j0shhow do i propagate an instance variable to dependent jobs?21:23
j0sheg, jobs that rely on "start on foo" behavior, and if 'foo' depends on an instance, how can i pass that information along?21:23
JanCj0sh: you want to start on a particular instance of foo?22:02
JanCparticular instance of foo being started?22:03
JanCyou can do something like: "start on started foo INSTANCE=bar"22:08
j0shJanC: i need to start on all instances22:13
j0shi think i figured something Close Enough by exporting the environment variable i'm trying to capture the instance into22:14
JanChttp://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#standard-environment-variables --> you can probably export those22:15
j0shyeah but im not sure if the INSTANCE environment variable is exported across dependencies (and i dont know how to check)22:17
j0shbut doing something like this worked okay22:17
j0sh  4 instance $PORT22:17
j0sh  5 export PORT22:17
j0shis there any way to manipulate that variable, eg arithmetically?22:19
JanCyou can change environment variables in a script section...22:27

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