ActionParsnipplayit: run:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER     then set a password for your username and you can authorise with that.00:01
danpsyOn the "Keyboard Layout" section for the 11.10 installer, it always displays "Dzongkha" on the right panel, regardless the keyboard layout that I select on the left panel.  What could the problem be?00:01
Deihmosisn't ubuntu support to be faster than windows 700:01
ActionParsnipDeihmos: depends00:01
danpsyI'm also not able to click on "Continue" or "Back"00:01
ikoniaDeihmos: not really, depends what you are doing and how well your hardware is supported00:01
DeihmosIt is so slow00:02
ActionParsnipDeihmos: it uses a lot fewer resources by default, freeing more for your actual apps00:02
DeihmosI got 8Gb00:03
Star_LightIs there any greek channel?00:03
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes00:03
ikoniaDeihmos: it's most likley your video cards lack of support or configuration00:03
ActionParsnipDeihmos: what video chip do you use/00:03
Deihmoslaptop has ati 7650m desktop has 9800 GTX+00:04
ActionParsnipDeihmos: did you install the proprietary driver?00:04
Deihmosit is no where as smooth as in win 700:04
ActionParsnipDeihmos: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc00:04
DeihmosI am already back on windows00:05
ActionParsnipDeihmos: then why are you in a support channel for an OS you don't use?00:05
Deihmosi was testing it. Was curious why performance was bad.00:06
playitikonia,  the username on the other ubuntu computer is different00:06
Deihmosit isn't bad but just not as smooth00:06
ActionParsnipDeihmos: this is support only, discussion and such is in #ubuntu-offtopic00:07
ActionParsnipDeihmos: my systems run drastically faster under ubuntu and I have to install zero drivers (even for wifi and printers)00:07
Deihmosgood for you.00:08
ActionParsnipDeihmos: so what you are saying doesn't affect all and could probably resolved00:08
Urubudoes anyone know what error is code 141 in ubi-partman of ubuntu installation?00:09
ikoniajen_: ;00:09
ikoniaUrubu: partition error00:09
ikoniajen_: sorry, hand slipped00:09
Urubuikonia: what kind00:10
Urubuwhat can I do00:11
rootEthis there a way to search from terminal to see what is available from apt-get?00:11
SovereignPandaaptitude search '...'00:11
ActionParsniprootEth: use:  apt-cache search thing00:11
rootEthah ty, was trying apt-get search, close but no cigar lol00:12
Urubume runs gparted and checks reiserfs partition00:13
* Urubu does that00:13
god-zotachow'd the new default player "parole" get its name?  weird name for a media player00:14
ActionParsnip!info parole00:14
ubottuparole (source: parole): media player based on GStreamer framework. In component universe, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 334 kB, installed size 1308 kB00:14
god-zotacActionParsnip:: hrm, does that tell how it got its name though?00:15
rootEthgot technical interview for a uni placement year in a job likely to be using linux in just over a week,  thought I should install ubuntu again and get used to the basics, think it was a god plan as after 6 months not using it I can't remember anything :s00:15
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god-zotacrootEth:: does the place you will be working at use ubuntu though? ubuntu may only confuse you if you are going to be dealing with something like redhat00:16
rootEthProbally be using blackbuntu or backtrack00:17
ActionParsnipgod-zotac: I'd ask the devs tbh00:17
god-zotacActionParsnip:: i tried #parole but there is nothing there.. its no big deal man. just curious about it lol00:17
stylesHey guys, I'm running the latest distro via Windows install atm. Obviously Windows was using NTFS so I'm using NTFS as my default. The issue is the mount.ntfs driver is hogging upwards to 90% of my i7 :p00:18
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Guest32891hi i need help please00:18
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god-zotacrootEth:: why would a company be using backtrack?00:18
Guest32891how to auto-mount a usb stick?00:18
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ActionParsnipstyles: any bugs reported?00:18
god-zotacrootEth:: i'd probably rather use sysresCD for that00:19
stylesNo, just extremely high load ActionParsnip00:19
stylesI am compiling something, but it's not limited to while compiling.00:19
ActionParsnipstyles: I suggest you report a bug then00:19
stylesI'm just noticing the system lock up random for a few second ect.. (probably disc i/o)00:19
stylesHow do I go about doing that?00:19
urfr332gOGuest32891, have it plugged in when powering on or fstab00:19
god-zotacrootEth:: check this out:  http://www.sysresccd.org  its a great compilation for that, and much smaller than backtrack00:20
ActionParsnip!bug | styles00:20
ubottustyles: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:20
stylesThank you ActionParsnip00:21
stylesubuntu-bug mount.ntfs extremely high load00:21
BlouBlouRenatoSilva: Asking your question would be a good start00:21
elementzi am going nuts over some strange problem when trying to launch winecfg; here's the output of winecfg http://pastebin.com/1fxC4Rtr , and this is the relevant part of the strace http://pastebin.com/x6qQMqDx00:21
god-zotacstyles:: when you are compiling how many jobs / threads are you running make with ?00:21
styles!ubuntu-bug mount.ntfs extremely high load - Installed via Windows installer. The high load causes lock ups for a few seconds at a time.00:21
ubottustyles: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:21
stylesJust one00:21
RenatoSilvaBlouBlou: #mimimi00:21
BlouBlouRenatoSilva: why?00:22
stylesI'm compiling CppCMS (C++ Web Framework)00:22
nobitanobiThis morning you guys suggested me a command to check the ammount of free space of "/" - I forgot the command, any suggestions?00:22
rootEthgod-zotac, doesn't look like it's the kind of thing to use, I think it is going to be a ubuntu derivative they will be running based on my knowledge of the company but they don't want to give any details so as to keep the playing field level00:22
nobitanobidu -sh /*00:22
urfr332gOnobitanobi, type history in the terminal.00:23
nobitanobidone, thanks00:23
elementzdoe anybody got an idea what could cause my problem? libgcrypt is installed on my system00:23
god-zotacrootEth:: if its an ubuntu derivative i wouldn't worry too much about it, it shouldn't be very hard to master it as the entire OS has several different options for management both cli/gui00:23
god-zotacrootEth:: i'd probably touch up on things like regex, sed, vi/vim, nano, emacs, etc.. basic things like that always come in most important when doing admin jobs.00:24
rootEthgod-zotac, yeah, should be OK, just don't want to be googling basic commands during the interview lol00:25
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RenatoSilvatrying to install oneiric form usb stick, wib-partman or something fails with error code 141. I`m trying to grub-install /dev/sda but I get this error: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?). HELP!00:25
god-zotacrootEth:: the distro specific things are usually just package management and default paths being different, a few config files in different places or by diff names, nothing major that you will need to rack your brain learning00:25
reacktorjoin #soltexadmins00:25
RenatoSilvaI need at least to install grub successfully so I get access back to windows00:25
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: grub2 or grub legacy?00:26
urfr332gORenatoSilva, if you have errors what makes you think you have a install?00:27
stylesAnd I'm assuming guys the only way to go about converting my file system (to get away from the NTFS driver issue) is to gparted -> section off 30 more gigs. Then install Ubuntu on it.. but how would I transfer everything over?00:27
urfr332gOstyles, everything meaning what?00:27
tomvolekI am trying to copy a file froma remote host ot my local direcotry using ssh as follows:  scp tomvolek@remote_host:foo /home/tom  I do see the file foo on the remote host, but the command sayd , No such file or directory00:27
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: the one which comes with oneiric00:28
RenatoSilvaurfr332gO: wat00:28
god-zotacRenatoSilva::  does ls  /dev show anything?00:29
WoCtomvolek the remote file is in the home directory of the user tomvolek ? - Not in a sub dir, right ?00:29
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: trying to install again...didn`t get 141 error code this time... let`s see if it works00:29
tomvolekWoc, no the remote file is on a different users home directry, which I have ssh crudential to longinto using that user id ,00:29
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: /dev/sda exists00:29
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: you kinda confuse me, if you are installing ubuntu, why do you need to manually install grub via cli?00:30
urfr332gORenatoSilva, you have errors or at least one on the install what makes you think it will  it will run even with grub, you would have to boot to ubuntu to get windows in grub.00:30
WoCtomvolek and the local dir /home/rom also exists ?00:30
tomvolekyes they do00:30
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I could mount /dev/sda1 (win7) and sda2 (reiserfs, previous installation junk)00:30
tomvolektomvolek exists on the remote host .. not on my local host00:30
WoCtomvolek check if the file foo has a trailing space00:30
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I said the reason right below initial message00:30
urfr332gORenatoSilva, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Upgrading00:31
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: [00:25] <RenatoSilva> I need at least to install grub successfully so I get access back to windows00:31
Jordan_URenatoSilva: That's not how you install grub from a LiveCD, and there are easier ways of just restoring Windows' abibility to boot. What happens when you try to boot the machine now?00:31
tomvolekits a test file, and i created it with touch foo00:31
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: you don't have to reinstall grub to get access back to windows, just pop the windows install disc in and repair your install and then it will boot00:31
WoCtry using scp with the -v option00:31
tomvolekok, I be right back00:31
WoCgives more details00:32
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: did you read all my messages on the isse00:32
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: and then after you get to your windows to do your work, just recreate the usb thumb drive correctly, and do a typical ubuntu install00:32
mjbermeaGuys I need help. Whenever I try to mount my iPhone 3GS on Ubuntu 10.10 it gives me this:Unhandled Lockdown error (-4). What does that mean?00:32
Jordan_URenatoSilva: All of your messages since you most recently joined the channel, yes.00:32
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: my cd drive is not working properly, sudo grub-install would be much easier regardless00:33
WoCmjbermea u have a pin set and security options on; on your iphone ?00:33
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: the usb stick is ok00:33
mjbermeaWoC: I have no PIN set.00:33
urfr332gORenatoSilva, yeah if that was the command it would be, try relaxing and actually getting help, and not questioning the ones helping you. :)00:34
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: now I filled user settings, waiting to see what will happen00:34
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: why not just reinstall ubuntu, and let it keep your windows partition, and install the boot loader from the installer. i don't understand why you are going about it the dirty way00:34
Jordan_URenatoSilva: You can also install an MS-Syle mbr from the Ubuntu LiveCD, but I'd like to know more information about why Windows can't boot now so that I'm more confident that will solve the problem.00:34
WoCmjbermea check your dmesg after you hook up the iphone00:35
god-zotacJordan_U:: because he overwrote the MS bootloader with a failed grub install it seems00:35
mjbermeadmesg in Terminal?00:35
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: I'm not sure how mbr got overwritten but surely was in one of the times I tried to install it00:35
WoCYes, mjbermea00:35
Jordan_URenatoSilva: What happens currently when you try to boot?00:35
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: oh sorry I'm ignoring you, really sorry you and urfr332gO00:36
god-zotac"NTLDR.DLL missing" ?00:36
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: oh sorry doesn't work in webchat anyway00:36
mjbermeaWoC: I'm new to using the Terminal. So I don't know what the output says.00:36
tomvolekWoC  I tried it with -x option, and i see i am being connected to remote host,autheticated, and then it says cant find file, eventhough the file is in the remote home directory00:36
WoCmjbermea should be in the end, anything related to usb or iphone00:36
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: this problem started when I realized I wanted custom install not 'overwrite existing 11.10'00:36
tomvolekWoC  my bad :(  sorry00:37
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Jordan_URenatoSilva: If you don't want my help I will stop offering it. Good luck.00:37
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: what part did you want custom?00:37
RenatoSilvahow to ignore people in webchat.freenode.net? I need to do it due to strong traffic here00:37
tomvolekI found the problme was loged in on a different windwo and put the file on a similar direcityr name00:37
RenatoSilvaJordan_U: thanks00:37
WoCtomvolek try it with the full path00:37
tomvolekok, will do , much appreciated00:38
mjbermeaWoC: Can I PM you? This is 4 lines of output.00:38
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WoCmjbermea sure, go ahead00:38
aguiteli have ubuntu in 3 partition swap / and /home i cannot see /home mounted with gparted ,why?00:38
urfr332gOJordan_U, lol hour the best help on here in this area oh well. :)00:38
Naddhi guys00:38
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: not having swap and reiserfs not ext4, then I tried a new install and set up that in custom option, then it froze in some point00:38
mjbermeaWoC: Sent00:38
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: then I tried again and it froze in some other point00:38
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: for future reference, you might want to consider creating a /home partition seperate from /  so you can store your personalized settings and not format /home each time.. then doing a fresh install is much easier and more convenient00:38
WoCmjbermea try a different usb port00:39
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I've backed up all I wanted to the ntfs partition (sda3)00:39
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: let me check if it froze again00:40
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: what im saying will prevent you from needing to backup/restore your files by hand each time.. just create /home on a seperate partition and it makes life much easier in the event you want to zap the entire OS and install fresh00:40
_cbhow do I select a folder as a playlist in banshee?00:40
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: getting file 57 of 61, I think it's downloading packages...00:40
mjbermeaWoC: When I plug it in to a different USB port, it doesn't even detect it this time.00:40
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: what I've backed up is pretty much those settings I told you earlier00:41
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: i understand that, but having /home as a subdirectory on the same partition as /  isn't handy when you want to do a fresh install/reinstall   and for the most part it is a good practice to have /home on its own partition00:41
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: just a gnome2 theme, an emerald theme, settings for terminal and gedit00:41
WoCmjbermea there may be some issue with your iphone then, like the usb connector may be dirty/corroded00:42
god-zotacsee, all that is stored in your /home/username00:42
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: handy?00:42
kpas_How would one get rid of the lower gnome menu in gnome classic00:42
mjbermeaWoC: It works fine on Windows and other Linux distros.00:42
god-zotacyou could have kept all that and just put that /home partition in your new installs fstab, without formating it during install00:42
RenatoSilvathis webchat is very confusing!00:42
WoCmjbermea then i would think you may be lacking a kernel module00:43
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I don't keep data neither in /home nor in / at all00:43
WoCmjbermea i dont use a iphone myself00:43
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: my data is stored in sda300:43
mjbermeaWoC: ^00:43
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: "downloading language pack (607:00 remaining)"00:44
WoCmjbermea i think im out of ideas, as i said, never used a iphone myself00:44
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: 607 minutes? ã.ã00:44
aguitelhow to know my partitions mounted in terminal?00:45
WoCaguitel; mount00:45
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: you don't keep data in neither /home nor in /? where do you keep it then?  and if you don't have it in home then how do you have your $HOME themes/terminal settings configured to load from somewhere other than the default /home/username/.config00:45
mjbermeaWoC: Alright. :) Let me try downloading the libimobiledevice module because it's reported in a bug.00:45
WoCmjbermea best of luck, it sounds like a good plan00:46
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: my data is stored in sda300:46
aguitelWoC, /home partition appears unmounted in gparted ,is this correct?00:46
mjbermeaWoC: Thanks for your help.00:46
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: and where is sda3 mounted?00:47
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: it doesn't matter00:47
WoCaguitel check with 'mount' in a terminal window00:47
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: for the most part, if you use your /home  you can mount it on a fresh install keeping your old settings, and when you login you wont have to do anything, all your settings will be just like they was in your previous install00:47
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I don't really have settings/data to save from old installation, just those few I told you, and they're now in sda3 which is my ntfs data partition00:47
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: ok, do it however you wish.. but for future reference you may want to consider a /home partition apart from the /  (root) partition00:48
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: 204:36 remaining, crazy...00:48
aguitelWoC, see that,http://paste.pocoo.org/show/553727/00:48
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: why exactly except for looking cool?00:49
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: is your internet connection slow?00:49
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: looking cool?   its nothing about looking cool,  its handy to not have to reconfigure every single thing you have, and to keep your personal files, web browser settings, terminal settings, themes, downloaded files, etc00:49
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: connection seems ok00:49
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: what i am saying is the things in /home  are usually not distro / release dependent.. they are the settings that are applied to every application upon launch / login to y our desktop environment, login shell, etc00:50
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: if I was about to do something that could erase that data, I'd back it up, which I already did... I don't really see your point. You may like a partition for /home but I don't need it00:50
god-zotacmy point is to carry over your settings and not need to worry about losing them when doing a new install00:51
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: ok it would not be distro/release dependant except it becomes junk over the time00:51
god-zotacanother good point is you can mount the /home partition over a network and keep your same setup across different machines on your network, even ones using different distributions00:51
god-zotacwhat becomes junk about it?00:52
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: this is why I'm starting from scratch after years, I have my home pretty clean but can't speak of everything else, so to be sure I'll overwrite everything from scratch00:52
Legoleaderhi there00:52
god-zotacim done with this conversation, anyone who has any linux experience at all will tell you that having /home on its own partition is a good idea, i see no reason that it is not a good idea00:52
hauxIf I am partitioning a hard drive that will not be used to run any OS, should I still format it at MBR, or should I do GUID?00:52
god-zotacyou can control your HD usage better also00:52
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: unfortunately this is something you need to do to be reasonably sure of having a clean system, yet in 201200:52
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: i think you don't understand the concept of partiions and the filesystem hierarchy00:53
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RenatoSilvagod-zotac: think verything you wish00:53
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: I'm used to this kind of irc user00:53
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: 2012 or 1912, a /home partition is not going to be outdated or obsoleted00:54
Legoleaderis it possible to change the system fonts00:54
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: please apologize for your last statement00:54
god-zotacno thank you00:54
RenatoSilvahmm 15min, better now00:54
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: ok I don't care00:55
* RenatoSilva waits for language pack download finishing00:55
god-zotacRenatoSilva:: next time when you decide you want to change distros, or do a clean install, have fun backing up all your themes, and customizations that you use in your apps.. could have all been prevented by the method i mentioned..00:55
RenatoSilvagod-zotac: please stop it00:55
hauxIf I am partitioning a hard drive that will not be used to run any OS, should I still format it as MBR, or should I do GUID?00:56
LegoleaderIs it possible to change the font formatting in ubuntu00:56
RenatoSilvahaux: format it as MBR? what do you really mean?00:58
WoChaux i would still use MBR for the aprtition table, for compabilty assurance00:58
RenatoSilvahaux: you don't need to put a bootloader on it if it's a data-only hard drive00:59
hauxRenatoSilva,  When you format a drive in Dist Utility, it has a few options to select from. MBR, GUID, None, or Apple.00:59
Legoleaderis it possible to add more fonts to the system like windows?00:59
hauxThanks WoC00:59
WoCnp haux00:59
RenatoSilvaLegoleader: yes00:59
WoChaux maybe one day you need to mount that disk in some older machine, using MBR will ensure you can01:00
LegoleaderWhere can I find fonts and how to add them?01:00
hauxAnother question I have but it's unrelated to Ubuntu, the people in ##hardware aren't being particularly responsive at the moment. I was wondering if a lot of cracking noises coming from a hard drive during read/write is considered normal noise?01:00
RenatoSilvaLegoleader: www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+how+to+add+fonts01:00
hauxNew 1TB seagate, to be specific.01:01
EuroNerdWhy isn't the new VLC 2.0 available in the Update Manager yet?01:01
hauxThis is a familiar noise to me, but this one seems particularly louder than I'm used to.01:01
WoChaux is that a scsi drive ?01:01
WoCQuantum ?01:01
maniXhello friends, i am using ubuntu 0n hp-g6-1219tu laptop. It has a broadcom 4313 wireless card installed on it. I have installed broadcom STA drivers  to it. I have made the wifi to work my blacklisting bcma and brcmsmac modules. But the bluetooth is not working. Please help me someone01:01
RenatoSilvahaux: well I'd ask to listen to it but I'd bet it's damaged01:01
WoCsome brands are making more sounds than others...01:02
RenatoSilvahaux: not sure though01:02
RenatoSilvahaux: barracuda?01:02
hauxGot it a month ago01:02
celltechTold 11.10 to stop with the updates and stop telling me. What happens when I restart? Update screen always shows up... Why won't it stop01:02
RenatoSilvahaux: do you speak portuguese?01:02
WoCheh, ok :) as long as the sounds are kind of snappy it should be ok01:02
hauxIt's like a staticy noise, *shrug*01:03
hauxAnyway, thanks for the help!01:03
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WoCnp haux01:03
gr33n7007hmaniX, what does "hciconfig -a hci0" show ??01:03
EuroNerdWhy isn't VLC 2.0 available in the Update Manager yet?01:04
maniXgr33n7007h: Can't get device info: No such device01:04
gr33n7007hmaniX, try "bluetoothd -u"01:04
urfr332gOEuroNerd, not sure but it is in a ppa, probably be soon.01:05
maniXgr33n7007h: It gave me nothing. No output01:05
GummyBearRenatoSilva: eu falo españoliño, voce fala espanhol?01:05
gr33n7007hmaniX, hciconfig hci0 up01:06
maniXgr33n7007h: Can't get device info: No such device01:06
maniXgr33n7007h: rfkill list do not list any bluetooth too01:06
RenatoSilvaGummyBear: no01:07
ThePendulumIs there a way to display a live log on the screen of my server?01:08
maniXgr33n7007h:  in the output of rfkill list i have nothing ok hci001:08
gr33n7007hmaniX, which ubuntu you using ?01:09
RenatoSilvavery nice idea this kind of message: 'downloading stuff (x min remaining)'01:09
maniX11.10 gr33n7007h01:09
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DrDankHow is everyone doing?01:10
maniXgr33n7007h: i have tried ubuntu 11.10, kubuntu 11.10, open suse, and a lot of other distros. Same problem01:10
urfr332gODrDank, you don't wanna know. :)01:10
gr33n7007hdo you know manafacturer of bluetooth device01:10
SuperSniperbut you have to have bluetooth certification01:11
maniXits broadcom 431301:11
DrDankurfr332gO: It cant be that bad.. lol01:11
urfr332gODrDank, its not just joking.01:12
maniXgr33n7007h: i had windows installed earlier. Broadcoms driver was easy on windows. i dont know why broadcom hates linux.01:12
DrDankurfr332gO: doing better than me.. lol Ive got this Ubuntu installed on a dual boot.. and I end up using Windows more than Linux because I just cant figure it out.01:12
urfr332gODrDank, takes awhile and I started on ubuntu, lol01:13
shadowh511DrDank: you just gotta take a few hours to brute-force it01:13
gr33n7007hbroadcom sucks01:13
DrDankurfr332gO: I "brute-force" ?? lol01:13
maniXgr33n7007h: http://www.broadcom.com/support/802.11/linux_sta.php this is the link that might help u01:13
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maniXgr33n7007h:  agreed01:13
kokozaurzanyone know01:14
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shadowh511DrDank: you just gotta learn how it works and how you can use how it works to make your job as a user easier01:14
maniXmine is BCM-4313, it has no support even from b43.01:14
kokozaurzAny suggestions for streaming video01:14
kokozaurzeasiest way01:14
kokozaurzon gnome01:14
SuperSniperlike what01:14
SuperSniper"streaming video"?01:14
SuperSniperfrom what source01:14
kokozaurzlike streaming internal video01:15
urfr332gOkokozaurz, details?01:15
SuperSniperlike youtube?01:15
kokozaurzno no, streaming everything thats happening01:15
gr33n7007hmaniX, you on about wireless card or ubuntu??01:15
SuperSniperthat would take up SO much soace01:15
kokozaurzwell you can obviously stream your webcam01:16
gr33n7007hmaniX, you on about wireless card or bluetooth??01:16
kokozaurzfrom skype01:16
kokozaurzi mean thru skype01:16
kokozaurzbut not to stream webcam01:16
kokozaurzbet everything thats happening on desktop01:16
InTroubleanyone know how to get more details on this? it's hanging on there and mins vary too much http://i.imgur.com/hgAo4.png01:16
kokozaurzcould be thru skype01:16
maniXgr33n7007h: bluetooth01:16
liberalDrDank: go cold turkey. no dual boot. linux and that's it. if you're having a problem doing something, force yourself to find the way to do it on linux. that's how i learned linux, and that's what the others meant by "brute force"01:16
maniXgr33n7007h: but it says that this STA driver is for both bluetooth and wifi01:17
=== kris_ is now known as Guest32490
DrDankliberal: Thanks, I understand now.01:17
maniXgr33n7007h: sadly it make wifi to work but not bluetooth01:17
gr33n7007hmodprobe the original module01:18
maniXgr33n7007h: how?01:19
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csiekhello world !01:19
ThePendulumworld's not here atm :(01:19
urfr332gOInTrouble, stop changing your nic renato01:20
InTroubleurfr332gO: I'm not obligated to not do01:20
csiekhi !01:20
gr33n7007hlsmod  | grep "b43\|ssb\|bcma\|wl"01:20
ThePendulumDoes anyone knows if it's possible to boot a computer via network?01:21
gmachine_24Hi. I am about to upgrade my Ubuntu on a dual-boot (win7) machine. I am NOT going to do an upgrade - going to do a fresh install. Should I boot from a live CD and wipe out the Ubuntu partitions ... and then install into the open/unused space? Or will there be a choice when installing to use the area where Ubuntu is currently installed. Thx.01:21
urfr332gOInTrouble, if you do it enough they will ban you and it actually will stop some from helping you01:21
csiekyes thanks to PXE01:21
InTroubleurfr332gO: I don't care your bans for personal reasons either if that's the reason I can't use my original nick01:21
h0udiniim using 11.1001:21
h0udinican i update to 12.04 ?01:21
ThePendulumgmachine_24: When you're installing Ubuntu (11.10?), you'll get the option to replace your old Ubuntun installation with the new one, so that's the option you need :)01:22
csiekThePendulum see the LTSP project01:22
urfr332gOInTrouble, I can't ban you lol. and have no personal vendetta either.01:22
aeon-ltdh0udini: not unless you like betas01:22
maniXgr33n7007h: its wl only, cause i already tried doing as the readme.txt instructed.01:22
InTroubleurfr332gO: why can't you just ignore me then? well, I know why01:22
gmachine_24ThePendulum, thanks. So that will be a complete new install, right? Because, as I said, I do not want to do an upgrade. That has failed me.01:22
WebDawgWhat is the difference between 10.04.1 and 10.04.4?01:23
h0udiniok Thanx01:23
gmachine_24about .301:23
InTroubleaeon-ltd: people may say non-LTSes are kind of betas01:23
WebDawggmachine_24, would an aptitude update turn .1 into .4?01:23
ThePendulumgmachine_24: Yep, it should wipe out your old install completely01:23
InTroubleWebDawg: the latter is more up-to-date01:23
funnyfingersI have setup Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Debian 6 as a domU of CentOS with no problems.  Ubuntu 11.04's netinstall does not detect the network card.  Any ideas?01:23
gmachine_24ThePendulum, ok, great. Thanks. And it's 11.10 that I'm installing.01:24
ThePendulumgmachine_24: I guess you feel attracted to the all new look then :)01:24
ThePendulumSwitched to Xubuntu myself, for I don't really like Unity or Gnome 3.201:24
urfr332gOInTrouble, well I'm glad you do. :)01:25
gmachine_24ThePendulum, well, I am willing to give it a try, certainly. I read that the KDE guy is no longer going to be doing KDE for Canonical - as a paid position.01:25
WebDawggmachine_24, would an aptitude update turn .1 into .4?01:25
InTroubleurfr332gO: please stop talking to me and mentioning my nick, thanks01:25
gmachine_24WebDawg - I do not know. There are others here far wiser than I.01:25
WebDawgInTrouble,, would an aptitude update turn .1 into .4?01:25
InTroubleWebDawg: try it and see, it must not hurt01:26
BrandonBoltonHello, is there an easy way to share the Internet connection from my laptop to something else with Ubuntu?01:26
ThePendulumgmachine_24: Correct, Canonical is so sure about themselves that they are going to quit financial support for Kubuntu as of 12.0401:26
gmachine_24ThePendulum: I thought they said they were doing it because they're not making any money at it.01:26
=== InTrouble is now known as Pikkachu
gmachine_24BrandonBolton: what exactly are you trying to do?01:27
BrandonBoltongmachine_24, I am trying to share the internet connection from my netbook running 10.04 to a XP desktop so I can do updates. I don't want to have an internet cord going across my living room (kinda a safety hazard).01:28
gmachine_24BrandonBolton: I'm assuming you don't have a router.01:29
ThePendulumgmachine_24: That's correct, so basically you could conclude that they consider KDE doomed and are deadset on Unity on Gnome 3+01:29
gmachine_24ThePendulum: That's unfortunate. Usually more is better.01:29
gmachine_24Ok it's time to wipe out the old............ c u all later01:30
BrandonBoltongmachine_24, I have a wireless router. I was going to try and share my netbook's wireless card's internet through the Ethernet jack.01:30
=== stevebgone is now known as stevelitt
urfr332gOThePendulum, the support is there just the money is gone.01:31
maniXhello friends, i am using ubuntu 0n hp-g6-1219tu laptop. It has a broadcom 4313 wireless card installed on it. I have installed broadcom STA drivers  to it. I have made the wifi to work my blacklisting bcma and brcmsmac modules. But the bluetooth is not working. Please help me someone01:32
lnxslckmaniX, good luk with that01:32
Pikkachutest, sorry01:33
maniXlnxslck: ?01:33
maniXlnxslck: is there anything wrong with my querry?01:34
y0om4do any of you watch netflix stream from ubuntu?01:35
y0om4you just need a web browser, right01:35
urfr332gOy0om4, netflix wont run in linux01:36
y0om4i thought you could stream from a browser like firefox01:36
urfr332gOy0om4, nope01:37
BrandonBoltony0om4, You could do a virtual machine of Windows. You could also try and install Wine and then Install Silverlight through that.01:37
y0om4what about hulu01:37
urfr332gOy0om4, hulu runs01:37
BrandonBoltony0om4, Netflix requires Mircrosoft's Silverlight to run. Hulu will run just fine.01:37
DaZi take it moonlight doesn't handle necessary drm thingies? :x01:39
maniXhello friends, i am using ubuntu 0n hp-g6-1219tu laptop. It has a broadcom 4313 wireless card installed on it. I have installed broadcom STA drivers  to it. I have made the wifi to work my blacklisting bcma and brcmsmac modules. But the bluetooth is not working. Please help me someone01:40
urfr332gOmaniX, you might try ##linux if your registered01:40
BrandonBoltonDaZ, sadly no. It doesn't have the DRM in it. I have to have Windows installed on a second partition so I can watch Netflix. Sometimes kids in Third World Countries have it better than me. :(01:41
baggyHey everyone. I typically try to resolve problems on my own so but I can't figure out what is going wrong here. Whenever I try to use the Software Center to install something I want it will give the usual install dialogue, prompt me for my authentication and such, displaying the "Installing..." message for roughly half a second and then totally stop and just sit there. After which, if I try again, it does the same thing. Any ideas on01:42
baggyhow I can fix this?01:42
BrandonBoltonbaggy, have you tried to install anything through command line to see if that works?01:42
baggyYes, dpkg seems to work just find with .deb files.01:42
baggyUnless you're asking about another means.01:43
baggyLike apt-get?01:43
BrandonBoltonbaggy, yeah, I was wondering about apt-get.01:43
baggyOne moment, let me find a program to try it with and report back to you.01:43
Brian__I have been playing with CUPS for a bit, but I can't figure out what I need to do.  I have a ubuntu server install with cups installed.  I need to make this server act as a printer that listens on port 9100.  Once a job comes in, I need it to send the print to file.  I created my cups printer with the backend script to print to file, but that doesnt help me respond to print jobs on port 9100.01:44
baggyBrandonBolton; apt-get seems to be working just fine.01:45
baggyI tested it on OpenJDK 701:45
JusticeNeed help with wireless disconnecting when running on battery its a Ralink 5390 wireless with rt2800pci drivers.01:46
urfr332gObaggy, you sure you have the repo open for packages crashing, and have you run a updat & upgrade from the terminal?01:47
baggyI have run an update/upgrade.01:47
JusticeLogs show, ieee80211 phy0: wlan0: No probe response from AP & wlan0: deauthenticated from (Reason: 6)01:47
Justicehowever could not find anything on how to fix this issue -_-'01:48
razor85How can I make a VNC session for user "joe" instead of the root user?01:48
Justicehm quiet here..01:49
pumpkinsTree house tv . com01:49
pumpkinsPBS kids go . org01:51
kawarshyHi, anyone knows, how to change ubuntu 11.10 to arabic interface instead of english interface?01:52
xanguakawarshy: install arabic language and select it on the login screen01:52
kawarshyxangua, thanks a lot :-)01:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:58
ramsramboneed help with home folder utility -- when pointed to /usr/bin it closes automatically01:59
razor85how do i login to vnc with another user than root?02:00
c_smith_ryeth: what was that about? nobody asked a question.......02:01
BrandonBoltonDoes anyone know how to bridge a connection with Ubuntu 10.04 to lets stay a desktop?02:02
OvermindDL1So, my video card has two outputs with two monitors, I also have two keyboards and two mice, how can I get two people logged on with their own users on their own monitor with their own mouse/keyboard in ubuntu?02:04
rattatoueI am running on a fresh install of Ubuntu 11.10. Idk what happen all I did was install all the updates and now my system is like trying to freeze or like glitching. Like opening things will stall for a sec its weird and never did this before. I checked the system monitor and alot of things are saying poll_schedule_timeout. Theres only like 4 things that arent saying that. Any ideas?02:04
=== vKompff_ is now known as vKimpff
SillyTalkeri'm trying to setup my wifi card through SLI, but iwconfig is not able to set ym key02:04
SillyTalker(and its not in hex)02:04
BrandonBoltonrain_, Hello, do you need help?02:06
rain_Not really, thanks though02:06
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goodtimehello carp102:12
carp1Can I get Ubuntu help on this channel?02:13
pappagrizlyhey im having some problems getting my ethernet to work on recently installed ubuntu   anybody want to help me out?02:13
carp1My computer freezes every couple hours.  Most of the time it goes to a console and says it panic'd and it will be froze.02:14
goodtimecarp1: yes people ask good questions here and get help02:14
KokkopokkoIs it possible to have "dock gnome extension" on bottom?02:15
goodtimehow much ram do you have carp102:15
carp12GB I believe.02:15
goodtimehmm me too02:15
SillyTalkeri cannot seem to find docs that explain how i can connect to my wpa2 network from CLI02:15
SillyTalkerany directions?02:15
SillyTalkerits kindof... essential.........02:16
bludi am trying to upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 but it says "Could not calculate the upgrade"  "E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."  what do I do?02:16
SillyTalkeri hate getting stuck on something THIS SIMPLE02:16
goodtimeim sure it is SillyTalker02:16
goodtimegoogle what your problem is like in wikipedia02:16
SillyTalkerthats not even correct english..02:17
SillyTalkeractually i dont care about correct, but its not understandable02:17
goodtimeif that doesnt work maybe ill figure it out for you02:17
goodtimehang on02:17
Lesterwoodhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvUm2uMMm-U&feature=related opinions02:17
SillyTalkerah you're asking if i already googled02:18
SillyTalkerim still googling as we speak02:18
HFSPLUSIs 256mb ram good for sbuntu?02:18
goodtimei get ya02:18
HFSPLUSis 512mb good for ubuntu?02:18
xanguaHFSPLUS: it might be for Lubuntu or Xubuntu02:18
goodtimeno HFSPLUS but if it works it will run real slow02:18
HFSPLUSok i can throw in 768MB that good?02:19
pappagrizlyshould i have to install a driver for my ethernet card when i install ubuntu?02:19
SillyTalker512 shouldnt be a problem at all02:19
HFSPLUSMax my mobo can handal02:19
xangua512 with unity 2D¿ yes HFSPLUS02:19
HFSPLUSon top of Dual CPU intel pentium 3 1000Mhz02:19
SillyTalkeror get a distro without the crappy unity garbage02:19
SillyTalkeroops sorry lol02:19
SillyTalkerconfused channels :p02:20
HFSPLUSPeace, im going to throw in 3x 256MB sticks in my rig02:20
goodtimei just install with apt-get install gnomedesktop02:20
goodtimeor apt-get install kde-full02:20
SillyTalkerwhen i tried that last time i got a really crappy gnome version02:20
goodtimefor the plasma gui02:20
=== Gskellig|away is now known as gskellig|mobile
SillyTalkerwhatever i tried, i couldnt get the regular old gnome i'm used to02:20
pappagrizlyi dont have access to intnernet at all on linux so i cant download any thing on it02:20
goodtimethe gnome is lacking02:21
SillyTalkeri installed xubuntu-desktop and used that in the end02:21
goodtimehow did it run02:21
w0uldIs there a way to add a ssh key to my login keychain so that it unlocks automatically during login?  I seem to remember this being prompted to do this in versions around the time of the last LTS release but that doesn't seem to be true in 11.10.  Google has been no help.02:21
SillyTalkerxubuntu-desktop? fine of course02:21
SillyTalkernot what i want but i can live with it02:21
goodtimeright right02:22
Flip_can anyone shed light on RAID1 Ubuntu Server LTS with gnome desktop update02:22
razor85How do I use VNC with another user other than root? I need to connect to VNC with normal user privelegies and not root.02:22
SillyTalkerok i think its time to give up02:22
LL2|AndroidIt doesn't suprise me that this channel has many, many more users than ##windows02:22
SillyTalkerappernatly its no longer possible to connect to my wifi network from CLI02:22
goodtimehahaha windows02:22
SillyTalkerand theres not documentation to be found02:23
Flip_windows - who said that02:23
SillyTalkerexcept outdated garbage from 200602:23
goodtimethats windows for ya02:23
goodtimehahaha i formated my hdd to linux and now i cant install win7 pro02:24
Flip_i got the raid to sync but it won't mount in my gui02:24
Flip_do i need to the hdd's are formated GUID indiv and the RAID has no partition02:25
goodtimei could use gparted i guess but i dont care for the distro02:25
Flip_can't put GUID backon the sunc drives02:25
Flip_I tried free space02:25
Flip_Any ideas on RAID 102:25
goodtimeidk Flip_02:26
Flip_i suck at CLI - still learning02:26
goodtimeme too02:26
goodtimei do ok sometimes02:26
Flip_I'm getting better - I started out with DOS back in the 90's never got a linux machine until about 3 years ago02:26
goodtimedos is cool02:27
RenatoSilvahi all, how to add a ntfs partition to be mounted automatically without editing fstab directly in oneiric?02:27
Flip_Finding out how much DOS blows with Terminal LOL02:27
goodtimei might install a dos emulator02:28
Flip_oh well, I got time to learn. Guess learn by error.02:28
goodtimejust to put a feather in my cap02:28
Flip_The only thing I like about DOS is a few of the networking commands like ARP and netsh02:29
LL2|AndroidWhen I see someone ask "how do I uninstall *insert linux distro or linux based os here*?" here02:29
LL2|AndroidI should just say "open bash, and type in 'sudo rm -rf /'"02:29
LL2|Android"and when it asks for your password, enter it"02:30
SillyTalkerso does anyone know how to connect to my wifinetwork from CLI?02:30
SillyTalkeriwconfig says invalid argument when i try to set my key02:30
SillyTalkermy network uses wpa202:30
rattatoueSillyTalker pvt02:30
SillyTalkerpvt rattatoue ?02:30
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:30
carp1Any idea's why my laptop goes into console and it says a panic occured and the computer freezes?02:31
goodtimety ubottu02:31
goodtimegood bot there02:31
rattatoueSillyTalker, private message, if your on xchat look on the left.02:31
* dlentz stops entering his password02:31
SillyTalkerLL2|Android, its not ok to give harmfull advice here, and it does NOT make you look cool..... at all....02:31
dlentzit's fairly obvious s/he was joking02:32
LL2|AndroidYeah, as dlentz says, it was indeed a joke02:32
bludi just did what that guy said and now all my stuff is gone02:32
bludlol jk02:32
LL2|AndroidThough it would kinda answer their question, tbh02:33
w0uldRenatoSilva, you mean when you plug in a USB device with a NTFS partition?02:33
bludso um, im trying to upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 and it says Could not calculate the upgrade...02:33
bludit says unable to correct problems you have held broken packages02:34
bludhow can i fix this?\02:34
RenatoSilvaw0uld: no it's on the hdd02:34
LL2|AndroidDid you try 'apt-get update'02:34
rattatoueblud, try sudo apt-get -f install first followed by sudo dpkg --configure -a, then try to do the upgrade02:34
dakisWhen will it end? When will the United States of America move beyond this obscene blemish in its short history? How many more must be violated? How many more relationships handicapped by the male's heavy psychological burden and by his sensual-sexual inadequacy?02:34
goodtimehahaha try apt-get install upgrade it might workfor you blud02:35
LL2|AndroidTry 'apt-get check'02:35
Uncle_Festeri have a problem02:35
LL2|AndroidLol goodtime02:35
dlentz!ask | Uncle_Fester02:35
ubottuUncle_Fester: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:35
Uncle_Festerhow do i navigate to my virtual c in wine?  i'm using ubuntu 11.1002:35
RenatoSilvawho were talking to me?02:35
bludgoodtime: it says Unable to locate package upgrade if i do that02:35
Uncle_Festerguess i dont know proper ediquit02:36
LL2|Androiddlentz: does !ask>username work too?02:36
* dlentz shrugs02:36
goodtimesorry to hear blud02:36
LL2|AndroidI see why it uses the pipe, as a reference to bash stuff, but just wondering02:36
c_smith_yet, s/he shouldn't have even been joking about it, as it's the equivellant of joking about murder, as "sudo rm -r /" kills the Unix/Unix-like OS currently running, essentially you are murdering it.02:36
dlentzUncle_Fester, are you asking what folder is your C drive?02:36
rattatoueblud, have you added any ppas?02:37
LL2|Androidc_smith_: see !danger02:37
bludyes some custom intel driver, i been trying to figure out how to remove it02:37
Uncle_Festerin older ubuntu i could just navigate to virtual c and uninstall a program02:37
bludi have ppa-purge but i dont dseem to be able to figure out how to use it02:37
Uncle_Festernow i cvant02:37
c_smith_LL2|Android: I did, I was just saying what the results of it is in essence.02:38
Uncle_Festerwhat i'm trying to do is uninstall a program that i have in wine.02:38
rattatoueblud, sudo apt-get install ppa-purge, then sudo ppa-purge whateverthenameoftheppawas02:38
c_smith_Uncle_Fester: there are two ways of going about that.02:38
dlentzwow, i just realized i haven't used wine in years02:38
xangua!ppa-purge | blud02:38
ubottublud: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:38
Uncle_Festertell me the easy way02:38
goodtimeive never been able to run wine ever!02:39
bludwell is the name of the ppa  "LA-PPA-glasen-intel-driver ??  like does that look right?02:39
ssshvbhey   i have an rpm file (maya 2012 ) do i need to convert it to  the dep by alien   or i can just unpack it and copy  to the foleder where it has to be   ( i have it installed before  it is just a new  sp )02:39
Uncle_Festerin 10.04 i could just navigate to it now with this new desktop i cant find anything02:39
dlentzblud, it's ppa:glasen/intel-driver02:39
w0uldRenatoSilva, if you have a NTFS partition on your hard drive, the easiest way I know of to mount it is to add an entry to the fstab.02:40
Lesterwoodguys, why don't you own firearms?02:40
rattatoueblud, there you go use the ppa-purge to remove that02:40
Uncle_Festeri dont like kde at all02:40
LL2|AndroidSillyTalker: might I suggest something else with that command thing?02:40
RenatoSilvaw0uld: installed pysdm but it asks for a name to mount, I don't want to specify a mounting point, it should be dynamically determined from the ntfs partition label02:40
goodtimeyeah ive used the fstab to format hdd02:41
reCAPTCHAHey all.. I am trying to play a game, but I keep getting a pulse audio error. http://www.pasteall.org/2933402:41
dlentzLesterwood, i don't want to shoot anyone at them moment (though the urge is rising ;) )02:41
c_smith_Uncle_Fester: as I was saying, go to the menu, go to Wine, and select "Uninstall Wine Software" or whatever looks similar.02:41
Uncle_Festerwhich menu?02:41
SillyTalkerLL2|Android, no need to ask, but im going for a little break, so i wont read it untill i get back02:41
Uncle_Festeri dont see one02:41
blud_i try to purge this ppa, but it says Warning could not find package list for PPA02:41
Flip_I know I've asked before - but anyone new joined that might know about RAID1 config in ubuntu lts02:41
SillyTalkeri got a /msg from LL2|Android with maliscious advice02:42
SillyTalkerany ops around?02:42
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!02:42
Uncle_Festerthere was a menu in 10.04 but not in 11.1002:42
w0uldRenatoSilva, you'll have to mount it if you want to read from and write to your NTFS partition.02:42
ejvthere ya go SillyTalker ^02:42
LL2|AndroidSillyTalker: coming from a guy who heard me say before that I WAS JOKING02:42
RenatoSilvaw0uld: I don't want to install ntfs-3g or something, I just wanted to right lick the drive in unity and set some mount on startup flag02:42
rattatoueblud, try sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:glasen/intel-driver02:42
SillyTalkerits not funny, nto the first time, and not over /msg either02:43
SillyTalkerits just not done, nor allowed here afaik02:43
SillyTalkeragain, it does NOT make you look cool....02:43
RenatoSilvaw0uld: I think I'll search for a solution later, thanks!02:43
elkyLL2|Android, this is easily resolved by not making such jokes. can you do that for us?02:43
ejvSillyTalker: if LL2|Android is irritating you, /ignore him, just move along02:43
w0uldSo you want it to mount under /media/?02:43
SillyTalkerejv, the ops should know about his "jokes"02:43
blud_how can i figure out (find) the name of a ppa??02:43
SillyTalkerejv, if you disagree, ignore me and move along02:43
elkyLL2|Android, thanks.02:44
Uncle_Festeri dont see where to do this02:44
LL2|AndroidNp, elky02:44
elkySillyTalker, he's said he won't do it again, so lets move on ok?02:44
ejvim not the one making a fuss, therefor im moving along lol02:44
geaekhey everyone, i have ubuntu 10.10 on mah netbook, 1 out of 4 times when waking it up from sleep, the screen gets all scrambled and nothing will respond. Anyone run into this problem?02:44
SillyTalkerelky, sure i didnt see that part yet02:45
* LL2|Android pushes ejv away, to help him finish his mission of moving along02:45
Sintriguegeaek: what video drivers?02:45
elkySillyTalker, <elky> LL2|Android, this is easily resolved by not making such jokes. can you do that for us?  <LL2|Android> Yes02:45
elkynow, moving on.02:45
carp1<geaek> similar problem here....no one had any answers for me02:45
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
Uncle_Festeri got something called main menu open but it wont let me select uninstall program from wine02:45
ejvwe were all moved on already elky, then you brought it back :P02:45
geaeksintrigue i have the most up to date for geforce 9300m02:45
elkyejv, i was responding to the last thing SillyTalker directed at me.02:46
LL2|AndroidOh wow02:46
ejvi was jokin, nvm :)02:46
SillyTalkerelky, i meant i didnt see that part  yet until you said it the first time02:46
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)02:47
Uncle_Festerwell i gues  noone knows02:47
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:47
blud_rattatoue: yeah ok that did it, i just didnt know how to figure out the name of the ppa, but that was it02:47
rattatoueblud_, great to hear!02:47
ejvprecise pangolin? really? they couldn't call it precise penguin... just wow.02:47
BrandonBoltonDoes anyone know how to bridge a connection with Ubuntu 10.04 to lets stay a desktop? I tried it with network manager, but I can only get "limited to no connectivity" on Windows.02:48
playit_how do you guys balance work with entertainment? im trying to find a way to watch my recorded things and work at the same time02:48
playit_I was thinking about transparancy or using gnome 3.2s half feature02:49
Uncle_Festerhow do you uninstall a program in wine in ubuntu 11.10?02:49
playit_or possibly using another device as a virtual second monitor .. like a psp or a kindle or something02:49
playit_im using a laptop and don't know if a second monitor is an option or not02:49
rattatoueplayit, If I do that I just usually split my screen. Half is the video and half whatever im working on02:49
carp1I think I have a video driver issue.  I'm not sure...Can anyone help?02:49
LL2|Androidejv and elky: sorry for the late message about this, but suggestion: take the fighting to PM if you two want to fight, k?02:50
playit_seems good.. I was experimenting with partial transparancy02:50
linux_is_my_herobazhang: you've helped me with stuff before.  you're smart.  can i pm you to ask you a quick question?02:51
reCAPTCHAHey all.. I am trying to play a game, but I keep getting a pulse audio error. http://www.pasteall.org/2933402:51
LL2|Androidplayit: you  were experimenting with making yourself invisible? :P jk02:51
linux_is_my_herorecaptcha: nice handle! very creative :-)02:51
playit_haha yes.. it didn't work and I got arrested :\02:52
elkyLL2|Android, we ops find that doing all moderation in private means we have to explain things ten times over and nobody in the channel ever learns.02:52
linux_is_my_heroelky: is drm off limits in here?02:52
reCAPTCHAlinux_is_my_hero: Yeah, they like it so much that they put it on the login screen.02:53
LL2|Androidelky: true, but I said if it was you and ejv fighting over the problem that I had, not about moderation02:53
goodtimei learn in here elky02:53
goodtimesink or swim i say02:53
linux_is_my_heroelky: is it wrong to want to print a kindle ebook so i can study with a real book?02:54
elkylinux_is_my_hero, that's technically up to each helper, but it's generally discouraged. we don't want to be known as a piracy channel02:54
LL2|Androidplayit_: lol02:54
elkylinux_is_my_hero, printing is fair use for educational purposes under pretty much all copyright legislation i'm aware of. ianal though02:54
goodtimeyeah i wouldnt setup a fserver02:54
goodtimethere been a few crackdowns02:55
ejvLL2|Android: elky and I weren't fighting btw lol02:55
patrick__does anyone know anything a bout xchat plugins02:55
linux_is_my_heroelky: as for piracy, i do understand.  as for printing, the kindle eReader software for windows doesn't have a print button.  any ideas?02:55
reCAPTCHAHey all.. I am trying to play a game, but I keep getting a pulse audio error. http://www.pasteall.org/2933402:55
Uncle_Festerso i guess there is no way to do it?02:56
aeon-ltdpatrick__: they do in #xchat02:56
elkylinux_is_my_hero, find better software? i don't know if calibre has a print button or not02:56
patrick__thank you02:57
linux_is_my_heroelky: okay.  thank you.02:57
aeon-ltdUncle_Fester: btw are you fezz parka?02:57
elkyalso, we generally don't go supporting windows software in #ubuntu, it's kind of beside the point ;)02:57
ejvlinux_is_my_hero: i recommend #windows02:57
Uncle_Festerno i'm just really confused02:57
Uncle_Festerand needed some help02:57
carp1I think I have a video driver issue.  I'm not sure...Can anyone help?02:57
mkdrag0ndont get confused, choose linux =)02:57
LL2|Androidejv: its ##windows actually02:58
ejvomg, stop knit picking lol, it'll redirect automagically02:58
Uncle_Festeri came here looking for help and not even getting any02:58
LL2|Androidejv: you mean automatically02:59
linux_is_my_heroejv: my gf wants to study with a book she bought on kindle and then print it.  her windows kindle eReader software doesnt work very well.  i don't care for windows.  i use linux, so i put her ebook on a thumbdrive, installed calibre, and calibre is acting funny on my ubuntu computer.  lucky me, huh?02:59
* LL2|Android runs02:59
linux_is_my_heroelky: i meant calibre for ubuntu (my computer).  i apoligize for not being more specific.02:59
Uncle_Festeri may just try a diiferent distro.  maybe there is better support03:00
[deXter]Uncle_Fester, Love your nick. :)03:00
rattatoueUncle_Fester, whats your problem exactly? sorry I missed it03:00
ejvlinux_is_my_hero: sorry, i don't know much about that stuff, sounds like it's a shame that kindle isn't releasing their content free of DRM, but that's an subject for another channel03:00
ejvlinux_is_my_hero: all I can say is don't support DRM :)03:01
Uncle_Festeri just recently updated from ubuntu 10.04 to 11.1003:01
patrick__does ubuntu support python03:01
linux_is_my_heroejv: yup03:01
ejvpatrick__: of course03:01
rattatoueUncle_Fester, okay. And?03:01
ejvUncle_Fester: the quality of support you get here, is a function of the quality and thoroughness of details you provide to us.03:02
linux_is_my_heroejv, elky: thanks for your suggestions, though, that should give me so more ideas if i cant get ubuntu calibre to work.  y'all have a good night :-)03:02
patrick__ok is there a place i can a get a full free version of python03:02
Uncle_Festerand i have wine installed. i used to just go to applications and go to wine and uninstall a program.  but now with this new desktop i cant figure out how to uninstall a program from wine03:02
Uncle_Festeri just want to know how to uninstal a program in wine in ubuntu 11.1003:03
rattatoueUncle_Fester, http://wiki.winehq.org/FAQ#head-9893ae50079ca7a959258f0bc9a17aaf2e69b391 go there and go to 4.2 It says how to uninstall a program in wine.03:03
stanikihi guys, been logged in for hours now, was watching a video on banshee all of a sudden my display resolution reduces drastically and my display is no longer detected HELP PLEASE!03:03
ejvpatrick__: i think you're confused, python has a PSFL license, similar to GPL; you can fetch python from any Ubuntu repository, for free (as in beer)03:03
rattatouestaniki, not to state the obvious did you try restarting the computer?03:03
Uncle_Festeri already looked at it03:03
stanikiyes I did03:03
rattatoueUncle_Fester, and did you try it?03:03
Uncle_Festerhave no clue on how03:04
Flip_is anyone familiar with adding a RAID1 array into an already installed ubuntu os03:04
Uncle_Festernothing shows up in the uninstaller03:04
rattatoueUncle_Fester, in a terminal run wine uninstaller03:04
Flip_i need ubuntu on a separate drive from the raid03:04
rattatoueUncle_Fester, oh strange. Hmm.03:04
Uncle_Festeri did. and no programs show up03:05
rattatouestaniki, is your video card nvidia by any chance?03:05
Uncle_Festernow the uninstaller wont show up03:05
ejvstaniki: i haven't wrestled with ubuntu on a workstation for quite some time, but in the past, i'd invoke a `dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg` to reinitiliaze the environment03:05
decafcan I just dd lucid desktop iso to usb stick and hope it works?03:05
LL2|Android"Thing, Emma Jig. I now pronounce you hand in hand"03:05
stanikino i'm using the onboard graphics card, i am not 100% what it is but its definitely an intel product03:05
zykotick9decaf: it won't - it's not hybrid like 11.1003:06
xanguadecaf: lucid no, you can with oneiric i believe03:06
rattatoueUncle_Fester, sounds like you might need to reinstall your wine03:06
Uncle_Festerit opens and closes really fast03:06
Uncle_Festeryea i'll do that03:06
stanikitried that ejv doesn;t work03:07
decafzykotick9, xangua  I'm on debian, couldn't find a syslinux howto for desktop cd, grub4dos website is down03:07
Flip_HELP WITH RAID :/03:07
ejvstaniki: sorry dude03:07
rattatouestaniki, are you running nvidia?03:07
carp1My laptop goes into terminal and it says there was a panic.  From here, my laptop is froze and I have to force reboot.  Can someone help me?03:07
stanikirattatoue not running nvidida03:07
ejvFlip_: be more specific.03:07
stanikiusing my onboard graphics03:07
stanikinot 100% sure what it is03:07
Flip_I setup a RAID sync when I first installed the live CD with ubuntu server03:07
Flip_I loaded the gnome desktop cause I'm not so crafty with CLI03:08
xanguadecaf: you can use unetbootin to make a bootable ubuntu stick03:08
Flip_I can see the RAID config in the disk utility03:08
ejvyou try reinstalling xserver ?03:08
Flip_but I cannot access the raid as though it is not mounted03:08
Flip_I have my OS on sda my raid is sdb and sdc and i have afourth drive for misc and that is sdd03:08
ejvsudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-core then sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg followed by a reboot ? that's how i'd solve it few years ago03:08
rattatouestaniki, guessing probably intel03:08
decafxangua: unetbootin couldn't detect my usb. but I found grub4dos at sourceforge03:09
LL2|Androidejv: speaking of that03:09
stanikiyes it is an intel product, i'm very new to linux so bear with me if I seem a bit slow03:09
LL2|AndroidMind helping me with installing some gui on my ssh server?03:09
Flip_ejv any ideas03:09
LL2|AndroidI can give you access if need03:09
ejvi'd rather explain, the various desktop environments are available in meta packages i believe, so sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop for instance should give you what you want03:10
rattatoueLL2 did you try sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop or xubuntu-desktop so on?03:10
ejvyou can replace that with lxde, xfce, kde, etc.03:10
Flip_make sure you change your sources.list file before you install dsktop gui03:10
LL2|AndroidI do use root to install apts03:10
ejvi don't know the exact names, you'll need to google or check the ubuntu community docs03:10
LL2|AndroidWhich is the default ccount03:11
LL2|AndroidSo I don't need sudo at the beginning03:11
LL2|AndroidBut thanks03:11
Flip_Android: changes the # in the etc/apt/sources.list03:11
LL2|AndroidAllso, its just regular ubuntu03:11
LL2|AndroidI think it was 11.0403:11
LL2|Android64 bit03:11
Flip_in 11.04 alter the lucid version to hardy03:12
ejvFlip_: is this a software managed raid via 'mdadm' or hardware fakeraid or dedicated hardware controller03:12
LL2|AndroidHoly crap03:12
Flip_it created the /dev/md003:12
LL2|AndroidThat is a lot of packages, ejv03:12
ejvso you said you can't access an unmounted block device, that sounds about right. heheh03:13
Flip_well yeah - i get that lol03:13
Flip_how do i mount it - i tried re-formating it to FREESPACE03:13
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
ejvyou need to write a filesystem to it03:13
Flip_I need to store my movies and music on this drive so I can use it as a server and gain the redundancy of raid when multiple access takes palce03:14
ejvi understand, is there anything important on it right now Flip_ ?03:14
LL2|JedIRCejv: stupid android is screwing up on me03:14
Flip_nothing. I'm in the beginning stages. Just loading and reloading different ways tot see if i can get my result03:14
LL2|JedIRCAlso, I like how you can answer yes or no instead of y or n03:15
ejvFlip_: ok that's fine, which raid level are you using again?03:15
Flip_3.0tb drives03:15
cloudgeekhost own domain03:15
ejvFlip_: alright, so you need to apply a filesystem, mkfs.[ext3,ext4,xfs,jfs,etc.] /dev/md003:15
Flip_ahhh gotcha03:16
linux_is_my_herohelp, my calibre won't open my ebooks.03:16
Flip_so I initially just partitioned them with GUID and set the RAID sync on them. Now I need to apply a file system?03:16
linux_is_my_heroubuntu 11.10 x64, calibre 0.8.803:16
ejvFlip_: yes, afterwards, you can mount it: mount /dev/md0 /mnt/raid03:17
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: how many formats have you tried?03:17
Flip_One other question. When I do my port forwarding. How do i access it for example (10.1.10..9/xxxxxx)03:17
ejvFlip_: writing a filesystem is, im not sure what the english word is, 'damaging' be sure you don't misspell and that you are applying the change to the correct block device.03:17
Flip_I need NAT to resolve to the correct mount03:18
linux_is_my_heroreisio: *.azw, which i guess is amazons ebook format?03:18
cloudgeekany body how to use bind to host a domain name on our laptop03:19
LL2|JedIRCSo ejv03:19
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: yeah03:19
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: do you get an error?03:19
linux_is_my_herono, it just doesnt do anything.03:19
linux_is_my_heroreisio: *no, it just doesn't do anything.03:19
Flip_ejv: you know anything about ip resolution and NAT03:20
LL2|JedIRCBasically the ubuntu-desktop package is a gui for ubuntu ssh?03:20
LL2|JedIRCAnd I'll still be able to use ssh by default?03:20
ejvFlip_: port forwarding is handled by your switch/router/$NETWORK_EQUIPMENT, you can get the ip address of your machine by typing `sudo ifconfig`, route information from `sudo route -n`, etc.03:20
LL2|JedIRCima do 'sudo sudo'03:21
* LL2|JedIRC has just caused sudo-ception03:21
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: try running calibre from a terminal, and observing the output when you attempt to open the file/s03:21
zykotick9ejv: i didn't think ubuntu needed sudo for ifconfig?03:21
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
Flip_Yeah... I got that down. I've done a lot of port forwarding but not with a Linux based file system. Just wondering if you know the route for the mount on port forwarding. Id like to be able to access my RAID on https port 44303:22
LL2|JedIRCreisio: is the ubuntu-desktop package basically a gui for ssh?03:22
zykotick9LL2|JedIRC: ubuntu-desktop has basically NOTHING to do with SSH03:22
LL2|JedIRCAnd will it still automatically send me to the ssh at first?03:22
ejvFlip_: sorry you're not making any sense to me03:22
linux_is_my_heroreisio: uh, how?03:22
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: what version of Ubuntu?03:23
ejvmaybe someone else will understand what you want03:23
reisioLL2|JedIRC: what zykotick9 said03:23
linux_is_my_heroreisio: 11.10 x6403:23
reisioLL2|JedIRC: I guess from a really hardcore joking commandline POV you could say that, though :p03:23
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: try CTRL+ALT+t03:23
reisiothen type 'calibre' (probably) and hit ENTER03:24
reisioclose any open calibre first03:24
Flip_Lets say ubuntu is - If I port forward https access to it's going to go to the entire linux system. My other server I use to have would resolve to the main folder by
=== vKompff is now known as c4hank
ejvFlip_: if you want SSH to listen on an alternate port, you can make adjustments to the daemon by modifying /etc/ssh/sshd_config03:24
Flip_hen when I type my static ip address in I would resolve to that one folder on https03:24
LL2|JedIRCejv: how will I start the gui From ssh?03:24
ejvLL2|JedIRC: startx ?03:24
rattatoueLL2|Android, I dont think you can. If you do it will only show you the log of the terminal not the actual gui on the machine. The machine itself will be the only thing seeing the GUI.03:25
LL2|JedIRCejv: it shouldn't start the x gui server on startup, correct?03:25
ejvLL2|JedIRC: i have no idea, im not following your setup.03:25
rattatoueejv, he is sshing into his machine. And wants to start the gui and be able to see it through the SSH too. Which I dont think is possible.03:26
Flip_LL2|Android you can view your gui with "Chicken of the VNC" freeware03:26
ejvrattatoue: it is possible, via vnc or nx03:26
rattatoueejv, I know that. I am meaning through SSH alone its not possible.03:26
Flip_vnc is the best way03:26
ejvLL2|JedIRC: check the ubuntu documentation about 'nxserver'03:27
ejvrattatoue: nxserver occurs over ssh.03:27
Flip_SSH is not possible your right rattatoue03:27
RenatoSilvahow to remove unetbootin from my usb stick? I've installed ubuntu already and I don't need it to be bootable anymore03:27
reisioit's possible even without VNC03:27
linux_is_my_heroreisio: its says the ebook is locked by drm, which is off-topic in here.  can i PM you?03:27
Uncle_Festeri just updated to ubuntu 11.10 and can't figure out how to shut down.  in 10.04 i just went to the upper right hand corner and had the option.  where is it in 11.10?03:27
reisiolinux_is_my_hero: it said that in the terminal but not in a window?03:27
ejvfyi, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX03:28
rattatoueUncle_Fester, upper right corner? The little gear looking icon.03:28
ejv(ssh based, and knowing is half the battle.)03:28
linux_is_my_heroUncle_Fester: this one bothered me a lot too until I got used to it.  go to the gear logo in the upper-right hand corner and a menu appears that gives you power-related options :-)03:28
LL2|JedIRCejv: what package, if any?03:28
ejvclick the freenx link03:28
Uncle_Festeri dont have a gear03:28
=== Guest21785 is now known as stimoceiver
reisioLL2|JedIRC: you might look into X forwarding, too03:28
LL2|JedIRCOh wait03:28
ejvif you have ssh open and listening there's no additional configuration necessary for nx to function03:28
rattatoueUncle_Fester, are you on unity? like where you have a dock looking thing on the left of your screen03:28
Uncle_Festeri am omn 11.1003:29
LL2|JedIRCwhere was the config file with the x11forwarding option?03:29
Flip_LL2|JedIRC what system are you running SSH from03:29
ejvif for some reason you don't have ssh open and working, there's always: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto03:29
LL2|JedIRCWell, I'm using a android tablet for ssh03:29
rattatoueUncle_Fester, but there are different DE. Do you see icons on the left side of your screen? looks kinda like  a dock with firefox icon and a few others.03:29
LL2|JedIRCBut the server itself is running ubuntu03:29
Jordan_ULL2|JedIRC: What is your end goal?03:29
Uncle_Festeryes i do03:30
Flip_You'll have to find an app that will run VNC if you're on a tablet03:30
LL2|JedIRCI guess to be able to use a gui in ssh03:30
rattatoueUncle_Fester, then you should have a gear icon in the top right.03:30
reisioyeah, it's going to be a pain on Android03:30
reisioand most of the apps will probably be commercial03:30
reisioLL2|JedIRC: ask #android about it03:30
almoxarifeanyone dabbled with dnsmasq over tor/proxy/socks?03:30
Flip_You're limited on tha Arch on android03:30
Uncle_Festerno. in the far upper right corner03:30
LL2|JedIRCShould I use vnc4server or tightvncserver?03:31
rattatoueUncle_Fester, do you see in the top right where your TIME is, then next to it shows whatever your username is, then next to that is a Gear\star\circle looking icon?03:31
Uncle_Festerit just shows me my user name and option to log in03:31
ejvclients for android is outside the scope of #ubuntu support; but it is possible with nx or vnc to spawn an instance of an environment remotely over ssh.03:31
Flip_You could try those03:31
Uncle_Festerdont have the gear03:31
Flip_See if Android can run chicken of the vnc03:31
rattatoueUncle_Fester, are you at the login screen?03:31
Flip_I've had the most luck with that one03:31
LL2|JedIRCWell, ejv: should I install the vnc4server package or the tightvncserver package?03:32
Flip_I use it to VNC from my Mac to my Linux machine03:32
Uncle_Festeroh wait.  if i go to the edge of the screen it gives me the option to shut down.  but i see no gear03:32
=== root is now known as Guest46779
Flip_If you have gui already installed ubuntu already has a built in vnc03:32
rattatoueUncle_Fester, are you on the login screen ? otherwise you should have the gear thing03:32
LL2|JedIRCHow do I start vnc?03:33
Uncle_Festerno i'm on th desk top03:33
smw_hi all. Anyone know why I am getting this GPG error? http://fpaste.org/HuO7/03:33
Flip_Goto sharing and turn on screen sharing03:33
smw_did they switch keys?03:33
rattatoueUncle_Fester, no idea sorry Fester. It should be there, its always been there for me on 11.10.03:33
LL2|JedIRCFlip_: however, I'm using SSH command line, not gui03:33
Uncle_Festermust be a bug03:33
Uncle_Festeri do get the option to shutdown now just no gear03:34
Flip_oh, well you have to install the gui first.03:34
LL2|JedIRCWhat connfig file had the x11forwarding option?03:34
Flip_SSH is only good for CLi03:34
smw_LL2|JedIRC, the sshd config03:34
LL2|JedIRCI did install the ubuntu-desktop package though03:34
smw_LL2|JedIRC, but it should be enabled by default03:34
sacarlsonFlip_ you can also use ssh to run remote x applications03:34
LL2|JedIRCsmw_: I assume it is in /etc ?03:35
Flip_Then reboot your machine and it shojld load to the desktop03:35
smw_LL2|JedIRC, yes03:35
smw_LL2|JedIRC, /etc/ssh/sshd_config03:35
zykotick9LL2|JedIRC: /etc/ssh/sshd_config03:35
smw_anyone want to help me with my problem? GPG error: http://fpaste.org/HuO7/ should I be concerned?03:35
cloudgeek                          Errors were encountered while processing:03:36
cloudgeek isc-dhcp-server03:36
cloudgeek dhcp3-server03:36
cloudgeekE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:36
Flip_I mostly used SSH to handle pkg for my AppleTV03:36
skexiesQuestion: When installing Ubuntu, I get the pinkish screen with the keyboard and person at the bottom, then it goes to a blank screen.  The DVD drive keeps whirling and everything, so I think the installation is trying to continue, but the screen is black03:36
cloudgeekhow to fix this03:36
xangua!gpgerr | smw_03:36
ubottusmw_: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »03:36
sacarlsonFlip_: ssh -X user@hostname   will run the x apps on the remote on and display on the local client you are using03:36
smw_Flip_, I use ssh to handle everything :-P03:36
ejv!pastebin | cloudgeek03:36
ubottucloudgeek: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:36
zykotick9!nomodeset | skexies03:36
ubottuskexies: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:36
foenixi miss <=2010 ubuntu :(03:37
Flip_Really - you can run a gui with ssh -X03:37
smw_xangua, thank you. Should I be concerned I need to do that in the first place?03:37
skexiesThank you for the quick response, you guys rock!03:37
smw_xangua, did official ubuntu change their keys?03:37
smw_xangua, http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/Release03:37
smw_xangua, excuse me if I am a bit paranoid ;-)03:37
Flip_sacarlson can you alter gui03:37
sacarlsonFlip_: it will apear the same as it was local alter?03:38
Flip_sacarlson interesting. I've not used that tag03:38
Flip_I do love shh03:39
zykotick9Flip_: using "ssh -X host" would require an Xorg Server running on your client (in your case android, which i highly doubt is possible)03:40
Uncle_Festerhow do i find the synaptic package manager in 11.10?03:40
zykotick9Uncle_Fester: install it first ;)03:40
Flip_zykotick9 now that makes more sense...03:40
Uncle_Festeri thought it was by default03:40
Flip_It sounded a bit too simple :)03:40
=== Blaziken is now known as blahhh
zykotick9Uncle_Fester: it was removed03:40
evildaemonHello, my IRC server isn't working.03:40
LL2|JedIRCHow do I start the vnc server?03:41
blahhhI was wondering03:41
LL2|JedIRCWithout the x server03:41
evildaemonI've started it with init.d and I'm not getting an open port.03:41
blahhhWhy does my sound cut out about 45mins to 1hr03:41
Flip_LL2|JedIRC i'm so use to the gui the share menu is the best way I know how to set permissions03:41
Uncle_Festeris the only way to into terminal, by going to dash home and typing terminal in the searchbar03:41
RenatoSilvahow to make usb stick unbootable as before installation of ubuntu?03:42
LL2|JedIRCI'll still be able to access ssh by default, right?03:42
Flip_SSH doesn't go away by any means03:42
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Unetbootin, or use the utility that comes with Ubuntu.03:42
Flip_You still have all the cap you had before and then some03:42
sacarlsonzykotick9: Flip_: oh ssh onto an android ya I think your correct -X might not work there,  if it does I'ed love to know03:42
zykotick9evildaemon: notice "unbootable" ;)03:42
evildaemonzykotick9: Just reformat it.03:43
zykotick9evildaemon: exactly03:43
Flip_sacarlson I wold too - I've been trying to get my phone to connect vnc for ever - I' found the best way for the phone to work is through TeamViewer03:43
evildaemonzykotick9: If you have important stuff on there though, you should back it up first.03:43
blahhhWhy does my sound cut out about 45mins to 1hr03:43
zykotick9evildaemon: ;) it's not me that's asking03:43
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: can I do it from the usb stick itself?03:43
sacarlsonFlip_: I gave up and just run a android simulator on my ubuntu03:44
evildaemonRenatoSilva: I guess you could.03:44
Flip_good call03:44
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: oh I just deleted thefiles :(03:44
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: and the iso :(03:44
smw_hi all. How can I fix "W: GPG error: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-backports Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>03:44
smw_did they change keys?03:44
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Well crap. There wasn't anything irreplacable was there?03:44
Flip_sacarlson I need a new android so bad. i've done so much tampering and experimenting that mine is on the fritz!03:44
smw_I tried sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 437D05B503:44
zillyAfter login, is .profile executed before .bash_profile?03:45
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: the utility that comes with ubuntu? I'm in windows, will reboot and check and try to give feedback, thanks03:45
sacarlsonFlip_: teamviewer is that a free app on android?  maybe that's why I failed to find a solution to not have to use the small keyboard03:45
smw_!gpgerr told me that that was the key and the system considered it new.03:45
ubottusmw_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
evildaemonRenatoSilva: NO, that utility makes it bootable.03:45
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: ok03:45
Flip_TeamViewer is free ;) as long as you use it for personal use (wink wink)03:45
escottzilly, the very top of .profile explains it is not read if .bash_profile exists03:45
zykotick9smw_: !gpgerr is for 3rd party keys, you're looking for ubuntu keys - should be a package i believe03:45
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: both unetbootin and 'the utility that comes with Ubuntu'?03:46
Flip_I use TeamViewer for so uch03:46
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Uh, you should be able to just right click and overwrite it with a FAT filesystem if theres nothing important.03:46
smw_zykotick9, the question is, why am I getting this error?03:46
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Well yeah, thats what there for.03:46
zillyescott, what's the best way to execute a python script upon login, then?03:46
zykotick9smw_: the keys changes, or your keys are corrupt???03:46
Flip_sacarlson it's kinda creepy watching your screen move when you're controling from your phone03:46
smw_zykotick9, obviously the keys did not change.03:46
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: not sure how usb booting works but, doesn't it have also a partition independent area like hdd's MBR?03:47
escottzilly, execute it in a startup script. i dont understand what the question part of this question is03:47
smw_zykotick9, my ubuntu-keyring is up to date and everyone would be complaining now ;-)03:47
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Reformatting should take out the whole volume.03:47
sgo11hi, what is the best screencast application in ubuntu now? Is that still recordmydesktop? I don't see it gets updated within three years. thanks.03:47
Flip_I gave up long ago... don't know why it's my kryp03:48
* evildaemon notes to himself to write a new screenrecord app03:48
RenatoSilvaevildaemon: ok the problem is that I have GiBs of backup files (yes it was mixed with ubuntu install), I'm going to copy them to hdd then reformat it, thanks!03:48
zillyescott, I'm unfamiliar with startup scripts.  I'll have to check them out.  Thanks.03:48
smw_zykotick9, ideas?03:48
evildaemonRenatoSilva: Thats what i'd do. Just copy them to your computers HDD then reformat.03:49
zykotick9smw_: nope, sorry.  good luck.  change mirrors maybe?03:49
RenatoSilvazilly: an easy way to run something when you log in is the session manager, you can add stuff there03:49
escottzilly, presumably you would just put it in .bashrc, but you might want to wrap it in some kind of check of the $TERM variable so that it doesn't get started in situations that aren't appropriate03:49
smw_zykotick9, what mirrors are you using?03:49
smw_zykotick9, I am using http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/03:49
zykotick9smw_: won't help you ;)  i don't use ubuntu.03:49
sgo11I tried gnome-shell default screencast app, it eats up all my RAM. just wondering if there are any better ones than recordmydesktop. thanks.03:49
Flip_btw - found out BitTorrent is cracking down. Trackers are not who you think right now.03:49
zillyescott, doens't .bashrc only run when the terminal is opened?03:50
=== lkjoel_ is now known as lkjoel
=== user_ is now known as evildaemon
smw_zykotick9, I have another question. Should I trust the PPA mentioned here? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/how-to-install-vlc-2-0-in-ubuntu-10-04-11-10/03:50
escottzilly, .bashrc is sourced by .profile. just look at .profile to see where. is that not what you want?03:51
zykotick9smw_: up to you.  All PPAs are unsupported 3rd party, so do you trust that 3rd party?03:51
vadi2Are notifications supposed to be non-transparent on Unity 2D?03:51
nathan28smw_: if you read their code, sure03:51
xanguasmw_: no ppa is for trust, you use them at your own risk03:51
vadi2They are a *real* bother because I cannot see anything under the notification, even with my mouse hovering it03:51
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
zillyescott, thanks!  I tried that before but it didn't work.  I probably messed something up, though.03:52
smw_zykotick9, I was asking if I should trust them :-P03:52
nathan28smw_: DYODD03:52
smw_zykotick9, I guess I need to find the src package and build manually after reading. What a paid03:52
smw_nathan28, eh?03:53
erik__DCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 003:53
escottsmw_, you can trust the ppa, but don't trust anything i say03:53
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.03:53
smw_escott, thanks :-P03:53
Pikkachuhi smw_03:54
craigbass1976Anyone got a hp M1212nf?  I bought it because everything was supposed to work in linux, but I can't scan.  I believe there's a plugin I have to download, but I don't know where it is.03:54
smw_Hi Pikkachu03:54
Pikkachusmw_: not follwing but in general, you don't trust any ppa03:54
smw_Pikkachu, yeah. All the guides are like "it is easy, just add this ppa"03:55
smw_then I end up not getting the software :-\03:55
nathan28craigbass1976: do you have CUPS installed?03:55
smw_Any ideas on how to get the src package from a ppa?03:55
Pikkachuwho was here helping me a few hours ago, I'm RenatoSilva. I was confused about what to do... it was a discussion about compiz, emerald, xfce, gnome, grub, windows, reinstall...03:55
trueGreenanyone know how I can install pico on an AWS instance using yum?03:56
nathan28you may need to uncomment a line in the config for an HP usb all-in-one03:56
Pikkachusmw_: what are you looking for03:56
smw_Pikkachu, the src package used to build the vlc packages03:56
craigbass1976nathan28, I do.  I can print fine; I've not yet loked at cups logs for scan errors.  Would they even be in there?03:56
Pikkachusmw_: when I add a ppa in synaptic like the line shown in the ppa page in LP, it adds two lines, one being for source code03:57
smw_Pikkachu, ppa does the package builds... so it must have the src03:57
sacarlsonsmw_: I see there is another VLC ppa  than what you saw https://launchpad.net/~videolan/+archive/master-daily  that has daily builds03:58
nathan28craigbass1976: you may need to be a member of the group "camera" for an hp scanner with CUPS03:58
smw_sacarlson, any way to tell if it is from videolan?03:58
carp1My laptop goes into terminal and it says there was a panic.  From here, my laptop is froze and I have to force reboot.  Can someone help me?03:58
nathan28just fixed a version or two ago, may not have hit Ubuntu repos yet03:58
sacarlsonsmw_: well if you see a link from there oficial site I guess03:59
smw_sacarlson, yeah03:59
zykotick9smw_: if your getting the source from the PPA, why not just use the binary?  (getting source from upstream "might" make sense)03:59
craigbass1976nathan28, I don't even see a camera group03:59
smw_zykotick9, getting the src package. Not the src.03:59
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
smw_zykotick9, the src package should have relatively few files in it including a link to the source upstream.04:00
smw_zykotick9, if it also contains the actual vlc src, I can always delete and replace it.04:00
escottcarp1, any distinctive words in the panic?04:00
Pikkachusmw_: doesn't it add the src line for you?04:00
smw_Pikkachu, I am not trying to add the repo04:00
Pikkachusmw_: oh wait, the src line if for source of the app not the package sorry04:01
nathan28crankharder: is it a USB printer?04:01
Pikkachusmw_: you want the DEB source itself? just extract it04:01
nathan28unplug it, plug it back in, and see what dmesg says at the end04:01
Pikkachusmw_: .deb are compressed files04:01
nathan28or messages.log04:01
escottcarp1, are you booting an installed system or a livecd?04:02
carp1Its installed on the drive04:02
escottcarp1, you might try using a livecd to check the smart status of the disks04:03
GreenEmberthe version of transmission in the repo is 1.93 how would I go about installing a different version?04:03
carp1escott:  Could you elaborate on that a little, please.04:03
Pikkachucarp1: he just left04:04
carp1I see that, thanks.04:04
sacarlsonescott: carp1: I think you can see the disk smart status without a livecd boot unless the system is that broken04:04
sacarlsonescott: sorry I don't think I read back far enuf to the panic part04:05
carp1I am using the system right now.04:05
sgo11hi, can anyone suggest a good screencast application in ubuntu? thanks.04:05
reisiosgo11: gtk-recordmydesktop?04:06
sacarlsonsgo11: reisio: I've also used gtk-recordmydesktop it worked fine for me.04:07
zykotick9GreenEmber: you could check for a PPA with another version ("/msg ubottu PPA" for details) or compile from source.04:07
reisiosacarlson: me too04:07
reisiowell, recordmydesktop04:07
sgo11reisio, thanks. that is the one I am currently using. but it doesn't get updated within three years. just wondering if there are any better ones. it does not record the top panel of my gnome-shell.04:07
reisiobut this being where this is, I suggested the GUI :p04:07
reisiosgo11: there's one for accelerated stuff... it's called...04:08
GreenEmberzykotick9:i got the ppa but it hasnt updated past version 1.93...04:08
GreenEmberpossibly because im running an older version of ubuntu04:08
sacarlsonreisio: oh I remember one fault in record it didn't see the video screens playing on the screen04:08
reisioglc, that's its name04:10
sgo11reisio, thanks a lot. I will try that one.04:11
zykotick9GreenEmber: are you running an ubuntu version pre-10.04?04:12
GreenEmberim running 10.0404:12
GreenEmbernow am i going to just have to build this from source to get the latest version04:13
zykotick9GreenEmber: are you familiar with checkinstall?  "/msg ubottu checkinstall" if not.04:14
sacarlsonreisio: from that link it apears that it will only capture one application at a time,  or will it do a full screen?04:14
GreenEmberzykotick9: i am now, does that mean yes i do have to compile it myself?04:14
zykotick9GreenEmber: i have no idea.  but probably.04:14
reisiosacarlson: couldn't tell you04:15
GreenEmberi assume i should remove the one thats currently installed04:15
SillyTalkerso i set my network settings in /etc/networking/interfaces, but it doesnt work04:15
SillyTalkerfir a wireless network04:15
sacarlsonGreenEmber: I also run ubuntu 10.04, normaly when you don't see versions of apps above a number it's because they move qt libs or others that aren't supported on the older versions of ubuntu04:16
SillyTalkerwhat can be wrong? i set the essid, the key, the channel, ...04:16
rattatoueSillyTalker, back to your Private lol04:16
SillyTalkerok rattatoue thought you were gone or afk04:16
zykotick9sacarlson: GreenEmber i'd think Transmission 2.03 at least will work on Lucid (or probably should)04:17
xanguaGreenEmber: if you use the transmission stable ppa you should have transmission 2.3304:17
xanguaat least*04:17
GreenEmberxangua: i added the ppa but no luck04:18
tomvolektrying to do sudo pecl install uploadprogress  and I get a message no release available for package "pecl.php.net/uploadprogress"  . Am I doing something wring ?04:20
GreenEmberxangua: its still version 1.93 in synaptic04:20
sacarlsonxangua: your right I see ppa support on ubuntu transmission up to 2.33 at https://launchpad.net/~transmissionbt/+archive/ppa04:21
sacarlsonGreenEmber: and that was for ubuntu 10.0404:21
xangua(22:19:30) GreenEmber: xangua: i added the ppa but no luck - did you upgrade the system after that?04:21
GreenEmberoh wait hang on04:23
GreenEmberi think i did it wrong04:23
GreenEmberi accidentally added the wrong repo heh04:23
bambanxguys i have a big problem when i enter on my ubuntu when i log ,  it back again to the same windows for login and it say some about edit /etc/defalt/saned ...04:24
bambanxanyone can help me?04:24
grkbloodare there any hdmi wifi transmitters compatible with ubuntu?04:24
malibuDoes anyone know how to load the settings from gpointing-device-settings on startup?  I have to run it and move a slider slightly every time I boot to get it to apply.04:24
GreenEmbergrkblood: what is a hdmi wifi transmitter04:24
grkbloodGreenEmber, basically a wireless hdmi cable04:25
GreenEmberthey make those?04:25
grkbloodsome companies do, yes04:25
GreenEmberwould you believe it works now that i added the right repo04:25
malibuGreenEmber, Welcome to 2012.04:25
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
bambanxguys i have a big problem when i enter i log ,  it back again to the same windows for login and it say some about edit /etc/defalt/saned ..., what can i do =( ?04:29
=== Silver is now known as Guest61569
* Lint thinks that being locked out because of scanner is fun04:31
nathan28LittleFool: what's your problem?04:31
nathan28sorry wrong handle04:31
nathan28Lint: what do you mean locked out b/c of scanner?04:32
Guest61569hi. i installed awn for desktop, now my screen is blank with mouse cursor.04:32
zykotick9nathan28: bambanx's error deals with saned, which is scanner related04:32
cloudgeeksudo useradd -m -s /bin/bash fmaster04:35
cloudgeekuseradd: cannot lock /etc/gshadow; try again later.04:35
cloudgeekhow can fix this04:35
Pikkachuthanks all04:36
phpn00bcloudgeek, restart your pc04:37
sacarlsoncloudgeek: maybe try logout and in or reboot?04:37
ineddhelpi need help someone need to pm me04:38
sacarlsonineddhelp: I don't see the question, did I miss something?04:38
sgo11reisio, just FYI. I tried eidete screen recorder. I think it's very light and fast. satisfy my needs. it can also capture keyboard press. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/eidete-a-simple-screencasting-application.html04:39
ineddhelpAny geek here knows if TOR is safe for online banking? Or any other account? Is it true wireshark can get our login on the entrance node?04:40
SillyTalkerso, i beg you to tell me how to setup my networking04:40
SillyTalkerit just wont work, whatever i try04:40
SillyTalkerand i'm not a new user or anything04:40
SillyTalkerwhatever i do it will not connect to my wireless network04:41
SillyTalkerok nvm :o04:42
SillyTalkerit finally works04:42
cowslammerwhen I try to view WMV files, X crashes and I have to reboot.  Suggestions?04:44
Blue1cowslammer: what are you using to view?04:44
reisiosgo11: cool04:45
cowslammerBlue1, I''m using the default app04:45
Blue1cowslammer: which is?04:46
Blue1cowslammer: did you install the codec?04:46
superdave321What do i need software wise for bluetooth?04:46
cowslammerblue1 it's the movie player04:47
cowslammerblue1 where do I get the codec04:47
Blue1cowslammer: i think ubuntu-restricted-extras installs that iirc04:48
Blue1cowslammer: do you have a name for the movie player?04:48
zykotick9cowslammer: if u-r-e doesn't have it, try w32codecs (or w64codecs) from medibuntu04:49
cowslammerblue1 that is the name so far s I know04:49
zykotick9cowslammer: Blue1 "movie player" aka totem04:49
Blue1cowslammer: okay that is what I was trying to determine.04:50
Blue1cowslammer: it sounds like the codecs maybe missing -- install as suggest, or try installing ubuntu-restricted-extras04:51
superdave321how do I search for a driver for a usb device?04:51
damo22find the xxxx:xxxx code04:52
damo22then google it04:52
scott_Ctrl+Alt+f1 etc only gives me a black screen in both 2d and 3d unityy04:54
cowslammerblue1 what does the command line look like using apt-get04:54
=== scott_ is now known as Guest73649
Guest73649Ctrl+Alt+f1 etc only gives me a black screen in both 2d and 3d unity04:54
Blue1cowslammer: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:55
rhin0is it simple to replace xubuntu/ubuntu 10.04 as a partition (which is along side a copy of XP which I don't need to lose)04:56
zykotick9Guest73649: are you currently trying to use a vga= line with your kernel?04:56
rhin0I need to obliterate ubuntu 10.04 next to XP and replace it with xubuntu 10.0404:56
Guest73649No, I'm trying to install the Nvidia proprietray drivers04:56
Guest73649in Ubuntu 11.1004:56
Lintrhin0, they use the same repositories, why 'obliterate'?04:57
rhin0well I always just re-install04:57
cowslammerblue1 u-r-e is already at latest version04:57
Blue1cowslammer: ru on a 32 or 64 bit system?04:57
zykotick9cowslammer: your best bet might be to install the 2nd best media player on GNU/Linux VLC and see if it works.04:58
cowslammerblue1 3204:58
rhin0nobody knows?04:58
Blue1cowslammer: let me get over to my ubuntu system04:58
reisiorhin0: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce04:59
Linthow to request package deletion from the universe?04:59
rhin0ty reisio04:59
Blue1cowslammer: you would need to add the mediabuntu repo and get the w32codecs04:59
reisioLint: become that package's author, then change the license and be a grump04:59
Lintand seriously?05:00
reisiofree software, it isn't up to you05:00
Blue1cowslammer: this may help:  http://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php05:00
cowslammerblue1 to what do i add mediabuntu -05:00
Blue1you can use synaptic05:01
Lintpackage is long dead upstream but still included, it needs to be fixed05:01
reisioLint: free software05:01
Guest73649anyone know why tty1, 2, 3 etc is only a blackscreen in Ubuntu 11.10?05:01
reisioit's dead when it stops working or becomes a security risk05:01
Blue1cowslammer: private message ok?05:02
reisioand even then, pretty much only when it's so un-useful nobody forks it or maintains it05:02
ZeloZelosGuest73649, it should show a login05:02
Guest73649Zelo, what do you mean?>05:02
ZeloZelosyou hit alt ctrl and 4 for instance, should show the machines name and login:05:03
Guest73649No, it's goes to a black screen05:03
ZeloZelosdont see how thats possible05:04
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:04
damo22could be your video drivers are not working in console mode05:04
damo22it does that on my mac05:04
ZeloZeloshow crazy is that..guess its nvidea rofl05:04
damo22i think its EFI05:05
ZeloZelosheres a good one, when i install the nvidea driver for my sys, it disables opengl, which i have dual layered graphics nvidia controlled by intel hd05:06
rhin0nvidia seems to be like the only driver I see - always nvidia - everything nvidia05:06
ZeloZelosnvidia=microsoft=needed driver=big trouble all the time05:06
scott__How do I make my video drivers work in console mode?05:06
ZeloZelosscott__, do you need console mode?05:07
damo22scott__,  what kind of pc05:07
scott__I need to shutdown lightdm in order to install the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers...05:08
rattatoueIs there a ubuntu channel for 12.04?05:08
Jordan_Urattatoue: Yes. #ubuntu+105:08
ZeloZelosrattatoue, maybe the coders channel, since its not released yet05:08
scott__It seems like even new version of Ubuntu, I have to go through a new learning process.05:08
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:09
ZeloZelosprobably true scott__ , new versions=new options, more stuff to break..i mean play with05:09
Jordan_Uscott__: What's wrong with the drivers installed by the Addititional Drivers tool?05:10
Guest37391Any one help me with the voice on empathy messenger for yahoo account on Ubuntu 11.10 32bit OS, the voice is grayed out in the menu, any ideas please ?05:10
scott__They have a demon.05:10
god-zotacdoes anyone here have the e-350 or e-450 zacate?  I'm trying to get fglrx with hardware acceleration working in 11.10 and everytime i try to play a video it crashes X,  this doesn't happen with the open source driver, but of course i don't have hardware acceleration with that driver either05:10
scott__and it keeps sucking my life force from me while I'm sleeping.05:10
scott__They sit on my chest...05:10
scott__it's real scary05:10
nathan28scott__: mine mostly just sit inside my computer running on treadmills05:11
nathan28more like hamsters really05:11
nathan28god-zotacc: that chipset sucks w/ fglrx and radeon both05:12
nathan28oh he left05:12
ZeloZelosubuntu needs a team of 1000's to make drivers for video cards n trouble shoot them to end microsoft's check mate on functionality which is keeping ubuntu from playing those great games, sure theres a few..05:12
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:13
reisioZeloZelos: that has nothing to do with video drivers05:13
zykotick9ZeloZelos: until you convince nvidia & ati (err amd) to open there drivers, not much ubuntu or any other distro can do...05:13
reisioZeloZelos: if a company wants to make a game that requires DirectX, and then program the game so poorly that it doesn't run via Wine, that is something Canonical and everyone else can do virtually nothing about05:13
reisiozykotick9: nothing to do with drivers05:13
reisioas far as drivers go, Linux is outcompeting everything05:14
reisiothere is no OS that supports more hardware05:14
Lintreisio, useless hardware05:14
reisioLint: yup, useless hardware that someone needed a driver to use05:14
reisiothe definition of useless05:15
ZeloZelosthey are open to microsoft, which i bet somehow owns/controlls those companies05:15
reisioare you talking about nvidia & ati?05:15
reisiothere are Linux drivers for their devices...05:15
reisiomultiple ones05:15
reisioWindows has only one set of drivers for them05:15
reisiomake sense please :p05:15
ZeloZelosbut they break stuff05:15
reisioso do Windows drivers05:15
reisiothe difference is you pay extra for a computer someone has assembled to work properly with FOO drivers preinstalled05:16
ZeloZelosor just dont work, but windows drivers work most of the time, with less problems, just click update driver?05:16
reisiocomparing that to a computer you put together with minimal knowledge is not particularly useful05:16
reisioZeloZelos: wow, okay so you're from a different planet :p05:16
reisio/join ##windows and just watch for a little while05:16
reisioit's the same as here, only they pay for it and it was already installed FOR THEM05:17
Lintreisio, why my 3 years old driver performs better than today's opensource? it's nonsence05:17
SoulShadowbecause it's opensource05:17
reisioLint: why do we have to compare it to the open source driver?05:17
reisioLint: if it's a nvidia or ati device, there are official drivers05:17
SoulShadowimo, FOSS drivers rarely work as well as their proprietary counterparts05:18
reisioopen source always wins in the end, though05:18
Lintreisio, official drivers do not work on linux since 200905:18
ZeloZelosok so show me the driver that works with my nvidea m550 that dont break open gl05:18
cowslammerblue1 i'm using Xchat - how do I start a private msg?05:18
SoulShadowi use AMD's latest drivers in linux05:18
SoulShadow12.1 catalyst05:18
reisioLint: so you're happy to use 3-year-old drivers on Windows, but to do so on Linux... makes Linux lame?05:18
reisionobody's making you update, either05:18
SoulShadowlinux has a long way to go to catch the usability of windows05:19
Lintreisio, I CANNOT use 3 year old driver on Linux, it doesn't work05:19
reisioLint: of course it works05:19
SoulShadowLint: what card do you have05:19
Blue1cowslammer: lazy and use pidgin but I opened an im channel05:19
reisioSoulShadow: no it hasn't, don't be absurd05:19
SoulShadowradeon open source driver05:19
SoulShadowfor the x130005:19
SoulShadowworks fine05:19
Lintit sucks05:19
god-zotacsorry for asking a question and leaving, i am trying to troubleshoot my radeon card using fglrx playing video with acceleration, and everytime i try to play something it crashes my X server05:19
SoulShadowi have an x1400 in my old inspiron05:19
SoulShadowworks fine05:19
SoulShadowthe CARD SUCKS05:19
FloodBot1SoulShadow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
reisiogod-zotac: did you try another player?05:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:20
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please05:20
SoulShadowjust saying, the ubuntu page says this is the chat channel ;)05:20
god-zotacreisio:: vlc and parole both crash. vlc will play if i use the GLX output module, but with the default or XCB it crashes05:20
bazhangSoulShadow, not the chat channel, the support channel05:20
bazhangSoulShadow, #ubuntu-offtopic is the chit chat channel05:21
reisiogod-zotac: so use glx?05:21
god-zotacreisio:: im trying to get it to work with hardware acceleration05:21
ZeloZelosi did :) id like to know which driver and where 2 get it that wont break opengl on my system, running nvidea geforce gt540m, which also includes intel hd graphics family05:21
Saber-So how about...  I have a symlink that mediatomb and mythtv can't follow unless I am logged into my serversomehow.  this seems really interesting to me05:21
god-zotacreisio:: if i wanted to use the GLX module i would have stuck with the radeon open source driver..05:21
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:21
SoulShadow"The best place to start for general help with Ubuntu or just to meet other Ubuntu users is #ubuntu or one of the many local language channels."05:21
god-zotacreisio:: i have the Zacate apu, and it is kinda pointless to not try and get hw acceleration working05:21
bazhangSoulShadow, and?05:22
SoulShadow'meet other ubuntu users' != support :)05:22
bomberman_[03:22] <SoulShadow> ;)05:23
bomberman_[03:22] <SoulShadow> http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/chat05:23
bomberman_[03:22] <god-zotac> reisio:: i have the Zacate apu, and it is kinda pointless to not try and get hw acceleration working05:23
bomberman_[03:22] <bazhang> SoulShadow, and?05:23
bomberman_[03:22] <SoulShadow> 'meet other ubuntu users' != support :)05:23
FloodBot1bomberman_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:23
zykotick9god-zotac: are you aware that GLX is hardware acceleration (when it's not software emulated)?05:23
Lesterwoodguys, remember the summer of 2006?05:23
bazhang!ot | Lesterwood05:23
ubottuLesterwood: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:23
terminhellAnyone have any problems?05:23
god-zotaczykotick9:: i'm aware that it doesn't take advantage of libva with that extension :D05:24
Saber-terminhell: poke05:25
ZeloZelosanybody have an acer aspire n i7 , nvidea gt 540m that has a good driver that dont break open gl?05:25
terminhellSaber-: *ouch05:25
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:25
terminhellbobo37773: howdy05:25
bobo37773terminhell: heylo05:26
EtheraelGetting very sluggish performance in oneiric running in virtualbox with opengl / compiz, I recall it being a lot faster than this (feels around 15 fps) am using 2x HD6950 so it definitely isn't the hardware05:26
EtheraelI remember a fix something like vsync in compiz config but I only see vblank now and ita ppears to do nothing.05:26
Saber-So how about...  I have a symlink that mediatomb and mythtv can't follow unless I am logged into my serversomehow.05:26
Etheraelanyone have any idea?05:26
nathan28Etherael: how much ram, cpu and vram did you give the VM?05:26
=== Wally__ is now known as Guest39433
terminhellEtherael: hardware acceleration isnt enabled somewhere05:26
Etheraelnathan28: max vram (I think that was 128mb) 3d accel enabled, 4096gb ram, 3 CPU cores.05:26
ineddhelpsomeone help me pm me right here right now05:27
Lintineddhelp, mental?05:27
bazhangineddhelp, ask in channel05:27
Etherael2d video acceleration is disabled, but that's because the virtualbox manager said to disable it.05:27
bazhangLint, thats unacceptable stop it05:27
ineddhelpLint: No way. computer problem05:27
nathan28ineddhelp: i hope this is an awesome troll bomb05:28
bazhang!guidelines > Lint05:28
ubottuLint, please see my private message05:28
Etheraelalso it seems plenty fast for IO / CPU, just the opengl is very slow compared to what I would expect.05:28
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:28
ineddhelpbashang: how do I ask in channel?05:28
bazhangineddhelp, type right here, thats how05:28
terminhelltype right here right now05:28
zykotick9Etherael: VBox doesn't actually have Hardware Acceleration in VMs (ie. it's not using your graphics card directly), it's software emulated 3d - it's not going to be blazing fast05:29
ZeloZelosnice terminhell05:29
terminhellZeloZelos: you missed a few good facepalms last night haha05:29
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.05:29
nathan28Etherael: if you need performance avoid virtualization05:29
ZeloZelosEtherael, you running vb outta windows?05:30
Etheraelnathan28: I know it won't be awesome, but I know also that I've had better opengl performance than this on a much, much slower machine.05:30
EtheraelZeloZelos: Yep.05:30
ineddhelpI cannot run Ubuntu smoothly on my computer with 512MB/1GB Intel Core Duo 1.8GHz05:30
nathan28ineddhelp: that's b/c unity gobbles up resources05:30
ZeloZelosEtherael, not trying to be funny, but did you get the drivers n stuff if applicable05:30
nathan28try a lighter-weight environment like xfce05:31
ineddhelpnathan28: what? can you explain and how can I resolve it?05:31
EtheraelZeloZelos: Got the guest drivers installed yeah, I'm not sure if there's anything extra needed beyond that, but I don't think so.05:31
nathan28ineddhelp: moar ram05:31
nathan28cpu is fine but unity is kinda heavy on ram use05:31
terminhelltry fallback05:31
ineddhelpIs it OK if I use lubuntu? I can have 1 GB RAM at most.05:31
nathan28ineddhelp: yes05:31
nathan28lxde is nice05:32
nathan28easier than unity05:32
ZeloZelosEtherael, there are a few drivers for some systems (thats IF i understand it right) that help use the functions you are trying to use, but if it worked faster b4, probably not it, the reason i asked is if you may have updated/changed them05:32
Lintactually it's terrible to configure05:32
ineddhelpIf I want to use Ubuntu, how many RAM should I have?05:32
nathan28no it's not, do you have a text editor?05:32
terminhell2 ram05:32
zykotick9!requirements | ineddhelp05:32
ubottuineddhelp: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu05:32
nathan28ineddhelp: modern linux kernel recoomendations are around 256mb ram05:33
terminhellyou need at least 2 rams05:33
nathan28but your desktop is going to eat more05:33
zykotick9nathan28: 1GB actually for Ubuntu05:33
nathan28zykotick9: i said kernel05:33
ZeloZelosEtherael, you have the lates vb right?05:33
nathan28you can whittled it down to a few MB05:33
EtheraelZeloZelos: Yep.05:33
nathan28but that's probably a bit advanced ATM05:33
ZeloZelosEtherael, did u upgrade it or install it that way?05:33
EtheraelZeloZelos: Upgraded a few times, can't remmeber exact revision I installed it on.05:34
superdave321Bluetooth dongle is not being recognised by my system. found it's usb id is 0a12:0001, but can't find helpful info online. acts like a missing driver. any ideas?05:34
nathan28ineddhelp: w/ 512MB ram go for lubuntu or another OOTB LXDE install05:34
EtheraelThis used to be just a vagrant box but I've added the ubuntu-desktop metapackage05:34
ZeloZelosEtherael, ok place 2 start, save your machine(s) and remove/reinstall05:34
ineddhelpnathan28: can I use any Debian with 512MB or 1 GB?05:35
nathan28ineddhelp: yes05:35
nathan28don't remember what DE debian ships with by default05:35
nathan28but you'll be able to get lxde on it05:35
ineddhelpnathan28: really? I can't use Ubuntu remember05:35
nathan28ineddhelp: you might look into crunchbang05:35
=== branant_ is now known as branant
ZeloZelosineddhelp try dsl05:35
bazhangineddhelp, #debian for debian support please05:35
zykotick9ineddhelp: debian is significantly lighter then ubuntu05:35
nathan28ineddhelp: lightweight, has OOTB configuration, fairly user-friendly05:35
nathan28check in their forums and /or IRC05:36
ZeloZeloscan i say its full name in here (dsl)  d...small linux05:36
Lintzykotick9, how's that?05:37
Saber-That is so... impossible!!  ssh into my server.  Mediatomb can find its music directory fine.  If I close the ssh, it immediately loses it05:37
bazhangZeloZelos, lets stick to recommending ubuntu supported derivatives please05:37
zykotick9Lint: it's OT05:37
ZeloZelosbazhang, true..didnt think of it that way05:37
superdave321I have a bluetooth usb dongle with id 0a12:0001 which is listed as useable in everything i can find online, but bluetooth utility doesn't recognise that it is plugged in. how do i resolve this?05:38
ZeloZelosubuntustudio comes with xfce its pretty small, just dont install some of the stuff05:38
ineddhelpCAn I ask something, is it true TOR is not safe to login into accounts, because the last node can see your login info even with https05:39
bazhangineddhelp, thats hardly on topic here05:40
ineddhelpcome on, I change to Ubuntu for security and I add TOR to increase security05:40
bazhangineddhelp, tor on irc?05:40
ineddhelpno on online banking05:41
pnorman__tor isn't about security, it's about being anonymous05:41
nathan28ineddhelp: tor is a proxy05:41
nathan28in theory it anonymizes05:41
Lintineddhelp, ubuntu won't affect your security much unless it's livecd05:41
nathan28in practice it's a little more complicated05:41
ineddhelpWait a sec! What is LiveCD? I've been hearing that a few times05:42
ZeloZeloslint live cd isnt secure? good thing to konw05:42
nathan28ineddhelp: i hope this is a really good punchline05:42
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.05:42
terminhelli smell a troll05:42
urfr332gOZeloZelos, actually a ubuntu live cd is recommended it saves no data.05:42
bazhangterminhell, unnecessary05:43
ineddhelpYou mean using it without installing it? I'm sorry I'm kinda dumb. Using it only from the USB?05:43
bazhangineddhelp, sure live usb could do05:43
bazhang!usb | ineddhelp05:44
ubottuineddhelp: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:44
Haze-_just installed ubuntu 11.04 today with oracle VM VirtualBox , never used ubuntu before. anyone got some good reading material for new years ?05:44
bazhangcheck the last link ineddhelp05:44
nathan28Haze: google the rute manual05:44
Jordan_U!manual | Haze-_05:44
zykotick9!manual | Haze-_05:44
ubottuHaze-_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/05:44
bazhang!manual | Haze-_05:44
ineddhelpLet me get this straight, for security, install Ubuntu to hard disk, then shut down, boot from an USB for LiveCD for security????????05:44
bazhang!rute | nathan28 Haze-_05:44
Haze-_!manual | Haze-_05:44
ubottunathan28 Haze-_: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com05:44
ubottuHaze-_, please see my private message05:44
bazhangineddhelp, no05:45
nathan28ineddhelp: what do you mean, 'security'05:45
nathan28what is your concern?05:45
nathan28"security" means many things05:45
Lintnathan28, third party monitoring, apparently05:45
ZeloZelosanybody know how to get the nvidia driver for the gt 540m to work without messing up opengl?05:46
nathan28like an ISP? NSA? ACTA? good luck05:46
ejvyou guys can discuss all that in #ubuntu-offtopic05:46
ejv(and girls)05:46
nathan28ejv: both of them05:46
ineddhelpI'm sorry. OK thank you I'm going. I misread about LiveCD is more unsecure. I thought it was more secure using LiveCD. SOrry bye :D05:46
ZeloZelosor has anyone installed a nvidia driver that broke opengl figured out how to fix it?05:47
mohamedtoujhow to hack wifi ?05:47
Saber-ZeloZelos: I don't mean to be unhelpful but my experience with hardware acceleration in linux is to just give up..05:47
bazhangmohamedtouj, not supported here05:47
ejv!ot | mohamedtouj05:47
ubottumohamedtouj: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:47
Saber-That's pretty awesome.  How do I haxor the interwebs.05:48
ZeloZelosSaber-, you'r prob right, but ill keep pecking at it, maybe eventually05:48
ejvif you have to ask how, then you're doing it wrong.05:48
* Lint starts to thijnk irc is useless05:48
ZeloZelosSaber-, its kinda ironic, i only got ubuntu/linux because blender runs way good (in its own environment) but then i got a new system because i needed more hardware for blender stuff hehee05:49
ZeloZelosand cant run blender because the driver broke the opengl, guess its another re-install for me05:50
ZeloZelosbut leaving out the driver this time05:50
zykotick9ZeloZelos: did i see you mention you have one of those intel/nvidia graphics cards?  if so, i believe you need so special software to get that working correctly.05:50
ZeloZeloszykotick9, yup yup, where do i start? hahaaa :))05:51
zykotick9ZeloZelos: sorry, i don't know - but someone else might.05:51
ZeloZeloszykotick9, where did you hear about it b4?..how do u know i prob need special software?05:52
zykotick9ZeloZelos: i believe there are perhaps 2 competing options... i just don't have that hardware and thus have no personal experience.  I've seen it discussed here several times before.05:52
ZeloZeloszykotick9, ah, gotcha...just breaks ma heart05:53
Haze-_what irc client would you recommend for ubuntu05:53
superdave321that's the default, right?05:54
superdave321thought so...05:54
ZeloZelosHaze-_, there is one that comes with kde its pretty nice too but dont know its name05:54
rhin0haze__:  pidgin05:55
rhin0pidgin or xchat for a bit more sophistication05:56
rhin0pidgin won't display unicode05:56
haze__i use xchat, i thought pidgin was for IM apps ?05:56
rhin0but pidgin is very basic and easy to set up/operate05:56
ZeloZeloscan i install the nvidia driver that breaks opengl on a live session so i can mess with it w/o messing up the installed one?05:56
rhin0pidgin will deal with im - pidgin was gaim (aol instant etc)05:56
* Blue1 uses pidgin05:56
zykotick9ZeloZelos: won't work, nvidia requires a kernel modules, thus requires a reboot05:56
rhin0it'll deal with most chat protocols - very basic - part of most installations05:56
rhin0xchat gives you a log of previous chat automatically - deals with colors - unicode05:57
ZeloZelosis it possible to install to usb instead of running live ?05:57
Blue1so does pidgin05:57
Saber-Why can't my mediatomb or mythtv user access a symlink'd directory in their /home... unless I am currently logged into the server05:57
Blue1ZeloZelos: sure05:57
Saber-How does that even make sense05:57
rhin0there is also bitchx which people use but that is ncurses - only works within bash shell - again - more power05:57
Jordan_UZeloZelos: Yes. The same way you would install to an internal drive.05:57
=== tensorpudding_ is now known as tensorpudding
haze__test... 测试05:57
Blue1ZeloZelos: ru trying to install linux to a flash drive?05:57
rhin0blue1 - not automatically05:57
haze__oh nice, i like unicode05:58
terminhellwhat about irssi for irc chat?05:58
zykotick9rhin0: don't suggest bitchx (it's got issues), irssi is a good cli irc client05:58
Blue1rhin0: true that05:58
ZeloZelosBlue1, just for testing but yeah, i have a 10gb flash05:58
Saber-ZeloZelos: Yeah, no problems.  It's pretty neat to do that, and then use the internal drives for raid1 or something05:58
Blue1ZeloZelos: hang on I have a recipe for that.05:58
sacarlsonZeloZelos: how about making a custom iso file put it on usb to test your nvidia,  not sure about the details05:58
arubinWhy does the Ubuntu website recommend the 32-bit version?05:59
ZeloZelossacarlson, then id have 2 learn how to make a custom iso, about how the drivers work, and how to diagnose/detect whats goin on on top of the subtle differances between running off usb vs hard drive05:59
ZeloZelosill probably get no where anyhow, but its worth a shot05:59
rattatoueI would guess because if someone is new and has no idea what there doing, no matter if there computer can run 32 or 64, 32 will still work on both.06:00
zykotick9ZeloZelos: Bumblebee is the name of one of those hybrid-graphics software06:00
Blue1ZeloZelos: http://pkill-9.com/ubuntu-2-go/06:00
lucascastroarubin: cause 32bits run on both machines.06:00
lucascastro32bits and 64bits06:00
ZeloZelosthank you Blue1 cant wait to dig in :)06:00
Diaoeri think 32bit soft is  much than 64bit,and 32bit hardware is still more06:00
Blue1ZeloZelos: leave me some feedback - let me know how it goes06:00
sacarlsonZeloZelos: ya I'm not sure it's worth the trouble,  just create another partition on the hd you have and try install a secound copy of ubuntu there06:01
haze__how do you join a second irc server on xchat ?06:01
Blue1ZeloZelos: only 16 semiconvenient steps06:01
cowslammerblue1 pls re-open the private channel06:01
Blue1haze__: /j #channelname06:01
ZeloZelossacarlson, heh...didnt even think of that..good lookin out man!06:01
rhin0arubin - because most machines were 32 bit06:01
haze__bluel no a second server without disconnecting from the first server06:01
Blue1haze__: oh don't use xchat so dunno -- I have use irssi though06:02
superdave321haze__: on your contact list, Room>Join...06:02
rhin0haze__:  add server06:02
cowslammerblue1 vlc crashed the same way the other app06:02
Saber-in irssi you just type /connect <othernetwork>06:02
ZeloZelosBlue1, dont look too daunting to me @) ill get it going now, thanks again, im gonna do both, make the usb and a new partition to mess with, the usb ill make it a pocket copy to take to friends n show off hahaaa06:02
Blue1cowslammer: okay let;s go to im?06:02
haze__in mirc its /server -m  servername   to connect to multiple servers06:03
haze__not sure about xchat though06:03
Blue1ZeloZelos: hopefully avoid the pitfalls....06:03
WaffleGodhttp://imgur.com/hbwCr idk if anyone can see the error06:03
WaffleGodWill this disk still work06:03
ZeloZelosBlue1, n ill be sure to let you know how it went06:03
ZeloZelosin the comments06:03
Blue1ZeloZelos: thanks06:04
Diaoeri use the web.freenode.net,because soft version cant connect to freenode server06:04
Saber-WaffleGod: nope06:04
ZeloZelosi actually did this b4 but i used a microsd, and adapter, but you cant boot from that config06:04
Jordan_UWaffleGod: Probably not.06:04
Saber-Burn another one.06:04
Blue1ZeloZelos: yeah it's slower on a micro sd, depends on what class.06:04
ZeloZelosit was old06:04
Blue1ZeloZelos: and ext4 seems to work fine, no need to use ext2 -06:05
Jordan_UZeloZelos: You can boot from an SD card, as long as the firmware supports booting from USB (or from its internal card reader).06:05
Saber-There's a chance the error is some part of the cd you won't use in your install, but unless that's the last cd for a hundred miles, it's better to juts burn a new one06:05
WaffleGodI actually dont have another cd06:05
WaffleGodand I am new to ubuntu06:05
WaffleGodSo i figured I would come here and ask06:05
Jordan_UWaffleGod: Do you have a flash drive?06:05
WaffleGodJordan_U Not where I am right now06:06
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
gomeThis may be the wrong spot to ask but the support from the website directed me here, can anyone answer a quick question on installing ubuntu?06:06
ZeloZelosJordan_U it wouldnt boot from the adapter with the microsd in it, probably works with an sd card though06:06
gomeAfter booting from a usb drive, I hit install, and i'm treated to a seemingly unending screen of ................ I can hit esc to cancel and enter to start again. Is this the installation process or does there seem to be a problem?06:06
sacarlsonWaffleGod: do you have a usb flash disk (key drive)?06:06
PikkachuJordan_U: oh I got oneiric installed lalala lalala06:06
Jordan_Ugome: That is definitely *not* the installation process :)06:07
WaffleGodsacarlson not where I am now06:07
Jordan_Ugome: How did you create the USB drive?06:07
BsimsI got my new hw picked out 2nd gen core i5-2500, intel BOXDH67BLB3, 8 gig of ddr3, and a 1tb Caviar Black... any issues anyone know about graphics or stabilty wise?06:07
ZeloZelosgome did you use unetbootin or universal to install the installer/live cd ... and did you choose one of the recommended dist from the pulldowns or your own, if its your own it prob wont work06:07
Pikkachugome: screenshots?06:07
WaffleGodHow do I know what part of the cd is the error?06:07
gomehah. I figured as much. I used the unetbootin06:07
Saber-I like that my problem is too weird for anyone to have any idea how to help, lol06:07
gomesorry the universal06:07
BsimsSaber-: heh whats the issue?06:07
sacarlsonWaffleGod: I assume from the error that the drive or the media is bad06:08
ZeloZelosgome downloaded a differant one instead of the ones listed?06:08
Saber-Why can't my mediatomb or mythtv user access a symlink'd directory in their /home... unless I am currently logged into the server06:08
PikkachuSaber-: what problem06:08
gomeand i downloaded 11.10 from ubuntu website06:08
Blue1Saber-: permissions?06:08
BsimsSaber-: did you check the permissions for the destination of that symlink?06:08
WaffleGodsacarlson I think its my disk drive06:08
PikkachuSaber-: oh sorry no idea06:08
ZeloZelosgome the installer for dvd's and such wont run right but the installer program will boot on some of them06:08
gomeand don't have screenshots atm, working on a different comp06:08
WaffleGodI am not 100% sure however06:08
Saber-If I ssh in, it works fine.  If I logout, it disappears from the mediatomb library06:08
sacarlsonWaffleGod:  so without eather a cd media or flash drive do you have another linux system that is running within access?06:08
X-tonicIs ubuntu considering a python3 move anytime soon? say by around 12.10?06:09
WaffleGodsacarlson nope06:09
BsimsSaber-: assuming your permissions are correct ya got a wierd one06:09
WaffleGodShould I just try reburning the disk, but at a slower speed06:09
Saber-lol ya...06:09
Pikkachugome: I successfully installed the downloaded iso onto my usb stick today using unetbootin06:09
gomei followed ubuntu's instructions i thought on booting from a usb drive to install, what should i try instead?06:09
BsimsWaffleGod: Yup and check the md5sum for it06:09
ejvyou don't need to wait for ubuntu, to get in on python3+06:09
WaffleGodBsims checked the md506:10
sacarlsonWaffleGod: I have installed ubuntu from hd to hd,  ok that almost covers it other than boot pxe06:10
WaffleGodits good06:10
PikkachuX-tonic: applications need to be compatible with python 3 for it starting becoming default06:10
Saber-I guess I can just move the media into mediatomb's directory.06:10
ZeloZelosBlue1 is it necessary to make the windows partition on it?06:10
BsimsYeah try it on a lower speed, but it should work06:10
gomeIt starts with Loading /casper/vmlinuz.... then continues with the ......s btw06:10
X-tonicejv, yeah, i know i could just download and use py3, but py3 is been around for more than a year now06:10
WaffleGodok, afk06:10
sacarlsonWaffleGod: I have installed systems over ethernet with pxe but never used windows as a host but it can be done06:10
Blue1ZeloZelos: no, but some people want that, that is how to do it though06:10
X-tonicand now i believe most of the apps work with py306:11
ZeloZelosBlue1, ah ok06:11
* Bsims is off to bed06:11
WaffleGodsacarlson I am not that good with this stuff, yet, and dont really have another computer I can use06:11
PikkachuX-tonic: so you'd expect everybody or like 90% to have migrated from py2? that didn't happen afaik06:11
gomei'm wondering if maybe i missed some sort of setup process before where i'm at06:11
WaffleGodwell, imma do it at 1x write speed06:11
WaffleGodcant go wrong there06:11
PikkachuX-tonic: yeah your belief is wrong afaik06:11
Jordan_Ugome: It's probably a bug of some sort, rather than an error on your part.06:11
sacarlsonWaffleGod: then I would wait and buy a usb flash drive for like $4 and do it later06:12
terminhellgome: have you tried dd?06:12
Pikkachugome: can't you just do it again, unetbootin?06:12
gomethanks, yeah I can try that. It took an hour and a half for some reason to burn the iso though06:12
WaffleGodsacarlson I am going to try burning it at a really low speed and see if it works06:12
gomeand what's dd?06:12
sacarlsonWaffleGod: yes always use the slowest speeds posible06:13
terminhellill take that as a no. nvm, not sure how easily it would be to use to burn a cd anyways06:13
WaffleGodwas using 12x before, gunna try on like 2x06:13
Pikkachugome: it took me no more than 5 minutes to extract the iso onto the usb stick, yours seems a bit slow no?06:13
Jordan_Ugome: Can you try booying the USB on another machine?06:13
BoomerBileis mod_rewrite enabled by default in ubuntu with apache2 freshly installed?06:13
rhin0usb-creator-gtk I always use06:13
rhin0it can take a while06:13
terminhellusb 1.1 drive????06:14
PikkachuBoomerBile: I don't believe it is06:14
ZeloZelosok, off 2 reboot n install to usb06:14
gomeit was extremely slow, i'm not sure why it took so long. thought it was strange too. This system I am on should be more than capable unless the usb drive i'm usually is just extremely terrible06:14
BoomerBilePikkachu, what do i need to install to get it working?06:14
X-tonichm.. possibly.. but on gentoo for instance, about half a year back too, i could get nowhere with py3. Now however, each and every package I have installed, has been installed with py 3.2 and all of it working fine.06:14
rhin0usb is slow06:14
rhin0its a lot of data06:14
gomei can try dual booting on this system06:14
ZeloZelosthank s for the help guys and keep gettin da linux on !06:14
sacarlsonBoomerBile: I don't think so but not sure06:14
PikkachuBoomerBile: no idea06:14
rhin0i mean flash is slow to write to06:14
PikkachuBoomerBile: I'd search for some package06:14
terminhellwith unetbootin you may have to set the 'boot' flag in gparted or something else06:15
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
sacarlsonBoomerBile: as I have mod_rewite active on mine but I think I changed it or a package I installed did06:15
terminhelland in some bios's you have to manually select the usb drive from the bios dev boot options06:15
X-tonicAll I am saying is that at sometime the leap has to be made, and jumping to py3 as default will only accelerate the py3 migration of obsolete packages06:16
Pikkachurhin0: I've downoaded oneiric iso today abd burnt it onto my sub stick with unetbootin, it took me just a few minutes... it was just about extracting not burning06:16
terminhelland sometimes just keep trying to boot from it a few times. Unetbootin is buggy at times06:16
gomegotcha yeah i'll try it again06:16
Pikkachugome: I think it shouldn't be that slow even in USB 1.x06:16
gomei'm trying to see if i can boot from the system i'm chatting on06:16
Pikkachugome: it's not a burning process, it just extracts the iso onto your usb drive06:16
terminhellwell, its a bit more than that06:17
gomeoh gotcha06:17
rhin0anything <= 5 minutes isn't an issue - point is whether it succeeds in the burn06:17
gast2roothowto hide fast user switching in main bar?06:17
c31r2glive disk ubuntu 11.04 with unetbootin doesnt work atleast for me,use pendrivelinux soft instead06:17
BoomerBilethanks sacarlson06:17
terminhellwith usb, best bet is dd. period.06:17
* rhin0 never got ubuntu 10.10 to install once06:17
rhin0gave up on it06:18
gomewould running ubuntu from this computer, installing inside windows from this usb drive i created from universal usb installer serve as the testing i need to determine the problem?06:18
rhin0skipped it (won't install)06:18
zykotick9terminhell: almost as good as cat ;)06:18
gomeor should i try something other than universal usb installer?06:18
BoomerBilesacarlson, i guess it's a2enmod rewrite, then edit the conf files to allowoverride...06:18
sacarlsonBoomerBile: sounds about right06:19
BoomerBilesacarlson, thanks06:19
sacarlsonBoomerBile: can't hurt to enable it two times even if it's already active06:19
BoomerBilesacarlson, yeah... gentoo guy here, don't use ubuntu much but i chose that for my server i'm renting... taking some getting used to06:20
grkbloodhow do i set deluge as my default torrent app in google chrome?06:22
terminhellits a desktop global06:22
terminhellpreferred applications06:22
gomei guess i'll try to extract it again06:22
superdave321having problem with my bluetooth dongle with usb id 0a12:0001. any help would be awesome.06:23
terminhellgome what OS are you using to make the usb image?06:23
grkbloodtereserm23, i dont see torrent as an option for default applications06:23
gomexp sp306:24
terminhellfirst, make sure the usb is fat32 formated.06:24
gomegot that06:24
rattatoueanyone got xbmc in ubuntu? I installed it and when I go to start it, it complains about missing OPENGL or something, but I am running on the latest Nvidia driver.06:25
terminhelldownload the OS iso manually. then with unetbootin select the .iso image option to manually search for the file.06:25
gomedone that06:25
rattatouegome, by any chance is the USB not booting?06:26
gomestill don't know why the installer takes so long to extract onto the usb06:26
gomeit is booting to usb, i get the GUI for ubuntu at boot, so it is right?06:26
rattatouegome, yes06:26
terminhellit has to unzip a huge amount of data06:26
superdave321rattatoue: Someone here was just saying that the newest nvidia driver actually breaks opengl...06:26
rattatouesuperdave321, *facepalms*06:27
gomeI apologize for being painfully new to linux. I've only used windows and I've read up on ubuntu and trying to install it on the laptop to see what i think06:27
gomethe extraction is taking forever again06:27
rattatouesuperdave321, okay ty06:27
superdave321rattatoue: np06:27
sacarlsongome: is it a very old laptop?06:27
rattatouegome, maybe your computer is slow06:28
gomethe laptop is pretty old, my computer should be fine06:28
rhin0I always use usb-creator-gtk (sudo usb-creator-gtk) gome - blank the usb then select the image iso, write - is always straightforward - so what if it takes a few minutes - 100% reliable06:28
gomeunless i'm missing something06:28
sacarlsongome: try another usb plug if available06:28
rhin0otherwise write to a dvd - just write the iso (right click on the file in the file manager (nautilus)) and write after setting properties so it writes at the lowest speed06:29
gome3 ghz athlon 64 x2, 6000+, 3 gbs ram06:29
gomei'll try another plug, good idea06:29
rhin0possibly his usb key is not blanked still has the windows filing system on it06:29
plouffewhen I type "arp" it shows me about 50 IP addresses, all on the same interface, but only two entries with associated MAC addresses. Anyone know what all those entries doing there?06:29
rhin0way to blank them in windows06:29
sacarlsongome: I have a system that has two usb buses one is the older 1.X and one it 2.X and one boots much faster than the other06:29
gomeand i may try usb-creator-gtk instead, thanks06:29
gomealright thanks06:29
rhin0just play around with it until you manage to blank the usb - sometimes you get locks with the usb filing system vs ubuntu06:30
rhin0unplug etc or even reboot06:30
rhin0always works eventually06:30
rhin0just usb complication06:30
gomegotcha yeah i've formatted it a couple times just to check06:31
terminhellplouffe: it could be other devices in your area.06:32
sacarlsonplouffe: I'm guessing wifi and your on a fringe of it and each reconect it provided another address06:33
* rhin0 musta re-formatted written iso to usb key hundred times06:34
sacarlsonplouffe: or it could be others on the wifi fringe06:34
rhin0always reliable with usb-creator-gtk - generally on 32  bit ubuntu 10.04 cheap laptop06:34
plouffesacarlson, these entries are all for eth106:34
gomelooking for usb-creator-gtk for windows xp06:34
rhin0its not a windows package06:34
rhin0its a linux package06:35
* rhin0 sighs06:35
=== king_ is now known as Guest35701
rhin0you need a windows iso usb writer06:35
terminhelljust other wifi devices....smartphones, laptops that arent authenticated to your particular AP. Your wifi card can detect these devices, but normally wont display or interact with them06:35
sacarlsonplouffe: eth1 is wired?   but it also has a wifi access point on it?06:35
=== Guest35701 is now known as Kinglau
rhin0maybe there is a copy of the package for xp - don't know I don't run windows06:35
LudlowI launched startx and then it killed itself :(06:35
plouffesacarlson, but shouldn't these entries have been deleted, and why are there no MAC addresses associated06:35
rhin0once you're across you're across06:35
terminhell*aside from aircrack06:35
gomeah yeah i thought that's what you were telling me it was, sorry, yeah I need a windows iso usb writer06:35
sacarlsonplouffe: no they will delete after a time out06:35
terminhellLudlow: dont use emo DM's06:35
plouffesacarlson, wifi adapter is wlan006:35
rhin0can't even remember the name06:35
Ludlowterminhell: what is EMO?06:36
rhin0sometimes it's simpler just to cut a cd or dvd -- usb can be more problematic06:36
rhin0because it has to mount it to write to it06:36
sacarlsonplouffe: well I take it your location has a wifi on that lan?06:36
gomegotcha. yeah don't have any discs handy tonight at least06:36
WaffleGodDid it at 1x speed06:36
plouffesacarlson, yes06:36
WaffleGoddebating wether I should just use it06:36
rhin0and there can be filing system issues - or residual stuff you can't get rid of on the usb drive - google - "how to completely blank a usb"06:36
plouffesacarlson, timeout? there is only 2 computers connected now. and during the day it's at most 406:37
sacarlsonplouffe:  if dhcpd is running on the ubuntu box you can look at the dhcp logs and see what mac was used when they were activ06:37
Ludlowterminhell: what is emos DM's>06:37
terminhellusb's do have a finite amount of writes. They will fail eventually just like any other drive06:37
plouffesacarlson, do you know the location of the dhcp logs?06:37
sacarlsonplouffe: yes the setting of the dhcp timeout when the licence expires for the ip06:37
WaffleGodAnyone know how to tell what part of the disk the error is, and if using it will fuck my install06:38
gomegotcha, i'll look into that06:38
zykotick9Ludlow: it was a joke.  EMO is a music genre/subculture.06:38
terminhellzykotick9: thanks, i didnt want to explain that06:38
Ludlowdo you know what my kde is crashing and the killing itself?06:38
sacarlsonplouffe: I'm not sure where your dhcp is running, if your a normal house it would be running in your adsl router but you can disable that one and run a dhcp on your ubuntu to detect what they are06:38
terminhelldoes kde rely on dbus?06:39
WaffleGodAnyone know how to tell what part of the disk the error is, and if using it will fuck my install06:39
terminhellWaffleGod: if you have a bad disk, the problem will get worse. buy a new drive06:39
WaffleGodterminhell laptop06:40
sacarlsonplouffe: anther solution is you could write a small script to record arp -n each X minits over a day or more to capture the mac address at diferent times06:40
WaffleGodthats not really an option06:40
terminhellwhy not?06:40
terminhellyou can change laptop hdd's06:40
WaffleGodterminhell The error was on a cd, that i was burning to install ubuntu with06:40
WaffleGodby disk i meant cd06:40
plouffesacarlson, ok I will look into that. But right now you are saying there are no dhcpd logs on my computer?06:41
terminhelldoesnt it come with a 'scan media for error's option?06:41
=== Kinglau is now known as kinglau
sacarlsonplouffe: there is no way for me to know,  as I assume you didn't install dhcpd06:41
stylesHey guys I'm trying to use gparted and partition my drive so I can have it run Ext4 ... but I installed Ubuntu via the windows app and it stored it on the same installation as the windows installation and it's NTFS ... is it just me or will gparted not allow you to resize a disc while in06:41
terminhellplouffe: your video card driver may not be installed or not supported06:42
terminhellplouffe: sorry wrong person06:42
terminhellLudlow: your vid card driver may not be installed/configured properly06:42
WaffleGodterminhell i scanned it06:43
terminhellstyles: no06:43
WaffleGodtheres my error06:43
Ludlowterminhell:  COuld you it be because its running in a VM?06:43
WaffleGodcan i use this ubuntu install disk06:43
terminhellLudlow: probably06:43
stylesno I can't terminhell ? or no it's just me06:43
sacarlsonplouffe: oh another method is you can login to your adsl box and see the log there, each of those boxes are different so I can't help any more with that06:43
terminhellstyles: best way would be to just reinstall with a larger size06:43
Ludlowterminhell: do you know the command for xconfig?06:43
plouffesacarlson, yes I was just trying that06:43
terminhellLudlow: X --configure06:44
plouffesacarlson, thanks for your help, I will try what you said06:44
WaffleGodcan i use this ubuntu install disk06:44
terminhellWaffleGod: have you tried other disc? that one could just be scrached or faulty06:46
WaffleGodterminhell I dont think I have another CD-RW anywhere06:47
WaffleGodjust a ton of CD-R's06:47
terminhellWaffleGod: use them instead?06:47
terminhellalso, where did you get the iso?06:48
maceleAnybody else have an obnoxious bright yellow screen when they're rebooting after installing the proprietary amd drivers?06:48
terminhelli wrather enjoy its yellowness...how dare you call it obnoxious06:49
macelegod it's so bad... burns my retinas06:49
maceleeverything else seems to work fine, but when I reboot I get that screen for line 15-20 seconds. I have to hide my eyes06:50
WaffleGodterminhell got the iso from the official site, and the CD-R's all have stuff on them06:50
nbubuntuhi , anyone know which channel to discuss android apps dev ?06:51
stylesI just stuck a blank disc into my drive (not paying attention it's not a DVD it was  CD). Ubuntu now claims it's in use (it's wrong). To further the annoyance it says the device /dev/sr0 is in use.. when I go to umount it (ie: umount /dev/sr0) the device /dev/sr0 isn't found :-/06:51
terminhellmount it to /dev/null as root?06:52
terminhellnbubuntu: nope06:53
pksadiq`!alis | nbubuntu06:53
ubottunbubuntu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:53
macelenbubuntu: #android-dev maybe?06:53
terminhellWaffleGod: i can think of some other work arounds that wont be easy, or even practical....06:53
nbubuntumacele : oh.. thanks06:54
apt-getterhello world06:54
terminhellyour first chat?06:54
porschepretty much06:55
WaffleGodterminhell do you think it would work anyway?06:55
bobo37773apt-getter: hello this is the world06:55
terminhellit involves norton ghost or the equivalint06:55
apt-getterdoes world know of a place to get some help for a re-convert like myself?06:55
WaffleGodWas in a dif irc channel earlier, they said install wubi, delete my windows partition, then expand my linux into that space06:55
WaffleGodterminhell would it work^06:56
bobo37773WaffleGod: ouch. why wubi?06:56
stylesI installed via wubi recently06:57
stylesTERRRRRIBLE idea06:57
terminhellsure, if you can manage to setup an LVM partition with 2 primaries within that, ghost your iso to one, and figure out how to then boot the iso from that ghosted partition, then run the install to install to the second partition within the LVM06:57
bobo37773styles: I have never heard anyone say wubi was a good thing. ever06:58
=== fireball is now known as Guest50291
stylesWhy even offer it06:58
WaffleGodterminhell ya, um no06:58
terminhelli used it once......once06:58
WaffleGodI have no clue how to do that06:58
stylesIt's like, hey let me give a person that's a murder a gun for FUN :D06:58
WaffleGodstyles if I use gparted can I delete my windows partition and expand my linux partition06:59
stylesWhat I'm doing -> Grab live cd -> run gparted (if not instaslled apt-get it) -> re-align drive (giving more space to an unpartitioned space).06:59
terminhellor just buy more dvd's tomorrow :p06:59
stylesGod Ubuntu I hate you right now06:59
rhin0state your problem06:59
Guest50291I am unable to edit the /etc/fstab file, I have got 2 ntfs partitions and want to mount them automatically. Can someone tell me how? I can get the UUID from sudo blkid but dont know which lines to apply in /etc/fstab!06:59
stylesit swears a device is in use that ubuntu doesn't even see to umount06:59
damo22styles: you must have a shell open on that dir07:00
styles:( I wish07:00
WaffleGodterminhell but then im going for a 4 hour coding session07:00
WaffleGodwith WINDOWS07:00
* WaffleGod twitches07:00
stylesDepends what your coding :D07:01
stylesWinAPI things, it's great :D07:01
styles(Obvious reasons should be obvious :D)07:01
terminhellWaffleGod: g/l is all i can say07:01
pksadiq`styles: try unmounting the CD drive by sudo eject -T07:01
WaffleGodIll jsut wait till tomorrow and see if i can scrounge a usb from somewhere or something07:02
apt-getteranyone have issues with dual monitors and nVidia cards, keeping the dual-screen setup after reboot?07:02
rhin0ugh - developing on windows07:02
Guest50291I am unable to edit the /etc/fstab file, I have got 2 ntfs partitions and want to mount them automatically. Can someone tell me how? I can get the UUID from sudo blkid but dont know which lines to apply in /etc/fstab!07:03
rhin0apt-getter its twinview -- you enable each monitor individually07:03
rhin0you should save configuration into xorg.conf07:03
apt-getterI have done that, saved as default and then reboot, but it goes back to single screen, then i have to go back in and set it up again....07:03
rhin0what version of ubuntu07:03
rhin0maybe register query on ubuntu forums07:04
Guest5029111.04 rhin007:04
stylesyeah did that pksadiq` worked07:04
rhin0I think that has happened sometimes to me07:04
apt-getteractually, I am running Deb Squeeze now, but still same problem, I figure its the same platform must be a similar issue/fix07:04
rhin0I use 10.04 absolutely no problems with anythign07:04
apt-getterI had the same issue with 11.04\07:04
bobo37773rhin0: 10.04 was the best ubuntu version ever in my opinion.07:04
apt-getterI agree with ya bobo07:05
=== pksadiq` is now known as pksadiq
rhin0i'm stuck on it - had problems with every ubuntu since .. and I want to use gnome 2 not 3 - unity I don't like at all07:05
rhin010.04 is probably the last ubuntu I will use07:05
Guest50291someone help me better?07:05
rhin0.... ntfsd = windows?07:05
=== macele is now known as macele_deceased
rhin0you want to mount a windows drive07:06
rhin0i thought they were auto mounted on a partitioned system07:06
apt-getterthey are07:06
rhin0why are you playing around with fstab then if they are already mounted07:06
apt-gettermis-communication...I didn't ask that question07:06
apt-getterI was just confirming your thought...lol07:06
safahow to install this, "warning: Missing REQUIRED dependency: cups-devel (CUPS devel- Common Unix Printing System development files)"07:06
_joshi'm trying to install ubuntu on my desktop, the install wizard won't detect my second hard drive though, can anyone help?07:07
bobo37773safa: Either find a repo for it or compile it from source07:07
_joshthe select drive dialog in "install ubuntu alongside them" doesn't have the other drive as a selection07:08
safabobo37773: is it not possible to install with apt-get?07:08
apt-getter_josh, is the drive visible in the bios?07:08
pksadiqsafa: try installing libcups2-dev07:08
_joshapt-getter, not sure, but if i try to manually partition, it shows up.  i really wanted to use the auto partitioner though07:09
bobo37773safa: if it is in the repos it should have come up. That is why you get that error. You may have to look at your sources to make sure you have the right ones enabled'07:09
wahid_Hi everybody07:09
FredBerthey everyone07:09
FredBerti was told to come here07:09
FredBertwhat is this place?07:09
bobo37773_josh: Sounds like its time to learn how to manually partition07:10
apt-getter_josh, so, when you're in the partmanager you can or cannot see the hdd?07:10
rhin0its support for ubuntu - the main channel07:10
bobo37773FredBert: This is an irc chat room07:10
_joshapt-getter, in the partition manager, i can see it, just not in the wizard07:10
_joshi want to resize the partitions on the second drive, but i don't want it to delete existing data07:10
rhin0FredBert: ask questions - get solutions - people here to help07:10
wahid_I have a question, How can i connect to socks5 server with user and pass authunticatio?07:10
safabobo37773: that is done, but now next error, "warning: Missing REQUIRED dependency: libusb (libusb - USB library)07:10
safawarning: This installer cannot install 'libusb' for your distro/OS and/or version."07:10
apt-getteryou're not confusing the wizard with the lvm are you?07:10
wahid_Test procychains an some application!07:11
rhin0_josh:  resizing - you get to keep your data - if there is enough space on the new partition you specify - it crunches down the amount of free space you have07:11
bobo37773safa: installer? some kind of script of something?07:11
apt-getterjust checking07:11
wahid_But that's could not connect!07:11
apt-getterI think bobo is right, you might have to do this manually07:11
geirhasafa: The install libusb-dev  (apt-cache search 'usb.*-dev')07:11
safabobo37773: yes, I am installing printer, following this link "http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/install/index.html"07:11
_joshalright, i'll try it then i guess07:11
pksadiqsafa: try installing libusb, and libusb-dev. Each package would ba havins such a name.07:12
bobo37773safa: Maybe try installing your dependencies first with apt. Then rerun script07:12
apt-gettergood luck _josh07:12
rhin0_josh - it squeezes down the amount of free space you have07:12
_joshhopefully i don't lose anything07:13
_joshwhich drive do i install the bootloader onto?07:13
_joshdoes it matter?07:13
pksadiqsafa: also, if you don't know the exact name of the package try sudo apt-get install libusb<TAB><TAB> to get the list, or what ever package you need07:13
terminhellor apt-cache search07:14
_joshit has options for /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2, as well as /dev/sda, do I choose /dev/sda?07:14
terminhelljust sda07:15
Name141Hello, to trigger my KVM switch I'm having to use Ctrl + Alt + F1 then using the hotlink keys (scroll lock + scroll lock) then when returning to the linux machine Ctrl + Alt + F7 .  Is there a way to make scroll lock function like it would in the console so I don't have to keep doing that? (as seen here http://askubuntu.com/questions/67769/using-numlock-for-trendnet-kvm-switch-no-longer-works07:15
safabobo37773: pksadiq i tried now cups-image <with TAB>, but no success.. now asking for "warning: Missing REQUIRED dependency: cups-image (CUPS image - CUPS image development files)07:15
safawarning: This installer cannot install 'cups-image' for your distro/OS and/or version.07:15
pksadiqsafa: try libcupsimage<TAB><TAB>  ;)07:16
safapksadiq: bhai. I did too.07:16
safadid that too*07:16
pksadiqsafa: the exact name is libcupsimage2-dev  install that, you have to press TAB twice07:17
safapksadiq: yes. installing  libcupsimage2-dev07:17
wahid_Who can help me?07:17
rhin0ask away wahid_ -- maybe somebody can - just ask07:18
rhin0your question07:18
apt-getteris there a way to edit the xorg.conf file from the cli? nano or something?07:18
wahid_rhin0, I ask my question but anybody do not askme!07:19
rhin0you use sudo nano /etc/xorg.conf07:19
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:19
rhin0what is your question wahid_07:19
wahid_rhin0, How can i connect to socks5 server with user and pass authunticatio?07:19
apt-getterthanks, I'll try that07:19
wahid_rhin0, Test proxychains an some application!07:19
wahid_rhin0, But that's could not connect!07:19
rhin0out of my depth - socket server?  -- keep asking someone will know07:20
rhin0maybe worng password07:20
apt-getterok well that might be the problem,  xorg.conf does not exist, when I run: nano /etc/xorg.conf it starts a new file07:20
wahid_rhin0, No thais true!07:21
rhin0you have to generate it -- it isn't there by default07:21
rhin0any more apt-getter07:21
terminhellthats not the full path to xorg07:21
terminhellits /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d07:21
apt-getteryou guys are so helpful!07:21
safaSalam wahid bhai. you checked here? http://linuxpakistan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=3331207:22
terminhelldont be afraid to ls before you nano07:22
apt-getterthats how I confirmed it was not there07:22
amoffathi.  anyone know why lines printed to a pty end with cr+lf, and not just lf?  i thought windows did the cr+lf, not *nix07:22
apt-getterand it's not in the x11 file either07:22
wahid_rhin0, I need Other app to work correctly on the ubuntu!07:23
KrisxI'm trying to ssh my server, I had some problems with it so I reinstalled ubuntu and now I'm getting this: http://pastebin.com/q8nsJf7t I can't seem to find the known_hosts file.07:24
Ben64Krisx: just manually edit the file07:24
geirhaamoffat: It's whatever application that is writing to the pty that is responsible for those CRs07:24
KrisxI tried, its empty, the conflicting line doesn't even exist it seems07:25
amoffatgeirha, interesting.  i'm seeing them from /bin/ls.  i guess ls is writing them...07:25
sacarlsonKrisx: I would think you could just delete the known_hosts file and the message will go away07:26
geirhaamoffat: It shouldn't. Perhaps your filenames end with \r?07:26
Ben64Krisx: cat ~/.ssh/known_hosts | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us07:26
geirhaamoffat: How are you seeing these CRLF line endings btw?07:26
superdave321Does anybody have a recommendation for a backup application?07:27
prashant_123456which is the best download manager for ubuntu 11.1007:27
Ben64!best | prashant_12345607:27
ubottuprashant_123456: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:27
amoffatgeirha, i've execv'd /bin/ls from a python program, after forking with a pty.  but my reads on the pt file descriptor are showing \r\n all over my output from ls07:28
urfr332gOsuperdave321, I use clonzilla for full clones, but grsync for home.07:29
geirhaamoffat: What if you exec /bin/echo foo  the same way?07:29
superdave321urfr332gO: Sweet. Thanks07:29
apt-getteranyone know why konquerer won't connect to the internet but chromium will?07:29
apt-gettersame machine07:30
urfr332gOsuperdave321, no problem grsync is jus a gui for rsync07:30
sacarlsonapt-getter: proxy settings?07:30
terminhellapt-getter: does it have a proxy enabled>07:30
apt-gettertried to set to auto just in case but that didn't fix it either07:30
lyptusihi im after a mouse that the manufacturer has certified for linux such as logitech mk20007:30
terminhelldont use konqurer?07:30
apt-getterthat was my solution too07:31
ozzloysometimes i accidentally hit ctl-z in emacs, which suspends it, then i alt+tab back to it and i can't see any changes i make after that.  how do i fix that/find out what's happening so i can fix it?07:31
apt-gettercouldn't get xChat to work but KVirc does07:31
apt-getterI'm so cofuzed there too07:31
amoffatgeirha, hmm..i think it's a mis-set option on my pty.  thanks for your help..07:31
terminhelli dont like the pretentious nameing conventions of kde07:32
pksadiqozzloy: after C-z, you should do fg command to bring it tor forground07:32
apt-getterfair enough07:32
ozzloypksadiq, i didn't start it from a terminal07:32
apt-getterI like the feel of kde better than gnome though07:32
Jordan_U!ot | terminhell07:32
ubottuterminhell: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:32
NetRunnerBlackdoes anyone know of a good anonymous emailer for ubuntu?07:32
Jordan_Uenum: In the future, please use #test.07:33
pksadiqozzloy: sorry, I don't use GUI emacs07:33
NetRunnerBlackI tried searching but I just wound up on the asshole side of the internet.07:33
rabbi11How to find the restore path of a file in the trash folder ?07:33
ozzloypksadiq, thanks anyways07:33
ozzloyactually it's really late, i'm going to sleep07:33
pksadiqozzloy: btw ask #emacs07:34
rabbi11When i say "Restore File" it saves to some directory, i need to know the path of that directory07:34
geirharabbi11: Find and read the equivalent .trashinfo file in ~/.local/share/Trash/info07:34
Saber-Solution for mediatomb + mythtv not following symlinks unless you're logged in...  Move the music to their own home directories07:34
ozzloypksadiq, i'm guessing they'll say "ask #ubuntu"07:35
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
pksadiqozzloy: I don't think its related to ubuntu, but only emacs07:35
Jordan_Urabbi11: ~/.local/share/Trash/info/filename.trashinfo07:36
=== fairuz1 is now known as fairuz
rabbi11geirha: i infact, reinstalled ubuntu, but din't delete the previous one, now i can't find it. but i find few files in trash, and tried to restore, but want to know the path, may be byluck i find my files there :)07:36
=== auronandace_ is now known as auronandace
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
safaHI, i am not able to install my hp p1006 laserjet on my linux, here is some out put, http://paste.ubuntu.com/849634/ , I was following this howto, http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/install/install/index.html07:41
Karmaonwhat can vim do that sublime text 2 can't do?07:41
rabbi11geirha: can't find trash folder there07:41
urfr332gOsafa, did you check if it may be in the data base in printers already?07:42
safayes i checked, I is listed in list of hp printers, I selected that, but no success .07:44
urfr332gOsafa, ah did you choose the cups setup?07:44
theadminsafa: Is hplip really installed? Check with "sudo apt-get install hplip"07:44
=== sun is now known as Guest75293
theadminKarmaon: vim can do everything :P07:44
Guest75293please help me :)07:44
Guest75293i have form whose work on ajax07:45
rhin0ajax = programming07:45
bobo37773Guest75293: What is the problem?07:45
bobo37773Karmaon: can you edit multiple lines on the fly with command mode scripting like in vim?07:46
safatheadmin: sudo apt-get install hplip installed some stuff. Next please?07:46
Guest75293after filling form user send data to server where this data checking, problem is it form can send many times after filling this07:47
theadminsafa: Should basically work now with the standard printing setup, might need a reboot though07:47
Guest75293no programing, easy script )))07:47
safatheadmin: rebooting.. i will be back to you.07:47
rabbi11I did reinstall ubuntu, but din't delete the old one, or formatted the disk. how can i get the old data07:47
=== stimoceiver is now known as Guest24557
Guest75293how i can reject send form many times07:47
urfr332gOrabbi11, should be in the home panel if the partition is still there.07:48
theadminmorning LigH07:48
betz1Hi! I have a problem with my nvidia card. I had 10.04 running with 2.6.32 kernel i think. I upgraded kernel to 3.0.0-15-server. I had xbmc-standalone running on this box and all worked. when i try modprobe nvidia i get message that module nvidia is not found. What should i do?07:48
theadmin...I just tried to tab-complete "morning" :/07:49
theadminbetz1: The module might be renamed (iirc it's "nvidia-current" now), but then again if you're using an unofficial kernel, some modules might fail to work with it07:50
apt-getterbetz, I am also getting the same error with my nvidia card07:50
Ben64betz1: 10.04 doesn't have a 3.0 kernel07:50
bobo37773betz1: rebuild nvidia07:51
LigHRecently I tested a few additional arts and desktop themes, amogn others also some from Edubuntu. Since then, Ubuntu starts with a gray-on-gray console with the title "Edubuntu 11.10", which I don't like. I tried to uninstall all packages starting with "edubuntu*", but it persists. How do I set it back?07:51
betz1Ben64: i installed it with apt-get install linux-image-3.0.0-15-server07:52
rabbi11urfr332gO: can't find :(07:52
apt-getterLigH, you want to change the splash screen?07:52
rabbi11fdisk -l also results nothing07:52
urfr332gOrabbi11, you can use the disk utility or gparted as well to look at the HD, it may not be there.07:53
betz1theadmin: nvidia-current is already the newest version07:53
LigHapt-getter: It is the console "below" the splash. I once removed the "quiet splash" boot options to check why my PC often hangs while initializing devices but couldn't find any interesting warnings.07:54
theadminbetz1: Well, can you modprobe that?07:54
betz1nope, not nvidia, nor nvidia-current07:54
betz1not found07:54
rabbi11urfr332gO: i was lookin into it, i got 250 GB total, 12 GB ext3, and another 238 GB extended.... :( that's it ?07:54
safatheadmin: I restarted, and tried to print again.. no result for that HP p1006 printer.07:54
apt-gettercheck out this link: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-change-settings-for-the-bootloader-and-splash-screen-in-ubuntu.html07:54
Ben64betz1: you should go back to 2.6 kernel07:55
apt-getterthis might have an option for adjusting the screen you want to change07:55
urfr332gOrabbi11, not knowing exactlt what you did I can't say more than the hd shows what is there. You have just one HD correct?07:55
theadminLigH: There's this bootsplash package, uh... "gfxboot-theme-ubuntu" I think, you need to install that.07:55
betz1ok, i wanted to have basic lirc working with upgrading to that kernel. Where it also works now.07:56
rabbi11how to force mount /dev/sd2 ?07:56
LigHtheadmin: I believe there are several boot themes installed, just Synaptic did not list those with "edu" in the middle of a package name. / apt-getter: I believe "Manage bootloader themes" is the button I will click and see...07:56
urfr332gOrabbi11, you can imagebin the Hd looked at with gparted if you like.07:56
Ben64betz1: 3.0 kernel is backport, and isn't supported like the standard one is07:56
rabbi11urfr332gO: how could i do that?07:57
rabbi11got to load gparted ?07:57
theadminrabbi11: "/dev/sd2" is not a device node udev would ever create07:57
urfr332gOrabbi11, take a screen shot with the prtsc key or app then put that image at a website I will give you so we can look at it.07:57
betz1Ben64: ok, installing latest 2.607:58
urfr332gOrabbi11, put the image here and post the url. http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add07:58
LigHI'll better use grub-custmizer; startup-manager is not really grub2 compatible...07:58
LigHAh, no ... it is not grub, it is afterwards.07:59
bobo37773betz1: cant you just reinstall nvidia07:59
urfr332gOrabbi11, yeah in the terminal sudo apt-get install gparted07:59
LigHSo maybe a bash config detail.08:00
betz1bobo37773: how do i do that?08:03
bobo37773betz1: just install it like you normally would I mean. That doesn't wotk08:03
Guest75293what? nobody don't know how make this form?08:05
=== BossMan is now known as Boss_Man
theadminGuest75293: This is an Ubuntu channel, nothing to do with AJAX or whatever. Try the channel actually related to your problem in some way.08:06
LigHtheadmin: I'll try a forum post, to continue with my daily work. :)08:07
theadminLigH: k, that might work better :D08:07
bobo37773Guest75293: what are you talking about?08:09
ljsoftnetis there a hard disk activity, code for conky?08:11
HubbbeHey, i did just buy two new laptops (asus x53S) and i cant get the graphic card (geforce 610M) to work.08:11
terminhellljsoftnet: not sure, none that ive ever seen08:11
HubbbeIs there any fix for this problem as i have googled it for a day with out finding a good solution?08:11
bobo37773ljsoftnet: like the cpu or just how much has been used?08:11
ljsoftnetbobo37773 like the cpu08:12
x2xI have a question...08:12
terminhellgo on08:12
safaIs it like that, hp1006 laser printer will never work on Linux?08:12
bobo37773ljsoftnet: oh input output. You may have to write your own not sure08:12
x2xI am planning to setup 2 NFS server which in active-active mode where this NFS will connect to a LUN for the storage08:12
terminhellthe conky website has a full list of supported arguments08:12
x2xhow should I setup it?08:13
x2xanyone any idea?08:13
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest41762
georgieeeHi, I have a card reader which ubuntu recognizes but it doesnt work. lsusb: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 058f:6362 Alcor Micro Corp. Flash Card Reader/Writer - I have no idea how to get it working. Can anyone help?08:15
terminhellim not sure what a LUN is08:15
ljsoftnetbobo37773 ok thanks terminhell08:15
Guest41762Hi all.. quick question . . how do i chown for joomla running on localhost LAMP08:16
terminhellsudo chown username /path/files08:16
HubbbeAny one know if there is any way to get the nvidia gf 610M to work on x53s laptop?08:17
x2xterminhell, will connect to a external storage08:17
terminhellHubbbe: check the linux HCL sites08:17
bobo37773oh no ljsoftnet left it was diskio variable08:17
terminhellx2x: is their going to be other os clients accessing this?08:17
Guest41762thx terminhell08:17
sacarlsongeorgieee: seems that alcor has had isues for some time http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1136196&page=208:18
ljsoftnetbobo37773 dude im here, il check diskio08:18
x2xsame os client will access to these 2 NFS08:18
sacarlsongeorgieee: maybe if you go back before ubuntu 9 it might still work?08:18
bobo37773ljsoftnet: oh I was spelling you wrong. right on08:18
x2xThere are 4 server will be installed KVM which KVM's image stored on NFS server08:19
terminhellx2x: other than avahi, and appropriate client sides to the server side, i dont know what else you'll need08:19
x2xThere are 2 NFS servers will be setup as Active-Active which both share a external storage08:19
x2xThank you terminhell08:20
georgieeesacarioson: ^^ yeah maybe. But I don't wanna change the system. I researched the web and saw the same bug on launchpad and still no solution yet... thought I give it a try here.08:20
terminhellx2x: good luck08:20
georgieeescarioson: thank you though08:20
bobo37773ljsoftnet: I see a graph but no bar graph like cpu. bummer. I would really like to incorporate this into my conky too08:21
ljsoftnetbobo37773 im good with graph08:21
terminhellyou have to parse the diskio to bar graph08:21
safa_my screen support more resolution but in display setting maximum option is showing,,= 1024X768, how to add more.08:21
bobo37773terminhell: how?08:21
bobo37773terminhell: let me look again08:21
terminhelli forget the syntax, but it should be able to do it like the cpu graph08:22
terminhellunless it checks IO like tops or w/e conky shows currently active proc's08:23
bobo37773terminhell: yeah there is a cpubar no diskiobar. hmm08:23
terminhelltry it?08:24
HubbbeTerminhell, i did not find anything on http://linuxhcl.com/ abut x53s or 610M :(08:24
bobo37773yep no dice08:24
sahil_no one is on #ubuntu +108:24
bobo37773sahil_: what is that?08:24
sahil_chanel for precise..?08:24
CoreyThen remain patient.08:24
bobo37773sahil_: oh beta channel gotcha08:24
sahil_hey dis mite be related...i resently broke my unity desktop08:25
terminhellHubbbe: you could try to find a more specific chipset for your machine and widdle it down better08:25
barletsIs there a wikipedia channel on here?08:26
sacarlsonbarlets: there is a wiki on just about everything but the problem is you need to know the subject08:27
barletssacarlson, A channel for wiki editors.08:28
K-4UAnybody know what to do when i can´t access the internet from CLI, but when i can from a browser?08:29
=== wangzhao is now known as aramisw
bobo37773ljsoftnet: Im out. Take care. read conky man page. everything you need is there08:30
sahil_bobo37773, can u help me debuging this problem? http://pastebin.com/1kjzfJCB08:30
Hubbbeterminhell: specific chipset? how when and where? ;)08:30
Hubbbeall i have found is ppl doing workarounds with Ironhide or bumblebee to get the graphics card working but seams to make up a lot more problems then it fix.08:30
ljsoftnetbobo37773 no problem08:30
K-4UBumblebee i read?08:30
bobo37773sahil_: try another window manager08:30
terminhellHubbbe: lscpi | grep vga08:31
sarujihow can I create a link to docky for a program that is executes from command line,...there is not icon in the drop down menu...noob here, thank you08:32
terminhellrigt click...add launcher08:32
Hubbbethis is one of the "fixes" for the x53s gf 610M http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179108108:33
terminhelllink launcher path to your needs08:33
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
Hubbbelscpi | grep vga08:33
HubbbeNo command 'lscpi' found, did you mean:08:33
sacarlsonK-4U I assume your browser on the same system is working due to proxy?08:34
=== pnorman__ is now known as pnorman_win
K-4Usacarlson: No, i´m not using a proxy08:34
sacarlsonK-4U: what browser?08:34
sacarlsonK-4U: some browser have auto proxy08:34
K-4Usacarlson midori08:35
playithey quick question08:35
Hubbbeif i copy in all iscpi in here dont i get band for spam? :)08:35
Hubbbehubbe@Hubbe:~$ lspci08:36
Hubbbe00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family DRAM Controller (rev 09)08:36
playiti read about some fortune 500 companies using linux for certain things08:36
terminhelllscpi | greb vga08:36
aramiswof course they does08:36
terminhellit should be a very short list...08:36
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
playitfor those who keep track more than myself.. What specific things are they doing with it .. Is it mostly servers?08:37
playitI read that dell / sony / some other big name companies08:37
terminhellsuper computers08:37
Jordan_U!ot | playit08:37
ubottuplayit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:37
playitwell heres my support related question that goes with that08:37
Hubbbeye it is lscpi | greb vga is not working :(08:37
Hubbbeand i am on ubuntu unity08:38
aramiswi don't like unity08:38
terminhellnot greb08:38
Hubbbelscpi | grep vga did not work08:38
playitIm looking for the most powerful operating system I can use and while I think Ubuntu / linux as a whole is better than windows ( FOR SURE ) im having trouble because im trying to start / run a small business and it seems the open source apps may hold me back.08:38
terminhellHubbbe: how did it not work?08:39
gordon1234terminhell, finger trouble, or has it been a long day :-)08:39
Hubbbehubbe@Hubbe:~$ lscpi | grep vga08:39
HubbbeNo command 'lscpi' found, did you mean:08:39
Hubbbe Command 'lscpu' from package 'util-linux' (main)08:39
Hubbbe Command 'lscp' from package 'nilfs-tools' (universe)08:39
Hubbbe Command 'lspci' from package 'pciutils' (main)08:39
FloodBot1Hubbbe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:39
Hubbbelscpi: command not found08:39
playitfor instance open office / gnucash and their comparisons which I won't mention08:39
K-4Ulol :P08:39
terminhellinstall lspci....blows my mind that its not installed already08:40
Hubbbei cant08:40
Hubbbethats the problem o.O08:40
playitare there any people who run their own business here and would you honestly recommend me use GNUcash / openoffice for it..08:40
llutzHubbbe: LSPCI  lowercase, not lscpi08:40
terminhellinstall pciutils then08:40
Hubbbei did that08:41
aramiswi never use those08:41
llutzHubbbe: you didn't [09:39:23] <Hubbbe> lscpi: command not found08:41
Ben64playit: whats wrong with them?08:41
playitIts not that anything is wrong with them..08:41
terminhellllutz: thanks for catching my fat fingers08:42
sacarlsonK-4U: when you say you don't have cli access to internet, does that mean that wget a page fails?  maybe just port 80 works on your isp?08:42
K-4Usacarlson: can´t ping either..08:42
sacarlsonK-4U: ping is not port 80 and most windows systems mask ping08:42
Hubbbehubbe@Hubbe:~$ lspci|grep vga08:43
Hubbbedid not do anyting now08:43
llutzHubbbe: lspci|grep -i vga08:43
playitIm thinking maybe Ubuntu has a place for me just as Windows  just as mac?08:43
K-4Usacarlson: If i can´t ping google...08:43
Hubbbe00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)08:43
Hubbbe01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 1058 (rev a1)08:43
sacarlsonK-4U: again ping is not port 80,  what about wget ?08:43
aramiswactually i prefer linux than mac08:43
playitproblem is getting them all together.. and playing nice and all08:44
gordon1234lspci | grep VGA (VGA upper case)08:44
sacarlsonK-4U: wget will use port 8008:44
K-4Usacarlson: I can´t install packages, doesn´t that include port 80?08:44
gordon1234oops ... to late :-)08:44
terminhellmaybe Hubbbe has to blacklist his intel?08:44
Hubbbehubbe@Hubbe:~$ lspci | grep VGA08:45
Hubbbe00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)08:45
Hubbbe01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Device 1058 (rev a1)08:45
K-4Usacarlson: Wait, what? :| wget on google works... mind=fucked08:45
playitwell I am a do it myself person but im also drawn to having 1 slick interface.. Kind of like Gnome 3.2 because I know that I couldn't customize my desktop as well on my own if you know what i mean08:45
terminhellidk much about graphic cards.08:45
pnorman_winK-4U: What's your ISP?08:45
god-zotacguess i could share this info if anyone has a e-350/450 apu and trying to get hardware acceleration working with xv in precise 12.04.. don't expect it to work for a while. xv playback is broken with fglrx in versions 11.11, 11.12, and 12.1. however gl playback is fine with hardware acceleration in fglrx version 11.12, but not in 12.1 or 11.11.  i messed with it all night until i figured out the optimal settings with the latest xorg abi08:45
K-4Upnorman_win: No idea.. i´m at work now.. i´m from holland08:45
playiti'll take this to offtopic.. If anyone wants to talk about it there08:45
sacarlsonK-4U: my work also filtered only let out and in on port 8008:46
pnorman_winK-4U: Some brain-dead ISPs block HTTP traffic based on user-agent08:46
K-4Usacarlson: But, i could install packages yesterday.. and at my other ubuntu box...08:46
oCeanK-4U: control your language here, please08:46
sacarlsonpnorman_win: K-4U: at my work it was part secuity and part stoping people from playing chess and other games08:47
aramiswthats strange job08:47
Hubbbeah blacklist intel like here?08:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 582829 in nvidia-common (Ubuntu) "GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M does not work properly in Lucid" [Undecided,New]08:48
sacarlsonK-4U: you can setup your home system to have ssh open on port 80 then you can connect to that and access the world from work08:48
sacarlsonK-4U: that's what we did to watch porn from work08:49
gordon1234Hubbbe, you have 2 graphics adapters. One on boards and one card. Is that correct? Have you set the BIOS for the new card? Might be a dumb question.08:49
oCeansacarlson: try to keep the channel professional, thanks08:49
god-zotacssh -X  ftw08:49
K-4Usacarlson: no.. it´s weird, i couldn´t install packages a couple of minutes ago, now i can..08:50
sacarlsonoCean: just trying to demonstrate that anything can be worked around08:50
oCeansacarlson: using examples not acceptable in this channel. Please don't08:50
terminhellnice, vlc supports blueray now08:50
terminhell!ot | terminhell08:50
ubottuterminhell, please see my private message08:50
Hubbbei dont know but i read some where that it might have 2 graphic cards, can i turn one of in bios? and do that help08:51
sacarlsonK-4U: well packages can still be installed on port 80 so take out the repository that don't us port 8008:51
Hubbbeits a x53s laptop its not like i have built it myself ;)08:51
terminhellHubbbe: just check in the bios08:51
Hubbbeok thx will do08:51
terminhellHubbbe: see if you have an option of enabling/disabling one or the other08:52
gordon1234Hubbbe, I think you have to set the defaul graphics card in the BIOS to use the AGP card, or whatever. Not sure though08:52
safaHi, 10.11,  here is link that shows how to change resolution with xrandr, " http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html " In Last there is a file that is not present in 10.11 Where to save the last step, please need a guidance08:52
Hubbbelaters and thx again08:52
Hubbbewill try t now08:52
ryanyeahgoddamn it. trying to increase the resolution of a ubuntu box im accessing via vnc and nothing i can find on google works. not even sure if creating the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf made any difference08:53
Hubbbeah wait have 2 of the same laptop here can try on the other one :D08:53
oCeanryanyeah: no swearing here08:53
Ben64ryanyeah: are you connecting to :0 or a screen made for vnc?08:54
theadminryanyeah: I'd check the VNC server/client configs as well08:54
terminhellryanyeah: some monitor's just cant be changed?08:54
barletsBy the way, I hear the circumcision article is guarded by circumfetishists preventing edits to make it more neutral and accurate.08:54
terminhelluhhhh what?08:55
oCeanbarlets: wrong channel08:55
abuanoname2Tes hallo08:56
ryanyeahterminhell: well i don't have a physical monitor attached to it. but i go into the ubuntu resolution settings and the max is only 800x600. i can change settings to 150% on tightvnc but that just zooms in, so it does increase resolution but it makes it blurry08:56
zth_abuanoname2, hello08:56
terminhellryanyeah: is compression on, or scailing?08:56
Ben64ryanyeah: you'd have to set resolution on the vncserver08:57
playitquick question08:57
abuanoname2Hai am need make or used standar gnome on ubntu 11.1008:57
playitwhich virtualbox guest runs the best on linux?08:57
abuanoname2Who i can.. Am not love unity08:57
playitmac or windows?08:57
theadminabuanoname2: You can't use gnome2 anymore, it's dead08:57
ryanyeahterminhell: not that i'm aware of. Ben64: i'm using the default "Remote desktop" included in ubuntu and it doesn't seem to have many options08:58
oCean!nounity | abuanoname208:58
ubottuabuanoname2: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:58
theadminplayit: Mac hardly works in Virtualbox at all (last I tested, Lion failed on me at least), Windows NT and up works fine, any Linux distro with kernel 2.6+ work fine too08:58
abuanoname2Am need install compiz 3d cobe on ububtu 11.1008:58
HubbbeTerminhell: i don't have mush to pick in the BIOS this it is "Intel Virtualization Technology" that i should turn to disable?09:00
theadminplayit: Also, the Windows Developer Preview currently fails to boot in Virtualbox, sadly.09:00
Hubbbeis it* :P09:00
terminhellHubbbe: doubt it09:00
tonesfrommarsGreetings: can anyone advise me on a dual-boot (Maverick-XP) grub2 issue? I have 2 separate drives, defreagged the XP drive (where grub is) and it's gone haywire.09:01
theadminabuanoname2: Install "compizconfig-settings-manager" and enable the Cube plugin.09:01
theadmintonesfrommars: "gone haywire" doesn't make much sense -- does it take a chainsaw and try to kill you? What is the exact behaviour?09:01
abuanoname2Theadmin that make my ubuntu error...09:02
erik32533all i have question on java09:02
playitanyone run windows in a constant virtualbox?09:02
terminhellgod no09:02
theadminplayit: "constant"?09:02
tonesfrommarstheadmin: sorry, it sent me to grub rescue prompt.09:02
theadmintonesfrommars: Ah, hm.09:02
sacarlsontonesfrommars: did you install windows xp after ubuntu?  other option run windows xp in virtualbox09:02
terminhelltonesfrommars: reinstall grub09:02
theadmin!recovergrub | tonesfrommars09:02
erik32533does anyone know how to get yur java setting09:02
erik32533on ubuntu09:03
theadmin!restoregrub | tonesfrommars09:03
ubottutonesfrommars: Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub09:03
tonesfrommarscouldn't load normal or ntfscomp modules09:03
abuanoname2Blank.. Instruksi09:03
Jordan_U!bootinfo | tonesfrommars09:03
ubottutonesfrommars: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).09:03
Hubbbei only have 5 tabs, main, advanced, boot, security, save & exit... on advanced there is only 9 options.09:03
Hubbbepost logo type, start easy flash, play post sound, internal pointing device, wake on lid open, intel virtualization technology, legacy usb support, SATA configuration09:03
terminhellerik32533: install jre609:04
Hubbbedont look like anyting to turn off one of the graphic cards09:04
oCeanterminhell: have you read his question?09:04
tonesfrommarsthanks, I have spent hours with the restoregrub docs, will have a look at the script.09:04
erik32533i was told it aint secure09:04
gordon1234Hubbe, under Main is there an option for integrated devices or on-board devices?09:04
abuanoname2Change boot loader how to...09:05
erik32533ice tea java09:05
terminhellwhat kind of settings erik3253309:05
abuanoname2Am need put picture on boot loader09:05
Hubbbeall i can config under main is date and time09:05
erik32533in yahoo spades09:05
erik32533i can type in the louge09:05
playitis it possible to run linux in a mac guest efficiently?09:05
erik32533when i join a game new windows  pops up i can play the game\09:06
Ben64playit: try it and find out09:06
terminhellHubbbe: Not sure then, you may just have to wait longer for support to come around for your chipset09:06
erik32533but i cant chat or type09:06
playitBen64: lend me the money first09:06
sahil_my unity is broken...this is what i get wen i do "unity --reset"http://pastebin.com/1kjzfJCB09:06
Ben64playit: no09:06
playitPromise i'll give it back......09:06
gordon1234Hubbe, how old is the PC?09:06
abuanoname2Anybody can help for some solution09:07
Hubbbeso my best bet is to return the 2 x53s's & buy somting that have suport?09:07
erik32533on jre609:07
pangolinsahil_: please do not post questions concerning 12.04 in this channel09:07
LantiziaCan someone name a good x86/x86_64 tablet to put Ubuntu on to?  And don't say the HCL as it doesn't list tablets.09:07
Jordan_Uplayit: That sentence doesn't make sense. The guest OS is the OS within the virtual machine. The host OS is the OS running the Virtualization softare.09:07
erik32533i got knocked out of room09:07
erik32533several times09:07
playitrunning linux on mac osx host09:07
=== RenatoSilva is now known as Pikkachu
theadminplayit: Virtualbox does that just fine09:08
Hubbbegordon1234 i did buy 2 x53s laptops yesterday09:08
gordon1234Hubbbe, eek! Not sure what to do then09:08
playitbut not the other way around.. That might be what I look to do then09:08
Jordan_Uplayit: Yes, that can be done fairly efficiently with Virtualbox. Hardware accellerated 3D won't be great though.09:08
erik32533too bad the dos emu are crap09:08
fidelplayit: running osx on non-apple hw is so far not legal - > not supported09:08
nicofsIs there an application that will flash on my screen if there is any sound? I need to run my system muted/silent and want to be notified of sound optically...09:08
fidelaccording to the weirdos licenses09:08
terminhellintel cpu's now09:09
terminhellas far as im concerned its fair game now09:09
terminhellbut im sure their eula fixes that09:09
fidelfor sure its possible - but not allowed09:09
erik32533jre6 is not supported09:09
Jordan_Unicofs: By default, if any sound is played while the mixer is muted the volume icon in the top of the screen will turn red, if that helps any.09:09
terminhellerik32533: do you have flash installed as well?09:09
terminhell32 or 64bit/09:10
erik3253332 bit09:10
terminhellno idea09:10
erik32533im on p4 hyper threading machinbe09:10
nicofsJordan_U, I know about that - but that's a bit too minimalistic... I'd prefer my whole screen to turn red for a sec or something similar...09:11
terminhellit could just be yahoo09:11
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: When you're done running boot info script please post a link to the RESULTS.txt so we can see it to try to diagnose the exact cause of the problem.09:11
erik32533jre6 i cud type09:11
erik32533but got knocxked out of room09:11
erik32533several times09:11
=== srkn is now known as sekoland
nicofsI had hoped there would be something because that's something deaf people could use...09:12
erik32533firefox needs to make up mind on version number09:12
erik325339 then 10 now 1109:12
somsiperik32533: yeah - tricky sequence that09:13
erik32533all within a year09:13
Jordan_Unicofs: I don't think that it's something that is going to be a standard option (if it is, it would probably be for accessability). If anyone would know how to hack something together to do it though, I would expect it would be someone in #pulseaudio.09:13
oCeanerik32533: it's just a new release cycle, there will be plenty more09:13
georgieeeI am using  grsync but why does file sync take so long? is there no faster way?09:13
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: thanks, here it is: http://pastebin.com/7UUQmSqi09:13
erik32533if chome wud make interface different it be good09:13
terminhellerik32533: try another browser, see if you get the same errors09:14
nicofsJordan_U, I'll try my luck there - but if accessability wise such a thing does not exist, maybe it should be implemented...09:14
oCeanerik32533: this is not the channel to rant about browsers. Have you verified java is working (for other aplications?)09:14
erik32533ya already did09:14
gordon1234georgieee, do you mean rsync?09:14
erik32533wud not get there09:14
oCeanerik32533: Have you verified java is working for other aplications?09:15
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: Do you remember what error message you got from "insmod normal" at the grub rescue shell?09:15
georgieeegordon1234, well grsync is the gui for rsync so yes.09:15
erik32533how do i verify09:15
erik32533yahoo says it verified09:15
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
erik32533if not i cud not playt games09:16
tonesfrommarsyes, any insmod commands returned "ntfscomp module not loaded" or something to that effect09:16
oCeanerik32533: there are test pages, such as http://java.com/en/download/testjava.jsp09:16
tonesfrommarsHowever, I have made some headway since then, now I can actually get a grub prompt.09:16
tonesfrommarsI have been booting from a "super grub2 disk"09:17
erik32533yea its verified09:17
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: If you use the "Detect any GRUB2 installation" option from Super GRUB2 Disk does grub load properly?09:19
gordon1234georgieee, if you are doing an rsync -av (standard backup option), it does take a while as it copies all the file permissions etc. Even slower if you are doing it between different physical drives. Still faster than anything else I have found09:19
gordon1234georgieee, it will be much faster the second time as only the changes are copied!09:19
tonesfrommarsand trying to grub-install from the terminal, but I'm finding it difficult since the "main" drive, the only one bios sees as bootable, is not the one I run ubuntu from.09:20
MeriDHello. How can I exclude files with a specific prefix with wildcards?09:20
georgieeegordon1234, yeah I know. still it is very annoying that it takes longer than copy/paste.09:20
erik32533is opera web browser around or is it dead09:20
cowslammeri just instlled 11.10.  firefox has no button bar.  is there some key I have toapply to get it back?09:20
theadminerik32533: It's very much alive lol09:20
theadmincowslammer: The menu is at the top bar, like it usually is with Unity09:20
erik32533not as good as firefox im sure09:21
georgieeegordon1234, I am syncing 8GBSD-Card <> Hard Drive - estimated time: 90minutes09:21
theadminerik32533: There's no "good" or "bad", it's a matter of taste, I like Chrome much more than Firefox personally.09:21
erik32533wish chrome wud allow u to change interface09:22
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: If it does, then that likely means that the core.img embedded after the mbr does not match the one in /boot/grub/. If grub still fails to load, then you've probably run run into a grub bug.09:22
cowslammertheadmin i hate to argue but there is no menu09:22
gordon1234georgieee, copy/paste won't copy the file permissions properly and will give you issues if it is for back/restore purposes. Fine for just copying stuff though and I am sure there is an rsync option that would do this.09:22
theadmincowslammer: Oh, uh, I mean, the top panel, at the *very* top of the screen (not top of window, top of screen)09:22
theadmincowslammer: Hover your mouse over there and you'll see the usual menu appear09:23
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: Yes, it appears to load the original config, with my splash image and menu options.09:23
tonesfrommarsWith one difference, there are many duplicate entries for the linux OS09:23
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: OK. That means that *properly* running grub-install should fix the problem.09:23
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: Can you pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc"?09:24
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: One other piece of relevant info to bounce off you: I first apt-get installed grub, but then later realized I needed grub-pc, I think that explains the legacy grub on the one drive.09:25
theadminerik32533: "change interface"? It has tons of themes, you can drag buttons around freely, extensions add nifty bits to the interface too.09:25
tonesfrommarsyes, I'll run that command.09:25
=== ritz is now known as ritz|trng
quietonecan anyone help me get usb speakers working? 11.10 on older desktop09:27
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/NEF8kC2A09:28
=== MeriD is now known as MeirD
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: OK. I think that grub-install might not be running properly on upgrades. I recommend running "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy". It will ask you what drives to install grub to, use space bar to select devices and the enter key to continue. You should select both drives (that way booting won't fail if your BIOS decides to boot from a different drive) but you should *not* select any partitions.09:31
cowslammercan someone tell me how to get sun java?09:32
Jordan_U!java | cowslammer09:32
ubottucowslammer: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:32
quietoneI have been searching/trying suggestions but still silent.09:32
sahil_how to recover config files...i shed those with ubuntu tweak janitor and now desktop is broken09:33
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: I'm on it. (fingers crossed)09:33
quietoneThe speakers worked just fine in 10.04 but not at all in 11.1009:33
sahil_classic gnome working fine....rest not working09:33
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: installation finished w/out errors, should I lose the legacy config files?09:37
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: Yes, just to avoid future confusion.09:38
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: wonderful, any indicators to look at, or shall I try reboot now?09:39
Jordan_Utonesfrommars: Try reboot.09:40
tonesfrommarsJordan_U: thanks a million for your help, I've been banging away at this for hours. Much appreciated.09:40
=== hughhalf is now known as hugh_afk
Pikkachujrewhy is noeiric-backport called that way? is it in this sense http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backporting ?09:41
Pikkachuwhy is oneiric-backport named that way when description says unsupported updates? I can't get it09:44
theadminPikkachu: Because it has package versions from Precise.09:46
Night_furyLittle help anyone?09:47
Pikkachutheadmin: precise packages backported to oneiric? why not just put it there in main repos 'security' and 'update'?09:48
theadminPikkachu: Not so sure really, Ubuntu people have some weird release system (not apply major updates to existing releases, just make users get the newer release)09:48
theadminPikkachu: Makes sense in terms of stability, but for some packages it doesn't09:49
TA5KThis happens with open source's success ... http://osxdaily.com/2010/05/17/disable-growl-notifications/ :)09:51
JadedJacobofftopic but how do i work out what voltage i need for my 3.5" sata drive enclosure09:51
Pikkachutheadmin: releases have a low lifecycle so I don't think major changes locking is a big issue, you'd have to wait for 6 months at max09:52
Pikkachutheadmin: for what package it would be more stange to deliver bigger changes?09:52
pablo_Good morning09:54
=== Guest24557 is now known as aesthetic-random
theadminPikkachu: Well, for instance, not giving me VLC 2.0 when it includes a *ton* of fixes is just strange imo09:56
=== aesthetic-random is now known as eleemonysary
=== mileon1 is now known as mileon
crizzytheadmin: there is ppa for vlc 2.0...09:57
theadminPikkachu: But, for instance, getting in a huge upgrade to, for instance, Unity or Gnome into the older release might be something people won't like09:57
crizzythat's what ppa's are for09:57
theadmincrizzy: I know, I'm just trying to explain the Ubuntu's release philosophy to Pikkachu09:57
theadmincrizzy: I don't honestly care, not an Ubuntu user myself :D09:57
Pikkachutheadmin: well you'll be given those *ton* of fixes in six months I suppose :D09:59
theadminPikkachu: Yep :P Actually less by now, like what... 2 months left09:59
Pikkachutheadmin: yeah, if it will eevr be included in next release heh10:00
Pikkachutheadmin: someone told me once non-LTSes are betas10:00
aBoundPikkachu, They do kinda feel like it.10:01
=== eleemonysary is now known as hyperborean
theadminPikkachu: Well... that's not exactly true, but yeah they're less stable10:01
no_gravityHello! Do I see it correctly, that the package "vim-conque" is part of Ubuntu 12 but not of Ubuntu 10?10:01
nyuszika7h!info vim-conque maverick10:04
ubottuPackage vim-conque does not exist in maverick10:04
nyuszika7h!info vim-conque precise10:05
ubottuvim-conque (source: conque): plugin for running interactive commands in a Vim buffer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3-1 (precise), package size 53 kB, installed size 292 kB10:05
nyuszika7hno_gravity: Yes, you see it correctly.10:06
PikkachuaBound: I'm feeling like that right now in pidgin, spell check not working...not showing in tray or whatever...exiting when I click close (when in tray -- as set in config -- it should hide not exit)...:'-(10:06
no_gravitynyuszika7h: thanks10:06
=== mrhanky_ is now known as mrhanky
Pikkachutheadmin: annoyingly unstable10:06
nyuszika7hYou're welcome. By the way, if you don't want to spam the channel, you can always /msg ubuntu !info package release10:06
=== max is now known as Guest97157
|newbie|hi alll10:07
|newbie|how re u?10:07
DangerousDaveHi All!10:07
aBoundMost people tend to recommend LTS releases due to the long-term support. Fixes are more likely to fixed more often so it seems.10:08
PikkachuaBound: it looks like the other releases are steps towards a freeze which they call LTS10:09
PikkachuaBound: so they don't matter that much to experiment with stuff in the other releases, but they wonder to be stable in LTS I suppose10:09
aBoundPikkachu, Kinda like what Fedora does with it's Enterprise product.10:09
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
hypeBoyhi, how can i install divx player for websites? or is there any alternative i can use?10:10
PikkachuaBound: I'm not sure if I like this :(10:10
aBoundPikkachu, At least you can expect a more stable release at best. Before moving onto the next upgrade.10:11
PikkachuaBound: but you keep stuck on old software10:12
aBoundUsually, latest releases try to keep an update to date package repository. Yet, there are bound to be a few unstable packages in each release.10:13
PikkachuaBound: you're already stuck in regular releases, much more with LTS :( I imagine they do a lot of backporting for LTS10:13
aBoundPikkachu, Put it this way would you rather have stability or the latest packages?10:14
crizzyPPA's are for updating newer softies you need10:14
aBoundThe saying goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". :)10:14
hypeBoyPikkachu: how can i install divx web player. i wanna play divx videos on websites10:14
aBoundLike VIM for example I doubt I'd need a new release when one comes out as it might only include minor features. Yet, if a vulnerability exist in the program itself an update is definitely necessary.10:15
PikkachuaBound: that's why I imagine a lot of backporting...because time is often a bug itself... for example libreoffice releases new stuff with big improvements you feel annoyed not having access to, and lots of bug fixing...usptream tend to not support old versions and encourange updating... while in ubuntu these old versions are still there in the LTSes to be maintained... by Canonical (that's why I imagine a lot of backporting for the most important bugs)10:17
PikkachuhypeBoy: I have no idea10:17
crizzyagain: PPA's are exactly for that - updating certain packages outside the distro updates10:18
aBoundPikkachu, I agree with the whole bugs aspect but with newer features it's only necessary if it benefits you in some way otherwise upgrading may not be necessary. But I know some people like to stay up to date and I won't disregard that.10:19
Pikkachucrizzy: ok everybody has listened to you, so will you create a reilable ppa for all packages forever? btw I don't trust your ppas10:20
=== gwen_ is now known as gwen
crizzystop whining10:20
aBoundI don't see how he's whining.10:21
Pikkachucrizzy: I mean, that's not that simple. Each app you want a new version needs to have a ppa availabe somewhere, that's not automatic, and the ppa must be reliable. For example #pidgin does not support ppas other than theirs10:21
aBoundHe does have a valid point it's just using Ubuntu or any Linux distribution tends to work different from other OS's.10:21
fireball_I cannot see the xchat system tray icon on my ubuntu system pls help10:22
=== overclucker_ is now known as overclucker
SpankyAnybody know how to mount Samba share in fstab?10:23
totesmuhgoatsi am waiting till april's release for an update to bitlbee10:23
totesmuhgoatsi haven't been able to connect to hotmail in ages10:23
Pikkachufireball_: 11.10 + unity? I can't see my pidgin tray icon there either :(10:23
totesmuhgoatsit was funny because a friend of mine asked me why i idn't add him on msn yet, and i told him that i wouldn't till april10:24
totesmuhgoatshe thought i was kidding10:24
totesmuhgoatsi gave him no more explanation than that10:24
aBoundDoes Pidgin use an icon in the try for 11.10?10:25
aBoundUsually, it's kept in Unity's sidebar I'd figure.10:25
=== fireball is now known as Guest7787
Guest7787I cannot see the xchat system tray icon on my taskbar10:26
=== sash__ is now known as Guest84029
PikkachuaBound: I see the hidden scrollbar so I suppose it's using gtk2, it doesn't know unity exists, I think it adds a tray icon to gnome panel which is not running so...10:26
=== Guest84029 is now known as sash_live
aBoundAhh, I forgot you were using an older version.10:27
Guest7787I cannot see the xchat system tray icon on my taskbar pls help10:27
Guest7787I use natty 32bit10:27
PikkachuaBound: it's shown in the sidebar regardless but you have to remember to minimize buddy list not close it, it's annoying (because in gnome 2, closing it with tray icon enabled would close buddy list not whole app)10:28
PikkachuaBound: an older version of what?10:28
aBoundPikkachu, I'd figure you were using an older version of Ubuntu.10:28
PikkachuaBound: no it's 11.10 + Unity, but unity does not have tray support as in gnome 2, it seems10:29
aBoundGuest7787, Doesn't Natty use Unity and it's on the sidebar?10:29
aBoundPikkachu, I noticed yet as long as I can see it on my sidebar.10:29
Guest7787I use gnome 2 with no effect aBound10:29
mustafaerhanni have skystar 2 dvb card plugged in pci slot. i installed ME tv but me Tv shows no dvb device found msg.10:30
=== Fill_ is now known as Fill
PikkachuGuest7787: maybe it's a problem with xchat, no?10:31
Guest7787I dont know Pikkachu10:31
RobinJ1995Hi. I've got a bit of a problem here... When I enter my password in LightDM and press enter the screen just flickers and goed straight back to LightDM10:31
PikkachuGuest7787: #xchat10:32
neopsychehaving issue with permissions10:32
Guest7787thanks Pikkachu10:32
neopsychecache wont clear on firefox10:32
aBoundGuest7787, I'm not familiar with Gnome 2 I'd also assume that Natty uses Unity as it's default and Gnome 2 fallback.10:32
PikkachuaBound: unity in natty runs on gnome 210:33
RobinJ1995I think I might have removed a wron package or something >.< Yesterday I had a dependency hell while trying to install Unity 5.4. In installed the version from the normal repo's again but I might have forgotten to install a few packages. When I run startx manually from tty1 I just get a black background and a white cursor.10:33
=== Guest7787 is now known as Razzr
RobinJ1995Could anyone help me with my somewhat extremely frustrating problem..?10:34
aBoundIsn't GTK a separate project from Gnome.10:34
aBoundRobinJ1995, We can't help ya if we don't know the problem.10:35
aBoundI'm tripping.10:35
PikkachuaBound: afaik GTK is a gui toolkit like Swing, SWT, ATW, Qt etc10:35
PikkachuaBound: and gnome is bult on top of it10:36
aBoundRobinJ1995, Unity 5.4 isn't part of the official repository for Ubuntu 11.10 and older.10:36
SpankyFigured it out....10:36
SpankyBut I won't tell....  :-)10:36
RobinJ1995aBound, i know... i just said i reinstalled the one from the normal repo's (4.x). But i might have forgotten to install some packages again :s10:37
RobinJ1995is it normal that I can't seem to find a sessions folder anymore in Ubuntu 11.10?10:37
aBoundNot that I know of.10:39
digitalunitycould someone give me a pointer on unpacking  atar file pls?10:39
aBoundYou can check for broken dependencies and using: sudo apt-get check10:40
RobinJ1995aBound, they arent broken anymore.... because i installed the older ones again... i just think i forgot to install some vital package which causes lightdm to not being able to launch a unity session10:41
aBoundRobinJ1995, Are you able to install another GUI such as gnome-shell from a terminal?10:42
RobinJ1995aBound, i can chroot into the system.... but do i have to install a lot of bloat? xD10:42
RobinJ1995what the...10:43
RobinJ1995chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error10:43
RobinJ1995right... chrooting from a 32-bits distro into a 64-bits environment seems to be a ngo10:43
[deXter]Duh. :P10:43
aBoundHA! I'd say just install it from now and you can remove it later. You can delete the excess from using these commands: sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean10:43
[deXter]You can't chroot from 32 to 64.10:43
RobinJ1995i know. only i forgot that bodhi linux only has a 32-bit iso10:44
RobinJ1995brb, ill boot into something else10:44
aBound[deXter], Howdy dex.10:44
[deXter]Heh.. heya aBound. :)10:44
aBoundLooks like when he installed a testing version of Unity 5.4 all you can expect is problems. But thereafter when he upgraded it could of removed a few packages necessary to use an older version of Unity.10:45
RobinJ1995ok lets try again10:47
aBoundRobinJ1995, I would say if you were logged into gnome-shell you can check Synaptic.10:48
RobinJ1995i  can do the same now with aptitude...10:48
aBoundsudo apt-get install unity? It might check for certain packages.10:50
RobinJ1995hmm ok10:50
RobinJ1995think i did that already but lets try10:50
aspirintoohi, im trying to compile git source, but it stops at [ make && sudo make install ] showing this {make: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.}10:50
RobinJ1995already the newest version iy says10:50
crazyrohilahi all10:51
crazyrohilaI am trying a script to show on desktop . how to do that ?10:52
crazyrohilato show a calendar on desktop *10:52
aspirintooany help on how to use make install command?10:53
RobinJ1995aBound, this is my lightdm log:10:53
aBoundI understand what you're saying by missing vital packages and what not. But I can't seem to find a list of packages that are necessary for Unity. I doubt the command: unity --replace10:53
aBoundWill fix it.10:53
RobinJ1995lol xD10:53
RobinJ1995course not10:54
RobinJ1995plus im using unity 2d10:54
aBoundFrom the log it seems it's missing the NV driver module.10:54
RobinJ1995the only odd thing i can see is that there's not sessions folder... but maybe it isnt supposed to be there anymore in 11.10?10:54
TanebMy num-pad isn't working10:54
RobinJ1995aBound, yeah but that shpws up in EVERY xorg lol and the problem only happened today10:55
RobinJ1995Taneb, turn on numlock10:55
TanebTried it10:55
aBoundTaneb, Do you have something on your keyboard called Num Lk?10:55
TanebNum Lock10:55
TanebI've tried that10:56
aBoundRobinJ1995, Are you able to boot into any other GUI or window manager besides Unity?10:56
aBoundNum Lk is highlighted in blue if you're using a certain laptop.10:56
memyselfis there anyway easy way to setup a usb adsl modem on ubuntu ?10:56
RobinJ1995aBound, dunno havent got any :p10:56
RobinJ1995ill try gluxbox10:57
RobinJ1995or openbox or icewm, whatever10:57
aBoundRobinJ1995, Figures if you can't boot into any other GUI or window manager it might actually be missing an nVidia driver.10:57
RobinJ1995in other words, it has probablt installed a newer version of xorg somewhere10:57
RobinJ1995lets try10:58
Timecopcan same one help me11:01
gregoireDoes someone could help me with iptables?11:01
oCeanTimecop, gregoire, guys, just ask the question. Find out if someone knows11:03
TimecopStopping domain name service... bind9 rndc: connect failed: connection refused11:03
DarkStar1do you know how to minimise a full screen window so that I can get hold of the 3 window buttons11:03
aBoundgregoire, They have a Netfilter channel.11:03
Timecopbind 911:03
ikoniaTimecop: sounds like it's already stopped11:03
Timecopubuntu 11.1011:03
gregoireok I go there :)11:03
aBoundgregoire, #netfilter11:03
DarkStar1in ubuntu 11.1011:03
Timecopi get that what i try to start it11:03
Timecopyep DarkStar111:04
ikoniaTimecop: then why is the error messages stopping11:04
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
ikoniaTimecop: if you where issuing a start command it would say "error starting" not error "stopping"11:04
DarkStar1anyone? the ff downloads window has taken my screen hostage11:04
ParhamHi everyone. I had Tomcat6 installed on my uBuntu machine. However, last Wednesday I got notified that there are security updates. And after updating, Tomcat6 is really slow and takes up 101% of memory (1 CPU core out of 4). Is there a way to fix this?11:04
RobinJ1995aBound, but i saw something interesting in lightdm, which confirms my suspicions11:05
gast2roothowto disable fast user switching in top bar?11:05
RobinJ1995it doesn't have any sessions11:05
Timecop * Starting domain name service... bind9                                 [fail]11:05
aBoundRobinJ1995, I seen these two links: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66370/x11-doesnt-start-after-clean-11-10-install-dell-e6500-nvidia-8gb-ram-i386 and http://askubuntu.com/questions/90915/troubleshooting-x-server-ee-failed-to-load-module-nv-module-does-not-exist11:05
ikoniaTimecop: look in the syslog11:05
=== mohammad_ is now known as Guest56048
Timecopthater one what i try restart it11:06
RobinJ1995http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11669097 :p11:06
RobinJ1995its not that xorg fails to start abound11:06
RobinJ1995otherwise i wouldnt even get lightdm11:06
Timecopok ikonia11:07
ruhilDarkStar1: try Alt+f911:07
RobinJ1995gnome-session is missing xd11:07
aBoundI see what you mean it isn't appearing the sessions area where you can select various GUIs and window managers.11:08
aBoundYet, you're getting a lightdm screen.11:08
RobinJ1995which means gnome-session is missing11:08
ParhamHi everyone. I had Tomcat6 installed on my Ubuntu machine. However, last Wednesday I got notified that there are security updates. And after updating, Tomcat6 is really slow and takes up 101% of memory (1 CPU core out of 4). Is there a way to fix this? Installing Tomcat7 didn't fix anything.11:08
RobinJ1995yeas... because lightdm isnt a sessiob but a display manager11:08
ikoniaParham: you're going to have to research that update and see what it changed and how it effects your config/system11:09
aspirintoodoes anybody know how to use make install, it doesn't work?11:09
debian2hello  can anyone help to add a new ip address on my vps via network/interfaces  ?11:09
aBoundRobinJ1995, What happened when you tried the suggestion from that forum?11:09
Parhamikonia: Thanks for the answer. how may I research an update?11:09
DarkStar1ruhil: that minimises it out of view. I want to close it11:09
WaffleGodwith a pentagram, some candles, and a creepy hooded robe debian211:09
RobinJ1995aBound, i got into a new dependency hell :D11:10
ikoniaParham: a good question,11:10
RobinJ1995 gnome-session : Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu1.1) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu5~ppa1 is to be installed11:10
RobinJ1995oh come on xd11:10
gast2roothowto disable user switching in unity?11:10
ikoniaRobinJ1995: oh dear, PPA11:10
chucknorrisi got a question11:10
ruhilDarkStar1: close means kill the process?? then try alt+f4 :D11:10
debian2WaffleGod:  lol11:10
RobinJ1995but why are ppa's worse than normal repo's?11:10
theadminRobinJ1995: They're not necessarily worse... They're not supported though11:11
ikoniaRobinJ1995: becauause they can be maintained by anyone with no confideration for package conflicts and compatability (as you are seeing now)11:11
RobinJ1995theadmin, ... this is an open source community... how does canonical control what they support? :p11:11
RobinJ1995ikonia, aha, ok :p11:11
ikoniaRobinJ1995: sorry, I'll clarify that for you11:11
RobinJ1995but isnt that the same with normal repo's? :p11:12
aspirintooI've been trying to compile idevicerestore for three days? i downloaded every thing i need but i cant install git sources, any help?11:12
chucknorrisi tried downloading eclipse from the Software Center11:12
ikoniaRobinJ1995: this channel is the official ubuntu channel, and the people who manage the channel have decided the policy is not to support 3rd party repos as they can be maintained by "anyone" and trouble shooting them is a mess11:12
chucknorrisbut i get this error "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/t/tomcat6/libservlet2.5-java_6.0.32-5ubuntu1.1_all.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]"11:12
RobinJ1995ikonia, troubleshooting is always a mess :p11:12
ikoniaRobinJ1995: no, the repos are massivly tested by a team of people, the PPA's are just put up in what ever state, with whatever testing the PPA owner wants to do11:13
RobinJ1995chucknorris, apt-get update11:13
RobinJ1995ikonia, ... everyone can setup a PPA. everyone can setup a debian repo11:13
RobinJ1995ok so now im stumped...11:13
theadminRobinJ1995: Unofficiall repos are just as much unsupported as PPAs, they're the same thing11:13
chucknorrisapt-get update?11:13
RobinJ1995The following packages have unmet dependencies:11:13
RobinJ1995 gnome-session : Depends: gnome-session-common (= 3.2.1-0ubuntu1.1) but 3.2.1-0ubuntu5~ppa1 is to be installed11:13
theadminRobinJ1995: ikonia is talking about the official Ubuntu repos you see11:14
RobinJ1995i've just removed every ppa.... :s11:14
ikoniaRobinJ1995: not everyone can setup an official ubuntu repo - those are the software products that are supported11:14
RobinJ1995oh well :p11:14
ikoniaRobinJ1995: removing the PPA at this time is probably too late as the conflicting packages will probably already be on your machine11:14
aspirintoois there  #terminal or #command-line or something like that in freenode?11:14
LjLaspirintoo: there is #Bash11:15
RobinJ1995aspirintoo, #bash?11:15
RobinJ1995or just ##linux?11:15
oCeanParham: what is your ubuntu version? Also, have you tried asking in #ubuntu-server? (lots of server specific knowledge there)11:15
RobinJ1995hooray, :D11:15
RobinJ1995gnome-session is installed11:15
aBoundRobinJ1995, Open a terminal and type: cat /usr/share/xsessions11:16
aBoundSee what it displays.11:16
RobinJ1995now i just have to remember never to add a 12.04 repo to a 11.10 installation :')11:16
ParhamoCean: Ah, no, I haven't asked on #ubuntu-server. My Ubuntu version is 11.10, my Tomcat version is now
aBoundRobinJ1995, Oops I meant to type: ls /usr/share/xsessions11:17
RobinJ1995hehe :p11:17
RobinJ1995root@ubuntu:/# ls /usr/share/xsessions/11:17
RobinJ1995gnome.desktop  gnome-shell.desktop  ubuntu-2d.desktop  ubuntu.desktop11:17
RobinJ1995i know11:17
FloodBot1RobinJ1995: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:17
diiiiskHello - I am installing 11.10, and I have a laptop with 14gb and 250gb partitions, when I click "install with windows" it'll let me slider only the 14gb, giving me about 4gb to use. When I click "do something else" it won't visually show me the disks - this used to be better in 8.04 I think. I see /dev/sdb, then under that sdb1, 9gb/8gb used, 3.8gb free (this is what it allows me to use) then sdb2 104mb, and then sdb3 240gb, unknown.11:17
diiiiskI want "look at all the free space everywhere and let me use about half of it for ubuntu without screwing it up" option :p11:18
diiiiskI can mount all of sdb3 to /, but not scale it11:18
RobinJ1995diiiisk, report it as a bug ;p11:18
RobinJ1995bye and thanks11:18
william_asd ç11:19
RobinJNOEEES! it overwrote the modifications I made to unity 2d >.<11:21
aBoundOh boy.11:22
william_q mas11:24
sacarlsondiiiisk: is there anything important left on the partitions that now exist on sdb?11:24
oCean!es | william_11:24
ubottuwilliam_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:24
william_hay alguien11:24
sacarlsondiiiisk: if not just delete all the partitions and repartion to scale each as you really want11:25
neilbagshi, can someone help me with a win7 dualboot problem? i just bought an asus eee, cloned the win7 partition to a faster/bigger drive, and installed ubuntu. ubuntu works fine, but if i select win7 from grub i just get a blinking cursor11:26
aBoundRobinJ, You ever tried to install GDM and see if it shows Unity in it's sessions manager.11:27
william_q mas11:27
FloodBot1william_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:27
oCeanwilliam_: Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas)11:27
RobinJaBound: ? it works again. only my unity 2d modifications are gone :p11:27
RobinJbut i'm cooking up something nicer :p11:27
oCeanwilliam_: no11:27
oCeanwilliam_: Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas)11:27
aBoundRobinJ, Weee...11:27
Timecopikonia thanx for help all look like in /etc/bind/named.conf11:28
Timecopi see if fix it11:28
william_join #ubantu.es11:28
ikoniaTimecop: that is the config file, yes11:28
oCean/join #ubuntu-es    <-- william_11:28
Timecop.conf yep11:29
=== fireball is now known as Guest43356
Timecopi let know if i fix it lol11:29
ikoniawilliam_: /join #ubuntu-es11:29
william_q mas11:30
william_quiero saber11:30
oCeanwilliam_: see PM message11:31
balhow to install a network pinter ? in which is in window system ?11:33
holmshello, whereis' the package called "bar". same package as in debian and freebsd..11:35
holmshello, whereis' the package called "bar". same package as in debian and freebsd..11:35
neilbagshi, can someone help me with a win7 dualboot problem? i just bought an asus eee, cloned the win7 partition to a faster/bigger drive, and installed ubuntu. ubuntu works fine, but if i select win7 from grub i just get a blinking cursor11:36
spacetimeneilbags: what did you use to clone?11:37
neilbagsspacetime: ntfsclone11:37
mongydid you clone both win7 partitions?  even the boot partition11:38
=== rahul_ is now known as erwt
neilbagsmongy: no ... i havnt used windows since xp :/ but i have the orig drive connected via usb11:38
neilbagsmongy: does win7 actually have a boot partition?11:39
mongyneilbags: well, a basic win7 install consists of 1 small boot partition and 1 main partition11:39
neilbagsmongy: i see. can i just clone it to a new partition in some free space? does it need to be primary, or in the same position in the partition table?11:40
neilbagsmongy: and will an update-grub see it and fix things?11:40
mongyI wouldnt know, I havent used windows in a decade..11:40
neilbagsis this what i am aftter?11:41
neilbagssdb4                    Primary   EFI (FAT-12/16/32)11:41
neilbagsa 16MB partition?11:41
Legoleaderhow can i install the latest graphics driver that i downloaded from nVidia11:41
Ben64Legoleader: you don't11:42
Ben64Legoleader: use the Hardware Drivers dialog to install drivers, don't use nvidia.com11:42
mongytry ##windows.  it does sound like the boot partition tho11:42
Legoleadercan u guide me to where I can find that11:42
Ben64what version ubuntu11:42
Legoleader64 bit11:42
Ben64which would be...?11:42
Legoleader11.10 i think11:43
Legoleaderi just installed it yesterday11:43
Ben64lsb_release -sd will tell you11:43
Legoleaderwhat's that11:43
crizzyLegoleader: hit super(win button), type 'additio', you should find 'additional drivers' dialog11:43
crizzyor 'drivers' or somethingl ike that11:44
Ben64or do that11:44
crizzyor top right corner (power button) -> system settings > additional drivers11:44
Legoleaderfound it11:44
Legoleaderthere are 2 drivers in the list11:44
crizzythen just click nvidia drivers on11:44
crizzywhat are those two11:44
crizzypost-release updates?11:44
Legoleadershould i install both of them11:44
Ben64Legoleader: what are their names11:45
crizzyare both nvidia's?11:45
spacetimeWith radeon, I got both options but only one of them successfully installed. Weird stuff.11:46
Legoleader(version current) + (post-release updates)11:46
Legoleaderboth are nVidia11:46
crizzytake the version current11:46
crizzyjust to be safe11:46
crizzyit's pretty recent drivers, anyway11:46
spacetimei got an issue here.. my monitor won't wake up. I can ssh to the machine though. It's alive and breathing. fglrx issue or something else? help?11:47
spacetimeit went to sleep, now it won't wake up when i press any key on my keyboard11:47
ilpollospanish chanel please11:48
theadmin!es | ilpollo11:49
ubottuilpollo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:49
RaTTuS|BIGoops ignore that plesase ;-p11:49
b0otcan you do slip with ubuntu?#11:50
Fudgehi does flash break using firefox 9.0.1 on lucid, same flas on another install with firefox 8.0 plays clips where as the first doesn't.11:51
Legoleaderis it possible to change the resolution of the log in screen in Ubuntu11:52
zzecoolLegoleader: log in or boot screen ?11:52
Legoleaderlog in where i have to type my password11:52
zzecoolit shas to be the same with your unity - gnome or whatever you using resolution11:53
zzecoolit has*11:53
Legoleaderwell it's not11:54
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
Legoleaderthe screen now is fine, but when i start the computer, the log in screen has another resolution and refresh rate11:54
Adriannomhi.  trying to get my hp scanjet 5590 to work, currently no scanners show up in simple scan even though it's on and connected.  it worked out of the box before, but i'm not sure what's different now.  xubuntu 11.1011:55
zzecoolwhat version of ubuntu are you using11:55
Adriannomanything i can do to diagnose?11:55
zzecoolLegoleader: what is your vga11:56
Legoleaderhow can i check the version11:56
nibblerhi. just updated to 11.10 and now i dont have an "unlock" button in the printer dialog.... how to fix this?11:56
Legoleaderit's nVidia 430gt11:56
Legoleaderand i installed the driver everything is fine now, except the log in screen resolution11:57
Ben64how often do you see the login screen?11:57
Legoleadereverytime i start my computer...11:58
=== The is now known as Guest8638
zzecoolLegoleader: for the ubuntu version type on terminal " lsb_release -a"11:58
Ben64so like once every month?11:58
zzecoolBen64: stop that11:58
Legoleaderlike 3-4 times a day11:58
Ben64Legoleader: have you rebooted since installing the nvidia drivers11:58
zzecoolLegoleader: dont naswer him11:58
Ben64zzecool: you stop that11:58
Legoleaderyes Ben6411:58
mongyLegoleader: http://askubuntu.com/questions/73804/wrong-login-screen-resolution11:59
zzecoolBen64: a problem is a problem and a bug is a bug even it doesnt distract you11:59
Ben64Legoleader: and its still the same? what resolution is it?11:59
Legoleaderzzecool: what's a terminal, I'm not familiar with Ubuntu at all11:59
LegoleaderI just installed it yesterday for the first time11:59
zzecoolLegoleader: terminal is the command mode11:59
Adriannomi've tried different usb cables but that doesn't work.  google hasn't helped.  anyone?11:59
LegoleaderI see11:59
zzecoolits a small app that gives you bash access11:59
Legoleaderwhere can i find it12:00
zzecoolLegoleader: it depents on ubuntu version  do you have the unity interface?12:00
Ben64Legoleader: hit the windows key, type in "terminal" and it should be there12:00
zzecoolLegoleader: do you have the launcher on the left of your monitor?12:00
LegoleaderI have no idea if i have the unity interface12:01
LegoleaderI have a launcher12:01
zzecoolLegoleader: what is happening if you press the "windows" key on your keyboard?12:01
MonkeyDustLegoleader  this is what unity looks like, is your screen similar? http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/12:02
Legoleaderit opens the "dash home" when i press the "windows" key12:02
zzecoolLegoleader: how do you search for your application  ?  how do you start irc or firefox ?12:02
zzecoolok nice12:02
zzecoolthis is unity12:02
zzecoolyou have to be familiar with same names :)12:03
zzecooland definitions12:03
zzecoolLegoleader: press windows key type terminal12:03
zzecoolLegoleader: and press enter12:03
zzecoolLegoleader: it is going to open the terminal12:03
zzecoolLegoleader: ok type lsb_release -a12:04
Legoleadernomad@ubuntu:~$ lsb_release -a12:04
LegoleaderNo LSB modules are available.12:04
LegoleaderDistributor ID:Ubuntu12:04
LegoleaderDescription:Ubuntu 11.1012:04
FloodBot1Legoleader: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:04
zzecooldont paste like this here12:04
ikoniaLegoleader: use a pastebin !12:04
ikonia!pastebin > Legoleader12:04
ubottuLegoleader, please see my private message12:04
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Ben64zzecool: in the future, "lsb_release -sd" works better12:05
BWorldif I have a directory and execute chmod g+s {dir} and have 755 permissions on that directory then the directories created inside suddenly get write permissions but parent directory is rwsr-sr-x :S12:08
BWorldcould somebody explain that.. ?12:08
zzecoolLegoleader: it seems that youa re facing a bug  , that i found a workaround12:08
Legoleaderplease do tell :)12:09
zzecoolLegoleader: but i dont think its wise to try  it as you look like a novice user12:09
escottBWorld, the setgid bit on a directory means that files inside get created with the same group permissions and ignore umask12:10
zzecoolLegoleader: the workaround includes terminal use scripting etc and things can go wrong  easy12:10
LegoleaderI see12:10
zzecoolLegoleader: just keep making updates as usual and hope for a fix12:10
BWorldhm, what about directories escott ?12:10
Legoleaderkk, thanks :)12:10
BWorldyou expect directories created inside inherit the same permissions as the parent directory (rwsr-sr-x)12:10
escottBWorld, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Setuid12:11
zzecoolLegoleader: one question are you using dual monitors?12:13
BWorldthanks escott , when I read the section about "setuid and setgid on directories" I cannot find anything about affecting permissions , it doesn't say anywhere that when inheriting group/user from parent directory that it will add write permissions to the created directory...12:14
BWorldwich is the case at the moment12:14
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
BWorldescott, I mean, creating a directory gives the assigns the correct uid and gid but it 'adds' write permissions for the group wich isn't assigned in the parent directory :S12:15
BWorld- gives the12:15
Ben64but you have it suid12:16
BWorldyes, sticky user and sticky group12:16
BWorlduser has rws permissions, group has r-s permissions and other have r-x permissions12:16
BWorlduser is me, group is www-data12:17
BWorldwww-data should never have write permissions unless explicit set for some subdirectory12:17
escottBWorld, folders created inside a setgid have to also have setgid set otherwise its not recursive and it breaks with the first subdirectory12:17
Legoleaderzzecool: no, i'm using a crt 19" monitor12:17
Ben64what are you doing that you need suid on things?12:17
BWorldsetting up my local development environment12:18
zzecoolLegoleader:  ok nothing then12:18
BWorldI want to be owner of everything and www-data group for everything12:18
BWorldautomatically set12:18
BWorldso I thought I could use sticky bits12:18
Ben64you should look into ACL12:19
BWorldthis way apache allways have read access and in some log folder for example I would give www-data write permissions so it can write to it's log12:19
BWorldbut now it is always getting write permissions wich is not defined ANYWHERE12:19
BWorldthis is the result of mkdir /data/test:12:19
BWorlddrwsr-sr-x  4 cblokland www-data  4096 2012-02-20 13:03 .12:19
BWorlddrwxr-xr-x 26 root      root      4096 2012-02-20 12:57 ..12:19
BWorlddrwxrwxr-x  2 cblokland cblokland 4096 2012-02-20 13:01 test12:19
FloodBot1BWorld: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:19
BWorldsorry , will do that ;)12:20
Ben64BWorld: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions#ACL_.28Access_Control_List.2912:20
geirhaBWorld: The initial permissions of created files are determined by umask.12:21
absdfhi, weird question: how do I join the #java channel? :O12:34
absdfit says I need to be invited for12:34
absdf#java and "identified with services" or something for ##java.12:34
Pici!register | absdf12:35
ubottuabsdf: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:35
absdfthat's silly that I have to register a throwaway nick just to ask a single question.12:36
absdfbut ok.12:36
p1l0tSo my father ordered this USB floppy drive.. It didn't come with any drivers so I am assuming it is plug and play. I plugged it in and nothing obvious happened. I catted syslog and got this: http://pastebin.com/qR4tFeSf So it did try its but with errors. And different errors each time I plugged it in..12:38
p1l0tabsdf: You'll be back ;)12:39
ankit__i study cellular network characteristic .....that why i needs the signal strength for USB devices12:40
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bazhangankitb, was there a question in there?12:40
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Ben64p1l0t: looks like it works-ish12:41
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=== ankit__ is now known as ankitb
p1l0tBen64: Yeah maybe..12:45
p1l0tBen64: I guess I'll try mounting it12:46
__Alex_If i want to make sure there is no way of recovering deleted files from my disc, i fill the free space with random data and then delete? (cat /dev/urandom>file.bin;rm file.bin)12:47
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Ben64__Alex_: /dev/zero will work faster12:50
p1l0tBen64: Yeah mounts just fine :)12:52
geirha__Alex_: There's shred(1)12:52
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timonahmale or female12:53
snozekin default snmpd.conf there is something like this: extend    test1   /bin/echo  Hello, world!12:58
snozekhow can i snmpget/walk this?12:58
escott__Alex_, that doesn't work with all filesystems because it has to be the exact same location on the disk. but there are tools to do this see shred12:58
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Ben64escott: i think he was talking about filling the whole drive with that file12:59
gkasiNeed help with Grub2 Rescue prompt. I get an unknown filesystem when insmod (hd0,1)/boot/grub/linux.mod12:59
gkasiHey kippi13:00
escottgkasi, thats not grub2. thats grub113:01
gkasioh escott. Uumm ok. I remember upgrading to grub2 a while ago though.13:01
kippiI am not sure where the best place to ask this question is... I want to be able to span my toolbar across two screens. Currently I have the same information on both screens as the toolbar is mirrored13:02
gkasikippi, are you using gnome?13:02
gkasikippi, sorry man, I've never used unity. Lemme see if I can find the info for you.13:03
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escottgkasi, the syntax you are using (hd0,1) is grub1 syntax. for grub 2 one generally uses (hd0,msdos1) or (hd0,gpt1) depending upon the partition table.13:03
MonkeyDustkippi  "Xubuntu 12.04 is the only ubuntu based distro that handles dual screens well. But you will have to script a little to get it working permanently."13:04
kippidual screens are working fine, just the tool bar is a pain13:05
gkasiescott, I dont have msdos or windows on the box. It is a pure ubuntu experience. I get the following when I 'ls'. (hd0) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0, msdos2) (hd0, msdos1)13:05
escottgkasi, msdos just means you have an msdos partition table (normal mbr partition table) as opposed to a gpt table13:07
escottgkasi, try set root='(hd0,msdos#)'13:08
gkasiescott, thanks for that. But I m not familiar with gpt table. Because I dont have that, can you advise which of the three msdos1, 2, 3 I need as a combo to boot up?13:08
escottgkasi, i dont know. probably msdos113:08
gkasiok. I'll try and report back.13:09
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gkasiescott, tried all combo (msdos1, 2 and 3) with set prefix=(hd0,msdos#)/boot/grub and set root=.. and insmod (hd0,msdos#)/boot/grub/linux.mod. For msdos3 I get file not found. Other combos I get unknown filesystem13:14
escottgkasi, are you in a livecd right now?13:15
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gkasino livecd that I burnt a while ago doesnt work :( I m on another ubuntu box for irc.13:15
MonkeyDustgkasi  try using a thumbdrive instead13:16
gkasikippi, I've tried googling, hoping you might've missed some link, but no luck mate.13:16
escottgkasi, its hard to say what is wrong without knowing what your layout is13:17
gkasiMonkeyDust, old box (2003 model) and bios doesnt boot off USB :(13:17
escottgkasi, but you are assuming you don't have a /boot partition (by your use of /boot/grub)13:17
gkasiescott, I used to have a boot partition till this morning when I decided to restart the box. Since the restart I'm stuck with this error. Whilst I dont know what those commands mean, I m following http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2011/09/09/how-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt-without-live-cd-for-grub2/13:18
tehoweHow stable is a Beta 1 expected to be - are we talking 'non-LTS release stable', or not really usable yet?13:19
OerHekstehowe, for 12.04 questions & support, ask in #Ubuntu+113:19
escottgkasi, there are two main reasons why you would get a sudden boot failure. (a) a corrupted partition in which case you need a livecd to fsck the filesystem (b) a change to your partition tables which would not happen without your knowing about it13:20
gkasiescott, yeah corrupted partition seems like a candidate. I m downloading the Ubuntu 10.10 iso at the moment. Could you tell me the fsck command to fix the partition?13:21
escottgkasi, sudo fsck /dev/sda#13:21
gkasicopy that. thanks escott . lemme see if i can rescue now13:22
gkasiescott, just found another disk labelled ubuntu installation. I m not sure what version and if the disk works. But I m going to try it in just now13:23
gr33n7007hinit 113:24
jodiejoeHello everybody, I've a big problem (at least too me it is big)... on my Thinkpad x121e I installed Win7 (64) and afterwards Ubuntu 11.10 with the standard option to install it beside Win7. After installing and rebooting, Win7 directly starts without showing me a Grub2 menu. I tried rescatux and super tux disc but nothing could me bring the bootloader Grub2. It would be very nice if you could help me with this issue! Thanks....13:24
MonkeyDustjodiejoe  try pressing ctrl while booting13:25
escottjodiejoe, is this an efi system?13:26
Abhijitjodiejoe, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows13:26
jodiejoeok I will try to press ctrl13:26
jodiejoeyes I think it is an efi system13:27
MonkeyDustjodiejoe  may be shift instead of ctrl, try both13:28
sacarlsonwhat does #ubuntu-meta represent?13:29
ikoniasacarlson: read the topic in there13:29
escottjodiejoe, there is a grub-efi package that you might try installing13:29
sacarlsonikonia: sorry wrong channel13:29
jodiejoeneither ctrl/shift work...13:30
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Abhijitjodiejoe, try my link13:33
ayakawhen alisa ls='ls -l', i type ls -a, is it same to ls -la ?13:33
escottayaka, its the same as ls -l -a13:33
sacarlsonjodiejoe: best method I know if you don't play realtime games in windows in run it in virtualbox in ubuntu13:33
ayakaescott thank you13:34
jodiejoeok I will try the method provided on the link, thank you13:34
gkasiescott, thanks for your help so far. My *other* live cd is a no go as well. Hafta wait an hour or so for the 10.10 iso to download and try again. Thanks anyway!13:35
ankitbi study cellular network characteristic .....that why i needs the signal strength for USB devices13:35
ankitbindistylo, i study cellular network characteristic .....that why i needs the signal strength for USB devices13:35
ankitbgr33n7007h, it doesn't respond real time ......13:36
sacarlsonankitb: cellular as in celular telephone?  did you checkout USRP ?13:40
ZerpexHi everyone, I have /var/www set to be owned by www-data, because wordpress wants to execute as that user.. but how do I make, so all files and folders that is within' /var/www always will be 775 for the group called www-data, and how do I add user1 and user2 to that group?13:42
sln45lxde and a bunch of openbox-related entries are still in my login after removing lxde. How do I fix this?13:42
ankitbgr33n7007h, it doesn't respond real time ......13:43
gr33n7007hankitb, are you using openBSD ????13:44
sln45Does anybody at least know where I could look on issues with the login list of environments?13:46
* quiescens dies.13:46
ankitbgr33n7007h, no i am using ubuntu 10.04.....13:47
Abhijitankitb, what you were looking?13:48
sacarlsonZerpex:  sudo chmod -R 775 /var/www ; worry about security later13:49
gr33n7007hankitb, you looking for rssi13:50
Zerpexsacarlson: it's a development server, which will be private running on a network13:50
Abhijiti mean what was your original question ankitb13:50
ankitbAbhijit, I am looking for RSSI value in real time when Internet is connected through that device ....13:51
sln45I guess I'll look elsewhere.13:51
sln45Buy guys13:51
sacarlsonZerpex: so how does that make it any different?  if needed chown -R www-data:www-data13:51
Zerpexbut sacarlson, I can change permissions like that yes.. but when I create a new file - I don't have 775 permissions of those files anymore, and that is the thing I want to be 'default' set for the /var/www folder13:52
Abhijitankitb, on which port/device?13:52
apporcCan i install kvm in kvm's client host?13:53
Abhijitsorry need to go urently. someone on door. by ankitb13:53
sacarlsonZerpex: ok I think I get it.  seems like an application problem.  if the file doesn't exist yet and your app creates it I'm not sure you have to power to force it to something else13:54
MonkeyDustankitb  mayhaps this is a useful link http://study.prl85.com/13:54
sacarlsonZerpex: I guess you could have a demon run that auto changes it at some periodic period13:54
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MonkeyDustankitb  ignore that link, it's for android13:54
Zerpexsacarlson: when running php as DSO, normally the 'customers' shouldn't use the chown and chmod on the files each time13:54
apporcCan i install kvm in kvm's client host? Who knows that, thanks.13:55
sacarlsonZerpex: I've had php apps that could change chmod settings so I know it can, so it's up to your app13:56
escottapporc, i think so13:56
apporcescott: you think kvm can virtualize one CPU with vmx?13:57
sacarlsonZerpex: I assume you want it to have privlige but giving it also provides the opertunity  for php to change it13:57
Zerpexsacarlson: I know.. it's pretty easy in php, but shouldn't be needed to create a PHP script that changes the permissions of the folders - there should be a default group-ownershio of the folders to www-data13:57
sacarlsonZerpex: yes anything php creates will be owned by www-data as set by priv in appache13:58
escottapporc, im not sure what you mean by virtualize one cpu. but i believe that recursive kvm does work (although its more of a technology demo than an intended use)13:58
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:59
Zerpexsacarlson: not the files php creates.. let's say I log into ftp on the server, and rightclick, and choose 'new file' then the group should by default be set to www-data13:59
sacarlsonZerpex: you have more than apache set to access the same file set?13:59
apporcescott: sorry, not virtualize, should be "virtual out "13:59
ankitbabhijit, /dev/ttyACM013:59
Zerpexsacarlson: nevermind, the commands I was looking for was chgrp -R www-data /var/www and chmod g+s /var/www14:00
sacarlsonZerpex: so you have an ftp server runing on the same directory under a different user?14:00
sacarlsonZerpex: sorry never used chgrp14:01
apporcescott: because kvm need it's host machine has one CPU with virtualization technology, vmx for intel ,e.g. I don't know whether kvm can virtual out one CPU with vitualiation technology14:01
Zerpexsacarlson: I have a ftp access to /var/www indeed14:01
|newbie|help me with sound..i have a sony vaio laptop e vpceb45fg..when i installed ubuntu it didnt have sound i added some lines to the grub and i got it back..but when i inserted headphones it is gone again14:01
apporcescott: if we want to install kvm on one kvm's client host ,this client must have one CPU with virtulization technology.14:02
sacarlsonZerpex: ok see I didn't know that part but I might have just change ftp user to www-data but that's only because I'm ignorant14:02
Zerpexsacarlson: indeed, but we're 10 developers, with different access14:03
escottapporc, and yes i believe that they have emulated that, but i think it is more of a demo than an intended tool14:03
apporcescott: thanks.14:03
sacarlsonZerpex: well I'm only glad you found a solution even with my added confusion14:03
apporcescott: thank you .14:03
Zerpexsacarlson: no worries :P14:04
me-1hii...is it possible to triple boot , mac os x , windows 7 and ubuntu on a macbook pro from 201014:04
ikoniame-1: bootcamp14:04
sacarlsonZerpex: oh and my other simple solution would have been chmod -R 777 /var/www  if it's just local who cares14:04
LL2|Androidme-1: or use a VM program14:05
LL2|AndroidLike VirtualBox, or VMware14:05
mattgmanso i did some customizing yesterday, and i can't seem to get my desktop icons back.  they are all selected in my "Desktop" under Menu>Settings>Desktop, but they aren't showing.  I'm using XFCE4.  Any help would be great!  I can get other icons to show, just not the defaults.14:05
|newbie|somebody help me with sound..my speakers not working..but can hear sound using headphones14:06
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me-1ikonia, LL2|Android  I will like to use bootcamp . It will be really good thing to get best of 3 worls no more Linux vs os x vs windows . how can I do that..?14:06
Zerpexsacarlson: xD14:06
LL2|AndroidWell, bootcamp basically allows you to boot into another OS INSTEAD of Mac OS X14:07
LL2|AndroidIts not a VM program14:07
me-1LL2|Android,  I am not lloking for virtulization either14:07
me-1LL2|Android,  thank you for the info14:09
liberalLL2|Android: actually, you can use your bootcamp partition as the drive for a virtual machine. so you can have osx and the bootcamp drive booted simultaneously14:09
LL2|AndroidBut bootcamp itself isnt a VM program14:10
LL2|Android thats what I meant14:10
LL2|AndroidAlso, yay virtualbox allows for vmdk files14:10
sacarlson|newbie|: if it works on headphones maybe plug the speakers into that jack?14:10
escottapporc, http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/nested-kvm-guests/14:10
LL2|AndroidSo I can use it in tandem with VMware14:10
sacarlson|newbie|: if it's the same jack with headphones as speakers then maybe the problem is in the speaker amp?14:11
liberalok. just wanted to clarify what you said.14:12
LL2|AndroidHey reCAPTCHA14:13
reCAPTCHAHi LL2|Android14:13
reCAPTCHASo, I am trying to get my Creative Labs SB1040 PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Card working under Ubuntu... no dice.14:14
afsalhow to create alternate cd14:14
reCAPTCHAI can't seem to find drivers for it.14:15
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: wow I thought all sound blaster stuf should work14:15
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: From what I understand Creative is not well known for their Linux support.14:15
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: pastebin the sudo lspci  might find out if we can find out if there are drivers14:16
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: http://www.pasteall.org/2934214:16
afsalPlease hlp me. how to create alternate installation cd?14:17
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: before you even try looking for drivers you might try moving it to another slot in your computer if posible as sometimes there are irc conflicts14:17
vltHello. I want to playback a video file (or DVD) on an Ubuntu machine and want the video to be visible at the same time on another Ubuntu machine in the local network. What do I need to do?14:17
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: the machines full-up unfortunately.14:17
MonkeyDustafsal  you mean modify an existing CD?14:17
afsalMonkeyDust: I want create from scratch.14:18
LL2|Androidvlt: have you tried VNC?14:18
deancan someone help me compile this? http://www.garyshood.com/rsclient_linux/  I've not a clue what I'm doing lol14:18
vltLL2|Android: The VNC performance isn't good enough.14:19
LL2|Androidah ok14:19
MonkeyDustafsal  Remastersys comes to my mind14:19
LL2|AndroidI forget if Skype for linux has screen sharing support14:19
|newbie|how to check whether my sound card is working14:19
LL2|AndroidI don't think it does14:19
afsalMonkeyDust: How use it??14:19
vltLL2|Android: I rather thought of something involving VLC ...14:19
|newbie|how to check whether my sound card is on or not14:20
MonkeyDustafsal  start here http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/remastersys.html14:20
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I see you have at least 2 sound cards and I see there is support for that blaster device so if not needed you could try disable the internal device you have in bios14:21
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: gah... can I just blacklist it?14:21
LL2|AndroidDamnit VirtualBox!14:21
vltEither could the second machine read a stream from the first one's VLC player or both VLC players read from the same video file. But how to sync both players then?14:21
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I'm not sure that would help if the problem is irc conflict14:22
LL2|AndroidWhy can't you run like VMware and just allocate the drive file space as needed, up to the cap set?!14:22
afsalMonkeyDust: Ok, thnks Now i'm going to try...14:22
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: okay, well, either way none of the audio outputs seem to work...14:22
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: oh that's another sign of conflic if the other worked before14:23
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: Neither has ever worked at all.14:23
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: just moving the card to another slot will probly work14:23
escottvlt, gstreamer probably has some kind of network streaming capability14:23
reCAPTCHAWell, I will try to switch it up, then.14:23
reCAPTCHAGah... if I only had a screwdriver.14:24
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: oh ok if neather ever worked then I'm not sure14:24
escottvlt, this should give some ideas https://www.ridgerun.com/developer/wiki/index.php/Using_UDP_Multicast_with_GStreamer14:24
* LL2|Android realizes that he uses a Windows OS for his main OS (I used ubuntu in a VM, before my hard drive went kaput) and starts running from the channel for no apparent reason :P14:24
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: all the more reason to disable the internal if it never worked anyway14:24
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: okay... I'll try that.14:25
vltescott: Thank you. I'll read that.14:25
NyLesmgolisch hey its me :) I have a problem now with nomodeset :) I can't activate it.. I am installing 10.04 now but I cant't get it to boot with nomodeset? how will I do that? I'm using USB..14:25
MonkeyDust|newbie|  open a terminal and type alsamixer - if you see MM, go there and press M14:25
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LL2|Androidsacarlson: also, you would agree that even something like linux or ubuntu can get viruses, right?14:25
vltescott: Maybe I don't need the video on the first machine but only audio instead. Would that make it wasier?14:25
Simon1245Hey guys, is it possible to install Ubiquity firefox addon?14:26
deancan someone help me compile this? http://www.garyshood.com/rsclient_linux/  I've not a clue what I'm doing lol14:26
auronandaceLL2|Android: practically there is no need to antivirus on linux (unless passing files onto windows)14:27
sacarlsonLL2|Android: I've never had a virus in any unix/linux system in the 20 years I worked with it14:27
NyLescan someone help me?14:27
auronandaceLL2|Android: user error is a far more common and serious threat14:27
sacarlsonLL2|Android: only way you can get viruses is with blackbox unsigned software model as in windows14:27
LL2|AndroidEven something like linux or ubuntu can get viruses, truth be told14:28
p1l0tLL2|Android: The only way to get a virus on linux is if you install it yourself.14:28
LL2|Androidp1l0t: not true14:28
sacarlsonLL2|Android: sure anything is posible but probable no14:28
LjLp1l0t: or if someone exploits your system remotely and puts one in.14:28
Simon1245Hey guys, is it possible to install Ubiquity firefox addon on Firefox 10.0.02?14:28
escottvlt, gstreamer is very flexible, and it should be able to mux/demux and export whatever channel you want14:28
p1l0tYeah if someone gets root I guess14:28
LL2|Androidp1l0t: actually, they might not even need root, depending14:29
bazhangLL2|Android, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus14:29
|newbie|MonkeyDust: there is no MM14:29
NyLesmgolisch if you came back please buzz me :(14:29
afsal<MonkeyDust> U there? This is using to backup the system14:29
sacarlsonLL2|Android: I wrote what would be called a trojen for linux as a support tool to help my clients so if you might call that a virus then again it's posible14:30
MonkeyDustafsal  try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch14:31
afsal<MonkeyDust> That is live cd customization. I want alternate cd ...14:32
MonkeyDustafsal  "You do not need to start from a pre-existing LiveCd."14:32
p1l0tThe thing is a virus cannot survive well unless it reproduces and with the way linux is written it almost has to be intentional to get an infection so the reward doesn't outweigh workload to even write them.14:32
sacarlsonLL2|Android: I wrote what would be called a trojan for linux as a support tool to help my clients so if you might call that a virus then again it's possible, but to be termed a virus it would have to be self replicating14:33
reCAPTCHAShadowcat: you're not the Uru shadowcat, are you?14:33
afsalMonkeyDust: Ok, I already tried that. Now I want create alternate cd(ie. text base installation cd)14:33
MonkeyDustafsal  you can find it on ubuntu.com14:34
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: Oddly enough, it was already disabled in bios. :-/14:34
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization afsal14:34
afsalMonkeyDust: where14:34
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I don't know how that could be as we saw it in the lspci14:34
=== iqpi|on is now known as iqpi|off
bazhangafsal, I just gave you a link14:34
NyLesbazhang, have a minute?14:35
MonkeyDustafsal  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download14:35
bazhangNyLes, Ask the channel14:35
afsalbazhang: Give me...14:35
bazhangafsal, give you what?14:35
p1l0tbazhang: I thinks he made a joke14:36
* p1l0t :D14:36
afsalbazhang: A link14:36
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization   <------ afsal14:36
NyLesbazhang, how can i boot with nomodeset option on 10.04? I'm using USB to boot..14:36
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: if it was disabled in bios it should not be able to be seen by lspci14:37
MonkeyDustafsal  I just gave you the link14:37
p1l0tAren't we on like 11.10 already almost 12.0414:37
afsalMonkeyDust: That is ubuntu alternate cd dowloading page....14:37
reCAPTCHAIt's odd, but I checked and it said 'disabled'. :-/14:37
MonkeyDustafsal  correct, text based instaler, what you were asking14:38
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: well maybe it has more than one device to disable in the audio section make sure it's not seen at all in lspci14:38
afsalMonkeyDust: I want create my own alternate cd fromscratch. Give me any tutorial about this14:38
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html NyLes you mean this?14:38
bazhangafsal, did you actually read the link I gave you?14:39
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: or maybe the bios is mest up?  maybe you need to flash it?14:39
ActionParsnipp1l0t: Precise is in Alpha2 right now14:39
afsalMonkeyDust: Which remastersys??14:40
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I've never had to reflash a bios and I think it must be done in some windows thing if at all14:40
p1l0tActionParsnip: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule :)14:40
ayakais it chrooy can test the kernel work or not14:40
oellyich habe ein problem#14:40
ayakais it chroot can test the kernel work or not14:40
ActionParsnipp1l0t: indeed, I'm using Precise now ;)14:40
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: this may not be helpful, but there seems to be no issue when using windoze with the sound.14:41
oCean!de | oelly14:41
ubottuoelly: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:41
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: on both cards?14:41
bazhangafsal, I gave you a link to customize the installer cd, MonkeyDust gave you a link on where to download the alternate cd (the one you need to modify)14:41
afsalMonkeyDust: Which one, remastersys??14:41
bazhangafsal, no14:41
reCAPTCHAI'd have to varify that, but I do believe so.14:41
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: if it's a hardware irc problem then windows would see the problem also14:41
afsalbazhang which link you gave???14:42
p1l0tActionParsnip: I usually wait till the full release date. I'm chicken I guess.14:42
NyLesbazhang, ive tried that but when i press F6 nothing is happens..14:42
ActionParsnipp1l0t: I like to report bugs and get stuff fixed14:42
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: right, so I am thinking that it is non-compatable / missing drivers.14:42
|newbie|sound through my headphones are also very less14:42
p1l0tActionParsnip: I should be as proactive.14:42
bazhangafsal, hi14:42
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: and the card still works in windows even when disabled in bios?14:42
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: didn't varify that.14:43
afsalbazhang which link you gave???14:43
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization afsal heres the link for the 3rd time14:43
escottayaka, no chroot does not change the kernel14:43
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: I don't know. :-/14:43
MonkeyDustafsal  maybe this is what you want http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/14:43
ActionParsnipp1l0t: i don't care about my OS running. I have xpud I can use without issue and I can fix some things if it goes awry. If you need a working OS, stick with the stable release14:43
afsalbazhang Now got it....14:43
bazhangMonkeyDust, he wants to customize the alternate cd14:43
=== tlyu_ is now known as tlyu
ayakaescott is there a way to test it?14:44
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: ok I do see problems with that card here http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-884370-start-0.html14:44
|newbie|sound with sony vaio laptop sound..no sound through speakers..sound low through headset.help pls14:44
escottayaka, boot into it14:44
apporcWhat will happen if i exposed my dhcp server to the internet ?this dhcp server assign public ip.anyone knows this ?14:44
ikoniaapporc: nothing14:45
apporcikonia: it's ok?14:45
ActionParsnip|newbie|: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh14:45
apporcikonia: it's just ok?14:45
ikoniaapporc: it's pointless14:45
ayakaescott,i see,can update initrd in chroot14:45
afsalbazhang: This is customizing an existing cd. I want from sceatch14:45
apporcikonia: i mean , will that mess the internet?14:45
ikoniaapporc: please, think about it14:45
ActionParsnipapporc: nothing will happen, you will just reduce security by opening more ports14:45
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: Gah.. rebuilding the kernel? What does that entail?14:46
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: seems it started here Linux kernel 2.6.38  so maybe try before and after that if that's what your running now14:46
bazhangafsal, how does this relate to ubuntu? you want to make your own cd? you need to study on how that is done14:46
escottayaka, you can do a lot of things in chroot but the system calls go to the kernel you booted (aka that of the livecd) you can modify the installed system however you want14:46
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: just find a package with a different one14:46
auronandaceafsal: why are you asking in #ubuntu?14:46
p1l0tActionParsnip: Yeah for me one is a server at work and one is a netbook I need for school. I do have another PC I use as a server but its at my parents house still because I don't have internet at my house, lol. I use 4G through my phone which is great 5dn 1.5up but not for running a server. I suppose I could use it for testing though and I am shopping for static IPs but I hate comcast they won't let me have my own modem only 14:46
apporcthanks, my friends.14:46
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: err? A package with a different linux kernel? :-/14:46
bazhangafsal, you initially said you wanted to modify the alternate CD from Ubuntu14:46
afsalbazhang: Ok, I'm studying plz give any tutorials about it???14:47
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: That does not compute with me.14:47
ActionParsnipp1l0t: 5mb down ain't bad14:47
* p1l0t does have a dyndns account too though14:47
bazhangafsal, about what?14:47
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: well what is running now seen with uname -a14:47
ActionParsnipp1l0t: no-ip here14:47
ayakaescott, no i means can i update the initrd in the chroot,in order to boot the kernel in the chroot14:47
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: 2.6.32-38-generic14:47
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: it's as easy as synaptic install some package14:48
afsalbazhang: Creating ubuntu alternate installation cd from scratch(ie. textbase installation cd)14:48
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: really, now? so... what sudo apt-get install linux-2.x?14:48
auronandaceafsal:why do you want to do that?14:48
xanguaafsal: you mean create something that already exists¿14:48
bazhangafsal, and the link I gave you tells you how to do it.14:48
bazhangafsal, Please read the Link14:49
ActionParsnipafsal: http://maketecheasier.com/build-your-own-ubuntu-based-distro-with-novo-builder/2010/07/0214:49
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: well that's not the same as the above 2.6.38 so not sure.14:49
escottayaka, you don't boot a kernel in a chroot. chroot is not a virtualized container. it just changes what "/" means. since "everything is a file" changing "/" has a lot of affects. all your libraries and files are from the chroot, but the running kernel, the actual interface to the hardware, is unchanged14:49
p1l0tActionParsnip: I guess if I am going to pay for a landline when I already have 5mb down through my 4G I want it much faster and static IP but no FiOS where I live and can't use my own modem with the cable company unless its dynamic.. :/ not sure why. Not that I NEED my own modem but I just hate the ones they use and how they have them setup.14:50
BrianbacMy mouse wheel somehow controls the system volume instead of scrolling up and down pages (no matter where it is placed, and what is highlighted) does anyone know how this can have happened, and how to get back to normal functionality?14:50
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: kernel package normaly start with linix-image....14:50
afsalbazhang: First i debootstrat the ubuntu base system then create a installation cd14:50
sacarlsonsorry linux-image14:50
bazhangafsal, you need to do some reading first.14:50
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
afsalbazhang: This is my plan. Debootstrap is done. Next for installation14:51
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: okay, I see it in my package manager.14:51
ayakaescott,i know,but i can set grub boot14:52
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: so, what do I do first?14:52
Brianbacseems to be a problem with my mouse, since other mice work normally?!?14:53
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: oh I didn't notice but he found a solution http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-884370-start-0.html14:53
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: It says 'dded SND_HD_INTEL driver per module in my kernel with the [*] CA0110 Creative codec'14:53
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: Ha.. yeah, that's what I've been looking at and why I asked how to rebuild the kernel.14:53
loganrunis there any way to move the icons around on the program launcher bar, I don't like the order14:53
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: that sounds good that's just what this guy said he was missing14:53
danileigh79I have a MadCatz 4716 wired xbox controller, how can I get it to work in Ubuntu 11.10?14:53
danileigh79It works on a WinXP computer14:54
|newbie|ActionParsnip: the output is in this link http://susepaste.org/2355424514:54
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: so if you just install his version of the kernel it might work14:54
zykotick9danileigh79: plug it in and then check in a /dev/input/js0 is created14:54
zykotick9s/in a/if a/14:54
ActionParsnip|newbie|: run:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-iquik/alsa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*            reboot to test14:55
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: okay... ugh.. so, I install 'Linux' from the package manager...14:55
ActionParsnip|newbie|: you do realise the script can pastebin for you, just select to upload when the script is done14:55
escottayaka, you can change the boot preferences for the next boot, but your terminology is wrong when you say "in order to boot the kernel in the chroot"14:55
danileigh79zykotick9: There is no file there for js014:56
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA:  I hate sound problems I'm more of a network geek sorry14:56
reCAPTCHAAnd then do I type 'linux-image' into the command line or something?14:56
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: it's cool.14:56
zykotick9danileigh79: that means the kenel doesn't understand the joystick hardware.  Good luck - I've never had a joystick that didn't work, so I have no suggestions.14:56
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: awful nice of you to assist.14:57
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: no it will just force reboot to start the new kernal14:57
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I've not acomplished anything yet so don't thank me yet14:57
module000danileigh79: identify your joystick from the output of `lsusb`, then compile and load the module to support it with your current kernel. probably not the solution you were after.14:57
danileigh79zykotick9: The controller has lights on it similar to the front of an xbox 360, they just flashed a few times, and a js0 file popped up in dev/input... what do I do now14:58
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: okay... well, I have linux selected to install in the package manager... but his solution is more than just 'reload the kernel'.14:58
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: well it was just some settings he didn't have set in the compile but ubuntu normaly has them all set14:59
zykotick9danileigh79: well, you could test it with "cat /dev/input/js0" and press some buttons to see text outputted to the terminal.  But the real, method is install a game, and be sure it points to /dev/input/js0 (some try to default to the very old /dev/js0)14:59
ActionParsnip|newbie|: why didn't you install Oneiric....?14:59
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: I"ve compiled custom kernel before but found in most cases it was unesisary14:59
danileigh79module000: lsusb shows bus 005 Device 002: ID 1bad:f016 Marmonix Music14:59
reCAPTCHAOkay... well, I can try it... I've never rebuilt the kernel before... when it reboots will it automatically ask me what I want selected? Also, do I need to save everything?14:59
reCAPTCHAsacarlson: by 'save' I mean 'backup'15:00
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: back in 2008 there was a time I needed to compile custom kernel for my wifi usb device that was about it15:00
|newbie|ActionParsnip: is oneiric an irc client?15:00
danileigh79zykotick9: I'm trying to get the gamepad to work in emulators like Visual Boy Advance and FCEUX like it does in Windows15:00
ActionParsnip|newbie|: no, oneiric is the codename of ubuntu 11.10, the latest stable release15:01
sacarlsonreCAPTCHA: it will keep a copy of the original but it will default to the new one15:01
bazhang|newbie|, its 11.1015:01
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reCAPTCHAAlright, let's try this.15:01
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: add the playonlinux repo and it has a calibrating app which may help15:01
danileigh79zykotick9: Also, when I did the "cat /dev/input/js0" it's showing a bunch of characters in terminal and won't go away15:01
zykotick9danileigh79: ctrl+c15:02
ayakaescott,i see,but can i prepare initrd in chroot15:02
danileigh79zykotick9: thanks15:02
|newbie|ActionParsnip: is the sound issue of vaio laptops solved in iric?15:02
danileigh79ActionParsnip: full command is suso apt--get repository ppa:playonlinux?15:02
escottayaka, yes15:03
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: no, do some research instead of attempting to guess15:03
|newbie|bazhang: thank you15:03
ActionParsnip|newbie|: not sure, it has a later version of alsa which may help, the PPA I gave will update your Alsa and may help15:03
escottayaka, you can install packages, you can fiddle with files, you can run your installed programs in many cases15:04
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: sorry, its play deb15:04
|newbie|ActionParsnip: actually this laptop is not mine..it is my friend's..he is a complete newbie to linux..it seemed 10.04 simpler to him..the less graphic environment15:04
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: wget http://archive.getdeb.net/install_deb/playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; sudo dpkg -i ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb; rm ./playdeb_0.3-1~getdeb1_all.deb15:05
ayakaescott do you know how to shutdown chroot at all,in my memories,exit will not stop program start in chroot15:05
* faithlove is away (Gone fishing!)15:05
=== faithlove is now known as fAithlOve
ActionParsnip|newbie|: xubuntu 11.10 looks not too dissimilar to Gnome 2 in Lucid....15:05
LjL!away > fAithlOve15:05
ubottufAithlOve, please see my private message15:05
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: http://www.playdeb.net/updates/ubuntu/11.10/?q=joy    may help15:07
escottayaka, exit15:07
danileigh79ActionParsnip: Trying to get it now15:08
ayakaescott thank you15:08
escottayaka, right something that has forked will continue to run in its chroot. you would close it normally or kill it15:08
Lintcan grub2 bootloader to use custom fonts while in text mode? rightnow is uses my BIOS font (in some DOS turkish encoding)15:08
ayakaescott you mean you have to go?15:08
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: it has some great games and such, check it out15:08
chachinwoo 1487 people15:09
chachin on a vps.. when im on root form.. how do i revert back to normal user?15:09
chachinubuntu 11.0415:09
danileigh79ActionParsnip: will do, but dpkg says it doesn't exist, but I see it in synaptic15:09
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: see what?15:09
danileigh79ActionParsnip: getdeb doesn't show in dpkg, but it shows up in synaptic15:10
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: the getdeb is a source, the deb adds the source and imports the key. It adds a software source so that the links on the page I gave will work15:10
ayakai have done a stupid thing, i chown -R ayaka:ayaka / ,how to cancel it, i can't reinstall system15:11
hatop_chachin: you could type logout perhaps15:11
vltHello. I installed Ubuntu Oneiric, and now my neighbours hate me. I need help with audio volume settings. Everytime I login my audio volume is set to 100 %, no matter what I select in lightdm's login screen. Any idea how to fix this?15:11
danileigh79ActionParsnip: and these sources/apps should allow my xbox360 controller to work, right15:11
ActionParsnipayaka: you willneed to, the ownerships are varied throughout the OS.15:11
rodrerichhola, amigos. Alguien que hable español?15:11
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: possibly, there are joystick apps which may help15:11
vlt!es | rodrerich15:12
ubotturodrerich: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:12
hatop_radrerich: sorry I only speak enough spanish to read that.15:12
danileigh79ActionParsnip: ok, thanks, been a big help sweetie15:12
chachin<hatop_> chachin: you could type logout perhaps  <<< nah someone told me type: exit and it did :)15:12
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chachinim on a vps15:12
luciferGuys do U Know Any Alternative For Library.nu...?15:12
rodrerichgracias, amigos15:12
luciferWe R Doomed...!15:12
ayakaActionParsnip, i want to change to default15:12
ActionParsnipayaka: you even changed the ownership of your users home and so on, it will take months to get it anywhere near correct15:12
vltrodrerich: de nada15:12
ActionParsniplucifer: what is library.nu ?15:13
luciferThe Biggest Free-Ebook Web Site In The World...And It's Past Tense...15:13
ayakaActionParsnip: don't worried about home, think the others file15:13
luciferIt Was Banned About A Week Ago15:13
chachinwow almost 1500 users15:13
ActionParsnipayaka: they are owned in lots of different ways, most will be root:root but others are not15:14
bc81lucifer, can i pm you?  i don't think that question will go over well here, it's more suited for off-topic)15:14
ubottulucifer, please see my private message15:14
oCeanlucifer: how is that an #ubuntu issue?15:14
ActionParsniplucifer: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/20-best-websites-to-download-free-e-books/15:15
zykotick9ayaka: reinstall is easiest method for getting out of the mess you just created.  It would literally require 1000s of custom chown to get back.15:15
luciferSrrrryyyy...Srrryyy i'm just new To this Enviornment I'm A Little Bit Confused And I Donno how To Open A Private Message here...?15:15
bazhangActionParsnip, thats not helping15:15
ActionParsniplucifer: how is this ubuntu related though15:15
luciferActionParsnip : Yeah U R Right, Leaving now...15:16
ActionParsniplucifer: if  you'd read the message when you joined the channel, its not confusing at all15:16
ayakazykotick9,for some reason, i can't , it need debootstrap ,i can get a debian or ubuntu recetently15:16
luciferbc81, ubottu : Thank U Guys...:)15:17
melvincvGood day to all. Sound stopped working in Natty all of a sudden.15:17
ActionParsnipmelvincv: run:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*      wait a few seconds, then try some sound apps15:18
chachinwhat's the best way to make my vps OS ubuntu 11.04 upgrade to 11.10?15:18
chachinwith command line15:18
chachini found something15:18
chachinapt-get update15:18
chachinapt-get autoclean15:18
FloodBot1chachin: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:18
chachinthose 3 commands15:18
ActionParsnip!upgrade | chachin15:18
ubottuchachin: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:18
eKKoHey folks.. anyone able to help me with: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1928544 ?15:19
chachinbut ActionParsnip if i do those commands.. will it delete my files/folders and make it a new os?15:19
ActionParsnipchachin: it upgrades the binarys that make up the OS, no data is deleted.15:19
melvincvIsn't it "sudo killall pulseaudio"15:19
ActionParsnipmelvincv: no, or I would have said15:20
ActionParsnipmelvincv: pulseaudio is ran as user, so your user can kill its own process15:20
melvincvok, I did it without sudo, no go15:20
ayakazykotick9: can i reinstall itself in break system?15:20
zykotick9ayaka: sorry, i can't help you.  good luck.15:20
ActionParsnipmelvincv: both commands need running on the same line so the file and folder get removed while pulse is stopped15:20
ayakazykotick9 thank you15:21
ayakaActionParsnip: thank you15:21
melvincvAh, I see. :)15:21
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melvincvno go, even the speaker test is not working :(15:24
ActionParsnipmelvincv: run:   alsamixer     are all levels cranked and unmuted?15:24
danileigh79ActionParsnip: Yeah, even those jojystick apps aren't recognizing the gamepad is there... :(15:24
MacroManHi everyone15:27
bc81heyas, Macro15:27
MacroManI'm attempting to configure a third monitor running from a USB2VGA adapter15:27
MacroManIt appears that the 2 monitors I've got were auto configured15:27
MacroManSo I'm trying to mannually configure them in Xorg.conf15:28
VEndixis there any way to play muonline on ubuntu?15:28
sskasirajanhow can i view the source code of apps in ubuntu!!15:28
LjLsskasirajan: apt-get source <packagename>15:28
MacroManHowever, my current monitors aren't in there. I tried 'Xorg -configure' but it gives me an error sayong that x server is already running15:28
MacroManHow can I generate a config file based on my current setup?15:29
zykotick9MacroMan: stop Xorg then run the command (but I though it was "X --configure" but you are probably right)15:29
melvincvActionParsnip, yes, alsamixer seems ok. But I have 3 sound cards listed. 0 - Realtek 1 - Creative SB 5.1 VX  2 - AMD HDMI15:29
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: so its an xbox360 pad.. is it wireless?15:30
MacroManOK, let me try15:30
bc81VEndix: you can tried installing it in PlayOnLinux15:30
ActionParsnipmelvincv: oh those creative things can be a pain, I avoid them like the plague15:30
melvincvActionParsnip, I've connected my speakers to Creative15:30
ActionParsnipmelvincv: have you tried disabling the onboard sound in BIOS?15:30
Lintsskasirajan, on launchpad.net, select a package, a branch and click 'view the code'15:31
MacroManHmm, how odd. When I run Xorg -configure with x server stopped I get an error telling me that the configured devices doesn't match the actual number of devices. I haven't plugged the new monitor in yet15:31
dlentzmelvincv, when you do speaker-test, are you specifying the Creative card (with -d)?15:31
danileigh79ActionParsnip: No, wired... I'm on ubuntu forums right now, it says it *should* work out of box, but I'm in the procecess of updating drivers noow15:31
zykotick9MacroMan: your "Xorg -configure" might not be correct15:31
melvincvActionParsnip, ok, next time I restart I'll try, but, uh, I need both cards as the Creative one does not have front panel audio15:32
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: what is the line that identifies it in the output of:  lsusb15:32
MacroManOK, I'll try your 'X --configure'15:32
ActionParsnipmelvincv: make sure the creative card is set as the outputdevice15:32
melvincvI see my speaker icon in the indicator applet is disabled15:32
danileigh79ActionParsnip: All of my lines are showing root hub except for "Bus 005 Device 002: ID 1bad:f016 Harmonix Music15:32
danileigh79ActionParsnip: so I'm assuming that's it15:32
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: logical :)15:33
b0otI have a slip connection via serial on a cisco router... does anyone know how I could set that same connection up with ubuntu?15:33
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: and what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:33
danileigh79ActionParsnip: I try :)15:33
melvincvActionParsnip, yes, it is (in the Output tab of Sound Preferences?)15:33
Zerpexhmm, I used passwd user1, updated the password, but when I try log in with that user, it says password is wrong15:34
danileigh79ActionParsnip: Oneiric15:34
Lintcan grub2 bootloader to use custom fonts while in text mode? rightnow is uses my BIOS font (in some DOS turkish encoding)15:34
mohan_I can't update VLC to 2.015:34
sacarlsonb0ot: telnet maybe?15:34
mohan_i tried from Ubuntu Software center and terminal15:34
mohan_not working15:34
mohan_need help guys15:34
zykotick9Zerpex: are you user1?  if so the command should have been "passwd", to set another user's password it would need "sudo passwd user1" to work.15:35
=== DumbOne is now known as Jasonn
Zerpexzykotick9: no I'm user 2, and I used the sudo command15:35
bazhangmohan_, did you add a ppa?15:35
bazhang!info vlc15:35
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.12-2~oneiric1 (oneiric), package size 1375 kB, installed size 3516 kB15:35
Zerpexso I did sudo passwd user115:35
sacarlsonmohan_: for vlc 2.0 I assume you must have used ppa15:35
mohan_let me do it15:35
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:grumbel/ppa ; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install xboxdrv15:35
melvincvActionParsnip, which are the best brands in sound card technology now? I thought the best is Creative. Realtek is more useless! :-\15:35
bazhangmohan_, the regular usc does not have it15:35
ActionParsnipmelvincv: no, they are far from best15:36
MacroMan'X --configure' wasn't quite what I was looking for15:36
b0otsacarlson, how would you use telnet15:36
zykotick9MacroMan: did you see where it put the generated xorg.conf file?  copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.15:36
sacarlsonb0ot: man telnet15:37
MacroMan'Xorg -configure' is supposed to automatically create a config file. 'X --configure' seems to be to create one with options15:37
MacroManX --configure didn't create a config file15:37
b0otsacarlson, man telnet | grep slip = nothing15:37
MacroManjust gave me lots of options. I didn't really want to touch it because I've broken ym display before by doing tnaty15:37
oCeandanileigh79, mohan_ please note that using PPA's is entirely at "own risk", PPA's are unsupported 3rd party repositories15:38
danileigh79oCean: Aware, thanks sweetie15:38
danileigh79ActionParsnip: Got xbobxdrv, trying it out now15:38
Zerpexzykotick9: hmm :S it's really weird15:38
zykotick9MacroMan: sorry the command is "X -configure"15:38
MacroManAh OK, let me try15:39
georgieeeDoes anyone know how to pause vlc player by clicking on the screen?15:39
sacarlsonb0ot: picocom?15:39
MacroMan'Number of created screens does not match number of detected devices. COnfiguration faild15:40
MacroManSame error as before15:40
zykotick9MacroMan: sorry, that's beyond me.  Good luck.15:40
MacroManIs it because I currently have 2 monitors plugged in?15:40
MacroManOK, thanks anyway15:40
MonkeyDust!info peak15:41
ubottuPackage peak does not exist in oneiric15:41
bazhangchachin, /msg ubottu please15:41
nsahooHi, whats the different between gnome and gnome-shell15:43
cromagwow, that's anoying :(15:43
chachinhttp://i.imgur.com/BDzkt.png  <<< why does it say that?15:43
nsahoowhat is there in gnome in addition to gnome-shell?15:44
BuboHello, can anyone help me install mysql so i can use it with python?15:44
sacarlsonb0ot: I also found this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man4/sl.4.html15:44
sacarlsonb0ot: I assumed with serial you just needed a dumb terminal into a cisco box to see status15:45
_MarcusHow do I change what shell a user logs into? Right now when he logs in it goes strait to sh, but I want it to go to bash.15:46
ActionParsnipmelvincv: try one of these: http://www.dv247.com/computer-hardware/echo-layla-3g-24-bit-audio-interface-with-pci-card--2361715:46
b0otsacarlson, nah... that's trivial with putty15:46
chachinhttp://i.imgur.com/BDzkt.png  <<< why does it say that?15:46
sacarlsonb0ot: can't cisco do everything over ethernet also?15:46
ActionParsnip_Marcus: it's in /etc/passwd15:46
zykotick9_Marcus: "chsh" as the user is another method15:46
b0otI need an ip address on serial port that is encapsulated with the slip protocol15:46
sacarlsonb0ot: if putty then what you want is ssh15:46
b0otI didn't say I needed to configure a cisco route15:46
b0otconfiguring a cisco router via serial = trivial15:47
b0otwhat I said is that I was able to configure within a cisco router a serial connection on the router with the slip protocol15:47
b0otwhere the serial port is an actual interface on the router15:47
b0otnot used for configuration15:47
ActionParsnipmelvincv: there is obviously everything in between, in the great scheme of things, creative is quite budget15:48
danileigh79ActionParsnip: xboxdrv did not solve problem, should I reboot before trying someting else?15:48
mneptokBubo: if you're an Ubuntu users, i would carefully consider using MariaDB instead of MySQL15:48
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: did you load the driver module in?15:48
sacarlsonb0ot: like this The sl interface allows serial lines to be used as network interfaces      using the slip protocol.  The sl interface can use Van Jacobson TCP      header compression and ICMP filtering.  This is arranged by using the      various link-level flags to the ifconfig(8) command: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/picocom.8.html15:49
Bubomneptok why? is it easier? i want to use it with python15:49
mneptokBubo: there is discussion of replacing MySQL with MariaDB in the next release of Ubuntu.15:49
Computer-01Computers in my network cannot ping/connect to my ubuntu 10.04 server, and I can see and connect to them, what could the problem be?15:49
danileigh79ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/850109/15:49
mneptokBubo: MariaDB is neither easier nor more difficult, as it is a drop-in replacement for MySQL.15:50
sacarlsonb0ot: sorry wrong paist page http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man4/sl.4.html15:50
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: does it give an xboxdrv kernel module?15:50
MonkeyDustComputer-01  how can you see them, then?15:50
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: you may need to run the command with sudo too15:50
mneptokComputer-01: "connect" how? FTP? HTTP? SFTP? what?15:51
danileigh79ActionParsnip: working on a couple of the suggestions, uno momento :)15:51
Computer-01MonkeyDust, Lies I cannot ping them, but I can connect to their Mysql server, but they cannot connecto mine.15:52
Computer-01mneptok, using mysql-admin.15:52
_MarcusHow do I make it so that a user cannot leave it's home directory(anything above /home/user)?15:52
mneptokComputer-01: are inbund ports open on those machines? have you told the admin tool to accept connections other than from localhost?15:52
Zerpexwhen using "mkdir -p /var/www/somefolder" what exactly does the -p do then?15:53
oCeanZerpex: create parent dirs, if necessary15:53
Zerpexahh nice!15:53
Computer-01mneptok, I believe not... let me check this.15:53
ZeusCoolHi, I got this error and php is not working:--> mod_fcgid: process cgi_wrapper exit (communication error), terminated by calling exit(), return code: 11415:53
danileigh79ActionParsnip: It now says "Try to run 'rmmod xpad' and then xboxdrv again or start xboxdrv with the option --detach-kernel-driver.15:53
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: sounds like a plan15:54
JKwestQualcuno parla italiano?15:54
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:54
zykotick9danileigh79: when you catted the /dev/input/js0 when you pressed buttons/stick did text character appear as you pressed buttons/pad?15:55
sacarlsonb0ot: or maybe this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/configuring-slip-in-ubuntu-716436/15:55
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro15:55
JKwestGrazie mille15:55
danileigh79zykotick9:yes and no, It was doing it even though I wasn't touching the gamepad15:55
zykotick9danileigh79: ok, then that wasn't working at that point then (it should be still, unless you press stuff)15:56
ZeusCoolHi, I got this error and php is not working, I've been tring to solve and google it for two days but no luck:--> mod_fcgid: process cgi_wrapper exit (communication error), terminated by calling exit(), return code: 11415:56
Computer-01mneptok, how can I do that, since inside Mysql admin in networking the option to disable TCP/IP connections is not activated, and the ufw firewall is disabled15:57
BlouBlouguys, do you know any online-chess for ubuntu? something like the one which came in older versions of ubuntu15:57
danileigh79ActionParsnip: finally got something going here....15:57
mneptokComputer-01: telnet to the port that the admin tools uses. see if you get a response.15:57
MonkeyDustZeusCool  try ##php (that's double #)15:57
Computer-01mneptok, But one thing is that I cannot connect to my Server using the IP address only using localhost.15:57
vivekimsithow can I see the list of commands that I used on a particular day?15:58
mneptokComputer-01: DB server or ... ?15:58
bazhangvivekimsit, in bash? or on irc?15:58
vivekimsitin bash15:58
ZeusCoolI can't MonkeyDust15:58
mneptokComputer-01: you need to be MUCH more explicit. "connect to my server" whith what? SSH? a web browser? a database? what?15:59
Computer-01mneptok, in the stored connection using mysql-admin15:59
danileigh79ActionParsnip: ok, so now sudo xbobxdrv works, showing my the controls in a separate term window (using terminator) but when nI go into the emulator/game, it still doesn't do anything when I'm trying to map the gamepad in vba15:59
mneptokComputer-01: is mysqld running with access to the external port? or is it relegated to localhost?15:59
Computer-01mneptok, I am afraid I don't have the knowledge to answer that.16:00
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: yes but did you get the module loaded using the instructions you pasted earlier???16:00
danileigh79zykotick9: looks ilke catting js0 WAS soing something... the analog on this gamepad must be wacky as xboxdrv is showing the y and x axis constantly moving...16:00
sacarlson mneptok mysqld defaults to localhost only but can be setup to allow other ip access control16:01
Computer-01mneptok, this is inside of the conf. : bind-address=
mneptoksacarlson: i know, that's why i asked.16:01
mneptokComputer-01: if you want access to mysqld from somehting other than localhost, you'll have to bind to an external interface16:02
_MarcusHow do I chroot jail a user?16:03
danileigh79ActionParsnip: how? I used sudo rmmod xbox, then sudo xboxdrv, then sudo modprobe xpad again, and still not working16:03
Computer-01mneptok, what do you mean?, how can I do that?16:03
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: run 'rmmod xpad' and then xboxdrv again or start xboxdrv with the option --detach-kernel-driver16:03
mneptokComputer-01: edit your MySQL confogs so that it binds to eth0 (or whatever) instead of the loopback interface16:04
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: maybe the command has to be running for the device to work.....16:04
Computer-01mneptok, eth0 IP address right?16:05
danileigh79ActionParsnip: "unrecognized option '--detach-kernal-driver'" I did this with sudo16:05
mneptokComputer-01: use the interface name, not IP.16:05
MonkeyDustdanileigh79  kernel, not kernal16:06
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: try:  sudo modprobe xbox --detach-kernel-driver16:06
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: if you type invalid things, it won't work16:06
danileigh79ActionParsnip: *facepalming myself16:06
_MarcusDoes anyone know how to set up a chroot jail?16:09
lewiseasonHave you tried Google or the ubuntu forum, Marcus?16:11
ikonia_Marcus: it depends what you want to jail16:11
MonkeyDustlewiseason  don't say to 'google it' please16:11
MonkeyDust_Marcus  http://www.brudvik.org/2011/02/chrootjail-sftpscpssh-on-ubuntu/16:11
_Marcusikonia: I want a user to not be able to even see anything outside it's home directory.16:11
sacarlson_Marcus: chroot jail? only time you change root is if you more a whole system to a new root16:12
ikoniasacarlson: nope, there are many reasons16:12
urfr332gO_Marcus, here is a ubuntu man on jail  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man8/makejail.8.html16:12
ikonia_Marcus: ok, well, you have a few options, you can try to lock the level above the home directory with permissions, this will stop the user moving out of it, but it's not a chroot lock, you could also look at a chroot shell, there is also an option with sshd to chroot jail the user16:13
overcluckerWhen I use my bluetooth headset in duplex mode I can record audio, but I cant hear playback. Is there a fix for this?16:13
sacarlsonikonia: I don't see any user options in chroot16:13
ikoniasacarlson: that's fine, if you don't know any, I'm just informing you there are many reasons to chroot, beyond moving a root location16:13
sacarlson_Marcus: but you could just change all other file priv to not let your user see any other files but his home dir16:14
magmaubuntu server shows wich users are using the machine and mem usage when you logon though ssh. Is it possible to do the same thing with the normal ubuntu?16:14
vivekimsitHow can I know that which command I ran on a particular day in my bash shell?16:14
ikoniasacarlson: a user can still "cd /"16:14
ikoniasacarlson: changing the permissions won't a lock a user into their home directory16:15
oCeanvivekimsit: by default there is no timestamp in bash history file16:15
ActionParsnipikonia: it could if you make the folder not executable..16:15
sacarlsonikonia: yes he could cd but see nothing if the priv of all were like chmod 770 or at least other users couldn't see16:15
ikoniaActionParsnip: no, you can still /16:15
ActionParsnipikonia: damn16:15
vivekimsit oCean: So, is there not any solution16:16
oCeanvivekimsit: when you type the  history  command in shell, you will see your recent commands, by default last 1000 I think.16:16
ikoniasacarlson: you to lock a user into their home direcotry, you're suggesting changing every single file on the systme outside his home directory to remove world permissions /16:16
overcluckerI was actually hoping to be able to do my teleconference from ubuntu, instead of rebooting into windows16:17
sacarlsonikonia: yes I guess so16:17
danileigh79_2ActionParsnip, sorry, I had to take a break, I'm outside on my phone... This xbox controller is pissing me off more than having pms... *headdesk*16:17
ikoniasacarlson: may want to think that through a little more as a lot of things expect read access to certain directories16:17
ActionParsnipdanileigh79_2: if you type: modprobe xbox   then hit tab, does it autcomplete?16:18
vivekimsit oCean: Ya! but the list is normally very large so, I was thinking that if there is any command to see the commands of a particular day16:18
sacarlsonikonia: that's the method I use at least on my own home dir so no one but me can see it16:18
magmaubuntu server shows wich users are using the machine and mem usage when you logon though ssh. Is it possible to do the same thing with the normal ubuntu?16:18
danileigh79_2ActionParsnip, I'll try when I go back inside, lemme finish my cigarette16:18
ikoniasacarlson: stopping someone from seeing into your home dir, as to stopping someone from moving anywhere outside their home dir is a totally different concept16:18
oCeanvivekimsit: there is. Add this line  export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%F %T '  to your ~/.bashrc, then source the bashrc again16:18
Mike9863After I login my touchpad discontinues working and I'm forced to enter the command 'xinput set-int-prop 13 "Synaptics Off" 8 0' Why is this, and is there any way I can fix it?16:18
lewiseasonmagma: try "who"16:19
sacarlsonikonia: true but that's the only solution that's close I can come up with for _Marcus16:19
xubuntu5just write a script that runs that automatically after login?16:19
magmalewiseason: I also want to see mem usage and all the other things ubuntu server shows16:19
cmcx_linuxhey guys, I have an issue with ubuntu server 11.10 latest updates , kernel 3.0.0-16-server nfs-kernel-server_1%3a1.2.4-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb. When I try to showmount -a it segfaults.16:20
ActionParsnipMike9863: as xubuntu5 said (without targetting you) have a script that runs after login to run it for you..16:20
cmcx_linuxanyone lese experiencing this issue>/16:20
sacarlsonikonia: _Marcus: how about apparmor settings?16:20
ikoniathat's to stop applications being run,16:21
Mike9863ActionParsnip: I do have a script that runs at startup but the touchpad only stops working a few minutes into my session.16:21
vivekimsit oCean: thanks! its now little bit good now16:21
magmahow do I list the groups in the system?16:21
ActionParsnipMike9863: what make and model is the system?16:21
Mike9863ActionParsnip: I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 on an HP Pavilion dv616:22
danileigh79ActionParsnip: danielle@danielle:~$ modprobe xpad16:23
danileigh79dpad_to_buttons      triggers_to_buttons16:23
mattgmandoes anybody have their computer set up so that they can stream video to their android device?16:23
danileigh79That was not meant to be a flood, sorry616:23
ActionParsnipmagma: cat /etc/group |cut -d: -f116:23
sacarlsonikonia: _Marcus: well until a better solution I would just chmod XX0 on dir /etc  and /home  and leave the rest or maybe some /var stuf16:23
ActionParsnipdanileigh79xbox, not xpad...16:23
magmaand adding a user to a group?16:24
danileigh79ActionParsnip: sorry, mis read.... no, tabbing  modprobe xbox does not autocomplete16:24
ikonia_Marcus: that would be a terrible solution16:24
ActionParsnipdanileigh79: gah16:24
ikonia_Marcus: simpley chroot as you intended to, this is the type of solution chroot was designed for16:24
_Marcusikonia: I am trying this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24872416:24
=== alakoo_ is now known as alakoo
sacarlsonikonia: I think your right I've seen ftp use chroot that worked16:25
sacarlsonikonia: an example would be good16:25
ActionParsnipMike9863: try:   echo "options psmouse proto=imps" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf ; sudo modprobe -r psmouse; sudo modprobe psmouse16:25
=== fAithlOve is now known as faithlove
ActionParsnipMike9863: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6523/touchpad-not-working-on-hp-pavilion-dv6    try these suggestions16:26
Travis-42Can I move the Unity bar to the right somehow? I've got another computer on the left which I access via synergy, and the unity bar messes with this16:28
mrdebno i think unity is for left only16:29
mrdebit is like android so u cannot change much16:29
BlouBlouTravis-42: You can do it by installing "compizconfig-settings-manager"16:29
urfr332gOTravis-42, I have seen a hack for the bottom but not the right.16:29
Travis-42BlouBlou, I have it installed. I see no setting to move the bar in the unity plugin16:29
urfr332gOBlouBlou, not true16:29
magmacan I upgrade from 9.10 to the latest through command line?16:29
ikoniamagma: yes16:29
ikonia!upgrade > magma16:29
ubottumagma, please see my private message16:29
Travis-42urfr332gO, hmm, I'll have to look up this hack, maybe I can tweak it :-/16:30
BlouBlouYou're right, it's not possible to move it.16:30
urfr332gOTravis-42, it is on the web.16:30
zykotick9magma: you can't skip releases, so you'd need to upgrade 9.10->10.04->10.10->11.04->11.10.  Fresh install might be easier.16:30
magmathat does not show command line16:30
ikoniamagma: it does if you read it16:30
magmazykotick9: what's the command line to upgrade?16:31
mrdebapt-get update16:31
zykotick9magma: don't know - i think upgrading ubuntu is a bad idea16:31
ikoniamagma: it's listed in those links16:31
zykotick9mrdeb: nope16:31
mrdebit is apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade16:31
magmano it's not16:31
magmazykotick9: why is a bad idea?16:31
mrdebit is good to upgrade16:31
m4kHow to create ubuntu alternate cd from scratch16:32
zykotick9magma: just a personal opinion - i've seen to many upgrade issues16:32
jonb123I hate to be a bother but I'm using this software for the first time can i add different IRC channels16:32
magmamrdeb: that does not perform a upgrade to a next release16:32
BlouBloumagma: You can do it, but it will take long16:32
magmazykotick9: if I install the latest will I keep the data in /home ?16:32
psypher246i have upgraded with no issues between 4 veersion and had no issues and have upgraded between one version and had issues, it's a mixed bag, backup important stuff and try it out, no harm then16:32
BlouBloua long time, and... a lot of apps may fail16:32
zykotick9magma: only if /home is on a separate partition16:32
BlouBlouI wouldn't do it, fresh install is better16:32
zykotick9magma: which isn't default16:32
psypher246but it is a thing of beauty to upgrade and having no issues16:33
psypher246did it remotely as well16:33
m4kHow to create ubuntu alternate cd from scratch16:34
TimecopServer:  UnKnown16:35
Timecop*** UnKnown can't find ns.homelinux.com: Server failed16:35
ikoniayour dns is still not setup correctly16:36
TheSimkinhey guys, where can i find a log of what's been happening with apt?16:36
adomhi all16:36
Timecopsame thing like that16:36
TheSimkinfor some reason my nvidia driver got unloaded??16:36
Computer-01mneptok, I assigned in the IP, now I can connect using my COMPUTER IP, but I still cannot connect from an external IP.16:36
m4kHow to create ubuntu alternate cd from scratch16:36
ikoniam4k: you don't16:36
adomlost my top and bottom toolbars (10.04, default gnome 2 install)...what should i do to get them back?16:36
adomtried restarting x11-common - no luck16:37
zykotick9adom: try running "gnome-panel" if you can16:37
ikoniam4k: it's quite a complex process16:37
oCeanTheSimkin: see /var/log/apt directory16:37
ikoniam4k: there is no need for you to do it, it's already be done for you16:37
TheSimkinoCean: i've been there.. but nothing about nvidia is in there.. kinda weird!?16:37
m4kIkonia: any documentations16:37
=== basti2 is now known as basti
ikoniam4k: not that I'm aware of16:37
TheSimkinoCean: is there a cli version of the "restricted drivers" interface?16:38
sacarlsonadom: worst case create a new user and login to that one, then you can copy the files created when the new user was made back to the other user home dir16:38
adomzykotick9: nothing happens when i run that16:38
TheSimkinoCean: if now, how an i install the nvidia driver from cli?16:38
=== robot_man is now known as robotman5
adomsacarlson: dont think all thats necessary, a restart would bring them back, but i didnt want to restart16:38
mneptokComputer-01: you need to bind mysld to whatever IP address is going to be used for connections to the database. and is not a valid IP.16:38
adomzykotick9: that gnome-panel worked, just took awhile16:38
sacarlsonadom: can you just logout login then?16:38
m4kIkonia Already done?16:39
adomsacarlson: yeah but had a bunch of windows open wanted to avoid that16:39
zykotick9adom: :)16:39
adomzykotick9's method worked thanks everyone16:39
ikoniam4k: you can download the alternative CD - you don't need to make it16:39
oCeanTheSimkin: anything you install through software center, you can alos use  apt-cache search  and  sudo apt-get install <package>16:39
mneptokComputer-01: you are trying to form connections to that DB server from machines other than the localhost. the daemon needs to know where to listen.16:39
Computer-01mneptok, If no address or is specified, the server listens on all interfaces.16:39
MonkeyDustm4k  are you asfal from earlier today?16:39
sacarlsonadom: I don't think a restart will fix it but I've been wrong many times before16:39
mneptokComputer-01: in theory, yes. but i would try an actual physical address before anything else.16:40
sacarlsonadom: what you see when you logout login is same as you should see when you restart16:40
TheSimkinoCean: how do i know which nvidia driver is the right one?  it's a bit confusing.16:40
m4kIkonia: this sound is bad give some help. I ready to hard work16:40
ikoniam4k: what ?16:40
oCeanTheSimkin: I have no clue about the nvidia drivers, never used them16:41
=== macele_deceased is now known as macele
MonkeyDustm4k  start here => http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization -- http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/16:42
danileigh79ActionParsnip: If you're around, I need to head out for a bit... Thanks for your help, and when I get back I'll try some of the other things in the help forum16:42
m4kMonkeyDust:yes ;-)16:42
ikoniaMonkeyDust: stop giving people Linux from scratch links, it is NOTHING to do with building a CD16:42
MonkeyDustikonia  sorry, it's the word 'scratch' the guy is asking for16:43
ikoniaMonkeyDust: so do you even check the links you offer or do you just give links that contain the words mentioned in the question ?16:43
MonkeyDustikonia  the guy keeps hammering on the word 'from scratch', that's what i found16:44
ikoniaMonkeyDust: do you even know what Linux From Scratch is ?16:44
ikoniaMonkeyDust: just because the project contains the word "from scratch" does not mean it has any relevence to what is being asked16:45
MonkeyDusti won't advice it again16:45
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
Computer-01mneptok, now I cannot connect =.= not even using localhost.16:47
Computer-01mneptok, using mysql-admin16:48
sacarlsonComputer-01: can you see mysql runing with ps -A16:48
ikoniahow about asking "what is the error message"16:48
ikoniaand "what is the exact command you are running to connect"16:49
magmawhat is the interface that uses less memory?16:49
Computer-01sacarlson, no.16:49
magmaI use unity16:49
ActionParsnipmagma: LXDE16:49
sacarlsonComputer-01: then I guess it's not running, so you must have changed the config and it errored out at restart16:49
ActionParsnipmagma: XFCE16:50
Picimagma: lxde, xfce, any of the *box desktops.16:50
Computer-01sacarlson, how can I check this, since I believe that I changed this conf. back16:50
Mike9863ActionParsnip: Is there a way to revert what those touchpad commands you gave me did? Now my touchpad speed is slower and multi touch is not working.16:50
ActionParsnipmagma: you can get xfce by installing xfce4, log off then log into xfce session, LXDE can be installed by installing lxde package16:50
sacarlsonComputer-01: you can look in /var/log  and find mysql and see what the error might be16:51
ActionParsnipMike9863: delete the /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf    then reboot16:51
Mike9863ActionParsnip: Thanks16:51
magmaActionParsnip: what is thanks16:51
magmathanks, I mean16:51
sacarlsonComputer-01: maybe in this file /var/log/mysql/error.log16:51
Computer-01sacarlson, mysql.err and mysql.log are empty16:52
sacarlsonComputer-01: oh then try restart mysql16:52
=== milind__ is now known as abyss42
sacarlsonComputer-01: that should also show an error in the term as it starts if any16:52
magmahow can I kill a user via SSH that is logged in16:53
Computer-01sacarlson, 120220 12:38:11 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete16:53
ActionParsnipmagma: np man16:53
ActionParsnipmagma: is there only one connected?16:53
ActionParsnipmagma: stop the ssh service will do it ;)16:53
Computer-01sacarlson, start: Job is already running: mysq16:53
magmaActionParsnip: but I«m connected through ssh too16:54
Computer-01sacarlson, and still cannot connect... :/16:54
ActionParsnipmagma: you said there was only one connected, when there are two....16:54
magmasorry, he left is session opened in the machine16:54
sacarlsonComputer-01: oh it was running, ok can't connect how?  command line16:54
magmaand I'm the only via SSH16:54
Computer-01sacarlson, Using mysql-admin16:55
ActionParsnipmagma: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=92483716:55
ActionParsnipmagma: killall -u username16:55
Deihmosis the new version any better than 11.10?16:55
oCeanDeihmos: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion16:55
ActionParsnipDeihmos: new version of what?16:55
Computer-01ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2), sacarlson16:55
sacarlsonComputer-01: don't you have phpmyadmin installed?16:56
undecimWhere do I find reports on the scripts executed by cron from /etc/cron.hourly ?16:56
Deihmosubuntu. thought it was beta16:56
ActionParsnipDeihmos: all softwares in Ubuntu have a version..16:56
Deihmos11.10 was just bad to me \16:56
ActionParsnipDeihmos: if you are talking about Precise (Ubuntu 12.04) then please ask in #ubuntu+116:56
ActionParsnipDeihmos: if you dislike Unity, install Xubuntu :D16:56
Computer-01sacarlson, no.16:58
k013hi, if i'm running ubuntu on dual boot with windows can i upgrade to a newer release through windows itself? will such an operation delete all my old ubuntu content?16:59
sacarlsonComputer-01: sorry I haven't use this mysql-admin in some time is seems to work for me as I just put in localhost and user and password16:59
t4nk340the partitioning on disk /dev/sda is not readable by partition tool parted what i can do to solve this problem?16:59
TheSimkink013: not really, you need to be able to run apt-get update; apt-get upgrade16:59
TheSimkink013: you could use a virtual machine like vbox to start up your ubuntu will running windows.  but it's considered 'advanced'17:00
Lintk013, DON'T do that id you're usinf wubi install17:00
sacarlsonComputer-01: and as you said it worked before to some degree I assume you edited something and forgot to backup what you changed so complete remove and reinstall to get it back to original?17:00
Computer-01Hmm, but I dont remember making a deep reconfiguration, I Didnt back up thats right... but oh well..17:01
k013@thesimkin - that's the thing - ur askin me to upgrade via update manager, but i want to upgrade from iso image via wubi/ deamon tools17:01
Computer-01Hmm, but I dont remember making a deep reconfiguration, I Didnt back up thats right... but oh well.., sacarlson17:01
ActionParsnipk013: you'd upgrade ubuntu in Ubuntu.17:01
oCeanComputer-01: hang on17:01
TheSimkink013: so use virtualbox to start ubuntu up in a virtual machine, it's the only way17:02
sacarlsonComputer-01: you already tried restarting mysql right?17:02
ActionParsnipk013: did you use Wubi?17:02
TheSimkink013: if you wheren't running garbage (windows) but another linux distro you could just chroot.17:02
oCeanComputer-01: on commandline try  sudo netstat -anp |grep 330617:02
TheSimkink013: but if you use garbage I can't help you!17:02
ActionParsnipTheSimkin: you can chroot with wubi, its just not easy at all17:02
TheSimkinoh yah. go ta guide for that?17:03
sacarlsonoCean: Computer-01: ya that will show if mysql is listening17:03
TheSimkinhow would you mount a ext4 file system in windows to get to the point of chrooting?17:03
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ActionParsnipTheSimkin: you need to mount the NTFS as writable, you can then mount the file. A quick bit of websearching would show this: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1007816.html17:04
ActionParsnipTheSimkin: but you already knew that, right?17:04
TheSimkinno, i don't use windows at all.17:04
sacarlsonTheSimkin: I don't think windows has chroot but it does have 3rd party software to mount ext4 file systems17:04
ActionParsnipTheSimkin: you mount it in liveCD17:04