micahgochosi: what ever happened with making an "upstream" release of elementary-xfce-dark so Ubuntu Studio could benefit as well?01:11
ochosimicahg: hm, it has already been packaged by mr_pouit (in xubuntu-icon-theme), someone from studio said they would discuss it with their PL whether that's a problem01:12
micahgScottL: ^^01:13
ochosimicahg: sorry i didn't follow that up more, i kinda expected someone else to take it from there01:13
micahgochosi: no problem, sounds like you did your part, thanks01:14
ochosik, yw01:14
ochosigah, there is such an annoying bug in the icons btw01:14
ochosithis is how the power-icon should look like: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-02202012-021032am.php01:14
micahgall my icons are dark01:15
ochosiwhat do you mean?01:17
ochosiand this is what it currently looks like: http://imagebin.org/19974201:17
ochosiif you look close enough, the second one is scaled down a bit01:17
micahgwell, except for the sound indicator, all my icons are dark on a dark background01:18
ochosiin precise?01:18
ochosior in oneiric?01:18
ochosiwhat icon-theme are you using?01:18
micahgelementary Xubuntu dark which I guess is the wrong one01:19
ochosiright, that's not really maintained anymore01:19
ochosiit's deprecated01:19
ochosielementary-xfce-dark should work01:19
micahgah, Xfce dark is much better :)01:19
ochosigood to hear :)01:19
ochosithat is what i've been working on01:20
micahgwell, except for the xfce4-mixer icon01:20
ochosiwhat's up with that?01:20
micahgit's dark instead of white01:20
ochosistrange, mr_pouit didn't mention that01:20
ScottLthanks micahg, ochosi 01:20
* micahg figures his nm-applet icon issue will be fixed now as well01:20
micahgScottL: so, you'd like to use the xfce dark icon theme?01:21
ochosiScottL: np, let us know whether the package being xubuntu-icon-theme is a problem. it has mainly remained like that for convenience i think01:21
ochosiactually there are two versions, one for dark, one for bright panels01:21
ScottLmicahg, yes, the elementary-xfce-dark (i think) is the one that looks good to me01:21
ScottLochosi, you mean there are two versions within the same package?01:22
ochosimicahg: what would you recommend for my vm? daily image or alpha?01:22
micahgochosi: daily01:22
ochosiScottL: yes, but the -dark version is just an addon01:22
ScottLmicahg, i guess we (ubuntustudio) should still have a ubuntustudio-icon-theme pacakge that relies on xubuntu-icon-theme but also has the /pixmap directory01:23
micahgScottL: ah, so, that's all that's in that package is the 3 icon themes, elementary xubuntu, elementary xfce, and elementary xfce dark01:23
ochosiScottL: it's like that: elementary-xfce contains everything. elementary-xfce-dark is an addon that inherits elementary-xfce but replaces the panel-icons with white ones01:23
ochosimicahg: actually elementary xubuntu should be dropped01:23
ochosimicahg: not sure why that's still there01:23
micahgScottL: no pixmaps in this package01:24
ochosimicahg: maybe it should be replaced by a symlink to elementary-xfce-dark for upgrades01:24
micahgochosi: can you file a bug to track this?01:24
ScottLmicahg, how should i get the ubuntu studio logo then onto a system?01:24
* ScottL is afk a bit, taking son to town for a bit, should be back in about one hour01:26
micahgScottL: that's what the xubuntu-artwork package does, don't know if you want to copy that idea, "icon theme" for that seems counterintuitive01:26
ochosimicahg: against xubuntu-artwork?01:27
ScottLmicahg, should the menu icon then be part of the ubuntustudio-menu package?01:27
micahgScottL: sounds reasonable01:27
* micahg also steps away for a few minutes01:30
ochosimicahg: ok, reported bug and subscribed you01:31
micahgochosi: thanks02:17
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ScottLmicahg, ochosi:  can you give me an overview of what i need to do for the icons?02:42
ScottLe.g. include elementary-xfce-dark in seeds or have ubuntustudio-default-settings depend on them02:43
ScottLshould i just get rid of the ubuntustudio-icon-theme?02:43
ScottLnote that i basically want to use the xubuntu theme and icons the way they are, i do not want to add anything different02:44
ScottLwith the only exception that i want the ubuntu studio icon in a few places in lieu of the xubuntu xfce icon02:44
ochosimicahg: can't reproduce your problem with the mixer in my precise vm02:57
ochosimicahg: the icon is there and it's white02:57
ochosiScottL: i don't really have any packaging expertise, i guess it's best if you talk to mr_pouit about that02:57
ochosii'm off, night everyone!03:00
micahgochosi: ok, maybe a left over, I"ll have to dig later03:42
micahgScottL: so, those pixmaps are in the artwork package, so you could Ubuntu Studio could just recommend/depend on xubuntu-icon-theme03:43
ScottLmicahg, but i need to replace the xubuntu pixmaps with ubuntu studio ones04:23
ScottL/usr/share/pixmaps has xubuntu specific images of the xfce logo04:23
micahgScottL: yes, those are shipping in xubuntu-artwork (a separate package), so you can ship them in ubuntustudio-menu as you suggested04:25
ScottLokay, so i can make something like us-default-settings or us-look depend on xubuntu-icon-theme and then add the us specific pixmaps to the us-menu package04:34
ScottLi can do that :)04:34
micahgScottL: you can just seed the icon package (recommends or depends depending on how important it is to US)04:37
ScottLgood point05:09
knomehttp://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/q_planning/xubuntu-q.pdf updated09:44
astraljavaHeh, I can't remember when I have been using FF the last time, but so far the current release on oneiric seems to beat Chrome pretty much hands down. I had no idea!11:58
mr_pouitochosi_: I'll do s/inherits=elementary-xfce/inherits=elementary-xfce-dark/ instead I think13:00
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ochosileo-unglaub: hey there15:26
mr_pouit(oh, btw, i'm not an xfce dev, only an active contributor)15:27
knomehey mr_pouit :)15:28
mr_pouithey :p15:28
knomemadnick, hey?15:28
leo-unglaubhi ochosi15:30
ochosileo-unglaub: just saw that you're a fellow austrian :)15:30
j1mcochosi: i'm going to be in vienna from wednesday afternoon through saturday morning. are you near vienna?15:31
ochosij1mc: i'm _in_ vienna :)15:31
leo-unglaubochosi: well...i am from germany....but i am living in vienna 15:31
leo-unglaubthats a big difference *g*15:31
j1mcwhoa, cool. we should meet up. i'm staying at a hotel near the city center.15:31
knomej1mc, woot??15:31
ochosij1mc: but we'd have to meet on wednesday, from thursday on i'll be on holidays (switzerland)15:31
j1mcochosi: ok15:31
j1mcknome: yes, woot15:31
ochosij1mc: well or thursday breakfast... :)15:32
knomej1mc, so when are you going to be in helsinki??15:32
ochosij1mc: where exactly are you at?15:32
ochosileo-unglaub: hehe15:32
j1mcone sec...15:32
ochosileo-unglaub: anyhoo, if you're up to help out with xubuntu, that would be most welcome15:32
j1mcknome & ochosi - i just wrote up a blog post: http://j1m.net15:33
ochosioh right you're in brno!15:33
knomej1mc, i noticed, i'm subscribed via rss15:33
leo-unglaubochosi: sure15:34
knomej1mc, though didn't read it since wasn't too interesting thing, sorry ;(15:34
leo-unglaubi am working currently on some things15:34
j1mcknome: no worries - it's not for you, per se.15:34
leo-unglaubbut, i am just my 4 day in xfce, i take some time lerning the workflow...15:34
knomej1mc, i know ;]15:34
leo-unglaubfor an old gnome2 user it's not always the same15:34
leo-unglaubochosi: are you in vienna?15:34
* knome organizes an xfce-xubuntu-hackfest someday in helsinki15:34
ochosileo-unglaub: yup15:34
leo-unglaubochosi: where exactly? 1170?15:35
ochosileo-unglaub: 116015:35
ochosileo-unglaub: why, are you trying to triangulate my ip? :D15:35
ochosij1mc: that video looks pretty impressive. btw are the scrollbars native gtk3.4 or what is that?15:36
leo-unglaubochosi: lol, just a lucky guess.... i am living in 1170 and working in 1160 :)15:36
knomeochosi, maybe he's an old perv15:36
knomeleo-unglaub, you should meet one day with ochosi so he could convince you to start working on xubuntu15:36
ochosileo-unglaub: heh, right. well i saw that on your website15:36
j1mcochosi: i'll be at this hotel: http://www.austrotel.at/en/hotel_vienna_viennart/the_hotel.html15:37
j1mci don't know if it is a good hotel, but it looks nice in the pictures15:37
leo-unglaubyou googled me? *g*15:37
knomej1mc, well their site doesn't work without js... so they must suck!!115:37
knomei mean, that's hilarious15:38
ochosileo-unglaub: well that was easy enough, you use your real-name everywhere :)15:38
knomewhy don't the hotels hire somebody who can do unobtrusive photo-slideshows15:38
knomeeg. without js, it's a static image15:38
ochosij1mc: oh, right, i dunno that hotel – but that's not a huge surprise, i live here ;)15:38
j1mcsorry, knome, i'll be sure to complain to the manager.15:39
knomej1mc, please do!15:39
knomej1mc, also, tell them my contact information15:39
j1mcok :)15:39
ochosij1mc: but yes, i know where it is and i'm physically close to that place now (less than 1km)15:39
j1mcah, excellent15:39
j1mci'll need to check and see when i arrive. pm me your email address, if you don't mind.15:40
knomeochosi, can you convince j1mc too to work (again) on xubuntu?15:40
j1mcknome: he can try :)15:40
knomei'm sure he can.15:41
mr_pouit(with enough rhum and a new baseball bat)15:41
knomemr_pouit, yes15:41
* ochosi leaves to buy a baseball bat15:41
knomeochosi, great, i can cover some of the expenses15:42
leo-unglaubis Daniel Morales here=15:42
leo-unglaubi have a question about this thunar share ṕlugin15:42
ochosileo-unglaub: don't think so, you might wanna ask in #xfce-dev, maybe someone there knows him15:43
ochosiis he the original developer or maintainer?15:43
leo-unglaubyes, he is15:43
mr_pouithe's the original developer, but I think he's been inactive for ~18 months15:44
mr_pouitochosi: fyi, ambiance doesn't show this box for menu icons, so I guess the fix is somewhere in it :[15:47
mr_pouit(same for radiance)15:47
ochosimr_pouit: yeah, i thought so15:47
ochosimr_pouit: i just started working in my precise vm 24hrs ago and have been @work since the morning, so not much time yet15:47
mr_pouitwhat, 86400 seconds and still no fix? ;-)15:48
ochosiwell i know you have high expectations from me (and yes, it's totally justified, i _am_ a genius)15:49
ochosino, seriously, i'm not sure i can manage it this week15:51
ochosibut i still have hope15:51
ochosiif it's not too complicated or elaborate15:52
knomeochosi, our own 7-year old genius16:08
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micahgmr_pouit: is it worth asking to get lightdm-gtk-greeter uploaded to experimental, or could we upload from the VCS?22:19
mr_pouitfeel free to ask corsac, but I'm not sure he'll agree22:33
mr_pouitAnyway, uploading from the svn should be fine.22:33
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