sp4zs/that w/than00:00
nikindvanstone: i dont know. Audio is supposed to be close real-time00:00
squireyeah i know that real time issue is a big one00:01
nikinso i go... i have a 12.04 to install... lets hope it works :P00:01
squirethx nikin!00:01
nikinyou'r welcome00:01
dvanstonenikin; doesn't sound like a real sound issue if you know pulse00:02
squiredvanstone what u mean?00:06
dvanstoneit's not real or sound and attempted logged ... but go for it00:09
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w0uldIs there a way to add a ssh key to my login keychain so that it unlocks automatically during login?  I seem to remember this being prompted to do this in versions around the time of the last LTS release.01:39
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gry1What is a possible reason of some applications being listed in "~/.local/share/applications/" twice or more (hence being mentioned few times in the application choice windows)?04:23
god-zotacguess i could share this info if anyone has a e-350/450 apu and trying to get hardware acceleration working with xv in precise 12.04.. don't expect it to work for a while. xv playback is broken with fglrx in versions 11.11, 11.12, and 12.1. however gl playback is fine with hardware acceleration in fglrx version 11.12, but not in 12.1 or 11.11.  i messed with it all night until i figured out the optimal settings with the latest xorg abi08:48
Unit193I don't have it, but you got cut off.08:48
Unit193"optimal settings with the latest xorg abi"08:48
god-zotacwell the optimal settings with hardware acceleration being fglrx 11.12 with xv disabled in xorg.conf  and setting your video players to use openGL for video output and be sure to enable acceleration in the player also08:51
god-zotacdone a few other things like append the following to /etc/environment: LIBVA_DRIVER_NAME=xvba ; LIBVA_DRIVERS_PATH=/usr/lib/va/drivers08:52
god-zotacits not as good as xv playback, but it gets the job done playing 1080p with your Zacate series apu08:53
baizongod-zotac: thank you, i have a E-450 APU08:57
god-zotacbaizon:: guess you have been kinda baffled by it too huh08:57
god-zotacwithout doing the above it will crash your Xorg server, or you will have to use the open source driver without hardware acceleration08:57
god-zotacor you will just get a green screen for video when using GL08:58
god-zotacits some weird things08:58
god-zotacbut bugs with xorg + fglrx are always common08:58
god-zotacas soon as fglrx fixes a bug, xorg introduces a new one08:58
baizoni hate fglrx08:58
god-zotaci don't care nothing for it either08:59
baizonespecially on dual-screen08:59
baizonjust using it right now because of the hdmi audio08:59
god-zotacbut its the only way to get decent HD playback on these e series apus it seems08:59
baizonmaybe fglrx 12.2 will fix the problem09:02
god-zotaci'm hoping it does09:02
god-zotaci read in a forum that it did09:02
baizonthank god09:03
god-zotacbut i don't know how anyone knows unless they work for amd09:03
god-zotaci can't find a beta/preview of 12.2 for linux anywhere, there is one for windows, but not linux09:03
god-zotacand nothing about the windows driver would apply to linux, since the issue has to do with xorg and xv09:03
god-zotaci'm kinda skeptical about it being fixed in 12.2 though09:04
god-zotacsince 12.1 fails to work where 11.12 does and 12.1 also fails with xv the same as all previous versions did that are compatible with xorg 1.11+09:05
god-zotacgotta get some sleep though. ttyl09:06
baizonsee you :)09:07
baizonand thx for the info09:07
god-zotacno problem09:08
Kingsyok, if I used    startxfce /   in my xstartup file for vnc, and you "log out" using the GUI, the screen goes grey.. even when you log back in.. how do you prevent this?09:22
Kingsybasically if you log out it seems to kill the xfce4 session, and logging back into the vnc server doesnt seem to run "xstartup" again so it doesnt start a new session09:27
ZippyXanyone here ?10:26
TheSheep!hi | ZippyX10:27
ubottuZippyX: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:27
ZippyXi have xubuntu 11.10 installed but i cannot get the top menu icons aligned to center10:27
TheSheepZippyX: you add two separators and make them both stretch10:28
ZippyXat the first boot the bottom menu icons were in center, but some bug or something and they are aligned to the left10:28
ZippyXbottom bar, not topo bar (sorry)10:29
ZippyXok, ill try that10:29
ZippyXhum, i cannot get the icons in the center10:30
ZippyXi can move them but they allways allign to the left10:31
TheSheepif you add a separator there, then it will push them to the right, if you add another one at the right, then the icons will be pushed to the center10:32
baizonZippyX: like TheSheep said, try to add a seperator to the left, that stretches10:32
ZippyXi did tried that, but if i add a separator on the left the icons dont move to the center10:40
ZippyXif i trie to move the separator to the center the icons doesnt move10:41
ZippyXthe option in bottom pannel "extended" needs to be selscted ?10:41
baizonZippyX: yes10:42
ZippyXits selected10:43
ZippyXthe first time i booted and the bottom menu was aligned to center i have unselected that option and i could not the the icons centered anymore10:44
ZippyXhow do i reset the bottom menu ?10:44
laiteZippyX: don't know about resetting, but you can 'center' items by adding separator with 'expand'-property checked on both sides of launchers11:45
laiteso panel items are like: separator launcher launcher .. launcher separator11:46
laitehm, too late, it seems :/11:47
Adriannomhi.  trying to get my hp scanjet 5590 to work, currently no scanners show up in simple scan even though it's on and connected.  it worked out of the box a few months ago with 10.04.  i'm using xubuntu 11.10 now.  tried different usb cables.  google no help.  any advice on how to diagnose?12:04
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1864115  adriannom12:22
bazhangaugh ask 'n quit12:22
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leo-unglaubhi, is there an easyier way to edit multiple monitors support rather than editing the config file manualy?13:32
ablomenleo-unglaub, try arandr13:45
leo-unglaubablomen: works perfect, thanks !13:47
jadoeis there a gui available for managing what services are started automatically?13:53
mongyjadoe: any services in particular?14:29
jadoetomcat, openarena. but i already found sysv-rc-conf.14:30
mongysudo update-rc.d -f tomcat remove14:31
mongyet cetera14:32
mongysudo update-rc.d tomcat defaults to enable14:32
Kingsyguys.. anyone use a vnc server with xubuntu ?14:55
MarzataKingsy: sure14:58
KingsyMarzata: what does your xstartup file look like?14:59
Kingsy.vnc/xstartup I mean15:00
MarzataKingsy: let me se the server setup15:00
MarzataKingsy: no .vnc/15:01
KingsyMarzata: see I am struggling cos I am using this to start the xfce session -->    startxfce /    but if the user when in the session, logs out, the vnc gui doesnt close but goes grey.. if you close the vnc screen and log back in its still grey15:01
Kingsyit looks like it only makes a new xfce interface when the user logs into the server for the first time15:02
KingsyMarzata: huh? so how do you start your xfce session ?15:02
MarzataKingsy: there is vino installed on the server machines15:03
Kingsyugh.. nevermind ;)15:03
mongybit old maybe but I like xnest15:29
popschI added a new type with gconftool-2 (/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/mutt-id/command), but "xdg-open mutt-id:lkdjfkdjf" still says that it doesn't recognize the type15:49
popschdo I need to reload the gconf files?15:49
ThePendulumI've got a bit of an issue15:51
ThePendulumMy cursor becomes invisible as soon as it should appear on the second screen15:51
ThePendulumIt's still there though, because I can hover and click buttons and such15:51
GridCube!details | ThePendulum15:52
ubottuThePendulum: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:52
ThePendulumWell... what more can I say?15:52
ThePendulumI've got a dual screen setup, to be clear15:52
ThePendulumAnd the cursor becomes fully graphically invisible as soon as I move it to the second screen15:52
ThePendulumThe right one15:52
ThePendulumIt IS visible on the other screen, however15:52
GridCubewhat xubuntu are you using? wich video card are you using? etc15:52
ThePendulumXubuntu 11.10, Radeon 685015:53
ThePendulumI had this issue before, but it somehow solved itself15:53
ThePendulumHowever, I'm not really looking forward until that happens15:53
ThePendulum*to wait15:54
popschmy problem is known (xdg-open won't recognize new entries), so just ignore it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-utils/+bug/78867315:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 805063 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #788673 [dash] preferred applications are not stored in GConf anylonger" [Critical,Fix released]15:55
GridCubeThePendulum, are you using compiz?15:58
ThePendulumGridCube: Nope. It's a fresh install besides some irrelevant software16:03
ThePendulumWhat's the best method for setting up a dual screen?16:04
GridCubenever had to, so i don't know, but i guess that i would try to set it up with arandr16:04
ThePendulumI know how to set it up with randr, but that's only temporary16:04
mongyput the commands you use with xrandr in .xprofile16:17
GridCubehe's gone for a while mongy16:19
GridCubemongy, care to help me with something?16:26
mongyhow do I add items to the top level menu, like web browser and email client is by default.16:26
GridCubemongy, you could try using alacarte16:26
mongyI have edited the .desktop file for the item I want and set X-TopLevel16:26
Sysiyou probably need to edit menu file(s)16:26
mongycould, but rather not16:27
GridCubeSysi, do you care to help me with something?16:27
GridCubethis site http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=41016:27
GridCubewhen i clic download16:27
GridCubeit says i dont have ennough memory16:27
GridCubeand asks me to close some programs16:28
GridCubeim using ff 9.0.116:28
starnhello, does anyone use Clenentine? if so i need assistance.16:29
baizon!ask | starn16:29
ubottustarn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:29
SysiGridCube: what says?16:29
SysiGridCube: you could use wget, wget http://address.is in a folder you want to download to16:30
GridCube"there is not enough memory to complete the solicitated action" "close some aplications and try again" thats how it roughly translates16:30
GridCubeSysi, yeah, i just wanted to try it, its not important but that error is weird16:31
starnwell i have headphones and speakers.. headphones are in the front jacks and speakers in the rear like most computers.. now than.. on windows.. more so with winamp. i can play music through my speakers and have my teamspeak or other audio stuff play through my headphones (easier to talk like this) is there away to setup clementine to do this as well?? or any player for xubuntu/ubuntu...16:32
Sysistarn: try with pavucontrol and/or paprefs16:34
baizonstarn: you have to change your audio settings, its not clementines "fault". Try pavucontrol16:35
starnuhh, Sysi can you explain?? is this more stuff i may need to download??16:35
Sysithey're apps controlling sound output in xubuntu16:35
Sysiplayer doesn't do it16:35
baizonstarn: yes, download pavucontrol, its a audio settings manager for audio devices and apps16:35
Sysiwell, player *could* but I think none of them does16:36
starnlike in output device it says leave blank for default. examples: /dev/dsp,   front  etc..  is there something i can write in that to make it do so???16:36
starnbaizon, Sysi. i already have pavucontrol..16:37
starnwill installing paprefs break anything if i have pavucontrol? for pavucontrol does not appear to have the function i am intending to do.16:42
GridCubeSysi, it doesnt give you the same error than me?16:45
mongyis port 177/tcp and 177/udp the only ports I need for xdmcp forwarding?16:46
SysiGridCube: not with chrome on os x16:48
GridCubewell i guess i should file a bug16:48
baizonGridCube: i can download it too16:49
baizonwith no errors (xubuntu 11.10)16:49
GridCubewhat firefox are you using?16:50
SysiGridCube: how much ram do you got, do you have tons of apps open, long uptime, browser been on for long?16:50
baizonGridCube: Firefox 10.0.216:50
GridCubeSysi, it doesnt give me problems in any other link to download, i tried them16:50
GridCubebaizon, well that should be it, will update firefox then16:50
baizongot 9.0.1?16:54
starnok... guys i have no clue how to make it play through speakers and not my headphones... i've tried like all the configurations i can see on paprefs and pavucontrol...16:59
Haferstrohwie müßte ein Konsolenkommando aussehen, mit dem ich in einem Verzeichnis meiner Wahl, bei Dateien meiner Wahl die Leerzeichen im Dateinamen durch Unterstriche ( _ ) austauschen kann?17:00
Haferstrohoh, sry wrong channel ^^17:00
GridCubeo welp, updating didnt help17:19
starni am having so much trouble getting my music to play through speakers and not headphones when headphones plugged in guys.. i only want select applications to play through heaphones...17:28
holsteinstarn: try pavucontrol, or an external mixer that just routes as you want... as an audio professional, thats what i do17:28
starnhow do i use pavucontrol to do this holstein for i've tried so many configurations and it's just not working for me.17:29
starnholstein: i am trying to remember what sound device i have.. and can't remember the command.. i had a sad feeling that it's my issue.17:29
holsteinaplay -l17:30
holsteinjust install pavucontrol, and run it.. its a GUI17:30
starnholstein: it's already installed...17:30
holsteinstarn: it doesnt have to work... you can just not have proper device support17:32
starnbut it works fine on vista or win 7 :( i am willing to do anything to get it to work on here as well.17:33
holsteinyou can try different kernels and alsa drivers.. i usually do that live17:33
holsteinstarn: you cant compare windows drivers with linux driver support.. unless you choose to go to the manufacturer like microsoft does17:34
starnholstein: yeah.... hey this is what it shows as my device. card 0: NVidia [HDA NVidia], device 0: STAC92xx Analog [STAC92xx Analog]  also if i remember when i tried ubuntu studio i think it worked on there.. but thats been a long time ago.. same machine though i've had this since 2007...17:35
holsteinnope... ubuntustudio = ubuntu.. same kernels, and alsa versions17:35
holsteinyou could have tried different releases...17:36
holsteinif that were my hardware, i would try a 10.04 live CD... i would think about either trying the upcoming 12.04 release live, or i would think about upgrading alsa17:37
holsteinfrom there you can decide what you would like to do17:37
gourmy friend jsut called me and, upon my recommendation, he wants to get rid of win7 and put linux-only on his machine...considering it would be a clean install, it seems pity to me not to use lvm2, but i+m not sure (i'm archlinux user) whether xubuntu install has support for it?17:38
holsteingour: for a new user, i would suggest keeping it simple.. i would go for a default simple normal average insatll that the new user can handle.. that being said, the alternate iso is what you want17:40
baizonhave to agree with holstein17:40
* holstein high-fives baizon :)17:40
baizonlvm2 isnt easy. I think a better solution would be partitions with ext4 :)17:40
baizonhobgoblin: yeah! :D17:41
gourok, thank you guys17:42
gour..although that user had some ubuntu experience from before17:42
holsteinsure, if you think they can handle the alternate iso...17:44
* gour suggested him to use default install...btw, he was very pleased with livecd17:51
gourbtw, which boot loader is used in xubuntu?17:52
gourafter using freebsd for some time last year and returning back to linux, we settled on syslinux17:53
gourdo oyu have experience of important increase of xubuntu after latest gnome3/unity experiments?17:54
holsteinyou mean, are more folks using XFCE now?17:55
baizoncause gnome shell and unity isnt gnome 2 anymore :D17:56
baizonso people like xfce more :D17:57
holsteinsure... some people like unity and gnome3 though17:57
gourheh, you can take it that way17:57
gourmy friend is installing, but i wonder whether 'default install' uses separate /home & /boot or put everything under / ?18:01
hobgoblinbaizon: yea what? poor old hobgoblin is confused now :(18:02
hobgoblinoh nvm - tab fail I guess lol18:02
holsteinhobgoblin: that was for me i think18:02
hobgoblinlong day holstein ... almost over :)18:02
holsteingour: i would go for the defaults, as i said before.. i see no advantages for a new user to have a seperate /home really... unless they know and want one18:03
baizongour: yes ubuntus default is tu put everything in / on 1 partition18:03
baizonyep, i got 2 partitions: / and /home18:03
Sysiyou don't necessarily need/want separate /home but separate data partition is handy18:04
hobgoblinSysi: +1 it's how I do it18:04
gouri've separate ones for /boot as well...however, we use raid1+lvm218:05
jadoei paired the ps3 bluetooth remote using Blueman Device Manager. now i can navigate in thunar using the arrow keys. but what now? how do i map keys to actions? how do i control vlc? how do i control the mouse cursor?18:09
starnhow do i see what my back jacks for speaker are like /dev/dsp etc?18:09
holsteinstarn: you can open alsamixer, and experiment... trust no labels18:11
holsteinjadoe: not sure i follow the question.. you connected a BT keyboard? i would just use it as normal18:12
starnholstein: alsamixer does not really help me... i've been trying everything on that and pavucontrol and paprefs for the past hour or so i think...18:13
jadoeholstein: ps3 remote control, http://www.amazon.com/Sony-PlayStation-3-Blu-ray-Disc-Remote/dp/B000M17AVO?tag=duckduckgo-d-2018:13
holsteinstarn: sure, and like i said, it doesnt have to work... the driver support may just not be there.. i would and do experiemnt with the outputs and jacks18:14
holsteinjadoe: you could try http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO:Setup_PS3_BD_Remote http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/PS3_Remote18:15
jadoei already failed at the instructions in the xbmc wiki, i'll give the mythtv instructions a try, thanks18:19
gourcool, my friend did install xubuntu and like it ;)18:34
baizongood to hear18:35
gourthat's all what we want to hear today ;)18:35
gourohh, one more thing, he reported that "everything works so far" :-)18:36
gourbefore that, he had some ubuntu-related problems with skype and its notifications...so, my suggestion was to go with more 'classical' xubuntu18:36
starnwhat is multicast/rtp receiver and sender??18:37
ThePendulumDoes any of you know how to display a live log on the monitor of my server?18:45
gourThePendulum: log to the server and something like tail?18:46
ThePendulumI don't know what file displays the most information18:47
ThePendulumcannot open D:18:48
baizonand thank you hobgoblin18:48
baizonThePendulum: sudo will help18:49
ThePendulumwell the file isn't there18:49
ThePendulumNo such file or directory18:49
ThePendulumSudo can do a lot, but it can't do magic I think18:49
hobgoblinnot sure dmesg would be the right choice - here it only shows what's going on till it gets past login18:49
hobgoblinThePendulum: you don't have dmesg?18:49
ThePendulumApparently not18:49
ThePendulumI typed 'logs', not 'log'18:49
ThePendulumlet me try again18:49
ThePendulumyeah there we go :)18:50
hobgoblinI'd have a look at syslog too - depends what you want18:50
ThePendulumI'd just like to see when someone or something connects to my server18:51
ThePendulumit would be nice to see what that person or thing is trying to do but I guess that's virtually impossible18:51
hobgoblinhave a look at them all :)18:51
hobgoblinsee what you can find that looks most useful and use that one18:52
ThePendulumhow do I get out of tail? xD18:52
gourThePendulum: then just watch e.g. ssh log (here it's auth.log)18:52
ThePendulumWell, that's just ssh connections18:52
ThePendulumBut say, someone views a website on my server18:52
ThePendulumI'd like to see that connection happening, but I'm not sure what file that would be18:52
gourWebserver usually should have its own log file(s)18:53
gourdepends on the server18:53
ThePendulumI guess it's somewhere in the apache folder then18:53
ThePendulumI am tailing a file, but how do I quit doing that?18:54
hobgoblinThePendulum: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxLogFiles18:54
gourCtrl-C ?18:54
hobgoblinq perhaps18:54
ThePendulumOh, C indeed18:54
gourif it's apache, then try with /var/log/httpd/ something...i use cherokee and didn't use apache for quite some time18:55
hobgoblinThePendulum: that wiki page should be some help18:55
ThePendulumSo, thanks18:56
gourhmm, my one debian server with apache uses /var/log/apache218:56
ThePendulumAnother issue then, it isn't exactly a (X)ubuntu question though18:56
ThePendulumDoes anyone know how to find a wifi router on a network?18:56
ThePendulumIt's IP address, that is18:57
gouryou cannot access your router?18:57
ThePendulumI can't access its configuration pages18:57
ThePendulumBecause I don't know where to find them, lol18:58
ThePendulumThey aren't on the default address18:58
gourwhich router?18:58
ThePendulumD-Link eeeeeeeh18:58
starnhow do i make pulseaudio restart?18:59
ThePendulumD-Link DWL-G700AP18:59
ThePendulumIt's more of a WAP actually18:59
gourThePendulum: so it's not default one?18:59
ThePendulumApparently not18:59
gourusually it's 192.168.1.x or 192.168.100.x18:59
ThePendulumThat leads to our router, I need the access point19:00
ThePendulumdefault address is
ThePendulumBut there's nothing there19:00
gouryou mean you need router's 'external' IP?19:01
ThePendulumHow would I find that out?19:01
ThePendulumAlso, I think those config pages are only reachable from the local network19:01
gourtry: ping -r 119:01
ThePendulumin the terminal?19:02
ThePendulumInvalid argument19:02
gourthat's right, configs are usually only local if not configured to enable remote access19:03
ThePendulumIt's hard to configure it to be remotely accessible if I can't even access it locally lol19:03
gourThePendulum: ping -r 1 some.www.address, e.g. ping -r 1 google.com19:04
ThePendulumIt's always invalid argument19:05
ThePendulumWhat's the -r 1 for?19:05
ThePendulumI mean, pinging google works without19:05
gourThePendulum: otoh, checking router's IP can be done by checkip.dyndns.org19:06
gour'-r' should "Bypass  the  normal  routing  tables and send directly to a host on an attached interface."19:06
gourThePendulum: what do you get at ?19:07
gourThePendulum: do you have 'ipconfig' command available?19:08
ThePendulumI do have 'ifconfig'19:09
ThePendulumping: sendmsg: Network is unreachable at
gourthen run it and 'default gateway' should be your router19:09
ThePendulumYes but I need the WAP attached to the network19:10
ThePendulumNot the router where my connection is going through19:11
ThePendulumRouter -> Switch -> PC19:12
ThePendulum.........................-> Server19:12
ThePendulum.........................-> Printer19:12
ThePendulum.........................-> WAP*19:12
ThePendulumI need mr. Wap19:12
ThePendulumIsn't there something to view all network attached devices?19:13
gourwhat do you get with: arp -a19:13
starncan anyone help me fix this?? http://pastebin.com/7HirFSKh19:13
ThePendulumgour: I get a bunch of IP adresses of which one should be the WAP...
ThePendulumbut I can't access it through the browser19:14
gourstarn: sorry...i use alsa only19:14
gourThePendulum: strange...can you ping that address?19:15
ThePendulum( at <incomplete> on eth019:15
ThePendulumI tried19:15
ThePendulumno pong19:15
ThePendulumFrom icmp_seq=6 Destination Host Unreachable19:15
ThePendulum9 packets transmitted, 0 received, +6 errors, 100% packet loss, time 8046ms19:16
ThePendulumpipe 319:16
gourThePendulum: you have physical access to the WAP?19:17
ThePendulumIt's right here in front of me, under my desk. It's fully functional19:17
gourican you access your router config?19:18
ThePendulumyou mean the router the switch and the wap are connected to?19:19
ThePendulumYes I can19:19
gourthen there you should see the WAP's IP in the list of connected devices19:20
ThePendulumTrying to find such list19:20
starngour: you use alsa? correct.. is there away to FORCE alsa to make a program play through speakers? i know my hardware supports it. i just don't know how to configure it and the GUI interface's do not help. i need a way to remap audio to rear ports and to front ports as well19:20
gourstarn: how is your alsaconf output?19:21
ThePendulumThe IP should be, and arp -a returns that one as well19:22
gourThePendulum: iirc, i had similar problems when wanting to use my ISP's router/modem just as modem and using my own linksys router as router...the possible solution was supposed to be putting modem/router into bridge mode in order to access linksys config, but due to some hardware blockage put by my ISP, i had to give up on that19:23
starngour: i don't know how do i check?19:23
ThePendulumHoly shit, I found the command center of my printer, lol. Hmpf, unfortunately still no WAP19:23
gourstarn: sudo alsaconf19:24
starngour: command not found19:24
gourThePendulum: why do you need separate WAP? your router is no wifi-enabled?19:24
gourstarn: su alsaconf19:24
ThePendulumIt is, but its signal is quite weak in my room19:25
ThePendulumI had it for years now19:25
ThePendulumAnd I used to be able to access it19:25
gourwhat did change?19:25
starngour: unkown id: alsaconf19:25
ThePendulumI honestly don't know19:25
ThePendulumWell, the fact I am on Linux now19:25
gourstarn: ahh...stupid me...how do you install packages from the terminal?19:26
ThePendulumsudo apt-get install [package name]19:26
starngour: i believe sudo apt-get install name.19:26
gourwhy is then 'sudo alsaconf' reports command not found?19:27
gourstarn: bear in mind, i'm not xubuntu user and not overly familiar with ubuntu family...i'm here just by 'accident'19:28
gourThePendulum: what is the IP of your router?19:28
ThePendulumWAP is
ThePendulum(should be)19:28
starngour: will i may of broken my sound.. and i just reset everything to defualt so i am going to reboot i shall be RIGHT back.. see if anyone can assist me.19:28
gourThePendulum: so the problem is that your WAP is under the same gateway as router, that's why you cannot access it...you hsould either change default gateway (access IP) for your router or for the WAP19:30
gour...in order to be able to access both19:31
gour...config pages19:31
gourthat't why, as explained, tried with 1st router in bridge mode19:32
starnok gour i am back.19:35
gourwelcome back ;)19:37
gourstarn: try dmesg ans check sound-related messages to know what's going on with your hardware 1st19:38
starnmy attempt to remap audio to the speakers that are plugged into center port in the back [stereo] is gone now for it really messed up my sound... what is the name of the ports anyways? aka headphones center rear left right etc? and ok i shall do dmesg19:39
gourstarn: on my motherboard i only have: sound-out, line-in and mic-in connectors (for analog audio)19:40
gourso, only 'sound-out' is used and connected to my amplifier having woofer and 4 speakers19:41
starngour: i have s/pdif and line in.. and two mic jacks rear and front. and than i have headphones in front jack and than 3-4 sound jacks...19:42
starngour: and i am looking for sound stuff in dmesg19:43
gourstarn: in any case, pls. wait some ubuntu user since pulseaudio is, i believe, default and i'm arch user using alsa19:45
gourThePendulum: have you got it?19:45
starnwell supposedly it's using alsa.. gour and here is my dmesg it's near the end... http://pastebin.com/w2MdeaXn   it's under this line loading NVIDIA UNIX x86 Kernel Module  280.13  Wed Jul 27 16:55:43 PDT 201119:47
gourstarn: what problem you have now?19:49
starnall sound plays through headphones when i want my music to play through speakers.. and not headphone and i want teamspeak to play through headphones.. my media player does have output device which says "leave blank for the default. Examples: "/dev/dsp", "front", etc."  and i am wondering if i can just put that as something else..19:51
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gourso you have one connector for headphones output and another one for speakers output?19:54
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gouri've only one which i use with my sound system which has its own headphone connector, so i use that when i want headphones only19:55
starngour: Teamspeak appears to automatically use pulse audio.. but alsa works.. if i tell it to use alsa.. yes. i have like 4 for audio.. one is for stereo sound.19:55
gourhowever it's single hardware device19:56
gourno idea then19:57
gourand never used teamspeak19:57
gourso, good luck, starn19:59
starndoes anyone else know how to do this? or should i ask on #ubuntu?20:00
starni am in need of help with this.. it's to do with sound and using multiple jacks eg: headphones and speakers etc.  http://pastebin.com/pp48atJE  is my pastebin.20:39
ThePendulumStrange, the little envelope icon is gone...20:58
starni am in need of help with this.. it's to do with sound and using multiple jacks eg: headphones and speakers etc.  http://pastebin.com/pp48atJE  is my pastebin.  i am on Dell Dimension E52121:07
ThePendulumI can't get my 2nd screen to display the cursor21:21
ThePendulumDoes anyone know why the Session Menu isn't transparent?22:16
ThePendulumIt's annoying to have everything a certain color, and the session menu is still that grey22:16
holsteinstarn: what alsa versions have you tried?.. what kernels?... how did the 10.04 live CD work?22:45
holsteinpavucontrol is the application to do routing.. i would look into other sound mangers... maybe try the live main ubuntu, or something with gnome322:47
starnholstein: newest kernal that's for xubuntu i use 11.10 and i can't download 10.04 live... my bandwidth limit is almost maxed out.23:06
mongynever had any sound troubles, so never had to go and learn anything :)23:06
starnholstein: also i have no clue what version of alsa i use.23:06
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holsteinstarn: the device is the *entire* device23:06
starnholstein: also i have ubuntu which has gnome 3.. i just hate gnome3.. and my pc has headphone jacks in front as well as 7.1 in the back.. i just want to split some audio to the back.. and rest to the front.. it's so hard to figure out. was hoping it'd been as simple as typing /dev/dsp in output in my application..23:09
holsteinstarn: that device is the *entire* device.. i would say, check the bios.. chekc for swithces in *any* sound control you feel like messing with.. try #ubuntu since this is really more for XFCE + ubuntu (xubuntu) and you might find more gnome3 specific help there :)23:10
starn#ubuntu didn't help at all holstein they kept making download stuff that didn't work.. and are completely stumped after reading all my pastebins... what what do you mean *entire*? all i know is this doesn't seem to be detecting my entire audio.. it's only detecting one input and one output.23:12
starnholstein: windows detects headphones s/pdif and "Speakers" and line out. and for input it detect mic 1 mic 2 line in. maybe the drivers are just better... or i am utterly stupid when it comes to alsa or pulse... or oss...23:14
mongypavucontrol is a nice app for setting audio stuff23:16
mongyI use it when recording stuff direct from computer and some other things23:16
mongythat's as far as I go with sound setup, never had any issues.23:17
starnmongy: pavucontrol doesn't allow me to set settings for what i want :(23:17
starnif radioshack wasn't over 90 miles away i would just go there and buy a soundcard and configure this thing to play off the second soundcard.23:18

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