu Hours17:45
MaazCurrent Topic: Upcoming Ubuntu Hours17:45
octoquadMaaz, octoquad.blog17:45
Maazoctoquad: Huh?17:45
octoquadMaaz, octoquad.blog http://www.otq.za.net/17:46
Maazoctoquad: Excuse me?17:46
kbmonkeyhow do we set our blogs with Maaz , Kilos ?17:46
octoquadhelp here please  lol17:46
Kilosone needs to say maaz nick blog is <reply>17:46
octoquadmaaz octoquad blog is http://www.otq.za.net/17:46
Maazoctoquad: One learns a new thing every day17:46
kbmonkeyoctoquad: you can "/msg Maaz help" to see what all she can do17:46
Kilosyou forgot the <reply>17:46
octoquadmaaz octoquad.blog17:47
Maazoctoquad: Sorry...17:47
Kilosill do it17:47
kbmonkeyWho is keen to have an Ubuntu hour in your local area?17:47
octoquadanyone from durban?17:47
KilosMaaz, octoquad .blog is <reply> http://www.otq.za.net/17:47
MaazKilos: Got it17:47
octoquadTa Kilos :)17:47
Kilosoctoquad, done17:47
garaman_Maaz, garaman.blog is http://blog.grahampoulter.com17:48
Maazgaraman_: Got it17:48
kbmonkeyThe idea behind Ubuntu Hour is to go out and meet somewhere public, with Ubuntu logos or stickers on your laptop -- 17:49
octoquadWhere can I get stickers?17:49
kbmonkeyI'd also like stickers :)17:50
Kiloskbmonkey, ask maia17:50
octoquadfind it: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=71817:50
Kilosshe had some made some time back17:50
kbmonkeyI scoped out the venues and think I'll have an Ubuntu Hour this weekend, in tiny Pietermaritzburg :)17:51
garaman_I also have a bunch of stickers that drubin made some years back, shiny "Ubuntu Inside" stickers - will bring them next meetup17:51
kbmonkeyno one else?17:52
Kiloskbmonkey, maybe someone has them and can mail the picks to the list then everyone can print their own17:53
Kilosthose with colour printers that is17:53
kbmonkeyEmail to the mail list for ubuntu hour stagings17:54
kbmonkeyokay so next is the jam... mmm17:54
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Upcoming global jam17:54
MaazCurrent Topic: Upcoming global jam17:54
kbmonkeygood idea Kilos. I think the logos are also on the ubuntu webiste17:55
kbmonkeythe Global Jam is 2-4 March17:56
kbmonkeythe page is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam17:56
Kilosjust nothing thats a meg a pick17:56
tumbleweedaha, I added that agenda item17:57
tumbleweedwe had a fairly successful small jam in cape town, last cycle17:57
kbmonkeyyes thanks to tumbleweed for adding our shiny agenda items :D17:57
tumbleweedit'd be nice to do something like that again17:57
tumbleweedI wanted to do something while highvoltage was here, but I didn't organise it...17:57
tumbleweedanyone feel like making it happen?17:58
kbmonkeyI'd like to be more involved in the Jam myself17:58
kbmonkeyI'm limited to online activity, but that's still okay17:58
kbmonkeyquestion: does the Jam work on the latest release?17:59
tumbleweedthe development release17:59
tumbleweedalthough we could do anything17:59
kbmonkeyI see one of the requirements is a decent net connection18:00
kbmonkeythat's where many of us fall flat18:00
kbmonkeywe can still help with translations18:00
* tumbleweed is happy to host a tiny jam doing some packaging stuff18:00
tumbleweedbut it'd be nice if we did other things too18:00
tumbleweedyes, translations!18:01
hjoubertMaaz: I am Henk Joubert18:01
Maazhjoubert: Righto18:01
kbmonkeyI'd like to do bug hunting too.18:01
tumbleweedhjoubert: hi. (Henk is also in Cape Town)18:01
kbmonkeyone of the items say Answer questions on askubuntu.com18:01
hjoubertI would be happy to help however I can18:02
kbmonkeythat helps new users and builds awareness18:02
tumbleweedwatch out, askubuntu is addictive :)18:02
kbmonkeythe link is http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/2565/how-can-we-participate-in-the-ubuntu-global-jam18:02
kbmonkeythe stackexcahnge range of sites are all addictive!18:02
kbmonkeygreat quality answers there, i encourage all new users to sign up there18:03
tumbleweedanyway, sounds like there is some interest18:03
tumbleweeddoes anyone want to try and organise it? (I was hoping to avoid doing that myself)18:03
kbmonkeyI recon we promote the jm on our loco site, maybe even hack up a neat ZA-esque logo for the jam18:04
kbmonkeydo you mean organizing real-life meetups for the jam tumbleweed ?18:04
tumbleweedkbmonkey: I mean the real-life component of the jam. The online bit should be straightforward enough18:05
kbmonkeythe simplest way, is to mail the list about this to see who is keen in which areas18:06
kbmonkeythe list has more eyes than irc 18:07
kbmonkeyMaaz: idea email the list about the Global jam for 2-4 March -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam18:08
MaazIdea recorded: email the list about the Global jam for 2-4 March -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam18:08
kbmonkeyanything to add?18:09
kbmonkeyeveryone is busy or shy :)18:10
Tonberry_aaobeer evening scheduling18:10
kbmonkeyokay, next...18:10
Meesterarend1both...maybe just not much to add :-X18:10
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April 2012)18:10
MaazCurrent Topic: Precise Pangolin release parties (26 April 2012)18:10
kbmonkeythats okay Meesterarend1, all details we can chat about on irc in the week or via the mailing list18:11
superflymmm, it would be awesome to have a really visible release party, but it takes lots of effort :-(18:12
kbmonkeySo I'm keen to get a copy of this release, and think a durban release party is called for18:12
superflylike not a bunch of people rocking up at a restaurant, but like a mini computer fair or something18:12
Kiloskbmonkey, guys like william on the lists get involved there18:13
kbmonkeyI love that idea!18:13
* inetpro is hoping that somebody will arrange another release party at Irene or even closer to Pretoria18:13
Kiloshi POps 18:13
inetprojust not sure whether I'll attend18:13
hjoubertare we going to do one in cape town or stellenbosch this time?18:14
kbmonkeyI'm not sure either, it's still a way off though18:14
POpsHi there - wondered if I was alone!18:14
inetprokbmonkey: true18:14
Kilosno POps you in the ubuntu monthly meeting18:14
kbmonkeythis is just to get us to think about it so long18:14
Tonberryi vote stellenbosch but only because it is convenient for me 18:14
kbmonkeyhi POps 18:14
POpsThanks - I am in the right place - I just arrived in a period of complete silence18:15
KilosPOps, you know how to sign in?18:15
hjoubertI like visiting stellenbosch for release parties if someone there can organise it18:15
POpsI thought I was?18:15
Meesterarend1anybody doing something in Bloemfontein?18:15
inetprokbmonkey: I suggest we keep talking about it on the ML and on IRC, next time we may have a date or two18:15
superflyPOps: we're in the middle of our monthly meeting :-)18:16
kbmonkeyTonberry: if you want, contact those in your area and ask :)18:16
Kilos type in maaz I am name18:16
superflyPOps: so the perfect time to pop in :-)18:16
Tonberrywill do18:16
kbmonkeyokay, next...18:16
kbmonkeywow we have a nice agenda tonight18:16
POpsI came in because of the monthly meeting!18:16
Kilosgreat POps ty18:17
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Linux Studies -- http://linux-studies.za.net18:17
MaazCurrent Topic: Linux Studies -- http://linux-studies.za.net18:17
Kilosthank you18:17
inetproPOps: type "Maaz: I am FirstName Surname" so that your name appears in the minutes18:17
kbmonkeyFor mentions, some of us peeps here are doing self-study for Linux18:18
kbmonkeyanyone is welcome to join, you don't have to write any exams at the end if you just want to learn with us18:18
POpsMaaz: I am Bill Cairns18:18
MaazPOps: Done18:18
inetproPOps: Maaz is our scribe for the evening18:18
POpsHi maaz18:18
kbmonkeyPOps: Maaz also makes virtual coffee, don't ask for tea though!18:18
Kilosask him18:19
kbmonkeyif you are interest, have questions, pop into the #linux-studies irc channel and poke us a bit ;)18:19
kbmonkeynext up, we have...18:20
inetprokbmonkey: I think you started a great initiative, well done18:20
Kilosoh kbmonkey not just tuesday nights18:20
kbmonkeythanks inetpro :) 18:20
Kilosevening drussell 18:20
Kiloswanna join the meet18:20
inetprodrubin: welcome to our monthly meeting18:21
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Ubuntu Experience: Send in your stories18:21
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu Experience: Send in your stories18:21
Kilosdrubin, is gone18:21
inetproKilos: hmm... 18:21
Kilosi will do one18:21
Kilosdoesnt quassel show he is grayed out18:22
Kilosxchat rocks18:22
POpsSend in my stories to whom? Where would they be published?18:22
kbmonkeyA quick idea: If you are new, or a long time Ubuntu user, why not send in your stories.18:22
kbmonkeyWe can put them on the http://ubuntu-za.org site18:22
drussellKilos: hiya, just here briefly :o)18:22
kbmonkeywell POps, that is what we can decide now :)18:22
kbmonkeythe ML (mailing list) is a good start for sending in stories.18:23
KilosPOps, have you got a blog18:23
inetprokbmonkey: s/a good start/always a good start/18:23
POpsSorry - I am not trying to be difficult - but is there a good distribution source to which we can send our "stories"? 18:23
kbmonkeyIf you feel adventurous, log in to the local wiki and write your experience there18:24
POpsBlog - no but I publish quite a bit in local papers18:24
kbmonkeythe ubuntuforums have a experience section too, but it's nice to hear from our ZA locals 18:25
POpsWikis are good - but who reads them except the converted?18:25
inetproPOps: interesting, what papers?18:25
kbmonkeygood point POps18:25
kbmonkeythe wiki isn't for reading as such, but a store to which we can link 18:25
POpsI live in the platteland - local papers18:25
Kilosblogs are good if google can find them18:25
kbmonkeyokay, blogs and email18:26
Kilosi had over 3500 visit mine before i took it off18:26
inetproPOps: so you are looking for stories to publish?18:26
POpsExample - I read Poplar Mechanics occasionally. I see that they have just finished a poll on Windows v Mac. No mention of Linux.18:26
kbmonkeyif your blog is listed on our page, all your posts will feed through to http://ubuntu-za.org/planet18:27
POpsI gor there too late18:27
POpsgor = got18:27
kbmonkeywho can we ask to add blogs to planet?18:27
POpsgor := got18:27
superflykbmonkey: me18:27
kbmonkey^ superfly that is the guru to ask if you want your blog listed on http://ubuntu-za.org/planet :D18:28
kbmonkeyokay before we get off track...18:28
kbmonkeyanything else to add?18:28
POpsAnyone have any ideas about where to publish a blog where general readers might catch them?18:28
Kiloshi WOLFEYES sign in18:29
kbmonkeyPOps: not sure, probably get better hits posting within a community of interest18:29
kbmonkeytry http://planet.ubuntu.com/18:29
WOLFEYESMaaz, Ian Sharpe is here18:30
MaazWOLFEYES: One learns a new thing every day18:30
WOLFEYESha ha ha18:30
kbmonkeyhi WOLFEYES 18:30
Kilossay maaz I am name18:30
WOLFEYESheya guys18:30
octoquadYou can also use Posterous - https://posterous.com/ or Tumblr - http://tumblr.com/18:30
WOLFEYESMaaz, I am Ian Sharpe18:31
MaazWOLFEYES: Okay18:31
kbmonkeythats a good question POps. we need to find out...18:31
WOLFEYESi liked the previous answer lol18:31
kbmonkeypersonally I struggle to read blogs regularly18:31
Kilosthe idea is to make it findable by google then all kinda peeps read it 18:32
Kilosthe idea is to spart interest in ubuntu18:32
inetprokbmonkey: one hour gone since the start of our meeting18:33
kbmonkeyhttp://ubuntu-za.org/planet is a good idea but would be nice if it had a better way to organize posts18:34
kbmonkeythanks inetpro 18:34
kbmonkeymoving on...18:34
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Order Ubuntu CD's18:34
MaazCurrent Topic: Order Ubuntu CD's18:34
kbmonkeyCD's are ordered by the loco contacts right?18:34
inetprokbmonkey: BTW, I'm not trying to rush you :-)18:34
kbmonkeyThis is a reminder to those folks to place orders for the Precise Pangolin release18:34
inetproI'm sure we still have enough time18:35
kbmonkeyI know inetpro :) its just good form and practice to be timely18:35
kbmonkeywe slow down as our brains tire, he he18:35
kbmonkeyis anyone here a loco contact?18:35
kbmonkeyIIRC maia was one?18:36
inetproso who would like a CD/DVD?18:36
kbmonkeyme me me!18:36
Kilosoops sorry18:36
* Tonberry will take a box...18:36
kbmonkeyat least a couple, so we can distribute them18:36
inetproTonberry: yikes! A whole box?18:37
Tonberryuniversity gobbles them up at a insane rate18:37
kbmonkeydo they ship before the release party dates?18:37
Tonberryone would be nice as well18:37
* kbmonkey doesn't need to keep them if I can make ISO's fro mthem18:37
Kilosnormally release parties are a bit after a release18:38
WOLFEYESlol yes and one for me too please, 18:38
inetprokbmonkey: unfortunately they take a lot longer to arrive here18:38
Meesterarend1inetpro: I have need of about 5 cds and some server cd's too18:38
Kilosshould be 2 weeks if ordered timely18:38
kbmonkeyin that case inetpro, we can have release parties, and install fest parties when they arrive18:38
WOLFEYESIs there a big difference in the server CD and normal CD?18:38
inetprokbmonkey: that is not a bad idea18:38
kbmonkeyMaaz: idea Have install fests once our new release CD's arrive18:39
MaazIdea recorded: Have install fests once our new release CD's arrive18:39
KilosWOLFEYES, yip18:39
inetprokbmonkey: will you arrange with maiatoday?18:39
Kilosserver has not desktop18:39
WOLFEYESOk one of both then for me please18:39
kbmonkeyyes inetpro I will ask maia about ordering discs...18:39
kbmonkeyMaaz: agreed kbmonkey/maiatoday to order Ubuntu discs18:40
MaazAgreed: kbmonkey/maiatoday to order Ubuntu discs18:40
kbmonkeyokay next...18:40
inetproI'm not sure whether we have anybody recording orders at the moment18:40
kbmonkeyMaaz: Team Reports needs a volunteer18:40
Maazkbmonkey: Huh?18:40
kbmonkeyrecording orders?18:40
POpskbmonkey - sorry i have been away for a bit. Yes, i am a local contact in Limpopo. Not much happens here ...18:41
inetprokbmonkey: someone needs to pick up recording our monthly reports again18:41
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Team Reports needs a volunteer18:41
MaazCurrent Topic: Team Reports needs a volunteer18:41
inetpromaia used to do it as well18:41
kbmonkeyteam reports are found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports18:42
kbmonkeyis there anyone here who would like to help?18:42
WOLFEYESWhat needs to be done exactly?18:43
inetproI think this task is also like a marketing job for our LoCo18:44
kbmonkeyWOLFEYES: see here for what team reports are about: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports\18:44
WOLFEYESI understand the keeping of the records for orders but how do we know who is ordering, do they mail us or what?18:44
kbmonkeyindeed it is inetpro 18:44
octoquadcorrect link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports18:44
WOLFEYESok, goes to look18:44
kbmonkeyit is a montly report to say what we did, and mentions events and meetings and stuff like that18:44
kbmonkeya summary of our activity18:45
kbmonkeythanks octoquad. ghost button presses18:45
octoquadno prob18:45
kbmonkeyif anyone is willing, I will help.18:45
inetproI think we need some new energised helpers who are willing to become official ubuntu members18:46
kbmonkeyI am willing to take up the task, on condition someone chair for a little while :)18:46
kbmonkeywhich is an upcoming item...18:47
kbmonkeyyes inetpro :D18:47
inetprosomebody who can also attend regular official LoCo meetings18:47
inetprokbmonkey: are you a member yet?18:47
kbmonkeyis that through registering on launchpad?18:47
kbmonkeyI'm looking for how you become a member.18:48
* kbmonkey ashamed I forgot18:48
inetprokbmonkey: anybody can do it18:48
WOLFEYESWhat is a LoCo meeting exactly please?18:48
inetproI suggest you start chatting with old hands like drubin, morgs and highvoltage18:49
POpsCheerrs all18:49
inetproI'm sure drubin would be willing to continue but he has become rather busy in his life18:49
Kiloscheers POps go well18:49
inetproand so have all the others18:49
Tonberryi think drubin is pretty much over it18:50
inetproeven tumbleweed and others around here can help you meet the right people18:50
WOLFEYESI wanted to volunteer but I pretty much sit in the same boat.18:50
* tumbleweed hears his name18:51
inetprowe can also chat about this on a day to day basis on this channel18:51
tumbleweedkbmonkey: you become a member by being nominated by other members for doing awesmoe stuff https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership18:52
kbmonkeyanybody interested in team reporting?18:54
kbmonkeyI will report on this month, will include a request to the list for this18:54
Kilosmaybe maia will do it again after her exams in march are over18:55
kbmonkeythanks tumbleweed 18:55
inetprokbmonkey: I'll help where I can18:55
kbmonkeyok Kilos I can ask her about that, thanks oom18:55
kbmonkeymeanwhile I will do February18:55
* kbmonkey needs coffee18:56
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Monthly meets clash with SULUG beer meets18:56
MaazCurrent Topic: Monthly meets clash with SULUG beer meets18:56
Kilosmaybe just change our day18:56
kbmonkeya topic of debate, as it involves beer nowhere near where I am ;)18:56
kbmonkeyTonberry_aao: you are there now?18:57
Tonberryor plan meetings further ahead18:57
inetproSULUG beer meets?18:57
kbmonkeymaybe Tonberry can tell us what the beer meets are about? not too clear myself18:57
Tonberryor is there a pre planner meeting schedule for ubuntu_za?18:57
Tonberrybunch of linux geeks drinking beer18:58
inetproTonberry: when and where does this happen?18:58
kbmonkeywe meet on the 3rd Monday each month Tonberry 18:58
Tonberryis suspect the sulug schedule is similar18:59
kbmonkeyis that the beer meet schedule too? or is it more ad-hoc18:59
kbmonkeymust be a drink specials evening18:59
Tonberryin the beginning maybe18:59
kbmonkeyTonberry: ask the peeps there about this, if you can be an intermediary?19:00
kbmonkeyor get them all on here ;)19:00
Tonberryit could be changed on sulugs side19:00
Tonberrymight be the easiest19:00
kbmonkeydrunken irc can be funny19:00
Tonberrywe know19:00
hjoubertfunny but at the expense of productivity19:01
kbmonkeyif not we can do a census this side and see which days we can move. but I know from last vote its a tricky choice for many folks19:01
Tonberryi dont see any problem with moving sulug beer evenings to any other monday or even day of the week19:02
kbmonkeyheck, I suggest everyone in ubuntu-za go for a beer meet. why not? but the dates can't clash :/19:02
Tonberrybut i will ask19:02
Kiloslet Tonberry speak to them before worrying further19:02
* inetpro almost thought it was a virtual beer like the coffee from Maaz19:02
inetproMaaz: coffee on19:02
* Maaz washes some mugs19:02
KilosMaaz, coffee please19:02
MaazKilos: Yessir19:02
kbmonkeythanks Tonberry :) let us know, get the rest eager for such meets, or coffee meets19:03
kbmonkeynods. next up is.... 19:03
kbmonkeyMaaz: topic Next meeting chair (19 March 2012)19:03
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting chair (19 March 2012)19:03
kbmonkeyI can chair this next one too.19:03
kbmonkeyunless anyone here wants to give it a go?19:04
* inetpro is happy to let kbmonkey do the job19:04
Kiloscarry on19:04
kbmonkeyha ha ha. I'm sure you are inetpro 19:04
* Kilos seconds19:04
kbmonkeypayment this time includes a slab of fine, swiss dark chocolate19:04
inetprokbmonkey: you're getting oiled now19:04
kbmonkeyokay that is the agenda19:05
kbmonkeyto note: if anyone wants to chair or know more about it19:05
kbmonkeywhich is what I'm doing now, email me on the list or ping me on irc19:05
Kilosthat was a good meet with decent attendance19:06
kbmonkeyThanks all you geeks19:06
Kiloswell done kbmonkey 19:06
kbmonkeyMaaz: end meeting19:06
MaazMeeting Ended19:06
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-02-20-17-33-33.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-02-20-17-33-33.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2012-02-20-17-33-33.html19:06
octoquadbefore we wrap up, going back to POps about the blog, why don't we set one up at blog.ubuntu-za.org?19:06
MaazCoffee's ready for inetpro and Kilos!19:06
inetprowell done kbmonkey19:06
kbmonkeysorry I forgot to ask for any last words19:06
inetproMaaz: dankie19:06
MaazGroot plesier inetpro my vriend19:06
KilosMaaz, gracias19:06
MaazKilos: ¬°de nada!19:06
kbmonkeyoctoquad: give superfly your blog URL and we can add it to the list on ubuntu-za.org/planet19:07
kbmonkeyit is a blog aggregator / feed for all our blogs19:07
Kilosoctoquad, isnt the idea of a blog about ubuntu to get windows peeps to learn more19:07
garaman_superfly: mine is http://blog.grahampoulter.com19:08
kbmonkeyhey Kilos you bright spark! we should all blog in windows communitie about ubuntu.19:08
Kilosthere were peeps from all over read mine19:09
Kilosits not the aim to convert linux peeps19:09
Kilosthey already there19:09
octoquadKilos: absolutely, I thought it would be nice to setup a blog for at blog.ubuntu-za.org and get all of us to share tips, tricks and ideas at least once a month19:09
Kiloswe need to reach out to winsucks peeps and convert them19:09
kbmonkeyI'm keen on this global jam19:10
Kilosah sorry octoquad i missed that side of it19:10
Kiloswhat does that say octoquad 19:11
kbmonkeyso now that we're off the record, everyone can jump in and say hi19:11
kbmonkeyhi. I'm kbmonkey, and I'm addicted to Linux.19:11
Kilosha ha ha19:11
inetprokbmonkey: The agenda for our next meeting is ready at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2012031919:12
Kiloswow that was quick inetpro 19:12
Kilosyou active tonight hey19:12
kbmonkeynice inetpro. okay i'll surmise our meet on the loco.ubuntu page19:12
kbmonkeymust say, the wiki is much nicer for this19:12
inetproIt's really not difficult at all, anybody can do it19:13
kbmonkeythat was a longer meet19:13
inetprokbmonkey: just make sure everything is in fact correct and feel free to modify 19:14
* kbmonkey goes to make coffee. brb.19:14
garaman_coffee at this hour?  A good espresso at 3pm and I'm working till 2am19:14
garaman_took me a few times to really remember the pattern. now I'm off the sauce19:16
Kiloscoffee is good19:17
Kiloshey you clever guys with virtual drives19:18
octoquadWell that was a good meet! I'm off, gonna try and get Mozilla's Boot to Gecko on my phone now. Upgraded to Android 4.0.3 beta last night and I must say it's horrible. Speak soon all! :)19:18
Kilosif one is stuck on winsucks at the moment and wants to follow the lpi course19:18
Kilosok cheers octoquad 19:18
Kiloshow would one use the commands for partitioning19:19
Meesterarend1I'm off too thanks guys was insitefull :)19:19
Meesterarend1have a great evening 19:19
Kilosnight Meesterarend1 19:19
WOLFEYESMeesterarend1, 19:19
Kilosty for sitting in19:19
KilosMaaz, define insiteful19:20
MaazKilos: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?19:20
KilosMaaz, define insitefull19:20
MaazKilos: I don't have a definition for that. Is it even a word?19:20
Kilosoh my19:20
Kilosinsight=mental penetration19:22
inetprokbmonkey: I've also pasted the summary and the link to the raw logs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20120220 for today's meeting19:23
kbmonkey^ :)19:23
kbmonkeymethinks its a good idea to email our meeting sumaries to the list19:25
kbmonkeyneed to get more interest here19:25
* Kilos agrees19:25
Kilosmight interest some list guys19:25
Kilosanyone know pops19:26
superflykbmonkey: forget the list, all the action is in the Facebook group19:26
Kiloseerything is on fb19:27
Kiloseven the rugby and cricket19:27
superflymost of the people that came to the Ubuntu hour saw the event on FB19:28
Kilosfb and twitter are very widespread19:28
kbmonkeyoh, lamebook :p19:30
Kiloskbmonkey, if one is stuck on winsucks at the moment and wants to follow the lpi course19:32
Kiloshow would one use the commands for partitioning19:32
kbmonkeywith a virtual machine, or a live cd and a second drive?19:35
Kilosi dunno if you can part in a virtual machine19:35
superflykbmonkey: as lame as it may be, that's where our target audience is19:35
Kilosdo you actually see a clean drive there19:35
WOLFEYESI will talk to you closer to the time kbmonkey let me get the iso's downloaded first19:36
Kilosoh and ty kbmonkey for chairing19:37
kbmonkeysure Kilos :)19:38
WOLFEYESty kbmonkey 19:38
kbmonkeyindeed superfly, who puts the events for our meets up on fb?19:39
superflykbmonkey: anyone who has access, I have done so before19:39
kbmonkeythanks for that!19:40
kbmonkeyneed to do that whole shower thing now19:42
Kiloshehe enjoy19:42
kbmonkeynobody likes dirty geeks 19:42
Kilosbad for thier pcs19:42
WOLFEYESnite all and ty 19:45
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:45
kbmonkeycatch all tomorrow, ciao ciao19:50
* inetpro wonders why everybody is so quiet19:55
superflyinetpro: I'm busy with the last few things of a site upgrade20:31
inetprosuperfly: interesting20:31
inetprohope all goes as planned20:32

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