excognacpxc: sorry, I wasn't clear. So, I have other things on sda1-sda3, they are fine I think. I used gparted to delete various distros and my mess (also resized sda3). Then I chose manual installation for 11.10 kubuntu as follows: Sda4 contains sda5 (swap) sda6 is root (/ ) and sda7 is /home. Sda6 was appointed as boot volume, and when I rebooted the system grub rescue came up.00:00
excognacany ideas on what did i wrong?00:03
DasKreechsharpspear: hmm?00:04
pxcexcognac, if Kubuntu was the last distro installed, Grub should still be working unless something went wrong with Kubuntu. The drive numbers should still be the same as they were, and the UUIDs should definitely still be the same. I'm not sure what the problem is00:04
Scunizironnoc: could be.. I just upgrade kde to 4.8 and the only script that I know is on is the HUD.  You know when it shows an onscreen display of what playing at the beginning.  I'll turn stuff off and see.00:07
excognacpxc: thanks anyway. Yes, there was also a kubuntu installed, but first everything was deleted to create unallocated space.... I ran rescue mode and tried to reinstall grub on sda6 and it said fatal error. Shall I just reinstallit now?00:09
Scunizironnoc: do I have to restart amorak to make the scrips stop?00:10
pxcexcognac, I would just try reinstallation, yeah. If the installation before had a fatal error anyway, it's probably not worth trying to rescue halfway through. I at least am not familiar enough with the stages of the (K)Ubuntu install to figure out how to manually complete it00:12
Scunizironnoc: fixed.. I had to close it totally and found some process was still running in the background.  After I killed that all was good.  It even displayed the "Context" information correctly where it was goofy before.00:14
excognacpxc: thanks. [sigh] I love kubuntu but lately it appeared to be a bit buggy, not meaning hereby the installation: I had trouble with simply using libreoffice... Nevermind, bye now and thanks again00:15
sharpspearhow do i activate a theme after installing it? i downloaded this theme: http://grvrulz.deviantart.com/art/Hope-gtk3-206207315?offset=20#comments00:18
umut_merhaba arkadaşlar00:31
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rino_to all00:49
rtdoswhere would i find the gdm.schema file?00:54
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rtdosi have nepomuk disabled, how can i prevent the pop up from coming up saying its disabled?02:41
ronnocapachelogger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FVQBs4vlbo&feature=related   <--- thought thismight give you a laugh04:32
liudasgood morning everyone. does enyone tried LibreOffice 3.5. i have issues with the look of the interface.06:42
liudasi dont know how to make LO 3.5 look at least as nice as 3.406:43
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bigbrovaranyone obverrved that the new kde secret service which is suppose to replace kwallet is missing in the kde 4.8 backport for kubuntu 11.1008:00
semyilleute was geht08:05
semyilhow are ya08:05
Tm_Tbigbrovar: it's supposed to replace kwallet in 4.9, right?08:06
bigbrovarTm_T: don't know but it was touted as one of the major release changes in 4.808:07
Tm_Tbigbrovar: ah, yes, it's optional, not replacement (yet)08:07
bigbrovarand some people reported to have it working with kubuntu 12.04 development release08:07
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bigbrovaroh ok then08:07
Guest42289minecraft wont run on a fresh kubuntu install08:07
bigbrovarin any case it is not even included in the backport release08:07
Tm_Tbigbrovar: honestly I haven't followed this development closely so I might not know enough though08:08
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jonandresshow do you run nautilus as root?08:09
Tm_Tjonandress: you don't08:09
bigbrovarTm_T: what version of kde are u running?08:09
Tm_Tbigbrovar: 4.8 and current development08:09
jonandressok Tm_t how do I make working with the contents of /var/www less painful re permissions?08:10
Tm_Tjonandress: you are using Kubuntu, right?08:10
bigbrovarTm_T: am facing this bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29347208:11
ubottuKDE bug 293472 in widget-systemtray "System Tray gets bigger after removing and re-adding it " [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:11
Tm_Tbigbrovar: does relogin/reboot make any difference?08:12
bigbrovarTm_T: it does though I wish I didnt have to reboot08:12
Tm_Tjonandress: alt+f2 to get krunner open, and then "kdesudo dolphin /var/www/" perhaps?08:13
Tm_Tbigbrovar: right, I recall seeing the similar issue, but without even removing systray08:13
Tm_Tits placement is wonky at times08:13
Promethe69bonjour à tous08:30
burazrockhi all!i have problems with amarok.can someone help me?08:44
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:45
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs08:49
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:49
Nelmmonany current/former/future chakra users in here? not OT, i'm wondering how the 2 compare08:53
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Starkgeist_Русские есть?)12:38
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BluesKajHi all13:25
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lamofgodrocksYEALibreoffice Impress v 3.4.4 on Kubuntu 11.10 has a problem with slide sorter.  It doesn't work15:14
lamofgodrocksYEAhas anyone else seen this?15:14
lamofgodrocksYEAIf you try to move a slide it doesn't go where you want but goes to the first slide = no matter what you drag it to15:15
lightstarYea, I had that happen to me too.15:16
lightstarSince it was just a simple slide I just moved ALL the slides to the top so it fell in order...bad hack but it worked for me15:17
dmattwhen I edit multiple Libreoffice files from samba share, only first opened is updated on share by kioexec? is there some configuration file in Kubuntu for kioexec or is this more likely upstream bug?15:29
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lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, I think the but is in KDE15:37
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, Cuz it works on Ubutu 11.10 and Windows with Libreoffice 3.4.415:37
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: The problem only occurs in KDE? BTW, I'm using KDE 4.8, haven't tried it on the stock Kubuntu version.15:39
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, Yes only on Kubutu15:40
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: hmm.... Now I'm curious as to the reason15:41
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, I've had the problem for a LONG time w LibreOffice on Kde and previously on Ubuntu 11.0415:44
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: So it isn't just the current version? It's been on since 11.04? I was using Xubuntu 10.10 until recently and I never saw this problem arise (as you mentioned for Ubuntu). I just figured this issue has something to do with 4.8 so I left it as it is15:47
rtdosi have nepomuk disabled so how can i keep the alerts from telling me something i already know? i went and disabled all related notifications, etc.15:49
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, I'm not exactly sure about the older versions of Ubuntu but I have had the issue for awhile15:51
lamofgodrocksYEADoesn't work at all with Kubuntu 11.1015:51
lamofgodrocksYEAShould I file a bug?15:52
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: I think filing a bug should be a good idea. At least would help inform the developers that something like this is happening15:53
rtdosi am gettign glx errors when trying to load games, how can i fix this?15:54
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, great, I will do this later today when I get back from work15:59
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, Just wanted to see if anyone else saw it before filing a bug16:00
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, thanks!16:00
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: no prob. I thought I was the only one experiencing it too. Since I only found out about it yesterday I didn't give it much thought :)16:00
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, I am a professional public speaker and I can't have it NOT working or I'm skrewed16:01
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, I don't want to have to resort to booting into Winbloz16:01
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: LOL!!..Would be embarassing when it fails right when you need it. Hahaha16:02
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, yeah, especially if I'm trying to show everyone how cool Kubuntu and KDE are!16:03
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: totally...everything works fine except for that one oopsie (a major one) then everyone just goes "meh, that doesn't happen with Apple"16:04
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, crapple16:05
JarliMorning all16:05
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: both Windows and Apple have their places :) As long as we have a choice, its all good :D16:06
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lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, true.  both in the trash. lol16:07
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: hahaha. Well to be fair to MS, Win7 IS an improvement over WinXP (Vista never happened)16:08
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, true.  Fact (we both know) KDE is way bettter than Unity16:11
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, anyhow, thanks for your help16:11
lamofgodrocksYEAi gotta get back to work16:11
lamofgodrocksYEAEveryone have a great day!16:11
lightstarlamofgodrocksYEA: GAH!!! UnitY *bashes head*, ok ciaoz :)16:11
lamofgodrocksYEAlightstar, lol16:12
lorecasterHail Realm. I'v got this problem... While installing "recordmydesktop" I installed "Mencoder" as per the ubuntuforums.org directions. Now online vids, like youtube, won't play. I'm running Gnome3 in 11.10, and I know this is a Kubuntu forum, but you guys have been so much more helpful than other sources. Ideas?16:15
lorecasterthis is the tutorial I had used. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=29460516:16
lorecaster(additional information) => adobe flash is installed properly, U-R-Extras is installed :S16:20
lorecasteranother time... perhaps.16:28
hylianis there a way to bring all my plasma widgets to the main desktop, I have some running I want to close, but cannot.16:46
omidoIs it true that Kubuntu is going to be discontiuned in favor of Ubuntu?16:48
omidoI'm using Kubuntu 10.1016:49
DarthFrogomido:  Official paid support is being dropped for Kubuntu.  Otherwise it's business as usual.16:49
hylianKubuntu is Ubuntu, with KDE already installed and operative. If anything, you may at some point have to install ubuntu, and the install kde seperately.16:49
DarthFrogKubuntu will hae the same status as Xubuntu and Lubuntu: Officially annointed derivatives.16:50
hylianI think it currently does, am i mistaken?16:50
hylianis there a way to bring all my plasma widgets to the main desktop, I have some running I want to close, but cannot.16:51
omidoWell . that is not good16:51
rtdosi am gettign glx errors when trying to load games, how can i fix this?16:51
omidoCanonical is stupid if it thinks that the paying customers(enterprises) are going to like the Unity interface and use it for business16:52
omidoI believe right  now the best DE for business is KDE16:52
DarthFrogrtdos: Do you have direct rendering enabled?  Open a terminal and type "glxinfo".16:52
DarthFrogActually, type "glxinfo | less"  :-)16:53
omidoThe oldest commercial distro of the world has realised it and that's they are going to release SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 with KDE as the default DE.(from what i've heared)16:53
lightstarI agree with omido. KDE is the best in terms of user experience and apps. Unity is a blight that seems to torture everyone who uses it :(16:53
hylianomido, canonical is making a multi pronged attack, and I think the result is unity. i agree with you though, unity sucks for most applications.16:53
lightstarDarthFrog: Is glxinfo installed by default on Kubuntu? I thought it was in a separate package16:55
DarthFroglightstar:  I think it's part of the mesa-utils package.  Don't know if it's installed by default.16:55
omidoI dont know if its just me but i cannot deal with Unity and even Gnome shell.if there wasnt a KDE i'd go with XFCE or something. Canonical has to realize that the paying part of the market(enterprises) are so used to the traditional desktop environments16:55
hyliankde is so very fubar'd though. A hundred thousand options and confusingness. I can't get all my widgets to show, so i am running widgets I don't need and want to kill, but cant... thats just the beginning. it sure is pretty though.16:56
BluesKajunity is creating opposite effect ..disunity I'm a fraid and kde/kubuntu is also suffering for it due to the developement it still requires , stealing the support from kubuntu to work on a project that is bound to fail16:56
lightstarDarthFrog: I just checked on my machine, its not there by default but I think he can install it. Just pointing it out :)16:56
DarthFrogomido: Has to?  The only thing that Canonical has to do is realise Mark Shuttleworth's vision.16:56
rtdosDarthFrog: http://paste.kde.org/426572/16:56
lightstarThe thing bout Unity is it shoves a specific way of doing things down our throats without adding much16:57
DarthFrogrtdos: Well, there's your problem.  You're not running GLX. :-)16:57
omidoDarthFrog:  After all Canonical is created to make money.Just like Redhat and SUSE are doing.16:57
hylianseriously, how do you remove hidden widgets, i cannot find anything on the net.. please help16:57
rtdosDarthFrog: how can i install GLX or get it going ?16:57
lightstarAt least with KDE, the default options given to end users is relatively sane (which is made better by providing customizability)16:57
rtdoshylian: top right hand corner of your screen do you see an activities button?16:58
DarthFrogrtdos: What video card doyou have?16:58
BluesKajkde will continue , that's a given , but kubuntu may not16:58
rtdosDarthFrog: have no clue :) it's an hp G62 laptop16:58
DarthFroghylian: Right click on them and select "Remove".16:58
DarthFrogrtdos: Well, young padwan, you need to find out. :-)16:58
lightstarKubuntu will continue in the same vein as Xubuntu I believe. Canonical can't stop Kubuntu16:59
omidoIf i'm not mistaken right now the largest contributer to KDE project(both official and commiunity aspect) is SUSE.and i dont think if they discontinue their work16:59
DarthFroglightstar: Canonical doesn't want to stop Kubuntu.16:59
hylianDarthFrog, I cannot see them. They are hidden, therefore i cannot remove them.16:59
hylianrtdos, yes16:59
lightstarDarthFrog: They're just making supporting unity their highest priority :)17:00
DarthFrogCanonical isn't making any money from Kubuntu so they are re-directing their corporate resources towards a more successful product.17:00
lightstarrtdos: Have you installed the additional drivers for your card?17:00
rtdoshylian click on that button then click on activities you should see a list of activities17:00
DarthFroghylian: Then how do you know they exist?17:00
hyliani am torn between xfce and kde as my two fave's, with gnome 3 not too far behind. hell, i would use openbox before i ever touched unity, that's just me though.17:00
BluesKajlightstar,  I mean canonical isn't paying anyone to support kubuntu any longer , the single paid edveloper  has been withdrawn and assigned other ubuntu related tasks17:01
lightstarDarthFrog: for some values of successful. I know a few people who ditched ubuntu and switched to its derivatives after the Unity debacle17:01
lightstarBluesKaj: ahh..that clears it up.17:01
hylianDarthFrog, if you attempt to add a new widget, the system shows which ones are active with a green check mark.17:01
rtdoslightstar, darthfrog um, i don't think i have OpenGL installed: KInfocenter times out on OpenGL (says its not installed)17:01
DarthFrogBluesKaj: But Riddell is still being paid by Canonical, I believe.17:01
BluesKajDarthFrog,  yes , he's the guy who's been reassigned17:01
hylianrtdos, right, but it doesn't show me any widgets, just options like search and launch17:02
DarthFrogBluesKaj: I know. :-)17:02
lightstarrtdos: you could try running the additional drivers application to ensure the drivers are installed after which OpenGL should be working (at least that's what I did for my machine)17:02
omidoI'm using Kubuntu 10.10 with KDE 3 (trinity desktop) and its very solid and cool17:02
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rtdoslightstar: no additional drivers found.17:03
lightstarrtdos: what does the output of this command produce 'lspci|grep VGA '17:04
rtdoslightstar: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)17:05
DarthFrogrtdos: Without knowing what video card/chip you have, you're going to be chasing a wild goose.17:05
rtdosDarthfrog: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)17:05
omidoKubuntu with KDE3 is cool.i recommand it to KDE3 lovers17:05
rtdosso how do i know if or not that i have OpenGL installed?17:05
rtdosand how do i re/install OpenGL?17:06
DarthFrogOpenGL will be part of the video card's drivers.17:06
hylianrtdos, i think i screwed up. I assumed that widgets with a green check mark in add widgets dialog where running somewhere. i'm guessing that just means I have used it before17:06
lightstarrtdos: DarthFrog is right. Normally the drivers come together with the video card drivers17:07
hylianso if a widget is not visible, it absolutely is not running?17:08
lightstarrtdos: I'm not sure if this is of any use but maybe it might give you something to ponder about. Found it via google https://theiszm.wordpress.com/2010/06/27/glx-missing-on-display/17:09
hylianis there a way to see what widgets are running then?17:09
DarthFrogrtdos: That link that lightstar posted is a good one.17:10
lightstarrtdos: Hope it helps you :)17:11
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rtdosDarthFrog & lightstar: looking at it now. thanks guys. (i'm sure i'll be back with more questions)17:19
lightstarrtdos: no prob. hope it helps you. glad to help :)17:19
citrHello BluesKaj, it's designbybeck, Do you know how to turn off the startup sound for Kubuntu?17:27
rtdoslightstar & darthfrog think i may have found the problem: i think i have libgl-mesa-dri:i386 installed and not the x64 version. :-\17:28
lightstarrtdos: hmm..that's odd. but its a step in the right direction :D17:28
rtdosi'll keep looking and be back in a bit. :)17:29
DarthFrogcitr: In System Settings, you'll have an option to turn off system sounds.17:34
citri found it DarthFrog Thanks. I was looking at an older set of instructions17:35
citrThis is where it is now: System Settings --> Application and System Notifications --> Manage Notifications --> KDE Workspace.17:35
Shaunon the off chance that anyone has heard of this issue, i'll ask here!18:14
ShaunKonversation pings out of all connected servers both v4 and v6 after some time away from PC...simply pressing a key or wiggling mouse is enough to make it suddenly state connection closed and reconnect18:15
Shaundont even have to unlock...i tested by wiggling mouse, coming back a min later and unlocking screen, Konversation had closed connection and reconnected about a minute earlier18:16
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designbybeckdefault media play or new VLC 2.0 in Kubuntu?18:33
BluesKajShaun,  you have auto connect turned on , and lloks like it disconnects when your pc foes into sleep mode , then autoreconnects18:34
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  dunno for sure , I'm using the default vlc for 12.04 which is 2.018:35
designbybeckOOhh You cutting edge man you!18:35
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  run vlc -version in the cli18:38
designbybecki don't even have it installed on my new setup yet BluesKaj I was just wondering how it worked in kde18:38
coder27Hello. I've upgraded OS on one of my computers. Now I am not able to open its folders via sftp in Dolphin, because it claims about wrong fingerprint. I've already updated .ssh/known_hosts, but it doesnt help. Where the Dolphin caches  fingerprints?18:45
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  vlc works great on kde18:48
designbybeckgood ot hear18:50
BarkingFishEvening guys, can someone give me a quick heads up on how to get a module to load on boot please?19:42
BluesKajBarkingFish,  which module ?19:42
BarkingFishMy USB wifi stick is running off of ndiswrapper, but I'm having to modprobe ndiswrapper after booting to get it to load19:43
BarkingFishbasically when I start up, nm-applet shows no interface.  When I modprobe ndiswrapper, the if (wlan0) appears19:44
BarkingFishso BluesKaj - any ideas on how to get this to work please?19:45
BluesKajBarkingFish,  have you tried adding ndiswrapper to /etc/modules19:46
BarkingFishI didn't know I had to, ndiswrapper has commands for module configuration, I thought when I executed those that it would do all it needed19:46
BarkingFishback in a bit, gonna reboot :)19:47
BluesKajBarkingFish,  there seems to be a bug in NM lately , this happened yesterday to someone else except NM wasn't connecting with his settings ...they weren't sticking19:48
BluesKajit wasn't the wrapper19:48
Shaun[18:34:22] <BluesKaj> Shaun,  you have auto connect turned on , and lloks like it disconnects when your pc foes into sleep mode , then autoreconnects20:09
Shaunmy computer is not going to sleep20:09
Shaunit is on the entire time20:09
Shauni simply walk away from my machine, 19 mins later screensaver kicks in with a 1 min delay to ask for password, and DPMS off at 20 mins20:10
Shaunno other power savin20:10
BluesKajShaun,  are you using DPMS then?, it's not clear to me .20:21
ShaunBluesKaj: DPMS off at 20 mins, yet20:22
ShaunI have always used DPMS20:22
Shauninternet connectivity is not lost, other web aware apps are fine, though I've not tested another KDE app20:23
BarkingFishhi again BluesKaj :)20:26
BluesKajhi BarkingFish20:27
BarkingFishRight, I tried adding ndiswrapper into /etc/modules and for some reason only the Gods will explain at some point, it stopped my sound card from picking up20:27
BarkingFishI took it out from there, and added modprobe ndiswrapper into /etc/rc.local  - that didn't work either.20:27
BluesKajBarkingFish,  there seems to be a bug in NM lately , this happened yesterday to someone else except NM wasn't connecting with his settings, altho he wasn't using the wrapper, .the settings weren't sticking20:28
ShaunBluesKaj: no idea, then? :(20:29
BluesKajno , afraid not, Shaun20:29
Shaunif it matters, network is wired, pc is on 24/720:29
Shaunno worries! :)20:30
BarkingFishBluesKaj: NM is working fine here, it's not NM which is the problem. Ndiswrapper isn't getting loaded at boot which is causing the issue.20:31
BluesKajanychance you can connect without ndiswrapper ..which wifi chip , BarkingFish?20:32
BarkingFishBluesKaj: Atheros AR552320:32
BarkingFishath5k doesn't support it though20:33
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BarkingFishI have to use this stick over ndiswrapper, if you pull the record of the windows driver up off the net, BluesKaj, it's net5523.inf for Windows XP20:38
BluesKajBarkingFish,  have you looked into the  MadWifi project?20:38
BarkingFishtheir driver doesn't work the stick either.20:39
BluesKajusb stick wifi is a real pita in linux20:39
BarkingFishtell me about it :_20:39
BluesKajBarkingFish,  i guess you could write a script and have it load into system settings >startup & shutdown ...some thing like, modprobe ndiswrapper20:41
BarkingFishMe and scripts do not go well together :)20:42
BarkingFishI couldn't write a script if you gave me a copy of one to type out :D20:42
BluesKajBarkingFish,  add this , sudo ndiswrapper -m , to,  /etc/rc.d/rd.local , with root permissions  ..i found it here , http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25726020:56
BluesKajBarkingFish,  I see that file no longer exists , so add the command to /etc/modules\20:59
BluesKajwithout the \21:00
BluesKajoops wrong again , BarkingFish ...I'm not reading far enought down the page , just run , sudo ndiswrapper -m , in th eterminal21:02
BarkingFishok, hold on21:03
BarkingFishyes, that did it21:03
BluesKajBarkingFish,  I hope that sticks21:03
BarkingFishso do I21:04
BluesKajgonna reboot ?21:04
BarkingFishI got this back: adding "alias wlan0 ndiswrapper" to /etc/modutils/ndiswrapper ...21:04
BarkingFishso that should have done it21:04
=== humannoise is now known as noiseAway
BluesKajI hope so ...these wifi bugs are so damm irksome21:05
kristoffhi everyone!22:03
kristoffi've got a problem with this RSS link : http://servicios.lanacion.com.ar/herramientas/rss/     in kubuntu, I just can't read it with akregator or the plamoids22:04
kristoffhad someone already has an issue slike this22:05
kristoffno one ?22:18
BluesKajkristoff,  hang on22:18
kristoffBluesKaj: are tou testing my link ?22:20
=== nasty is now known as Guest7067
BluesKajkristoff,  that url doesn't work here on agregator either22:23
kristoffBluesKaj: but it works with firefox :(22:23
BluesKajnot on chromium22:24
=== Guest7067 is now known as Nasty10nastY
BluesKajkristoff,  FF uses it's own embedded RSS client I believe22:27
kristoffok! i'll find another source of news22:28
BluesKajagregator works on all my sources22:29
BluesKajanyway , gotta go22:31
BarkingFishOK, well I'm back with ndiswrapper working, but now my new soundcard is playing silly beggars with me.  I'm recording on audacity, speaking perfectly normally, and coming out on playback sounding like someone speaking through a party noisemaker.22:44
BarkingFishMy new card is a Creative Labs X-Fi22:44
rtdosthe shutdown option is missing from my kde menu. how can i get it back?22:57
rtdosthe shutdown option is missing from my kde menu. how can i get it back?23:01
rtdosthe shutdown option is missing from my kde menu. how can i get it back?23:39

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