ScottLlen, looking briefly, i light the effort you put into it though :)00:01
ScottLbut it looks pretty good at this point, but again, i need to think more about it00:01
len-nbScottL: I'll clean it up anyway. (*.directory files and remove the mailer)00:07
len-nbIt may be better to fix up the panels first as they are broken right now.00:09
len-nbAs that is all one file I can fix it and send an attach in email.00:10
len-nbAll: while breaking the audio production menu into smaller bits may be a pain to the user who knows what each app does, the new user may find having everything separated into function easier to use.00:13
len-nbScottL: One more thing I wanted to ask (and anyone else who adds something)00:38
len-nbCould you announce when you upload any change?00:39
len-nbI then know to look for something new and what to check. it would mean feedback the next day pretty much.00:39
len-nbScottL: Just looked at the new files you uploaded... lightdm.conf in particular.00:56
len-nbYou have changed the default session, but did not add the greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter line. I thought that was needed for lightdm to work right.00:57
len-nbI guess the postinst is supposed to do that.01:00
len-nbI think it should set the default session too.01:00
ScottLlen, i believe that also (the postinst configures lightdm and set correct config file)01:01
ScottLlen, i also think i understand why some icons are not showing up in the menu/panels01:01
ScottLlen, when micah uploaded the -icon-theme package he removed some of the icons that i had included (which was based on xubuntu's work)01:02
ScottLi should note that he had good reason to do what he did, but i think we will probably still need them, especially for the menu icon and other ubuntustudio icon locations01:03
* micahg wonders what he excluded01:04
ScottLmicahg, there should have been quite a few pixmaps directories01:05
micahgScottL: IIRC, you already dropped all the icons, I just fixed the transitional packages so you got what you thought you were getting01:05
micahgScottL: I think that's a bug :)01:07
ScottLthere are icon and pixmaps directory that aren't there anymore01:07
ScottLi'm not really sure about where they should go (as far as which package) but i think we still need to include some of those01:07
micahgwell, the pixmaps are xubuntu specific, the icons should be broken out so US can use them as well01:07
micahgI mentioned it to ochosi before, but not sure what happened with that01:08
ScottLi think the pixmaps in this case were the menu icons, distributor icons, etc01:08
micahgbut, as I said, I didn't drop anything in the icons package, you did all that :)01:08
ScottLcrap, then maybe i forgot to 'bzr add' ?01:09
micahgScottL: bzr log -p | less01:09
ScottLi'm not on that machine currently :/01:09
ScottLbut i can do it in a bit though01:09
micahgno, you can run that on a checkout of the branch01:09
ScottLsorry about saying you did it, i saw that you had made some changes and presumed you had removed the icons as well01:10
ScottLespecially since you said you had been talking with ochosi01:10
len-nbScottL: I was just noticing that. You are right the icon is speced right so it must not be there.01:10
micahgI wouldn't do that without asking :), however, adding the same icons to US-icon-theme isn't a good idea, we should just get it broken out from xubuntu-artwork and add it to the meta dependency01:10
ScottLbut i would still need to add the pixmaps for the distributor logo01:11
ScottLi need to still do the LTS application, the mudita syncrequest, and something else tonight (after taking one of the kids into town)01:12
ScottLi won't get to this tonight, but i really want to do it soon01:12
Len-1204ScottL: When adding to the change log please add date. It looks like the default-settings package I can download is today's, but I am not sure The last dated entry is Jan30 and your's is after that... 03:02
Len-1204What I was looking at is the changelog in properties from synaptic.03:04
Len-1204Looking at LP, there is a date on the top change but not the one below.03:06
Len-1204Having done some more looking... it may be that two things were done the same day. My mistake.03:11
Len-1204Still learning how to read these things03:11
scott-upstairsastraljava, looks like quadrispro hasn't finalized the mudita24.desktop update yet03:20
scott-upstairsi see it in their git repo, but it doesn't look like it's been released yet though :(03:20
Len-1204scott-upstairs: Re: mudita24, if we add it as is. when the package gets up dated wouldn't our iso pull in the new one?03:22
scott-upstairsLen-1204, yes, it should03:23
Len-1204But you would like to get the sync request in.03:24
scott-upstairsalthough the package will not get updated this cycle unless we file a sync request with reason since we are past debian import freeze03:24
Len-1204What time frame?03:24
Len-1204Before we have to have it for 120403:24
scott-upstairsrefreshing the meta packages is not a trivial task, therefore before i ask micah or another to do such a thing i like to make sure that it is for a fairly non-trivial reason03:28
scott-upstairstherefore i have not been particularly in a hurry to include it in the seeds at this point03:29
scott-upstairsbut i seem to remember that the iso starting including these items anyways03:29
scott-upstairsso i guess i probably will go ahead and put it in there tonight03:29
Len-1204Just found out AT1 is under z ... no wonder I couldn't find it.03:31
scott-upstairsmudita24 added to seeds now03:35
Len-1204I'll check for it tomorrow.03:36
ScottLi sent the lts plan proposal to the technical board tonight03:37
ScottLnow i just have to figure out when and where the board will meet :/03:38
Len-1204ScottL: we are missing an icon called ffado  as it is a mixer, the alsa-tools icon could be copied to that name.04:13
ScottLLen-1204, i seem to remember that ffado might not ever have had a proper icon, maybe not and i'm just misremembering04:24
Len-1204Like i say we can use the same one all the other mixers use.04:25
Len-1204ScottL: putting another icon in is less intrusive than mucking with the *.desktop file.04:26
Len-1204ScottL:  Hexter is also missing it's icon... suggest a copy of phasex.xpm05:16
Len-1204Or link05:16
astraljavascott-upstairs: I'll check when I get home. It might be in sid, but just not synced.06:43
Len-1204ScottL: and anyone else http://www.ovenwerks.net/UStudiodocs/menu.html has been updated refresh if you are looking again.07:10
Len-1204The director icons/text has been fixed and the rest of the apps moved as needed.07:11
Len-1204There has already been one comment against any menu changes from stock on the list.07:11
Len-1204Good night, comments left here will be seen tomorrow. or the use list.07:13
scott-workmicahg:  are you able to help me upload the changes to the ubuntustudio-default-settings and ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme packages?16:26
micahgscott-work: yeah, I have to upload chromium first, but then I'll get to sponsoring17:28
scott-workmicahg: do you wish me to add sponsors to the bug report17:29
micahgscott-work: did you fix what I mentioned last night about default-settings?17:34
scott-workmicahg: i'm sorry, i don't remember which part that was, can you tell me again?17:40
* scott-work is checking logs now17:42
micahgScottL: you generally want to leave those changelogs as UNRELEASED until they're ready, as for ubuntustudio-default-settings, you didn't mention the gesttings override change, also, does ubuntustudio have greybird anymore (moved to shimmer-themes), plus IIRC elementary-xfce-dark is xubuntu specific ATM, so i'm not sure you have this either (this is something Xubuntu needs to fix)17:42
scott-workmicahg: i will leave the changelogs as UNRELEASED from here forward17:46
scott-workmicahg:  i'm not sure about mentioning the gsettings, but i trust that you are correct17:47
micahgso, as discussed last night, to use the xfce dark theme, you'll need to seed xubuntu-icon-theme17:47
micahgscott-work: bzr log -p -rtag:0.28..17:47
scott-workmicahg: i think we shoudl depend on xubuntu-icon-theme in -default-settings then so people can "upgrade" to ubuntu studio from vanilla and it will pull it in17:48
micahginstalling a default-settings package is a poor way to get US, usually we recommend installing the appropriate -desktop package, hence the idea to seed it17:48
scott-workoh, yeah...sorry, wasn't thinking about the -meta file17:50
scott-worki think most instructions i've seen has recommended installing all the individual packages actually17:50
scott-workand i don't think any have said to install ubuntustudio-desktop17:51
scott-workwhich would have made things probably a little less troublesome17:51
micahgthat's wrong too :)17:52
micahgubuntustudio-desktop should get you a working base US on top of vanilla Ubuntu17:52
micahgif not, the seeds should be fixed17:52
micahgnow, base US is whatever you want it to be :)17:53
scott-workokay, i'll add xubuntu-icon-theme to the ubuntustudio-desktop seed then17:57
scott-worki'll follow up later tonight about which theme and icon theme names to use17:58
micahgscott-work: do you want elementary-icon-theme as an option still as well?18:02
micahgit's currently pulled in by ubuntustudio-icon-theme, if it's not needed, then we can drop that source, if it is, I'd suggest a recommends in the seed next to the xubuntu-icon-theme18:03
scott-workmicahg: basically what i want is what xubuntu is doing because i like the way it looks18:05
micahgok, so can I drop the ubuntustudio-icon-theme package after we upload the meta with the new icons and the default settings with them selected?18:06
micahgyou also have the ubuntustudio-look package18:07
micahghmm, maybe the icons should just go there18:07
scott-workmicahg:  some of the packaging choices seem unwieldy now, although i'm sure there were reasons at the time18:09
micahgscott-work: ah, so, ubuntustudio-icon-theme is currently seeded, you'll want to replace that with xubuntu-icon-theme with a comment so people aren't shocked by it18:09
scott-workmicahg: okay, so the direct answer at this time is to replace ubuntustudio-icon-theme with xubuntu-icon-theme in the desktop seed and comment18:10
scott-workthen i also need to update ubuntustudio-default-settings and ubuntustudio-lightdm-theme with the correct theme and icon theme names18:11
micahgscott-work: well, it'll be easy to drop the icon theme once this round of uploads is done, the rest can be cleaned up next cycle if you want (it doesn't seem to be too bad)18:11
micahgyep, just give me a bug with all of them in there so I upload them together18:11
scott-workhehe, right now i just want to fix lightdm so we can boot into the isntall so we can debug the -rt privliges and pulseaudio<->jack bridging :P18:12
scott-workmicahg: this will probably wait until tomorrow night as tonight i need to prepare for a work meeting that takes place tomorrow18:12
micahgok, well, if that has changes not affected by this, I can upload that separately and we can do another upload later with the icon changes18:12
scott-workmicahg: the changes that i made already should fix the lightdm issues (i believe), mainly they were:18:24
scott-work1. updating the postinst files to properly configure lightdm with the correct configuration file18:24
scott-work2. updating the path for the lidghtdm background image18:25
scott-work3. setting the default session=ubuntustudio18:25
scott-workthis should get the boot to progress to the lightdm greeter now instead of hanging18:25
micahgok, I can look at that in a bit then18:26
scott-worki can also update the desktop seed for xubuntu-icon-theme (and comment) this evening as it is a minor adjustment and won't take much time18:27
scott-workthanks again for your help micahg, i'm sorry i'm being difficult, again, we certainly wouldn't get nearly as much done without you18:36
micahghuh, no complaints from my end :)18:37
* holstein high-fives scott-work & micahg !18:38
* micahg ^5 holstein18:39
scott-workthanks you too18:44
scott-workthanks, you two18:44
scott-workwork has been very difficult for a while and i'm really feeling pressure here lately and i'm a little fragile about stuff18:44
scott-worki'm not going to get fired or anything, but there are situations here where i'm being asked to do too much and the stress is a little bothersome and i'm trying to address some of these issues18:45
scott-workand the meeting at work tomorrow is one aspect of this18:45
scott-workwe've been also discussing hiring more people and replacing a few others because of quality issues18:46
scott-workthis will also address some of these issues as well18:46
scott-worksorry if that was a little akward for anyone, but i wanted to expain a few things and why the meeting is rather important18:47
scott-work 18:47
scott-workholstein: i got an email from dick macinnins with some backgrounds for plymouth, lightdm, and desktop images18:47
scott-worki'd call them a work in progress but they're okay right now18:48
micahgscott-work: I can make the icon changes later tonight if you like so you don't have to worry about it?18:48
scott-worknot quite as thematically linked as i would like but it's a starting place18:48
scott-workmicahg: either way, changing the icon theme in the seed should quite literally be a five minute (or less) task18:49
scott-workholstein: oh, and note quite a gray as i would have liked either ;)18:49
len1204ScottL, and whoever else would like to know. mudita24 is in todays iso, good. however, it gives some interesting error reports.22:45
len1204ubuntu-studio@ubuntu-studio:~$ mudita24 22:46
len1204ALSA lib conf.c:1220:(parse_def) show is not a compound22:46
len1204ALSA lib conf.c:1686:(snd_config_load1) _toplevel_:24:26:Unexpected char22:46
len1204ALSA lib conf.c:3406:(config_file_open) /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf may be old or corrupted: consider to remove or fix it22:46
len1204using --- input_channels: 422:46
len1204 --- output_channels: 422:46
len1204 --- pcm_output_channels: 822:46
len1204 --- spdif in/out channels: 222:46
len1204It is telling us we have a bad /usr/share/alsa/pulse-alsa.conf file.22:47
len1204I am wondering if this would have anything to do with our jack-pa bridging problem.22:47
len1204That file does not "look" corrupted to me. I don't know what all the stuff means for sure but it makes sense.22:50
len1204I am not sure if this should be filed as a bug against PA of mudita24.22:51
len1204When I tried the last version of mudita24 when we were thinking of syncing, I did not get these errors.22:52
len1204When I reboot, I will try it against an older (10.04 I think) version of US.22:53
astraljavaquadrispro: Maybe you don't have mudita hilights, so pinging you directly. :) ^^22:53
len1204mudita24 seems to work ok.  Pulse does some funny things with it.. or the sound card.23:13
len1204I was at first suprised to see all the monitor outputs with audio, but then realized that pulse was sending sound to all of those channels.23:14
len1204I am running todays iso live so I haven't set the cards in the right order.23:15
len1204but pulse is happy to send the sound to jacksink. Jacksink has 10 outputs so PA tries to make sense of what is there.23:17
len1204it does a good enough job... after all the idea is to get sound out.23:18
ailomudita24 will only communicate directly with the sound card23:19
ailoJust like envy2423:19
len1204Running the off card as hw0 gets rid of all my jack-PA bridging problems.23:21
len1204Jack goes to hw1.23:22
len1204Wow, my ensonic card and PA->jack is really bad!23:27
len12044214 xruns23:27
len1204and climbing23:28
len1204with no audio.23:28
len120423:28:53.470 Client deactivated.23:30
len120423:29:18.480 D-BUS: JACK server could not be stopped. Sorry23:30
len1204Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 2012: Client 'qjackctl' with PID 3898 is out23:30
len1204Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 2012: Stopping jack server...23:30
len1204Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 2012: Client 'system' with PID 0 is out23:30
len1204Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 2012: Client 'PulseAudio JACK Sink' with PID 3927 is out23:30
len1204Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 2012: Client 'PulseAudio JACK Source' with PID 3927 is out23:30
len120423:29:48.968 D-BUS: JACK server could not be stopped. Sorry23:30
len1204Hmm, now I can't stop jack.23:31
len1204Ok, kill -9 will stop anything...23:43
len1204Installing, slide show still flashes at slide change... differently as the video card is different.23:44
len1204Hopefully this will be corrected when we have a theme in place.23:44
len1204There seems to be a problem with how ubiquity looks for sources of software.23:46
len1204syslog shows: Feb 20 23:42:03 ubuntu-studio ubiquity: W: Duplicate sources.list entry http://a23:47
len1204rchive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-updates/multiverse i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt23:47
len1204Feb 20 23:42:03 ubuntu-studio ubiquity: W: You may want to run apt-get update to23:47
len1204 correct these problems23:47
len1204But seems to install ok. Could be that it is looking at both the iso and the online repos23:48

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