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mandelmorning all!09:26
* mandel rebooting due to updates09:29
* mandel back09:33
* rye back09:34
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mandelrye, ping10:40
ryemandel, pong10:40
mandelrye, do you have a netbook around?10:41
ryemandel, right a la derecha10:42
mandelrye, sweet, I have done a dialgo for ssl and I'd like to get your input when it is used on a netbook10:43
ryemandel, what to do, what to break, where to download?10:43
mandelrye, you just have to branch lp:~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/ssl-dialog and execute python ubuntu_sso/qt/ssl_dialog.py10:43
mandelrye, setting the python path ofcourse :)10:43
ryemandel, http://ubuntuone.com/7eyRQDCXcDSrfvzxq5bTCs ?10:57
mandelrye, does it fit if you expand it?10:57
mandellisettte, looks at ryes image10:57
ryemandel, there's no text in that area - http://ubuntuone.com/0ETrSVFg5TjpG4xbPMbcOP10:59
mandelrye, yes, that is ok, you are not getting it from a proxy error :)11:00
mandelrye, I was very interested in seeing the size of the dialog so that it fit well with a netbook screen11:00
mandelrye, also, what do you think about resizing the dialog when you collapse the text area? good idea or bad?11:01
mandelrye, I know that gnome does not do that, and in my netbooks iver annoying because I loose the view of the buttons11:01
lisetttemandel, rye: cool that fits11:04
ryemandel, well, in my experience, this horrible resizing thing is characteristic of gnome apps - look at apport for example11:04
mandelrye, exactly, and we are trying to fit with gnome, but not copy their stupid bigs :)11:05
mandellisettte, what do you think?11:05
lisetttemandel: looks like we could even try the narrower dialog size?11:06
mandellisettte, yes, it will look ok, but remember that this needs to be translated, so some languages might take more space than others..11:07
mandellisettte, if we get to close to the limit we might have reports from long languages (like spanish) that cannot see the dialog correctly because of that11:08
ryemandel, i can translate in russian and see how it fits11:08
ryerussian is also known for being longer11:09
mandelrye, cool, I have used qt designer for the text (I'm moving the text to be translated atm) can you do it from there?11:09
mandelrye, should be easy11:09
ryemandel, not that good11:21
mandelrye, let me see11:21
mandelrye, there should be something I can fix with the layout11:22
ryemandel, http://ubuntuone.com/6PKC58roWSYz2q5EOBsIeF http://ubuntuone.com/09icScKSrBnVxAbeYRrJmq11:23
ryemandel, the text in the middle is cut off11:23
mandelrye, it looks like the dialog does not resize correctly when the label grows.. let me fix that11:24
mandelrye, can you pass me a plain pastebin with the text you used, mainly to play with it :)11:30
ryemandel, yes, trying :)11:33
mandelrye, thx!11:33
ryemandel, PHP and other web scripts are not allowed11:34
ryewho maintains pastebin ?11:34
mandelno idea..11:34
ryemandel, http://pastebin.com/nYDeC5K211:36
lisetttemandel: can we see an example in Spanish (or Dutch)?11:43
mandellisettte, I think I know the issue, should be easy to fix, give me some mins11:44
ralsinamandel: good morning, can you please mail me screenshots of the SSL dialogs, please?12:12
ralsinamandel: and of whatever proxy dialogs we have12:13
mandelralsina, sure: http://ubuntuone.com/6AkotJRrh6AAPiWrTls6iQ and http://ubuntuone.com/4ryoeN4idT7WvdlkinX7XB12:14
mandelralsina, and for proxy creds: http://ubuntuone.com/4tNZoE0cqPNK25pJFLsXPZ and http://ubuntuone.com/1hhO53oSGqjKrjDcJakK9f12:16
mandelralsina, will write an email with those  too12:16
ralsinamandel: no need for the email, thanks12:16
mandelralsina, ok, I just gave you the u1 because they where there already :)12:16
mandelralsina, I've been using it to talk with lisette :)12:16
ralsinamandel: just don't unpublish them ;-)12:16
mandelralsina, I won't12:17
karniGood morning!12:20
mandelralsina, irgnore the blu link, that is a bug in the qt gtk themiing, which is going to be a PITA12:24
ralsinamandel: ignoring12:24
ralsinamandel: have you used the qt control panel lately?12:26
mandelralsina, the qt one, yes I have12:26
ralsinamandel: I am getting this: IPCError: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited:12:26
ralsinaand the panel blocks with the overlay showing12:27
mandelralsina, may I see the full stack trace? I suppose that is from the error dialog, right?12:27
ralsinamandel: no, on the terminal12:27
ralsinamandel: and no full stacktrace, let me pastebin what I get12:27
ralsinamandel: https://pastebin.canonical.com/60578/12:28
mandelralsina, ok, let me look12:28
mandelralsina, can you look with d-feet with dbus services do you have?12:31
ralsinamandel: sure, which one may I be missing?12:31
mandelralsina, it seems that is crashing in sd, since you get: ubuntuone.platform.tools.linux.IPCError12:32
mandelralsina, and that is from lp:ubuntuone-client12:32
ralsinamandel: hmmm but it's crashing in a call from u1cp12:35
mandelrye, I fixed the dialog , I really appreciated you help :)12:35
ralsinamandel: but yes, it may be sd crashing12:35
ralsinamandel: you're welcome!12:35
mandelralsina, thx to you too hehe12:35
mandelralsina, forgot to say it )12:36
ralsinamandel: never mind, I don't even remember how I helped ;-)12:36
mandelralsina, so, you get it from cp because is from dbus and you get the error from there..12:36
mandelralsina, QPainter.transalte12:36
ralsinamandel: ahh!12:36
ralsinamandel: ok, I will check to see if Imay have an old sd running orsomething12:36
ralsinaI have been having weird DBus errors in P, though. I have to restart dbus for the system bus to work12:37
mandelralsina, there are issues with qt and ubuntu p, actually between qt and gtk3 theming, that is why it keeps complaining about  Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",12:37
mandelralsina, so, expect loooots of bugs regarding theming, using wrong icons if you sue fromTheme etc.. :(12:37
ralsinamandel: it's ok12:38
ralsinamandel: that bridge we will worry about when we get there12:38
ralsinamandel: looks like we have a packaging bug for u1-client: https://pastebin.canonical.com/60580/12:42
mandelralsina, weird, 'cause I have that12:43
mandelralsina, but I did install the unity gir stuff, that could be the issue12:43
ralsinamandel: I have an unusual install because I started with a Kubuntu CD :-)12:43
ralsinamandel: and this is probably installed by default if you start with a Precise image12:44
mandelralsina, is possible that we have neglected that because up till the new gi reactor we could not use it12:44
mandelralsina, indeed, is very probable that is installed by default12:44
ralsinamandel: could be. I will install and file a bug if it's that12:44
mandelralsina, we should definetly either have them as a dependency or catch the import error12:46
ralsinamandel: right12:47
mandelralsina, we just 'support' ubuntu + unity for that, which is a terrible error :P12:47
mandelralsina, I'm not a huge fan of opening the ui from a diff process.. I see possible attacks :(12:49
ralsinamandel: if you are setting a qss for that link, try it with ambiance and radiance, just to see if contrast works (it will look wrongin one or the other anyway)13:08
mandelralsina, true.. I'll take a look on how to do the right thing13:09
mandelralsina, but the same issue will happen everywhere, right?13:09
ralsinamandel: yes, but since we have a qss for the rest of the UI, it doesn't follow the theme colors13:10
ralsinamandel: typo in the SSL dialog, says "if you are not usre"13:17
mandelralsina, is fixed :)13:17
ralsinamandel: where? ;-)13:17
mandelralsina, in ubuntu_sso.utils.ui.py :P13:17
mandelralsina, this is not yet in trunk, but I can update the image for you hehe13:18
ralsinamandel: ok, I meant it was there in the screenshots I just sent for copy review13:18
mandelralsina, I'll update that then13:18
ralsinamandel: don't bother13:18
mandelralsina, ok13:19
mandelralsina, stupid qt => Gtk-ERROR **: GTK+ 2.x symbols detected. Using GTK+ 2.x and GTK+ 3 in the same process is not supported13:35
mandelralsina, we will have to hard code it, which ain't nice13:35
ralsinamandel: right13:35
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mandelralsina, I'm off to have lunch, catch you later!13:40
ralsinamandel: buen provecho!13:41
mandelralsina, gracias!13:41
mandelralsina, stand up?15:01
ralsinamandel: ok. You!15:01
mandelDONE: More work on ssl dialog. Fixed some problems with the layout and the translations.15:02
mandelTODO: Look at qss for the dialog. Tallk with josh about ui freeze exception15:02
mandelBLOCKED: no15:02
mandelralsina, is jusy ou and me?15:02
ralsinamandel: yes, natl holiday in the US and AR15:02
ralsinaDONE: canonicaladmin, a branch to fix timeout in SSO-qt, misc stuff15:02
mandelralsina, why? did you kick us out or something?15:02
ralsinaTODO: bunch'o'things15:02
ralsinamandel: I had like 20 requests to signoff15:03
mandelralsina, ouch!15:03
mandelralsina, so sorry for you :)15:03
ralsinamandel: but they are done :-)15:03
mandelralsina, ok let me know if you need anything from me, I'll be trying to get some nice qss15:03
ralsinamandel: ok, cool15:05
mandelralsina, on question, do I add an other css for the style and add it to the resource file (qrc) or do I use the current css used by gatox?15:11
ralsinamandel: add it to diego's15:11
mandelralsina, using the same implies that I get the very non-ubuntu looks in the dialogs, which I don't want..15:21
ralsinamandel: ok, then a separate one :-)15:21
mandelralsina, thx.. because we want the 'gnome' looks, right?15:21
ralsinamandel: yes15:21
mandelralsina, ack15:23
mandelralsina, ok, I think I don't know qss over css, if I want to style the ul of a QLabel qhat selecter do I use, I've tried QLabel ul and ul with no luck15:28
mandelis not that I'm a person that decorates much the ui :P15:28
ralsinaGone cooking!15:44
ralsinamandel: a UL in a QLabel? That's not qss!15:44
ralsinamandel: QLabels support a subset of CSS2 IIRC15:44
mandelralsina,  :(15:44
mandelralsina, so, how do I tell it no to indent as much as it does?15:45
ralsinamandel: let me look15:45
mandelralsina, thx, I'll chat with urbanape in the mean time :)15:45
urbanapehey, mandel, you free?15:45
mandelurbanape, yes, mumble?15:46
urbanapeyup, I'm in Desktop Plus15:46
mandelurbanape, getting there15:46
ralsinamandel: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/richtext-html-subset.html15:47
ralsinamandel: basically, you should be able to set margin-left in the <ul> and it should just work15:48
ralsinamandel: or maybe not, that's HTML and I hate it ;-)15:48
mandelralsina, yeah, but it seems that qss does not like me to write it in an external file that is loaded..16:01
mandelralsina, I can hardcode it, is ugly, yet it works..16:01
ralsinamandel: CSS != CSS16:02
ralsinaoops, QSS != CSS16:02
mandelralsina, I know.. they make me have high hopes and then..16:02
ralsinafor things inside the label, treat it like a HTML page (except text and link color, by default, they are defined by the QSS)16:02
ralsinaso, there, it's a matter of sprinkling CSS in the text16:02
* ralsina goes to spin the risotto16:03
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