libertashi, I restored a backup and am not able to issue `bzr log` for example00:20
libertasI get bzr: "ERROR: Not a branch:..."00:20
libertasEverything I tried didn't work, what can I do?00:21
libertasThis working tree directory has a .bzr directory and the parent directory has the repo with its .bzr directory as well00:21
spivDoes 'bzr info' report anything helpful?00:32
spivDo you have a .bzr/branch directory?  What files and directories does it contain?00:32
poolielibertas, maybe the permissions are wrong?00:33
libertaspoolie: they're fine...00:38
libertas bzr check00:39
libertasNo working tree found at specified location.00:39
libertasNo branch found at specified location.00:39
libertasNo repository found at specified location.00:39
pooliewhat does 'ls -o .bzr' show00:39
libertas repo$ ls -o .bzr00:42
libertasshows repository00:42
libertasmain$ ls -o .bzr00:43
libertasshows branch & checkout00:43
libertasall with owner my user00:45
spivwhat does 'find .bzr -type f' show?  (pastebin it)00:54
spivIn short, bzr expects a branch to have .bzr/branch-format and .bzr/branch/format and a few other files/dirs, similar for repositories and checkouts.00:54
spivBut rather than guess one-by-one which part might be missing or unreadable or whatever it's probably quickest to just show us exactly which files are present.00:55
libertasand inside main: http://pastebin.com/VTbTYFgM00:58
spivLots of stuff seems to be missing there00:59
spivNotably the .bzr/branch-format and .bzr/branch/format files00:59
spivAnd I didn't see .bzr/repository/format in the first one either00:59
libertasno, it's not there00:59
spivCompare what you'd see from a fresh 'bzr init-repo' or 'bzr init'01:00
spivSo your restored backup appears to be missing a fair few things.  Fortunately it looks like you *might* have all the revision history still01:01
libertasin another backup (older) I get http://pastebin.com/0a2kRsNp01:02
spivIf you make a fresh repository with init-repo, and copy the pack-names and packs/* contents into it, you may have a functioning repo with the key data, try browsing it with 'bzr qlog' or similar.01:02
libertasspiv: thank you very much, I'll try that01:02
spivRight, that older backup looks like it may have a valid (but empty?) repository01:03
spivAnd still a completely broken branch/checkout01:03
spivOnce you get running again I'd be very worried about your backup system01:03
libertas:-)  I messed up a bit with dropbox, that's why I'm running into problems now.01:05
libertasBut thank you again!01:05
spivYou're welcome, glad I could help.01:06
poolielibertas, what did you use for the backups?01:06
pooliethanks spiv01:06
spivOh!  I should also say, the .bzr/branch/last-revision file from the older backup may be helpful01:06
spivIn reconstructing a reasonably current branch — again, 'bzr init' a branch and copy the last-revision from the backup into place01:07
spivOr just 'bzr pull -r REVID' if you find the right revision via 'bzr qlog' or similar01:08
libertaspoolie: the problem was that during the restoring I messed with dropbox, it's not the backup tool I used: rdiff-backup01:08
libertasspiv: next time I'll let you know if I could manage save history.01:09
libertashave to go now. Bye!01:09
smspillazhello everyone - thumper asked me to ask here if / how it is possible to merge several bzr repos into one repo while keeping all the history03:54
smspillazsoooo ... how would I do that :)03:54
pooliehi smspillaz03:54
poolietell me more about your case?03:54
smspillazhello :)03:54
smspillazright so03:55
smspillazI have a whole bunch of repos in launchpad for all the individual compiz plugins (don't ask why, complicated git/bzr import sync stuff), which I now want to move into one big repo, so compiz-plugins03:55
smspillazI'd like to avoid just copypasting them into a repo and starting from there and preferably try and keep all the history for the individual plugins03:56
smspillazso when you view the history, it will be in linear order for every single commit made across each branch03:56
pooliedo you want to put them into subdirectories of that tree?03:57
poolieor should they mesh together at the top?03:57
smspillazpoolie: subdirectories, preferably04:00
spivHmm, I think the merge_into plugin is out-of-date, unfortunately (which would have made doing this pretty convenient)04:04
spiv(It wouldn't be hard to update it to use the MergeIntoMerger that was added for use by bzr-builder though)04:05
smspillazwell, it should also be possible to use some bzr foo to collect all the revisions and then apply them bottom to top04:06
spivIt wouldn't interleave the commits the way you want04:06
pooliei was going to suggest merge-into too04:06
spivBut then you would have the original commit history intact, and could reconstruct that view (by e.g. forcing a log sorted by date, or something)04:06
poolieit will still look like they merged04:07
spivIn lieu of merge-into being current, you could use a bzr-builder recipe...04:07
smspillazhaha probably ;-)04:07
pooliespiv do you know if merge-into is very out of date or just trivially?04:09
mwhudsonyou could install an old bzr somewhere so you could use merge-into?04:09
smspillazshould I give bzr builder a try ?04:09
pooliesmspillaz, i think you should try bzr-merge-into and see if it fails04:10
poolieand file a bug if so04:10
smspillazok :)04:10
poolieperhaps we can easily update it04:10
spivpoolie: IIRC very; relies on inventory mutation stuff that fails with CHKs04:10
spivpoolie: but the tricky bits are all implemented in bzrlib now04:11
smspillazpoolie: failing that, what do you think of a pythong script to collect all the revisions and then apply them?04:11
spivpoolie: so, it's both very out of date and trivially broken :)04:11
smspillazsince I can do that (limited experience with bzr)04:11
spivpoolie: I *think* if you look in the history of my MergeIntoMerger work you'll actually find a working merge-into command that we decided against adding to core04:12
spivpoolie: but you could probably extract it back into the plugin cheaply04:12
spivpoolie: (or maybe the plugin did get updated since I last looked!)04:12
spivpoolie: basically, if you have bzr-search working, I'd see if searching for cmd_merge_into finds anything :)04:13
pooliesmspillaz, if you want to try that script it would be good04:13
poolieyou could do it inside bzr-rewrite04:13
pooliewhich should give you some framework04:13
poolieit would be useful to have in general04:13
smspillazpoolie: incidentally, I'm kind of in favor of using recipies to do this, although I guess it wouldn't sort the history04:14
spivsmspillaz: to be honest, I'd be inclined to just take the merge-into style combining rather than rewriting.  Partly because it'll probably be much easier, but also because it'll ease merging any branches that people made off the old branches.04:15
smspillazwill make bisection a bit annoying, but meh04:15
smspillazhmm, fun bzr-builder doesn't seem to keep the history, looks like the python script is the way to go04:20
poolieyes, i thought it only built trees04:20
poolieso smspillaz, are you reasonably unblocked?04:53
lifelesspoolie: have you tried switch -f ?05:02
lifelesspoolie: its meant to ignore NBE05:02
poolielifeless, ok, thanks05:24
poolieyes that does fix it05:27
smspillazpoolie: yeah :)05:32
mgzmorning all07:59
vilahi all08:00
pooliehi all08:01
poolievila i see there was a pristine-tar failure on glade08:02
pooliemgz, hi?08:02
pooliesuggests the upgrade may have been bad08:03
pooliehi jelmer08:03
mgzhey poolie08:03
vilapoolie: me too ;) I suspect packagers changed the way they use xz and now requires a more recent version08:03
vilapoolie: i.e. the pristine-tar upgrade addressed some issues but not all08:04
pooliei filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/93755508:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 937555 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "pristine-tar error" [Undecided,New]08:05
bialixmgz, wgz: around?08:19
wgzbialix: yup08:19
bialixI'm going to release bzr-explorer today08:20
bialixthis morning I simply disabled filesystemwatcher in explorer for windows08:20
bialixI have no resources to find and fix underlying issue08:21
wgzyeah, I've got a similar branch here08:21
bialixwhich one?08:21
wgzbut haven't yet got a polished version which will do what the watcher intends08:21
bialixI just made a Fake watcher class which does nothing08:22
bialixok, I hope my fake won't make things worse at least08:23
pooliebialix, (like i said on the list) i think disabling it is good08:23
pooliethere are a few bugs about different impacts of it08:23
bialixhi poolie08:23
pooliehi :)08:24
bialixmaybe I haven't read your message yet08:24
bialixpoolie: actually I'm very sad about the current status of bzr-explorer08:25
bialixit just stand still after Ian08:26
wgzbialix: yes, I agree08:34
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pooliemgz,  hi, can i call you?09:22
mgzpoolie, sure, mumble though? I have more audio luck up here09:23
pooliethat's ok, sure09:23
mgz...and mumble forgot the settings atfer upgrade, but am on now09:27
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hrwagain I have merge problem: http://pastebin.com/8GLTQw9L10:36
jelmerhrw: the two branches are unrelated it seems?10:37
hrwI pulled branch long time ago, did one change and forgot about it. today I did 2 more commits and I am unable to merge it according to bzr. fun is that there should not be even file conflicts in merge10:38
jelmerhrw: you can forcibly merge them with "bzr merge -r0..-1"10:38
hrwjelmer: they are same branch10:38
hrw    push branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hrw/linaro-toolchain-recipes/backport-ppa-and-generic-tarball/10:38
hrw  parent branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/linaro-toolchain-recipes/10:38
hrw  submit branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/linaro/cross-toolchain-scripts/10:38
jelmerhrw: note that "bzr missing" and "bzr merge" seem to use different locations10:39
hrwjelmer: I wonder why each time when I have merge problems with bzr it looks like 'who has the right (me or bzr)' question10:40
hrwjelmer: why?10:40
hrwjelmer: why different I meant10:42
jelmerhrw: there is a difference between the parent and merge locations - the parent is supposed to the branch your branch was created from, the merge location is where you submit to10:46
jelmerhrw: usually they're the same - you can always specify ":parent" as the location if you want to be sure you use one10:46
hrw"bzr merge :parent" merged with conflicts in just removed dir ;D10:48
hrweh. but did in reverse - merged upstream into mine.10:51
hrwscrew it, will erase and apply changes one by one instead10:51
jelmerhrw: right, that's what merge does - it merges the specified branch into the current one. That's the same in all VCSes I think ?10:51
hrwjelmer: you know, I am used to git more then to bzr. and 'bzr log' which hides merged commits by default scaries me ;)10:53
hrwor: I wanted rather rebase then merge my changes10:54
jelmerhrw: fwiw 'bzr log -n0' shows all revisions10:55
hrwI know10:55
jelmermgz: ?11:38
jelmerwhat, you're not working ? :P11:40
* jelmer had a query open with the other mgz :)11:40
wgzjelmer: trying to do installers for 2.5b6 quickly11:49
wgzand realised doing the notes... I'd completely forgotten to write code to bundle the certs11:49
mgzso there goes 'quickly'11:50
vilamgz: get back quickly by disabling cert checks ;)11:53
vilamgz: the patch has landed on 2.5.0 anyway11:54
mgzvila: okay, will apply that on top11:56
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mlischke1hi, got a problem with bzr rebase, can someone help please?13:05
mlischke1the branch is diverged after the rebase and I cannot push anything13:06
mlischke1(this was a freshly clone feature branch I want to rebase with the main dev branch)13:07
jelmerhi mgz13:22
jelmersorry mgz13:22
jelmerhi mlischke113:22
jelmermlischke1: what are you trying to do exactly?13:22
mlischke1jelmer, quite simple, I have a feature branch I want to rebase13:23
mlischke1the feature branch was cloned from the main branch13:24
mlischke1now I pushed everything so the feature branch was clean, then bzr rebase main-branch-url13:24
mlischke1got a conflict, fixed it, bzr rebase-continue, all done13:24
mlischke1now I cannot push because the branch is diverged13:25
mlischke1I cannot pull, I cannot commit (as there isn't anything to commit)13:25
mlischke1what else can I do now?13:25
jelmermlischke1: why can you not pull ? pull should be reporting there is nothing to pull13:26
mlischke1no it says the branches have diverged, I should use missing to see what is missing and merge to reconcile13:28
mlischke1but what shall I merge? I have nothing to merge13:28
jelmermlischke1: in that case it sounds like rebase hasn't finished succesfully13:28
jelmermlischke1: what does 'bzr missing' say the difference between the branches is?13:29
mlischke1hmm, there wasn't any error message, all the csets have been committed (+ commit mail sent) and that#s it13:29
mlischke1it's a lot, but it looks as if anything is missing that I pushed to the feature branch + what was pushed in the meantime to the main branch13:30
jelmermlischke1: there were changes to the main branch after the rebase?13:31
mlischke1there where changes while I worked in the feature branch13:32
mlischke1but today there haven't been any changes there13:32
jelmermlischke1: where are those revisions from the mainline showing up in the bzr missing output?13:33
jelmermlischke1: can you perhaps try running 'bzr rebase' again? If it was successful earlier it should be a no-op13:36
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mlischke1jelmer, they are mixed, the first 6 are from the feature branch, then a lot from main and at the end again feature branch csets13:36
mlischke1sure, let me try13:36
jelmermlischke1: so some of the revisions are appearing twice?13:36
mlischke1right, redoing the rebase is a noop13:37
mlischke1yes, seem to be duplicated13:37
mlischke1actually it says I have 47 extra revisions and 6 missing revisions13:38
mlischke1the 6 missing are part of the 4713:38
mlischke1(so these are duplicated)13:38
mlischke1the list of extra revisions (whatever that means) seems to be what the branch should look like after the rebase13:39
mlischke1jelmer, just in case it matters, the feature branch was cloned on our server from the mainline and then I cloned both to my local disc13:45
mlischke1the rebase was done against the server, not the local clone13:46
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jelmermlischke1: it sounds as if you have the original copy of the feature branch revisions in one branch and also rebased elsewhere13:46
mlischke1(so I rebase a clone of a clone if you want so)13:46
mlischke1hmm, that brings me to a thought13:47
jelmerare you pushing to the same locatin as you're pulling from/rebasing against?13:47
mlischke1because when I wanna push I push to the clone on the server, which is not rebased13:47
mlischke1yes, that must be it, I need to rebase the clone on the server instead13:48
mlischke1grr, can't test on the server as the rewrite plugin is not installed there13:52
mlischke1jelmer, I'm just wondering if that scenario is something I can use rebase at all?13:56
mlischke1because when I rebase the repo on the server and then try to pull it will like give conflicts with my local copy as the revsions are reordered13:57
jelmermlischke1: a good rule of thumb for rebasing in general is that you should never rebase anything that has been shared13:58
mlischke1yes, I know, but actually this rule should be: you cannot rebase a shared repo :-)14:00
mlischke1this was the first time I tried that, 3 hours wasted, but something new learned14:00
mlischke1thanks for your help jelmer, much appreciated14:00
jelmermlischke1: the fact that it's a shared repository shouldn't matter14:01
jelmermlischke1: but perhaps I'm not entirely following what you're trying to do ?14:01
mlischke1To me it appears clear now, as I tried to rebase a clone of a clone and then tried to push the changes to the original clone (which is not rebased)14:02
mlischke1no wonder this gives problems14:02
jelmermlischke1: ah, you mean a branch that was shared rather than a "shared repository" (which has a different meaning in bzr terminology)14:03
mlischke1I cannot rebase the original clone either (mostly because the necessary plugin is missing) but I think it would also produce problems when I pull after that, as the order of the revisions have changed then and the local cannot do relative changes to previous revisions14:03
mlischke1for me a repository and a branch are the same, sorry :-)14:04
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cahewsonis there a global veriable for release number so it can be used in source?20:56
jelmercahewson: yes, in the bzrlib module20:57
lifelessbzr revision-info may help you20:57
lifelessjelmer: I suspect cahewson wants a tree signature, for stamping builds20:57
jelmerI was thinking the version string of the bzr release he is using20:58
lifelesscahewson: also bzr version-info can extract a bunch of data to json / python etc, for stamping builds20:58
lifelesscahewson: but this all depends on what you want to achieve ;)20:58
cahewsoni have rebuilt from trunk several times on various hosts. all the grub-install -v output give is 1.9921:02
lifelesscahewson: so, I think you mean to say that you are working on grub2, which you have obtained from bzr, and would like to change it to make the version number depend on the code you have in front of you ?21:20
m1schow could i prevent users from pushing to a shared repos root?22:01
jelmerhi spiv  :)22:17
jelmerhi m1sc22:17
jelmerm1sc: the easiest thing to do is probably to create a trivial branch there, with one revision so that they get a DivergedBranches error22:17
m1scjelmer: thx22:20
spivjelmer: heh, hi :)22:23
pooliehi all23:06

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